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26 01 2012

Paradise Gone RJP has been the most active commenter ever since I opened this mofo up to comments, so I figured I better add his own blog to my ‘roll.

Nation of Cowards.  You people that put me on your blogroll need to tell me so I can reciprocate.

NYT Profiles “Pruitt-Igoe Myth”

26 01 2012

The STL gets some NYT column-inches today.

I get the feeling that NYC’s Penn South projects’ “success” has a really practical explanation, but the NYT leaves me with nary a hint or opportunity to read between the lines.


Steve the Sailer Man to the rescue.  Penn South is an organized labor residential co-op run by a heavily Jewish New York City union of some sort and inhabited by union members.

Well, Well, Well.

26 01 2012

Looks like America’s Secretary might be a 1%er.  (Hello Occutards?)  At least according to 2009 income tax returns, about 350 is the top 1%.  Even if she only makes 200, that would put her well into the top 5%.

But what can I say?  Whatever the poor overtaxed dear takes home on a 200-500 salary isn’t much to live on in an expensive city like Omaha, and secondarily, Phoenix.

On the other hand, she has a total clod for a boss.

Alan Seyz

26 01 2012

Alan Grayson says that Richard Nixon George Romney Nelson Rockefeller John Schmitz George Lincoln Rockwell Gerald Ford Ronald Reagan George H.W. Bush John Ashbrook Phil Crane Bob Dole Pat Robertson Pierre DuPont Ross Perot Pat Buchanan David Duke Elizabeth Dole Alan Keyes Gary Bauer Howard Phillips Harry Browne George W. Bush Mike Huckabee Herman Cain John McCain Chuck Baldwin Mitt Romney Bob Barr Ron Paul Donald Trump Rick Santorum Newt Gingrich is running the most overtly racist Presidential campaign since George Wallace.

To Grandpa’s With You

25 01 2012

One of the many banal nuggets from President Obama’s campaign rally last night was his invocation to states that they raise the dropout rage to 18.

I don’t know what good will come of society for doing it.  After all, someone who wants to drop out at 16 or 17 probably can’t hack high school to begin with, so making him or her stay the extra year or two is just keeping that student in the same classes s/he already flunked once or twice before.  On top of that, it gums up the works for 14-year old Freshmen in Algebra I who actually want to pass and learn the material if a 17-year old Senior who already flunked it three times is making trouble in the classroom every day, simply because Obama wants him to be there.

There is a practical benefit for school districts:  The per capita per diem student attendance funds from the state.

1:48 to 2:08.  Probably they would apply existing truancy laws.  But Rand Paul is about to have that theoretical problem, because Kentucky is about to raise the dropout age to 18, though they’re going to phase it in over a long enough period that his current 17-year old son will be running for Congress from Nevada by the time it’s fully enacted.

Then again, Rand Paul does have powerful leverage to make his kids go to school — He can threaten to ship them off to their grandpa.  Believe me, I was the only 17-year old in the entire history of 17-year olds who wanted to hear old men talk about monetary policy.

There are a fair number of white high school dropouts who have no choice but to attend a heavily black or Hispanic high school, and they’re dropping out because the snails’ pace of teaching black and Hispanic students bores them, and/or they’re being used as punching bags.

In related news…This one is a real dumbass.  If he didn’t want to go to school, he could have walked right out the door, and that would have been a lot easier and a lot more convenient than trying to swim across a cold lake.  He’ 18, after all, and even if Obama gets what he wants, he’ll still be able to drop out.

Only 11 More Months Until Christmas

25 01 2012

And only nine more months until KEZK switches to Christmas music.

I hope you’ve got your shopping done.

Pud Mud

25 01 2012

Washington Examiner:

Where will Obama side on mud puddles?


For 35 years, the Environmental Protection Agency has understood silviculture — the act of harvesting trees, as opposed to processing them — to be an agricultural activity, not a manufacturing one. The distinction is vital because of particulars in the Clean Water Act. Runoff from “point-source” manufacturing facilities (including saw mills) is closely regulated. Permits are required, and an involved monitoring and remediation process is prescribed.

