I Can Call Em, And What

1 09 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Me, almost a year and a half ago:

I am all but sure that there is at least one man currently playing in a well known major professional sports league in America who is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, or at least the “G” part.  I think the real reason he won’t come out isn’t because he’s afraid of of his teammates, or afraid of locker room and shower room politics, but he’s afraid of the media.  Whoever he is, if he comes out, especially now, he’ll have 10 times as many people huddled around his locker after every game and practice than he has now, but none of them will ever want to talk about his job any more, all they’ll want to talk about is sex.  Plain words, the first one will only come out if he actually wants to be a “civil rights” icon, because the media and history itself won’t let him be anything but.

Yes, man on the other side of the mirror, I can sure call ‘em.

Michael Sam didn’t make the Rams because the Rams are already well stocked on the defensive line, which may be their only bright spot this season.  However, there are NFL teams with bad D-lines by NFL standards, and I’m sure Sam would be of use to one of them.  I can buy that the Rams cut Sam for football reasons, but I can’t believe that nobody else has picked him up purely for football reasons.

Time is a Resource (aka Free to Choose)

25 08 2014


Yahoo Sports:

Adam Jones sees obstacles to more blacks playing Major League Baseball

All-Star Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles took notice Saturday when mostly white Wrigley Field erupted in cheers for all-black Jackie Robinson West winning the United States championship at the Little League World Series. Jones said he was happy for the kids from the South Side of Chicago, but he wasn’t all that impressed with the remote cheering section.

“I see people cheering and all of that stuff here in the stadium, but they’re not going down there and supporting Jackie Robinson West,” Jones told Big League Stew. “They’re just doing it because they’re on TV. They see ‘Chicago’ on TV. I want to see more people be a part of it, rather than just say, ‘Oh, they’re from Chicago? Let’s just cheer because they’re from our hometown.’ Be a part of it.

Only black people would be upset that white people are cheering for black kids.

There’s no making these people happy.

Jackie Robinson West fell to South Korea in the international championship Sunday afternoon…

Blacks playing Asians, so I’m glad I didn’t watch one minute of it.

…but their surge at the Little League World Series, along with that of the racially mixed Taney Dragons of Philadelphia featuring Mo’ne Davis, again brought to light a question about Major League Baseball: Why aren’t more African Americans playing it? In 1981, a high of 18.7 percent were black. This season, it’s 8.3 percent. Baseball is the sport of Jackie Robinson, an irreplaceable character in the history of civil rights in the U.S. Why do blacks seem to be getting squeezed out, 67 years later?

There are plenty of blacks in MLB.  It’s just that lots of them were born in the Caribbean, Central America or South America and are native Spanish speakers.

It’s not lost on Jones, who is among the 8.3 percent of African Americans, that MLB also pays lip service to black players. Overall, the league has never been healthier, with revenues topping perhaps $9 billion this season, commissioner Bud Selig has said. Development in foreign countries continues to grow, and while some of those players have black skin, it’s not the same as showing interest in players like Jones, who’s from San Diego.

“I have my own theories as to why as to why those numbers have dwindled,” Jones said. “I’m pretty sure the owners wouldn’t like my comments.”

At home, MLB has put at least $30 million into programs such as R.B.I. — Reviving Baseball in the Inner Cities — that helps to build new fields and spruce up old ones, and to put on tournaments for boys and girls from 5 to 18. One of Adam Jones’s teammates, Manny Machado, played in the R.B.I. program. But getting kids to play baseball at a young age — like the Jackie Robinson players, who are 12 or 13 — isn’t necessarily the issue.

The “developments in foreign countries” are basically body shops, but at least American blacks have R.B.I.  If you’re white and interested in baseball and your parents aren’t of at least decent means, you might as well not even exist.

“There’s tons of African American kids playing baseball,” Jones said. “But once they start getting to 14, 15, 16 years old, the high school age, they have to deal with the pressures of playing multiple sports. The individual coaches want them to play just one sport. They might be good in all three sports, but their coaches nowadays want them to be in one sport because they want to win — for their own job security.”

Or, alternatively, time is a limited resource which must be budgeted.  Economics is the study of how individuals and groups reconcile limited resources with infinite desires.  You can’t fit multiple sports into limited one-sport time, just as you can’t fit two Corvettes into a sedan’s monthly payment budget.  Middle aged mid-life crisis white men have to make choices, and so do teenage black boys.

CC Sabathia of the New York Yankees noted in a New York Times article that college baseball scholarships aren’t as numerous as those for college football, leaving athletes good at both sports with an easy decision for college: They go where the scholarship is.

Maybe one reason there aren’t that many college baseball scholarships can be found in the sparse attendance at college baseball games.


24 08 2014

Earth City

One Sam is out for the season, again.

Which means there’s no way the other Sam isn’t going to make the team.  The Rams are going to need some sort of marketing talisman now that they’re destined for a double digit loss season.

Because, winning might cure everything, but social justice beats both.

Meanwhile, From the World of Bread and Circuses

22 08 2014


Rams go to Cleveland to play the Browns tomorrow night in a preseason game.

Get ready for ESPN to crash and test pattern if Michael Sam sacks Johnny Manziel.

Sister Mo

20 08 2014

Williamsport, Pennsylvania


You’re looking at a future DoR (sorry, DMV) clerk who has all the charm of someone named “Mo’ne.”

Yeah, she looks good now striking out a conga line of 12-year old white boys, and by comparison, she’s a great Little League pitcher.  So let me say it again:  Little League.  The boys who are pitchers to whom she is being compared will throw a lot harder and faster once puberty kicks in (well, for some, it already has), meanwhile, she has pretty much peaked in her fastball velocity.

As it is, even she knows that she will never be a major league pitcher, though from what I see, she’s the only one who realizes that.  Her own future athletic ambition is to play basketball at a major women’s college program like U-Conn or Tennessee.


Her team lost today in the LLWS, so her baseball career is probably over.  Which makes me wonder what SI was thinking when it put “remember her name” on the mag cover.  Just as fast as she became a baseball celebrity, she un-became one.  She even knows that if he has a sports career as a young adult, it’s going to be in basketball, and who cares about women’s college basketball?


And because she didn’t pitch that well in her team’s loss yesterday, people are already starting to flap their gums about “SI jinx.”

The scientific phrase for “SI jinx” and “Madden curse” is “regression to the mean.”  Look it up.

That Might Well Be Any One of You

19 08 2014

Landover, Maryland

Yes, do run around with your hands up in the air.  They don’t call the NFL the National Felon League for nothing.  Having your hands up in the air is actually an important life skill for many NFL players.

“That could have been any one of us.”  Well, it will be any one of you the day you use your NFL speed, size and weight to make a beeline toward a cop then lunge at him.

And also, the last thing for PR purposes that a team named “Redskins” and a team hanging on to its nickname by a thread needs is to piss a lot of people off.

Don’t Cry, Ma’lik

15 08 2014

Steubenville, Ohio


You see?  Everything turned out okay.

Because, must win football games.

Just to be a spoil sport, I have heard that there’s some blogger out there who has called for all football, from pee wee up to the NFL, to be made to take a season off as penance for Sandusky and other things, like this.  We must find this blogger and lynch him for blaspheming the holy sacrament of American life.


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