Kritarch Mark

15 10 2014


Of course it doesn’t and never did matter what Mark Pryor said on the fake marriage issue.

After all, he probably did vote for every one of the kritarch Federal judges that have all but made the issue settled politics.  And he is of the political party that is heavily dependent on donors and bundlers that individually identify with the lifestyle I sarcastically refer to as LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

That, and you didn’t actually expect modern rights-equality-democracy-ideology obsessed mankind, even the ones that wanted no part of fake marriage, to win the day on the matter, did you?

What They Really Wanted Was the Right Not to Leave You Alone

14 10 2014


You know, I’m just old enough to remember a time when all the LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH community wanted in political terms is to be left alone and their lifestyles tolerated.

There are no bigger despots at heart than the people who scream the loudest for freedom.

And also, remember that all those great family values “conservatives who don’t know they’re conservative yet” (Reagan’s own words) Hispanics and all those church going blacks supposedly opposed to fake marriage voted for her to be Mayor.


What Can I Gay…Er, Say?

6 10 2014

Washington, D.C.

I really can’t say anything.

Because it doesn’t shock or surprise me anymore.  This is what you get when you mash up democracy, egalitarianism, an obsession with “rights” and the unitary nation-state.

As for the legal mumbo jumbo, all it technically does is make fake marriage legal in a few more states.  I thought earlier today that today’s SCOTUS inaction also meant that sane states would have to recognize the fake marriages done in insane states even though sane states don’t do fake marriages, but SCOTUS did not do that.  Yet.

However, AG Chris Koster has announced today that he’s not going to appeal a ruling by a state circuit judge on Friday that Missouri must recognize fake marriages done in insane states, which means that for the purposes of their precious benefits, Missouri will recognize them.  Remember, Missouri doesn’t do fake marriages but Illinois does, which means all Adam and Steve or Carpet Muncher and Dildo Wearer have to do is cross the river to get a fake marriage license.

This is another issue where, when the Federal judiciary finally rams it down our throats all the way, the Republican establishment is secretly going to be happy in private while feigning a little bit outrage in public.

Full Quadrangle

18 09 2014

Clemson, South Carolina


Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that the very people formulating and compelling this survey were the ones screaming, “get your nose out of my bedroom,” “my sex life is none of your business,” “it shouldn’t matter to you what consenting adults do.”

That should have been a clue that they were and continue to be sex-obsessed voyeurs.

You won’t find a bigger totalitarian than the person who screams the loudest for freedom.

The late breaking news is that they’re backing down, for now.

All Intersectional Roads Lead to Rome

5 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

Razatards and LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH to congregate in front of the White House next week to convince the Golfer-in-Chief to do his imperial decree immigration amnesty now, right now.

Because, it will help alleviate climate change.

If they’re going to go through all that trouble, they should run around with their hands up in the air yelling “Hands up don’t shoot!”

Or, maybe one of us can drop a ten-ton wedge in the whole shindig by dropping by and telling the gays what Somalian fundamentalist Muslims do to gays.

I Can Call Em, And What

1 09 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Me, almost a year and a half ago:

I am all but sure that there is at least one man currently playing in a well known major professional sports league in America who is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, or at least the “G” part.  I think the real reason he won’t come out isn’t because he’s afraid of of his teammates, or afraid of locker room and shower room politics, but he’s afraid of the media.  Whoever he is, if he comes out, especially now, he’ll have 10 times as many people huddled around his locker after every game and practice than he has now, but none of them will ever want to talk about his job any more, all they’ll want to talk about is sex.  Plain words, the first one will only come out if he actually wants to be a “civil rights” icon, because the media and history itself won’t let him be anything but.

Yes, man on the other side of the mirror, I can sure call ‘em.

Michael Sam didn’t make the Rams because the Rams are already well stocked on the defensive line, which may be their only bright spot this season.  However, there are NFL teams with bad D-lines by NFL standards, and I’m sure Sam would be of use to one of them.  I can buy that the Rams cut Sam for football reasons, but I can’t believe that nobody else has picked him up purely for football reasons.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

22 07 2014


“Deal with all of it.”

Translation:   He  wouldn’t want to deal with the media hoopla.  If not for that, Michael Sam’s extracurricular activities would have been of no concern to him.

And as far as that goes, he sounds like some snarky blogmeister I know.

Although Jason Collins played about the final third of the most recent NBA season, and I don’t remember much media hoopla after his first game.


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