Hey Kids

8 07 2014

Silicon Valley

Wanna make thousands of dollars a month being a summer intern at a major tech firm?

Go get it!

Before you go, realize that you’re probably going to be an every waking hour two- to three-month captive to your internship, and you won’t make as much as a full time full year minimum wage worker does.  Even though your work will be worth far more to fill-in-the-blank SV firm than the relative peanuts they’re paying you.

And also, don’t get a guilty conscience or anything over the fact that you’re being used as human cannon fodder in SV firms’ maniacal desire not to hire native born white Americans over the age of 35 with wives and children, you know, the ones that actually want to get paid serious money for their work because they have the audacity to think that they should make enough money and benefits to sustain a household, a house of their own in a quality public school district.

Weakening the World

8 07 2014


Hide the wife and kids and bar the door.  Because Grover Norquist is thinking again.

He thinks big cities can turn red if Republicans get in front of the Uber/Lyft issues on the side of the disruptive innovations.

Just like big cities turned red because Republicans got out in front of the charter school question in favor of them.

Really, though, if you want to turn big cities red, you’d swap out their current predominant demographics for white families, and make it easy and affordable for white people to start families.  But ole Grover’s wee little brain infected with the egalitarian-libertarian virus will reject that out of hand.

Sail Foams in the News

19 06 2014

*  Amazon has just rolled out a phone.  While the last thing the world needs is yet another de facto Amazon storefront, and yet another product for Gary Busey to hawk, one good thing about the Fire Phone is that Amazon didn’t seem to be interested in the screen size/screen resolution/pixel density arms race.  It’s all of 4.7 inches and 720p, meaning it hits the utilitarian sweet spot and is on par with my beloved “they’ll take it from my cold dead hands” Moto X.

The Fire Phone’s two unique features could probably brought to any newer phone with a well-written app.  But Amazon wasn’t interested in just writing an app, they want to expand their ecosystem which already includes tablets and now also a media streaming box, an ecosystem which will probably become an AAPL-style walled garden one of these days.

*  There’s another hot phone out there with spec-heads.  The Chinese manufacturer is called OnePlus, and their debut phone is called “One,” so the phone’s name is “OnePlus One.”  I guess the good thing about that is that you can find out what the next OnePlus model will be named just by doing the math problem implied in the name of the current model.  Anyway, the One has a ridiculously good spec sheet for a cheap price, and everyone is trying to figure out how this company can make any money.  Sure, cheap Chinese labor, but many sail foam OEMs manufacture in China, including the iCabal/Foxconn.

Turns out the riddle just may have been solved.

Loving You

15 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Music break.

When I hear this song, I sing along with slightly different lyrics at one point in the chorus:


And yes, I have one of these T-shirts.


Practice Makes Perfect

3 06 2014

Washington, D.C.

Secret Service wants software that has the ability to detect sarcasm.

If you happen to be on the dev team of that software, you’ve got your perfect acid test for your work right here.

Steve Ballmer’s Pre-Game Motivation Speech in the Clippers Locker Room

29 05 2014

Los Angeles


The owners of the other teams are just loving this.  The net worth scale of NBA franchises has just been reset, way upward.  A franchise that “experts” valued at $950 million has just been sold for $2 billion.  This increases the value of all the other NBA franchises.

Now I’m starting to think the other owners were the prime suspects in this hit against Donald Sterling.  I’m sure they knew that someone would make a bid for it that was more than the “experts” thought it was worth.

And of course NextMedia was going to get around to covering it their way.  Los Angeles Clippys, hmmm.


29 05 2014

Mountain View, California

GOOG “admits” its “lack” of “diversity,” i.e. few women, NAMs.

It ought to get more women and NAMs.  That way, GOOG can finally live up to the example of the high standards set by the VA.

MSFT vs Mosque

19 05 2014


Car wreck at the intersectionality of white leftist and Islam, I see?

