Stat Sheet

16 04 2014

Brooklyn, New York

25 points, 19 rebounds, 6 steals.

That’s a pretty good stat line.

For one game.

For 29 games, well, not so much.

BTW, you’d think the obsessive vicious media in New York would have been able to take and publish photos or videos of him out on the town with his significant other(s).

Cannon Ball

7 04 2014


On the issue of the hypocrisy of the OkStupid CEO:

I don’t think his interest in Chris Cannon was LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  I think it was immigration.

Brendan Eich

4 04 2014

Mountain View, California

He was fired for having the same opinion on gay “marriage” that Barack Obama had as late as May 8, 2012.

It became clear during the recent hubbub over Arizona SB 1062 that LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH is no longer a movement seeking tolerance, it’s now a pink iron booted totalitarian mafia enforcing conformity.  If that didn’t convince you, and the Brendan Eich affair doesn’t convince you, then you just don’t know.


31 03 2014

Stuttgart, Germany

Monkeys and militant LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH are known to throw their own feces.


21 03 2014

Time for a music break.

The title track from Shania Twain’s first really big release.  If I was just a bit older, I’d be calling it an album.

“The woman in me needs the man in you.”  Nowadays, that might be referring to the same person.

I Wonder

17 03 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Rand Paul to GOP:  Reach out on social issues.

1. I wonder, where are the Democrat high level Presidential hopefuls telling the left wing to ditch/disregard the social issues? Can you show me the story where someone like Martin O’Malley has gone to NARAL telling them to put aside the pro-aborticide issue in order to win an election?

2. It really won’t work. Those voters who are most concerned with left wing hobby horse social issues already have a party that fulfills their needs: The Democrats.

3. Let’s not forget, this is the same Rand Paul who essentially wants to erase the borders, who has told either Hispanic racial interest groups or people in general numerous times that “we should find a place” here for all the illegal aliens currently in country, and we should also grant “extensive work visas,” give a immigrant work permit to anyone in the world that wants to come here and work, perhaps billions and billions served. Plop goes the wage and salary scale downward.

St. Patrick’s Gay Parade

17 03 2014

New York and Boston

You do realize that it has nothing to do with *-phobia, don’t you?

It’s because people going to the parade don’t want to have to look at men clad only in their underwear dancing around on a float.  As if dancing around only in your underwear on a moving float is required of gay men.

Another Donor Riot

13 03 2014



GOP Donors Join Push for Gay Rights Bill


Boehner opposes ENDA because he says it could spark frivolous lawsuits and hamper businesses. He has said repeatedly that the House will not take up the bill that the Senate approved in November.

“Leadership needs to hear from America. They need to hear from their own members, and they need to hear from the constituencies that support it,” said former representative Deborah Pryce, R-Ohio, who is one of the former GOP lawmakers supporting the bill. Other former lawmakers joining the effort are former representative Tom Reynolds, R-N.Y., and former senator Norm Coleman, R-Minn. They cite the bill’s support within the business community as a particularly potent appeal to GOP lawmakers.

“Business is way ahead of government on this and we need to catch up,” Pryce said. The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies, 91%, already operate with non-discrimination policies that include sexual orientation and 61% include policies on gender identity, according to HRC. “I think it can be a good Republican issue. We just have to help (lawmakers) increase their comfort level with it and there’s plenty of time to do that, slowly, methodically, district by district,” Pryce said.

General Mills is part of a group of major employers who support ENDA. “If employees cannot bring their full selves to work, and if employees live in fear of being treated differently simply based on who they are, it comes at a cost to the company,” said Ken Charles, the vice president of global Inclusion and staffing.

So business and their donor class whores are pushing for a bill which will spark frivolous lawsuits and hamper businesses, a bill which would put into Federal force policies which most Fortune 500 companies already have as a matter of company policy.

Dizzy yet?

Here’s how you solve this paradox:

The MisFortune 500 want ENDA because not only do most of them already comply with it, but because they think it’ll be their informal weapon against not quite as big but high growth potential future rivals.  General Mills has no worries about being sued out of existence based on ENDA.


13 03 2014

San Francisco

Who better to wage World War T than Ts themselves?


What’s That Mean?

12 03 2014


61% of Republicans under 30 support gay “marriage.”


Of the 100 Republicans under 30, 39 of them are sane.

