Saturday Post-Roadtrip Wrap-Up

31 12 2011

Happy New Year.  Here’s hoping all your positive hopes and dreams for yourself and everyone around you come to pass in 2012.


*  The Bible states that ye cannot worship both God and Mammon.  The people that run Catholic schools didn’t get the memo.  Catholic schools are probably the most anal-retentive legal institution on Earth about making you pay up.

*  Pardon me, but wasn’t deseg supposed to be winding down?

They stole a safe from a store with “Dollar” in its title.  Don’t steal, but if you’re going to steal a safe from a store, pick something a little more upscale than a “Dollar” store.

This is a national story, but I’m putting it in the local section because it’s almost a spot-on match for the Willie Reed saga at SLU.

*  Speaking of SLU, the P-D profiles their theology education program for state prisoners.  I wouldn’t have a problem with this, and what I’m about to say shouldn’t be interpreted to mean that I do, but the problem with a big majority of diplomas and degrees earned in prison is that they were earned in prison.  An employer ordinarily thinks that, ceteris paribus, a diploma earned by a free person is better than one earned by someone in prison, because the person in prison didn’t have the self-control to earn the same diploma while he was free.  IOW, it’s easy for him to have earned a degree while in prison because his physical circumstances are heavily controlled, while on the outside, he has definitely proven at least once (and he probably will again) that without a guard or warden screaming in his face all the time and iron bars around his bedroom, he just doesn’t have the ambition in the real world to make it.

Agreed.  But this map is wrong — Missouri is like Illinois, no ID required.  Nixon vetoed the bill that would have put Missouri in the same league as Arizona.

*  Jeanette Mott Oxford, a Democrat who will soon be TLed out of H-59, seems to want to mount a head-on primary challenge to Robin Wright-Jones (Virvus Jones’s daughter) in S-5.  It states here that “social justice advocates” want Oxford to run.

My, questioning the social justice chops of the incumbent left-wing Democrat black woman State Senator, are we?  That’s (five six seven eight…) RACIST~!  How un-social justicey of you.  I can just see the debates between these two — They’ll both scream at each other that “I’m more social justicey than you!,” or, “my social justice is more social justicey than your social justice.”

Real smart, Missouri Republican Party.  Ignore the plebiscite of Republican voters in a swing state.  It might behoove you to know that Nixon and Mrs. Antolinez have indicated that they’re ready to convert this news into a pro-Obama statewide media buy in the fall.

Rundown of the new laws in Illinois starting at midnight tonight.  Second to the last is most interesting.  It is basically establishing mandatory prison time for felons in possession.  I doubt every felon caught in possession in Illinois will be going to prison, but it will probably become a useful sword of Damocles with which to extract snitching.

*  And, considering what else has gone on around and inside McDonalds, and the quality of their food, naked people in the drive-through lane seems to be the least of their worries.


*  HARK!  They have discovered a new kind of racism:  Infrastructural Racism.

*  I was just waiting for this:  Shoe riots are now Nike’s fault for charging too much.  Now, Nike isn’t blameless here, because of the slave Chinese labor it uses, plus letting its corporate image being married with the basketball and hip-hop culture.

But some of these “Jordan” shoes are being turned right around and hawked on EBay for $500, when they cost $180 at retail.  This means that in pure economic terms, Nike is actually UNDER-pricing these things.

If these “activist” clowns are upset about the “exploitation” of retailers charging $180 for shoes to “people who can least afford them,” then maybe these people should develop different cultural appetites for footwear.  On my feet right now?  A pair of $50 New Balance, manufactured in the USA or Britain, never endorsed by any “bassetball” player or any “afawete.”

NOW Eric Holder is worried about illicit guns being used to kill cops and LEOs?  Hello, Eric?  Brian Terry?

Now you know why I’ll vote even for Jon Huntsman over Obama, to get this thing and Thomas Perez out of town.

Only reason the GDP seems to be increasing is because the medium of exchange which measures GDP is being made less and less valuable.

*  Federal money means Federal control.  I’ve been saying it for years, and finally, it’s starting to sink in.

*  Disagree with something?  Compare it to the KKK.  That’s how we roll in the USA circa the eve of 2012.

*  Feds upset at Maricopa County, Arizona for being “too tough” on illegal aliens, but they’re not blaming Crook County, Illinois for covering up immigration offenses.  Clear cut OOJ to me.

SV Titans weren’t big into the Occutard movement.  Why?  Maybe because they’re the 1% of the 1%.

*  Shit-Pot-Le:  The Official Restaurant of Illegal Aliens and Philo-Semitic Cowards Everywhere.

*  Fancy.  Some of the same crud-mouthed neo- and lamestream con bloggers who hate Ron Paul are now up in arms against SOPA/PIPA.  Ron in the House and Rand in the Senate have been the most notable and strident opponents to SOPA/PIPA the longest, even though bigger names are now on their side, Johnny come lately style.

*  As I suspected, this noise about “we Dems can take back the House in 2012 riding on Obama’s coattails as he trounces a schmuck Republican” is just noise.  Why are veteran House Democrats, who would be in line for commmittee chairmanships, retiring?  2010 saw the defeat of a lot of long time incumbents, such as Spratt, Oberstar, Kanjorski, Skelton.  House Democrats lost half of their previously reprsented land mass and 430 combined years of tenure in November 2010, and thanks to these “voluntary” retirements, are losing a lot more aggregate experience.

*  Ron Paul tried to be nice to the Occutards.  No good deed goes unpunished.

*  Somebody else has finally picked up on Michael Savage’s instability, even if it is Alex Jones.

One comment to this story suggests that Ron Paul is the most popular Republican candidate among Jewish voters on the East and West coasts.  Any polling data to back that up?

More proof that Bachmann is birddogging for Romney.

*  How to get the “youth” vote back int Obama’s column?  The writer acknowledges that barely more than half of Americans ages 16 to 29 are employed, (and even fewer than that are employed in real jobs that can sustain a household and are indicative of family formation), notes that the jobs issue is paramount, but then proposes three bullet points that all have to do with student loans.  Can’t pay a student loan back without a job!

*  America 2012 Eve:  E Unus Pluribum.

*  This only goes to show, you can’t go hope again.

Romney hearts VAT.  You know, there was once a day when Republicans were proposing Social Security payroll tax decreases and Democrats were proposing that the IRS have even more powers to attain more taxation vectors.

*  Newt cries.  What is it with Republican House speakers and their water works?  HRC cried and won NH four years ago, doubt it’ll work for Gingrich.

Yard signs mean nothing.  I found out the hard way.  Realize that many people without yard signs can and do vote.  And, for a contested Republican Primary and an uncontested one, there would be nothing but Republican yard signs everywhere.

*  Iraq was too dangerous, so they were “resettled” into Oakland.


*  Manhattan Beach:  80%+ White, and SWPL-type Whites.  Bell Gardens:  Heavily (90%+ in some census tracts) Hispanic.  Any questions?

Two usual suspects combined with one unusual one.  And please, kindly avert your eyes if you read the actual text.

