No Use Crying Over Spilled Latex

31 01 2012

Strap yourself in for some double entendres as well.


Occupiers Dump Condoms on Catholic School Girls


Last week’s rally was held inside the rotunda of the state capitol in Providence. Bracy said the Occupiers, along with some pro-choice demonstrators, infiltrated the crowd of some 150 pro-lifers. He said the pro-life crowd was made up of senior citizens, mothers with young children, Cub Scouts, and school kids.

Bracy said one of the most egregious incidents occurred when an Occupier climbed to the third floor balcony and dumped a box of condoms on girls from a Catholic school.

“What kind of individual throw condoms at Catholic school girls,” Bracy asked.

The same kind of individual that shits on a cop car in public.

Running the risk of TMI, my personal unit cost is up to 28 cents (that’s what you get in this inflationary climate).  I don’t know how many condoms were in this box, but they’re getting far too costly to throw around like candy.

This means you should actually cry over spilled latex, and with what milk costs these days, also over spilled milk.

BTW, maybe one problem with condom giveaway programs, aside from the ethics, is that what we gain too cheaply we esteem too lightly.

It’s Called a Money Tree

31 01 2012


Romney’s Bain Capital Owns Media Giant Broadcasting Limbaugh, Hannity

Activists are expressing serious concerns that Mitt Romney’s private equity firm Bain Capital owns one of America’s largest media conglomerates, Clear Channel Communications, Inc., which broadcasts numerous popular talk-show hosts with incalculable influence in the 2012 GOP primary. Among the radio personalities syndicated by Clear Channel or aired on hundreds of stations it owns nationwide are Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and many others.

Because of the San Antonio-based media giant’s enormous influence — it is the largest owner of radio stations in the United States, and experts point out that it essentially owns what has come to be known as the conservative talk-radio industry — Romney critics, supporters of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, Tea Party groups, and elections commentators are all raising the alarm. Some analysts are even calling for the firm to disclose the fact that Romney’s Bain Capital owns a station or syndicates a show whenever a media personality is reporting on the Republican presidential campaign.

I don’t think Bain is riding herd on talk radio on behalf of one of its founders.  None of the above listed by name personalities are whole hog for Romney; some are out and outright hostile.  I think Bain’s interest in Clear Channel is a five letter word that starts with “M” and ends in “O-N-E-Y.”

It should also be noted that while CC/Premier syndicates Rush and Beck, Cumulus Media now syndicates the former ABC-syndicated Hannity and Levin, and Talk Radio Network syndicates Savage.  Yes, that’s the same TRN that used to syndicate Roger Fredinburg, and TRN was the first Art Bell syndicator before he defected to CC/Premier.  However, syndication management and terrestrial station ownership need not be the same.

As an aside, even though it was long before Cumulus bought the former ABC stations and syndication contracts, Cumulus’s first real round of expansion was co-financed by Bain Capital.


31 01 2012

Romney:  Banking, finance, investment.  Ron Paul:  Military, military-industrial, tech.

Not a surprise that PwC employees heart Romney, because he tends to throw a lot of business their way.  Last line on the tax return, in case this goes over your head.

By the way, and this is something I missed before — The 2011 Romney returns weren’t finished until October 15.  It used to be that if you filed for more time to do your return because you couldn’t get it done by April 15, you only had four extra months.  Now, you have six extra months, so this return was not late if PwC filed for an extension.

Rolla: Mexico’s Newest Colony?

31 01 2012

Sure looks that way.  The magnet is either the ground or building maintenance staff for the University, or nearby Fort Leonard Wood.

Mature Audiences Only

30 01 2012

This blog definitely contains adult content, and is for mature audiences only.

I sometimes get frustrated, and I go and vent my spleen by saying cuss words like damn, shit, fuck, piss, cocksucker, pussy, sonofabitch, Southern Poverty Law Center and blowjob.

On occasion, I have been to known to take the Lord’s name in vain, and say things like obamadamnit.

Reader discretion is advised.

NAACP Gets Into the Swing of Things

30 01 2012

WNCN-NBC-17 Triangle:

NAACP leader says country’s eyes are on NC

DURHAM, N.C. —  The largest annual gathering of left-leaning and civil rights groups in North Carolina will have as one of its main goals the opposition to a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, organizers said Saturday. That effort could be a test of how much influence they wield among traditionally Democratic voters with socially conservative views.

