Fun With Headlines

30 04 2008

Daily Mail:  Barclays provides personal banking services to members of Mugabe’s regime in Zimbabwe, MP claims

Billboard at the entrances to Zimbabwe from any of its neighbors:  “Financing Provided By Barclay’s”

AP:  [Human] Rights group: Zimbabwe’s army unleashing ‘terror’

Did this same “Human Rights group” demand Ian Smith’s head in the 1970s?

McPaper:  U.S. population seen tripling to 1 billion in century

Headline a century from now:  Mexico’s (formerly U.S.) population reaches 1 billion

Stein Report:  Guatemalan President Lobbies for Amnesty During Bush Visit

Why?  What did he do wrong?

WND:  ‘Free’ credit report scam

F-E-D-E-R-A-L prison sentence comes soon baby.

AP:   Obama looks to put controversial pastor behind him

And always, in his nightmares, will be that car with Illinois tags “GDAMERICA” in front of him.

AP:   Albert Hofmann, father of drug LSD, dies in Switzerland

Of what, an OD?

AFP:   WWW inventor says [15-year old] web only in infancy

Many 15-year old human beings also act like infants.

Reuters:   Michigan governor has emergency bowel surgery

Jen Granholm will no longer be full of, you know.

AP:   Book about Eliot Spitzer to be published by Penguin

The book about Eliot Spitzer that people want to read would be published by Playboy.

AP:   Prom invite is written on lacrosse players’ bare bottoms

The combination of lacrosse players and nudity didn’t end well the last time.

McPaper:  ‘CSI’ sleuths out Microsoft’s latest technology

Coming soon to CBS:  CSI Redmond, where the first case will be to figure out which employee insulted Bill.

Le Pen’s Bullet-Proof Car on Ebay

30 04 2008

Ebay France, that is. The good news is that the bidding on the souped-up 1991 Peugeot is up to €10 million ($15.5 million) at the time of this writing — so somebody appreciates his career and accomplishments. The bad news is that he thinks he no longer needs a bullet-proof car, meaning the end of his political viability.

Fun With Headlines

29 04 2008

Myrtle Beach Sun:  Chinese construction of USC dorm prompts U.S.-contractor-only bill

Why bother?  Some students who will live in that dorm will go on to learn about the glories of the global economy.

P-D:  Man tries to attack neighbors with bow, police say: Alton resident arrested after struggle

Alton’s mayor, inspired by Richard Daley, blames the bow-and-arrow industry.

AP:   Yahoo to outsource Messenger phone calls to Jajah

Yahoo Messenger phone customers soon to lose customer service.

AP:   Jerry Springer to deliver Northwestern Law commencement

Northwestern University grounds crews looking for a suitable location for the pole.

AP:  Idaho lab develops a quicker way to catch a thief

Meaning that the Maury Povich show can shrink to a half hour.

LiveScience:   Mind’s Limit Found: 4 Things at Once

Doing 4 things at once at anarchist convention requires 8 minds.

Reuters:  [Iranian]  Official sees “destructive” Barbie influence

But approves Suicide Bomber Barbie.

Reuters:  Record price for men [playing cards] in underwear at China auction

What was it?  Gay strip poker?

Story’s End

29 04 2008

Him + jail cell + cellmate = Bad ending for one of the two.  Turns out the bad ending was for the cellmate, and “he,” i.e. Robert Francis, a 31-year old homeless man from St. Louis, will probably have a cell for quite a long time.

To Become God

29 04 2008

CNS News:

Wright: U.S. ‘Capable’ of Inventing HIV for Genocide

The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, former long-time pastor to Sen. Barack Obama (D.Ill.), said at the National Press Club on Monday that he believes the U.S. government is “capable” of having invented HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, as a means of committing genocide against people of color.

So, the U.S. Government has become God? This is coming from the same genius who doesn’t quite get the neuroscience of left brain-right brain heisphere dichotomy correct. Then again, who are we to argue with black science?

Here’s a hint. HIV is a virus. A virus is a lifeform. Creating a virus out of nothing would be creating life out of nothing. Human beings cannot create other life.