Take polling data about young Republicans with a grain of salt, and not because the poll is biased.  It’s because, as a related example, people under 25 were around two to four percent of Republican Presidential primary voters and caucus goers in 2012, in the primaries and caucuses that were competitive.



7 03 2014



They’re all Nazis.

Including the black one on the left and the Hispanic one in the back in front of the door.  (?)



3 03 2014


…Consists of leftist white women who don’t have boobs worth looking at screaming topless at people that don’t matter anymore to fight political wars they’ve already won.

If they had any real courage of their convictions, they’d drop the bras and storm a mosque.

But they won’t, and never will.

Why not?

Because…intersectionality.  And also…Imams do something that septuagenarian Catholic priests don’t — Fight back.

Whole Loaf

3 03 2014


Dear Jan Brewer,

Did trying to meet LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH half way work out well for the Boy Scouts?

I’ll cut to the chase:


You never want to be in a situation where your enemies doubly hate your guts and take you for an easy mark.

But that’s where both you and the BSA are right now.



Brewer Vetoes SB 1062

27 02 2014


To put it more accurately, she and her whole state were bullied and intimidated.

We all knew she was going to veto it.  I just happened to think that she and her advisers were trying to cook up a comfortable middle of the road don’t-offend-anybody legalistic-technocratic rationale to veto it.  This is why I’m surprised her public statement after the veto was as strident as it was.

Wayne’s World

26 02 2014

Cape Girardeau


He is State Sen. Wayne Wallingford, a Republican from Cape Girardeau, who holds Peter Kindercare’s old district.

And he’s introducing a bill very similar to Arizona SB 1062 in the Missouri State Senate today.

Now I know what the media feeding frenzy will be around here for a few weeks.  The good news is that this finally means this town will stop talking about Michael Sam.

The problem for the legislation is that it’s probably already too late in the legislative session for it to go through regular markup and debate and committee votes and full chamber votes before the legislative session clock runs out.  Either he’s doing this for publicity, or what is more likely is that this will go straight to full chamber votes and get passed as quickly as possible.

Can I Call ‘Em, Or What?

26 02 2014


Me, three days ago:

That and the Nets want to sell boatloads of Nets’ Jason Collins #98 jerseys to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

Well, well, well…


23 02 2014


Spot the contradiction.


Michael Sam ready for NFL challenge


Sporting a rainbow “Stand with Sam,” on his combine gear, the former Missouri defensive end said he’s ready to tackle any and all issues that come with the questions about him as a football player, as well as a football player who happens to be gay.


“And I just wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam, the football player, instead of Michael Sam, the gay football player.”

He can’t have it both ways.  If he would not have come out, or kept his orientation a secret, he’d just be “OL 42″ at the combine.

In related news, the Brooklyn Nets have signed the supposedly gay Jason Collins to a short term contract, which means when the Nets play the Lakers tonight in Los Angeles, he’ll be the first openly (supposedly) gay professional athlete in one of the four major American sports leagues.  Of course you know why they did it, they wanted to beat whichever NFL team drafts Michael Sam to the civil rightsey punch.  That and the Nets want to sell boatloads of Nets’ Jason Collins #98 jerseys to LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Of course, the fake gay Collins is wearing 98 to commemorate the year 1998, when Matthew Shepard was murdered in a crime that was not an anti-gay hate crime.  (See also:  Rough Trade).

A Whole Alphabet Spent

14 02 2014

Menlo Park, California

Yes, it may seem like a setback in the culture wars.

But the good news is that the “official acronym” of LGBTQMIAPD is about to be expanded a whole lot.  Their goal of an acronym that involves every letter of the alphabet may just have been met.

Whoa Is Him

12 02 2014

Hitchcock, Texas

The father of the 21st Century’s greatest civil rights icon isn’t happy with the way his son is civil rightsey.

In passing, he says that:

“As a black man, we have so many hurdles to cross. This is just one he has to cross.”

Sure, because black football players are really swimming upstream in today’s society.

Because everyone in the Democrat-left coalition is a persecuted minority.  They’re all so oppressed that they’re arguing with each other over which kinds of oppression are worse than the others, the whole bit about intersectionality and progressive stack.  Remember one of my axioms:  If of the seven billion people on Earth, if only one of them was a straight white gentile man, the other 6,999,999,999 people would all be oppressed minorities.

That said, now I know why he turned out gay.  Hitch-Cock.


12 02 2014


ACLU to sue Missouri in state court over its refusal to recognize LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH marriage licenses granted in other states.

