Mercy Plea

8 07 2014

New Orleans

The wife and kids are pleading with the judge for leniency.

He’s a good boy, and honor roll student, a good athlete, an aspiring rapper, who happened to fall in with the wrong crowd.  But he was in the process of turning his life around.  Besides, blame Bush.


Didn’t work.  Ten bit.

So They Say

19 03 2014


We don’t need photo ID to vote, they say.

Voter fraud is not a problem, they say.

So why are they passing around oodles of money to prevent from happening something they say we don’t need to prevent a problem they say doesn’t exist?


11 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

Why did most Senate Democrats essentially throw a pajama party on the Senate floor overnight to pump up the “climate change” non-issue?

I’ll give you a hint:

It’s for much the same reason why the Republican leadership is trying to broker some sort of amnesty and open borders bill, with “immigration reform” (in terms of having more of it) being the most important issue to only 3% of all Amurrikans.

They’re both placating their respective parties’ donor classes.

Nineteen More

21 11 2013


More Federal raps in the Gorilla Fambly scandal from the Baltimore hoosegow.  Nineteen people in all, 14 of them current or former guards at the jail.

No mugs provided, none needed.  Most of them look like older more haggity versions of Rachel Jeantel.

Black Caucus

6 11 2013



Why John Boehner Really Doesn’t Want to Get Rid of ObamaCare

26 08 2013

Washington, D.C.

ObamaCare has become a big circus of a revolving door between the politicians who voted for it, the Congressional staffers who crafted the legislation and the executive branch munchkins who are implementing and enforcing it, and the lobbying industry on K Street.

Even though all all involved are Democrats, you can bet Karl Roverrated and the Republican-oriented Barnacle Class make an appearance somewhere in this story.


30 07 2013

Springfield, Illinois


Study: State government corruption linked to isolated capitol cities

A new study from Harvard University links corruption levels in state government with the geographic isolation of the capitol city. The study says that the farther away the capitol city is from state population centers then the higher rates for corruption in state government.  Illinois is at the top of the list when ranking US states’ capitols distance away from population centers when adjusted for state size.  Missouri ranks #8 on the same list.

The researchers show that mechanisms for holding politicians accountable are affected by the distance from major cities. News media provide greater coverage when their audiences are concentrated around the state capitol. Voter turnout in state elections is also greater in towns that are closer to the capital.

The Harvard researchers say there is also evidence that more money flows into state level campaigns of politicians in states with isolated capitols.  They say that this pattern is also associated with lower levels of, “public good spending.”

The study concludes that the role of the news media is the connection between isolated capitols and corruption. More news coverage can lead to higher turn-out for state level elections.  This leads to politicians being more accountable to voters.

In the original article, you can see the scatter plot and the estimated fit.  To me, the link seems as weak as an Anthony Weiner erection.

But to take this study literally, one would have to think that Illinois state government would be less corrupt if the state moved the capital to Chicago.  As we all know, Illinois state government is so corrupt because of Chicago.


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