Hillary Doesn’t Have a Hispanic Problem

8 10 2014


Luis Gutierrez?

First off, HRC can bash his knees in before he starts the race just through discretely broadcasting to the right people that Julian Castro will be her running mate.

Second, this whole notion, which is little more than the media trying to create a story for the media’s benefit, is based on HRC’s supposed insouciance on immigration.  When we all know that she’s as open borders as any Democrat.  She’ll enforce immigration law about as much as her husband did, which is to say, not at all, for all intents and purposes.

I guess what is meant here by “inaction” is that mainstream Democrats have to do their Hispandering as quietly as possible, so that crucial white Democrat voters in crucial swing states aren’t pissed off.  As compared to bombastic open borders loudmouths like Gutierrez and other Razatards, who don’t have the political sophistication that God gave a slug, and don’t realize that the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 is a paper tiger.

Grasping At Straws

28 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

Ho hum.  Another month, another Republican Presidential straw poll.

Want proof about how useless those things are?  Consider the straw poll of straw polls, the Ames Straw Poll held in the month of August before what is expected to be a competitive Republican primary and caucus season.  (It was not held in 2004, e.g., because President Bush was running for re-election and therefore had no serious primary challengers.)  Who won Ames in 2007?  2011?  Where did the eventual nominees finish in Ames in 2007 and 2011?  That you don’t know right away proves how relevant Ames is to reality, and like I said, Ames is the top dog of all straw polls, so all the rest of them are even more useless.

But then I realized something else.  Where are all the Democrat Presidential straw polls?  Are there any?  I can’t think of any offhand, and certainly none are as “serious” as Ames is on the Republican side.  So why are all the Presidential straw polls only on the Republican side?  It’s like these panoply of candidate pledges:  All Republican, never Democrat.  If I had to hazard a guess, the reason there are a lot of Republican straw polls but never any Democrat ones is that I think that at a subconscious level, the typical “serious conservative” Republican voter knows that Republican primaries and caucuses are, especially nowadays, a rigged establishment game.  Everyone knows that barring some once in an a several generation anomaly, the Republican nominee in 2016 is going to be Jeb Bush, because name recognition and donors.  So all these “serious conservatives” do all these useless meaningless straw polls that “serious conservatives” almost always win in order to grasp at straws to try to ease their troubled subconsciouses which are telling them the truth, so they can at least live in the blissfully ignorant comfort of denial for a little while longer.

One other thing I have to get off my chest about this conference where this straw poll was held.  You can’t have family values unless you have families, and you can’t have white families if white people can’t afford to start them, and white people can’t afford to start them thanks in no small part to corporate and ruling class greed.  Social conservatives (“religious right”) have done a pretty good job at least addressing and somewhat fighting half the problem, that being the social radicalism of the left, but what is holding them back from really hitting political paydirt and also accomplishing their goals is their being wedded to the Republican Party meaning that they’re hobbled by the opiates of economic libertarian ideology and general all-around Lincolnian egalitarianism, racial and otherwise.  How can you denounce the very corporate greed that is helping to ruin the social fabric of the traditional nuclear family structure if libertarian ideology precludes your mind from thinking that it’s bad?  Satan’s most clever trick was convincing the world that he didn’t exist, and likewise, evil flourishes when it’s able to pass itself off as some sort of virtue — Libertarianism accomplishes this for greed.  I also think that the religious right’s dispensationalism (“stand with Israel”) also hobbles them because it neutralizes their ability to denounce the havoc that Israel’s diaspora causes to their own agenda and goals, because you can’t denounce the chosen people.  If Jews do it, then God must want it, because chosen people.  Until they break out of those three self-imposed ghettos, all their political energy is going to accrue to the benefit of people, groups and forces that don’t want them to succeed and in fact hate them.

BTW, Mitt Romney won Ames in 2007, and the eventual nominee, John McCain, finished in tenth place.  Michele Bachmann won it in 2011, and the eventual nominee, Mitt Romney, finished in seventh place.

Gag If You Must

18 09 2014


He’s taking a lot of grief for this tweet, when he should be getting a lot of grief for exiling immigration patriotism from Red State.

Not only is he right that Jeb Bush is going to run, if the post-WWII history of Republican Presidential politics holds, Jeb Bush will be the nominee.  One either has to have a lot of stored up name recognition or run a credible Presidential campaign before in order to win the Republican nomination.  The only exception was Barry Goldwater in 1964.  Point is, hardly anyone comes out of nowhere to win the Republican nomination; that’s more of a Democrat thing; that party’s nominees in 1952, 1960, 1976, 1992 and 2008 were considered long shots when those years’ Presidential political seasons began.

The British books have Jeb Bush anywhere from 4.5 to 6.8 to win the Republican nomination; inexplicably, averaging things out, they think Marco Rubio is the favorite, and Rand Paul is only a slightly longer shot than Bush.  Really, neither Rubio nor Paul have a prayer.  If you legally can, please go and make yourself some easy money.

Jack Kemp Plus John Kerry Equals…

15 09 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

…Rand Paul.

A lot of people are starting to catch on to what I realized awhile back, that Rand Paul has taken so many positions under the sun that if he runs for President in 2016, his biggest problem is that he will be 2016’s answer to Flip Flop John Kerry, not just 2016’s answer to Jack Kemp.  Notice neither Kerry nor Kemp actually became President.

But I don’t think his flip flopping is really a mystery.  Jack Ryan of Occidental Dissent has a pretty good theory that applies to both Rand Paul and his father, that they’ll say whatever they think they have to say in order to get whoever is in the room at the time to like them, then turn around and justify whatever it is they said in some sort of libertarian terms.

Tip Over The Table

3 09 2014


RNC jiggering the 2016 primary and caucus schedule and delegate apportionment rules to guarantee that Jeb Bush an establishment-blessed and -funded candidate wins the nomination.

If you’re playing poker with five people and you find out that the other five are holding all 20 aces in the deck, there’s only one thing you can do.


Hidden Hand

16 08 2014

Austin, Texas

Taking a break from Ferguson for just a moment.

When IRSgate broke, I said here and anecdotal evidence has demonstrated that I was on solid ground in saying so, that RINOs and establishment Republicans were a hidden hand.  Because they and the Democrats have one thing in common:  Hatred for the Tea Party Movement.

There’s a hidden hand in this scummy indictment of Rickroller Perry:


Who’s probably running for President in 2016?  Jeb Bush.

Who was Governor of Texas before the Rickroller?  George W. Bush.

Who is running for a statewide office this year in Texas?  George P. Bush, the eldest son of Jeb Bush.

I wouldn’t doubt at all that the Bushes still have enough steam in Texas politics to help Democrats engineer an attempted kneecapping of the Rickroller.  Cui Bono?  Or rather, who is the first and immediate beneficiary of the Rickroller’s Presidential campaign being rent asunder?

Jeb Bush.

Darth For President

23 07 2014



has a higher net favorability rating than any of the presumed 2016 Presidential candidates.

Amusing?  Yes.  Important or relevant?  No.  Someone will be President after noon on January 20, 2017.  And it’s not going to be Darth Vader.


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