If that’s their angle, why aren’t they going to Federal court and using full faith and credit as the grounds?

“But we’re not asking Missouri to do gay marriages.  We just want them to recognize other states’ gay marriages.”

Which would be effectively the same thing.

OTOH, thinking out loud here, if the judiciary forces FF&C on gay marriages, they can also force FF&C on CCW.

Play It Again Sam

10 02 2014


I guess there’s no time like the present.

At first, I thought he was running a Jason Collins style scam, i.e. pretend to be gay in a cynical attempt to augment his professional athletic career.  (Note to peanut gallery:  You should notice when Collins “announced” that he is “gay” relative to his career arc, the auspicious lack of ex-boyfriends gossiping about his bedroom talents, and the fact that his long time fiancee, a woman, hint hint, was totally shocked when he “came out,” when women pick up on this kind of stuff way ahead of the curve.)

Then I got back to the salt mines last night.  Like I said in my morning update, people involved in Missouri state government, both elected and unelected, are heavily Mizzou alumni, and of course Mizzou is just a hop skip and a jump away.  So any big news out of Mizzou is going to be the talk of this town during the legislative session.  When ESPN scooped everyone to expose the school’s cover-up of football players raping a swimmer, that’s all this town could talk about.

And now that the world media is about to be camped out in Columbia, of course this news is setting this ordinarily sleepy river town on fire and turning it upside down.

That said, people talk, and word gets around.

Contra my initial suspicion, Mr. Sam is very likely authentically LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Because his sexual orientation has been something of a semi-open secret in certain circles up in Columbia for most of the last year.  And he came out to his coaches and teammates before the start of this season.  Only now is he coming out for everyone else.

Still, why now?  Why the timing?

Maybe he thinks he’s goosing his draft position.

The problem is, like I’ve been saying in this space for a long time, the problem for the first one won’t be his teammates, won’t be the locker room, but the media.  I think the same media who think they’re helping gay men high level professional athletes and helping their cause are actually hurting them, by rattling the sabres and promising a media circus around whoever the first will be.  If you’re in the NFL right now and expect to be at least through next season, and you’re actually gay, are you going to come out and have a good chunk of the world’s media ganged up around your locker after every game to ask you questions about sex but never about your job?  But for the media’s obsession with gay gay gay gay gay, I think we would already have had some come out of the closet.

Thirty-two NFL GMs running up to the draft in early May now realize that they’re going to be drafting a media circus far more than a future linebacker (I’ll get to that in a moment) if they select Sam.  If he thinks he was helping his draft status, I think he did just the opposite.

Here’s another problem for Sam:  He played DE at Mizzou, but he’s undersized and underweight to play DE in the NFL, so he’ll probably be moved to LB.  But there’s a really long list of these very kind of men who washed out in the NFL trying to make the transition.  Maybe Sam senses this coming and is conveniently pre-creating the homophobia excuse.  So this could be another explanation for the timing.

Or here’s another theory:  The Olympics, in supposedly anti-gay Russia.  Thumbing Vladimir Putin in the eye from ten time zones away.

Whatever the case, turn off the low information sports media if you don’t want to hear about this for the next three months.

Big Man On Campus

6 02 2014

Wellesley, Massachusetts


It’s a statue, on the Wellesley campus, and the lesbians are upset.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

It’s not surprising to me that this would generate outrage at an all-lesbo school.  Women at a coed school are used to this — After all, guys wearing this much in the dorms during certain hours are overdressed.

Alphabet Wars

22 01 2014

Sochi, Russia

Yahoo Sports:

Wild stars advise family to stay home from Sochi

One of the charms of the Olympics is seeing and hearing the family members of the athletes cheering from the seats and waving the national flags after traveling around the world to get there.

Concerns about safety in Sochi have prompted some U.S. Olympians to tell their loved ones to stay home, however. Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter, who will skate for Team USA next month, is one of them.

He said Wednesday that his wife and two young children won’t be traveling to Russia for the Winter Games. The long trip is part of the reason, but recent news about terroristic threats made the decision ”a little bit easier.”

They live in Minneapolis-St. Paul, full of Somalians and God knows what else.  They’re probably in more danger of a terrorist attack at home than they are in Sochi.  Unlike in Minnesota, Russian politicians don’t pander to Muslims and kiss up to them.

What’s this really all about?  Leave it to me to tell you.

It’s LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH stirring up the pot to complain about certain Russian laws about homosexuality and children.