On the other hand, the “natural runoff” from forest roads — basically mud puddles that accumulate in ditches — has never required such permits or monitoring. It is cared for through what is known as “best management practices.”

But in the case Georgia-Pacific West Inc. v. Northwest Environmental Defense Center, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals turned this long-standing rule on its head. The court said that the EPA has been misinterpreting its own rules for 35 years, and that, in fact, forest roads must be regulated in similar fashion to factories and power plants.

The Ninth Circuit decision, if upheld, would crush forestry in the Pacific Northwest. As Democratic Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon put it, “One court would shut down forestry on private, state and tribal lands by subjecting it to the same, endless cycle of litigation.”

Don’t worry, the Ninth Circus is almost always reversed.

And if you couldn’t figure out how else I was going to respond to this news, well, then, you’re hopeless.

The Stapler

25 01 2012

Coulter defends Romney:

Romney is now the only remaining candidate for president who opposes amnesty for illegals. (Ever since President Bush’s amnesty plan cratered on the shoals of public opposition, no Republican will ever use the word “amnesty,” despite wanting to keep illegals here — just as Democrats refuse to say “abortion,” while supporting every manner of destroying human life.)

Romney supports E-Verify and a fence on the border. As governor he promoted English immersion programs for immigrants, signed an agreement with the federal government allowing state troopers to enforce federal immigration laws, and opposed efforts to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition or driver’s licenses.

At the same time, Romney says he’d like to staple a green card to the diploma of every immigrant here on a student visa who gets a higher degree in math or science.

Gingrich supports importing a slave labor force from Mexico under a “guest worker” program and wants to create government “citizen review boards” to grant amnesty on a case-by-case basis (i.e. all at once) to illegal aliens.

“Stapling a green card to non-American STEM/CSIT grads’ diplomas” is code for totally wiping out native born white Americans from that line of work and industry.  So, FAIL that.

However, she’s right to notice that Gingrich’s “25 years and citizen review board” malarkey is a Trojan Horse for full amnesty.  She must be a reader of mine.

The Australian President?

25 01 2012

The Australian (Melbourne):

Attack on Liberal leader Tony Abbott scripted by Hollywood

FEDERAL Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has been caught lifting lines from actor Michael Douglas.

In a speech to the National Press Club yesterday, Mr Albanese attacked Tony Abbott with language strikingly similar to that used by Douglas’s character in the 1995 movie The American President.

Manager of opposition business Christopher Pyne demanded he explain himself after the “humiliating blunder”.

In his speech yesterday, Mr Albanese said: “In Australia we have serious challenges to solve and we need serious people to solve them. Unfortunately, Tony Abbott is not the least bit interested in fixing anything. He is only interested in two things: making Australians afraid of it and telling them who’s to blame for it.”

The lines bear close resemblance to those delivered by Douglas in a scene in The American President. “We have serious problems to solve, and we need serious people to solve them,” the fictional President Andrew Shepherd says. “I promise you, Bob Rumson is not the least bit interested in solving it. He is interested in two things and two things only: making you afraid of it and telling you who’s to blame for it.”

A spokesman for Mr Albanese said the speech was a “collective effort”.

I can overlook the faux pas.  Political rhetoric is so banal and deja le meme chose that it’s almost inevitable that you’ll hear the same words twice, or three times, or four times.  Hell, Obama just finished giving the same SOTU speech that he did last year and two years ago.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Mr. Albanese never even watched that movie.

Also, be mindful of the fact that I’m in no mood to defend Tony Abbott, who railroaded Pauline Hanson into jail, at least temporarily.  AFAIC, he can take a long walk off a short escarpment.  The only way I would ever recommend voting for him is if the ALP spits out a non-white leader.

Tim Thomas Won’t Visit Obama

24 01 2012

He’s the last person you would have ever thought would have a political hard-on for the Good King Hopeychanger.

Two MUSIC posts in one day.  I’m on a roll.

91% Hispanic

24 01 2012



‘Because we’re so far behind with student performance’

(FOX NEWS) — PERMONT, Texas – Eliminating high school athletics during a school year is unusual, especially in a sports-loving state such as Texas.

