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22 07 2014


47 Shot.  5 Dead.  Chicago Officials Meet.

Stop reading after the headline.  I already know what the rest of the article says without having to read it:

*  Rahm Emanuel and/or Garry McCarthy blames the NRA and the lack of social programs

*  Someone implores the general public to snitch to the cops if they happen to know anything, to a group of people totally thrown into to a stop snitching no snitching mentality

*  Good boy great athlete honor roll student fell in with the wrong crowd turning his life around

*  Something something segregation

What you will not read:

*  The truth, that the black undertow and a very weak criminal justice system in Chicago are the real causes of this.


At the Corners

12 07 2014


Over in this corner, wearing the white trunks, is correlation.  Over in that corner, wearing the blue trunks, is causation.


Quinn, Pfleger lead anti-violence march on South Side

Gov. Pat Quinn joined the Rev. Michael Pfleger to lead 150 people on an anti-violence march through a South Side neighborhood Friday night.

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” Quinn told the crowd before they started marching through St. Sabina’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

“We are a family in Illinois, we’ve got to stick together, we’ve got to fight the violence,” Quinn told the crowd.
“This is our neighborhood. Every neighborhood in Illinois belongs to the people, not to those who would perpetrate violence.”

On Friday, shootings continued in the city.  One person was killed and at least 10 others were wounded from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., officials said.

So much for marching.

It never really amounts to or results in anything.

So why do they keep doing it?  Because they think it works.  Why do the think it works?  The 1960s.  Blacks marched, and civil rights, voting rights and welfare bills were passed.  See how easy that was?  Far be it from anyone to try to explain correlation-causation to these numbskulls.

Surprise, Je$$e Has His Hand Out

10 07 2014


Je$$e sees Obama wanting to dump $4 billion on the Camps of the Saints, so he wants $2 billion for Bell Curve City Chicago.

First off, JJ is acting unusually politically naive, when he “seemed to fault President Barack Obama for funding priorities that appear to put immigrant children coming across the borders first.”  JJ knows that the Democrat Party is in a maniacal drive to elect a new people, because he’s on their side on immigration political questions every time.

However, he does implicitly make a crucial confession with this:  “If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot.”

What this proves is that the $4 billion Obama wants for the border “children” has nothing to do with deporting them or enforcing immigration law.  It will be almost entirely gibsmedat, welfare, EBT cards, and on the side, a few dozen Congressional pork barrels.

Still Waiting For Superman

10 06 2014



What interests me about this more than what one would ordinarily think is that some of “us” are still stuck on this meme of bad schools bad teachers bad unions, rather than accept the reality that there are such things as bad and irredeemably stupid students.  Though since I work around these kind of people, I shouldn’t steam off about it.

Engelwood is probably the dead epicenter of Chicago’s black undertow.

Paul Robeson?  A black Marxist.

The design of this prom ticket probably went through 50 people before it went to the printer.  Yet, not a one of them, not even the printer, called the obvious mistake.

I Guess It’s Election Year

3 06 2014


Rahm has antsy pantsy anxiety for Quinn to sign a bill that would automatically expunge most arrest records for juveniles once they turn 18.

Repeating for those needing:

Juvenile arrest sheets don’t matter.  Juvenile criminal conviction sheets don’t matter.  Adult arrest sheets don’t matter.  Adult misdemeanor convictions don’t matter for the most part.  In almost all circumstances, all that matters is the adult felony conviction sheet.  There are very few employment situations where the prospective employer can look at anything beyond the adult felony conviction sheet.

That’s not going to prevent Rahm and Co. from running around, assuming Quinn signs the bill, to brag that all these people who had arrest sheets as juvies are now going to be able to get jobs because HR can’t look at their juvie arrest sheets, (when they never could anyway).  It’ll get enough of a thumbs up from the low information black undertow to get them to go out and vote Quinn in November, but come next year and De’stinktavious doesn’t get a job even though his juvie arrest sheet was wiped…nah, nobody will be held accountable.  They’ll just go on to the next meaningless canard.

