Look At All These Rumors

7 04 2014

Jefferson City

Yeah, e-mailed threats. I bet.  Probably he e-mailed them to himself.

First off, his was one of those many vanity bills that are filed early in the legislative session but have zero chance actually to pass.  So why do they file quixotic legislation?  Probably to brag to their constituents about how they’re “doing something” about this problem or that problem.

Second, if his legislation specified St. Louis City only, then the bill would have been unconstitutional because the state constitution does not allow for separate state laws for specific geographical parts of the state.  Now, it might have implied St. Louis City but not stated St. Louis City by using the common workaround to get around that — State that cities with a population between x and y (conveniently, St. Louis City would be the only city that fits that criterion) may or can or should or may not do a, b or c.

However, since Peters withdrew his bill a few weeks ago, and I certainly didn’t and don’t waste time reading the text of quixotic vanity proposed legislation, I don’t know precisely the wording of the bill.

More Illinois CCW Data

30 03 2014


Peoria Journal-Star crunches the numbers.

This isn’t really any different than two months ago.  Cook County has the highest absolute number but the lowest per capita, while rural counties in the southern two-thirds of the state have the highest per capita.

For Yee But Not For Thee

28 03 2014

San Francisco

The Other Twenty Percent

17 03 2014

San Diego

Why I haven’t said much here about the Ares Armor matter.

Turns out that the whole matter is cross wired with really bad guy Hispanic illegal alien felons.  And that seems to be the crux of the matter:  The Feds are (SHOCKINGLY) interested in illegal aliens, not the lower 80% receivers.

I had this suspicion when I found that that Ares Armor was based in San Diego, close to the fiction that we used to call the “border.”  That and one of AA’s key men is some scummy looking dude with a Greek name.  Now, Greeks are hardly all bad, see Golden Dawn, but a lot of “Greeks” are mixed Turks that happen to have Greek names.  You have to consider the possibility that this “Greek” was only here to run some sort of scummy outfit hooked in with Mexican drug cartels.

One more thing:  This story gives me the opportunity to translate Yankee government bureaucratese into English.  It says that Emiliano Cortez was “previously deported but illegally present.”  That probably doesn’t mean he was actually physically sent back to Mexico or wherever then snuck back across the border.  What it means is that the Feds won their deportation civil suit against him, some immigration judge told him to go home, an order which he immediately blew off.

Worm Turn, Part II

17 03 2014


More proof that on 2A issues, the left acts like the right usually acts and vice-versa:

The gun grabber groups are counting their losses on the Starbucks and Facebook issues as wins.

Only the right, and by “right,” I mean everyone from the spineless neos to those of us in extremist city, is usually dumb enough to call losing winning.

That’s a Start

10 03 2014


Dana Loesch won’t support the laughable comedy that may call itself “Ben Carson for President in 2016.”

But wait until you find out why she won’t.

Yeah, I guess this rationale is a good start.  But to me, passing on Ben Carson is as simple as these two simple facts:

1.  Black

2.  No real political gravitas, either in terms of previous elected offices or other political resume.

AKA Ben Carson is the New Herman Cain.

Ironically, Carson’s “gun rights by geographical location” is him trying to dog whistle something which most people reading these words would agree with, i.e. yes for white people, no for the black undertow.


14 02 2014

San Francisco

Ninth Circus (!) makes a pro-2A ruling.

At first glance, without having actually read the opinion, I thought the state would have an out, in that it could have totally eliminated CCW and been in compliance with this ruling. The reason I thought that is that I would have thought the judges would have struck down “may issue” systems for substantive due process. Because that’s what I would have done.

But the Fourth Amendment didn’t come up at all in the majority opinion. It was entirely Second Amendment, and the meat of the ruling is this: A jurisdiction must either allow OC or CCW or both to all qualified interested legal individuals in order to be square with 2A by itself.