At a news conference organized by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Durham, leaders including the civil rights group’s national president said the gay marriage vote joins a long list of concerns and causes ranging from poverty to the state budget. North Carolina’s position as a swing state and the site of the Democratic Party’s presidential nominating convention makes it a uniquely high-profile location for a showdown on those issues.

“Swing state.”  That’s all you need to know.  The NAACP really doesn’t much care about gay “marriage” per se, they just want the issue not to be on the November ballot to keep conservative voters at home so Zilch-bama can have a chance to win it again.

Unfortunately, Bev Perdue falling on her sword probably means that ship is well out to sea.

BS — The B Is For Biden

30 01 2012

Is anyone else not buying this?

At the beginning of the year of the Presidential election, the incumbent’s Vice-President just so happens to come out of the closet and say that he was against the operation that led to his boss’s most notable triumph of his administration.

I call Bidenshit.  It’s all a game of bait and switch.

I can just see the TV ads in October:  “Everyone doubted him.  The opposition doubted him.  His own Vice-President even advised against it.  But Barack Obama made the gutsy call that finally captured and killed Osama bin Laden.”  Images of the WTC falling down.  “I’m Barack Obama, and I approved this message.”

“But what about Cheney and Bush and Heller?  You alluded to that yesterday.”

Yes, true.  Vice-Presidents can and do disagree with Presidents.  But they don’t really vent their spleens about this until well after they’re both out of office.  Obama and Biden are still in office, and vying for the second term.

One’ll Get Ya Three

30 01 2012

Florida GOP will probably redistrict Allen West into a far more difficult CD.

I really don’t have much of a problem with West.  Actually, I should walk that back and say it in a different way — The problems I have with him aren’t necessarily because of race.  I would have disagreed with the disagreeable things he has said just as much if he were white.  For instance, he said that Harry Reid had no right to say “Negro dialect,” he poodled along with Boehner in the phony baloney debt ceiling deal, and then there’s his philo-Semitic pandering.  Believe me, a lot of white Republican Congressmen have engaged in the same idiocy.

No, my big problem with Allen West isn’t Allen West, it’s the white lamestream conservative panderers (won’t mention Dana Loesch, Rush Limbaugh and Bill Cunningham by name) that make him out to be some sort of demigod simply because he’s black and an exciting orator.

What’s really going on in Florida is that the Republicans in the state legislature are going to box up enough blacks and Hispanics as possible in their own little near-uniracial playgrounds, “to comply with VRA ’65,” i.e. to create as many lily white gentile districts as possible, to minimize the effect that 2006 and 2008 style blue waves have on the Florida Congressional delegation.  In doing so, the music stopped before West could find a chair.  I don’t think the “Romney machine” or the “Republican establishment” has a particular vendetta against him, in fact, I think it’s just the opposite, they love the black face.  That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

However, let’s be real and grown up here.  The new Florida map will probably mean one fewer Allen West and three more boring white forty-someting accountants with male pattern baldness being in Congress who will vote almost exactly the same way West has and would have voted.  Votes in Congress are the name of the game, not external pigmentation or soaring oratory.  Lose one to gain three?  Sounds like a plan to me.


RCP confirms my theory.


30 01 2012

Accused of killing his girlfriend’s young child who is not his own.

The new male lion taking over the pride of females and killing all the cubs sired by the previous father.

If this woman had any adolescent sons, he would have pressured her to kick them out of the house, just as the new male pride leader drives out adolescent and young adult males to clear away future challenges to his own leadership.

Proud of My City

30 01 2012

The top of Drudge most of this past weekend is just what this city needed for a morale and reputation boost.

I had to work on Saturday, and work a very long day, (’tis life in the big city during tax season), so I couldn’t go.

Hoft has more photos.  Note the second photo — Cherish it, for this is the only positive publicity that will come out of Beaumont High School in our lifetimes.  Even if they are toy soldiers.

A Breitbartista has even more photos, but also the blockbuster news that Bank of AmeriKa didn’t allow spectators to stand on its property.  That BoA got a TARP bailout I don’t think is a coincidence — New York City won’t have an Iraq parade because Bloomberg said that the Pentagon is advising agaisnt it.  Pentagon = Obama, and BoA = TARP = Obama.

