I Had Nothing to Do With It

29 12 2013



Even though it reads like something I would do.

Except “I” thought by now there was supposed to be no such thing as “Starbucks,” just the apparently generic mom and pop corner coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long haired white woman.

And also…they don’t realize that the generic mom and pop corner coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long haired white woman recently raised the price of those things to $7.

Aren’t We Special?

4 02 2013

Prince Georges County, Maryland

It’s as if the work of the typical black public school student of the heavily black Prince Georges County, Maryland public school system is worth copying…

War on a Romney Woman

12 04 2012

Ann R. has “never worked a day in her life?”

My mother had a hard enough time with one well-behaved son, she had to deal with five.

I guess this whole bit is supposed to be a Democrat sop to working women, though it will probably go over like a lead balloon.  Personally, I’m happy for Ann Romney, in that she was one of the scant few white women left who had a white husband who made enough money on his own to sustain a big household.  That used to be the rule in America rather than the exception.

But that begs the obvious question:  Will Ann Romney’s husband actually do anything to make that a reality again?

It all depends on how much attention he pays to Kris Kobach.


I thought the name Hillary Rosen was familiar.

Yep, that’s Hillary Rosen as in the RIAA.  Ironically, she stepped down from that job to “spend more time with her family.”

Some Place to Go

18 01 2012

I figured with half the internet blacked out today in protest of SOPA/PIPA, I figured I better come through with some blog posts, just so you can have something new to read.

This whole issue has been a good acid test to separate the men from the boys.  What mystifies me is that some of the same anti-Ron Paul eliminationist hatemongers are also against SOPA/PIPA, when Ron opposes SOPA (the House bill) and Rand opposes PIPA (the Senate bill), and they did oppose these pieces of legislation before opposing them was cool.

Of course the British Extradition Act of 2003 is being “abused.”  Do you think a President named Barack Hussein Obama would actually want any real “British” terrorists (who have names that sound like his own) actually extradited?  On the flip side of the coin, the copywrong extremist industry, both in Hollywood and New York, dumped oodles of money on his campaign.  Priorities are priorities.

UPDATE:  Marco Rubio (mentioned in the first URL), John Boozman (R-AR) and our very own Roy Blunt had defected over to the good side.

Mirror: That Way

21 12 2011

Boing Boing:

MPAA says SOPA-style censorship works in Yemen and Syria

The MPAA believes SOPA’s censorship mandate will solve its problems, and it has presented research to Congress to support this position. As evidence, it cites the efficacy of similar censorship mandates in China, Iran, the UAE, Armenia, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, Burma, Syria, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam.

Yeah, freedom is overrated anyway.

In related news, a lot of “pirates” work for the media conglomerates that fund the copywrong extremists, or the copywrong extremists themselves.  Petardhoistedown.

Interesting: Darrell Issa and Lamar Smith Are On Opposite Sides

9 12 2011

Most of the copywrong extremists are in California, so I guess they forgot to buy off a committee chairman from their own state.

Don’t Shit Where You Might Have to Eat Someday

29 06 2011

Daily Mail:

Cease and desist: Rocker Tom Petty tells Michele Bachmann she can’t use his music on campaign trail

Rocker Tom Petty has banned Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann from using his hit single ‘American Girl’ on her campaign.


The ban follows a similar move in 2000, when Petty refused G.W. Bush permission to use his song ‘I Won’t Back Down’ for the same reasons.


Petty previously gave Hilary Clinton permission to use ‘American Girl’ in 2008.

The move is not the first time a Republican candidate has fallen foul of disproving musicians.

In 2008, Sarah Palin used Heart’s song ‘Barracuda’ at the Republican National Convention.

Similarly, Rush (the band, not the talk radio host) didn’t want Rand Paul to use their songs during his campaign events.

Are these musicians and artists as dumb as some of them look?   Don’t they know politicians control copyright law?

How do these lyrics sound, Tom?

Dateline, January 21, 2013 — President Michele Bachmann signs an executive order disallowing the U.S. Justice Department and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli from enforcing the copyrights of Tom Petty’s heretofore copyrighted music, and issues a full blanket civil and criminal pardon to anyone who may have been found guilty in Federal criminal court or liable in civil court of violating his copyrights.  This move effectively puts his music in the public domain.  Bachmann has promised to sign a bill currently circulating in Congress that would allow political campaigns to use otherwise copyrighted music, and would formally place the music of both Tom Petty and Rush in the public domain.  Rand Paul (R-KY) is the Senate sponsor.