How Colorado turned blue:  Don’t count on Red Scare (one of the very worst anti-Ron Paul eliminationist media) or Assrick Assholrickson to tell you the real reason:  Electing a new people with Hispanic immigration.  No, Red Scare is too busy trying to whip up so much vitriol and hate against Ron Paul in the hopes that some lone nut pops out from the woodwork to assassinate him.  If HUAC were still in operation, and stocked with sane committee members, they would be subpoenaing Red Scare’s financial records to see if those that stand to benefit from a war with Iran or are benefiting from our current farcical Middle Eastern adventurism are funding Red Scare and their attempt to have Ron Paul assassinated.

*  Huron, South Dakota:  Mexico’s Newest Colony?  I’m waiting for the cultural sensitivity politburo to march in and lecutre us about how “it’s their culture, we have to understand, you can’t be so bigoted.”

*  I wonder:  Is it time to move the 9/11 memorials out of New York City?  I also wonder how many young men from Tennessee have died over in Crapistan because of what some Crapistanis did to a good chunk of lower Manhattan, with their eternal reward being that their sisters and mothers get popped with New York City’s Rube Goldberg gun laws when they visit said memorial.  If New York City doesn’t want to be part of the United States anymore, then fine.  GTFO, and become the last Soviet Socialist Republic.


Dear Hugo:  It’s a black thang.  You wouldn’t understand.

Kanye West is going to London.  Michael Savage still can’t.

Methinks the Chinese immigration system displays an acute lack of tolerance for diversity and multiculturalism.

Lost in translation.  First off, because of the higher cost of living even controlling for the exchange rate, $67 in Germany goes nowhere near twice as far as $33 in the United States.  Second, German taxes are somewhat higher.  Third, that $67 is whatever they’re paid translated into American dollars using the current exchange rate, which at the moment is realtively favorable for a strong Euro versus our buck.

*  Because rap math worked out so well, now we have rap anti-terrorism.

*  The opiate of the convicted masses — British inmate transport vans soon to get teles.

This has far more to do than sticking to American beverage makers than combatting obesity.  Don’t doubt me.


*  LOL!  I actually remember watching this.  This was in May 1992, Johnny Carson’s last month, so I watched every Tonight show that month.

Even Jerry Brown gets a mention here.

Has Kwanzaa done kwanzaaed out?  My theory is that the reason that Kwanzaa is now a fringe holiday among blacks is because it’s mostly fringe radical blacks that celebrate it.

I don’t know if I agree with this blanket prohibition, but it would be a good idea to prohibit those who committed felonies in Second Life from owning virtual guns.

Charles Babbage was so far ahead of his time, that with a little more money from a few more people and a slight few changes in circumstance, the computer age would have started about a century before it actually did.

Think that’s crazy?  I had a Western Civ Prof who made the case that very similar conditions existed in and at the height of the Hellenistic/Alexandrian Empire that also existed in 18th Century Britain, such that the Industrial Revolution could have sprouted well before the Birth of Christ.  Talk about moving up history — If that would have happened, humans would be halfway to Alpha Centauri by now.

If we’ll soon be able to shoot lasers out of our eyes, then that means it will soon be a crime to look at an airplane in flight.

The Barack H. Obama Indefinite Detention Center.  So true.  You’ll get a Koran and be made it read it even if you’re not Muslim.  Hell, that will be the point!

*  If you see something, say something.  At a hockey game?  What would we ever see?  Except that I went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out.

It’s a wonder any NBA player ever follows the whims of any referee.

*  I would like to meet the moron who thought it was a good idea for athletes to give themselves frostbite.  Oh, I know — He works for the same company that merged the marketing of athletic shoes with the hip-hop culture a generation ago.

*  Android smartphones were the hot family Christmas gift this year among my relatives and near-relatives.  According to Google’s stats, they were a hot gift for a lot of other families, too.

Next year, if there’s a glut of inexpensive Android tablets, those will probably be the hot gift.

*  In similar news…this person is crying that she’s the only person on Earth who didn’t get an iCabal MaxiPad for Christmas.  If you ask me, this means that someone must really love her a whole lot.  To say that she didn’t get an iPad is like saying that she didn’t get an STD.

Speaking of whining about Christmas gifts…

The census of digital data at the end of 2011 stand at about 1.8 zettabytes spanning 500 quadrillion files.  That’s 1.8 trillion trillion bytes (binary) within the containers of 500 thousand trillion files (decimal).  Yottabyte is a thousand zettabytes, so once we’ve blown through 999 zettabytes, we’ll soon roll over the odometer to a foll yottabyte.  After yottabyte, there is no official naming scheme, except this chart will give us headroom aplenty.

Blocking Back

29 12 2011

E.J. Dionne in the WaPo hints around at an interesting theory:

New Hampshire looks like Romney’s granite fortress

No matter what happens in Iowa, Mitt Romney has a safety net in New Hampshire.

And that could rank as the year’s most perilous sentence. Why shouldn’t Romney be surprised in the state that temporarily derailed Barack Obama’s supposedly rapid march toward nomination four years ago? Hillary Clinton humbled many a pundit here in 2008, reason enough to challenge the rapidly jelling conventional wisdom about the Republican presidential campaign.

In just a few weeks, Romney has been transformed from an embattled and weak front-runner into the real thing. He has a chance of winning the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday as his dazed opponents scratch at each other trying to emerge as the leading non-Romney.

Libertarian Ron Paul, who will never be nominated, now looks to be Romney’s main competition in Iowa. Paul is doing a fine job as Romney’s blocking back, preventing anyone else from emerging early enough to give Romney a stiff race.

Is Dionne trying to say that Ron Paul is really birddogging for Romney?  If that’s true to any extent, I think it’s because Ron Paul would obviously like to win Iowa, but if it’s not him, he would much rather have Romney than Gingrich win, because Paul probably despises Gingrich on a personal level far more than he does Romney.  Then-Speaker Gingrich unsuccessfully tried to torpedo Paul’s return to Congress in 1996, called most of his ideas “kooky,” then years later constructs policy proposals around the results of the partial audit of the Federal Reserve, one of those ideas that was “kooky” as late as the late 1990s.

Or, to put it another way:  Ron Paul might know he’s long term damaged goods (I wish it weren’t so), but he’s using his short term political capital to prevent any of the others from being a viable “Not Romney.”

Adult Behavior

29 12 2011

Blogmeister echo syndrome:  Reuters thinks it’s all over if Romney wins Iowa.  I agree, mainly because he isn’t really trying to win Iowa.  If Romney wins IA which he could and NH which he will, Gingrich’s SC firewall falls apart, because SC’s Republican Primaries have almost always been rubber stamps for the Republican establishment.

No way I’m voting for him in the primaries, because I know his record and I know the kind of establishmentarians with whom he is surrounding himself, but I’ve been saying all along here that Romney is winning this nomination because he’s the only person in this race who can stick his index finger on his nose and walk ten feet in a straight line.  In other words, he’s pissing off the fewest number of people the least often.