Since Republicans aren’t an electoral threat in Seattle, it’s okay for the white left to oppose Islam.  Even though, as you read, the left at first did what it usually does, hide its “racism” behind the environment.

The Democrat-left’s odd ball coalition is just waiting for some smart politician to come along and drop one ten ton wedge after another after another between its individual parts.

Brendan Eich

4 04 2014

Mountain View, California

He was fired for having the same opinion on gay “marriage” that Barack Obama had as late as May 8, 2012.

It became clear during the recent hubbub over Arizona SB 1062 that LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH is no longer a movement seeking tolerance, it’s now a pink iron booted totalitarian mafia enforcing conformity.  If that didn’t convince you, and the Brendan Eich affair doesn’t convince you, then you just don’t know.


2 04 2014


Coming on strong against Roku, are you, Jeff?

About the only real benefit that the Fire will have over the Roku 3 is voice search, and even then I don’t think it’ll work right half the time.

Ironically, the two Rokus I have purchased have been on Amazon.  The next time I want or have to, I get the feeling that Amazon will have all sorts of “mysterious problems” with supplying and/or shipping the Rokus.  Thankfully, Roku also sells direct.


It has pretty inflated hardware specs, way more than you need for video streaming.  So what gives?

Well, notice the separate game controllers available for $40 apiece, in addition to the Fire itself, which is $100.  Methinks Amazon is trying to merge video streaming with light to moderate gaming in one box.

The tech media saying that Amazon is challenging Netflix is stupid.  Why would Bezos roll out a streaming box to take on Netflix when Netflix doesn’t make its own box, and also Netflix is a touted ability of the Fire?  If anything, Netflix will be happy because the Fire will be yet another method to access Netflix.  No, Bezos’s real target is Roku.  And since the Roku 3 has the two extra buttons on its controller to do light gaming where or or two extra buttons is necessary, I guess Bezos thought he should take that paradigm one step further.

Boner’s Courier

17 03 2014

Silicon Valley

Let me translate this for you:

Boner dispatched Bad-Latte to the SV to take their execs, bundlers and other money men behind closed doors and with all recording devices turned off to tell them to calm down, that some time in the middle of some night during the lame duck session between election day and Christmas, Boner is going to break the Hastert rule and call a vote on the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill as written and without amendments, and it will pass, and Obama’s ink will be on it before the sun rises.

You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve, Weasel

13 03 2014

Menlo Park, California

You helped re-elect him.

You essentially gave him Facebook on a silver platter so that his campaign could use it as their personal campaign tool.

You can’t wait for the moment that he signs “comprehensive immigration reform.”

You made your own bed, Mark.  Now sleep in it.

Alien Overlords

12 03 2014

San Francisco


Complaining about inequality isn’t just the purview of the Obama administration. Lately, it has become a preoccupation in Silicon Valley, a part of the world used to thinking of growth as an unalloyed good.

The class warriors here have a lot to learn from Washington: So far, their main target has been the sleek buses that shuttle programmers and other workers from San Francisco to their offices at Apple, Google and a constellation of startups in the Valley. Dubbed “Google buses,” the shuttles remove thousands of cars from San Francisco’s madcap streets and allow coders to continue building the enterprises that help to keep the city’s jobless rate at 4.8%.

But leftists in San Francisco see daggers in Google buses, which they insist are symbols of growing inequality. In December, Oakland protesters broke the windows on a Google bus, and last spring a few dozen street demonstrators in San Francisco’s Mission District smacked piñata buses. Local writer-activist Rebecca Solnit summed up the populist perspective about the buses when she wrote recently in the London Review of Books that “some days I think of them as the spaceships on which our alien overlords have landed to rule over us.”

Yet, on election day, both the people in the buses and the people protesting the buses will be pulling the lever for the same party.

So they can’t hate each other that much.  Or maybe they can, but they both hate us more than they hate each other.


