Glad Not to Know You

21 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

It’s amazing, isn’t it?  Working for or around Lois Lerner makes one astronomically more likely to experience a hard drive crash, causing you to lose data that just so happens not to have been backed up.

I’m glad I don’t know Lois Lerner.

Because Pen and Phone

25 06 2014


I think Obama will lose this lawsuit.

Won’t matter, though.  He’ll ignore the courts.

Because, pen and phone.

I don’t even know if impeaching and removing him would do any good.  He’d just use the pen and phone to order the Federal men with guns not to remove him.

Turns out separating the executive and legislative powers and giving the executive branch all the law enforcement and military power was the big mistake of the 1787 Constitution.

If the pen and phone is here to stay, then political campaigns going forward should be entirely about Who-Whom, who gets to use the pen and phone on whose behalf.  No more right wing Ron Paul style abstract wonkery about saving a dying document.  Since the 1787 Constitution is dying, we better make sure we have a Vladimir Putin style figure, a patriotic populist nationalist white man, with his butt in that chair behind the Resolute Desk and his hands on the pen and phone on the day it officially dies.

And now that I said “Putin,” I know that lauraagudelo272, whose WordPress avatar has a head picture of Putin, will like this post.

Smoking President

21 05 2014

Washington, D.C.

Here’s your smoking gun:


The smoking gun is the fact that Barack H. Obama II is President.


Point and Sputter Spring

15 05 2014

Washington, D.C.

I feel for you.  I really do.  And I’m not being glib, which, considering the nature of the author of almost all of the posts in this space, is something I do have to make perfectly clear.

Yes, Mr. Obama, I said perfectly clear.

So consider this very friendly fire.

For what?  Let’s say you get what you want, the rally convinces all the people in the highest levels in American elected government to resign.  The people who replace them may well be worse, simply because getting rid of questionable people leading a bad system doesn’t do anything to solve the bad system.

Then what?  This reminds me of the massive D.C. rally the Tea Party Movement had in D.C. on Labor Day 2009.  And what became of all that energy?  The RINOs benefited from it, rode the wave to a red wave election the next year, then drove all that energy into the ground so that the Stupid Party donor class could have the run of the joint.  That’s the assessment you have to make right now if you’re being honest, notwithstanding how the present and future low level civil war within the Republican Party turns out.

This gives me the opportunity to get something off the tip of my tongue that’s been brewing there for a few weeks.  This protest has as its main motivation the Cliven Bundy question, and about that, there’s been something that’s been bothering me, something I haven’t been able to translate into readable English until this morning.

There is next to nobody outside of whack job leftists who approves of what the Feds are trying to do to Bundy, or the Feds’ actions in our low level 2.0 version of the Sagebrush Rebellion.  Among us racialists, those of us who don’t consider the Bundy affair a big deal aren’t fretting about it not because we approve of what the Feds are doing, but because it’s not one of our core concerns.

Also consider that the Bundy question is just the most recent proxy in the long standing chronic scandal of the abuse of public power, and the anarcho-tyrannical application of power.  Something which again nobody approves of or wants, and most everyone wants to stop.

On one side of the fence, you have an abused public that doesn’t approve of being abused and wants it to stop.  On the other side of the fence, you have increasingly abusive governments that get worse and more outrageous by the year.

Why the disconnect?  Why haven’t the the people on the first side of the fence been able to impose its will on people on the second side of the fence?  With public opinion firmly on our side, we should be much further along in the practical politics of the matter.  But the better it gets for us on the ground, the worse it gets on the other side of the fence.  The more we recognize the problem of the abuse of public power and the more angry we get about it, the less able are we to solve it and stop it.

I have what I think is a really good theory to explain the disconnect, or to explain our pointing and sputtering.  Before I tell you what it is, which I will in this post, I want to solicit some of your opinions and theories.