He came out yesterday and said that he would vote Ron Paul over Obama if Ron Paul were the nominee.  Now, that’s a pretty convenient and politically un-risky thing to say for someone who lives in a world where he is on the vestibule of winning the nomination and Ron Paul is still a long shot – If it were the other way around, I doubt Romney would be saying this.  However, Mitt Romney, unlike his competitors, is at least demonstrating measured adult diplomacy toward Ron Paul.  Now, if he wanted to finish off Ron Paul, he would slowly, bit by bit, piece by piece, adopt the most popular or necessary parts of the Ron Paul agenda, including taking a war with Iran off the table (“even though a nuclear Iran is intolerable”), promise a new paradigm on drug policy (“to re-balance the proper relationship between citizen and state, though full-on legalization is a bad idea”), run to Ron Paul’s right on immigration (Ron Paul has an F grade from Numbers USA, shouldn’t be hard to do), and hint that the Federal Reserve shouldn’t live to see its hundredth birthday late next year.  Suggest that Rand Paul is on his short list of running mates.

Now, he doesn’t have to mean any of it, because I know he doesn’t, but all he has to do is say it or dog whistle his way around it.

In related news, the very same newspaper which endorsed PJB in 1992 and 1996 for many of these same reasons now rips Ron Paul a new one.  This is not a piece of history lost on some commenters to this NHUL story.

McPaper has a candidate match game.  To show you how screwy these things always are, I filled it out, and my top three matches were, 1. Bachmann, 2. Santorum, and 3. Obama.  Huh?  WTF?  Sure, I started this season for Bachmann, changed to Paul when her campaign became a conduit for Romney after the Rickroller’s own candidacy made hers superfluous, and Ron Paul met with Marine Le Pen, but I don’t know what kind of algorithm would direct me to Santorum and BARACK F’N OBAMA~!  A really fucked up one.

Shot the Sheriff

28 12 2011

I don’t often cross-post my AR comments to my own blog, but this might be a point so important that it needs to be in both places.

Me, in AR yesterday:

This article makes a good point:

How does the percentage of wrongful arrests of Latinos compare with that of non-Latinos? The DOJ doesn’t say. How does the record of the sheriff’s office compare with that of other Valley law-enforcement agencies with respect to wrongful arrests? The DOJ doesn’t say.

This is more profound than its author might know. Most of the population of the Phoenix area, Maricopa County, is in an incorporated municipality, and therefore, served by that city’s police department, e.g. Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and many others. I don’t know if [Joe Arpaio's] MCSO really operates inside any municipality, it might only regularly enforce the law in unincorporated Maricopa County, while providing para-law enforcement activities (court house security, inmate transport, etc.) at the county court house in Phoenix.

Those valley cities’ PDs might have 287g or Secure Communities authority, except some of them might not want it, because their city governments are full of amnesty kooks. But if they do have it and continue to have it, then all we can conclude that Obama/Holder/Perez have a vendetta out on Arpaio, as the open borders lobby is on a rampage after SB 1070.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me?

The situation might be different in Arizona, but generally in Missouri, county sheriff’s departments generally only do law enforcment in either the unincorporated areas of the county, or in municipalities that don’t have their own PDs.  Even if the county seat is an incorporated municipality with its own PD, the sheriff’s office will do the court house security, court room bailiffs, operate and staff the county jail, and inmate transport, and also process CCW applications.  St. Louis County doesn’t have a sheriff’s office, but it does have a county PD, which might do the same thing.  St. Louis City, which is legally both a city and a county, has both a PD and a sheriff’s office, and the city sheriff does the para-law enforcement duties I just described.

Nothing But Time

28 12 2011

Charlotte Observer:

Guns in public and out of sight – and some of them are in the wrong hands


In about half of the felony convictions, the authorities failed to revoke or suspend the holder’s permit, including for cases of murder, rape and kidnapping. The apparent oversights are especially worrisome in North Carolina, one of about 20 states where anyone with a valid concealed handgun permit can buy firearms without the federally mandated criminal background check. (Under federal law, felons lose the right to own guns.)

John Lott has already done the math, and that is a microscopically small percentage of all permit holders.  However, one would assume that someone convicted of murder, rape or kidnapping is going to do quite a bit of time in prison.  Even if the state doesn’t revoke their permit right away, they have plenty of time — They’re in prison.  The state has quite a few years to hit Delete on their CCW file before they’re turned loose.


28 12 2011


Paul Disowns Extremists’ Views but Doesn’t Disavow the Support


The white supremacists, survivalists and anti-Zionists who have rallied behind his candidacy have not exactly been warmly welcomed. “I wouldn’t be happy with that,” Mr. Paul said in an interview Friday when asked about getting help from volunteers with anti-Jewish or anti-black views.

But he did not disavow their support. “If they want to endorse me, they’re endorsing what I do or say — it has nothing to do with endorsing what they say,” said Mr. Paul, who is now running strong in Iowa for the Republican nomination.

This is basically almost a word-for-word reprise of how Reagan reacted in 1980 to some “fanatical” group cutting his campaign a check — “They’re buying into my ideas, I’m not buying into theirs.”

Let Freedom Ring (Go On Deaf Ears)

28 12 2011

The Diplomat:

To the casual eye, China’s social media landscape might look diverse and lively. But the social media clones are careful to follow Communist Party censorship.

As the showdown escalated between Chinese security forces and residents of Wukan, where villagers revolted against the Chinese Communist Party, you didn’t find as much discussion of the incident in Chinese social media as you might expect. And it wasn’t only because the internet was shut off in the town.

It was also a result of China’s development of a set of “social media clones” that ably mimic the functions of the most popular, internationally recognized social media applications, such as Facebook and Twitter. The replicas, however, come with a major catch: they systematically comply with the Chinese Communist Party’s strict censorship requirements.

This innovative approach embraces, rather than resists, technological advances. It satisfies the growing demand of hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens for social media tools, reducing incentives for them to circumvent the “Great Firewall,” while still enabling the Communist Party to control what they say to each other on matters of political consequence.

This point can’t be understood well enough or widely enough.  The Chinese really don’t want freedom, and never did.  What they wanted were the superficial and ephemeral social and economic by-products of freedom and free societies, but their ant-like psyches and collective/collectivist sociology doesn’t and might never grok the real gestalt of liberty.

Menage A Lib

28 12 2011

Weiner wanted a threesome with himself, one of his mistresses, and another man.

Could the other man have been Barney Frank?  If Weiner was into tit-fucking, he would have been a good choice.

Oooh, I really didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

Echoes of Echelon

28 12 2011

Daily Mail:

Tweeting the word ‘drill’ could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies

The Department of Homeland Security makes fake Twitter and Facebook profiles for the specific purpose of scanning the networks for ‘sensitive’ words – and tracking people who use them.

Simply using a word or phrase from the DHS’s ‘watch’ list could mean that spies from the government read your posts, investigate your account, and attempt to identify you from it, acccording to an online privacy group.

The words which attract attention range from ones seemingly related to diseases or bioweapons such as ‘human to animal’ and ‘outbreak’ to other, more obscure words such as ‘drill’ and ‘strain’.

The DHS also watches for words such as ‘illegal immigrant’.

The DHS outlined plans to scans blogs, Twitter and Facebook for words such as ‘illegal immigrant’, ‘outbreak’, ‘drill’, ‘strain’, ‘virus’, ‘recovery’, ‘deaths’, ‘collapse’, ‘human to animal’ and ‘trojan’, according to an ‘impact asssessment’ document filed by the agency.