But that’s exactly what’s happening in this small ranching community where the school district is taking desperate measures to prevent a state-mandated closure due to poor academics. The Premont Independent School District is even deploying its superintendent, a constable and high school principal to the homes of truant students in an effort to improve dismal attendance.

The actions announced this week are not only part of a last-ditch effort to save the school district, but perhaps the entire community — which some parents already plan to leave because of the uncertainty surrounding the schools’ future.

“The school shuts down in this town, the town dies,” said Frank Davila, a Jim Wells County constable who also works as the school security officer and grew up here. “This is all we have.”

You already know Premont High School’s student demographics.  Not exactly Friday Night Lights.

Be There

24 01 2012

Mayor Slay:

Upcoming Event – The Criminology of Place
Street Segments and Our Understanding of the Crime Problem

For Immediate Release
Sunday, January 22, 2012

University of Missouri-St. Louis
Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice presents
The Criminology of Place:
Street Segments and Our Understanding of the Crime Problem

Monday, February 6th, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m
Millennium Student Center Century Room C

Professor David Weisburd, Distinguished Professor at George Mason University and Director of the Center for Evidence Based Crime Policy, presents findings from a forthcoming Oxford University Press Book (coauthored with Elizabeth Groff and SueMing Yang), that identifies a different way of looking at the crime problem by examining why specific streets in a city have specific crime trends over time.

They’re kidding.  Right?

Hey genius, the NYT Census Explorer lets you filter for black population.  If you had the ability further to drill down for age, specifically young men, that would correspond well with the most crime ridden streets.

Words Manufacture a Controversy

24 01 2012

Mr. Guam-Will-Tip-Over said it:

“I think [Gunrunner] is another manufactured controversy by the second amendment, NRA Republican tea party movement,” [Hank] Johnson said.

The Second Amendment itself “manufactures” a controversy.


Only goes to show you, when low grade black morons open their mouths, low grade moronic things come out.

Milk Is Free

24 01 2012

Washington Times:

U.S.: Taliban must renounce terrorist ties

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban must renounce ties to terrorists and endorse peace efforts as a condition for opening a political office in the Gulf state of Qatar, a senior U.S. diplomat said Sunday.

Marc Grossman, the special U.S. envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, called for quick work in setting up the office in Qatar, seen as a step to negotiating an end to the decade-long war in Afghanistan between the Taliban and the Western-backed government.

The issue underscores the complexity of efforts to wind down the war ahead of the scheduled departure of NATO combat forces by the end of 2014.

The conventional wisdom is that it’s insane and delusional for a terrorist organization to denounce terrorism.

I take a slightly different tack.

Remember, for Muslim extremists, terrorism is a means to an end, not the end itself.  The end game is spreading Shari’ah Law, aka Islam.  Don’t be surprised if the Taliban takes Obama up on this offer and gives up on terrorism, because they know Obama’s Justice Department (including our very own Richard Callahan) is suing cities and states to force the to accept Shari’ah Law.

Would you engage in violence to do something to someone who is willing to do it to himself?  Would you steal a cow if you already had a free lifetime supply of milk?

Totally unrelated MUSIC.  Not at all relevant to this story, but it’s kind of a cool song.


All Work

24 01 2012

Alex Jones:

Red Spotlights to Mark ‘Precrime’ Suspects

East Orange, New Jersey to beam suspects of future criminal activity with flashy, hi-tech police surveillance equipment

In a glowing review of the rising prevalence of high-tech big brother surveillance gadgets in police force use, the Associated Press reports that East Orange, New Jersey plans to cut crime by highlighting suspects with a red-beamed spotlight– before any crime is committed– a “pre-crime” deterrent to be mounted on nearby street lights or other fixtures.

According to the report, police officers monitor hundreds of video feeds from across the city and opt to brand would-be criminals with a red glow if they believe they are about to engage in a crime, such as a street corner mugging.

“Whereas London has talking cameras, we’re about to deploy light projecting cameras, better known as light-based intervention systems.” said William Robinson, Police Chief for East Orange. He added, “The message to criminals is, we’re observing you, the police are recording you, and the police are responding.”

East Orange, New Jersey is 88% black.  This doodad is going to go off a lot.