Arie Payo

2 06 2014


CPS sanity, if only briefly and fictionally.


Joe Arpaio Insulted in ‘Incendiary’ Chicago Public School Test Question on Immigration

A test question on a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) assessment asking seventh graders to compare differing views on immigration, including one written by a fictitious Bush administration official whose name sounds almost exactly like that of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been scrubbed from the curriculum and dismissed as a misunderstanding by CPS officials.

Joshua Rhett Miller at FoxNews.com reports the test question contained the following statement, attributed to “Arie Payo:” “I think it’s best to keep America for Americans and those who know how to speak English properly. Save America for those of us who know how to behave in law-abiding ways.”

“Payo,” who is identified in the test question as a former aide to “President Bush’s Immigration Taskforce” and a contributor to the fictitious “Conservative Journal,” also states in the test question that undocumented immigrants should “go back to where they came from.”

About the only thing wrong or disagreeable with that is the notion that George W. Bush, amnesty and open borders all the way, ever would have had Joe Arpaio in his administration.


Too Much Hassle

27 05 2014


I wouldn’t open or operate an above board firearms retailer in the city of Chicago.

For one, all this would be too much hassle.

But there’s a bigger reason.

Official Chicago would make me an easy target to blame for all the city’s crime.

Want proof?  Look at the original article.  Not just for the fact that suburban and Indiana gun stores are already getting the blame for Chi-Congo crime.  It’s that not once does anyone have the gumption to name the ook.

If they can’t name the ook now, they won’t be naming the ook when there are legal gun stores in the city of Chicago.

One more thing.  The article cites New York, and claims that a lot of what Chicago wants to do is what is already being done in New York and can get most of the credit for recent declines in “gun crime” in New York.  When in reality, gentrifying blacks out of the city and Stop-Question-Frisk are far better explanations.

Never Stopped Them Before

27 05 2014


American Interest:

We might be seeing the end of an era of relatively moderate, centrist politics in major American cities, as teacher unions, minorities and more left wing activists flex their muscles in places like New York, Newark and now Chicago.

This poses questions for the Democratic party nationally. If highly-visible urban Democratic centers are moving sharply to the left while the rest of the country looks on in displeasure, it will be harder for national leaders to straddle the divide between left urban grassroots and the suburban and centrist voters (not to mention the Wall Street money) needed to prevail in national contests.

Interesting times.

No, not interesting times.  Usual times.

Sure, “highly visible urban Democratic centers” might be moving sharply to the left, but even before they moved an inch, they were already sharply to the left of suburban and centrist voters and Wall Street money.  And that divide never stopped them before.


Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

20 05 2014




A set of twin brothers from Chicago who have a history of arrests for sex trafficking have been arrested again, this time for opening a sex business run over social media outlets like Facebook.

Twin brothers Tyrelle and Myrelle Lockett are accused of creating a sex business sold exclusively over social media. The pair were only 17-years-old when they were charged with their first sex charges, but their first convictions did not put a halt to their exploitation of vulnerable women.

Now, at 21, the twins once again stand charged as pimps running a prostitution business in Chicago.

“Myrelle is accused of attempting to force a woman he met on the Internet into prostitution,” a recent report says. “Tyrelle is being held on federal charges of trafficking in underage girls. Authorities say he took sex trafficking completely digital, one of a new generation of pimps who need only a smartphone to recruit girls, take pictures, post ads, and make appointments with johns.”

Myrelle’s newest arrest came after he cajoled an 18-year-old woman he met on Facebook to leave her Minnesota home and come to Chicago. But after she arrived it became clear that the criminal wanted to turn her into a prostitute.

Sound familiar?

Maybe one day, I’ll see BFP guards/agents bringing him into SLU.

