Hank Aaron

9 04 2014


He’s complaining about all the abuse he supposedly took at the hands of rabid bigoted white people as he was nearing and ultimately surpassed Babe Ruth in the career HR tally.

Except this happened in the early 1970s and did in 1974; by then, the white had been washed out of white people.

Don’t you know that every black person who does something the least bit civil rightsey and social justicey had to endure miles and miles of fire hoses and hundreds and hundreds of rabid snarling police dogs and dozens of attempted lynchings and a few KKK firebombings along the way?  Just as there were a hundred million people who marched from Selma to Montgomery and a billion people at the March on Washington.  People who haven’t even been born yet were at those two events.

Bye Bye Blind Side

7 04 2014


Big news around here today:  DGB “indefinitely suspended” from the team, though he can use the student-athlete academic resource center, and I’m sure he’ll be there a lot.

The coaches and AD staff just got tired of his antics, most of which aren’t reported, and there’s chatter that he was arrested again somewhere in Columbia this past weekend.

Consensus gossip is that he’s played his last down as a Tiger, will transfer somewhere.  At this rate, if he makes the NFL, he’ll be a career backup and journeyman, or maybe he might have a nice career in Canada.

What happened with him?  Easy.  He grew up and started acting more like his dopehead biological parents than his straight arrow adoptive parents.  That and I think his adoptive father, an ex-jock himself, probably treated DGB with kid gloves because you can’t come down hard on the afawete.


Now we know what he did.  He broke into an apartment in a rage looking for his g/f, and whacked around one of her roommates until she fell down some stairs and broke her hand, and women being shoved down stairs often ends up even much worse for the woman, so she was lucky.  The only reason he’s not being charged is because the victim doesn’t want to testify, because she was afraid of the shit she’d have to take for snitching on the star black afawete.  (Shades of the woman Kobe Bryant raped.)

Though since he’s now been released from his scholarship, I don’t see why that would be an issue anymore.

Remember, this is the same school still reeling from the fallout of the suicide of the Canadian mulatto swimmer that was raped by blacks on the football team, and a school that has declared this current month to be sexual assault awareness month.  Now, DGB didn’t rape anyone, but that he was raging out looking for his g/f makes me think he had other intentions than just having words with her.


The victim was his g/f, not his g/f’s roommate.  And she is white.  On top of that, the reason she doesn’t want testify against him is because her mother, a school employee, and probably a rah-rah football team type, pressured her not to.

Product Placement

6 04 2014


Thanks to my regular commenter NotSam for sending this.


“I began noticing this last year, but didn’t give it much thought. For lack of a better term, I’m calling it ‘product placement.’ Always the shot of RH hitters. Opening day [in Cleveland for the Indians -- Blogmeister Ed.], prime seat in the house, yet, I’d imagine there weren’t 10 in attendance minus vendors, of course. I’ll be documenting as the season plays on.”

109 110 111


Blogmeister reacts:

It’s not as if they’re beyond that sort of thing.

For the next five Indians home games, those seats range from $92 to $98 each for single game tickets.  The opening day price for those seats were very likely even more.

Dork Reprise

1 04 2014


It used to be we only ever heard from the dork in Orlando with a fax machine in December and March.

Now he’s finding an excuse to run his mouth almost every month.

Guess what the big problem is now.

Old News is New Again

1 04 2014


The Sasha Courey affair is now back on the front burner in the mind of Mizzouheads.  You know, three or more black football players raped her, the trauma of the rape was so bad that she committed suicide about a year and a half after the rape, the school administration and the athletic department was hush hush about it the whole time.  That was the big topic of discussion around here at least among the Mizzou alumni until Michael Sam came out of the closet.

Mizzou is declaring this month, April 2014, to be sexual assault awareness month.  There will be a lot of things that will happen during the month, but one thing that won’t happen is the school’s powers that be taking responsibility for the cover up, because black football players are too important to touch.

If Miss Courey’s assailants ever see a day in prison, I’ll be surprised.

Sixty Thousand Dollar Man

31 03 2014

South Bend, Indiana


CNS shows a pic of a Notre Dame player.

Notre Dame’s 2013-2014 typical student expenses, according to the school itself, is $57,117.  Add some of the fringe benefits for scholarship athletes in the two revenue producing sports, football and men’s basketball, and I’m sure that figure goes over $60K, all taken care of by the scholarship.

Hardly any 17-23 year old men, especially of the sort that wins football and men’s basketball college scholarships, are working at jobs which pay them $60K/year after taxes.

In related news, Mark Emmert, current President of the NCAA, thinks that “education” is the “real game changer” for “student”-athletes.  Sure, because barely literate two digit IQ black men are sure interested in hard majors.