This also means he fumbles the HIV/AIDS conspiracy theory. Those who think that HIV/AIDS was cooked up in some lab (most don’t blame the American government) think that an existing retrovirus was given special conditions with which to evolve into an increasingly more malicious retrovirus that we understand as HIV/AIDS. In fact, the HIV/AIDS virus is evolving, and new strains are beginning to develop resistance to the standard drug cocktail.

Most legit scientists think the virus existed in African green monkeys, and then “official” explanation for that is that the virus made the jump to humans first in sub-Saharan Africa because the people undercooked the monkey meat. The taboo but more plausible explanation is that the humans had sex with the monkeys.

“Based on the Tuskegee experiment and based on what has happened to Africans in this country, I believe our government is capable of doing anything,” Wright said at the press club.

Let’s clear the air about the Tuskegee experiment. An anonymous poster to the Forums at American Renaissance on March 28, 2008, said:

The “Tuskegee experiment” is deliberately misrepresented: Most media outlets (including even “US News and World Report”), have regularly falsely reported that it involved black men being DELIBERATELY infected with syphilis. Most blacks believe this version of the lie. John Leo wrote an excellent article on this myth: When the Tuskegee experiment began, penicillin (a WHITE invention) had not yet been invented. The treatments at the time were worse than the disease itself. There was a belief that just letting it run its course was preferable to the treatments being used at the time: That the body could cure itself better. So there were a number of experiments set up with volunteers, including whites, such as with a similar study in NORWAY, to test this hypothesis. Tuskegee, a black institution, was chosen, not because it was black, BUT BECAUSE IT SERVED A COMMUNITY BEING RAVAGED BY SYPHILIS. The black men in the Tuskegee study ALREADY HAD SYPHILIS. The experiment was run by BENEFACTORS OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY with the black community’s full cooperation. The failing was that much later, when penicillin was developed by a white man, and shown to be effective, the participants in the study were not notified of white man’s new cure for this scourge. Someone dropped the ball. But it was not the first time such a thing had happened: Almost always to WHITE study participants. Since then there are better guidelines and controls so that such a thing does not occur again.
If you want some REAL examples of DELIBERATE experiments on human beings that were carried out in this country, look at the military’s exposure of soldiers (all white) during the early ‘50’s to radiation from atom bomb explosions in the Nevada desert, to determine the short and long term effects. My father was one of them: In a trench a few hundred yards from a detonation in Frenchman Flats. The fireball hit the ground and covered the soldiers with radioactive dust. They were brushed off with BROOMS before boarding the bus. Long after retirement from the army my father received yearly surveys from the military asking health questions. 40 years after exposure he developed thyroid cancer, a cancer caused ONLY by radiation exposure. No help from the government.


Separated At Birth

28 04 2008

One is Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  The other is former Congressman and possible Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Bob Barr.  Which is which?

Fun With Headlines

28 04 2008

Lake Sun Leader:  Governor’s residence a home to all Missourians

Really?  This means if I try to go to my home, that nobody with badges and guns will stop me?

WWL-CBS-4 New Orleans:  4 Investigates: Floodwalls stuffed with newspaper?

Found use for New Orleans Times-Picayune other than bird cage liner.

Houston Chronicle:  Polygamist sect children present a cultural challenge for foster-care facilities

Foster care parents not prepared for the inevitable question, “Why doesn’t Montana get rid of this Hannah?”

Time:   McCain Sells the Caring Conservative

He’s not a conservative, nor does he care.

Carried Away

28 04 2008

I was watching the first installment of PBS’s series “Carrier,” about life on the USS Nimitz.  And at the end, we see that it’s sponsored by something called CSC, which we see specializes in (among other things) helping corporations outsource jobs.

My first thought that it was contradictory for a firm that helps drain America to sponsor a documentary that praises American naval power, but it’s really not.  They’re both in the business of promulgating “American” global hegemony, one with guns and the other with briefcases, one to bring “democracy” to Basra and the other to take your job to Bangalore.  I bet a few of the sailors are sailors because firms like CSC helped move the civilian jobs they could have had overseas, so they had no other choice.

Like I said in this space a two years ago, everybody’s in on this America thing except the Americans.

UPDATE 4/29: I noticed while watching the beginning of last night’s installment that it’s produced by Icon Productions, and that Mel Gibson is one of three executive producers.

Give Rev. Wright a Second Look

28 04 2008


Speaking in Detroit, at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s 53rd annual “Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner,” Rev. Jeremiah Wright took on his critics even while he spoke of a new, unified day coming.


