Bell Curve High

20 04 2014


These were uploaded within the last few weeks on Vice News’s own YouTube channel.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

1.  Both of the young men featured prominently in these two videos, the medium height skinny one and the short obese one, have fathers that are or were in prison for murder.  Apples not rolling far from the trees, n’est pas?

2.  The skinny one, 14 years old, was told that he could go to prison for 60 years if he murders someone.  The teacher or principal asked him to say how old he would be when he got out of prison if he got a 60 year bid right now.  The dumb ook couldn’t even add 14 and 60.  Then the teacher made it easier for him to tell him to add 10 and 60, then if he got that right, and he didn’t even try, he would have been told the other four onto that.

No future time orientation, and on top of that, no math.

Yet, one of the teachers was trying to teach them algebra.  Good luck with that.

3.  Notice the demideification (apparently, I just coined a new term) of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Harold Washington.  Some might find that ironic, I find it apropos.

Sticky Fingers

15 04 2014

Valencia, California

This video was uploaded yesterday, so I assume this happened very recently.

And it’s a nice segue from what I mentioned here yesterday, the story about the Schnucks near Fairgrounds Park closing, and speculating about the reasons why.

Bonnie and Clyde, Yo

10 04 2014



The initial story.

Late development is that one of the victim’s friends set him up.

Since they forced the victim to take $140 out of his own bank account, this means he had a bank account.  And a college student who has a bank account, especially one at SIUE, is very likely to be white.

Apostrophe City

7 04 2014


My Fox NYC:

NYPD: Crime up 30 percent in housing projects

Some of the mayoral candidates, including the current mayor spent a night in the Lincoln housing projects, vowing to make conditions better for the residents

It’s a fine line between life and death at Harlem’s Lincoln Houses even on a sunny Sunday, the teens hang out and talk with their friends. But instead of dreaming about the future, 17 year old K’shonna Johnson says they worry about staying alive.

There’s the problem, slappy.  You can’t make “conditions better for the residents” of the Lincoln housing projects because the residents of the Lincoln housing projects are almost entirely people with names like K’shonna, i.e. ghetto blacks.

But there is a way out:

Residents told us that when the police come down, things calm down, but as soon as they leave, things get really bad, really fast.

Or, alternatively, when the police come, the residents start bitching about racial profiling, so when the cops duly leave, black crime starts up again.

Law enforcement saturation isn’t an option anymore, because the wonderful oil drilling mayor you all voted for promised to get rid of it for the disparate impact it has on blacks and Hispanics.

So the only option is to stew in your own juice.

Detroit, Again

7 04 2014


Another mahogany mob.  This victim died.

That said, this probably proves that the Utash mahogany mob wasn’t a racial hate crime as such.

Ooks are impulsive and opportunistic.

Brakes On

7 04 2014


Because of this, he wants this.

A legislative train which will come to a dead stop once the NAACP gets wind.

Because it will have a disparate impact on blacks.


7 04 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis

Yeah, so?

Better Family Life itself said it had the solution:

Call for a truce, a moratorium.

Should fix everything, right?

Another Day in Bell Curve City

3 04 2014


The story.

The video:

This is the same YTer who had a video about Knockout Martin Luther King gangs in Detroit going even further and raping girls and women that they knock out.


It’s so obvious that even TPTB are saying “hate crime.”  Furthermore, there is credible speculation that the whole thing was a setup, that the black mob knew the victim drove that way every day, so they had an 11-year old run into the street to be the victim, just to get him to stop so they could rob and beat him.

More video:


He strikes again.  If he was white, I’d beg him to run for office.  Or alternatively, if returning the obsolete farm equipment to the OEM is untenable in our future ethnostate, then I’d gladly give him some sort of public imprimatur to crack down on the Detroit undertow.




Shoe Game

3 04 2014


It must be shoe day in Bell Curve City.


Not so long ago, even in the span of my lifetime, the thought of cops having to request that a store not sell shoes in order to prevent a mahogany mob would have been unthinkable.

See No

2 04 2014



But not a one of them saw anything.

What They Craved

1 04 2014


Why does a father have his 11-year old daughter out at 3 AM in the morning on a school night?

Someone was probably hunting daddy’s head, and daughter was collateral damage.

