Africa Among Us (With an Important Update)

10 09 2014



Seven people, including three 15-year-olds, have been charged in connection with a machete attack on a man at a Chicago public transit station, police said.

The suspects surrounded two men early Monday at the Kedzie Brown Line station and told them to flash gang signs, police said. The men, ages 17 and 26, refused and said they weren’t in a gang.

One of the adult suspects swung at the men with a machete, hitting the 26-year-old on the head and neck, police said. The victim was taken to a hospital with cuts and his condition has stabilized, they said.

Four adults were charged Tuesday with one count each of robbery, aggravated battery and trespassing on Chicago Transit Authority property, authorities said. Two boys and one girl, all 15 years old, were charged with trespassing, and one of them was charged with aggravated assault.

One adult suspect was ordered held on $450,000 bond and two were ordered held on $250,000 bond, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said. Bond information was not immediately available for the fourth.

Either the macheteman isn’t that good with his tool, or it’s not much of a machete.  Otherwise, you would have had a beheading.  Which is apparently the proscribed punishment in Chicago for not being part of a street gang.  ISIS?  No, it’s Bellcurvius.


Well, not just Bellcurvius.  Some of the comprehensive crowd was involved.

Spinoff, Maybe?

20 08 2014


Looks like the network execs are jonesing for a Chicago-based spinoff of Survivor: Ferguson.

First World, Come Quickly!

4 08 2014



Click to enlarge, then read the story.

If only Hispanics weren’t bad about leaving trash all over parks and not cleaning up after themselves, maybe Kelvyn Park would be nice and tidy without anyone else’s help.

Let Me Count the Ways

31 07 2014


Okay, get ready for the conga line of excuses:

As of this week, Chicago police have confiscated almost 4000 illegal guns since the beginning of the year. Yet despite that haul, gun violence in the country’s third largest city remains rampant.

Because they forgot to confiscate the Bellcurvii.

Overall, homicides are down from last year, but non-fatal shootings are harder to track.

Not necessarily harder to track, but covered up, for a reason.  Because non-fatal shootings are a better acid test on how violent a place really is, homicides/murders aren’t because the ER doctors are getting better at saving gunshot victims.

Last summer Police embraced a plan based on a Yale sociologist’s theory that potential shooters and victims could be identified by analyzing shooting times and places. A so-called Heat List of likely shooters and victims was drawn up in high violence clusters. Officers then made unexpected home visits to people on the list who were associated with shooters and victims — even if they had no record of violence.

The program sparked charges of racial profiling, reigniting a smoldering resentment against aggressive police tactics. Mistrust reportedly reigned as cruisers pulled into driveways and neighbors spied on each other fearing they might be informants.

It’s called CompStat, and it’s a big turkey and a big failure.  The reason it was implemented is because they’re afraid to do straight up racial profiling.

Police records use keywords like “gang related.” Gang members and some residents in bullet-scarred areas call it “police related.” Shooters boast how easy it is to get guns. But rival gangs have on several occasions agreed on truces.

Gangs, police, I get ‘em mixed up all the time.  Sure, there are a lot of problems with today’s law enforcement that need to be fixed, but the cops are angels compared to black gang bangers.

“You can stop the violence,” says community organizer Wallace “Gator” Bradley, who has been recognized for brokering the peace. His street cred helped: Ex-chief security enforcer for the Gangster Disciples’ imprisoned leader. He now heads a coalition of anti-violence groups.

Yet another “former” gang banger who is now part of the cottage industry of anti-violence and gang mitigation.  It should make anyone suspicious.

“When they say its gang related and you got gang leaders saying’ ‘hey we’re telling our guys to stop. We want to work with the community and law enforcement to help stop it’ And you (the city) tell them you don’t want to work with them – that creates the problem,” according to Bradley.

Tell gang bangers to stop gang banging is like telling a brick wall to stop blocking people.  Gang bangers need to be violent because it’s a job requirement:  Violence is the only way to enforce dope distribution territory on the streets.

Gator turned his life around persuaded the jailed gang leader to change the G.D. in Gangster Disciples to stand for Growth and Development. Gang leaders turned into get-out-the-vote activists.

That’s a bug, not a feature.  That’s emblematic of how “above board” Chicago politics at the ward level in the black and Hispanic wards are so intertwined with street gangs that you can’t tell where the legit political structure ends and the gangs begin.  And because the elected aldermen and women from those wards owe a lot to the gangs, and city government controls the CPD, do you think they’re going to let the CPD do what it needs to do to crack down on gangs?  Hell no.