It’s probably a vast stretch to think that Obama personally ordered BoA not to allow people in St. Louis to stand on its property in Downtown St. Louis to watch an Iraq Vets parade.  However, it’s not so crazy to think that BoA did this on their own out of fear of Obama.

Thirty Years Ago

30 01 2012

The famous St. Louis Blizzard of 1982.  Officially, it was under 15 inches, but many spots had two feet.  I was barely taller than the shoveled snow piles in my front and back yards.  I was scared of getting trapped in all that stuff.

With the way this “winter” has gone, I can forgive St. Louisans for not knowing what accumulated snow looks like.

Might As Well Insert Laugh Tracks Here

30 01 2012

You’ll be laughing at the whole thing.

Among the most ridiculous nuggets:

All young children share the gift of an intrinsic desire to learn. Go into any school in the country and you will see children of all backgrounds filled with anticipation.

The key word here is “young.”  Keeping their attention when they get to middle school is the big hang-up.  Most young children can do well in elementary school because elementary school pedagogy is almost entirely concrete.  In middle school, reading becomes less about learning how to read and language mechanics and more about poetry and prose comprehension and literature analysis, math becomes less about simple math with obvious real world applications and more about pure abstract thinking and problem solving.  By the time they get to high school, this transition is complete.

I bring this up because of recent articles that have argued that improving the performance of low-achieving students diminishes opportunities for the most academically talented students. This is the wrong perspective. All students must be challenged to reach their potential. Providing for the academically least and most among us is not an either/or proposition for schools. We can and must succeed on both accounts.

To do this, we must we see all students as gifted and talented. That doesn’t mean all students will be placed in gifted programs or advanced learning situations. But the sooner we share the gifted and talented strategies that embrace student experience, elicit strengths and interests, and engage challenging investigations of real-life issues, the sooner we will cultivate and see the accelerated learning that is both needed and possible.

Oh, I see.  It’s our fault.  All students aren’t gifted and talented because we have refused to classify all students as gifted and talented.

The Lake Wobegon School District will be the first to adopt this strategy.

DOJ: St. Louis Hotels Should Use Racial Profiling and Check ID

30 01 2012

That’s what I’m gleaning from this spread about our high end hotels and their human trafficking code of ethics.

DOJ’s boss’s name is Barack Obama.  Irony, anyone?  Now, if these pimps would stop pimping and start voting, everything would be hunky dory.  No ID required.

Just in case you didn’t think there was a racial angle to trafficking of minors for sex and prostitution rings…

Suhkewritee Gawd Makes Bad

30 01 2012

“Club Elite” on the North Side.  You kinda figured it would end up like this.

Point is, he’s not going to be a Shukewritee Gawd anymore.  Maybe he can be an unarmed bouncer when he gets out of prison, but I wouldn’t want to work any kind of security at a black nightclub unarmed.  Then again, I wouldn’t want to do it armed, either.

Not the Brightest Bulb in the Box

30 01 2012

Rickroller II coming to St. Charles County to troll for votes in Missouri’s primary a week after tomorrow.

I would love to be a fly on the wall to see the look on his face when someone tells him that Missouri’s primary is basically a beauty contest, because his precious political party has a bug up its ass about the early date we’re going vote.  IOW, no delegates.

Right.  You just wasted money, and it’s not like you have a lot to waste.

No wonder why he’s in fourth place out of four.

The Decimation of George W. Bush

29 01 2012

See John Lott’s latest post.

On the first table, the given options are pretty much the colloquial definitions for these CCW legal paradigms, going from top to bottom:  No Issue, May Issue, Shall Issue, Con(stitutional) Carry, Unsure.

Shall Issue is the majority preferred paradigm for Americans in general, Republicans, Independents and gun owners, and is the plurality preference for Democrats and non-gun owners.

Con Carry’s ceiling is only 13% of gun owners, and among the partisan groupings, it is more popular among Indies than even Republicans, and stranger still, Democrats = Republicans.

I would have voted Shall Issue instead of Con Carry.  You know my reasoning by now, but in case you don’t…

The second table is a bit shocking in a good sort of way, for the floor on the individual right construction of the 2nd is 79% for non-gun owners and 80% for Democrats.  The ceiling for the mentality that it does not construe an individual right is only 10% for Democrats.