Last Night’s Debate

24 01 2012

Sugar, or Castro, or lobbyists, or 3 AM.  And…Terry Schiavo.

But no birth control!


Don’t Look At Me

23 01 2012

I didn’t have anything to do with the local Occutards/CAIR bears storming the Wal-Martinez/Lowe’s in Kirkwood.

I guess the Occutards wanted to show their asses in front of WM for all the usual reasons the left hates WM (some of which are spot on, in true “broken clock is right twice a day” fashion), and as far as Lowe’s, CAIR is steaming over the All-American Muslim thing, a show which has an estimated national audience of 5.  I don’t think their decision to protest at the Kirkwood Commons development which paved over half of heavily black Meacham Park is a mere coincidence, either.  Remember, the east side of that morass spawned Rock Head and the Cookie Monster.

Samnesty Brownback: America’s Worst Food Stamp Governor

23 01 2012

He used to be for amnesty and open borders, (except for white South Africans, “they’re too racist”).  I guess the reality of moving from being a Senator from Kansas to being the Governor of Kansas bitch-slapped a bit of reality into him:

Kansas slashes food aid for children of illegal immigrants

Pedro moved to the Kansas City area about 13 years ago and has held the same job for 11.

Though he sometimes struggles to pay bills, he knows most people think he should receive no public aid. He’s an illegal immigrant. He doesn’t deserve handouts. He understands that.

“I’ve never asked for anything for myself,” said Pedro, who didn’t want his last name used to protect his family. “Never. I just work. Work hard.”

A new debate swirling around Kansas, though, isn’t about Pedro. It’s about two of his three children. They were born here, and one day they will have driver’s licenses and the right to vote, just like any other U.S. citizen.

Early last year, when they needed food assistance, they got it. Pedro’s family received nearly $300 a month in food stamps. Enough to buy milk, eggs and meat, fruit and yogurt.

Now, they get nothing. Neither do hundreds of other Kansas families who, like Pedro’s, are a mix of undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens.

At a time when Gov. Sam Brownback has vowed to reduce child poverty, the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services — a state agency the governor controls — made a policy change that eliminated food stamps for hundreds of low-income U.S. children whose parents are illegal immigrants. For more households, benefits were reduced.

To wit:  The Federal government can run deficits, the Kansas state budget I presume has to be balanced.


The Star fumes.  But in passing, we find out this little piece of bad news about our side of the border:

As a story in The Kansas City Star this weekend explained, federal law prohibits food stamps, or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, from being used by illegal immigrants. But states are able to make aid available to U.S.-born children of undocumented citizens. Most states, including Missouri, use a formula which makes that possible.

That shows good sense. Everyone benefits when children go to school well-fed and healthy.

Sure, anchor babies need food stamps so they can go to school, when a sane immigration policy would state that they get neither.

Backing up for just a minute, I wonder if Samnesty Brownback’s sudden change of heart has anything to do with Kris Kobach.  Has there been any gossip about Kobach mounting a primary challenge to Brownback in 2014?

Oopsy Daisy

23 01 2012

I’m for Ron Paul, and I will be until what will probably be the bitter end.  The bomb that kills him will kill me.  (I’m being rhetorical here, Secret Service.  No need to knock on my door).

However, like I said yesterday, Newt’s victory speech in South Carolina is probably the turning point, in that this is the first time when most people could seriously grok him as a President of the United States.

But he made a really grave fuck-up.  You’ll find it between 2:42 and 3:10.

Spot it yet?  Okay’ I’ll give you a few more minutes.

That’s right — One should NEVER say that someone “won” a Congressional Medal of Honor, because it’s not a bingo prize.  You earn it, you are a recipient, or you display brave or heroic conduct worthy of it.

This is a rhetorical fuck-up very out of character for someone like Gingrich who picks his spots ultra-carefully, so carefully that he always says that “the American people” created the jobs in a recovery.  I bet Gen. Livingston has already given him an earful.

Article 1 Section 6

23 01 2012

They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

Tell that to the TSA.

Camel’s back + one light straw.  Or, to put it another way:  TSA agents, meet unemployment checks.  Soon.