The bulk of his remarks addressed, however, different groups seeing each other as deficient. He acted out the differences between marching bands at predominantly black and predominantly white colleges. “Africans have a different meter, and Africans have a different tonality,” he said. Europeans have seven tones, Africans have five. White people clap differently than black people. “Africans and African-Americans are right-brained, subject-oriented in their learning style,” he said. “They have a different way of learning.” And so on.

American Digest has more.

The next logical step would be for Rev. Wright to call for separate education for black children, based on the fact that us ignorant honkeys don’t understand their “right-brained learning style.” Might we see him saying “separate education today, separate education tomorrow, separate education forever?”

By the way, Rev. Wright is a little misguided about the differences between the left brain and the right brain. Then again, who are we to argue with black science?

Fun With Headlines

27 04 2008

WND:  Official Obama blogger flies Communist Party flag

We know which side he would take in those traditional debates within academia between communism and socialism.

Fox News:  Florida Education Official Lectures Parents on Wasting Money on Alcohol, Cigarettes

Does this mean they can still smoke weed?

AP:   Top US envoy urges tougher stance on Zimbabwe’s Mugabe

Before:  Ask Mugabe to behave
After:  Slap Mugabe on the hand and then ask him to behave

My Prediction Number Ten

27 04 2008

For 2008 was:

Miley Cyrus (”Hannah Montana”) joins the Britney/Lindsay circus and gets arrested for drunk driving.

No drunk driving yet, but she’s clearly headed in that direction. Because she’s slowly losing her clothes. Wouldn’t want to be Billy Ray for the next ten years.

Fun With Headlines

26 04 2008

Reuters:   Fourteen killed in Mexico drug battle near U.S. [border]

What border?  You mean that theoretical line with little fencing, no protection, no political or law enforcement will to defend, and something that is a mere inconveience for Mexicans wanting to travel from one part of Mexico to another?

WSJ:  Load Up the Pantry

I heard that advice in 1994.  The WSJ is only 14 years behind the survivalist right.

AFP:  Humans lived in tiny, separate bands for 100,000 years

And they still do.  They’re called cities.

AP:  ‘Jihadist’ booted from government lexicon

Good.  This meand that Jihadi terrorism has ended.

AP:  Chicago working to prevent repeat of deadly weekend

You’ve read this article so many times before, so I think the media wrote it once and inserted a script that inserts the current date.

NYT:  For a Pinball Survivor, the Game Isn’t Over

And on the same day:

ABC:  Fans Gear Up for ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’

Once upon a time, parents were worried that their children were wasting their lives away on pinball machines.

AP:   Obama wraps up day with hoops, and his team wins 15-5

A member of the losing team then challenged Obama to a side game of HORSE plus four certain letters, which Obama lost.

AP:   Microsoft deadline looms for Yahoo

In related news, Microsoft bought a Seattle-area concrete mixer last week.

Reuters:   State moves to ban fake testicles on vehicles

They were sold at a gun shop, meaning that someone took the moniker “gun nuts” too literally.

Really, What Is Peter Kinder Smoking?

26 04 2008

Or what does he really know about himself that he’s not telling us?   What is he promising a certain segment of this state’s population that he can receive the endorsement of Freeman Bosley, Sr., Betty Thompson and Wayman Smith, the latter remarking that Kinder’s fundraisers and Obama’s fundraisers tend to draw the same crowds?

Reparations, maybe?

I’m glad he dropped out of the Governor’s race.  (He is running for re-election as Lt. Governor, hence the fundraisers.)  His family’s close association with the Limbaughs might have fooled enough conservative voters into voting for him instead of the real right-winger, that being the next Governor of Missouri, Jim Guest.

Party of Lincoln

26 04 2008

Letter to the Editor of the P-D, from one Michael Hilburg of St. Louis:

The “GOP cracks down on Ron Paul activists” (April 20), about a meeting in which Republicans were forced to support U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the presumptive Republican nominee for president, or be excluded from local conventions, illustrates that we Republicans are going to lose in November if we don’t straighten up. Mr. McCain may be the presumptive nominee, but the Missouri Republican Party’s actions to stifle dissent are more reminiscent of the communist China than the party of Lincoln.