Okay, you’ve had ten days.  Some of the theories you submitted in the comment section are valid and I think are part of the explanation.  But I think there’s a better explanation:

It’s the libertarian cult, which is a subset of the cult of ideological rectitude.  It’s getting worse because the people that want to make it better can’t break out of their shell of cult ideology.  If someone who presents him or her self for public office is going to say or imply that we have to get rid of Medicare in order for the BLM not to abuse Cliven Bundy, then of course you know how most voters will react.  There should have already been a million riots and revolutions before now for all the shit that’s being done to us, but let the SSA propose that next year’s Social Security checks be $1 a month less than this year’s, and the old people will riot, mark me.

Things will start to get a lot better for Cliven Bundy and everyone like him the first time a politician says to the voting public that government should do Medicare but not do BLM abuse of Cliven Bundy, that one has nothing to do with the other.  We’ll start moving the ball forward once we break free of the liberTARDian cult and the other ideological cults.



RINO Battlespace Preparation

15 04 2014

Springfield, Virginia

The story.

The really curious thing is this:  Why him, why now?  Especially when his days in elected politics are over.

I have a theory.

Before I state my theory, I have to remind you of my theory that IRSgate is a bipartisan scandal, because that plays into where my mind is running.

Then take a look at this.  It’s not just the WSJ and NR, it’s also Jennifer Rubin at the WaPo and Sheldon Adelson that have recently geared up to put up a RINO shield between the Rand Paul and the Republican nomination for President.  Not for the reason he shouldn’t win the nomination, because he’s open borders and amnesty all the way.  That they won’t talk about, because that’s also their position, with the possible exception of NR, and their immigration agenda in spite of not being the worst possible still isn’t anything to write home about.  No, the reason they’re out to get Rand Paul is because he’s Ron Paul’s son, and they’re worried that apple has not rolled far enough away from tree on foreign policy, even though that apple has been doing nothing but rolling away from the tree ever since he started running for the Senate, and by the time 2016 comes around, Rand will be far closer to the neos than his father.  However, that still won’t make the neos happy, when they have a reliable lifer in Jeb Bush rather than a Johnny-come-lately in Rand Paul.  The invade the world neos have made the decision that they far more trust a brother and son of two people named George Bush than a son of Ron Paul.

So mash the two together, RINO sway in IRS politics and RINO fear of Rand Paul.

What does it add up to?

If the IRS can find dirt or quasi-dirt or anything questionable related to Ron Paul and the Campaign For Liberty, they’ll pounce, the media will pounce, and some of the splat will land in Rand Paul’s lap.

And that’s what the RINOs are hoping for.

Bundy Ranch

10 04 2014


I’ll make this really easy for you.

Obama’s doing it for much the same reason why 28 Senate Democrats essentially sucked off Tom Steyer all night long a few weeks back.

Responding to the Democrat greenie weenie donor class.

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and Nevada Senator Dean Heller, both Republicans, are outraged at the Feds’ actions.  Not outraged is that other prominent Nevada politician, Harry Reid.  Hint hint.


Now we know why Reid has been so silent.  And that it’s not about tortoises, the same species of which the BLM killed/euthanized 800 in 2013 alone.


What mystifies me, now that I think about it, is this:

Why no PR pushback from the Feds? At least with Ruby Ridge, they concocted some bullshit rationale, and with Waco, they trucked out the child abuse line. So why aren’t they even trying with this case? Is it just a matter of they’re so arrogant that they don’t think that they even need come up with a reason?

Nevertheless, our side is winning the PR battle just because we showed up on that front and the other side did not.


Well I should have looked before I hit Enter. Looks like we won, for now, this time, and the reason seems to be that two sources that we ordinarily have a lot of problems with, Info Wars and the Kosher (“Free”) Republic, scooped Harry Reid’s interest in the whole matter.

That we won this round is not quite as important as why we won. And why did we win? Like I said above, we waged and won a war of public relations. A war where not one bullet flew, at least from our side. Because we actually tried and the other side did not. But I think we still would have won even if they would have tried to push back, because they had nothing, or what they had would have been easily refutable.

