Hidden Hand

16 08 2014

Austin, Texas

Taking a break from Ferguson for just a moment.

When IRSgate broke, I said here and anecdotal evidence has demonstrated that I was on solid ground in saying so, that RINOs and establishment Republicans were a hidden hand.  Because they and the Democrats have one thing in common:  Hatred for the Tea Party Movement.

There’s a hidden hand in this scummy indictment of Rickroller Perry:


Who’s probably running for President in 2016?  Jeb Bush.

Who was Governor of Texas before the Rickroller?  George W. Bush.

Who is running for a statewide office this year in Texas?  George P. Bush, the eldest son of Jeb Bush.

I wouldn’t doubt at all that the Bushes still have enough steam in Texas politics to help Democrats engineer an attempted kneecapping of the Rickroller.  Cui Bono?  Or rather, who is the first and immediate beneficiary of the Rickroller’s Presidential campaign being rent asunder?

Jeb Bush.

Darth For President

23 07 2014



has a higher net favorability rating than any of the presumed 2016 Presidential candidates.

Amusing?  Yes.  Important or relevant?  No.  Someone will be President after noon on January 20, 2017.  And it’s not going to be Darth Vader.

“Who the Hell is Jay Nixon?”

18 07 2014


WaPo on HRC challengers in 2016.  It’s mainly about the Dime Store Indian, but someone we all know and love gets a very brief mention:

Itching to build a national network of his own, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is heading to Aspen, Colo., next month with O’Malley for a retreat for major party donors. Nixon, who has said he would back Clinton, also recently said that the 2016 field could use a candidate from the heartland who, like himself, gives voice to blue-collar concerns but has red-state appeal.

The only comment so far to mention Nixon is “Curmudgeon2013,” who asks:

This is just such crap. Bernie Sanders contemplating a run? Puh-leeeeze. And who the hell is Jay Nixon? Oh, and Jerry Brown… really?

This is just such poor reporting. Half these alleged “candidates” aren’t running for president, they are either selling books or positioning themselves for the vice presidency.

The silly season seizes the media. Jeez.

“Who the hell is Jay Nixon?”

A lot of people in Missouri are asking the same question.

As far as I know, his only known purpose is to veto bills.  Other than that, Mr. Cellophane should’ve been his name.  He’ll go down as the most unremarkable multi-term Governor in Missouri history.

But he’s also right in that most of these “Presidential campaigns” are just resume enhancements or publicity stunts or running mate rehearsal.  In both parties.


Miss the Brisket

14 07 2014


There’s just one sentence from this that tells you everything you need to know:

Site selection officials concluded after visiting the city that the Sprint Center lacked sufficient suites for entertaining high-dollar donors.

Who I’m sure will be dumping all that money on the RNC just to come there and watch someone who is not their hand-picked horse accept the nomination.

Two years before the fact, I already know what happened.  We had a dozen non-credible flashes in the pans flame in and flame out during the primary season, dividing the anti-establishment vote, making it possible for the establishment’s candidate to win early primaries with low percentage pluralities but win all those states’ delegates because they’re winner-take-all.  What there was not was someone in the race running as a militant populist outsider willing to take no prisoners, which was the only thing that could have derailed the establishment.  By the time the middle of the primary season comes, the flashes in the pan ran out, and the establishment’s guy had such a big lead in the delegate tally that opposing him became futile.  In July 2016, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, the Republican National Convention nominated one John Ellis “Jeb” Bush for President.  Later that year, the Democrat nominee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, beat Bush handily in the November election.


I looked at it again, and there’s an element that’s even more repulsive.

The city was willing to spend more than $7 million to create more suites.  How nice of them to pay for space to entertain multimillionaires and the occasional billionaire.  Because we all know that Sheldon Adelson is so hard up for money these days that he couldn’t afford a week of Kansas City’s high life.

As it is, the city spent $850,000 in its failed bin to win this convention.

This has got to stop.


Pay Close Attention, Willard Whores

9 07 2014


Here’s the key takeaway:

Surprisingly, the article cites as good news for Romney a Quinnipiac poll finding “45 percent of voters said the United States would be better off today with Romney as president.” But that’s actually lower than the 47 percent who voted for him in 2012. Furthermore, the same Quinnipiac poll found Obama’s approval rating at 40 percent and his disapproval at 53 percent. So even in a terrible poll for Obama, Romney is polling below his presidential vote percentage — and there are a subset of Americans who disapprove of Obama but still don’t think the nation would be better off with Romney.

The rest of it is worth your time.  It makes some of the points I’ve made here recently and often.  The “it’s my turn” slash “experience necessary” nature of Republican Presidential politics since WWII, the fact that Romney didn’t exactly have a stellar political resume before he started running for President (he only won one general election in his life, for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and with only 49% of the vote at that).

But if you can get past that, I actually do think that Romney and Nixon are a lot alike.  Remember who Nixon chose as his first HUD secretary.

I think this Romney-again business is nothing more than part of the Republican establishment worried that their two marquee horses for 2016 won’t be able to get it done.  Krispy Christie is bogged down with Bridgegate, and with every TB-infected Dreamer that runs across the “border,” Jeb Bush looks more and more the moron.  Keep Romney queued up in the background so the rubes don’t get a crazy idea like nominating someone like Jeff Sessions.

Cleveland Crocks

8 07 2014


The CW on RNC 2016 going to Cleveland is Ohio’s swing nature.

Maybe the last part is right, but the RNC being in Ohio probably won’t make a difference on how Ohio votes.

The last five RNCs have been in cities in states that the person that convention nominated did not win in November.

1996:  San Diego, Bob Dole.  Clinton won California.

2000:  Philadelphia, Bush 43.  Gore won Pennsylvania.

2004:  New York, Bush 43.  Kerry won New York State.

2008:  Minneapolis.  McCain.  Obama won Minnesota.

2012:  Tampa, Romney.  Obama won Florida.

The only good news is that since Dallas was the only other finalist, it means that Sheldon Adelson’s proposal to buy the RNC a Vegas party was panned.  Now all we need to do is to get the Stupid Party to disregard Adelson all the time.

And also…Cleveland has had a lot of good luck lately in NBA draft lottery ping pong balls.  How’s that working out for the Cavs?

Something In Reserve

7 07 2014


Obama’s for the Dime Store Indian?

I don’t know if this is anything more than way out of kilter D.C. social circuit gossip, but it wouldn’t surprise me, either.

I also think that if this is true, senior Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief.  Because HRC’s big allure all along has been “the first woman.”  If her train derails yet again, then they know they have another woman on deck to send up to the plate.  I think plugged in Democrats have already made the conclusion that they have to run a woman in 2016.


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