Although Ron Paul supporters should honor the outcome of the primary vote, the party must recognize that Missouri Republicans are not all neoconservatives.

His letter has a slight error. The MRP is stifling dissent BECAUSE they’re the Party of Lincoln, who didn’t exactly honor the true outcome of the 1864 vote.

Pay Day

26 04 2008

Financial Times:

World Bank backs anti-Aids experiment

Thousands of people in Africa will be paid to avoid unsafe sex, under a groundbreaking World Bank-backed experiment aimed at halting the spread of Aids.

The $1.8m trial – to be launched this year – will counsel 3,000 men and women aged 15-30 in southern rural Tanzania over three years, paying them on condition that periodic laboratory test results prove they have not contracted sexually transmitted infections.

The proposed payments of $45 equate to a quarter of annual income for some participants.

Where’s my $45 for avoiding unsafe sex? Better yet, how about a quarter of my annual income?

I’m waiting for the news story that informs us that AIDS is spreading in rural southern Tanzania because of a lot of $45 tricks.

Fun With Headlines

24 04 2008

CNS:  Posters Seen As ‘Effective’ Tool in Keeping Guns Out of Schools

I think the guns could easily take the posters in a fight.

Paul Huebl:  Let’s Tell The Truth About Race and Chicago Crime

Yeah, let’s.

L.A. Daily News:  Naked man tries to kidnap woman in Northridge

At least the woman could probably figure out the man’s intentions.

WND:  Border fence opponents go green

I think red is more their color.

CNS:  Feinstein Won’t Rule Out Supporting Popular Vote Loser

She should know, she once lost an election only to gain the seat later.

AFP:  Artificially cooling Earth may prove perilous: study

Especially in places where it’s already cold.

Reuters:  McCain sharply critical of Bush response to Katrina

Didn’t coddle New Orleans’s black population quickly enough.

AFP:  Tsvangirai won clear victory in Zimbabwe: US envoy

But Mugabe still has all the guns.

Time:  Will Neighbors Save Zimbabwe?

That Mozambique and Botswana are the saviors shows you how bad Zimbabwe is.

AP:  Arby’s owner buying Wendy’s for $2.34 billion stock deal

Arby’s concession is that it will make its roast beef sandwiches square.

Reuters:  Obesity and low birthweight mar health of kids

So they start out too light and end up too heavy — at some point they’re just right.

AP:  Not all :) as informal writing creeps into teen assignments

I’m waiting for the first time that a Supreme Court decision or a State of the Union transcript has :P~~~~ in it.

Reuters:  Getting paid to drink

I knew this economy would turn around eventually.

AP:  Robotic vigilante: Homemade ‘Bum Bot’ patrols in Atlanta

Will probably work as well as the virtual border fence.

Fun With Headlines

23 04 2008

Slashdot: $1/Gallon “Green Gasoline” In Sight

It wasn’t that long ago that the non-green gasoline was less than $1/gallon.

TG Daily: Microsoft to cancel all PlaysForSure DRM

So much for being sure.

John Lott: Frito-Lay supports gun control

Will now have to fire Frito Bandito and revoke his H-1B visa.

P-D: Kindergartner wanders out of Festus school

I’ve heard of school dropouts, but this is ridiculous.

Arizona Republic: Dems set plan to battle McCain for Latino votes

What does this say about John McLame and the Stupid Party, that Democrats think they now have to compete for Hispanic votes?

Daily Mail: EU wipes England off the map – as Gordon Brown flies the flag of St George over Downing Street

Message to England: Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

WND: Bill Clinton caught lying?

Grass caught being green?

ABC: U.S. Guns Arming Mexican Drug Gangs; Second Amendment to Blame?

Didn’t know Mexico had a Second Amendment.

AP: Zimbabwe ruling party raises prospect of joint government

Knowing Robert Mugabe’s history, I think he means marijuana.

LiveScience: Bugs Use Plants as Telephones

Chop off a piece and carry it with you — Voila! Cell phone.

Ron Paul’s Native State

23 04 2008

RP takes 16% in Pennsylvania, the same number in his native Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), and as high as 27% in Berks County.

There’s a lot of talk about the Democrats and their inability to settle on a nominee, but John McCain should be just as worried that, as a center-left Republican running as the enshrined nominee in a Republican moderate state, that 27% of the Republican voters don’t want him.

