There’s No Such Thing As Race, It’s Just a Social Construct

17 09 2014


Don’t tell the Form 4473 that.

They bury part of what I think is the real reason on the second page:

During the time ATF revised its 4473 form to include Hispanic or Latino as an ethnicity, the Obama administration was building gun control cases by saying U.S. firearms dealers were supplying Mexican gangs with weapons and that violence related to the sales was seeping across the border.

In March 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Mexico City and gave a speech against American gun stores and owners — blaming them for the drug cartels’ violence. Mrs. Clinton subsequently told CBS News that “90 percent” of the “guns that are used by the drug cartels against the police and military” actually “come from America.”

About a week later, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. made the same points at a gun trafficking conference outside of Mexico City. In April, the president himself flew down to Mexico to inform President Felipe Calderon that Mr. Holder was going to review U.S. law enforcement operations, according to a 2011 report by the American Thinker.

This political worldview may have fueled decision-making at ATF, Mr. Nappen suggests. Around the same time that ATF started specifying “Latino/Hispanic” on their U.S. purchasing forms, they also required border firearms dealers in Texas, Arizona, California and New Mexico to start reporting multiple rifle sales.

In 2012, when ATF made the Form 4473 modification, they insisted their new reporting requirement for multiple rifle sales in those border states had led to “follow-up investigations involving transactions that might indicate firearms trafficking activities.”

“Was it coincidental [that] about the time the form changed the requirements came in that border states had to report multiple rifle sales, and there was a push in the antigun movement to claim American guns were arming Mexican cartels south of the border?” asked Mr. Nappen.

IOW, peddling this meme that the American Second Amendment is ruining all these angelic Mexicans and magically turning them into drug cartel gang bangers.  Of course, pay no attention to the whistleblower who informed us that Obama, Holder and Co. were practically handing guns to Mexican drug cartels.

I think there’s another motivation.  I think the Obama White House wants to set up a situation where there is data fishing for shops that have almost all white customers in case they happen to serve a black customer and the firearm that he or she purchases winds up being used in the commission of a violent crime in a far away ghetto, so that the anti-gun nuts can sue. Though if that’s what everyone is concerned about, then all that needs to happen is for the Feds and states to enact complete blanket civil immunity for firearm retailers to refuse a sale; as of now the law in that matter is pretty murky.

This Was Predictable

12 08 2014


In a good way.

Two different versions of the same story, one from the P-D and the other from BizJ.

In the P-D version, we find out that “more women than usual” went gun shopping today.  This is one reason why for the forseeable future, the 2A is on solid political ground.  If you teach a man to fish, you teach a man to fish, while if you teach a woman to fish, you also teach her children and her simp husband to fish.  The 2A community and especially the NRA has had a big and successful push in marketing and PR to women, especially married women, in recent years.  It’s how you dig deep and plant very deep roots into the culture.

In the BizJ version, we see a picture of the two hosts of that Target Talk show on KTRS every Sunday.  However, the last time I was able to listen to it, Sunday before last, they announced they were giving up the show at the end of this month.

Rule Twelve

5 08 2014



The NRA and NSSA were willing to meet Obama half way on “illegal guns” (whatever that means) last year.  I bet they would have probably accepted if not engineered a deal to exchange a non-intrusive universal background check for national CCW reciprocity.

So why didn’t Obama travel his half?


Former National Rifle Association President David Keene agreed: “The Obama administration is treating the gun issue like it’s a political race. They want to separate the NRA and treat the NRA like they do a political opponent during a campaign.

In other words, the 12th Rule, of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

What Obama forgot is that not everyone was scared to play the 12th rule against him.

Another Arrogant Multi-Billionaire Heard From

10 07 2014


Of course they don’t have any roads.  Why would they have roads when they don’t even have electricity, indoor plumbing, or even breathable air?  Those areas are as useless as the far side of Pluto.

So far this evening, we’ve heard from Gates, Buffet, Adelson, Slim, Bloomberg.  What, no Zuckerberg or Ellison?  Maybe LeBron will sign a contract with the Clippers just so Steve Ballmer can get some face time.

Race Notices You

8 07 2014


He must not yet realize that if he gets what he wants, the NAACP and the cracker jack box theology degree black preachers in Indianapolis will fight it every step of the way.

Because, racial profiling, disparate impact, police brutality.

When you try to solve a racial problem in non-racial ways, you may not notice race, but eventually, race notices you.


Selling His Cloak to Buy a Sword

24 06 2014


A little more modern application of Luke 22:36.

Dropping a Hint

23 06 2014

Jefferson City

St. Louis Business Journal:

A gun rights proposal that will be on Missouri’s August ballot “will likely lead to increased litigation and criminal justice-related costs,” its official summary says.

No specific monetary figure is cited in the summary, approved by Auditor Tom Schweich, according to the Associated Press. The language is based on an assumption that the amendment would give people new grounds to challenge Missouri’s criminal laws and local ordinances restricting guns.

First off, I don’t know why we’re even voting on this measure, because it would mean absolutely no change in real public policy in the state even if it does win.  SCOMO found long ago that the part of the state constitution’s Bill of Rights that is the equivalent to the Federal Second Amendment, the part that contains “shall not justify the wearing of concealed weapons,” means nothing more than the fact that CCW is not constructed as part of the civil liberty, and certainly does not preclude the state from creating a privilege-based CCW permit system.

But that’s not my point in bringing it up.

I’m not yet at total liberty to say, but I’m going to drop a hint.  Tom Schweich (Tom Danforth) is the key to understanding the answer to a certain still festering question relating to Missouri electoral politics from the latter part of 2012.


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