And I’m not just saying this because I’m now working a job that is partially PR. I had to learn the hard way in 2012 how important PR especially good or at least competent PR is. As far as that goes, I turned out to have a talent for it that I never knew I had.

And the Beatdown Goes On

11 03 2014


Before you start your day digesting the soap opera dressed up as news, here’s some real news that broke overnight.

Whether or not Obama could or could not legally do this I guess is something that’s worth debating.  But even if he’s not on solid legal ground, don’t expect any protest from Republicans not named Sessions, Vitter, King, Barletta or the like.  We already know Obama was so out of bounds on the DACA provisions of creating work permits out of thin air and charging a $465 fee per DACA applicant, a revenue collection Congress did not authorize, that he wasn’t just outside the lines, he was outside the whole stadium.  But you heard not one word of outrage from the “official” opposition.  Steve King did sue Obama in Federal court over the work permits and the fee, and that matter is still in process.

Still, I don’t think Obama is going to do any massive sweeping executive action on immigration amnesty, because it would doubly paints too big a target on Democrats’ backs and amount to no real change from our non-enforcement of immigration law since President Eisenhower ended Operation Wetback.  He thinks he can get away with this, and he probably can, because it involves the military, and of course everyone supports the military.  Strong national defense.  Because, Amurrika.

No Comment

25 02 2014

Clarksville, Tennessee


I commented at this DC thread:

Until a handful of months ago, I would have agreed with the consensus of this comment thread, that zero tolerance was a function of leftist skullduggery. My pet theory was (and to an extent, still is) that the purpose of 0T was to try to even out the race stats in school suspensions, in order to quiet the NAACP.

But then a few things happened:

One, I saw some more of these 0T-Gone-Wild news stories, and some of the things that were written and some of the things that were written between the lines made me think my initial theory wasn’t the whole story.

Second, I started a job in a business that’s a hybrid of lobbying and public relations, the lobbying part is entirely directed at Missouri state and local and county governments. I started to witness first hand the way a certain industry arrogantly throws its weight around bullying and intimidating public officials, especially Republican ones.

Now I think the real driving factor behind school districts having and fanatically enforcing 0T policies is:

Insurance companies.

Here’s how it goes:

School districts are getting discounts on their insurance policies, in exchange for districts having to implement and fanatically enforce 0T.

Watch legislation that cracks down on 0T. I predict that any such legislation will quietly be killed. Who kills it will tell the tale on whether my new pet theory or my old pet theory is right. If Republicans kill it, especially Republicans with big insurance company contributions on their campaign finance reports, then my new pet theory is right. If Democrats kill it, especially black Democrats and the legislative black caucus, then my old pet theory is right. If it’s a combination of both, then both my new and old pet theories have validity.

As an aside, Mr. Duren-Sanner appears mixed race, even though his father is white.  That puts a wrench in my theory that 0T is meant to garner more white suspensions for its own sake, because this isn’t a suspension of a white student.  Also, I’d like to know what a west coast commercial fisherman is doing living in Clarksville, Tennessee, and near Fort Campbell.  The hyphenated surname, which both father and son have, but the grandmother (don’t know of which side) is just Duren, is also curious.


And on the same day I write this post, the Georgia State House unanimously passes a bill to eliminate 0T for knives and bats.

Putting Your Mind to It

24 02 2014


Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds), writing in McPaper:

This is more “Irish Democracy,” passive resistance to government overreach. The Hartford (Conn.) Courant is demanding that the state use background-check records to prosecute those who haven’t registered, but the state doesn’t have the resources and it’s doubtful juries would convict ordinary, law-abiding people for failure to file some paperwork.

The whole point of registration is for some government agency to know who has what.  But if they have the background check data to tell them who has what to cross-check against who has and has not registered, then what’s the point of registration?  Other than creating a new revenue source for the state, and a new process crime as either an anarcho-tyrannical weapon or a bargaining chip against ghetto and barrio dwellers.