If SCOTUS takes this up, and I think they’ll have to, because as this opinion states, there are other contradictory rulings on this matter from other Federal appellate circuits, and if SCOTUS signs on to this legal reasoning, it’s going to have some widespread implications.

I’ll Give You a Hint

6 02 2014


Read it, then come back.

Good, you came back.

Here’s all you need to know:

Consider where Dr. Flood works.  Professor at SLU Med, practices across the street at Glennon.

Need another hint:

Think of the demographics of Glennon patients, both outpatient and ER, especially gunshot wound ER.

Of course, SLU’s own ER handles the gunshot wounds of the adult version of that demographic.

When an ER gets a victim of a gunshot wound, it’s required to call the cops.

There are special parking spaces on Vista close to SLU’s ER entrance reserved for law enforcement, because they’re there that often.

Not just regular cops, but also prison paddy wagons bringing in the pimps.

The irony of all this?  Cardinal John Glennon, for whom Glennon was named, wanted no part of racial integration.

Stupid Staring Down Stupid

4 02 2014



State law enforcement officials said Monday that a bill that would ban BB guns and non-firing replica firearms in schools is necessary to protect students from potential tragedies, but opponents contend it is too broad and would do little to improve school safety.

Supporters of the measure say police officers could easily mistake the realistic-looking firearms for the real thing, especially with security concerns running high in light of school shootings across the country. They say a scenario of a student entering a school building with such a firearm could end badly if an officer is forced to make a quick decision, pointing to incidents like one in California last year when a 13-year-old boy was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy who said he thought a BB gun was an assault rifle.

School resource officer Rachel Horning, with the Kittery Police Department, told the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee on Monday that’s the type of tragedy she’s trying to avert.

“I will do 100 percent what I need to protect myself and others,” she said. “So, if the juvenile presents that lookalike weapon and refuses to drop it, I will act.”

But the measure is receiving pushback from groups such as the Maine Civil Liberties Union, which said Monday that creating a new crime that will primarily affect young people will cause students to be unnecessarily funneled from schools to jails. People could face up to six months in Shawshank State Prison for violating the proposed law, and people with criminal convictions often face employment discrimination, are barred from public housing and have less access to educational opportunities, said Oami Amarasingham, public policy council for the civil liberties group.

On the one side, you have the same kind of people responsible for anti-gun paranoia responding to the tragic consequences of the anti-gun paranoia they peddled by doubling down on the idiocy by creating and peddling anti-BB-gun and anti-replica-gun paranoia.

On the other side, the only reason the state chapter of the ACLU can give to oppose it is that mythical never-ever-seen but all-powerful and worrisome school to prison pipeline, described here as just a funnel.

My recommendation is that everyone take a big ass super giant chill pill.

As far as that other curious thing about this article — Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  A story involving both Maine and criminal law is too much a temptation.

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

30 01 2014

Columbia, Maryland

New news about the “incredible shrinking Maryland mall shooter.”

The dealer who sold him the shotgun (not an “assault” rifle) said that while he ordinarily turns away a lot of suspicious buyers even though they pass NICS, Aguilar gave him absolutely no reason to be suspicious.

Maybe not, but internally, he was in the process of chimping out.

And as far as not giving him any suspicions, well, I could have seen one reason to be suspicious of him with my own eyes.

I know the NRA has been pushing to give FLFDs complete Federal and state immunity from prosecution or civil lawsuit if they make a decision not to sell to someone even if they pass NICS.  As it is now, there is still plenty of gray area, and the NRA wants to get rid of the gray area. But for my money, they’re not pushing hard enough to get this done.

Once we get that, then FLFDs should blanket refuse to sell to blacks. Any that do, should be considered traitors, enemies and accomplices to black violent crime, and should be named and shamed out of business if they do.

Note to peanut gallery:  I already know that if Aguilar wasn’t able to buy from an FLFD, he would have found some other way.  I’m not naive.