Old News is New Again

1 04 2014


The Sasha Courey affair is now back on the front burner in the mind of Mizzouheads.  You know, three or more black football players raped her, the trauma of the rape was so bad that she committed suicide about a year and a half after the rape, the school administration and the athletic department was hush hush about it the whole time.  That was the big topic of discussion around here at least among the Mizzou alumni until Michael Sam came out of the closet.

Mizzou is declaring this month, April 2014, to be sexual assault awareness month.  There will be a lot of things that will happen during the month, but one thing that won’t happen is the school’s powers that be taking responsibility for the cover up, because black football players are too important to touch.

If Miss Courey’s assailants ever see a day in prison, I’ll be surprised.

Big Data Engineer

1 04 2014


Didn’t need one of those.  All we needed was our own eyes.

What’s the executive summary of all this:

No blacks, no crime.  Know blacks, know crime.

Well, not quite that exclusive, but pretty close.

The article says it itself:  Where there are no blacks, it’s like Europe.  Where there are blacks, it’s like the Third World.  Maybe there’s a reason for that — The essence of Europe is white people, the essence of the Third World is black people.

Notice that in census tracts in the three studied states (MN, VA, LA) that are less than 10% black, the firearm homicide rate is under 1 per 100k.  In the gun debate of early last year, Joke Biden said that the goal should be a murder rate of 1/100k or lower.  Turns out the solution is as easy as returning our obsolete farm equipment to the manufacturer.  Though I doubt he’s going to take that idea to his boss.

Sources Say

29 03 2014



You’ll never believe what happened to the founder of this magazine.

Unless you will believe it, because it’s TNB.

Boston Herald, NYDN, TMZ.  Take your pick.

Ballpark Village: No Blacks Allowed

27 03 2014


This was just one item in my midweek run-down earlier today, but I think I’m going to move it into its own separate post.

Ballpark Village has essentially put up a “No Blacks Allowed” sign, and has essentially become a Sundown Town.

“But blogmeister, it doesn’t say anything about race.”

Even if there wasn’t an obvious hint here, it’s easy to read between the lines.

But they make it really easy.

Notice that an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) will provide the security and hired guns to enforce these rules. That’s battlespace preparation slash a preemptive strike for when the racial profiling accusations are inevitably made.


BPV walks it back some.

Uh Oh

27 03 2014

Tower Grove East

This was just about where one of the late Hermann Eisele’s former restaurants once was.

I get a bad feeling because “Brandon Treadwell” doesn’t sound like a black name.

The doers probably have black-sounding names, though.


26 03 2014



WDRB Fox 41 Louisville:

Conrad says investigators have learned the teens originally gathered at the bridge to remember TARC stabbing victim Me’Quale Offutt.

“People came together at the park to remember Me’Quale,” Conrad said during the meeting Tuesday organized by the group ManUp. “I do not believe — and based on what we were able to see on social media that we looked at, public postings – that there was any information that we were going to come to the park to cause damage, that we were going to come to the park to rob people, or come to the park to assault people.”


“We have young people who are out of control and we’ve got to deal with that. This is not a race issue, this is a problem with the young people in the community,” said the Mayor’s Chief Community Builder Sadiqa Reynolds.

I can believe the first part, that the crowd that gathered to remember Me’Quale had no intention on forming a mahogany mob and going on a mini-riot.  It’s just that when you have a bunch of young black people who gather together for even the most benign reason, to memorialize the stabbing death of one of their own who would have the name Me’Quale, bad things are bound to happen.  That’s why Paul Kersey calls it “spontaneous blackness,” because it’s just that, spontaneous.

As far as the second part, well, that’s more problematic.  Lots of communities have young people, but it’s almost always the black communities where young people are out of control.  Notice that groups like “ManUp” and “Chief Community Builders” with names like Sadiqa hired by big city black undertow cities aren’t found or necessary in areas where the young people are white.

Ironic, isn’t it?  To memorialize one of their tribesmen who was a victim of violent crime, those gathered in that purpose commit more violent crime.


25 03 2014



His name is Ericonta.

After reading this story, most people would have these two reactions:

1.  Ericonta sounds like a woman’s name.

2.  You mean there’s a restaurant in Sikeston other than that overrated tourist trap that throws rolls at you?

The answer to number two is an emphatic yes.  Do like you’re going to that overrated tourist trap, but continue down the road a bit until you get to Main Street, where the multi-story shiny building sits.  Turn a right and you’re right there; you can’t miss it, the best restaurant in Sikeston (and also, the best restaurant in Dexter).  But if you see the Walgreens (naturally), you’ve gone too far.