Sounds like something that should have happened in 2001.

Gave In To The YouTube Parodies

11 07 2010

Bought it, got it, watched it this weekend.

The most ironic part about the movie was when Hitler was in the bunker, complaining about the “decadence of western democracies.”  Thirty feet above his head, some of his high ranking military officers, Nazi Party officials and various connected women were drinking, drugging it up, stripping and fucking like there was no tomorrow, which there really wasn’t, all in the obvious presence of young children from the HYC and teenage and pre-teen boys who were the last new recruits in the German Army.

The most factually incorrect part was about how easily German women were able to slither by the marching Russian occupiers.  In truth, Russian soldiers raped two million German women within the parts of pre-Hitler German borders (not counting German-occupied parts of Eastern Germany) that they were able to capture.

Now, consider those royalties that the IP rights holder to Downfall will now get because I bought the DVD.  It’s money they wouldn’t have had if all those YT parodies, which they demanded be purged from YT a few months ago (but many more are back), never existed.

Nickel’s Worth of Free Advice for Jan Brewer

2 05 2010

When you become the 45th President of the United States on January 20, 2013, issue a mass blanket pardon, encompassing both past and future time, and both the criminal and civil law venues, pardoning those who “illegally” download or “pirate” otherwise copyrighted music by Ricky Martin, Shakira, and all the other celebutard “singers” coming out* against SB 1070.  After all, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  If the very same Federal government’s immigration laws can’t be enforced, either by them or by any one of the several states in the union, then its copyright protections can’t be enforced, either.

Even before she becomes President, assuming the GOP takes control of the House this November, and assuming there are exceedingly few open borders types in their Freshman class, then the House GOP could use the appropriations power to cut off funding for any Federal efforts in the Executive or Judicial branch that would have to be used to prosecute or sue such “piracy” and “copyright infringement,” even while ObamaDuh is still President.

This doesn’t have to stop at music.  There are also movies, and movies have celebutard actors that I’m sure are bitching about SB 1070.

* – Ricky, please don’t interpret this as a double entendre.

Rush Limbaugh. WTF?

21 04 2010

On his show today, Rush Limbaugh denounced Newmarket Films, the American company that owns the American IP rights to the 2004 German movie Downfall, about Hitler’s last days in power and of his life.  In the last few years, a lot of people have been taking one segment of that movie, about three to four minutes of it, and dubbing their own voices and subtitles over it.  For example, one of these parodies was about Hitler finding out that someone hacked into the East Anglia servers to expose the AGW hoax.  Newmarket leaned on GOOG to pull all the parodies that use that part of Downfall off of YouTube.

In his opposition to Newmarket’s move, Rush said that the use of the clip from the movie constituted “fair use,” and that he had never heard of Downfall until all these parodies became popular.  This implored him to go out and buy the DVD, and he thought Downfall was good.  In other words, Rush said that Newmarket should have applauded all these parodies, otherwise, nobody would have ever heard of the movie, and a lot of people have done what Rush did, and that is to buy it, or at least order it on Netflix.  Newmarket made money because of the fair use of that particular part of the movie.

My mouth fell to the floorboard (I was driving at the time) when I heard Rush say this.  You see, this is the very same Rush Hudson Limbaugh III who, as late as nine or ten years ago, did nothing but bash and trash Napster, MP3.com, and the whole concept of file sharing in general.  Though he was intellectually honest enough not to buy the RIAA bullshit propaganda and blame falling CD sales on file sharing.  (Like Rush, I think the main reason is b/c modern music mostly sux.)  But the principle still applies, and Rush is, at least in this instance, being a hypocrite.  Or maybe he’s had a change of heart.

Customs of the Movie-Renting House

28 10 2009

Some of the major studios are considering joining together in a cartel (hello, Sherman Anti-Trust Act), and refusing to release DVD and BR movie releases for a month, in hopes that this delay will prod a few people into buying it instead of renting it.

