No Help At All

18 09 2014

San Francisco


The Ninth Circus won’t be.

They’re wearing shirts of the flag that represents the system that won’t help them and in fact hates them.  To add another layer of sad irony to the cake, the Ninth Circus decided this yesterday, September 17, Constitution Day.  As in another useless piece of paper that was of no help to the Morgan Hill Five.

Here Come The Judges

24 08 2014

North County

P-D investigation into the lack of blacks on St. Louis County municipal P.D.s (not county the County Browns) in municipalities that are least 10% black in terms of population.  Toward the end they accidentally stumble on the right reason, that hardly any apply, and you know why.

That said, now I think I know what the official putsch is going to be.

Using the Federal courts to do to local police departments what they did to school districts a long time ago.

Most of us think that all they did, the Federal judiciary, was order forced busing and deseg within a school district.

Actually in some cases it went a lot further: In St. Louis, there was an order of a voluntary deseg program between districts, and in Kansas City, they ordered a massive spending program for the KCPS and ordered that the KCPS allow white suburban students to enroll (but thankfully, not the other way around), the genesis of the olympic swimming pools and the model UN discussion halls.

“But Blogmeister, we know that, too.”

Okay, but I bet you don’t know this, which turns out to be relevant to the whole Ferguson hullabaloo:

At one point in the 1970s, the Federal courts in St. Louis ordered the subsumation of the then all black Kinloch school district into what was then a mostly white Ferguson-Florissant school district, and then an “internal” deseg program within the new larger district.

So add this all together, and what do I predict?

If, for example, the Ferguson P.D. only has three blacks and one patrol-level black in a department of 53, and that won’t change because blacks won’t apply, then the Federal courts will either start merging municipal police departments or perhaps ordering all municipal P.D.s in St. Louis County eliminated and all law enforcement duties in the county will come out of the St. Louis County P.D., which at this time only has primary jurisdiction over unincorporated areas and municipalities without a P.D. for whatever reason (too small, can’t afford, corruption investigation, etc.). And the St. Louis County P.D. (“County Browns,” for their brown uniforms) are affirmative action happy, thank you Charlie Dooley.

Because, that damned 14th Amendment of that damned Constitution that all these damned Constitutionalists love so much.



Meet Them In Montana

24 06 2014

Helena, Montana

Shahid Haque-Hausrath of the Montana Immigrant Justice Alliance, which brought the suit, said the law was intended to make the state of Montana an unwelcoming place for immigrants.

Gee, slappy, ya think? We have a problem when we have alien goober groups in MONTANA headed by people with names like Shahid Haque-Hausrath.

This ballot measure got 80% of the vote in Montana the same day that the same people gave Mitt Romney only 55% of their votes. This means you have a whole quarter of the Montana electorate voting for immigration patriotism but voting for someone else other than Mitt Romney, mostly Barack Obama. Why? Because they didn’t associate immigration patriotism with Mitt Romney. Sure, Romney would have won Montana with 80% instead of 55%, making no difference in the EC, but extrapolate that 25% out to other states, especially other crucial swing states. Point being, there’s a nice lucrative cross-partisan and even cross-ideological market out there for immigration patriotism.

Five, six, seven, eight…

Frack Wants Out

3 06 2014

LaSalle Park

Ledale Nathan, the younger Frack to the older Frick of Mario Coleman in the Hickory Street Murders, is trying to use Miller v Alabama to get himself sprung from the can eventually.

The Thirteen Year Mystery Man

5 05 2014


I know the story is big locally and even nationally, and it seems to have had its last chapter today.  But I really haven’t been interested in it.

All I will say is that I find it odd that someone who was sentenced to 13 years in prison thought he didn’t have to go because nobody told him to go as a result of that clerical error.  That’s like saying that you don’t owe the electric company for the electricity you used last month because the post office lost your electric bill in the mail.  You know you incurred an expense, so the thing to do is call customer service and ask whoever in Bangalore answers your call how much you owe.

No MO Excuses

22 04 2014

Washington, D.C. and Michigan

SCOTUS:  MCRI is good to go.

Now, it’s time for the legislature I’m working around to pass the same kind of bill for my state, either as a matter of direct legislation or to put it on the ballot.  Quit dicking around with irrelevant and ineffective nonsense and do something that matters.

Remember the politics.  MCRI won in Michigan and won pretty easily during a blue wave election cycle.  The only Republican statewide candidate in Michigan to win that day was the AG running for re-election, not so coincidentally, he was the only Republican statewide candidate who openly supported MCRI, all the rest were vocal opponents.  Dismantling AA is one of the best ways for red army to poach blue army’s soldiers.

Hate and Bullying

28 02 2014

Gilroy, California

We’re all supposed to be worried about hate and bullying.

But the hate and bullying in this case seems to be lost on everybody.


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