Why Is This Man Smiling?

27 03 2014



Because he’s going to get $29.2 million the baseball season he’ll be 41 years old for almost all of it from some team.

Did they learn nothing from Albert Pujols?


A man who made $40 million last year in salary and endorsements is jealous of this contract.


27 03 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


What grade did this paper get?

Hint:  It was not a grade that started with either F, D, C or B.

Related:  Mary Willingham Noticed Things


Instapundit mentioned it, and so far, my comment in that thread has the most likes.

Ballpark Village: No Blacks Allowed

27 03 2014


This was just one item in my midweek run-down earlier today, but I think I’m going to move it into its own separate post.

Ballpark Village has essentially put up a “No Blacks Allowed” sign, and has essentially become a Sundown Town.

“But blogmeister, it doesn’t say anything about race.”

Even if there wasn’t an obvious hint here, it’s easy to read between the lines.

But they make it really easy.

Notice that an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) will provide the security and hired guns to enforce these rules. That’s battlespace preparation slash a preemptive strike for when the racial profiling accusations are inevitably made.


BPV walks it back some.

No Fun League?

26 03 2014


Since I’m blogging about this story, you probably already know what I’m going to say, or at least where my mind is running.

The bane of the black man is being dissed.  The people who own NFL teams and administer the league live in fear that they’re going to wake up one morning and ESPN is going to be wall-to-wall about how overnight some black NFL player on one team shot and killed another black NFL player on another team not long after their teams played, because the victim caught it or ran it in for six, and his endzone celebration is taken as a diss, especially by someone on defense who missed an assignment, flubbed a tackle or was one step too slow on secondary, which allowed for the touchdown to be scored.

The league and the owners are practically begging the players to just hand the ball off to a zebra and go back to your sideline after the six.

Big League Who?

17 03 2014

Cactus League


If you’re a white American, 17 years old, and one of the elite pitchers in your age range, wouldn’t it be such a thrill to put on a major league uniform and pitch a spring training game against the millionaires?

I think you already know where my mind is running.

Sixth Year in a Row

16 03 2014

Corvallis, Oregon

I’m looking at this thing they call a “bracket,” and for the sixth time out of six opportunities in the Era of Hope and Change, Oregon State isn’t in it.

They better make it either next season or the one after that.  Because three years from now, their head coach won’t have his political protection.

And also, look for the dork in Orlando with a fax machine to come out with a report later this week about the graduation rates and race disparities of the teams in the bracket.


That was quick.

Shouldn’t Have Apologized

10 03 2014

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pat Garofalo notices things:

And then the fit hit the shan.

Can I Call ‘Em, Or What?

26 02 2014


Me, three days ago:

That and the Nets want to sell boatloads of Nets’ Jason Collins #98 jerseys to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

Well, well, well…

Sonny Shine

25 02 2014


I don’t get it.

If the mob did tell Sonny Liston to take a fall, this must mean they had some leverage over him.

But I don’t know what they would have had.

After all, his transgressions weren’t exactly nuclear secrets.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe he racked up a lot of dope debt and the mob would settle his payables in exchange for him taking the fall versus Clay/Ali.


23 02 2014


Spot the contradiction.


Michael Sam ready for NFL challenge


Sporting a rainbow “Stand with Sam,” on his combine gear, the former Missouri defensive end said he’s ready to tackle any and all issues that come with the questions about him as a football player, as well as a football player who happens to be gay.


“And I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam, the football player, instead of Michael Sam, the gay football player.”

He can’t have it both ways.  If he would not have come out, or kept his orientation a secret, he’d just be “OL 42″ at the combine.

In related news, the Brooklyn Nets have signed the supposedly gay Jason Collins to a short term contract, which means when the Nets play the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles, he’ll be the first openly (supposedly) gay professional athlete in one of the four major American sports leagues.  Of course you know why they did it, they wanted to beat whichever NFL team drafts Michael Sam to the civil rightsey punch.  That and the Nets want to sell boatloads of Nets’ Jason Collins #98 jerseys to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Of course, the fake gay Collins is wearing 98 to commemorate the year 1998, when Matthew Shepard was murdered in a crime that was not an anti-gay hate crime.  (See also:  Rough Trade).

Whoa Is Him

12 02 2014

Hitchcock, Texas

The father of the 21st Century’s greatest civil rights icon isn’t happy with the way his son is civil rightsey.

In passing, he says that:

“As a black man, we have so many hurdles to cross. This is just one he has to cross.”

Sure, because black football players are really swimming upstream in today’s society.