What it will mean is that just about everyone will wait another month to see these movies.  Let’s do the math:  $20 now to get the movie forever that you’ll only watch once, or get the movie 30 days later as part of your $19 a month Netflix account and watch it once.  The economics of this isn’t hard!

Time to Unwind

2 09 2009


Inventor urges patent law change

A major British inventor is calling for a change in the law to strengthen protection against those who try to steal ideas.

Trevor Baylis, who invented the wind-up radio, has written to the business secretary urging him to criminalise the theft of intellectual property.

The move would involve a fundamental change to the law on patents.

Currently, inventors have to sue those they believe have stolen their idea through the civil courts.


The answer, he says, is to make stealing a patent a criminal offence – just as it’s already a criminal offence to steal copyright from creative people like authors and musicians.


Mr Baylis, who lives in an eccentric house-cum-workshop which he built himself on Eel Pie Island, in the middle of the River Thames off Twickenham, says he has the support of the Federation of Small Businesses, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and of his local MP, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable.

I don’t know what I think about what Baylis wants, though I should say that comparing patent infringement and “copyright violation” is like comparing apples to uranium.

However, I do have an inclination to oppose this, for a reason that is a violation of Aristotelian logic. The reason is that I consider the source.

As you read in the article, Baylis invented the wind-up technology that is used for emergency/blackout radios produced by his own company, Freeplay, but by similar devices manufactured by other companies.

However, Baylis didn’t invent this technology to help you during a blackout. He did it to pander to black Africans. You see, many black Africans live in places where electric power is either non-existent or unreliable (gee, I wonder why). And if we could just give every black African child a radio that needs no juice or batteries, they would listen to education broadcasts, all become nuclear physicists and turn black Africa into a first world powerhouse. It just happened to fall out of the design that white people in America and Europe would buy these things like hotcakes before the next hurricane, earthquake or derecho. So Baylis came up with new scheme: Double the retail price for honkies, and use the extra proceeds to buy one for a black African kid. It was then that I decided to forego a Freeplay. I eventually did buy a wind-up radio, but not from Freeplay. I’m sure that the company that made the one I bought had to pay royalties to Baylis for the use of the technology, but that’s a relative drop in the bucket.

Want proof? Look in the 1997 Passport to World Band Radio, but make sure you haven’t eaten in awhile. For the picture of Baylis, one of his business lieutenants and Nelson Mandela will make you puke. Baylis gave Mandela the very first production model of the first version of the Freeplay that rolled off the assembly line.

Mr Baylis, who lives in an eccentric house-cum-workshop which he built himself on Eel Pie Island, in the middle of the River Thames off Twickenham, says he has the support of the Federation of Small Businesses, the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and of his local MP, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable.

Nowhere near minorities. How typically lib of him.

A Yuan Kept is a Yuan Earned

30 03 2009


Google, music labels launch China download service

BEIJING – Google Inc. and major music companies launched a free Internet music download service for China on Monday in a bid to help turn a field dominated by pirates into a profitable, legitimate business.

The advertising-supported service will offer 1.1 million tracks, including the full catalogs of Chinese and Western music for Warner Music Group Corp., EMI Group Ltd., Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music and 14 independent labels, the companies said. It will be limited to use by computers whose Internet protocol, or IP, addresses show they are in mainland China.


Chinese pirate Web sites offer downloads of unauthorized copies of music despite repeated lawsuits and government crackdowns. Legitimate producers have no estimate of lost potential sales, but some Chinese performers have announced they were no longer recording because piracy made it unprofitable.

LOL — there aren’t really any lawsuits and government crackdowns.  The Chinese government might be many things, and many bad and abusive things, but globalist they are not, and ethnonationalist they are.  They have no intention on cracking down on the downloaders, either of American or European music or of software, because they know that yuans spent by the Chinese on legitimate music and software turn to dollars in the pockets of Bill Gates and Edgar Bronfman.  If they pirate, they can have both the music and the yuans.

Give the Chinese government this much — in a country where many people don’t make enough yuans in a day to convert to a U.S. quarter, they know their people don’t have the yuans to give, and won’t make them give it to some rich white person.  The American government would make us all poor so that Carlos Slim could have another $5 billion.