Remember, one of the bombshells from Dick Cheney’s memoirs is that the Bush White House’s amicus brief with SCOTUS in the Heller case was so milquetoast and less-than-supportive of Mr. Heller that Cheney himself filed one in his technically Constitutional role as President of the Senate, and his doing so was controversial in the West Wing.  This means Bush’s DOJ/SG pissed in their collective pants because they were scared of a viewpoint that now only 10% of Democrats hold.

In case the title went over your head, look up the etymology of “decimate.”

PJB Unloads On Newt

29 01 2012

Someone who was actually close to Reagan tells it like it is about someone who would like us to think that he invented Reagan:

And although that claim has been disputed by other Reagan administration officials, former Reagan communications director Pat Buchanan told “The McLaughlin Group” this weekend that Gingrich wasn’t seen favorably by those in the administration.

“[I]n the Reagan White House, Newt Gingrich was considered quite frankly by a lot of folks to be something of a political opportunist and who was not trusted and who had played no role whatsoever,” Buchanan said. “He was a Rockefeller Republican in the great Goldwater-Rockefeller battle, where conservatism came of age.”


Later Buchanan reiterated his criticisms of Gingrich, recalling his opposition to Reagan’s 1986 veto of a South African anti-Apartheid sanctions bill and about how Gingrich used it to score points against Reagan.

“I don’t think he has a core,” Buchanan said. “I don’t think he has a fundamental, ideological and political core. I think, look he moved, he was a Rockefeller Republican, he comes up — I remember meeting him in ’78 when he came to town, you know he is knocking Reagan. … Reagan believed that sanctions on South Africa would cripple the economy that the Africans would inherit. So it was a tough decision. Reagan vetoed it. And he scored points off us by you know voting for the sanctions and doing that. I don’t think he has an ideological core. I think he moves from one issue to another to another.”

I thought all along that Reagan signed the ZA sanctions.  I know, and this pretty much confirms, that Gingrich sponsored the bill in the House.

Now the next thing PJB needs to do is to sucker punch that other self-anointed I-know-everything-about-Reagan knave.  That being Mark Levin.  I can assure you that he wouldn’t be burning any bridges if he did.

Fun With Sunday Headlines

29 01 2012

CNS:  Obama Defends Roe v. Wade As Way for ‘Our Daughters’ to Have Same Chance As Sons to ‘Fulfill Their Dreams’

I didn’t know they dreamed of killing your grandchildren.

Daily Beast:  George Soros on the Coming U.S. Class War

“Mission Accomplished”

CNS:  Under Obama, Price of Gas Has Jumped 83 Percent, Ground Beef 24 Percent, Bacon 22 Percent

The Obama Administration has not been good to people who want to drive some place to get a bacon cheeseburger.

UK Telegraph:  How Tony Blair tried to give Gibraltar to Spain to curry favour with the European Union

Only Tony Blair could screw up the Rock of Gibraltar.

Daily Mail:  Latte or lager? Starbucks to start selling beer and wine in bid to perk up expansion plans

Want to buy a beer from the same place that sells $5 cups of coffee?

Politico:  State of the Union registers at 8th grade reading level

Don’t tell Keith Ellison that, or he’ll want to lower the voting age to 13.

UK Telegraph:  Male mice sing melodic tunes to attract females

Certainly not female humans.

Sunday Wrap-Up

29 01 2012


*  Illinois:  Not changing its motto to the “Land of Opportunity” anytime soon.

One of these things is not like the other.

SLU’s Law School moving Downtown.  That’s also where a state trial level circuit, a state appellate court region, a Federal trial level district, the 6th Federal Appellate Circuit, and a bunch of state and Federal ALJs are based.  Not a bad idea.

Is this the same Steve Patterson as in Urban Review St. Louis?

*  CVC:  Rams playing any “home” games in London would break their least at the Edward Jones Dome.

CVC tears up the lease.  Then what?  Kroenke moves them back to Los Angeles.

Real smart, CVC.  Yeah, they can sue Kroenke and win a big judgment, but then the CVC will have the money and Los Angeles has the Rams.  I’m sure the NFL itself would pay any such judgment, because it wants a team in L.A. badly.


*  Finding out the hard way — There’s really no such thing as “Hispanic.”

North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue punts on a second term.  This probably means she thinks Obama won’t win NC again, for she rode his coattails to the Governor’s Mansion in 2008.

Romney releases his most recent tax returns.  I noticed that PwC does them — For all of Romney’s self-anointed business acumen, I’m a bit disappointed he doesn’t do them himself.