The answer to number one is also yes, but I don’t care about that as much.

Burglary Gone Wrong

24 03 2014



Wrong for them.

Expiring Rapper

19 03 2014

Huntsville, Texas


If neither Rickroller Perry nor some judge intervenes, this aspiring rapper will be an expiring rapper seven hours from when I’m writing this.

Though since he’s 33 years old and on death row, the rap career to which he aspired when he was 18 years old and murdered someone was probably out of reach.  OTOH, from what I’ve seen today, prison doesn’t exactly hinder rap careers.

Adds Up to Genius

19 03 2014



Ghetto first name plus hyphenated surname equals genius.

Good Night Dolly

18 03 2014


Ooks + Dolly = Murder

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

17 03 2014



Just from that, you can figure who the suspects are and who the victim is.

Amazingly, the article comes right out and says it.

Dear Ole “Dad”

15 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

Nice theory, Michael Barone, whose illegitimate son I am sometimes lovingly accused of being. But there happen to be two big fatal problems with it:

1. Welfare reform didn’t really reform welfare, as it turned out. Sure, the replacement for AFDC was time limited. But between the passage of welfare reform in 1996 and 9/11, SSI was the fastest growing line item in the Federal budget, and has been growing quickly again in the Obama era. It should be obvious what that means: It means that SSI is the new AFDC, and SSI is run under the Social Security Administration, which means it’s entirely Federal and has no time limits nor can any state set any rules pertaining to it.

2. Men do crime, women get the welfare checks. Even if welfare reform reformed welfare, its work requirements would only affect the adult women that are recipients. Therefore, these alleged crime reduction benefits that welfare work requirements bring about don’t even apply to the gender that’s known for violent crime. Incidentally, this is also why welfare “cuts” can’t and don’t cause riots: Women get the checks, men do the rioting.

I Couldn’t Have Snarked It Better Myself

12 03 2014



His family claims that perhaps the teen had been drinking and was confused, and thought he was at his aunt’s house. Presumably, crashing in through doors and taking a swing at those inside after they’ve retreated to their bedrooms is just how Ramon greeted people.


12 03 2014

Montgomery, Alabama


That’s the first name of one of these two men.

“But which one?”

Does it really matter?

If They Had Brains, They’d Truly Be Dangerous

10 03 2014

Houston, Detroit

Dumb ass number one

Dumb ass number two

I surmise that #1′s mother has given him money explicitly for the purpose of cannabis resin requisition in the past, because of what he did when she refused.  If this was his first time hittin’ mama up for weed money, and she said no, he probably would not have done this.  This kind of spontaneous blackness/TNB is the characteristic of someone who is used to hearing “Yes” but all of a sudden hears “No.”

Shouldn’t Have Apologized

10 03 2014

Minneapolis-St. Paul

Pat Garofalo notices things:

And then the fit hit the shan.

World’s Best Dad

9 03 2014

Lorain, Ohio


No, not him.

Can any of you in the Cleveland area tell me if there have been any media stories on the local eyeball news sources there showing the father?  Or more accurately, is the father white, black or something else?  If the father’s white, then the 11-year old daughter of his his white, which means we have another case of black men predating on white girls.

But you’ll notice the cops said that what the father did that eventually led to the above pictured suspect being arrested was not a good idea.  Fuck that — Any man whose 11-year old daughter is missing and sees said daughter getting into the car with a man who looks like this or any adult man for that matter or anyone for that matter and doesn’t follow that car is a waste of testosterone.

Lot of Heat

3 03 2014


But not much light.

Why won’t this amount to much?

First off, they should get their terminology correct.  It’s called “slavery,” not “human trafficking” or “sex trafficking.”  But getting the semantics right is going to have to entail stepping on the toes of people who consider slavery to be their racial Shoah business, people and groups like the NAACP who bitch and moan because they think they own the trademark to “slavery.”

And that’s the ideal segue into my second point.  Like I was always taught when I was cutting my teeth in our general worldview, you can’t solve a problem unless you first identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re precluded from doing so by the dictates of political correctness.  If any of these people at this trafficking shindig at Union Station have the courage to say “black,” then I’ll eat the expensive dress shoes I recently bought.


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