The Incredible Shrinking Linebacker

2 09 2014


St. Louis native Christian Kirksey should watch this movie.

ESPN needs to know:  Does a 14-inch tall linebacker shower with other guys on the team or all by himself?


Advertising, Marketing, Endorsing and Packaging By Dre

1 09 2014

I couldn’t quite figure out why these overly bass-loaded ghetto headphones are so popular.  Until I watched this.  They’re basically the Nike Jordan shoes of headphones.

Now I know what AAPL wants to buy this enterprise so badly.  They want street cred and a lot of social capital with the low information undertow, hoping that translates into higher sales of iThis and iThat and hoping that the iCabal’s ecosystem becomes a fad so that AAPL can finally beat Windows in the desktop/laptop space and get its mojo back versus Android in the phone space and hold back a gathering challenge from Android in the tablet space.

As for me and my little slice of the blogosphere, I’m just waiting for the first news story that crosses my Tweeter about some black killing another for his Beats by Dre headphones.  Because like I said, if I made a product, I would dread it becoming especially popular among ooks.

Customer Relations

19 08 2014


Well duh.

“Thank you Ferguson for rioting and creating a whole lot more traffic on Twitter.”


Hey Kids

8 07 2014

Silicon Valley

Wanna make thousands of dollars a month being a summer intern at a major tech firm?

Go get it!

Before you go, realize that you’re probably going to be an every waking hour two- to three-month captive to your internship, and you won’t make as much as a full time full year minimum wage worker does.  Even though your work will be worth far more to fill-in-the-blank SV firm than the relative peanuts they’re paying you.

And also, don’t get a guilty conscience or anything over the fact that you’re being used as human cannon fodder in SV firms’ maniacal desire not to hire native born white Americans over the age of 35 with wives and children, you know, the ones that actually want to get paid serious money for their work because they have the audacity to think that they should make enough money and benefits to sustain a household, a house of their own in a quality public school district.

Weakening the World

8 07 2014


Hide the wife and kids and bar the door.  Because Grover Norquist is thinking again.

He thinks big cities can turn red if Republicans get in front of the Uber/Lyft issues on the side of the disruptive innovations.

Just like big cities turned red because Republicans got out in front of the charter school question in favor of them.

Really, though, if you want to turn big cities red, you’d swap out their current predominant demographics for white families, and make it easy and affordable for white people to start families.  But ole Grover’s wee little brain infected with the egalitarian-libertarian virus will reject that out of hand.

Sail Foams in the News

19 06 2014

*  Amazon has just rolled out a phone.  While the last thing the world needs is yet another de facto Amazon storefront, and yet another product for Gary Busey to hawk, one good thing about the Fire Phone is that Amazon didn’t seem to be interested in the screen size/screen resolution/pixel density arms race.  It’s all of 4.7 inches and 720p, meaning it hits the utilitarian sweet spot and is on par with my beloved “they’ll take it from my cold dead hands” Moto X.

The Fire Phone’s two unique features could probably brought to any newer phone with a well-written app.  But Amazon wasn’t interested in just writing an app, they want to expand their ecosystem which already includes tablets and now also a media streaming box, an ecosystem which will probably become an AAPL-style walled garden one of these days.

*  There’s another hot phone out there with spec-heads.  The Chinese manufacturer is called OnePlus, and their debut phone is called “One,” so the phone’s name is “OnePlus One.”  I guess the good thing about that is that you can find out what the next OnePlus model will be named just by doing the math problem implied in the name of the current model.  Anyway, the One has a ridiculously good spec sheet for a cheap price, and everyone is trying to figure out how this company can make any money.  Sure, cheap Chinese labor, but many sail foam OEMs manufacture in China, including the iCabal/Foxconn.

Turns out the riddle just may have been solved.

Loving You

15 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Music break.

When I hear this song, I sing along with slightly different lyrics at one point in the chorus:


And yes, I have one of these T-shirts.



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