This paper thinks that a state which imprisoned 20,000 people in its own prison system at its peak a few years ago somehow has space for 330,000 gun owners who are going Irish Democracy on the state’s new gun laws.  (By comparison, the Federal system houses 215k and Texas, the state with the most state prisoners, houses 158k.)  And also, this paper is probably one of those “you can’t possibly deport 11 or 20 or 30 or 36 or 40 million illegal aliens” bromide-spouters.

Blogmeister Translates

20 02 2014



“Last May the FCC proposed an initiative to thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country. With its ‘Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,’ or CIN, the agency plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. A field test in Columbia, S.C., is scheduled to begin this spring.  The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about ‘the process by which stories are selected’ and how often stations cover ‘critical information needs,’ along with ‘perceived station bias’ and ‘perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.'”

I translate:

It’s not enough that the national media cover up black crime stories.  But BRA doesn’t even want local eyeball newscasts covering black crime in their local areas.  That way, our kind of websites won’t be able to report them.

Speaking of which, I do agree with the person that e-mailed me.  I need to start making more posts about the local ‘shines.  Yes, I’m aware of just about all of them, but I don’t think they’re interesting enough for actual blog post material.  Because, TNB is, well, “T.”  It gets boring and old after awhile.  But what I think I will do, until Obama’s FCC starts forcing the P-D and Channels 2, 4 and 5 to censor black crime, is start doing a daily digest of the day’s local TNB.

Frank Underwood Envy

17 02 2014


Article #1 and Article #2 go into the same BS pile.

Can we lay off this myth that Obama is incompetent?

Meanwhile, here in the real world, Obama is anything but weak, and anything but incompetent. He’s issuing one executive order after another after another, his regulatory bureaucracy is on a rampage and a riot. And he’s almost never held accountable for anything he does, and it’s only once in a blue moon that he faces any actual organized effective opposition.

Also, consider this:  Obama benefits from the meme that Obama is incompetent.  Because then Obama can spin the negative consequences of Obama’s actions as outside of the realm of Obama’s control, not Obama’s fault.  A slight derivative of the Limbaugh Theorem.

Sorry, Barack Obama is not envious of Frank Underwood. Frank Underwood is envious of Barack Obama.

Last week and this week at the salt mines did and will involve watching the Olympics as part of evening socialization and schmoozing and making the rounds of the gossip circuit.  But I know that Netflix just dropped Season Two of House of Cards.  That’s probably on store for me starting next week.

The official fight song of the Obama administration.


Shorter Obama

17 01 2014

Washington, D.C.

Re Obama’s NSA press conference today:


“I caused the problem, but I have to pretend to be outraged about the problem to satisfy some elements of my base and to continue to play this game where I pretend not to be President when something that I did goes wrong.  So here I am proposing what seem to be solutions and reforms, but in reality they will accomplish nothing and mean nothing, so I’m standing here today saying a whole lot of nothing.  Because…it’s Bush’s fault.”


What gets me is this bit from Obama that “NSA agents are our friends and neighbors.”

Uh pardon me, but I don’t have any friends or neighbors that are NSA agents.But this is illustrative of Beltway insularity and arrogance.  Just because everyone who lives in DC or environs has a neighbor or friend that is an NSA agent must obviously mean that everyone everywhere has a friend or neighbor that’s an NSA agent.  Since the DC economy is doing good, it must be good everywhere.

One more thing:  Why do I get the feeling that ever since Snowden started whistle blowing and this NSA question has been on the public consciousness, that the issue has been strewn with white elephants and naked emperors?  That everyone sees the white elephants and naked emperors but are afraid to say “white elephants” and “naked emperors?”  From the way people in official capacity are conducting themselves, I definitely get that impression.
And why do I think that farming out the reform efforts to John Podesta is tantamount to trying to stuff it all down the rabbit hole?

