Fall Down Go Boom

25 08 2014


What’s the matter, Ferugson?  Did your narrative fall down go boom?

Well, then, come to Uncle Blogmeister, and let him put a band-aid on it and make it all better.

Really, if this is accurate, and what makes me think it is mostly is because it’s in a paper that was loath to admit these things until now, then Michael Brown wasn’t really the best or the worst among the Bellcurvii you find in St. Louis or anywhere.  For the NYT to run with this is more or less the establishmentarians on the left dog whistling a message to the ground troops to retreat from the Fergaza Strip because it’s an unwinnable and counterproductive battle for them.

The big omission in this is that it does not mention the sine qua non, Brown running directly at and then lunging at Officer Wilson.  It’s the proximate causation to explain why he is now in the next world.

Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

23 08 2014

A half good half bad missive about how rosy our multicultural future may not be.

Because, they can’t figure out why Iceland is so tranquil and its people so happy in spite of its homogenous population, and when only white men are involved in something, bad decisions are made, which explains why the Apollo program was such a failure.

*  That’s what we do in modern Amurrika, argue about how best to hand more political power to blacks.  And Jeff Smith of all people should know that Ferguson is a big and populous municipality by North County standards.

I wish I could have made it, but I had to spend Saturday catching up on work at my day job.  What makes me SMH is why the media are so shocked that Darren Wilson’s tip jar is fuller than Michael Brown’s.  Hello, stupid:  It’s Wilson that might need to spend a lot of money on lawyers soon.  The only thing that the people who are survived by Darren Wilson need money for is his funeral.  But I forgot:  Benjamin Crump is going to want a bunch of dough up front in his efforts to shake down Ferguson.

Not So Brilliant

22 08 2014



Really?  He was tall and a bit stocky.  He wasn’t a gay Fat Albert.

The caption of this reads:

Lohgan Booker stopped to visit a mural tribute to Michael Brown painted by Joseph Albanese on the side of Signature Screenprinting at Union Boulevard and Cote Brilliante Avenue on Friday, Aug. 22, 2014. “I just want to let this man rest,” said Booker. The screenprinting business co-owner Natasha Harris said that she was looking for a statement with a positive effect. “We respect the police, but we just want the violence to stop,” said Harris. Photo by Robert Cohen.

If you look up the corner of Union and Cote Brilliante on GSV, (it’ll be just to the west of Sherman Park, named after that Sherman, who is buried in Calvary Cemetery), you’ll see that that area was Fergusony long before Ferguson.


Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

22 08 2014


The race and sex breakdown of the GJ.   Definitely enough whites to preclude charges being brought, provided they don’t prostrate themselves to the blacks.

*  This “police militarization” meme is basically the way TPTB try to do “LOOK SQUIRREL” to divert rightist-reactionary political energy away from race to fly it into the ground of a liberal-libertarian hobby horse.  (The issue is worth discussing in general, but it’s just not relevant now and in this matter.)  As it turns out, the only way that the agencies (not counting the MONG) involved in trying to keep the peace on the FerGaza Strip were “militarized” is that the Pentagon gave them some stuff, and almost all of that were either 5.56 rifles or .45 pistols, and we can’t even be sure that those were used or deployed to the FerGaza Strip.  Virtually all the scary looking stuff used in Ferguson, those agencies purchased out of their own budgets.  Very very little came from the Pentagon giveaway program.

It should be noted that law enforcement agencies have been “militarized” in the sense of having military-style ranks and a Weberian power structure for a long time.  Because, when people have badges, guns, a monopoly on the use a force and a whole lot of public trust and an investment of the benefit of the doubt from that same public, you need a clear definition on who controls whom and how.

*  At least in this medium, I have not yet and will not post that supposed screen shot of a six-item long juvenile arrest record for someone named Michael Brown.  If that’s a real person at all, then I highly doubt it’s the same Michael Brown.  All six of these juvenile arrests were from the St. Ann PD, which means they were in St. Ann itself.  While blacks can get around do to stuff, why would that Michael Brown, who lived and went to school in various places in the Normandy and the Ferguson-Florissant school districts all his life, develop a St. Ann fetish?  A juvenile getting popped six times by the St. Ann PD is all but certain to live in St. Ann, and there’s no evidence that this Michael Brown ever lived in St. Ann or attended any schools in the Ritenour school district.

What proves my contention right is that someone is suing to try to get this Michael Brown’s juvenile arrest sheet unsealed if there is one.  Proving that the so-called one with six St. Ann PD entries isn’t it.

I have three different Michael Brown entries in my phone’s address book, all three are (if none have moved away) residents of the metro area, from professional relationships I’ve made over the years.  Even though I only ever converse with one of them with any kind of frequency these days.

So he liked to buff his banana to the sound of his own voice.  Well, those are just song lyrics, but if he sang about it, there’s a good enough chance he actually did it.  I’ve listened to a little bit of his “music,” and I don’t see why he got his jollies off on his own voice; his voice was probably the only adult man’s voice worse than mine.

*  If it’s being stupid while trying to walk back stupid…it’s gotta be Rand Paul, whose political stock should be tanking under the floor right now.

Lemon Pie Fight

22 08 2014


To summarize:

Moron rapper complains that CNN isn’t doing enough anti-white racial agitation.

Sour Lemon defends the network’s integrity in that regard.

Then a bunch of ooking and eeking.


22 08 2014


The left is trying to erase Michael Brown’s strong arm robbery (“he paid for the cigarillos”) and his punching Officer Wilson in the eye  socket (“he didn’t try to punch him”) causing his injuries, and even Officer Brown’s injuries (“the X-rays are made up”), out of existence.

Let’s grant them that point, even though we now know by at least preponderance of the evidence that these things happened.

Even if none of that happened, there’s still the matter of 6’4″ 292-pound Michael Brown charging after and lunging at the much shorter much lighter Officer Wilson, and Wilson reacting the only way he could.  Brown barreling after and lunging toward Wilson is the sine qua non of this whole set of affairs.



Groovin’ With Some Synergy

21 08 2014


I’ve been waiting for someone to mash up the two issues I’ve been focused on the most in this space all summer, Ferguson and open borders, and dang numbit, someone has.

Meanwhile, most white people will interpret it as it not being enough that we already have one problematic racial lumpenproletarian undertow, that we have to import another.

Meanwhile, back at the ranchero, only 18% of Hispanics are following the events from the FerGaza Strip closely, compared to 25% of whites and 54% of blacks.  Must be that ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1 we keep hearing political consultants rant and rave about.


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