You may be asking whether the above pictured is Tyrelle or Myrelle.  Since they’re twin brothers, the answer is yes.

Depend on Hobbs

22 04 2014


What does this mean?

Something I’ve been predicting for awhile:  The Federalization of ordinary black street crime, especially in states with very crowded state prisons.  Don’t be surprised if the Feds use the fact that a murder weapon or parts of it crossed state lines as a hook to make most murders a Federal object and bring them into Federal court.

Truth Be Damned. We Live in BRA.

21 04 2014


Of course it’s all bullshit.  But when you live in BRA, truth takes a back burner to black self-esteem and black power.  And until we dismantle BRA, combat the black undertow and cure the disease of pathological altruism that so many of us crackers have, the truth won’t matter.

Notice the part about “fake Jews.”  That’s a dog whistle for black Hebrew-Israelite socio-theological snake oil.

And also, I wonder what the 45% of CPS students who are Hispanic (compared to 39% black) are going to think about having to endure Afrocentric mumbo jumbo all day every day all year in school.  This is more proof that Hispanics punch way under their demographic weight in the sociopolitical ring.

Raising Kane County

20 04 2014

Montgomery, Illinois

This made my ghettodar go off.

Then I hit the NYT Census Explorer, and while there are some significantly black census tracts in the Montgomery-Aurora area, there are some heavily Hispanic tracts.

Which means my ghettodar was wrong.  It really should have been my barriodar.

Then I found this — “A gold SUV with gold and black rims.”  Usually, the ghetto crowd likes black Escalades with chrome spinners.  So that kinda ruled out Bellcurvius.

Finally, I hit paydirt.  “Male Hispanic.”  Incidentally, that article lists the address, and that census tract is 39% Hispanic, compared to 11% black and 46% white.  North of it, in Aurora, is big time Taco City.

Bell Curve High

20 04 2014


These were uploaded within the last few weeks on Vice News’s own YouTube channel.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

1.  Both of the young men featured prominently in these two videos, the medium height skinny one and the short obese one, have fathers that are or were in prison for murder.  Apples not rolling far from the trees, n’est pas?

2.  The skinny one, 14 years old, was told that he could go to prison for 60 years if he murders someone.  The teacher or principal asked him to say how old he would be when he got out of prison if he got a 60 year bid right now.  The dumb ook couldn’t even add 14 and 60.  Then the teacher made it easier for him to tell him to add 10 and 60, then if he got that right, and he didn’t even try, he would have been told the other four onto that.

No future time orientation, and on top of that, no math.

Yet, one of the teachers was trying to teach them algebra.  Good luck with that.

3.  Notice the demideification (apparently, I just coined a new term) of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Harold Washington.  Some might find that ironic, I find it apropos.

White Flight

3 04 2014


Why has Chicago moved from a middle class dominant city in 1970 to a rich and poor only city today?

The animated graphic presented here is largely a graphic of both white flight and the spreading of the black undertow.  How do I know this?  Because I can find taboos hiding between the lines.


25 02 2014



When 14-year-old Venzel Richardson was shot to death on the South Side earlier this month, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy ordered his staff to draw up a list of warring gang leaders in the area.

Within 48 hours, the commander of the Grand Crossing District was knocking on their doors, warning them to halt the shooting.

Cmdr. Glenn Evans told the young men they’d face stiff prison terms for their next violent crime. But they also were given a contact for job training and other social services.

Except it’s Illinois, where “stiff prison sentences” are an idle threat.  Hell, in California, “lifers” are being turned loose like there’s no tomorrow, such that the average “life” sentence for Murder One is only 27 years.

We do know the job training and “other social services” will be there, though I doubt all that job training will actually result in a job, unless the job is an affirmative action make work giveaway.

Since it’s Garry McPilgrim running hug-a-thug, maybe the next round of visits, he can have the cops tell them that it’s the Pilgrims’ fault.


And guess what. It’s racist.