When its search tools net an account using the phrases, they record personal information.

It’s still not clear how this information is used – and who the DHS shares it with.

When the story about Echelon broke more than a decade ago, that it diverted e-mails with certain keywords into some black hat server, I deliberately created a universal footnote to my e-mail newsletter I did at the time with all the Echelon keywords, in order to expand my audience.  I didn’t want to do all these clever opinion pieces and not have anyone read them!

This morning, I tweeted “illegal immigrant,” “drill” and “virus.”  As of this evening, Janet Napolitano still isn’t following me.  And I could use the followers, to be honest.  You know how that goes:  Follow @countenanceblog on Twitter — ALL the cool government agents are doing it.

Ann: Back to Sanity

28 12 2011

She quasi-endorses Romney by default.  Read the whole thing.  The reasoning is good, even if the conclusion is bonkers.

The juicy bit:

Taxes can be raised and lowered. Regulations can be removed (though they rarely are). Attorneys general and Cabinet members can be fired. Laws can be repealed. Even Supreme Court justices eventually die.

But capitulate on illegal immigration, and the entire country will have the electorate of California. There will be no turning back.

In other words, policy can be changed, but once you lose your people, you lose the future and everything.

I don’t think ObamaCare is as crucial an issue as immigration, because ObamaCare, as bad as it is, is like any other legal words on paper that can be repealed.  Even if it isn’t, its financial unsustainability will eventually make the “Affordable Care Act of 2009″ a legal dead letter.

However, she’s falling for Romney’s rosy rhetoric on immigration, rhetoric which his actions as Massachusetts Governor did not back up.

Mr. and Miss Independent

27 12 2011

Funny — All the GOP-oriented political strategists, media talking heads and politicians who just adore the independent voter and studiously choose their words, actions and candidates to appeal to the independent voter, now hate Ron Paul because he’s polling well with independents but only lethargically with Republicans.

That is all.

Steve Deace Must Be a Reader of Mine

27 12 2011

He explains in Townhall why the borking of Ron Paul in 2012 won’t work as well as the borking of Pat Buchanan in 1996.

And I could swear that I have read these things before.  For good reason — I already wrote a lot of them.

Better organization, more overall money, more resources focused on the long term rather than just pinning all your hopes on the early states, RP doesn’t have a media career to return to.

One thing I wish Deace wouldn’t have missed is that the economy was a lot better in 1996 relative to the previous years than 2012′s will be compared to our recent past.  In ’96, the dot com bubble was getting started, unemployment was dropping, government revenues were increasing, the deficit was decreasing, and the Federal budget would be balanced within two years.  Now, we’re a few years off a financial crisis that was the result of the subprime/housing bubble which itself was an offshoot of the popping of the dot com bubble, inflation is back, real unemployment remains in double digits, and we’re running budget deficits bigger than the entire Federal budgets of the latter Clinton years.  A Presidential campaign based on a rotten economy and nefarious banksters will work a lot better in 2012 than it did in 1996.

Two Way Street

27 12 2011

People are always hounding Ron Paul about his “loyalty” to the Repugnican Party, including busting his chops because he won’t auto-magically commit to endorsing the Republican nominee if it’s not him, or ruling out an independent run if he isn’t the nominee.

Loyalty is a two way street, you know.

Why won’t they ask the other contenders to commit to endorsing Ron Paul if he is the nominee?

Scratch that when it comes to Nut Gingrich:

Gingrich wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul

(CNN) – Newt Gingrich said Tuesday he wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul if the Texas congressman won the 2012 GOP nomination.

Speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Gingrich slammed Paul as out of line with mainstream Republican viewpoints, including his stance on Israel, Iran, and September 11.

“I think Ron Paul’s views are totally outside the mainstream of virtually every decent American,” Gingrich said on CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.”

Gingrich continued: “He’s got to come up with some very straight answers to get somebody to take him seriously. Would I be willing to listen to him? Sure. I think the choice of Ron Paul or Barack Obama would be a very bad choice for America.”

When asked if he would be able to vote for Paul if his rival won the 2012 GOP nomination, Gingrich said unequivocally “No.”

“Outside the mainstream.”  That from a man who, at the time of his becoming Speaker, was mouthing off about third waves and Alvin Toffler.  Now, he’s talking about solar panels on the far side of the moon and arresting Federal judges to haul them in front of Congressional star chambers.  Yeah, I’m as big on re-balancing the relationship between the branches of government as much as anyone, but arresting Federal judges and/or issuing subpoenas to force them to explain their decisions in front of members of Congress, when most Federal judges already explain their legal reasoning behind their decisions either with the majority opinions, concurring opinions or dissenting opinions that they either author, co-author or countenance, is as much a breach of the separation of powers as is today’s judgeocracy.  Don’t forget, only the executive branch has access to badge-and-gun law enforcement, so to say that one wants to subpoena judges and arrest them if they don’t comply is the legislative and executive branch ganging up on the judicial branch.  Newt’s ideas about Congressional restriction of the jurisdiction of the courts, creating more appellate and trial level circuits, or de-creating some of the existing ones, and term limits for Federal judges, is far more level-headed.

Don’t forget, Gingrich is also using the results of the partial audit of the Federal Reserve to further his own campaign.  Auditing the Fed was just too “nutty” for Gingrich in the late 1990s.  Newt tried to block Ron Paul’s return to Congress in 1996 within the Republican Primaries of TX-14.  Newt brags about the Federal budgets he helped balance in the late 1990s (IIRC, his time as Speaker only coincided with one balanced Federal fiscal year budget; most of the balanced budgets took place while Dennis Hastert was Speaker), but only Ron Paul is seriously proposing a path to a balanced Federal budget, knocking us all the way back to those draconian FY 2008 spending levels.

Long and short of this is that we now have it on the record that one of Ron Paul’s rivals won’t reciprocate the “loyalty” he and the others thinks RP himself should have.  Most of the anti-RP bigmouths in both politics and media wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul, either, even if it meant another four years of the very same Barack H. Obama II they’re trying to tell us is the worst President ever.  It’s just that Gingrich is the first to say it in public.  It’s funny, all these lamer cons write books about “liberty and tyranny,” but then when you give them the choice on the ballot between actual liberty and four more years of tyranny, they’ll choose tyranny.

You know, to listen to all these neo and lamer cons screech on and vent their spleens, you would think that Israel doesn’t already have a competent head of state, such that ours should serve as theirs.  Some of these same neos and lamers were as late as 2009 lauding Benjamin Netanyahu (same high school alma mater as Mark Levin, to whom I alluded in the last paragraph), as the “leader of the free world.”  Compared to Obama, (who the neos and lamers would pick over Ron Paul), he is!

UPDATE 12/18:  Romney would vote Ron Paul over Obama.  However, I can’t take Romney’s statement at face value, because he is making it in a world where he is on the vestibule of winning the Republican nomination, and Ron Paul’s odds are slim.  It’s easy for him to display such hypothetical partisan loyalty here.


27 12 2011

The Hill:

Democrat wants grants for women’s restrooms in fire stations

Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Calif.) has proposed legislation that would let fire stations around the country apply for grants of up to $100,000 to build women’s restrooms, showers and changing facilities.

