Meanwhile, From the World of Bread and Circuses

22 08 2014


Rams go to Cleveland to play the Browns tomorrow night in a preseason game.

Get ready for ESPN to crash and test pattern if Michael Sam sacks Johnny Manziel.

Sister Mo

20 08 2014

Williamsport, Pennsylvania


You’re looking at a future DoR (sorry, DMV) clerk who has all the charm of someone named “Mo’ne.”

Yeah, she looks good now striking out a conga line of 12-year old white boys, and by comparison, she’s a great Little League pitcher.  So let me say it again:  Little League.  The boys who are pitchers to whom she is being compared will throw a lot harder and faster once puberty kicks in (well, for some, it already has), meanwhile, she has pretty much peaked in her fastball velocity.

As it is, even she knows that she will never be a major league pitcher, though from what I see, she’s the only one who realizes that.  Her own future athletic ambition is to play basketball at a major women’s college program like U-Conn or Tennessee.


Her team lost today in the LLWS, so her baseball career is probably over.  Which makes me wonder what SI was thinking when it put “remember her name” on the mag cover.  Just as fast as she became a baseball celebrity, she un-became one.  She even knows that if he has a sports career as a young adult, it’s going to be in basketball, and who cares about women’s college basketball?


And because she didn’t pitch that well in her team’s loss yesterday, people are already starting to flap their gums about “SI jinx.”

The scientific phrase for “SI jinx” and “Madden curse” is “regression to the mean.”  Look it up.

That Might Well Be Any One of You

19 08 2014

Landover, Maryland

Yes, do run around with your hands up in the air.  They don’t call the NFL the National Felon League for nothing.  Having your hands up in the air is actually an important life skill for many NFL players.

“That could have been any one of us.”  Well, it will be any one of you the day you use your NFL speed, size and weight to make a beeline toward a cop then lunge at him.

And also, the last thing for PR purposes that a team named “Redskins” and a team hanging on to its nickname by a thread needs is to piss a lot of people off.

Don’t Cry, Ma’lik

15 08 2014

Steubenville, Ohio


You see?  Everything turned out okay.

Because, must win football games.

Just to be a spoil sport, I have heard that there’s some blogger out there who has called for all football, from pee wee up to the NFL, to be made to take a season off as penance for Sandusky and other things, like this.  We must find this blogger and lynch him for blaspheming the holy sacrament of American life.

Another Danny Almonte? Or Simple HBD?

15 08 2014

Williamsport, Pennsylvania


A Little League player with the start of a mustache?

I know you’re thinking Danny Almonte, but there might be a non-diabolical but taboo explanation at work.

Currently, the age cutoff for Little League is April 30.  Which means that if your age is 12 on April 30, even if you turn 13 on May 1, you can play on the LL team for “12-year olds,” and maybe go all the way to Williamsport.

Young Mr. Pierce Jones, pictured above, is 13 years old.

So you probably have to consider racial differences in puberty onset as a factor, even though we’re not supposed to think about such things.

In a few years, the age cutoff will be moved back to December 31, and I think that’s to prevent this kind of thing somewhat.

Chris Paycheck

25 07 2014

Los Angeles

Yeah, I know what you mean.  There are some jerk bosses that you wish you didn’t have to work for.

But the three players and head coach mentioned in this article talking boycott are slated to make $20 million, $17.6 million, $11.4 million an $7 million this coming season.  Somehow, I get the feeling that not a one of these four men have any way to make anywhere near that kind of money but for basketball.  Meanwhile, Donald Sterling will still be worth $1.9 billion and will still have a standing $2 billion offer for his team from Steve Ballmer even if these four boycott.  In theory, the value of the Clippers could decline during the boycott, Ballmer could withdraw his offer and whoever might make an offer after that may well be less than $2 billion, maybe way less than $2 billion.  But by the same token, even so, don’t expect to find Donald Sterling in a food pantry queue.

Five, six, seven, eight…

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

22 07 2014


“Deal with all of it.”

Translation:   He  wouldn’t want to deal with the media hoopla.  If not for that, Michael Sam’s extracurricular activities would have been of no concern to him.

And as far as that goes, he sounds like some snarky blogmeister I know.

Although Jason Collins played about the final third of the most recent NBA season, and I don’t remember much media hoopla after his first game.

Ducks Not in a Row

16 07 2014

Las Vegas

Ruh roh, turns out the NBA moved too fast in trying to steal the Clippers from Donald Sterling.  Now they realize this and are admitting it.

Give that treacherous old man even the slightest crack to exploit, and he will slip right through it.


13 07 2014

Rio De Janiero

One of these things does not belong, though:


The German WC team four years ago had a lot of things which did not belong.  So the situation is improving.

Even so, the one which did not belong stuck out like a sore thumb all throughout this game.