A Whole Alphabet Spent

14 02 2014

Menlo Park, California

Yes, it may seem like a setback in the culture wars.

But the good news is that the “official acronym” of LGBTQMIAPD is about to be expanded a whole lot.  Their goal of an acronym that involves every letter of the alphabet may just have been met.

Sell Sell Birdie

6 02 2014

San Francisco

TWTR plunging, even though gross revenue in 4Q13 and gross revenue growth 4Q13 over 4Q12 were both better than expected.

I wonder if The Street is worried that Madison Avenue isn’t keen on Twitter’s disproportionately black user base .

Bye Bye Motey

31 01 2014

Mountain View, California

GOOG sells Motorola Mobility, which it just recently bought for $12b, to Chinese hardware OEM Lenovo for $3b, though Motorola’s patent portfolio is not part of the deal and will stay with GOOG.

As a Moto X owner, I’m paying attention.

What’s going on?  Why did GOOG essentially pay $9b for patents?  Other than playing games of mutually assured destruction with AAPL in the realm of patent troll lawsuits.

My guess is that the other ‘phone/’tab OEMs that rely heavily on Android were bitching that Motorola was becoming the official hardware OEM for the Android platform, and this made GOOG nervous.

I’m Dizzy

25 01 2014



“Back in 2010, Bill Gates Sr. made the case for I-1098, an initiative for a WA state income tax that Gates argued was needed to address K-12 funding inequity, which he claimed was forcing businesses “to import technically-trained employees, while our own people are shut out of highly paid careers.” Opposed by the deep-pocketed, high-tech studded Defeat 1098, the initiative was defeated. Four years later, some of the same high-tech leaders who records show funded Defeat 1098 — including Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer ($425K), Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith ($10K), Code.org founder Hadi Partovi ($10K), Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ($100K), Microsoft Corporation ($75K) — have gotten behind groups like Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us and Code.org, which are singing a similar Chicken Little tune, telling lawmakers that U.S. students will continue to be shut out of highly paid computer science careers without additional K-12 funding, and the U.S. will lose its competitive edge unless tech is permitted to import even more technically-trained employees. In a departure from Gates’ income-tax based solution, Microsoft and Code.org argue that the-problem-is-the-solution, proposing that tech visa fees be used to fund K-12 CS programs. To ‘accept that computer science classes are only available to the privileged few,’ writes Code.org, ‘seems un-American’. So, as some of the nation’s biggest K-12 school systems turn to Code.org for CS education programs, should they expect the funding to come from taxes, H-1B tech visa fees, or the-kindness-of-wealthy-strangers philanthropy?”

I need to sit down, all this mental running around in circles is making me dizzy.

Let me try to pick this apart.

Bill Gates wanted higher income taxes to fund Washington State schools because they were so bad that he had no choice but to use H-1Bs.  (Are Americans outside of Washington State not allowed to work for MSFT?)  But the people funding the opposition to his effort were all in his own house at MSFT, save Bezos.  If the tax would have passed, it would have resulted in more people that MSFT won’t hire because they can nab H-1Bs on the cheap.  So now, everyone involved in that narrative is now beating the drums for more H-1B visas, skimming off some of the visa fees to fund domestic education to create more CSIT-trained Americans that will never be able to work in CSIT because of all the H-1Bs.

I swear to God, Deliverance didn’t have this much incest.

South Texas Blues

21 01 2014

McAllen, Texas

A funny thing happened on the way to convicting in the court of public opinion some young Russians for the Target security crack.

The truth seeping out.

Digital Divide

7 01 2014


Pew studies black versus white connectivity.

What jumps out at me?

Sail Foams and Twitter.

Young black women luvv dey sail foams so dey can be on Twitta.

It’s just that you need a translator to understand their tweets.

Ready to Feel Old?

26 11 2013

Tokyo;  Seattle

This is the so-called eighth generation of video game consoles.  By comparison, the only one I ever owned, the original 8-bit Nintendo, was of the third generation.

