Economic Man

6 08 2014


This sounded good, until I got to the details.

The pesky detail is that Alter thinks that “loyalty to America” means nothing more than paying taxes to the Leviathan based in Washington, D.C.   Which means that the modern left’s version of “nationalism” is nothing more than the same kind of economism and bean-counting that cosmo-conservatives and cosmo-libertarians have given us for a very long time.

Pat Buchanan once leveled the same sort of criticism at the same kind of people, only PJB thinks of nationalism in more proper terms, blood and soil nationalism, or pretty close to it.

If it were up to me, every CEO of every larger publicly traded corporation in the country would recite a pledge of allegiance to the white race every morning before the start of business.

Hey Kids

8 07 2014

Silicon Valley

Wanna make thousands of dollars a month being a summer intern at a major tech firm?

Go get it!

Before you go, realize that you’re probably going to be an every waking hour two- to three-month captive to your internship, and you won’t make as much as a full time full year minimum wage worker does.  Even though your work will be worth far more to fill-in-the-blank SV firm than the relative peanuts they’re paying you.

And also, don’t get a guilty conscience or anything over the fact that you’re being used as human cannon fodder in SV firms’ maniacal desire not to hire native born white Americans over the age of 35 with wives and children, you know, the ones that actually want to get paid serious money for their work because they have the audacity to think that they should make enough money and benefits to sustain a household, a house of their own in a quality public school district.

Energizer to Split Into Two

30 04 2014

Town and Country


Who gets custody of the bunny?

At the Corner of Everywhere and Everywhere Else

25 03 2014


Walgreens to close 76 stores.  Though the way they’ve been growing in recent years, that’s like taking a cup of water out of the ocean.

Walgreens’s current advertising slogan is “at the corner of happy and healthy.”  Apropos, because in St. Louis, there seems to be a Walgreens at the corner of every street and every other street.  If I didn’t know better, I’d swear there’s a city ordinance that requires there to be a Walgreens at every perpendicular intersection of major streets.

Boner’s Courier

17 03 2014

Silicon Valley

Let me translate this for you:

Boner dispatched Bad-Latte to the SV to take their execs, bundlers and other money men behind closed doors and with all recording devices turned off to tell them to calm down, that some time in the middle of some night during the lame duck session between election day and Christmas, Boner is going to break the Hastert rule and call a vote on the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill as written and without amendments, and it will pass, and Obama’s ink will be on it before the sun rises.

Sell Sell Birdie

6 02 2014

San Francisco

TWTR plunging, even though gross revenue in 4Q13 and gross revenue growth 4Q13 over 4Q12 were both better than expected.

I wonder if The Street is worried that Madison Avenue isn’t keen on Twitter’s disproportionately black user base .

Bye Bye Motey

31 01 2014

Mountain View, California

GOOG sells Motorola Mobility, which it just recently bought for $12b, to Chinese hardware OEM Lenovo for $3b, though Motorola’s patent portfolio is not part of the deal and will stay with GOOG.

As a Moto X owner, I’m paying attention.

What’s going on?  Why did GOOG essentially pay $9b for patents?  Other than playing games of mutually assured destruction with AAPL in the realm of patent troll lawsuits.

My guess is that the other ‘phone/’tab OEMs that rely heavily on Android were bitching that Motorola was becoming the official hardware OEM for the Android platform, and this made GOOG nervous.


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