I noticed that Putin was at this game, probably in a ceremonial sense as the head of state of the next country to host the World Cup of Soccer, as Russia will in 2018.  Don’t be surprised if Qatar gets the 2022 WC taken away from it for all the corruption and clusterfuckery that has taken place since it was so awarded, and it comes here on an emergency basis.  If that happens, I can’t wait for that giant TV screen at Jerry’s World to become a game impediment on high kicks, and you know Jerry’s World will get some games.

Another Day for You and Me in the Open Air Insane Asylum

11 07 2014

Akron, Ohio

Car accidents because so many people are driving to a certain area to be near an empty house.

Perpetual adolescents, male low information undertow, punting on their pathetic little lives so they have to pretend to be someone else and are living their lives through a celebrity.

Vladimir Putin, please invade soon.

“Hideously White”

3 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

This really puts the “white” in the White House.

And I thought he was for affirmative action.  He is, for you, but not for him.

A Song Dedicated to Jason Kidd’s Long Tenure as Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

30 06 2014

Brooklyn, New York

Words Matter

28 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

It’s one thing that they’re trying to get us to like soccer.

But do they also have to throw in trying to cram international terminology down our throats?

It’s soccer, not football.

It’s a field, not a pitch.

It’s a uniform, not a kit.

It’s a game, not a match.

He’s the player of the game, not the man of the match.

It’s a post-game show, not a post-match show.

The score is Brazil 3, Argentina 1.  Not Brazil 3-1 Argentina.

A game which ends in the two teams having the same score is a tie, not a draw.

A team is a singular noun, not a plural one.

Aston Villa IS expected to sign a new goalie, not Aston Villa ARE expected to sign a new goalie. (I used Aston Villa from the EPL because I know at one point both their goalies were American.)

They’re standings, not tables.

They’re the schedule, not fixtures.

They’re transactions, not transfers.

Tell me where he played his college ball, not his junior club or training academy.

We call it “high school,” not “U17.”

We call it “college,” not “U23.”

The consistently worst teams in the professional leagues stay in the professional leagues, they’re not relegated to the minor leagues.

The consistently best teams in the minor leagues stay in the minor leagues, they’re not promoted to the professional leagues.

Trade players, don’t loan them.

They’re free agents, not free transfers.

They’re penalties, not cards.

You hit the showers, you’re not given a red card.

Overtime, not extra time.

The game duration clocks should go in reverse time and have both minutes and seconds, not in forward time with only minutes.

It’s a celebration, not an abandon.

He does play-by-play, he’s not the main commentator.

The TV guy who adds occasional insight next to the play-by-play guy is on color, not a summarizer.

I’m actually okay with only three subs per game and once you’re out you’re out.  The latter I’m familiar with from baseball.

I’m okay with the head coach being called the manager, again, because baseball.


On days that aren’t game days when players and teams get together to simulate game elements — That’s practice, not training.



Ball Buster

18 06 2014



Even so, so what?

Are we supposed to uproot the historic American nation and change our demographics just to win a game in a sport that most Americans from the historic American nation care nothing about other than once every four years?

What’s strange and curious about USMNT this year is its lack of Hispanics/immigrants, even though the growing popularity of soccer in the country is fueled almost entirely by Hispanic immigration. I get the feeling that that wasn’t an accident, that the player demographics for this year’s USMNT were chosen to be close to the demographics of what the football and basketball teams would be in a high school that’s 90-95% white and 5-10% black.

H/T Twitchy

Reset the Scale

4 06 2014

Los Angeles

Here’s what I meant by “resetting the scale” to explain why the owners arranged this hit on Sterling:


For example, Larry Dolan just got $3.5 billion richer in one fell swoop.

Steve Ballmer’s Pre-Game Motivation Speech in the Clippers Locker Room

29 05 2014

Los Angeles


The owners of the other teams are just loving this.  The net worth scale of NBA franchises has just been reset, way upward.  A franchise that “experts” valued at $950 million has just been sold for $2 billion.  This increases the value of all the other NBA franchises.

Now I’m starting to think the other owners were the prime suspects in this hit against Donald Sterling.  I’m sure they knew that someone would make a bid for it that was more than the “experts” thought it was worth.

And of course NextMedia was going to get around to covering it their way.  Los Angeles Clippys, hmmm.

Cash Cow

27 05 2014


Now I get it.

The dork in Orlando with a fax machine has now become the Morris Dees of the sports world.

Same Difference

14 05 2014

Earth City

Christian Coalition calls it a double standard.

What it really is is Who-Whom.

Mrs. Michael Sam’s Pedigree

13 05 2014


Well, well.  The NFL’s Great Gay Hope’s bed mate has some interesting pedigree.

The league better hope that this apple has rolled far from the tree.

