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25 05 2013

Talk Radio

Is America finally waking up to reality?

Here are a few of pieces of anecdotal evidence that suggest the answer is Yes:

1.  Alex Jones is talking immigration.  Yes, that Alex Jones.

2.  A lot of radio stations that used to carry Art Bell/George Noory/Coast-to-Coast and had for a long time are ditching C2C and replacing it with Red Eye Radio, a Dallas based show that has sort of evolved from an overnight show for truckers into a straight up issues show, though it still is meant to appeal to overnight truckers as its advertising is heavily trucker-oriented.  Now, nobody should ever mistake Gary McNamara and Eric Harley, the RER hosts, for James Edwards and the late Bill Rolen.  But I interpret good vibes from that — People must be getting less interested in UFOs and more interested in real issues.  Ironically, George Noory, whom St. Louisans will remember as the host of the solid issues show Nighthawk on 550 KTRS in the late 1990s, and before that, News Director over at Channel 5 (KSDK), edged C2C away from UFOs a bit and more toward hard news after he permanently took the C2C baton from Art Bell.  Of course, C2C under Art Bell started out as issues, but he gradually transitioned it to UFOs and paranormal in the 1996-7 time frame, moving the format into his short lived UFO/paranormal oriented Sunday bonus time show Dreamland into his five night a week gig.

3.  More and more, I’m reading the commentariat on blogs and websites that are right wing but not-quite-there on race or not racial at all adamantly rule out ever voting for Rand Paul for President, and citing immigration as the reason, and most recently, this.

Am I just imagining things?  Are people really sobering up and getting more sane?

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6 responses

25 05 2013

Definitely not imagining things! Even the liberal TV commentators are starting to talk about the “scandals” in DC – yes in a very limited fashion – but still a little is much better than the usual nothing.

26 05 2013
Hard Right

“Am I just imagining things? Are people really sobering up and getting more sane?”

Not on Occidental Dissent :)

26 05 2013

I can add a fourth item: Mike Vanderboegh, who once used the occasion to slander AR as “racial collectivists,” (though I’ll take that as a compliment), is implicitly praising Swedish patriots who are reacting to the black-Muslim Car-B-Ques:


Vanderboegh and Alex Jones, both historically race deniers, are talking about racial or crypto-racial issues. OTOH, half the OD commentariat are going on about TEH JOOOOOZ~!1, a good chunk of Stormfront is still on this ET/space alien nonsense, and White News Now is probably still making excuses for Rand Paul coming out for open borders and now racial diversity.

Bizarro World.

26 05 2013
Hard Right

Bizarro World indeed.

“Is implicitly praising Swedish patriots who are reacting to the black-Muslim Car-B-Ques”

Naturally, the Swedish police are dispersing the Swedes rather than arresting the rioters, er, youths.

I was glad to see the more rational commenters posting on OD today.

“A good chunk of Stormfront is still on this ET/space alien nonsense”

For real? I always thought those dunderheads sounded like the UFO nuts–just substitute “Reptilian” for “Jew.”

Your assessment of Rand Paul seems to be correct. He’s trying to curry favor with Conservatism, Inc. He must be planning to run in ’16.

26 05 2013

Just as Rand has moved too far away from his father and has therefore POed his father’s donors, he hasn’t moved close enough to Conservatism Inc to make its archons happy. There will be many other candidates in 2016 far more to Conservatism Inc’s liking before Rand Paul. He’s probably going to run in 2016, but he won’t get far or last long — Before he came out for amnesty and open borders in general, and now for “diversity,” the best I could have seen him doing in the Republican Primaries in ’16 is winning his own state and some in the intermountain west. Now he won’t win a single state. Don’t forget, in 2016, his Senate term is up, and depending on Kentucky law, he might have to pull out of the Presidential race early if nothing’s hopping there (and nothing will be hopping) to run for Senate re-election.

26 05 2013
Hard Right

I’m getting to the point that I don’t even care anymore. The Stupid Party is complicit in the destruction of America. I’m not sure if we can even manage to salvage Missouri.


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