It’s Magic Negro Season

28 10 2014



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Of course, lamestream conservatives are the Charlie Browns that fall for this Lucy is going to hold the football scam every time.  I’m actually a bit disappointed in Matt Drudge that he even finds this newsworthy enough to be on the Drudge Report to begin with, much less the banner headline as I write this.

One of these four people is Paul McKinley, who was the Republican nominee in last year’s special election in IL-2 to replace Jesse Jackson Junior, and got a big whopping 22% of the vote in the process.  So it’s not like he’s someone who just came out of nowhere, and if that’s true for him, then that’s true for the other three.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, the few blacks that do turn out to vote will give almost 100% of their votes to Democrats.  It’s just that since there’s no HNIC at the top of the ballot, there’s no reason for a high black turnout.  And if black turnout is lower than it otherwise would be for a midterm cycle, it’s certainly not because they’re ever thinking about voting for Republicans with anything more than mere fringe percentages, it’s just that the Democrats aren’t doing enough for them, or they think that.

What, you actually thought I titled this “magic negro” in reference to Barack Obama?  Naw, man, those days are long gone.

Lie Down With Dogs

30 09 2014

Suburban Chicago

And wake up with fleas.

Or not at all.

I Have Been Remiss

27 09 2014


H/T True News USA

What I’m about to say in this post, I’ve said a number of times elsewhere, but for some bizarre reason, I’ve never said it here.

Let’s set the words to some music:

Felons may catch a break with Emanuel’s ‘ban the box’ proposal

As a teen, Ald. Walter Burnett (27th) went to prison for robbing a savings and loan.

He eventually got a pardon and became the first felon elected to the City Council. It made him sensitive to the struggles of ex-offenders seeking jobs after prison.

That’s why he’s backing Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s proposed “ban the box” ordinance that would bar companies with fewer than 15 employees from asking about criminal histories on job applications.

A company could conduct a background check only when a candidate is deemed qualified for a job. The ordinance would mirror a state law for businesses with 15 or more employees.

“This is a common sense move that will ensure consistent rules for businesses of all sizes and ensure people who have left prison and are trying to turn their life around can be evaluated on their abilities,” Burnett said.

There are lots of heavily black cities (there’s your first clue, Sherlock) that have adopted or are seriously considering adopting “ban the box.”

The whole thing is based on this fallacious notion that there are lots and lots of people qualified to do jobs except they happen to have felony convictions, so the supposed idea is that if the initial job application doesn’t ask about felony convictions, this means that the applications of felons won’t be immediately thrown into the trash.  Then HR/Personnel will call the felon in for a job interview, he will dazzle the interview staff over with his skills, knowledge and prowess, and get hired.

(Insert laugh tracks here)

I happen to think that most of the proponents of “ban the box” know that this is bullshit, and they know that BTB laws, if they come to pass, will not result in many ex-felons finding jobs.  If for anything else, all it will do is increase the number of applications per open position, and open positions aren’t easy to come by.

And that’s the point.

Once we get to that point, then the other side will unveil the logical end game to this, “ban the box” being a run-up to what has been their real agenda all along: Mandated affirmative action or quotas for businesses to hire ex-felons. Their rhetoric will go like this: “We banned the box but this didn’t result in lots of felons getting jobs, so there must still be some sort of quiet or secret or subconscious discrimination going on, so the only way we can alleviate it is government affirmative action mandates.”

To review:  “Ban the box” is skid-greasing for affirmative action for felons.

Question:  Would this ordinance apply to firearms retailers?  I’d ask it to people like Rahm Emanuel and Walter Burnett just to watch their brains blue screen.

A Good Name Is To Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches

18 09 2014


This isn’t hard to figure out, people.

“Barack Obama” is the new “Martin Luther King.”  Anything named after it, streets, schools, parks, whatever, is to be avoided.

The Normandy school district has a Barack Obama Elementary School.  BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Chicago wants this new selective admissions selective enrollment high school to attract quality students in order to be successful.  Therefore, they’re not going to curse it with a black undertow friendly name.

Africa Among Us (With an Important Update)

10 09 2014



Seven people, including three 15-year-olds, have been charged in connection with a machete attack on a man at a Chicago public transit station, police said.

The suspects surrounded two men early Monday at the Kedzie Brown Line station and told them to flash gang signs, police said. The men, ages 17 and 26, refused and said they weren’t in a gang.

One of the adult suspects swung at the men with a machete, hitting the 26-year-old on the head and neck, police said. The victim was taken to a hospital with cuts and his condition has stabilized, they said.

Four adults were charged Tuesday with one count each of robbery, aggravated battery and trespassing on Chicago Transit Authority property, authorities said. Two boys and one girl, all 15 years old, were charged with trespassing, and one of them was charged with aggravated assault.

One adult suspect was ordered held on $450,000 bond and two were ordered held on $250,000 bond, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said. Bond information was not immediately available for the fourth.

Either the macheteman isn’t that good with his tool, or it’s not much of a machete.  Otherwise, you would have had a beheading.  Which is apparently the proscribed punishment in Chicago for not being part of a street gang.  ISIS?  No, it’s Bellcurvius.


Well, not just Bellcurvius.  Some of the comprehensive crowd was involved.

Spinoff, Maybe?

20 08 2014


Looks like the network execs are jonesing for a Chicago-based spinoff of Survivor: Ferguson.

First World, Come Quickly!

4 08 2014



Click to enlarge, then read the story.

If only Hispanics weren’t bad about leaving trash all over parks and not cleaning up after themselves, maybe Kelvyn Park would be nice and tidy without anyone else’s help.


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