Statewide Chops

22 01 2012

Interesting nugget from a Breitbartista:

It’s true: The establishments in New York and Washington, D.C. ought to be nervous. After all, Romney has never won more than 50% of the vote in any race, anywhere he has ever run. He has never won a primary in the South. He has never won a majority of the white working-class or the evangelicals that make up the party faithful.

Romney’s one victory for MA-GOV in 2002 was < 50%, and he did not win any primary or caucus in 2008 with a majority, and has not yet done so in 2012.

Come to think of it, the only declared Republican Presidential candidate this season that has won more than one statewide election for a marquee public office (Governor or Senator) with a majority vote is the Rickroller — His 2002 and 2010 wins for TX-GOV were both majorities, while his 2006 win was the famous 39% plurality that involved a strong Kinky Friedman independent run.  And you see how far that got him.  Tim Pawlenty did win two terms as MN-GOV, but neither win was a majority, though since MN has strong third parties, statewide wins in the Gopher State aren’t often majorities.  Gary Johnson did win two terms as NM-GOV, but his first win in 1994 was only a plurality.  Rick Santorum’s first Senate win in 1994 was only a plurality, while his second and final Senate win in 2000 was a majority.  The rest of the candidates have only won Congressional districts, save Herman Cain who never won anything.

In contrast, in 2008 Republican field, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Samnesty Brownback and Tommy Thompson all won multiple statewide elections with majority votes before they started their Presidential campaigns.

UPDATE:  George Will via Rush:  Romney is 9-16 (.360 winning percentage) in his political career.  While .360 would be a pretty good batting average, it roughly corresponds to a 59-103 baseball season or a 6-10 football season or a 30-52 NBA or NHL season.  A GM, manager or coaching staff that keeps putting up that record season after season will get fired.

Technically, Romney has one majority election under his belt, and that was when he was unopposed for the Republican Primary for Massachusetts Governor in 2002.

NYT Plays a Game of Hope-a-Dope

22 01 2012

And if you buy this, then I have a bridge to China constructed from iPods that I’ll sell you for really cheap.

If this supposed interrogatory on the part of President Obama happened in February 2011, why are we only now hearing about it?  Answer:  It probably didn’t happen in quite this way — I think the NYT is playing a game of hope-a-dope, because it’s now the election year, Obama will deliver a “middle and working class” heavy campaign speech pretending to be a SOTU address this week, and I bet this “story” is planted and timed agitprop in a concerted propaganda campaign to make us think Obama cares about white middle and working class voters.

Didn’t he punt on those voters a few months ago?

If he were serious about making AAPL do some manufacturing in the United States, he wouldn’t ask it at a fund raiser where and when he’s passing the hat around to those same people, (hint: beggars can’t be choosers), he would be demanding legislation to use the fully constitutional power of regulating foreign trade and commerce to force Foxconn to manufacture a percentage of their total output in the United States as a price of being able to access the lucrative American consumer market.  Furthermore, he would make sure the Foxconn factory is in a swing state like Ohio, and would hire working and middle class non-college educated middle aged native born white American men, not trucking in cheap labor Asians with H-xB visas.

But he’s not serious about it.

And he’s not serious about the outsourcing matter.  Proof:  GMAC.  While Obama essentially ran GM, as part of its unique Chapter 11 arrangement to preserve UAW-negotiated contracts and benefits for both current and retired union employees, GM’s finance arm, formerly known as General Motors Acceptance Corporation, which was semi-spun off as part of the bankruptcy and renamed Ally Financial, outsourced a lot of its white collar employment from Michigan to India.  And it happened without one word of protest from the President who was in effect the CEO of the entire outfit.

Fun With Sunday Headlines

22 01 2012

Weasel Zippers:  Romney Gives Struggling Black Woman Cash, MSNBC News Calls It Racist: “Patronizing Stereotype of Black People”…

Actually, it’s just the opposite of a racist stereotype, because there was no sex involved.

Burbank (Calif.) Leader:  Police: woman offered sexual favors in exchange for McNuggets

I wonder which left a worse taste in her mouth, the McNuggets, or “that.”

