He’s In the Game

17 09 2014



More like “in the system.”

The Sixth Stage of Grief

17 09 2014

Clayton, New Jersey

Yahoo has this long feature on the parents of the late Autumn Pasquale taking the parents of her assailant to court for being bad parents.

I feel for the Pasquales; I really do, as should anyone.  But this is quixotic, and the part at the beginning where it suggests that this is how they’re processing their grief is probably right.  This is very likely indicative of Stage Three, Bargaining.

The Pasquales’ grief won’t truly be processed until we get to Stage Six.  What’s that you say?  There are only five stages?  You may think so, but that list is incomplete.

Stage six is naming and shaming the ook, Africanus Bellcurvius.

Low Pro

16 09 2014


Something just happened in Ferguson that had nothing to do with Ferguson:

Bookstore employees tell FOX 2 they were shocked to hear of their coworker’s scheme since he seemed like such a nice person, and because they take such pride in their college community.

Students familiar with the senior also feel it’s a shame. Sophomore Shaquille Greene says, “I see him in the bookstore, and he also goes to open gym from time to time. He seems like the type of person that wouldn’t do anything like that, and it’s crazy that you’d risk your job for anything like that.”

This must be the first time in the history of human civilization that someone running a scam kept his head down and tried not to call attention to himself and tried to blend in.

And here we go with another “Shaquille.”

Busy as Bees in Bell Curve City

16 09 2014

St. Louis City

Gives new meaning to 7-11.

You’ll see the one on the south side, on Grand and Delor.  That’s now Bell Curve City, too — There are some mini-projects on Spring just north of Delor behind St. Mary’s HS that the ooks used as a beachhead to invade that neighborhood.

While this particular shooting is not mapped, an earlier one from the previous night on Cherokee and Texas is brought up in the story itself.  That’s close to this, which should drive home the point of why the residents didn’t want it.

Proposition Nation P.D.

15 09 2014

Maryland Heights

The northwestern St. Louis County suburb serves as an introductory backdrop to an AP story about too few non-white cops.  Some of this confirms what I’ve said here over and over.

Really now, the only way any of these undesirable goals are going to be achieved is if police and law enforcement hiring standards for non-whites are dropped down to the rock bottom, including letting people with adult felony convictions become cops, if departments and agencies are massively consolidated to eliminate the pay and salary gap, and if blacks and other non-whites are given near-total exemption from criminal law.


15 09 2014

New Orleans


No, they want you not to shoot them.  It doesn’t work the other way around, dawg.

“Hands up, I want a chest full of tats.”

The Anti-White Conga Line Marches On

15 09 2014


Richard Dumbka is in St. Louis today, gushing all over Michael Brown, and fuming against racism.  I’ll get you a URL for corroboration later.

The Bob Whitaker people say that anti-racism is code language for anti-white, and they’re right.  I now also think that AFL-CIO is code for anti-white.  Or if they’re not that, they’re just YAY BLUE TEAM partisan cultists.


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