Sunday Wrap-Up

1 03 2009

* James Dobson is resigning as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Focus on the Family.  In his place will go Air Force Lt. Col. Patrick Caruana (Ret.), who was als once an executive with defense contractor Northrup Grumman.  Doesn’t anyone else find it a little bit weird that someone who made a living by making instruments in order to kill people is going to head a Christian organization?  I know James Edwards will have more to say about this.

* The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) gang of copyright extremists is making major staff cutbacks.  What else would happen to a group that picks on the very people that they want to buy their music?  It would be like Jack Daniels sponsoring a prohibitionist preacher.

Every time the RIAAs and MPAAs of the world try and stop a new technology they think will kill them, it winds up helping them.  Music wanted to kill radio in the 1920s and 30s because they thought nobody would buy records if they could hear them on radio; turned out radio drove record sales.  TV and the Movie Studios tried to sue the VCR out of existence in the early 1980s; turns out VCRs helped the studios make more money off movies because home video was a lucrative secondary market for successful films that people wanted to see again or for ones that flopped in the theaters but might be more popular in the home setting.

* Some of Chicago’s black community are finally starting to realize that most of Official Illinois wans the only black member of the U.S. Senate to resign.  In Roland Burris’s defense, they say:

U.S. Rep. Danny Davis said Friday that many blacks don’t believe Burris should resign, in part because the person who appointed him — now-ousted Gov. Rod Blagojevich — hasn’t been convicted of a crime.

“I would say … there is overwhelming support for Roland Burris in the black community,” said Davis, who turned down an offer from Blagojevich for the appointment to President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat.

I thought that was the total opposite of street cred.  I thought you did have to have a rap sheet in order to get more credibility in certain sectors of the black community.

* Now that’s what I call karma — Florissant Mayor Robert Lowery said that he’s not going to allow conceal-carry in his city (like the city is his personal possession and he’s the sovereign).  I highly doubt he was able to pull this off, but there have been six bank robberies in Loweryissant since the beginning of the year.  How much you wanna bet that they all have the “No CCW” signs on their doors?

* The other Lowery has been invited back to his O’Fallon, Mo. city job.  Nice knowing ya, O’Fallon.

* Oh, no.  If the National Guard leaves New Orleans, then its people might start committing violent crimes.

* A Kansas City ghetto girl once thought that hiking in the woods wasn’t her thing, because “There’s bugs and snakes. It’s nasty in there.”  (As opposed to the pristine ghettos of Kansas City.)  Just call it “Hot Wilderness Mess.”

* The State of Connecticut is going to become for daytime trash talk shows what Canada is for film production.  The state has successfully bribed Jerry Springer, his protege Steve Wilkos and Maury “Whomybabydaddy” Povich to move their shows to the Nut(meg) State.  At that, then every DNA paternity testing company and lie detector polygraph firm better move to Connecticut as well.

Whoa — Springer, Wilkos and Povich in the same building.  I can see a crossover show now — Fourteen transgendered transsexual child-molesting stripper/prostitute wild teen midgets are being tested to see if he/she/it is the father of my child and if he/she/it cheated on his/her/its significant others, after being sent to boot camp then jail by our big muscular ex-con black dude who screams in their faces.

This is the same state that has nothing but scorn and abuse for gunowners and the gun manufacturers that are based there.

* Robert Mugabe is only going to spend $250,000 for his 85th birthday party.  If that’s in American dollars, he’ll have outspent Zimbabwe’s GNP for the rest of time.  If it’s in Zimbabwe dollars, it’ll buy one drop of wax for one of the candles.

* President Obama says that he’s ready to battle special interests.  Judging from the hat he’s wearing, by “special interests” he means Cubs fans.

* Bob Scheiffer, who briefly was the CBS Evening News anchor in between Dan Rather and Katie Couric, actually gives Ron Paul a fair interview.  It just so happens that when Scheiffer was doing the Evening News, its ratings were higher than they were during the late Rather years or at any time during the Couric regime.  Looks like CBS stumbled into a good thing and then chucked it.  I don’t think A-Rod would have lied to him.

* FBI pours cold water all over the SPLC’s contention that “hate groups” have increased by over half since the beginning of the decade.  (Read:  The Center has an increasingly loose definition of “hate” and “group” with each passing year, meaning that more and more existing “groups,” if they even exist beyond Mark Potok’s fertile imagination or as a matter of FBI informants dressing up in funny uniforms, qualify as “hate groups.”)