Sweet Ride

23 04 2008


A man who stole Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s car is headed to prison, along with a female accomplice.

Shawn Young, 36, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his role in the October 2006 incident.

He was convicted of attacking a Bloomberg staffer who was in the mayor’s Lexus while waiting to pick up a colleague in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Evelyn Moreta, 17, was also convicted in connection with the crime. She was sentenced to ten years in prison.

The pair abandoned the car, which was recovered two hours later.

Even though all’s well that ends well, this takes a lot of fun way from Mayor Bloomberg.  While he has to sit back and watch his colleages Michael Nutter, Thomas Menino and Richard Daley whine about guns, the one crime in NYC that directly affected him was a result of fists and feet.

Fun With Earthen Headlines

22 04 2008

AP:  Bush: Now is not the time to renegotiate or cancel NAFTA

I agree.  Now is the time to chuck it.

Oprah show today:  Earth Day on Oprah

I think “Oprah Day on Earth” would be far more popular.

CNS News:  House Speaker Invokes God and Bible in Earth Day Declaration

Won’t do the same on World AIDS Day Declaration.

WND:  Hillary prepared to ‘totally obliterate’ Iran

I’d believe it if she thought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad turned into Gennifer Flowers.

MSNBC:  Middle school birth control gets only 1 taker – 6 months after furor over program, just one 14-year-old is using the service

Who suddenly develops a very bad reputation.

McPaper:  McCain denounces ‘siren song’ of protectionism

Concedes OH, PA, MI

AP:  Zimbabwe’s neighbors unite to block arms shipment

The one piece of technology the Mugabe regime knows how to use is one that the world doesn’t want him to have.

AP:  Senators debate future of Web

Let’s hope that at least one of them has spent at least one hour online.

PC World:  Seagate Ships One-billionth Hard Drive

The data capacity of these billion hard drives would almost be enough to store the algorithm that scientists use to truly figure out women.

Keep Dreaming

22 04 2008

Paul Thurrott:

A Subscription Pit Stop on the Road to Cloud Computing

Changing deep-set behavior and habits is difficult. I was reminded of that fact this week while writing a news story about a joint Microsoft/Novell effort to convince businesses in China to switch from free versions of Linux to paid, supported copies of Novell’s SUSE Enterprise Linux. At first blush, you might think that Microsoft’s cooperation in promoting Linux is central to that particular story. (And certainly, that’s the tact I took in my own article about the event.) But looking at it more deeply, what this is really about is changing behavior.

More specifically, Microsoft’s efforts in China aren’t really about promoting Linux, paid or otherwise. It’s about getting the fastest growing market on the planet to start doing something it’s never done–actually pay for software. China, of course, is the nexus of pirated software consumption, and its citizens have grown up in a world where pirated versions of expensive commercial software can be found in street markets for what amounts to spare change.

The Chinese government is many things, and many things brutal, but one thing it is not is globalist. Microsoft can try any trick it wants, but the Chinese government won’t stand for taking money out of the hands of its own people in order to make a white person wealthier. Piracy in China won’t end anytime ever.

Fun With Sticky and Ickey Headlines

21 04 2008

AP: More convicted felons allowed to enlist in Army, Marines

What? Did Mark Funkhouser become the Secretary of Defense overnight?

San Francisco Chronicle: Marijuana 101: School teaches ins, outs of pot

The dateline of the article was 4/20. Straight up.

Forbes: North American leaders defend free trade

North American leaders have never actually worked for a living.

Reuters: High gasoline prices hurting U.S. consumers: poll

I’d like to meet the people who answered “no.”

Politico: Casey vouches for Obama’s values

Nancy Pelosi ought to, because hers and his come from the same place.

AP: Police: Manager sold marijuana from [Pizza Hut] drive-through window

And made it a special pizza topping, for one day only, Sunday, April 20.

Reuters: Australia apology to Aborigines put to song

I’ll stick with Rolf Harris’s attitude toward Abos.

For Once, I Agree with Steve Ballmer

21 04 2008

PC World:

Ballmer: African Business Needs to Be More Transparent

Dance across the stage, clap your hands, and yell “transparency transparency transparency…” about two dozen times, and clench your fists in victory afterward.