McPaper:  Burger King tries home delivery

Too lazy to go someplace and buy your artery-clogging crap.  SMH.

My Fox DC:  5 Year Old Accused of Stabbing 3 People Over Juice Box

You never get in between a five-year old and his juice box, just like you never get in between Chuck Schumer and a TV camera.

C-Trib:  President Obama will visit Disney on Thursday to talk about tourism

And maybe also convince Disneyland to start taking EBT cards.

Daily Caller:  Jesse Jackson says voter ID push ‘like removing the troops from the South after the Civil War’

Yes, both are an example of the victory of good governance and sanity.  Jesse, when you’re right, you’re right.

The Blaze:  FL Law Enforcement Officials Host Booze & Doritos Party for Employees…to Test New Breathalyzer

Don’t drive under the influence of cool ranch.

Sunday Wrap-Up

22 01 2012


For once, I’m with the teachers’ unions.  Is it supposed to be a teacher’s fault that he or she draws a classroom full of low IQ blacks?

How much do you want to bet that some of this crime decline is statistical legerdemain?

Had the ankle bracelet, but committed armed robbery anyway.  How stupid can you be?

*  That wonderful propensity among *certain* kinds of people in St. Louis (ahem, ahem) to use multiple identities and AKAs is resulting in innocent people being arrested and held in jail for crimes they didn’t commit.  Make no mistake about it:  That is the proximate causation for this mess.

*  Because Michael Baxton’s latest legal problems involved video games, news of his takedown appeared in Yahoo Games.  No telling where news about East St. Louis will end up.


*  Newt Gingrich:  He was as goofy and oblivious then as he is now.

This clod that calls himself Roger Simon is one that Dana Loesch has on her show all the time.

Believe me, I know “blood lust against blacks” when I see it, and I didn’t see any of it in South Carolina.  Unfortunately.

*  Obama is caught between a rock and a hard place on this SOPA/PIPA issue.  The rock is the relatively young tech industry execs and entrepreneurs that support him, and the hard place is the New York/Hollywood media conglomerate/studios/record labels moguls who happen to be big Democrat bundlers, the Harvey Weinstein types.  So far, Obama is picking the rock and suffering the consequences from the hard place.

So much for that gigabuck war chest he was expected to have.

*  Incidentally, almost all of the yes-to-no defections that happened as a result of The Great Blackout on Wednesday were Republicans.  Yet most of the people associated with most of the big name sites that blacked themselves out are Democrats.  That proves that Democrats are more worried about Hollywood than Silicon Valley.


*  Fulfilling the Dream, Part I and Part II.  You know how that goes — I went to see a fight, and a Martin Luther King Day parade broke out.

*  Yeah, they acknowledged wrongdoing.

Which TSA agents got fired?  Which TSA managers got fired or demoted?  How much did the Federal government have to pay these victims for their civil rights lawsuit?

See what I mean?

This shit’s going to keep happening until there are real consequences with real teeth.

You can get a license plate in Indiana to honor 12-year old homosexual “young adults.”  But you still can’t get a license plate in Texas to honor the country of which it was part from 1861 to 1865.

*  On the other hand, but for the porta potties, they would have shit and pissed on DCPD squad cars.

I can feel for this teacher.  They leave for the restroom, but they take their good ole sweet time, as if restrooms were about to go out of style, if they come back at all.

To live and die in Black Run Syracuse.

America’s least expensive cities — Four of the five aren’t really American.  Three Mexicos and one Africa.

*  “They should be able to walk out of here and get a job.”  Except people with those kind of skills are a dime a dozen, and getting cheaper thanks to H-xB visas from Asia.

No dog in the fight, but it should be a fun day at the track.

To address this author’s concerns:  There are a lot of Jewish liberals who agree with “Occupying AIPAC,” because they’re both left wing and anti-Zionist.

Poor ole Jennifer Rubin’s brain might blue screen when she tries to grok that.

Frank Niceley:  Nice.

*  Stare-off between Joe Arpaio and Thomas Perez:  Perez blinks.