The FBI’s response is that in the time period from 1995 to 2007, hate crimes have decreased by 4% in raw numbers, and even more in per capita numbers, as America’s population has increased.  Also, the FBI claims not to use the term “hate group” or track them.

I don’t know if I can believe that, because every once in awhile the FBI issues reports or official pronouncements to the contrary.  Also, most of the “groups” that dress up in funny white uniforms and bent crosses are mostly filled and led by FBI informants.

Also, a George Mason University graduate student was working on a Ph.D. dissertation about a decade ago, and its thesis was that Federal law enforcement (including the FBI) have a symbiotic but unofficial relationship with Paranoia-Industrial Complex groups like the SPLC and the ADL.  The Feds use SPLC/ADL to do the spying they legally can’t, and the SPLC/ADL’s gift in return is to be able to gloat (and raise money) when such information leads to actual arrests of some drunk who popped off in a bar to an FBI informant about wanting to blow something up, even if he wouldn’t be able to get near the capacity to do so in his wildest dreams.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot, and Legal

7 08 2007

Before the NFL’s trademark extremists notice. $13 including s/h will get you this doggie chew toy. I’m going to get one and give it to someone I know who has a Dachshund, a small but viciously mean breed of dog. A Dachshund is essentially a Doberman Pinscher that was bred down in leg and torso size.

Copyright Extremism Is Just That

25 07 2007


You remember our successful battle against Universal Music Group? The record industry giant tried to abuse copyright law to yank a video we put on YouTube criticizing Akon. With the help of the Electronic Freedom Foundation, we asserted fair use, beat back the bogus legal threat, and had the video restored.

Well, UMG is at it again. This time, they’re targeting a mom for posting an innocent little YouTube video clip of her cute kids dancing to Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy.”


Are the lawyers and p.r. people at UMG missing synapses or what? If they were smart, they’d be promoting this cute baby video, not trying to stifle it. Geez.

The link has the video.

I don’t know about Michelle Malkin, but the prevailing opinion among “mainstream” conservatives, with all their anti-Napster, anti-file sharing rhetoric of the recent past, has de facto endorsed copyright extremist bully tactics like these.

Glass Half Empty

22 05 2007


Illegal downloading on downward track among US youth: survey

Illegal downloading of songs, software and other copyrighted materials from the Internet among US youth has dropped sharply in the past three years, a survey showed Tuesday.

The Business Software Alliance said its survey showed the percentage of young people between the ages of eight and 18 who acknowledged illegal downloads of software, music, movies or games fell from 60 percent in 2004 to 36 percent in 2007. In 2006 the figure was 43 percent.

Wrong headline. It should read more like:

Lying on surveys on upward track among US youth

Changing My Mind on the Boy Scouts Issue

8 04 2007

Many conservatives feel compelled to defend unquestionably the Boy Scouts because of stories like these, and their standing up to the pink lobby for the last decade or more.

Not me, not anymore.

Their prostrating to the RIAA/MPAA was strike one.

And here’s strikes two and three: I was shopping yesterday, and while waiting to be served at a meat counter, a white woman ahead of me was dressed in a BSA uniform, and she had a patch on her arm that read, “Diversity Enforcement Officer,” with various silhouettes of boys of many races on the patch, with a rainbow above the silhouettes.


19 02 2007

I finally have some sympathy for some black “hip hop music” artists.

Yes, you read that right.

Because they’re being unduly abused by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

MySpace Should Watch Other Sorts Of Content

12 02 2007


The popular online hangout MySpace said Monday it will experiment with a video-filtering system designed to block clips containing copyright materials.

MySpace is licensing technology from Audible Magic Corp., which late last year obtained rights to a system for scanning video clips and looking for signature vectors — such as a unique digital fingerprint — to compare with vectors stored in a database. Video can be blocked from appearing on MySpace when there is a match.

The video system supplements audio filtering MySpace already has in place to block unauthorized music uploads.

Rather than placate the copyright extremists, MySpace should look into ways to keep rapists from posting photos of their tied and bound-up naked victims on the rapists’ own MySpace accounts.

Loss Is Profit

30 01 2007

No, and I’m not being Orwellian.