*  A man’s home is his castle, unless it isn’t his home.

The answer?  Yes, if you want to partake of the education, and no, because more and more colleges aren’t recognizing college credits earned by high school students in non-college environments.  Because it means you would have to take fewer credit hours to get your degree.  The colleges can’t afford to lose out on that tuition!

*  Remember, Ann Coulter just hearts Krispy Christie.  Look at what he just did — And he ADMITTED that he made these choices for the sake of “diversity.”  The only problem is, neither one is a woman, otherwise, one of them would have extra affirmative action brownie points.

Maybe one of them can become transsexual or transgendered.

*  Rent-a-Mobs:  It’s the Chicagograd Way.

*  No shit.  When you import cheating people from cheating cultures, you get more cheating.

It’s wrong for NYPD officers to watch anti-Jihad documentaries.  Wrong, because Jihadist-minded radical Muslims never committed any crimes or did anything wrong in or to New York City.

*  Chad Ochocinco went to Oregon State.  Only now is he getting around to watching a SOTU?  And that was only by accident.

He was very perceptive to notice that John Boehner was about to cry.

*  Bloomy’s food police amputate a black man’s leg for no reason.  Thankfully, it was only in the photoshop realm.

Why is this filed under “Weird” news?  This isn’t about a three-headed toad that some boy keeps for a pet, it’s about the very real abuse of power.

One more thing:  I think Governor Susana Martinez was the D.A. for Dona Ana County at the time.  Someone should ask her about this.

Serial Killer knocking off Pit Bulls in Houston during the MLK Weekend.  How many more stereotypes can you work in to one article?

President Obama once owned a Chrysler 300.  Why am I not surprised?

As least as of the middle of last week, nobody has placed a bid on it.

While they’re at it, they can just go ahead and file a bill to secede from the union and formally join Mexico.

Think about this before you start thinking giving “disadvantaged” young people easier access to the internet is a good idea.

Hello, U.S. Attorneys?  Using interstate communications networks to plan and provoke and accommodate violence?  That has to be a Federal crime somehow — Everything else seems to be.


*  Mark Steyn has said in the recent past that the American Federal government is the only institution on Earth that could use the word “trillion” credibly.

Not anymore.

*  Australia has never really had much of a Second Amendment culture, because of its history as a penal colony.  But even in the state of New South Wales, the most Austraila-y part of Australia, firearms are selling like there’s no tomorrow.  And maybe that’s what they’re anticipating.

As if he’s the first young man in the history of modern civilization to lie his age upward in order to get into the military.  Actually, according to the MoD, you can join at 16, but you have to wait until you’re 18 to engage in active combat.

Saudi women will soon be allowed to watch soccer.  I should tell them that they didn’t miss much.


The SOPA/PIPA issue very well could dislodge a lot of younger voters and tech industry money away from the Democrat Party.

*  The recent “unanimous” SCOTUS decision about GPS tracking wasn’t as clear cut as it seemed.

The world can be more centralized and de-centralized at the same time.  Predicted by none other than Sam Francis (RIP), so long ago.

*  You don’t trust them enough not to drive without using your phone, such that you have to install this blocker doodad.  But you trust them enough to give them the keys to several tons of fast-moving metal and fiberglass.  Huh?

Question:  What if the student doesn’t have a “home school” and is instead homeschooled?  Does this mean he or she can’t take the SAT/ACT tests?

Don’t react too quickly.  It says that this system is semi-automatic, which I have said all along is our automotive future.  Even if self-driving cars could be perfected, there are too many legal hurdles in the way.  I think the future is an adaptive semi-automatic mode that will adjust the car’s level of automated control based on the situation.  For instance, if you’re on US 50 in Nevada late on a Sunday afternoon, the car will do almost all of the driving, but if you’re on a dirt road that doesn’t appear on a map, the car will require you to do most of the driving.

*  Sigh.  Angry Birds doesn’t cost us any productivity because those who are playing AB at work are probably doing it at a time when their immediate attention isn’t needed.  But for AB, they’d be playing another game or goofing off in another fashion.  If you work at a call center, and you get ten minutes of down time between calls, and you play AB while you’re waiting on the next call, do you really think that AB is decreasing your productivity?

*  This came out of nowhere:  Android tabs are up to almost 40% market share.