“Technology alone will not turn these goals into achievements,” Ballmer said. “Technology is just a tool to empower people to make progress. It is an enabler.”

So, technology isn’t a cure all? Never thought I would be agreeing with the Microsoft CEO over certain open-source advocates.

Africa needs to increase Internet bandwidth to drive short-term benefits and long-term development, he said.

In order to increase bandwidth, you have to have bandwidth to begin with. And for that, you need reliable electricity, which black Africa has yet to master.

Fun With Headlines

20 04 2008

CNS News:  Pope Hails America’s Founding Principles

Except for that part about “uniform rules of naturalization.”

KSDK:  Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Marries College Sweetheart

He got a ring, now she gets one.

P-D:  Alton is “Cool City” in fight against global warming

I think carbon is the least of Alton’s concerns.

WND:  Children’s hospital launches sex change for kids program

No clue what they want to be when they grow up, but they know they want to flip genders now.  Parents who refuse will be rounded up by Goofachusetts’s DFS/CPS for child abuse.

Far Apart

20 04 2008


Dream Weavers

ST. LOUIS — In a city often divided by black and white, north and south, dozens of students from both sides came together Saturday to meet in the middle.

On Compton Avenue, the street that separates St. Louis and Harris-Stowe State universities, students gathered for the first St. Louis Dream Keepers’ Fair, a student-driven event to recharge Martin Luther King Jr.’s message of unity 40 years after his assassination.

Organizers hope the fair, the first of its kind in the city, will prompt St. Louisans and their leaders to start seriously addressing race-related problems in the city.

“Our schools are only divided by this one street,” said Fallon Dupard, the incoming student body president at Harris-Stowe.

And by a world of difference in standards.  SLU is only behind Wash. U. in Missouri for prestige and admissions standards, while Harris-Stowe has the lowest admissions standards in the state among schools that have admissions standards (i.e. are not open-enrollment).  SLU has highly advanced mathematics courses that fill up quite easily, while Harris-Stowe often doesn’t enough registrants for second-semester Calculus to make it worth the Prof’s time, such that it is shelved, as this writer discovered when he tried to take such a course as a high school senior, a way back in the olden days of 1994 when I would have had to dodge dinosaurs just to attend class.  When I got the call from a H-S administrator about the cancellation, she told me that I was the only student who signed up for the class.  Not one single regular full-time student at H-S thought they needed or wanted to take Calculus II.  (Harris-Stowe turns out a high percentage of the teachers in the St. Louis City Public Schools.)  I wound up taking the course that same semester at one of St. Louis’s two-year colleges.

It Only Used to Be an Oxymoron. Now It’s Also Adware.

19 04 2008


Microsoft quietly offering ad-funded Works

After years of exploring the matter, Microsoft has finally started offering an ad-funded version of Microsoft Works in some countries.

Users who run the software see a small ad as they are writing their document or editing their spreadsheet. Although the program has the ability to update its set of ads online, today it runs mostly ads for Microsoft and a few partners, all of which ship with the product itself.


The ad-funded Works falls into a category of several products the company is exploring, rather than a significant new source of revenue, said Microsoft Vice President Chris Capossela.

Then why the ads?

OpenOffice is free, does a lot more, and has no ads.  And that’s the point — Microsoft is trying to fend off OO in the developing world and the portion of the developed world suspicious of the USM (United States of Microsoft), and to perpetuate the Microsoft ecosystem and further the network effects of its own products and services.

Yeah, It’s the Browser’s Fault

19 04 2008


PayPal Plans to Block Safari and Old Browsers

PayPal, eBay Inc.’s payment service and the frequent target of fraudsters, plans to block browsers that don’t include anti-phishing features from accessing its site.

Under PayPal’s plan, Apple Inc.’s Safari would be banned completely, while only older versions of its rivals Microsoft Corp.’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Corp.’s Firefox would be barred.


The two features that Barrett said browsers must have to be considered safe by PayPal were an ability to block known or suspected phishing sites, and support for Extended Validation (EV) certificates. EVs, which are given to companies only after more stringent background checks than the commonplace SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, are supposed to reassure users that the online site is legitimate. Browsers that support EVs typically shade the address bar green as a signal that the site is safe.