Counterfeiting and piracy costs the global economy at least 100 billion dollars (77 billion euros) each year, the Geneva-based World Intellectual Property Organisation warned.


China and Russia are the worst-rated countries in addressing counterfeiting and piracy, according to a survey by the International Chamber of Commerce released on Monday.

It may “cost” some people and institutions $100 billion a year, but some other people and institutions tolerate piracy in sorts because they gain from piracy in the long run.

No Criminals Allowed

30 01 2007

European jails exist to confine those who deny the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, utter racial slurs, and download copyrighted material from file-sharing sites.  They do not exist to house real criminals.

They Forgot Something

13 01 2007

TheLocal of Sweden:

Swedish file-sharing website The Pirate Bay is planning to buy its own nation in an attempt to circumvent international copyright laws.

The group has set up a campaign to raise money to buy Sealand, a former British naval platform in the North Sea that has been designated a ‘micronation’, and claims to be outside the jurisdiction of the UK or any other country.

Are they going to raise enough money to have their own army, navy, air force, marines and coast guard for their file sharing island/country? They better, because as much as bought-and-paid-for whores both American and British governments are of RIAA/MPAA and similar organizations, and the British equivalents, and as mighty as both the American and British armed forces are (i.e. when they’re not encumbered by politically correct rules of engagement), they’ll squish that island like a bug.

If they don’t go that far, then the Navy Seals will clip this island-nation’s undersea fiber-optic connections to the rest of the world.

RIAA Smokescreen Blown Away

10 12 2006

The RIAA and MPAA have been saying that nobody can download music and movies from file-sharing sites and P2P services because it cheats the artists, actors, performers, producers, and so on, out of their rightful money, as if everyone who downloads something was ever going to purchase what they downloaded.

The same “What About The Musicians” RIAA wants to reduce royalty rate schedules for musicians.  This is the same RIAA that, in the few years before the advent of P2P clients, snuck a clause through an omnibus budget bill that would change the ownership of songs away from the artists and give it to the record labels.  It didn’t say that way for long; outrage over the sneak attack led to Congress repealing that provision.

They Could Vote In St. Louis

9 12 2006

Dead musicians are signing petitions to encourage governments to extend the copyright terms of recorded music.

That’ll Be Another Fifty

28 11 2006

Because the Motion Picture Association of America, (in addition to the RIAA, Microsoft and Microsoft surrogates) has pretty much bought and paid for a good majority of the American government, you should probably buy your big-screen TV now, because when they get their way, there will be an extra $50 tax on big-screen TVs, based on the assumption that people who use them to assemble home theater systems will necessarily engage in some sort of copyright violation or infringement in the use of their home theater.

This sounds a lot like the Amendment 3 malarkey from this past campaign season: The rationale was that adult smokers had to pay 80 cents more per pack because some minors were illegally purchasing, possessing and smoking cigarettes.

They Used To Be Honorable

20 10 2006

I know the Boy Scouts were hard up for money after the far-left connived to have them defunded in the aftermath of the Scouts’ refusal to become an underage gay bath house.  But I didn’t know they were so hard up that they would sell their organizational soul to the RIAA/MPAA.

Imagine A Possession

19 10 2006

Yoko Ono, whose whole life’s claim to fame was getting married to a man who penned and sang a song glorifying a nationless, raceless, religionless, possessionless world, a song which still inspires anarchists near and far, is suing Capitol Records for $10 million in music royalties she thinks the Label owes her late husband.

A More Faustian Operating System

13 10 2006

Microsoft is going to change the End User License Agreement (EULA) for its Windows Vista operating system in contrast to its current Windows XP EULA.

Before:  “Your soul belongs to us.”
After:  “All your soul are belong to us.”

Google Grabs a Bunch of Lawsuits for $1.65 Billion

9 10 2006

YouTube, R.I.P.

Malkin thinks that this means further censorship of conservative web videos.

Methinks that this also means that Google will get about a thousand lawsuits dumped onto the front steps of the Googleplex once the deal gets consummated.  There is a whole lot of copyrighted content on YouTube, and the only reason they haven’t been sued to the hilt is because there’s nothing potential plaintiffs could get from YouTube.  You know, ya can’t get blood out of a turnip.

But you can get money out of Google.


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