Since I own four of them, you’re welcome.


High school baseball player goes on a naked rampage against his coaches in the locker room on the first day of practice.

He must think he’s already in the Major Leagues.

Ahh, mothers-in-law.

*  I won’t accuse her of racism, but I will advise that she has her eyes checked out.  The Obamas, fashionable?



Could we call this the empire striking back?

“The Bus Ride”

27 01 2012

TVLand’s website has “The Bus Ride,” Season 2 Episode 24 of Leave It To Beaver, for free online viewing for about a week.

That’s where I got my Twitter AVI and my AmRen avatar.

The fun is from 6:35 to 7:04.

Job Description

27 01 2012

He’s going to Alabama.  His mother wanted him to go to LSU, because she was insulted that ‘Bama head coach Nick Saban talked about football and nothing but football and said nothing about academics when he called on the highly recruited defensive back at his mother’s home.

Saban is a football coach, not a biology professor.  And Collins is being recruited for football, not because he sequenced the DNA of a garter snake for his senior science project.  It’s not Saban’s job to talk academics.  By the time Collins gets to campus, even if he’s not a legal adult by age, he will be a moral adult such that he is expected to handle his own academic affairs, in concert with counselors, advisors and certain faculty members who are there to guide any interested students in their academic affairs.  It’s not the job of the football coaches to be guidance counselors.

If his mother is worried about academics, then she should know that the latest USNWR rankings (problematic as they are) slot Alabama at 75th and LSU at 128th.  Even if it were the other way around, it’s not like a sheepskin from the 128th ranked school which happens to be the flagship public university in Deep South state won’t any fewer doors than one from the 75th ranked school which also happens to be the flagship public university in a Deep South state.  That is, if Collins never gets to shake Roger Goodell’s hand on a future draft day.

I’m talking about this now, for a month and a half from now, the dork in Orlando with a fax machine will be whining about graduation rates and racial disparities and basketball coaches not “graduating” their players.


Mom is officially on the warpath.  I don’t see this ending well, at all.

Career Track

27 01 2012


Exclusive – Navy SEALs Rescue Made Obama Think of Own Daughters

President Obama today expressed sympathy with the father of the U.S. hostage rescued by Navy SEALs Tuesday, telling ABC News in an exclusive interview that the ordeal in Somalia made him think of his own daughters.

“I cannot imagine what he went through – given Malia and Sasha – and for him to be able to stay strong and then for our incredible men and women in uniform to do what they do, it makes you proud about this country,” Obama told ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

Fancy that.  We can’t talk about the daughters, and we shouldn’t talk about the daughters.  But every time you turn around, POTUS and FLOTUS are out there pimping out their daughters to hawk an agenda or a re-election effort.

Why is he thinking about his daughters in regards to rescuing the aid workers from Somalia?  Does he fear that they’re going to grow up to be the same kind of oblivious liberal do-gooders that will run over to Africa and run the risk of being turned into missionary stew?

Mahogany Mobs Meet Their Maker?

27 01 2012


FBI seeking social media monitoring tool

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking for a tool to mine social media for intelligence tips.

The US domestic law enforcement agency is asking information technology contractors about the feasibility of building a tool that would “enhance its techniques for collecting and sharing ‘open source’ actionable intelligence.”

The January 19 open request was published on a website offering federal business opportunities and was first reported by New Scientist magazine.

The FBI said it is seeking an “open source and social media alert, mapping and analysis application solution” for its Strategic Information and Operations Center (SIOC).

“Social media has become a primary source of intelligence because it has become the premier first response to key events and the primal alert to possible developing situations,” the FBI request said.

“Developing situations.”  As in a bunch of young blacks in a given city looking to start a mahogany mob to steal stuff and bash in some white people’s skulls, and organizing the affair on Facebook or Twitter.

That, and what I’m sure is the Federal crime of using an interstate communications network to plan and carry out a crime of violence — To Club Fed with them.

The only hitch?  The USAG is Eric “My People” Holder.

Reshuffling Classroom Desks

27 01 2012

Ole Jane Cunningham strikes again.


Dramatic school plan offered for failing Missouri districts

JEFFERSON CITY • In exchange for addressing a vexing court ruling that has become a headache for many school districts, an influential state senator wants to fundamentally reshape the urban education landscape in Missouri.