Because everyone in the Democrat-left coalition is a persecuted minority.  They’re all so oppressed that they’re arguing with each other over which kinds of oppression are worse than the others, the whole bit about intersectionality and progressive stack.  Remember one of my axioms:  If of the seven billion people on Earth, if only one of them was a straight white gentile man, the other 6,999,999,999 people would all be oppressed minorities.

That said, now I know why he turned out gay.  Hitch-Cock.

Play It Again Sam

10 02 2014


I guess there’s no time like the present.

At first, I thought he was running a Jason Collins style scam, i.e. pretend to be gay in a cynical attempt to augment his professional athletic career.  (Note to peanut gallery:  You should notice when Collins “announced” that he is “gay” relative to his career arc, the auspicious lack of ex-boyfriends gossiping about his bedroom talents, and the fact that his long time fiancee, a woman, hint hint, was totally shocked when he “came out,” when women pick up on this kind of stuff way ahead of the curve.)

Then I got back to the salt mines last night.  Like I said in my morning update, people involved in Missouri state government, both elected and unelected, are heavily Mizzou alumni, and of course Mizzou is just a hop skip and a jump away.  So any big news out of Mizzou is going to be the talk of this town during the legislative session.  When ESPN scooped everyone to expose the school’s cover-up of football players raping a swimmer, that’s all this town could talk about.

And now that the world media is about to be camped out in Columbia, of course this news is setting this ordinarily sleepy river town on fire and turning it upside down.

That said, people talk, and word gets around.

Contra my initial suspicion, Mr. Sam is very likely authentically LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Because his sexual orientation has been something of a semi-open secret in certain circles up in Columbia for most of the last year.  And he came out to his coaches and teammates before the start of this season.  Only now is he coming out for everyone else.

Still, why now?  Why the timing?

Maybe he thinks he’s goosing his draft position.

The problem is, like I’ve been saying in this space for a long time, the problem for the first one won’t be his teammates, won’t be the locker room, but the media.  I think the same media who think they’re helping gay men high level professional athletes and helping their cause are actually hurting them, by rattling the sabres and promising a media circus around whoever the first will be.  If you’re in the NFL right now and expect to be at least through next season, and you’re actually gay, are you going to come out and have a good chunk of the world’s media ganged up around your locker after every game to ask you questions about sex but never about your job?  But for the media’s obsession with gay gay gay gay gay, I think we would already have had some come out of the closet.

Thirty-two NFL GMs running up to the draft in early May now realize that they’re going to be drafting a media circus far more than a future linebacker (I’ll get to that in a moment) if they select Sam.  If he thinks he was helping his draft status, I think he did just the opposite.

Here’s another problem for Sam:  He played DE at Mizzou, but he’s undersized and underweight to play DE in the NFL, so he’ll probably be moved to LB.  But there’s a really long list of these very kind of men who washed out in the NFL trying to make the transition.  Maybe Sam senses this coming and is conveniently pre-creating the homophobia excuse.  So this could be another explanation for the timing.

Or here’s another theory:  The Olympics, in supposedly anti-gay Russia.  Thumbing Vladimir Putin in the eye from ten time zones away.

Whatever the case, turn off the low information sports media if you don’t want to hear about this for the next three months.

Mary Willingham Noticed Things

4 02 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


And therefore, she must be destroyed.

This article from Business Weak (sic) is a bit inaccurate.  She isn’t being destroyed because she helped expose the black studies department scandal.

No, the world’s stinkiest shit hit the world’s fastest fan when she told the world that black scholarship athletes are epidemically stupid and would otherwise be unqualified to look at a college much less be admitted to one except for the fact that they can play ball.

So, exposing the perfidy of one professor in one department isn’t too bad.  But telling the truth about a certain group of people as a whole is grounds for character assassination.

This article is useful in one way — Voltaire was once rumored to say or write that you can tell who rules you for who you’re not allowed to criticize.  Likewise, as this row has proven, you can tell which group of people suffers which particular problems for which group of people want talk of those problems shut down and censored.  A UNC tutor blows the whistle about dumb athletes, and like they have springs in their butts or ants in their pants, every black race lobby on and off campus starts jumping up and down in a panic.  Even if you were too dense to infer “black” from “dumb athlete,” the fact that black groups and spokesmouths started complaining about it should spell it out for you.  That should remind you of a very similar recent story.

Call Stan’s Bluff

31 01 2014


He’s giving himself a bargaining chip to try to get us to pay the whole freight to renovate the Dome.

He has no plans to get a stadium built there.

Why not?

Inglewood is the hood, and you know it’s all good.

He’s not going to move the Rams back to L.A. only to have its brand spiffin’ new stadium in Bell Curve City.  Hell, that’s the problem with USC games at the Coliseum.


The land buy is only 60 acres, which isn’t enough for a stadium and all the parking needed.  Another reason why this is a bluff.