Bridge Too Far

9 01 2014

Fort Lee, New Jersey

The issue isn’t whether Krispy Christie’s abuse of power didn’t have consequences as bad or as relevant as Barack Obama’s.

The issue is that Christie is turning out to be just as big of a petulant raging tantrum-throwing crybaby as Obama.  The only reason Obama’s abuses are worse than Christie’s is simply a matter of situation and opportunity — If Christie was ever President, he would be just as bad as Obama.  The President has a lot more power than a Governor.

So what?  The Mayor of Fort Lee didn’t endorse Christie in a re-election campaign that he was a cinch to win anyway.  Quick:  Name Christie’s Democrat opponent last year.  See what I mean?  I might be the only person left who remembers Barbara Buono.  Hell, Barbara Buono now might not remember that it was Barbara Buono.

RIP, Chris Christie’s Presidential ambitions.  November 3, 2009 to January 9, 2014.

Sorry About That

10 12 2013



What did they think that whoever had this was going to be able to do with it?  Hijack a model airplane?

But I Repeat Myself

10 10 2013


Ever since IRSgate broke, I’ve been very skeptical of the theory that it influenced 2012 by depressing Republican turnout.  First off, the TPM was never hot for Romney, second, Romney had plenty of money on his own to do GOTV.  His losing is entirely his fault.  Hell, the Romney campaign’s election day GOTV software base was so bad and untested that the sonofabitch crashed when the Romney campaign tried to crank it up on the morning of election day.

But we have a lame quantitative attempt to “prove” that:

Study finds IRS suppression of Tea Party swung 2012 election

A new study by the American Enterprise Institute — “Do Political Protests Matter? Evidence From The Tea Party Movement” — finds that the movement boosted Republican turnout by three to six million votes in the 2010 election. This effect was blunted in the 2012 election, though, because growth in the movement stalled.

That slowdown happened, co-author and AEI economist Stan Veuger notes, at the same time that the IRS began coming down hard on these groups. He argues in a article that this most likely had a major impact in the 2012 election.

“The founders, members, and donors of new Tea Party groups found themselves incapable of exercising their constitutional rights, and the Tea Party’s impact was muted in the 2012 election cycle,” Veuger said.

He added: “The data show that, had the Tea Party groups continued to grow at the pace seen in 2009 and 2010, and had their effect on the 2012 vote been similar to that seen in 2010, they would have brought the Republican Party as many as 5 to 8.5 million votes compared to Obama’s victory margin of 5 million.”

Given those numbers, it is reasonable to be suspicious of the IRS targeting, Veuger said.

The AEI study was done by Veuger, Andreas Madestam of Stockholm University, and Daniel Shoag and David Yanagizawa-Drott, both from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

The big problem with this study?  As the investment commercials always tell us, past returns are not automatically indicative of future results.

I can believe that the TPM efforts boosted Republican turnout in 2010 over 2008 by a 3-6m delta.  What I cannot automatically be made to believe is that it would have kept on bringing in more voters, 5-8.5m delta on top of that, in 2012 over 2010, had Obama and the RINOs combined not sicked the IRS on it.  What is very possible is that the TPM in 2009 and 2010 plucked a lot of sweet easy low hanging fruit, but there was no fruit to be had any higher on the tree.

Mystery Machine

24 09 2013

Virginia Beach, Virginia

My prevailing theory on zero tolerance is that it’s a way for school districts to suspend white boys more often to even out the race stats in suspensions.

This latest zero tolerance outrage complicates my theory, because it’s one black and one white student.  The reason it might not complicate my theory is precisely because this was a salt and pepper team, that the school couldn’t have suspended salt and not have suspended pepper without creating a row.  Barring that, notice the school board’s vote for the rest-of-the-school-year suspension was unanimous.

I’m starting to think there are other forces at work behind zero tolerance.