On one end of the state, Sen. Jane Cunningham would dissolve the unaccredited Kansas City School District and require adjoining school districts to carve it up and operate the city’s schools.

On the other end, Cunningham would let St. Louis County districts open charter schools in the failing St. Louis district, even as students were allowed to transfer to better suburban public schools, if space was available.

This is basically a legislative end run around Turner v Clayton.

What does it sound like to me?  Sending the same low IQ black dummies to different schools.

Get back to me in 20 years and see how it all pans out.


“Steady Nerves and Self-Control”

26 01 2012

It wouldn’t just steam Bloomberg.  This firm was based in Massachusetts — Imagine a pissed off Deval Patrick.

As for the ad’s contention, I know this from personal experience.  Like I have said many times here in recent weeks, I only learned how to be a good coward when I started legally carrying a pistol around.  These things aren’t toys — Once you pick one up, you can’t really put them down.  Once you pull the trigger, you can never un-pull it.  If you hurt someone, you’ll never un-hurt them, and if you kill someone, you can never un-kill them.  The implications of finality that come with a firearm sure worked wonders for my self-control.

In Vino Veritas

26 01 2012

I’ll send you over to OD to watch this one.

He’s obviously drunk.  There’s no way he’s ever going to get a legit job pulling down a big $10,000 a year.


That’s Because People Who Watch Fox Are Against Guns

26 01 2012

Fox Deal Forces UFC to Gun Down Weapons-Related Sponsors

This past August, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) promotion company penned a seven-year deal with Fox Broadcasting reportedly worth as much as $90 million per year.

Many argue that the lucrative deal solidified the UFC’s position as the preeminent mixed martial arts brand.

However, the UFC and its affiliates have learned that signing such a deal comes with certain strings attached, that there are tradeoffs when an organization becomes bedfellows with a major television network.

One of those tradeoffs includes an advertising and sponsorship ban for all companies who sell, make, and/or distribute guns, knives, ammunition, and hunting-related products.

The ban, which took effect on Monday, extends to all UFC events, not just the ones that are scheduled to broadcast on Fox’s network of channels (Fox, FX or Fuel TV).

More blog post title sarcasm, ICYMI.

President Scott Walker Is Already Making Cuts

26 01 2012


Pentagon Plan Includes Base Closings and Smaller Raises

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon took the first major step toward shrinking after a decade of war as it announced on Thursday that it wanted to limit pay raises for troops, increase health insurance fees for military retirees and close bases in the United States.


Increasing health insurance fees for former service members and closing bases are also fraught with political risk, particularly in an election year when the Republican presidential candidates are charging that President Obama is decimating the military.

I was being glib in naming this post, and the emphasis within the blockquote is mine, in case you didn’t notice.

The Curious Case of Todd Carlson

26 01 2012

Proof that “superintendent” is NOT a synonym for “smart.”  Then again, Gerry McCarthy already proved that.

American Family Association:

Superintendent bullies Christian student, calls him ‘ignorant’


Superintendent Todd Carlson told him that the column “went against the bullying policy,” and asked him if he “regretted” writing it. According to Liberty Counsel, when Mr. Wegner stated that he did not regret writing it, and that he stood behind his beliefs, Superintendent Carlson told him that he had “to be one of the most ignorant kids to try to argue with him about this topic,” that “we have the power to suspend you if we want to” and that the column had “personally offended me, so I know you offended other people!”

Admitting to using the power of student suspension capriciously because of a student’s creed, are we?  When a civil jury forces the Shawano School District to make one Brandon Wegner the richest 15-year old in Wisconsin, the district’s comptroller can take it out on their stuporintendent’s hide.

By the way, don’t you dare argue with the supernintendo of a public school district.  Don’t you know they all hold Ph.Ds in education, and that ed majors are the brightest bulbs in the box?  Unless they aren’t.

By the way, Part II, if you didn’t figure it out already, this leftist mania and paranoia about “bullying” is nothing more than an end run around the First Amendment, an attempt to make it a dead letter to please the Pink Lobby.

I Was Wrong

26 01 2012

I said awhile back in this space that Ed Martin has all the emotional stability of a Kardashian.

Oh I was so wrong on that.

Ed Martin has less emotional stability than all the Kardashians combined.

Now, it’s MOAG.

If Benedict XVI dies some time in the next few months, he’ll ditch that and run for Pope, which is the only thing he hasn’t said he’d run for this season.



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