The Fairness in Restrooms Existing in Stations (FIRE Stations) Act, H.R. 3753, says these grants would help promote gender equity in fire houses. The findings of the legislation says most were built with a “single-gender workforce” in mind, that 50 percent of all fire departments do not have any female employees, and that women make up just 3.7 percent of all firefighters.

If this legislation doesn’t make it, then I know what tactic women firefighters will use in order to be able to use the presumably men-only fire house facilities.  The state of Maryland showed us how.

They’ll say they’re transgendered or transsexual.

You Scratch My Back

27 12 2011

Daily Mail:

Obama condemned for rewriting online gambling rules – and announcing it at Christmas so no one notices

A move by the government that clears the way for the legalisation of online poker and other gambling has been condemned as ‘outrageous’.

A Justice Department opinion dated September – but only made public on Friday – reinterprets a decades-old policy which saw civil and criminal charges against operators of some of the most popular online poker sites.

It is a switch that could spur web-based gambling – and which critics fear will only deepen families’ spiraling debts.

‘I think the notion that the government – during these economic times – is working even harder to increase personal debt goes against the very purpose of what government is supposed to do,’ Les Bernal, executive director of Stop Predatory Gambling, told MailOnline.


The Wire Act of 1961 barred gambling over telecommunications that crossed state lines or international borders – thus including online wages.

But now the Justice Department has claimed the Act applies only to bets on a ‘sporting event or contest’.

The reinterpretation means a state’s use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets to adults within its borders or abroad is permitted.


‘The United States Department of Justice has given the online gaming community a big, big present,’ said I. Nelson Rose, a gaming law expert at Whittier Law School.


The department’s opinion, written by Assistant Attorney General Virginia Seitz, said the law’s legislative history showed Congress’s overriding goal had been to halt wire communications for sports gambling.

Seriously?  You can’t figure this out?

Two words:  Harry Reid.

The casino owners and unions put up a successful eleventh-hour fight to save his ass, because the Senate Majority Leader is a really good friend to have.  Nevada’s Hispanic vote helped make the difference, too.  (In some instances, they overlap.)  It didn’t matter who the Republican opponent was, Harry Reid was going to win anyway.  Now, this is how they get paid back.  We all knew Reid would be nothing but gambling and Hispanics going forward.

P-D Profiles SLPS Continuation Program

27 12 2011

It’s within the Vashon confines.  Funny, I always thought that the SLPS had a standalone continuation high school.  But as it states here, the continuation program has been a program within Vashon since 1981.

One more thing:  I doubt many of them will ultimately become lawyers and fashion designers.


27 12 2011


Nigerian official condemns ‘mindless and cowardly’ church attacks that left dead, wounded

Jos, Nigeria (CNN) — A government official condemned Monday the series of Christmas Day attacks on churches in Nigeria that killed 35 people, blaming an extremist group that has claimed responsibility for similar attacks in the last two years.

“The latest mindless and cowardly attacks by Boko Haram members specifically directed at churches were premeditated,” said retired Gen. Andrew Azazi, the national security adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, in a statement. “Only last week, five improvised explosive devices were recovered in five churches at Mubi in Adamawa State.”

Read the rest of this, and you might get a hint that this was Muslim violence, though it doesn’t quite make it clear.

“Mindless and cowardly” terrorist attack.  Sounds just like “senseless violence” in St. Louis City.  Sorry, it’s not senseless and it’s not mindless.  There is a reason behind the “mindless” terrorist attacks in Nigeria and the “senseless” shootings in Ghetto St. Louis, even if 99% of the people on Earth with developed frontal lobes thinks the reason is abhorrent.

Twitter Fun

27 12 2011

The neos and lamers are really getting fruit with their Ron Paul histrionics.  Their latest meme is that according to a disgruntled ex-confidant (disgruntled, there’s your clue, Sherlock), Ron Paul wouldn’t have used the American military to stop the Holocaust.  If he actually did say anything along these lines, if taken into context, what RP likely means is that he is heavily relying on PJB’s reading of that era of history, where from he concludes that the Holocaust was a German war crime, ergo, if there was no war made against GNSWP-era Germany, there would have been no Holocaust.  Like I have said in this space, you can’t really play “what if” games with history, because there hasn’t been enough computing power made to process all the variables to make the determination for sure.  You would have to hop a wormhole to an alternate universe, but that’s entirely in the realm of science fiction.  But, there are plenty worse things one can do than rely on the “What If History” games based on the interpretive, reasoning and deductive powers of one Patrick Joseph Buchanan.

I went nuts on Twitter last night, in a few minutes where I couldn’t sleep.  Feast your eyes below.  Start at the bottom and scroll up for older to newer tweets.


Did you know Ron Paul was once roommates with a guy whose third cousin once removed was a skinhead? #SBOT

Ron Paul: Supports terrorists, even though he drew legislation for up to a $40 billion bounty for the heads of the doers behind 9/11

Ron Paul can’t win because he wants to wrap up optional foreign wars. Isn’t that why Barack Obama won?

Ron Paul: Unelectable, b/c a 13-yo girl might do heroin. Rick Perry: Electable, b/c he wanted to force 9-yo girls to get Gardasil.

Ron Paul is a wacko who can ever win, not like Rick Santorum (who lost his election in 2006, while Ron Paul won his in 2006)

Ron Paul is only a member of House, and obviously unfit. Unlike Gingrich, Bachmann…

Ron Paul (76) too old, so saith the same people who demanded we elect Bob Dole in 1996 (73 years old at the time).

Ron Paul, married 54 years? Too immoral for the Presidency. No, the real moral paragon is Newt Gingrich. #SBOT

Ron Paul wants 13-year olds to do heroin, as if anyone with an advanced degree in medicine will advise a 13-year old to do heroin.

Ron Paul hates the military. Except he has more time in the military than all his Republican opponents plus Obama combined.

…As we all know, micromanaging Presidents are always a great success, cough, Jimmy Carter.

We can’t Ron Paul with the Presidency b/c he didn’t micromanage his newsletter business…but…

Seriously, Ron Paul, racist? We can’t even get him to support real border fencing.

Ron Paul: Fire-breathing Nazi who is opposed to invading countries. #SBOT

Seriously, what do you neo and lamer cons use for brains?

Ron Paul wants to kill all Jews, and that would have included the economists that inspired him. #SBOT

Ron Paul has been pictured with both Don Black and Cynthia McKinney. So is he an anti-black racist or an anti-white racist? #SBOT

Don’t vote for that racist Ron Paul. Vote for someone the “bruthas” grok, like Mitt Romney. #SBOT

@aaronburns Don’t worry, man. I’m busting neocon/lamer-con chops big time.

I hate Ron Paul b/c he’s anti-semitic, because he, like Obama, who got 80% of the Jewish vote, secretly wishes Israel didn’t exist. #SBOT

I hate Ron Paul because he’ll piss off black voters, hell, the GOP was on the vestibule of getting 2% of the black vote vs Obama. #SBOT

I hate Ron Paul because a newsletter in his name said something nasty about black people, my house is nowhere near a ghetto. #SBOT

I hate Ron Paul because his investment portfolio is oriented toward financial calamity during what some would call a near-depression. #SBOT

Seriously, do some of you people read your own tweets ever? It would do you some good to do so

Ron Paul secretly hates Israel (extremist) but wants to give them the ability to make their own decisions in their own interests (extremist)

Ron Paul secretly hates all the Jews (extremist) but wants to deny himself the power to kill them all (extremist)

What would Hitler have been without his Wehrmacht?