*  Speaking of, the Arizona legislature is going to start digging on Gunrunner.  Unfortunately, because of precedent set in the Ruby Ridge fiasco, it won’t be able to prosecute Federal misconduct by itself.  But the evidence it digs up will probably be good for the next Republican President and Attorney General to use to take to a grand jury.

The last gang banger will hang himself with the rope that Facebook provides him.  As Lenin might have said.

*  Sanctuary State Maryland wants to “protect its borders.”  Just not in the way you think.

*  Turns out all the hoopla about Haley Barbour’s pardons was much ado about little.  Most of the people he pardoned were already out of prison and off of probation.  This also means that, relative to the state’s rostrum of current and ex-cons, Barbour’s parolees are disproportionately white.

Of course, if you pardon people and use out of prison and off probation as a useful barometer for personal reformation, you’re going to pardon a lot of white ex-cons, because blacks have a hard time behaving long enough when they get out of prison in order to complete their probation.  It’s called doing life on the installment plan.

The article advances the theory that blacks don’t have the money to apply for pardons.  As if white ex-cons in Mississippi are all rich.

*  Duh.  There’s a reason why whites tend to Chapter 7 and blacks tend to Chapter 13 when declaring personal bankruptcy.  The reason is that a Chapter 7 repayment plan takes a lot of personal spending discipline to get the debt settlement paid off faster.  Meaning no bling for quite awhile.


They don’t tell us here:  Why did the artist formerly known as Fausto Carmona feel the need to sling a fake name when applying for his American visa?  Was there some rock attached to his real name?

If the Mexican state of Chihuahua is more dangerous than Afghanistan, does this also mean that Chihuahuas are more dangerous than Afghan Hounds?

Raping a sleeping woman while her sleeping boyfriend is next to her in their own bed.  This took, well, you know.

*  Ahmadinejad:  The “Joos” created AIDS to enfeeble Africa.  As if Africa wasn’t feeble before AIDS.

All these “Swedes,” causing trouble everywhere.


Doug must be cheering today.  Inside baseball.

*  New Mexico celebrated its statehood centennial a few weeks ago.  Come to find out, old states, just like old people, get fatter with age.

I wonder how the “my body my choice” crew will react to this.

No “Cougar” mascot for you, because of the whole “older woman younger man” PC fears.

Just up the road is a university whose mascot is the Cougar.  And some say its problem is just the opposite — Too little sex.

*  Here’s a name I haven’t heard in several months’ of Sundays:  Joe Magrane.  His daughter is an Idol contestant this year.  Remember a few years ago, Ozzie Smith’s son made the top twelve of Idol.  Now, which member of the 1987 Cardinals will be next to have a son or daughter on American Idol?

Great Apes were able to survive in savannah-like climates in what is now southern Europe as late as seven million years ago.

You’re telling me the European climate changed drastically, yet there wasn’t a carbon-spewing SUV around to do the damage?

*  Remember the SB ad last year with “6G” smartphones and an old Ozzy Osbourne not knowing who Justin Bieber was?

Neither 6G nor the end of the Bieber fad can’t be far off, because 5G is just around the corner.  This probably means I’ll have to get a 4G smartphone pretty soon before I get left behind too badly, but I’m going to hold off on getting a Samsung Galaxy Nexus until CyanogenMod works with it.

Palmetto Postscript

22 01 2012

A few thoughts about last night.

*  I would have rather seen Ron Paul finished third, or second, or first, preferably first.  But he more than quadrupled his raw vote total and more than tripled his percentage in South Carolina compared to four years ago.  That is nothing at which to sneer.

*  Romney got more votes yesterday as the second-place finisher than the winner in South Carolina in 2008, John McCain, got four years ago.

*  You can probably deduce from those first two items that the overall turnout was higher compared to 2008.  And right you are:  Almost 460k votes in 2008, more than 600k votes yesterday.

*  I’m with Ron Paul until the bitter end.  And I know Newt Gingrich is a total whack job who believes that soaring rhetoric will solve problems all by itself.  But for the first time, at his victory lap last night, I got the sense that this was the turning point, that this, when most people would be able to start to grok him as a President.