Why are districts so hard headed and inflexible in these cases?  And why is there virtually zero political will to reform zero tolerance?

This is where you need a good mystery solver, that being me.  Yes, me, mild mannered lobbyist by day, snarky blogmeister by night.  And I’m not just being glib when I say “lobbyist” — What I’m about to say is something I’ve known in the abstract for awhile, but I’ve now seen it in the concrete ever since I started my new job.  There’s a certain industry that really likes to throw its weight around in the behind-the-scenes sausage-making slaughterhouse realm of public policy formation and also political campaign financing.  I think that’s the key to this whole mystery.  And where there is intransigence on the part of public authorities, there is almost always a powerful special interest behind it.

Put this all together, and what does it add up to?


I bet a whole lot of school districts’ insurance underwriters are requiring that districts both have and fanatically enforce zero tolerance policies on things like weapons (fake or real).  And by “require,” I don’t mean a Vito Corleone “make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse” sort of “requirement,” I mean a substantial rate and premium and deductible discount.  I bet there’s also some cartel action working in the background, that various insurance companies that have the financial oomph to insure school districts have gone into collusion to make sure that none of them don’t offer policies to districts without the zero tolerance “requirement.”

No Direct Political Involvement

18 09 2013

Washington, D.C.

But there didn’t need to be.


IRS officials thought Obama wanted crackdown on tea party groups, worried about negative press

IRS employees were “acutely” aware in 2010 that President Obama wanted to crack down on conservative organizations and were egged into targeting tea party groups by press reports mocking the emerging movement, according to an interim report being circulated Tuesday by House investigators.

The report, by staffers for Rep. Darrell E. Issa, California Republican and chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, quoted two Internal Revenue Service officials saying the tea party applications were singled out in the targeting program that has the agency under investigation because “they were likely to attract media attention.”

In the report, the investigators do not find evidence that IRS employees received orders from politicians to target the tea party, and agency officials deny overt bias or political motives.

But the report says the IRS was at least taking cues from political leaders and designed special policies to review tea party applications, including dispatching some of them to Washington to be vetted by headquarters.

Class, repeat after me, really loud, so loud that the dead can hear you:

Personnel is policy.

Of course there is no smoking gun with Obama’s fingerprints on it.  That’s because all the evidence you need to know that Obama is behind it is the fact that Obama is the President of the United States.  Either he appointed key people who didn’t have to be told to turn the IRS into a political battering ram, or if he didn’t do that, existing personnel took it upon themselves to do that to please their boss at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


5 09 2013

Washington, D.C.


Administration rebrands controversial immigration post to skirt funding cut-off

The Obama administration is being accused of trying to pull a fast one on lawmakers by re-branding a controversial immigration job — a “public advocate” for both legal and illegal immigrants — after Congress explicitly voted to defund it.

The administration over the summer quietly changed the name of the position, first created in February 2012, from “public advocate” to deputy assistant director of “Custody Programs and Community Outreach.” It was a change in name only. The administration kept the person in charge and the job description the same.

Now we know that defunding ObamaCare would be a waste of time. Obama would probably just change its name to OogaBoogaOingoBoingoOokOokEekEekCare.

He’s only doing this shit because Congress didn’t impeach his ass after DACA. That’s all he needed to know that he could get away with anything.

Red Line

3 09 2013

Waco, Texas

There are some who think that the American Federal government crossed it on April 19, 1993.

Bring It On

9 08 2013


Hot Air:

Plan B on immigration reform for amnesty supporters: Have Obama issue an order granting temporary amnesty

He did it once before for the DREAMers in a cynical but effective bid to drum up Latino turnout before the election. Why wouldn’t he do it again ahead of the midterms, with Democrats desperate to rally their base to hold back a Republican tide? Remember, this is a guy willing to ignore key provisions of his own landmark health-care law, with not even a pretense of having the legal authority to do so, if it’ll help Democrats politically. According to O’s, he’s constitutionally empowered to Do Good For The People whenever he thinks Congress is dragging its feet too much. If that means imposing a mass moratorium on deportations, hey.

