I Can Call Em, And What

1 09 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Me, almost a year and a half ago:

I am all but sure that there is at least one man currently playing in a well known major professional sports league in America who is LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, or at least the “G” part.  I think the real reason he won’t come out isn’t because he’s afraid of of his teammates, or afraid of locker room and shower room politics, but he’s afraid of the media.  Whoever he is, if he comes out, especially now, he’ll have 10 times as many people huddled around his locker after every game and practice than he has now, but none of them will ever want to talk about his job any more, all they’ll want to talk about is sex.  Plain words, the first one will only come out if he actually wants to be a “civil rights” icon, because the media and history itself won’t let him be anything but.

Yes, man on the other side of the mirror, I can sure call ‘em.

Michael Sam didn’t make the Rams because the Rams are already well stocked on the defensive line, which may be their only bright spot this season.  However, there are NFL teams with bad D-lines by NFL standards, and I’m sure Sam would be of use to one of them.  I can buy that the Rams cut Sam for football reasons, but I can’t believe that nobody else has picked him up purely for football reasons.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

22 07 2014


“Deal with all of it.”

Translation:   He  wouldn’t want to deal with the media hoopla.  If not for that, Michael Sam’s extracurricular activities would have been of no concern to him.

And as far as that goes, he sounds like some snarky blogmeister I know.

Although Jason Collins played about the final third of the most recent NBA season, and I don’t remember much media hoopla after his first game.

I Was Told There Would Be No Math

2 07 2014


A little different version of a story I had here several weeks ago.

But where did LGBTTQ+ come from all of a sudden?  I always thought it was LGBTQMIAPD.  I looked up LGBTTQ+ on a certain never-do-evil search engine, and almost all the results were from Absurdistani websites, which means it must be some sort of official or quasi-official Canadian thing relating to the catch-all alternate community.

Maybe the good time alphabet gang is giving up on letters, throwing in the towel on their quest for what was their holy grail, an acronym that involves every letter of the alphabet, and maybe they’re just going to settle for math symbols.  Try LGBTTQ+-x÷π.  Or maybe instead of pitchers and catchers, we can have numerators and denominators.

Burger Queen

1 07 2014

San Francisco


One Day Closer to You

28 05 2014


Trouble in paradise?

Really, it’s all the fault of their stupid acronym, LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  You can’t be just tolerant of gay men and lesbian women anymore.  They have to bring along all their mentally ill sick freak shows emblematic of some of the other letters, and if you’re transphobic enough to think that this tranny stuff is a sickness, even if you don’t think plain ole regular homosexuality isn’t, then you might as well want to burn all gay men and lesbian women at the stake as far as they’re concerned.

Notice that black preachers are starting to rumble.

One irony here is that Houston’s L mayor wants the ordinance to protect Ts.  She’s behind the times — Here on the bleeding edge of the circus that calls itself modern AMURRIKAN sociopolitics, there’s a schism starting to open between L and T.  Lesbian women aren’t too fond of people born men pretending to be women barging in on their shit.  Of course that’s what happens when you pitch a big tent so wide as to catch all who happen to be anything but pair-bonding heterosexual.  Yeah, for awhile, you might assemble a powerful enough coalition to stick it to sexually traditional people, but eventually there’s infighting in the tent.

And yes, you probably noticed the musical pun.  So here you go:


Even more trouble in paradise.  A front is opening up between the Ls an the Bs.

Same Difference

14 05 2014

Earth City

Christian Coalition calls it a double standard.

What it really is is Who-Whom.

Mrs. Michael Sam’s Pedigree

13 05 2014


Well, well.  The NFL’s Great Gay Hope’s bed mate has some interesting pedigree.

The league better hope that this apple has rolled far from the tree.

Then again, organized crime in Kansas City did launch Harry Truman.


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