Then again, organized crime in Kansas City did launch Harry Truman.

Eighth to the Last

13 05 2014

Earth City


Don’t you know that every eighth to the last pick of every year’s NFL draft is the most important player in football?

In my day, last round picks were a relative long shot even to make the team that drafted them.  Then again, in my day, err…you know, twenty miles, one way, a foot of snow, tattered boots, carnivorous dinosaurs.  So what do I know?

When Private Becomes General

12 05 2014

Brooklyn, New York

His Majesty has spoken.

In my day, employees weren’t the bosses of their employers.  Then again, in my day, every day I had to walk twenty miles one way to and from school through a foot of snow wearing tattered boots, dodging carnivorous dinosaurs all the way.  So what do I know?

If this doesn’t happen, what are the players going to do?  Strike?  Like James Edwards said (here, here and here) during the previous NBA labor impasse, which was a management lockout and not a players’ strike in that case, almost all NBA owners became rich through other means before they bought NBA teams, while virtually none of the players would have any way to make anything close to the money they’re making in the NBA if not for the NBA.  Therefore, the players need the NBA a hell of a lot more than the owners.


Now he’s talking boycott as early as the start of next season.

Bring.  It.  On.

Taste the Rainbow

10 05 2014


“Ram I am”

Of course they would.

Now I realize and think that if he was still there in the seventh round, the Rams would take him.  That was their plan all along.


At the very least, this means a certain someone is going to go house hunting in Tower Grove.

His name dominated water cooler gossip at the salt mines in the middle of the state for most of February.  Now, back on this side of the state, having to hear people talk and gossip about him through the rest of the offseason, training camp, preseason and then the season is going to get irritating, and no, going Oedipus Rex on my eardrums won’t make it any better.

I have another prediction:  He’ll have the jersey number 98, whether he stays on the D-line or moves to linebacker, both can use jersey numbers in the 90s per NFL rules.


All Grown Up

5 05 2014



The above pictured is a mature adult.

Which means he’s disqualified himself from ever working for MSNBC.

Doing a Victory Lap

5 05 2014

Los Angeles

Me, April 26:

Only one identifiably white man on their current roster, both their head coach and their associate head coach are black.  Sterling’s current girlfriend/whore/HPOA/sugar baby is also non-white.  So yeah, maybe Sterling’s real problem is with white people; that seems to be the disparate impact of his professional and personal decisions as of late.

Can I call ‘em or what? As an aside, Redick is the aforementioned only white player on this year’s Clippers roster.

Jumped the Gun

5 05 2014

Corvallis, Oregon

The administration at Oregon State University should expect an audit pretty soon.

They should have waited three years.

Like Hell You Would Have

1 05 2014

Los Angeles

Do you want proof that they would not have boycotted?

Here it is:

They’re saying they would have after Silver dropped the hammer on Sterling.

They said absolutely nothing of the kind before.

May 9 anti-Nazis.

Thanks For Voting

30 04 2014

Los Angeles


Guess what this poll was about and where it was asked.

Narrative FAIL.

Silver on Silver

30 04 2014

New York

Why did Adam Silver act so quickly and forcefully?

Another Silver, that being Nate of FiveThirtyEight, can provide that answer.

I also know for a fact that controlling for a lot of factors, blacks are far more likely than whites or anyone else to watch NBA games on TV (driving the advertising revenue which in turn drives the TV and media rights deals, the league’s bread and butter), more likely to buy the overpriced NBA-licensed merchandise, e.g. jerseys, clothing, and of course when some black basketball player comes out with a new shoe, you know who’s lined up in front of the shoe stores and malls for days before the fact, sometimes bullets fly in the queue.

Then there’s the matter of 78% of the players are black.

The only thing not black about the NBA are the owners and the people in the stands, and that’s largely because teams and tickets are expensive.

Sterling Silver

30 04 2014

New York

In his presser announcing the lifetime ban and $2.5 million fine against Donald Sterling, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver personally apologized to the pioneers of the game on behalf of the league.  Silver named some of those “pioneers,” and coincidentally, all of them were black.

I vaguely remember something about a white man inventing basketball at a YMCA in Massachusetts, or something like that.

And also…Spike Lee was in the front row at Silver’s presser.

Another late development is that The Oprah is interested in buying the Clip Joint, and rumored to be in the ownership group she’s assembling is none other than the king of the hostile takeover, Larry Ellison.  Maybe Steve Sailer was right about a shit disturber behind the curtains, but wrong about the precise individual.

Oldie and Goodie

29 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

A lot people, being mindful of the Donald Sterling nontroversy, must have remembered something about John Thompson’s anti-white bigotry, searched for it on Google, and found this post on this medium from seven years ago.  The post originally had a picture of Patrick Ewing, Jr. at the top.


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