Ron Paul is a Nazi who wants a smaller military. Huh? Anyone see the contradiction?

Maybe I should try sleeping, from what I’m reading on my timeline

Added to the list of Ron Paul haters: Breitbart and “The Five.” Why am I not surprised?


UPDATE 11 AM:  Then there’s this business about how RP “wishes Israel didn’t exist,” even though according to the same “disgruntled” ex-aide, RP has never said a “racist” or “anti-Semitic” thing in his life.  If that’s RP’s real position, then that is pretty much the same position that anti-Zionist Jews outside of Israel hold, and it is roughly close to the position of at least one regular Jewish reader of this blog (I won’t say his name in case I’m wrong about that).  While “wishing Israel didn’t exist” would send the neo-cons, AIPAC and the fundagelical-dispensationalist Christians into orbit, making the latter most mad (after all, Christ can’t come back again unless Israel was re-established as an identifiable independent polity), most people don’t care, because most American Jewish voters really don’t care one way or the other about Israel, of those that do, more are anti-Israel and anti-Zionist than pro, and while this may be hard to grok, because of the fundagelical-dispensationalist domination of Christian media, most Christians, especially Catholics and High Protestants, that belong to denominations whose clergy had to do a little more than open a cracker jack box to get a theology degree, aren’t pro-Israel fanatics, because they interpret the Book of Revelation spiritually and not physically, IOW, Christ is not making a corporeal second coming.

That said, Ron Paul can forget about winning any Deep or Mid Southern state.

Then there are these interesting bits:

When pressed, he often times brings up conspiracy theories like FDR knew about the attacks of Pearl Harbor weeks before hand, or that WWII was just ‘blowback,’ for Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy errors, and such,” he wrote.

He also said Paul opposed the warn in Afghanistan.

“He did not want to vote for the resolution. He immediately stated to us staffers, me in particular, that Bush/Cheney were going to use the attacks as a precursor for ‘invading’ Iraq.

Not only did FDR know that Pearl Harbor was coming, he wanted it to come, because he was practically begging the Japanese to hit us in some way in order to have an excuse to get a recalcitrant American public into WWII.  The Germans weren’t going to fall for the same trick twice (hint:  FDR:Pearl Harbor::Woodrow Wilson:Lusitania), so FDR had to somehow bait the Japanese into hitting us.  The “Day of Infamy” speech was prepared before December 7, 1941.  Hundreds of years from now, historians will consider WWI and WWII to be the same war, with the 1918-39 period being nothing more than an operational pause.  And yes, if we wouldn’t have intervened into WWI, (and we did to save the American elites’ financial investment in Britain), the Allies and the Central Powers would have negotiated a truce, Germany would have never gone into a deep depression, Hitler would have lived his entire life as a starving artist, no WWII, no Holocaust.  Like I said, I don’t play what-if games with history, so for me to say this means that I’m cock sure about it.

And, as far as “Bush/Cheney using 9/11 as a pretext to invade Iraq?”  I’m glad Ron Paul was proven wrong on that one!

Rose By Any Other Name

26 12 2011

Sam Francis, Chronicles, August 2002:

The most obvious glimmer, of course, is in France, where Jean Marie Le Pen, after three decades of crusading against immigration, placed second in the French presidential primary in April, only to fall victim to a globally orchestrated campaign of vilification and demonization that clearly made it impossible for him to win more than 18 percent of the vote in the general election in May.  Nevertheless, the major consequence of the Le Pen balloon was not what happened in France but what occurred in the Netherlands.  There the result of the vilification of Le Pen was the outright murder of the man who was more or less the closest analogue to the French political leader, Pim Fortuyn, one day after the French vote.

The Fortuyn murder, by a left-wing crackpot, tends to make conspiracy theories obsolete.  No one need speculate any longer that some secret cabal of the ruling classes orders assassins to eliminate troublesome political figures who just won’t shut up or go away.  All the ruling classes now have to do is launch precisely the kind of vilification against such figures that the entire European and American press vomited at Le Pen (or earlier against his counterpart in Austria, Jorge Haider, or around the same time and to a somewhat lesser degree against Fortuyn himself).  It is now well known to everyone that there are so many free-floating nuts allowed to roam at large through European and American society that the proper sort of vilification campaign can be relied upon sooner or later to trigger one or more of them into eliminating the designated figure.  Some friends of Pat Buchanan wondered in 1999 when he was being vilified in the American press in much the same way if that was the real purpose; whether it consciously was or not, it remains a small miracle that Mr. Buchanan — or indeed, Mr. Le Pen, or Mr. Haider, or any such leaders in Europe or America — remains alive today.

Sound familiar?  Is the liberal-neocon-lamestream conservative Republocratic establishment trying to get Ron Paul assassinated by waging such a vicious worse-by-the-day campaign of hate against him, hoping for some lone nut to pop out of the woodwork and unload a pistol in his chest in order to impress some girl or create eternal infamy for himself?

Ten Month Pause

26 12 2011

Several St. Louis radio stations have begun their customary ten-month pause in airing Christmas music.

Did this Christmas season seem to fly by?  Did yesterday not seem so Christmasey to a lot of you?

I’ll be in Kansas City by the time the sun sets.  But I wanted to leave you with a few thoughts before I hit the road:

Yes, I saw the story on Drudge.  I kinda noticed that there must have been some well-promulgated news about Knockout Martin Luther King when I noticed that a lot of people were searching for “Elex Murphy” and coming to my blog posts which mention the prominent St. Louis gentleman.  And, as usual, this article, like almost all of the local MSM articles about KMLK, studiously avoid mentioning race.  Repeating for those needing:  If KMLK isn’t about race, then show me the non-black perpetrators and/or the black victims.  Law of averages, n’est pas?

*  Only Romney and Ron Paul made the ballot in Virginia.  Here’s hoping that Dear Cousin (Merry Christmas, BTW), that practitioner of the inferior variety of snark, likes either one of them.

Newt Gingrich won’t be on the Missouri ballot, and a few other states’ ballots.  Some of the other candidates won’t make the ballot in other states.

This got me to thinking — Are most of these candidates even serious about wanting to be President?  You would think that ballot access would be the first thing they would get wrapped up.  I’ve been saying all along that Romney’s going to win this thing, and so far, he hasn’t had any problems getting on the ballot.  Ron Paul is just as serious, for I haven’t heard him about missing any state deadlines, either — Strange behavior for someone who is too wacky and “out of the lamestream” to win.  Now I get the feeling that if your name isn’t Romney or Paul, then you’re only in this race to pad your resume, triple your speaking fees, or get a job with or show on the Fox Noise Channel.  This thing has been Romney’s all along — The other candidates’ ballot insouciance is proof that they all know it.