It’s a Downstate Thing, So Obviously They Wouldn’t Understand

19 01 2014

Springfield, Illinois


CCW permits per capita by county.

Text version.

Low is Cook, at about 10 per 10k, high is Cumberland, east central part of the state, northeast of Effingham, at over 50 per 10k.

A Tale of Two New Yorks

18 01 2014

New York State

Re Andrew Cuomo’s new Caucasian Chimpout (he is known for those):

First off, he probably made our point for us, by exposing moh-DUH-rate “Republicans” for what they are, and that in most instances, we shouldn’t trust a one of them any further than we can throw one.

But Cuomo’s case is largely staked on the UNSAFE Act.  Take a look at this map on Legal Insurrection a few days back:


Other than NYC and suburbs, the only counties that haven’t passed a resolution against it are the county with the state capital and a county with an Ivy League university.

Therefore, Andrew Cuomo’s New York in which we are not welcome only consists of New York City, its suburbs, the state capital and Cornell University.

As if I was ever in any hurry to go to those places anyway.


Taken literally, Andrew Cuomo is throwing his own father out of New York.


He walks it back somewhat.

Mazel Tov, Harv

16 01 2014

Hollywood, California

Don’t worry about the new Weinstein movie starring Meryl Streep about the NRA.

It’ll have so little interest from theaters that TWC will have no choice but to do straight to DVD, and a year after that happens, you’ll find it at the dollar store.

And also…she wasn’t a very convincing Margaret Thatcher.


6 01 2014


Federal district court in Chicago waves the naughty naughty finger to the City of Chicago’s prohibition of firearms sales.

The city tried to defend the ordinance with this argument:

The City … contends that inner-city gang members and criminals find it hard to travel to the suburbs, thus making it more difficult for them or their likely straw purchasers to shop at gun stores. Dr. Philip Cook, one of the City’s experts, attributes this travel difficulty to the “parochial[ism]” of gang members, and CPD Commander Gorman believes that making the trip to the suburbs is dangerous for gang members because they may have to cross rival gang boundaries both in Chicago and in the suburbs. So through these ordinances, Chicago intentionally increases the distance that Chicagoans have to travel to get to gun stores in order to tack on extra transaction costs (measured in time, effort, and danger) to any criminal attempt to buy guns. These extra transaction costs, the argument goes, deter would-be criminals from buying guns.

But these transaction costs are also borne by law-abiding residents of these neighborhoods, who are equally parochial and may suffer many of the same dangers by crossing into gang-infested territory. So whatever burdens the City hopes to impose on criminal users also falls squarely on law-abiding residents who want to exercise their Second Amendment right. What’s more, it is doubtful that keeping criminal users away from legitimate retail stores will choke the supply of guns to those users. According to a survey of convicted felons proffered by the City itself, “[l]egitimate firearms retailers play a minor and unimportant role as direct sources of the criminal handgun supply.”

“The parochialism of gang members.”

It’s amazing what supposedly non-racist or anti-racist people will say about black people when they think nobody is looking.

And this isn’t a function of gang membership or affiliation, either.  Generally speaking, blacks don’t have much of an ambition to travel.

Disparate Impact

30 12 2013

New York

Albany Times-Union, on the first year of New York State’s SAFE Act:

The DCJS data from arrests and arraignments statewide showed 1,291 charges under the new gun law, with 1,155 for felony firearm possession, formerly just a misdemeanor, and 1,041 of the cases in New York City, mostly in Brooklyn and the Bronx. The new felony took effect in March, elevating the charge and penalty for illegal possession of a firearm.

Emphasis mine.

Law Enforcement

16 12 2013


NYT:  Outraged that some sheriffs aren’t enforcing gun control laws.

NYT:  Not outraged that Obama isn’t enforcing immigration law.

Arturo, the floor is yours.

Fear Not

3 12 2013



I haven’t said anything here about the closing of Doe Run, because I’ve had my doubts about the “OMG end of ammo” fear porn circulating around the 2A community in reaction.