13 02 2014


You’ve probably seen the original story.

And his mother’s postmortem.

Here’s the interesting part:

In 2010, Deonta almost died of meningitis, Stevens said. He spent a year in the hospital recovering and had lasting medical issues.

“After that surgery, I saw a totally different side of him. Aggressive behavior,” Stevens said. Deonta got into fights, was disrespectful at school and ran with a rough crowd.

Well, Deonta, no longer of this world, was 16 years old in 2014, which means he was 12 years old in 2010.

I wonder what happens to a boy or young man at about the age of 12 (give or take) that changes his demeanor and makes him different and more aggressive (some more than others).

He’s Trying to Find Molly

12 02 2014


The wages of 365Black.

Here’s the story.

And if you dare, here’s the vid.  It is exactly what the story says it is, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What I found interesting about the video wasn’t him, but two things:

1.  The people wearing clothes were wearing heavy winter coats and other cold weather appropriate clothes.  Which means it was very cold outside.  Yet, this one waltzes into the joint butt naked, which means he must not have felt the cold even while being naked and outside in it.

What could explain that?

Well, he wasn’t just trying to find Molly.  By then, he had already found her.

2.  A Category Two almost broke out in the reaction to him being inside the place.  That was alluded to in the article but the video shows that the article text downplays how bad it almost got.

3.  Everyone in the joint was black, so this must be the chocolate part of Chicago.



6 01 2014


Federal district court in Chicago waves the naughty naughty finger to the City of Chicago’s prohibition of firearms sales.

The city tried to defend the ordinance with this argument:

The City … contends that inner-city gang members and criminals find it hard to travel to the suburbs, thus making it more difficult for them or their likely straw purchasers to shop at gun stores. Dr. Philip Cook, one of the City’s experts, attributes this travel difficulty to the “parochial[ism]” of gang members, and CPD Commander Gorman believes that making the trip to the suburbs is dangerous for gang members because they may have to cross rival gang boundaries both in Chicago and in the suburbs. So through these ordinances, Chicago intentionally increases the distance that Chicagoans have to travel to get to gun stores in order to tack on extra transaction costs (measured in time, effort, and danger) to any criminal attempt to buy guns. These extra transaction costs, the argument goes, deter would-be criminals from buying guns.

But these transaction costs are also borne by law-abiding residents of these neighborhoods, who are equally parochial and may suffer many of the same dangers by crossing into gang-infested territory. So whatever burdens the City hopes to impose on criminal users also falls squarely on law-abiding residents who want to exercise their Second Amendment right. What’s more, it is doubtful that keeping criminal users away from legitimate retail stores will choke the supply of guns to those users. According to a survey of convicted felons proffered by the City itself, “[l]egitimate firearms retailers play a minor and unimportant role as direct sources of the criminal handgun supply.”

“The parochialism of gang members.”

It’s amazing what supposedly non-racist or anti-racist people will say about black people when they think nobody is looking.

And this isn’t a function of gang membership or affiliation, either.  Generally speaking, blacks don’t have much of an ambition to travel.

Shoe Game

6 01 2014


Three Bellcurvii were caught feloniously trying to augment their shoe games.  The way the story reads, they either knew there were shoes inside that rail car, or they knew there was something valuable inside even if they didn’t know precisely what, or they thought there was something valuable, in order to go through all they did to bust into the car.

Until very recently, I didn’t know what a “shoe game” was.  Now I know that a shoe game is what Bellcurvius uses to describe his collection of shoes that retail for three digits of dollars a pair but only have a single digit dollar manufacturing cost.

OTOH, I’m a fine one to complain.  I can’t laugh at ooks that line up to pay $400 for the latest pair of Air Jordans (“Js”), but I paid $600 for a pair of shoes pretty recently.  True, they might have been a pair of dress shoes from Brooks Brothers.  But…my shoe game, shawty, my shoe game.

Start this video at 8:00.