When Nintendo upgraded to the 16-bit Super Nintendo in 1991 (fourth generation), the two extra buttons on the controller indicative with either an implied third dimension in some games or extra functionality in other games confused me.  That and I was just starting high school, and I didn’t have time for gaming anyway.

The idea of me trying to play one of these new systems of the eighth generation is akin to Paul Blart winning Demi Lovato’s heart.

I keep reading gossip in the techsphere that eventually, phones, tablets, TVs (which are increasingly becoming computers in their own right), and mid-priced desktops are going to be so powerful that Sony, MSFT and Nintendo will stop making gaming-only consoles because they’ll be redundant and not profitable.  Of course, the general trend in “gaming-only” consoles starting in the sixth generation (PlayStation 2, original X-Box) has been to add more general desktop type functionality to them.

He Found Twenty

20 11 2013

Mountain View, California

Mark Zuckerbutt is being a smart ass here, trying to make a point that we need to swing the borders wide open, because the young adults among the hoards that will flood in are all geniuses.

But pay attention to the bouncing ball here.

All he found was twenty.

And what are they going to do?

Write a sail foam app to help people find their members of Congress, presumably so they can agitate for amnesty and open borders.

I’m sure there are probably hundreds of regular websites that can do that already, and also probably any number of sail foam apps.  My cursory search on the Android Market yields two of them right away, and probably more if I dig down into the search results.

Now that’s how we’re going to win the future — Let everyone in the world come here (except for white people) so that 0.001% of their young men might have the ability to write code for apps that already exist.

That Explains Windows 8

19 11 2013



Marijuana prospectors flock to Washington (State)

SEATTLE — Dot-bong, Marijuana Inc., the Green Rush: Call it what you will, the burgeoning legal marijuana industry in Washington state is drawing pot prospectors of all stripes.

Microsoft veterans and farmers, real estate agents and pastry chefs, former journalists and longtime pot growers alike are seeking new challenges — and fortunes — in the production, processing and sale of a drug that’s been illegal for generations.

“Microsoft veterans.” Hmmm.

I always wondered what someone had to be smoking to think Windows 8’s GUI a good idea.

Million Monkeys

11 11 2013

San Francisco

They say that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and a million years, you’ll get Shakespeare.  Personally, all you need to do is give one Elizabethan-era Englishman fifty-two years and a quill pen if you want to get Shakespeare, but I digress.

The almighty Yankee government in three years and change couldn’t build a functional web presence for ObamaCare.  But three 20-year olds only needed a week.

This could be an explanation:

With a few late nights, Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulos and Michael Wasser built “thehealthsherpa.com,” a two-week-old website that solves one of the biggest problems with the government’s site.

“They got it completely backwards in terms of what people want up front,” said Liang. He added: “They want prices and benefits, so that they could make the decision.”

However, one man’s “completely backwards” is another man’s “perfectly forward.”  That the existing ObamaCare website puts prices at the end is a bug and not a feature to people that use it, but a feature not a bug politically speaking for ObamaCare cultists.  There’s a reason why Chevy ads tell you how much the car costs while Rolls-Royce ads don’t.

Now I’m starting to think that some of these bugs and failures in the ObamaCare website are by design, to hide how expensive it’s going to be for almost everyone.

Print Job

8 11 2013

Oak Brook, Illinois

McDonald’s thinking of using 3D printers for Happy Meals

3D printing the actual food?

Happy Halloween

31 10 2013

Gang Bangers to the Rescue

29 10 2013

Bangalore, India


Infosys Said to Reach Settlement With U.S. on Visa Probe

Infosys Ltd. (INFO) is preparing to pay about $35 million to avoid restrictions on its use of U.S. work visas under a potential resolution of the company’s use of entry permits, said a person with direct knowledge of the talks.

The company reached a settlement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Texas that will be announced Oct. 30, two other people familiar with the matter said yesterday.