I was right to doubt.

Talk Too Much

3 12 2013

Washington, D.C.

The Vice-Idiot hails his boss’s “23 executive actions on gun violence” from earlier this year.

He means these?

Ook Camp

24 11 2013



Boot camp less effective than prison for gun offenders: study

Gun offenders sentenced to boot camp are more likely to be rearrested than those sent to prison, a new analysis suggests.


Boot camp is intended to reduce the chance of inmates committing new crimes after they are released. Inmates can learn job skills and obtain a GED in the military-style setting.

But an analysis conducted for Chicago Sun-Times showed a higher percentage of people convicted of gun possession in 2011 were rearrested after they completed boot camp than those released from prison.

About 57 percent of the inmates sentenced to county boot camp for gun possession were arrested for a new crime within a year of their release — compared with about 38 percent of those who were released from state prison.

Almost 8 percent of the boot camp inmates were arrested for a violent crime within a year of their release — compared with less than 5 percent of the inmates sent to prison, according to a University of Chicago Crime Lab analysis of Chicago Police Department arrest data.

The crime lab cautioned against drawing strong inferences from the data because of the small sample size. The analysis included 63 people sent to boot camp for gun possession and 464 sent to state prison for the same crime.

Maybe this whole hoopla over “boot camp” is because everyone assumes that since military boot camp turns 18-year old recruits who are already relatively disciplined into straight arrow military personnel, that it will turn 15-year old gang banger thug ghetto blacks into first world white people with dark skin.

John Maki, executive director of the John Howard Association, a prison watchdog group, said he is strongly opposed to boosting mandatory minimums for gun offenders.

“The overwhelming consensus on mandatory minimums is they don’t work,” he said. “The way you do this is through better policing.”

Law enforcement is a paper tiger without the credible possibility of real punishment.  You can have the best policing in the world, but if you’re not actually going to punish anyone the cops who do the world’s best policing arrest, then you’ve wasted the world’s best policing.

This is over this bill circulating in the Illinois legislature that would plop a three year man min for certain categories of illegal gun possession.  A lot of the opposition to it is coming from CCW advocates thinking that the bill is an attempt on the sly on the part of carry opponents to discourage carrying, in that if someone who carries commits a ticky tack technical offense, it’ll mean three years.  I think there’s some truth to that.  The problem is that Illinois state prisons are always facing overcrowding issues — Early in his time as Governor, Pat Quinn let a whole lot of prison inmates loose.  Enact this law and the state prisons will be so filled to the gills with Chicago blacks and downstate blacks that the Federal courts will surely intervene.

The Fruits of Local Control

10 11 2013



Guns stolen from car in downtown St. Louis

The streets of St. Louis became even more dangerous this weekend after criminals broke into a car and stole lots of gun and ammo. It happened in the 1400 hundred block of Lucas Avenue sometime Saturday. A woman who is a sales representative for Rhino Arms left four guns locked inside her trunk and boxes of ammo and went inside her residence. 11 hours later they were all gone, stolen.


Police Chief Sam Dotson tweeted about the crime concluding that people should park smart. In other words if it’s valuable don’t leave it in your car.

Yes, don’t leave valuables locked up in your own car’s locked trunk, becuase it’s too much of a temptation to the local ooks.

Why is Dotson being so idiotic?  Answer:  Local control is now in effect.  If he names and shames and blames the local ooks, the politicians the ooks’ grandmammys elected to go to City Hall will come unhinged.

The Reason

29 10 2013



There is a common assumption in Chicago that guns are the equivalent of free-roaming cobras, being lethal and unmanageable by any means except elimination. The more guns, in this view, the more murders and mayhem.

That’s to cover up the real problem, free-roaming ooks.

Frosted Leftist Flakes

19 10 2013

San Antonio


This has got to frost the left.

But not for the reason you would think.