So, plan B in case immigration reform collapses in the House: De facto amnesty for illegals for the rest of Obama’s term. This is the amnesty crowd’s shot across the bow of House Republicans to warn them that if they don’t step up and pass something, Democrats via Obama will get all the credit for what happens next instead of just the vast, vast majority of it.

That’s exactly what Democrats need to do to score political brownie points:  Have Obama declare amnesty by fiat, then go around the country bragging everywhere to everyone that he did it and Democrats support it, and those big bad evil Republicans wouldn’t.

Now, where is that sarcasm tag on WordPress?

Pink Slips For Free

31 07 2013

San Diego


Four million richer.

Which DEA agents got fired?

Did anyone get fired?

CSI Effect

25 07 2013


There is a reason why cop drama shows portray the cops as uber-competent geniuses that clear every crime.  It’s subtle propaganda to promulgate the notion that the real world cops can and do clear every crime, to try to deter real world potential criminals away from committing crimes.  Unfortunately, the other just-as-sharp side of that sword is that the real world cops aren’t that good, but CSI has given the real world criminal class the blueprint on how to cover up their trail, and real world jurors expect the real world cops to do it as well as they do it on CSI, meaning that when the real world cops inevitably don’t do it as well as they do it on CSI, the jurors come back with “not guilty.”

With that in mind, we have a story in Forbes today that the massive NSA server farm in Utah really won’t hold that much data.

Is the NSA engaged in a deliberate head fake to try and convince us that their data gathering capabilities are much greater and much more ubiquitous than they actually are, in order to try and deter potential terrorists and other assorted do-badders?  If that’s so, the other edge of that sword is that if the real world terrorist boogie woogies think that the NSA can hear and see all, they’ll in a metaphorical sense buy bottles of extra extra strength bleach.  IOW, that will only drive them farther underground in their communications strategies.  Of course, that means that it will be much harder to pull off big 9/11 type terrorist attacks, (which may be by the design of our alphabet gang), so the AQ crowd might be limited to one/two/three people at a time small scale salami slice death by a thousand paper cuts kind of attacks.

Castles Way Up High

23 07 2013


Me, May 17:


By the time it’s all over, and all the documents have bubbled up to the surface and everyone that has something to say winds up talking, we’re going to find out that IRSgate was a bipartisan scandal.  What I mean by that is that both Democrats/Obama and the RINO/Stupid Party Establishment wanted to use the IRS to put the screws on the TPM, because both dislike it, and both had an incentive in 2012 to keep it from being too active; the RINOs didn’t want them to interfere with their coronation of Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee earlier in the year, and Obama wanted to be re-elected later in the year.

That the IRS director during the heart of the IRSgate timeline was a Bush holdover is not an irrelevant fact here, IMHO.

And I bet Karl Roverrated is involved somehow.

WaT, today:

Records of snooping into Christine O’Donnell tax records disappear

Delaware state officials have told Congress that they likely destroyed the computer records that would show when and how often they accessed Christine O’Donnell’s personal tax records and acknowledged that a newspaper article was used as the sole justification for snooping into the former GOP Senate candidate’s tax history.


Specifically, Mr. Grassley’s staff was told that a Delaware state investigator asked for and received permission from his boss on a Saturday to access Ms. O’Donnell’s tax records based on a local newspaper article about a civil lien. The lien, it turned, out was issued erroneously.

Mr. Grassley said he was concerned that a simple newspaper article that alleged no criminal wrongdoing could be used to pierce one of America’s most protected privacies, tax information.


“The state says it looked at Ms. O’Donnell’s federal records because of a newspaper article describing a federal tax lien against her,” Mr. Grassley said. “Does the state look at every taxpayer who faces a federal lien or only those who happen to appear in a newspaper article? Is it routine for a state employee to email his boss about looking at a taxpayer’s records on a Saturday, when the article appeared? It’s hard to evaluate what happened in the O’Donnell case without answering these questions, and I’ll continue to work to get more information.”