According to Barrett’s plan, older browsers such as IE3 and IE4 would be among those blocked. Conceivably, the no-longer-supported Firefox 1.x would also be kept off the site. In the paper, however, Barrett didn’t call out either Firefox or Safari by name.

So, even if you’re an intelligent internet user, and you know better than to enter your personal information into a website that looks legit, but has a strange URL, that you were directed toward in a spam e-mail, you can’t use PayPal because of all the suckers. Even if you’re still using Firefox 1.5, (many 1.5 users are boycotting 2.0 because of memory leaks and poor script-handling), which doesn’t have anti-phishing warnings natively, you can’t use PayPal even if you installed a browser extension (such as Netcraft Toolbar) which has that functionality, giving your browser that which PayPal wants? What if you’re using one of the supported browsers but, like me, you turn off the anti-phishing options because you find them unnecessary, as you already search suspicious URLs with Google? (Which is essentially what Firefox 2.0/3.0 anti-phishing filters do.) Will you still be able to use PayPal even though you defeated the reasons why PayPal wants you to use those newer browsers? What if you’re using the newest version of a minimalist browser like Dillo?

Fun With Headlines

19 04 2008

CNS News: Bush to Appear on ‘Deal or No Deal’ to Surprise US Soldier

Hope this solder doesn’t read CNS News, or it won’t be much of a surprise.

Detroit News: Kilpatrick: Leaving office would be ‘chaos’ for Metro Detroit

Replacing Detroit’s current atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

AP: Housing-credit woes spur calls for more federal regulation

Federal regulation is what got us into this housing credit mess to begin with.

Reuters: Chest pain in middle-age an ominous sign, study hints

Oh, duh. I thought chest pain was a sign of good health.

AP: Young voters shun third-party candidates

Unfortunately for third-party candidates, old voters do, too.

Politico: Stephanopoulos defends debate performance: ‘We asked tough but appropriate questions’

And because either one of them will face John McLame and the Stupid Party next, they’re now through with tough questions.

AP: Iglesias says Kournikova keeps rebuffing marriage proposals

I can understand her point. Marrying him would be trading one hard-to-spell surname for another.

E!Online: Foxy Brown Free at Last

We were supposed to lose sleep because she wasn’t?

Reuters: School team hit for 66 runs in two innings

Japan’s equivalent to the ten-run mercy rule must be 67 runs.

Reuters: Get the right name and open doors for your child

If it sounds black, their resumes will go to the top of the heap.

Jim Guest Gets Some Love

19 04 2008

Letter to the Editor of the Kansas City Star, from one Esther Miller, ironically from Liberty, Missouri:

The Missouri House just passed House Bill 1716 sponsored by Rep. Jim Guest, which will prohibit the state from complying with the Real ID Act.

Mr. Guest has worked tirelessly to defeat this intrusion into our privacy, both here and in other states.

Under the guise of preventing terrorism, we would be required to carry ID with all our personal information on it and be required to show it for all manner of excuses. It would be entered into a giant database, and who knows how it could be misused?

Also, someone might come up behind you with sensitive electronic readers and download the information. What a mess that would cause.

Thank you, Mr. Guest, for being a man of conscience and principle who will work for the good of the people he represents and the nation at large.

Also remind the Star’s readers that he’s running for Governor, which, until now, is something that only Clint Lacy, John Combest and yours truly knew about, so it seems.

Who Is Rozita Swinton?

19 04 2008

We don’t know exactly who she is, or what connection she has to a polygamist sect in western Texas, but we do know that she is not a 16-year old girl named Sarah that called a child abuse hotline while being locked in a basement within the compound. In reality, she is a 33-year old woman, who made the phone call from somewhere in Colorado Springs, with a cell phone that has a Nashville area code.

A regular poster at American Renaissance thinks that she was opposed to white people having large families, so she made up an identity and a story and phoned it in. I’m not sure about that, but if there are any criminal charges that come down because of this raid, they might all be in danger in court because of the questionable tip.

Also, the girls and young women removed from the compound would have probably been better off at the compound than in DFS/CPS custody. Often times, they’re more abusive towards children than the abusers.

UPDATE 4/21: Also an Obama superdel from Colorado.  The SPLC has criticized the sect for its racial exclusivity, so the racial motivation for her false hotline call becomes more probable.


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