Da Man Sticks It To Da Man

14 10 2014

Los Angeles


A week after posting his thoughts on the NBA’s new television contract on Twitter, Kobe Bryant expounded on the subject Tuesday after the Los Angeles Lakers’ practice, going to far as to say that players “are overpaid, but so are the owners. And you have to fight for what your market value is.”

Duh Kobe.

Reminds me of this commercial from a few years back.

Owners, vicariously through the teams they own, pay the players.  The owners themselves already made a lot of money through some other means in order to have enough money to buy the teams or percentage shares thereof.  Kobe Bryant was once said to be smart enough to go to college on an academic scholarship if he wanted.  Yet, genius can’t grok the difference between employee and independently wealthy.

And that important distinction amounts to important leverage in the upcoming NBA labor dispute.

Can’t Afford Underwear

14 10 2014



…makes $495,000 this season, yet he felt the need to shoplift underwear and cologne.

What was he planning to do with underwear and cologne?  Maybe he wanted to give his teammate Michael Sam a gift.

Luxury Good

1 10 2014

Lausanne, Switzerland

Me, more than four years ago:

Something has to be done with the Olympics, because each one gets progressively more expensive and debt-inducing.  It’s unsustainable.  I think Vancouver is going to be the closest that any games get to the United States for a very long time.

Well, the unsustainable chickens are coming home to roost.

The Conscience of Football

28 09 2014

Austin, Texas


He is someone my grandfather would consider a kindred spirit in a lot of ways, except for that most obvious one.  My grandfather always said that you don’t have to put up with bullshit that you don’t tolerate to begin with.

Interesting is:

Strong has advantages that other coaches don’t: He’s new on the job, meaning he has a honeymoon period; he has tons of recruiting talent all around him in Texas; and he has perhaps more in the way of money and resources than any other head coach in the country. He can afford to make this kind of statement.

On top of that, he has another very obvious advantage.  It’s the one that’s as plain is the nose on your face.  It means that he can get away with disciplining and dismissing blacks without “racism” and “disparate impact” sticking to him.  That’s why he can enforce his core values of “Honesty,” “Respect for women,” “No drugs,” “No stealing” and “No guns” (you may hiss at the last one, but remember you’re dealing with a lot of 19-year old blacks) even though enforcing them disproportionately affects blacks because they disproportionately disobey them.

The one thing he has to worry about is the football cult.  If Texas doesn’t start turning in some impressive seasons soon, then the boosters, alumni and football cultists will push decency out the door.  Or maybe the dream scenario is that Texas football becomes a whitopia, or as much of one that is even possible in the realm of modern major college football.

Barry Called Jesse and Al

22 09 2014

New York

That’s a good point that a lot of people, including myself, are noticing.

You’d think the justice brothers brigade would be screaming to high hell.  Truly, there is a disparate impact on blacks that comes of the hoopla about NFL player domestic violence and child abuse.

So why are Jesse and Al silent?  I think it goes something like this:  President Obama used the phone component of his pen and phone to call them both, to tell them to stuff it for awhile, because the media are peddling this hoopla to dog whistle “war on women” to turn out single white women for Democrats in November.  Must not create a wreck at the intersectionality of gender and race in Libtard City during the high traffic hours that are election season.

If my theory is right, then look for the hoopla from the low information news and sports media to die down after November 4.

No Escape

21 09 2014


The handsupdontshoot gang mostly skipped the Dome and showed off around Busch.

Remember, the demographics of MLB game attendees is about as far away from the Fergaza Strip as you can get; practically a whitopia.  It’s what we do when we’re trying not to looksatdem.

This gang has promised to show their asses off big time if we’re in the World Series.  Which is supposed to start on October 21.  I hope for its sake and the sake of getting past what is left of outdoors weather this year that McCulloch milks the Grand Jury process for every day he can, so when they return no criminal charges, it’ll be too cold outside for the ooks to riot, and the St. Louis Cardinals will have already collected their 12th World Series championship with enough time to spare.



Football Cult

20 09 2014

Tallahassee, Florida

Because of this, he’s going to be a clipboard holder for today’s game.

And if the team loses for his absence, guess who the football cultists of Tallahassee are going to blame.  Hint:  It’s not Mr. Winston himself.

Like I’ve been saying, a whole season off.

What I find strange is that this is what gets him suspended, yet questionable conduct relating to a young woman that the Tallahassee P.D. investigated as a rape (and, surprise surprise, the investigation was magically dropped just in time for Winston to get his statue and play in last year’s national championship game), and his purloin of crab legs, weren’t enough to warrant suspensions.


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