Martin Luther King Day

6 01 2014


The headline is enough for a wicked racial profiling trick.

But both addresses listed in this article are very near Chicago’s Martin Luther King Drive, just to add icing to the devil’s food cake.

The Nerve of Him

2 01 2014


This is from February of last year, at the funeral of Hadiya Pendleton.

One of the “guys who entered her home and murdered her just to steal” turned out to be him.

More about “him” (or should that be “her?”):


Not Impressed

22 12 2013


And the accompanying text.

They’re trying to make this out like this is some kind of turning point.  But I’m not seeing that.  All I see and read is a bunch of complaining.  The only real substantial “solution” proposed here is that they vote differently, but all that would mean is that the same ooks would be voting for a different party or different people.

While it’s true that Rahm Emanuel got a majority of the vote from black voters and all the black wards in Chicago when he ran for mayor in 2011, but for Rahm, the blacks would have voted for Carol Mostly Fraud.


2 12 2013


Ook, ook and ook jack an adolescent ook.

Among the loot:

The men also took a backpack containing white gym shoes and a state ID, according to court records.

1.  I thought black people were allergic to government-issued photo ID.  That’s what they want us to think every time we say “photo ID for voting.”  Yet, one of their 14-year olds has one.

2.  Who keeps something as important as their photo ID in their bookbag?

Far Out

21 11 2013


“We’re not going to arrest our way out of the gang problem”

“Find creative ways to try to combat Chicago’s gang violence”

What creative ways do you have in mind, Slappy?  Going to find a dope set Shitavious, get down on your hands and knees and beg him to behave pretty please with a cherry on top?

No, what will really happen is that every time some banger tries to rub out another banger and winds up killing a toddler or an honor student in the process, schmuck U.S. Attorney here will hold a press conference, bang his fist on the podium and scream that this is intolerable and must stop.  The end.  Wash, rinse, repeat.

Plain words, he’s surrendering.

The Reason

29 10 2013



There is a common assumption in Chicago that guns are the equivalent of free-roaming cobras, being lethal and unmanageable by any means except elimination. The more guns, in this view, the more murders and mayhem.

That’s to cover up the real problem, free-roaming ooks.

No Service

21 10 2013


“She said they do not serve alcohol there, and no one in her group had been drinking.”

Doesn’t matter.  When you gather people with names like Shambreya, Trevell and Zhiene and many many others like them in one place, even if they’re not drunk or high, you’re playing a game of chimpout roulette.

Lost in Chicago

17 10 2013


Usually leads to dead in Chicago.

“Detectives are trying to determine where the shooting occurred.”  I have a hunch it’s either south or west side, the real vibrant parts of town.


17 10 2013



Emanuel talks politics while activists rally to ‘take back Chicago’


Brandon Johnson, an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, fired up the rally crowd at the University of Illinois at Chicago Forum, saying the 35 union and neighborhood groups were there to send a message to “the mayor of this city and his corporate, greedy elitist friends that this city belongs to the people in this room. Black people, brown people, poor people, working-class people.”

Chicago belongs to ooks?  Tell that to all the ooks that were pushed out of the city and into South Suburban Cook.  The whole nice things-black people conundrum/paradox.

To Tell the Truth

17 10 2013



Ku Klux Klan Fliers Found in Southwest Suburb


According to the Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, the KKK is much less prevalent than it used to be. There were 4 million members in the 1920s, compared to the 6,000 believed to be active today.

Potok suspects the packages are likely little more than advertising.

That’s what he says now. Within a few weeks, there will be thousands of beg letters pouring out of the poverty palace, using this as proof that the K is about ready to take over, and the only thing preventing it is your generous donations.

H/T True News USA.

Next Time, Get Some Less Obvious Tats, Part II

28 09 2013



I know this might shock you, but he’s accused of doing something very very bad.

This post title has “Part II,” so you probably assume that this has happened before.  Smart you.


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