“It’s so easy to get guns here, so it’s going to be a magnet for crime,” says. “Out on the street, they get ‘em on the street (‘Just like that?) Yes, just like a kid goes to a candy store and gets a bottle of juice and a bottle of chocolate milk- he goes to the candy store to get a gun.”


“Nobody wants to face up to the fact that drugs and guns were deliberately dumped into the African-American community,” charges Stark, speaking on community cable station Can TV. “We don’t grow drugs in rooftop gardens in Chicago. We don’t manufacture guns in the basement. Somebody’s putting them there.”

Just because someone supposedly dumps a bunch of guns and drugs on you that were manufactured or grown in far away places doesn’t mean you have to use them.  What they’re really admitting here is that black people have weak souls and no future time orientation.

Grassroots efforts to stem the violence have been spotty, but sometimes effective. The group Operation Ceasefire was credited with a significant drop in violent crime in 2011.

Have they been able to keep it up?  What you can accomplish in one year, you should be able to accomplish in succeeding years.  Every time I turn around, some Ceasefire operative is popped for this or that violent crime.  Also, covering up violent crimes in the official stats had way more to do with the 2011 violent crime drop than anything.

It is hard to find local residents with a positive view of police tactics. Stop and frisk sparked controversy and court action in New York, but in Chicago it has always been standard operating procedure in the poorest pockets of the nation’s most segregated big city.

Chicago does not use SQF.  It should.

Hundreds of grieving friends, family and neighbors of Shamiya Adams attended her funeral.

“For me its devastating,” mourned Brown. “First of all so senseless a killing. She was so young, so innocent…”

It was not senseless.  Some gang banger who was already part of the kinds of programs that we are told are needed to stop gangs and crime shot at rival gang bangers out of a sense of retribution, and the bullet found its way to Shmiya Adams.

It would have been much simpler to cite TNB from the get-go.


Rahm’s Tongue Twister

28 07 2014


“Free Pre-K.”

I dare you to say that really fast ten times in a row.  You’ll be begging for those pickle peppers.

Pay for it?  Well:

Sneed is told the mayor plans to close this gap with an investment of $6 million “by initiating a new social impact bond, a financial tool designed to invest in social programs saving government money in the long run — and looking for more efficiencies in the city budget,” said the source, who added that capital costs will be paid by the Chicago Public Schools.

How is “free Pre-K” supposed to “save government money in the long run?”  I guess the bond market is supposed to think that the freeprekers won’t commit as many violent crimes or demand as many city services as non-freeprekers.  Except, well, except everything.  The only thing it’s designed to save is Rahm’s political career in the short run.

Even Smart People Sometimes Don’t Get It

25 07 2014


The story, the SCC reaction.

Really people, this isn’t hard to figure out at all.  It’s back door affirmative action.

He Turned Back

25 07 2014



So much for those “turn your life around” and “violence prevention” programs:

Tevin Lee seemed to be a West Side teen headed in the right direction, graduating from high school and working this summer at a job designed to help prevent community violence.

Charles Norman, who worked with Lee in the anti-violence program, described him as a very humble kid who was eager to learn.

“He was seeking out something more, something bigger than him that he wanted to be a part of,” Norman said. “He wanted to belong, and he cared. He has a big heart.”

Norman was stunned to learn Thursday morning that Lee had been charged in the latest shooting to rock Chicago – the killing of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams as she sat on the floor of a West Side apartment playing with friends on a sleepover. A stray bullet traveled through about a 1 1/2-inch opening in a window and struck her in the head.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said witnesses have identified Lee as the gunman who fired four or five shots toward that building last Friday night “without care or regard for the safety of anyone else.”

Lee, described by McCarthy as a known gang member, was trying to retaliate against rival gangbangers after an associate of his had been beaten up in a fist fight a few hours earlier, McCarthy said.

Okay, so I got it wrong.  It’s not that he turned his life around then turned back, it’s that he never turned in the first place.  The graduating from Piltdown Man school, working the no-responsibility welfare giveaway “summer job,” his “humility” and his “big heart” were probably all part of a front to con his probation officer.

Charles Norman?  Stunned.  Me?  Not really.


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