Which makes me wonder:  Have LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH said word one about Nigeria?  If it was the Summer Olympics in Lagos this year, would we see overt and covert agitprop and paranoia being spread about Nigeria?  Or would that cause a car wreck at the intersectionality of black, Muslim and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH?  Homophobia might be bad, but racism and Islamophobia are worse.  Is that it?

Thinking Is Fundamental

21 01 2014

Colorado Springs

In passing about the LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH magazine The Advocate ranking St. Louis the 15th gayest city in the country:

Also making the list was Colorado Springs, Colo. (which is ironically the site of ultra-conservative group Focus on Family)

Nice neutral non-advocacy journalism there, Channel 5.

But The Advocate itself says of Colorado Springs:

Screw the fundamentalists (or don’t — that’s probably a better policy), but don’t let them ruin your good time…(snip)…keep your eyes peeled for closeted Focus on the Family types.

If these LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH weren’t all wrapped up in the paranoia and persecution complexes they create for themselves, (group evolutionary strategy sorta demands it), they would realize the irony of their own words.

FotF can’t prevent its own home city from being one of the gayest in the country.

They’re sure powerful.

Car Wreck at the Intersectionality of (White) Hispanic and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH

18 01 2014

Burbank, California

One of the recurring themes over at Steve Sailer has been the glut of white people with Spanish names using the opportunity and riding on the backs of the growing population of Chicano, mulatto and black Hispanics to fame, fortune and power. (*)  He has cited Juan Pablo Galavis as an example.

Well, so much for him.

What’s interesting about this is that I can’t figure out who has priority in liberal kookville:  White Hispanics or LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  I’ll have to wait for the thought police to clear the rubble at this intersectionality to find out.

(*) – Since the start of the year, I have a few times seen a web ad advertising that instant coffee Nescafe.  It shows a white man who seems to be a firefighter enjoying that particular beverage while in his uniform inside of what seems to be a fire house.  The man looks a lot like my late firefighter uncle (RIP, JDB) did when he was about 40 years old.  But…the audio track and the visuals were in Spanish.

Your Little Girl Is Growing Up

15 01 2014


She’s horrified that her son now wants to play with guns.

She wishes he would go back to the tot that liked to play with dolls.



26 12 2013

Mobile, Alabama

I mean, how could anyone complain?  This is Amurrika, after all, and Amurrika is all about rights.  And people who are both black and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH have the most rights of all.

And also…shut up, bigot.

Massive Wreck at the Intersectionality of Feminism and Islam

2 12 2013


Femen hits Egypt, the blasphemy police strike back.

Now, will Western feminists take the hint and start thinking it might not be a good idea to let Muslims immigrate to Western countries?

Don’t bet your bra on it.

Quality Versus Quantity

8 10 2013


UK Independent:

Lesbian couples twice as likely as gay men to end civil partnership as ‘divorces’ up by 20%

Lesbian couples are nearly twice as likely as gay men to end a civil partnership, according to the latest government figures.

The number of same-sex couples ending their civil unions leapt by 20 per cent last year, seven years after their introduction in 2005. Overall there were 794 dissolutions in 2012, almost 60 per cent of which were female couples, figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show.

In the seven years since gay couples were able to have civil partnerships, 3.2 per cent of male unions ended in dissolution, compared to 6.1 per cent of female couples.

Sociologists believe the lower rates of ‘divorces’ among gay men may reflect a trend of women committing sooner and having higher expectations for a relationship. Women in civil partnerships tie the knot at an average age of 37.6, compared to men, for whom the average age is 40. Erzsebet Bukodim, sociologist at the University of Oxford, said: “In heterosexual marriage the divorce rate is higher if you enter marriage at a very young age. That might be one of the reasons we’re seeing this [high dissolution rate for women] in civil partnerships.”

Gunnar Andersson, professor of demography at Stockholm University, has found in successive studies that women in Norway, Sweden and Denmark are twice as likely to dissolve their civil partnerships than men. He said: “This reflects trends in a heterosexual marriage because women are more prone to say they want to marry – but they’re also more likely to initiate a divorce. Women usually have higher demands on relationship quality, that’s often been said in studies. Even if you control for age there is still a trend of more women ending partnerships than men.”


Jane Czyzselska, editor of the lesbian magazine, DIVA, said: “Culturally women have been more conditioned to be focused on marriage than men. The stereotype of the lesbian couple who take a U-Haul on their second date, move in and get cats is there for a reason. Because of the cultural conditioning that we have, women do seem to be committing faster.”