Belated Christmas Gift

26 12 2011

Ron Unz has archived a lot of old conservative-libertarian periodicals online, including the Rothbard-Rockwell ReportIt was the July 1994 issue of 3R that I first heard of one Samuel Todd Francis (RIP), in a long spread review of Beautiful Losers by Murray Rothbard (RIP).

Christmas Wrap-Up

23 12 2011

This is most likely my last blog post before Christmas.  Have a merry one, and remember, always assume that the nog bowls and pitchers designated for grown ups has been dialed up.  Hopefully with bourbon.


Pevely won’t turn their water on.  They’ll get wet anyway.

*  P-D essentially asks:  Is our children be learning?

Some Afrocentric mumbo jumbo might not survive a large black urban school district’s budget problems.  It’s literally a Kwanzaa Miracle.


We’ve been through this before.  The reason the left is “Johnny Come Lately” to this cause is because the Occutards have been at the receiving end of some of this.

*  I’m shocked, surprised.  Mumia hearts Occutards.

*  No shit, Sherlock.  The denominator is bigger, ergo the percentages will be smaller.  If you have $2 and get $1 richer, your net worth goes up 50%.  If you have $1 billion and get $1 million richer, your net worth has only gone up 0.1%.  Which person is happier?

Just ask Ezra Klein.  It’s so old that it’s more than a hundred years old!

*  IRONY ALERT:  NYT CEO gets golden parachute.

*  It’s too soon to say for sure, but this could be one tell-tale sign of the end of BRA.

I wonder why they’re going to these measures, when California is almost all Democrat anyway.  Why steal milk when someone will give you the cow for free?  Solyndra was nothing more than a smokescreen for laundering Federal appropriations to the California Democrat Party, yet they really didn’t need to spend a dime of it, as 2010 proved.  People with power who want power get paranoid about retaining it.

It is projected that Democrats will come out 6-7 House seats ahead in relative terms.  That will be offset and then some in other states whose state legislative chambers were already in Republican hands or became Republican last year.

Birds of a feather…

Duh, the “legacy media” supports SOPA, because much of the “legacy media” is owned by media conglomerate firms that also own labels and studios.

*  GoDaddy supports SOPA, its customers are “feet don’t fail me now” to the exits.  Danika Patrick’s honkers sometimes have a dear price.  There isn’t a set of boobs on earth worth more than freedom.

The real scandal?  There are California high schools graduating people in the top third of their graduating classes that need remedial work at or before they enter a Cal State campus.  The Cal State system isn’t exactly Berkeley.

*  No, that city doesn’t have immigration issues, open borders lobby tells us.

Au contraire, look at where this suspect lives.  Start of paragraph three, if you need a hint.

*  Be all that you can be, in a turban, hijab or burqua.

And if the airline didn’t let him on?  (“Him” being “Hot Pants” aka “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”)  The Feds would have sued them for some sort of race profiling.


*  London, you have my apologies.

We have inflicted Jesse Jackson on you.

*  And just how are Jesse Jackson’s favorite Londoners doing?  Well, try this and this.

The New Emma West.  Too bad the real Emma West couldn’t play soccer.

*  The only time I ever watch soccer is the quadrennial World Cup.  I was so happy that Spain beat The Netherlands in the championship game, because the “Dutch” team is full of thuggy blacks whose goon mentality has infected some of the whites on the squad.

Therefore, this does not surprise me.

Kim Jong-Un released his school records.  Now, when will Barack H. Obama II?  Kim is said to have lethargic grades and loved basketball.  Sounds like another wannabe dictator.

General Butt Naked “redeeming himself,” which probably means he discovered clothes.

I wonder how these PBS people can get through this report without laughing.  Except I do know how:  They’re such the slaves of their anthropological egalitarianism that they take the black/juvenile antics that were the life and times of “General Butt Naked” seriously.  Normal people would roll around on the floor laughing out loud.  Except that normal people are “racists,” PBS anchors are truly the enlightened among us.

The money laundering schemes of Mexican and Latin American drug gangs are getting more and more sophisticated.

While I want a new drug policy because the current one wrecks the proper relationship between citizen and state, and the Constitution in general, the argument that legalizing drugs borks the cartels is now out the window, for the cartels now have their hands in so many “legit” businesses that they’ll migrate to those if the drug trade ever stops being lucrative.

*  Remember, President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, the NYT, the ADL, AJC, CAIR, (probably) the SPLC, and a lot of other groups, thinks that this is a jolly good idea for the United States of America.  Chopping off hands and feet is tolerance, don’t you know.

*  When Santa said he would give you a lump of coal in your stocking, I didn’t know he meant it that way.


*  IBM:  Mind-reading machines within five years.

By then, I’ll be on the vestibule of 40, but still, all it will find in my mind is beer, sex, meat and snark.

I’m guessing Cabana Jack’s doesn’t have the “No Shirt No Service” sign on its door.

By the way, the audience here is not above criticism.  It’s karaoke — Awful singing is par for the course.  You don’t go to karaoke night to hear Reba McEntire.  You don’t boo karaoke singers for being bad, because they’re always bad.

*  Michael Jordan is yesterday’s news.  He’s so yesterday’s news that he took the owner’s side in the most recent labor strife, because he is a team owner.  Yet, people are still rioting over his shoes.  I don’t imagine these shoes are cheap, and where people who can’t afford rent or food or school lunches can find the money for these shoes is beyond me.

*  Thankfully, most common criminals are stupid.  There’s stupid, and then there’s Facebook stupid.

I don’t get the point of the whole shirtless bit.  Why?  You want us to see that you’ve got abs?  Yeah, big deal.  Too bad those abs are attached to a wee little brain.  Your abs didn’t get you that money, it was your ill-gotten illegally possessed gun.  I’ve never heard of someone getting robbed because the robber lifted up his shirt to show his victim his six-, eight- or ten-pack.  “You wouldn’t throw a man with abs in prison, would you?”  Or, “you know what they do to guys with abs in jail?”  Sure, that will impress the judge.

I’m surprised these ones didn’t try to eat the money.

Enough Cute to Tide You Over Until the New Year

23 12 2011

Funny Pictures - Cat Gifs

I don’t know where I would be without LOL Cats.

Comes from a Czech Whiskas TV spot:

Most Hated

22 12 2011

He’s the NBA’s most hated player.

I know precisely why, too.  He raped a woman while he was married to another woman. Errr….

He threatened teammates with guns in their locker room.  Errr….

He has ten rugrats by nine different women and is a deadbeat to all of them.  Errr….

Spends most of his after-tax salary on weed?  Errr….

Fought in the stands and then later on changed his name to some juvenile sounding slogan.  Errr….

He went on TV for a whole hour to piss all over his native metropolitan area.  Errr….

No, it’s none of that.  He’s hated because he had the bad misfortune of marrying a KarTRASHian, and two and a half months later, she gets tired of her boy toy and tosses him to the curb and his stuff out the window.  Since then, her PR agents and entertainment media sycophants, and probably that dumbass reality show of her and her sisters, have waged a campaign of hate against Kris Humphries that makes the current jihad against Ron Paul look like a minor discomfort.

Ann vs Newt

22 12 2011

Coulter’s latest has some good and some half baked:

Gingrich is credited — mostly by himself — for single-handedly engineering the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress.