It’s because probably around a thousand (mostly) white people were there armed to the teeth, with not a hint of violence or any real fear of violence.

Put N’Doorag and Shitavious in a room with any firearm, lock the door, and you won’t have to wait long until one of the two is dead.

I finally figured out this angle when the NRA held its convention before last here in St. Louis.  The local cabal of cracker jack box theology degree black reverends, the usual suspects, showed up to protest.  If you just think about the matter superficially, they have no reason to protest, because none of the firearms on display were actually for sale during the convention, so there was a 0% chance that any firearms shown there would wind up in the hands of St. Louis’s criminal ooks.  No, the real reason Da Revvunds were protesting was because the whole event was an embarrassment to Da Coomunitee, for very much the same reason I just said above.

I guess I’d have the same feeling if a rocket scientist came to my sardine box apartment, used only materiel he found inside it, and built an interplanetary manned spacecraft.  I’d be embarrassed that I wasn’t able to do it surrounded by the exact same stuff.


I’ll Say It

15 10 2013

Durham, North Carolina

Duke Fake Guns

What’s all this white liberal outrage really all about?

All the white libs that have ruined New York and are now swarming into Raleigh-Durham so they can ruin North Carolina can trot out all the excuses they want, but they just don’t like the imagery of young black men with fake real-looking rifles.

These same white libs are probably screaming at the top of their lungs about the “racism” of requiring photo ID to vote in North Carolina.

Incidentally, Mike Krzyzewski has links to West Point.  He went there, played college ball there, and his first head coaching job was there.

Third Party

8 10 2013


Hudak about to be Morsed and Gironed.

Notice the end, though:  She only won because the libertarian on the ballot drew enough votes away from the Republican for her to slip in.

That’s the way it was with Morse, too.

What irony.  Libertarians on the ballot actually result in less libertarianism at least in regards to one issue.

Gun Nut

30 09 2013

Poughkeepsie, New York


Self-employed, carry permit, American nationality, and the racism of government-issued photo identification.

We have a real right wing extremist on our hands.


24 09 2013

Fairfax, Virginia


H/T Arms and the Law.

Note to low information undertow:  It’s a joke.

Disparate Impact

19 09 2013



St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley claimed at the crime meeting that city judges don’t support the idea [of an armed offender docket, aka gun court] because it affects mainly African-Americans, while most judges are white and don’t live in dangerous North Side neighborhoods.

Of the 27 judges who voted Monday, five are black. Of them, three voted against Garvey’s proposal.

Joyce noted that Judge Jimmie Edwards lives in north St. Louis, and that for now, Dutchtown, to the south, is the city’s most dangerous neighborhood.

That’s because Dutchtown isn’t so Dutch anymore, more like Bell Curve Town.

Of the 22 white judges, the vote was 13-9 against.  This means 59% of the white judges voted against it, and 60% of the black judges voted against it.  This is one time when race isn’t a factor, and you know I’m ultra-sensitive to find racial explanations for anything.

Age Has Its Privileges

16 09 2013


I would have guessed that the prime ages for CCW licenses would be 30-50.  Turns out in Texas it’s 50-65, with 57 being the mode last calendar year.

You Really Don’t Know?

11 09 2013

Allentown, Pennsylvania


Even a dummy can figure out why this wasn’t in the school yearbook.

Schools are suspending little kids that bite pop tarts into the shape of Idaho because it looks too much like a gun.

Garry Oil

3 09 2013


Garry McBlameThePilgrims implies that he’ll have the CPD shoot CCW permit holders.

He knows he isn’t going to do that, and he knows his officers won’t do that.

I think I know what he’s up to:  He’s greasing the skids so he can blame CCW for every ook “gun” crime from moment one that CCW becomes legal in Illinois.  You don’t think he will?  He has already blamed Sarah Palin, her reality show, the NRA and the Pilgrims for NAM crime in his city.


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