Fambly Values

29 01 2014

East Rutherford, New Jersey


He’s playing in the Super Bowl.

His mammy and grammammy are doing long bits for running crack, at a Federal joint in Tallahassee.

“So, Demaryius, your team just won the Super Bowl.  What are you going to do now?”

“I’m gonna visit my mama and grammama in prison on my way to Disney World!”

The All-Important Middle School Basketball Game

28 01 2014

Gaffney, South Carolina

Granard Middle School is 73% white 23% black.  Gaffney MS is 51% white 38% black 10% Hispanic.

When a school has any appreciable percentage of blacks, the basketball team (and football team) will be majority if not mostly black.  Not because of any real basketball talent, but because coaches have bought lock stock and barrel into the cult of black athletic superiority, and for the fact that 12-14 year old blacks are more physically mature than whites of the same age.

Hmmm.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Eventually, the DOJ will file a lawsuit against the website Great Schools to get them to take down their school race data.  Because…we must not notice things.

Now, wouldn’t it have been something if, instead of drinking this Gatorade, the players would have saved it to dump on the coach of the winning team.  A middle school athletic coach isn’t expected to be that old or that gray-haired.  So that particular coach would have started the game his natural hair color and come out of it gray.

Worst Place to Be

28 01 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


There won’t be any “real change.”

First off, they’re still persecuting the whistleblower.

But there’s a more fundamental reason.

In order for there to be real change, there must be a genuine and honest acknowledgment of the problem. And there can never be that in this matter because telling the truth about this particular problem is…


The worst thing in the world to be.

Because…black scholarship athletes that can’t read who otherwise would not be qualified to look at a college are admitted to college, but need some contrived way to stay eligible.

As a wise man taught me a long time ago, you can’t solve a problem until you first identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re prevented from doing so by the dictates of political correctness.

Alphabet Wars

22 01 2014

Sochi, Russia

Yahoo Sports:

Wild stars advise family to stay home from Sochi

One of the charms of the Olympics is seeing and hearing the family members of the athletes cheering from the seats and waving the national flags after traveling around the world to get there.

Concerns about safety in Sochi have prompted some U.S. Olympians to tell their loved ones to stay home, however. Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter, who will skate for Team USA next month, is one of them.

He said Wednesday that his wife and two young children won’t be traveling to Russia for the Winter Games. The long trip is part of the reason, but recent news about terroristic threats made the decision ”a little bit easier.”

They live in Minneapolis-St. Paul, full of Somalians and God knows what else.  They’re probably in more danger of a terrorist attack at home than they are in Sochi.  Unlike in Minnesota, Russian politicians don’t pander to Muslims and kiss up to them.

What’s this really all about?  Leave it to me to tell you.

It’s LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH stirring up the pot to complain about certain Russian laws about homosexuality and children.

Which makes me wonder:  Have LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH said word one about Nigeria?  If it was the Summer Olympics in Lagos this year, would we see overt and covert agitprop and paranoia being spread about Nigeria?  Or would that cause a car wreck at the intersectionality of black, Muslim and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH?  Homophobia might be bad, but racism and Islamophobia are worse.  Is that it?

The $64 Million Question

22 01 2014



If you give a typical young American black man $64 million pre-tax, ($34m in total salary, $30m in endorsement deals), how much will he have left when he’s 30 years old?

Answer:  Negative seven figures.

Notice the above photo, taken after the Texas Longhorns won the national championship of college football in 2006 for the 2005 season.  The white man, Mack Brown, was Vince Young’s college coach .  Now, the white one is unemployed and the black one is bankrupt.  Good times, they dooz beez fleetin.

Battle of the Sexes

19 01 2014



You go girl.

She stared down and beat the top rated man in the world at the Australian Open.

Blind Sided, Again

11 01 2014



It’s “with intent to distribute” (marijuana) this time.

Which means a possible felony rap.

His parents must be so proud.  Or should I say his white adoptive parents.

This should explain the title of this post, which alludes to Michael Oher of The Blind Side fame.  DGB here is southwest Missouri’s equivalent.

Match Made in Obvious

2 01 2014


The mother of the late Jovan Belcher is a black woman.

The Kansas City Chiefs have money.

It all adds up to ghetto lottery.

Peruse the weekday afternoon judge shows, and you’ll see that black women love to sue.

He Can’t Drive 70

28 12 2013

Naples, Florida



27 12 2013


This may be a counterintuitive thing to say about a man who is “flossing” (showing off) stacks of “Benjamins” (hundred dollar bills), but here goes anyway:

Adrien Broner is a poor man.

First person to tell me what I mean by that gets a gold star.


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