Actually, I think Clinton deserves the lion’s share of the credit for that one. In November 1994, a majority of Americans didn’t know Newt’s name; they voted Republican in reaction to two years of Clinton’s liberal policies.

The current speaker of the House, John Boehner, presided over a bigger Republican victory last November, handing Democrats the largest single-party loss in the House since 1938. (Again, all glory to Obama for that one.) I don’t see Boehner going around comparing himself to Winston Churchill or proposing that we make him president.

Nor, by the way, does Boehner seem “scary” or “unlikable” — which is how half to a majority of Americans described Gingrich after one year of seeing him as speaker.

Boehner is also not likely to be reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee and fined $300,000, as Gingrich was his second term as speaker. Nor, as far as we know, is he sleeping with any of his female staffers in the middle of a sex scandal involving the White House, as Gingrich — well, you know.

Contrary to Gingrich’s boast, “I balanced the budget for four straight years,” he was one of 535 members of Congress — he wasn’t even a senator, who don’t rule by simple majority vote like House members do. Balancing the budget required the votes of hundreds of representatives and senators — many of whom did not come from safe Republican districts like Gingrich’s — as well as the acquiescence of President Clinton.

Sounds like an echo chamber.  I’ve been giving more credit to Bill Clinton than Newt Gingrich for the 1994 Red Wave for a long time.

The difference is, there is truth to the narrative that Gingrich had a substantive hand in engineering the House Red Wave that year.  This is why, at least for awhile, he had newer Republican House members by the nads.  Nobody believes that Boehner was anything but an accidental beneficiary of the 2010 Red Wave.  So when he yells out “get your asses in line,” most current Republican Freshmen in the House laugh in his face.

(I gather Ron Paul is doing well, since Newt is suddenly claiming that in the ’90s, he single-handedly invented, developed and passed Ron Paul.)

That’s just Ann Coulter being snarky, but I should say, Gingrich is going around constructing political rhetoric and apparent policy proposals around the information we gained from the partial audit of the Federal Reserve.  Auditing the Fed as late as the late 1990s was an idea that only Ron Paul was pushing, Newt Gingrich had nothing but scorn.

Before angry rebels foist another Sharron Angle on the national party and turn a likely win into a landslide defeat, consider that Gingrich is almost certainly unelectable based solely on his having cheated on and divorced two wives.

Will you get off that hobby horse, Ann?  Harry Reid won re-election because the casino owners and unions weren’t going to let their precious Senate Majority Leader go down without a fight; it did not matter if his Republican opponent was Sharron Angle, Sue Lowden, Danny Tarkanian, Ronald Reagan or God.  Christine O’Donnell lost in Delaware because Delaware is a blue state, the minorities in Wilmington and New Castle County make it blue.  Simple as that.

Campaign 2012 Notes

22 12 2011

*  I’m sorry, but any man who spends so much time on his hair that none of his hairs move in public has no business telling anyone to “man up.”

Bush 41 endorses Romney.  All you need to know — Bush 41 brought us the H-xB visa program and quasi-mandated affirmative action, and “popularized” the phrase “New World Order,” first using it in public ten years to the day before 9/11, eerily enough.  Remember Randy Weaver?  That happened during the Bush 41 White House, not Clinton.

*  How things change.  The VRWC is now FOR a Clinton.

WSJ profiles Ron Paul’s success in Iowa, but notes that:

His isolationist foreign-policy views have turned off many Republicans. Evangelical Christians, a prominent part of the party, tend to look to other candidates, partly because they believe Mr. Paul will be insufficiently protective of Israel.

Well, why can’t Israel be sufficiently protective of Israel?  By the way, fundagelicals, you should be more concerned about who will be sufficiently protective of America when thinking about voting for an American President.  And if you think RP actually wants to hurt Israel, (in case that’s all you can think about), remember he wants to take five gigabucks a year away from Israel and twelve gigabucks a year away from its enemies.  Take $5bn away from Israel, and certain welfare rabbis have to work for a living, take $12bn away from its enemies, and those enemies’ GDP goes down to rocks and goat manure.  Guess who comes out ahead?  Besides, part of the reason why Israel can’t be “sufficiently protective” of itself is that we’re bribing them not to do so, because American politicians who want Nobel Peace Prizes are signing off on the checks.

If you fundagelicals don’t grok that, then maybe you are as impervious to reason as the left thinks you are.

Hold On To Your Hats — I’m About to Criticize Ron Paul

22 12 2011

Yes, Virginia.  Sometimes I do.  In fact, it was a mere four days ago…

Alex Jones:

CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites

While the establishment media continues to hype a 15-year-old story concerning decades old newsletters as part of a dirty tricks campaign to smear Ron Paul as a racist, the latest CNN poll shows that Paul has the most support from non-whites out of all the Republican candidates.

The latest CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday finds that Congressman Paul scores highest amongst minorities when matched up against Barack Obama in a hypothetical election head to head.

Paul scores 25% of the vote amongst non-whites, whereas Romney polls at 20% and Gingrich gets 15%.

However, drill down in the PDF, and you will see that in a hypothetical Obama-Ron Paul match-up, Obama gets 72% of non-white voters while Ron Paul gets the aforementioned 25%.  Almost a 3-to-1 thrashing.

Remember, if we’re saying that a certain Republican is the most popular among non-white voters, compared to other Republicans, that’s like saying that my pond’s minnows are bigger than your pond’s minnows.

I hope the RP campaign doesn’t trumpet this news, but he probably will, especially since the “newsletter” non-scandal is brewing again.

Us white nationalists have always had a love-hate relationship with Ron Paul.  We latch on to right-libertarian ideology because it will have a disparate impact on certain obnoxious minorities, but we also realize that same ideology precludes him from grokking really important race and immigration issues.  Mind you, he has an F grade from Numbers USA, and he uses almost every debate to warn us that any real border security would keep us chickens cooped into the pen, as if there are throngs of libertarian Patriots that actually want to flee to Mexico.


22 12 2011

Sensenbrenner walks it back, though that’s like saying you can un-ring a bell.

Then there is the truth of the matter, which is self-evident.

Yeah, I know.  The only way I know how.  MUSIC.  Or, to put it more accurately, “music.”

Winter Break

21 12 2011

Gotta put off procrastination and get both Christmas shopping and various household and personal chores done tomorrow and Friday.

Will be at relatives on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I’ll be in transit to Kansas City on December 26, for a job that lasts December 27-30, and back home the night of the 30th.

It’s just too bad I’ll miss St. Louis’s Kwanzaa celebration; it’s one of the very best around.

Of course, I’ll be drinking heavily on New Years Eve and hung over on New Years Day.

Life won’t be back to normal until January 2.

Expect only sporadic blogging until then.

Merry Christmas.

In the Spring of 1988, I, Too, Was In the Fifth Grade

21 12 2011

And in the spring of 1988, the trend of rich people offering to pay the college rides of “underprivileged youths” was starting to hit its stride.

Enough time has passed in order to examine the results.

WaPo has a three-part spread on such a promise made to fifth graders at at Prince Georges County, Maryland elementary school in May 1988, and how it all turned out.


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