Mr. Grassley’s staff also was told that Delaware officials do not think they kept any of the computerized records showing when their investigators accessed Ms. O’Donnell’s tax records because such searches are stored for only three months before they are deleted or destroyed.

The access was believed to have occurred in March 2010, the same month Ms. O’Donnell formally launched her Senate campaign that shocked the Delaware establishment by defeating Republican favorite Michael Castle in the primary election.


But Ms. O’Donnell told The Times last week that when investigators alerted her in January that her confidential tax records were breached three years ago, they told her the date was March 9, 2010.

That date was the same day Ms. O’Donnell scheduled a news conference to announce her Senate run. It’s also the same date the IRS admitted the lien against her was mistakenly generated by a computer and sent to Delaware.

On March 9, 2010, Christine O’Donnell was not a political threat to the Democrat looking to replace Joe Biden in the Senate, that being the man who ultimately won, Chris Coons.  She was an immediate threat to the establishment liberal-RINO Mike Castle.  Therefore, leaking fake info about tax “issues” she didn’t have at the time it was leaked was done with the intent of helping Castle.  Meaning that there’s some smoking gun out there with liberal-RINO fingerprints all over it.


Sorry for the junior senior moment I just had, but I did a blog post with a title that has a musical allusion, and I totally forgot the YT video embed.

This and its remixes were club staples in the first half of the last decade.

Adam Kokesh

10 07 2013

Herndon, Virginia

More like Adam Kookesh.

My impression of him for as long as he’s been on my radar is that he’s a leader in search of a cause.  That can be the only explanation for someone who moves so quickly from left to right back to left back again to right and back and forth.  I don’t think he is or ever was a left wing/Obama plant; Even if OFA was in the sabotaging business, they wouldn’t use people like him to do it.

When someone is making a fool of themselves, you get out of the way and let them do it.  With the gestapo tactics, the Federal government has just turned Kookesh into a living martyr among people who have no business lionizing him.

And, as Drudge hinted, where was this show of force when it came to David Gregory?

Voltaire Might Have Said It

13 06 2013


I guess you could call this “No Mosque Left Behind.”

Voltaire once said that you can tell who rules you on account of who you’re not allowed to criticize.  I guess he would also agree that you can tell who the protected classes are for whom the black hat crowd isn’t spying on.


12 06 2013

Hong Kong

He left behind six figures and a hard body pole dancer to rat on the Yankee government.

No matter what else transpires, my mind is made up about him.


8 06 2013



This ad leads to this website, which has even more lulz.

Dog Not Barking

24 05 2013


It’s not proof per se of my theory that the RINO establishment was in on it.  But the dog not barking wasn’t proof of anything either in Silver Blaze, but it was an important clue that led Holmes to finding the murderer.

Speaking of dogs, I noticed our very own Puggg helped me spread Blogmeister’s Theorem in the comment section of that article.  Good doggy.  Here’s a bone.

Cruella DeVil

23 05 2013

Washington, D.C.


The last time I saw a face like that, I think she was trying to make a fur coat out of Dalmatian puppies.

I Grokketh Not

20 05 2013


I’m not liking this meme I’m starting to hear develop all over conservative talk radio, that IRSgate was the proximate causation for Romney not winning.

While I definitely believe that IRSgate came straight from the top, i.e. the current resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and was designed to bog the TPM down in Mickey Mouse paperwork to keep it from being effective, and to harass big donors to Romney and Republican organizations and TPM organizations, I do not think that that can totally explain why Romney didn’t win.  That’s because the TPM was never too hot for Romney, and he wasn’t exactly hurting for money, either.  What explains Romney not winning is that incumbent politicians are very hard to beat, and not enough white conservatives were jazzed to show up and vote for an open borders RINO.

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