It all comes back to Steve Sailer’s axiom:  Lesbian women want to be married, gay men want to get married.  IOW, lesbian women want the long term relationship and the monogamy, gay men want the pageantry and the ceremony.  Lesbian women want a stable home life, gay men want the Broadway production.  Of course, these are all generalities, subject to many exceptions — I already know that, comma, peanut gallery.

Therefore, not only do I think that in areas where gay “marriages” or quasi-marriages are legal, that lesbian women are more likely to use those “rights,” they’re more likely to want to end the partnership because they want a quality relationship and are sensitive to the state of the “marriage.”  Gay men, OTOH, are probably content if the “wedding” ceremony was a smash;  how Adam and Steve get along after that is of no great concern.  There will always be the videos and photos of the wedding to gush over ’till death do them part.

Tom Edsall, Meet Steve Sailer

4 09 2013


Shorter version of this:  The Sailer Correlation, pure and simple.

“What’s the Sailer Correlation,” asks the peanut gallery and the noobs?

Answer:  Since 2000, in American Presidential politics, the Republican Party is the party of white non-Jewish adults who are/were/want to be involved in traditional nuclear families (heterosexual marriage and procreation therefrom), and the Democrat Party is the party of everyone else.  The Sailer Correlation, as I just stated it above, is the executive summary of the combined factors of the dirt gap/mortgage gap/baby gap/marriage gap.

Edsall never really answers the question he poses in the title of his article, except in a superficial sense at the end:

Political commitments are molded by a wide-ranging array of forces from economic security to the type of job a voter holds to his or her place in a status hierarchy or a community. This complexity, and the built-in potential for new fissures, means that any political coalition — whether it’s constructed on the model of a big tent or of a working partnership — is inherently fragile. How well equipped is the Democratic Party to smooth over differences between its wealthiest and its poorest supporters, its most culturally liberal and its most culturally traditional voters? Does the Republican Party have the ability to fracture this new Democratic coalition?

Like I said, the Democrat Party on the Presidential level is the party of “everyone else.”  Edsall is asking how the Democrats can keep the motley coalition of “everyone else” together and if the Republican Party has the ability to drop a ten ton wedge in its middle.

First answer:  Yes, the Democrats do have a way to keep their coalition together, in spite of what would seem to be massive differences between the individual parts of the coalition and the contradictions of such a coalition even existing.  How do they keep it together?  Again, we turn to Steve Sailer:  The answer is KKKrazy Glue, that is, the left and Democrats fomenting fear of conservative white people and groups, reminding their strung together coalition of “everyone else” that they have a “common enemy” that they must stay united to fight.

Second answer:  The answer is no.  He actually thinks the Stupid Party is that smart?  Why would they try to break up the Democrat coalition when they’re pissing all over their loyal voters and trying to drive them out of any real control of the party?

Third answer:  Even though there wasn’t a third question here.  Edsall asks how the Democrat-left coalition can stay together.  The question he should be asking is how the Republican-right coalition can stay together, when their only voters are white adults involved in traditional nuclear families, and that the party at the establishment elite level is embarrassed by the fact, and is doing everything they can to get them out of the party, to appeal to Democrat voters who already have a party (the Democrat Party), and is doing nothing politically to help the cause of (again with the Sailer) affordable family formation so that the Republican base can constantly replenish itself.  People who have all their eggs in one basket shouldn’t be turning the basket upside down, but that’s just what the Republican establishment is doing.

Edsall also writes:

Democratic strength is now concentrated in fewer but more heavily populated areas. Polarization has intensified as voters in over half the nation’s counties cast landslide margins for one presidential candidate or the other. These tendencies are intensifying and have spilled over to Congressional elections, leading to legislative paralysis. Self-perpetuating clusters of the like-minded lead voters and their representatives away from the center.

Except there is no “legislative paralysis.”  There is Barack Obama and his executive branch assuming more power by the day, and the surrender monkey caucus of Boehner/Cantor/McCarthy et al. are twirling in the wind and getting as tongue tied as Porky Pig as if they have no idea what’s going on or if they either don’t care or actually approve of Obama assuming dictatorial power.  I’ll ask you:  Has ObamaCare been mortally damaged?  Who has been impeached or disciplined for DACA?  If Congress turns Obama down on Syria and he marches us there anyway, will he be impeached?


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