Infosys, India’s second-largest software exporter, received a federal grand jury subpoena seeking records related to its sponsorships for B-1 business visas and its use of them, according to an Oct. 11 regulatory filing. The company and “certain” employees are targets of the investigation, according to the filing. Infosys said it was cooperating with the probe.

Bangalore-based Infosys said it had reserved $35 million for a settlement tied to the probe and that it was engaged in talks to resolve the matter.

“The resolution has not been finalized,” according to today’s e-mailed statement.

The company resolved two whistle-blower cases in Alabama and California in the past 14 months after employees alleged it misused B-1 visas, which are temporary business permits, to avoid limits on H-1B employment visas. Proposed changes to immigration laws in Congress, which would limit the ability of large Indian companies to access H-1B visas, may damage Infosys’s business model of relying on North America for more than 60 percent of its revenue.

Au contraire, the Gang Bangers of Eight bill vastly expands the yearly allotment of H-1Bs.

UPDATE 10/31

Norm Matloff not impressed.

Wang Dandy

25 10 2013


Athens (Ga.) Banner-Herald:

Spying complaint against Aaron’s settled with FTC

ATLANTA — Atlanta-based Aaron’s settled on Tuesday charges by the Federal Trade Commission that the rent-to-own giant’s computers contained software that allowed it to collect unauthorized information from customers.

The FTC said Aaron’s — one of the nation’s biggest rental businesses with 1,880 locations in 48 states — “knowingly played a direct and vital role in its franchisees’ installation and use of software” to secretly collect data from customers. The company also stored the captured data on its servers and shared collected information with franchisees.

In the settlement agreement, Aaron’s did not admit or deny the allegations.

The settlement comes as Aaron’s fights at least four class-action lawsuits over the spying, with plaintiffs numbering in the thousands. One of the biggest suits, Byrd vs. Aaron’s Inc., involves at least 900 plaintiffs and claims that hundreds of thousands of images, screen shots, logins, and computer serial numbers were illegally obtained between 2008 and 2011.

The FTC focused on Aaron’s after investigating Designerware LLC, a Pennsylvania company that provided Aaron’s software, called PC Rental Agent. The software was included on laptops and desktops so Aaron’s and its franchisees could recover unreturned computer equipment.

Which I’m sure is a common problem, rent-to-own joints having to repo the shit for non-payment.  Better computers than beds and couches, because God knows what happens on rent-to-own-procured couches and beds.

As part of the settlement, Aaron’s is prohibited from using monitoring technology except to provide technical support requested by a customer and has been ordered to delete or destroy information it improperly collected.

“Technical support requested by a customer.”  Knowing rent-to-own joint clientele, they’ll call tech support and ask something like, “Uh uh uh this herr ‘puter done be telling me to press any key.  Where da any key be at?”

I don’t get the point of why Aaron’s did this.  What kind of data did they expect to mine?  Hell, anything you need or want to know about the typical person who rents-to-own a computer at Aaron’s, you can find out by reading the crime blotter, or reading Tweets and Facebook chats written in Ebonics.

Maybe Aaron’s was worried that their customers were cheating on them with Rent-a-Center.

Half Billion

25 10 2013



Well, we can forget about conspiracy theories that it was sabotaged either internally by the Obama administration to grease the skids for single payer or that people like us jammed it in a DDoS maneuver to embarrass Obama.

When you have a half billion lines of code, failure is not just an option, but an inevitability.


22 10 2013

San Francisco


Twitter And The Real Economy Of Jobs


But what about those lacking degrees from elite colleges? The economist Tyler Cowen suggests that the 85% of the population without the proper cognitive pedigree will need to adopt the survival strategies of the poor in Latin America, including a diet heavy in beans.

I guess this means we’re all beaners now.

Highway 404

22 10 2013


The ObamaDontCare exchange websites are all technical messes.  But the Obama re-election campaign’s tech infrastructure for its data mining strategy was top notch.



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