*  This is still Romney’s nomination to lose.  Florida is on January 31, and it takes a lot of money to compete there.  Super Tuesday is in early March.  I just don’t know if Sheldon Adelson has deep enough pockets to prop Newt up for the long haul.

*  Ron Paul is skipping Florida.  The RNC docked half its delegates because of the scheduling row, and like I said, Florida media markets are expensive.  Nevada, Maine, Colorado and Minnesota are in early February, and all four of those are caucus states.  Look for RP to be a lot more competitive in those states.

*  I keep hearing these candidates talk about the American Founding Fathers and the founding documents.  Do none of them realize that white people can’t cavort safely in a city where these founding documents were written without being whacked by mahogany mob gangs of young blacks?  Yes, I mean Philadelphia.

Bad News For Me

20 01 2012

Then again, I already figured as much.

WBBM-CBS-2 Chicago:

Topinka: Illinois’ Unpaid Bill Crisis Just Keeps Getting Worse

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (CBS) — Illinois keeps falling farther behind on its debt.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, officially, the state has a backlog of more than $4.25 billion in unpaid bills.

But Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka says when one factors in other bills, the figure is closer to around $8.5 billion.

Those other outstanding bills include tax refunds, employee health insurance, and bills that have not yet reached her desk.

Topinka says this is extremely disappointing, since a year ago, the state sharply increased income taxes (by 67 percent) and corporate taxes.

I now have all the documentation I need, so much of my day tomorrow will be spent doing my Federal tax return and also returns for two states, Missouri and Illinois.  I have to do a 2011 return for Illinois because I had one week of work at my Edwardsville based job after the turn of the year, before I was ultimately laid off, though I was told two months earlier, in fact, the day after the elections in November 2010, that I was going to be laid off.  But, because I had Illinois earned income in 2011, I have to do an Illinois return.  Every penny of Illinois state income taxes that were withheld from that week’s pay will be refunded to me, because my Illinois income in 2011 from that week was too low to have any net tax liability.  But…if I actually get that refund from Illinois, with the state’s dire financial situation and its backlog of payables, I’ll be surprised.  I’ll put it to you this way:  The amount will be under $50, so if I never get it, I won’t really miss it.

This is a conclusion I reached almost a year ago.

Sign Don’t Lie

20 01 2012

I’m surprised something like this didn’t happen sooner.  After all, I’m sure the white people that live in far South County and in eastern Jefferson County that use that stretch of 55 often are really delighted to see that sign staring at their snoot every day.  Ironically, they live in far South County or Jefferson County and not closer to the City because of black crime.

Some of the first real suburban development of Jefferson County a long time ago actually came from North St. Louis City whites who were driven out of their homes by black crime.  That is a bit unusual in the history of St. Louis urban sprawl, because most white flight around here was directionally consistent to where one was in the city.  North City whites generally fled northward and South City whites fled southward.

Noise Pollution

20 01 2012

MUSIC.  (Sorta)

A Dime, a Nickel and Two Pennies

19 01 2012

American Lung Association gives Missouri a Big Fat F for smoking, for among other things, having the country’s lowest state level per-pack tax on cigarettes.

When someone buys a pack of cigs in Missouri and gives the state 17 cents, he or she will have paid more taxes to any level of American government than the American Lung Association ever has.

Otherwise, music.

Issues Et Cetera

18 01 2012

St. Louis Beacon:

Churches, synagogues receive threats as they seek to curb payday loan rates

A law firm hired by the payday industry is blanketing the state with letters telling clergy, church board members and religious groups that their active support for a ballot initiative restricting payday loan interest rates could threaten their tax-exempt status.

The letters appear to have been sent out, in part, in response to a gathering of religious leaders in Jefferson City in favor of the proposed initiative, which would cap payday loan rates at 36 percent. Current rates can be more than 400 percent.

Some churches and religious groups already have begun participating in the collection of the roughly 90,000 signatures needed to get the proposal on the ballot. Both sides also are in court battling over the proposed ballot wording approved by Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s office.

Churches and other institutions with 501-c-3 tax exempt status can do issue advocacy and lobby for people to vote one way or another on ballot questions relating to issues.

I will add this:  The sprouting of payday loan joints is a leading indicator of encroaching ghetto.



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