Now it’s a Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

25 07 2014


The great motivational speaker can’t instill enough discipline in her own kids to keep them from being suspended eight times between the two of them before either one gets to Kindergarten?

I don’t know what kind of preschool she sends them, so this analysis might not be accurate.  But I know today’s public educational system does everything it can not to suspend NAM students unless whatever they did falls under the aegis of the insurance industry-driven zero tolerance paranoia.  Plain words, if black students are suspended at all, then they must have done something very bad.  There’s just too much Obama/Holder/DOJ/My Brother’s Keeper pressure on them.

If all else fails, this great motivational speaker who is also a single mother can say that her sons’ daddy wasn’t shit.


The Beachhead

25 07 2014

St. Charles County

They started going to school there, their parents want to move there.  We saw it coming.


With transfers cut off, Normandy families seek to move to better schools

More than 450 children from Normandy schools crossed the Blanchette Bridge daily last year to attend school in the Francis Howell district.

Now that Francis Howell has decided to stop accepting the transfer students, some Normandy parents are working to uproot and move their families to St. Charles County — only to find waiting lists for affordable housing and few apartments that match their budgets.


St. Charles County has “a growing need for more affordable rental units,” says the analysis. The report was funded by the county and submitted to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in hopes of qualifying for federal grant funds.


The 2013 report on housing in St. Charles County suggests that public resistance to building affordable housing may be contributing to the shortage. That “not in my backyard” attitude, the report said, “was found in response to a wide variety of housing types, including multifamily housing, group homes, housing options for the homeless, and affordable housing in general.”


“From phone calls, from emails, the ‘We don’t want those people here’ was possibly the worst I’ve ever seen,” said Fogarty, who’s been mayor since 2003. “The whole ‘these people’ thing is something that’s been grinding on me.”


Late Wednesday afternoon, Davis took a tour of St. Andrews Apartments in St. Charles. Things looked promising. There was a two-bedroom unit available. The complex was running a special, putting the lease within his budget.

“I’m so excited!” he said after signing the paperwork. “We were very lucky.”

We know what’s coming next.  Westchester County, N.Y.-style DOJ lawsuits against St. Charles County trying to force them to make it easy for the black undertow (“these people“) to move there, even as the black undertow driving away white people is the reason why so much of St. Charles County is now tract housing and big boxes and not corn fields.  “These people,” Mr. Mayor of Dardenne Prairie, are the reason why there is a Dardenne Prairie for you to run, not just some unincorporated dot on the map surrounded by farms.

The apartments in St. Charles close to the north outer road northwest of the Zumbehl exit off of 70, where St. Andrews Apartments are, are heavily Hispanic; that’s probably the only patch of Hispanics in St. Charles County.  That’s probably why ole cab driving Rastus could afford it.

Eventually, white people are going to have to stop hiding behind euphemisms and confront race directly and openly.

Opportunity Here

14 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

It has finally occurred to the National Education Association that the establishment-mainstream of the Democrat Party and the left wing have been slouching toward Superman for quite some time.  The NEA is officially calling for Arne Duncan’s head, and if the sore festers, I can see something close to an open break between the NEA/AFT and the Democrat Party.

If the other party in this country was smart, it would find a way to drive a wedge between the two.  Don’t expect for the NEA ever to endorse or donate to Republicans in any great wave, and they’ll probably keep having their usual neo-Marxist rot gut for their official union planks and platforms year in and year out.  But there is some room for the ice to thaw.

Will it happen?  No.  Remember that the Republican Party and the lamestream of conservatism is where the Waiting for Superman mentality was born and raised.

No World

14 07 2014

Raleigh, North Carolina

We are the people of the 21st Century

Really?  It was just four years ago that the real people who control the Wanker County, North Carolina school system tried to save their district for the real people of the early 21st Century in Wanker County who actually want to have good schools free of vibrant diversity.

The world is not so desired.

Failing School

10 07 2014


I know, I ripped it off, but I’ll say it anyway.

In the old days, students failed school.  Now, in our new progressive era, schools fail students.

“I think when you talk about urban school failure, and you’re talking about our failure, yours, mine, everybody’s whose allowed urban systems faced with challenges of poverty, crime and other things, we’ve allowed those problems and constant failure to continue. For all of us, the stakes are such that we have to break that cycle. That is why we need to get results immediately, we need to show parents and others there is a way to do this that can make a difference.”

Why do I seem to read “school failure” and “urban” in the same sentence so often, and with “poverty” and “crime” not being far behind or ahead?

Also lady, it’s not my problem.  Because, every time I want to raise a stink about black crime, I’m told not to care about it because it’s mostly black thugs victimizing black thugs.  Why should schools failing blacks aka blacks failing school be my problem?

Oh, I see.  It’s my problem when you want money, but not my problem when I think the problem should be solved for good.

All that might go over your head, but I hope you can understand this at least:  Just make sure that all new state-run overlay districts of dissolved unaccredited school districts are accredited themselves, so they can’t transfer out.  Please?

When Cool Becomes Cold

6 07 2014

Charlottesville, Virginia


Why the cool kids from middle school may have trouble down the line


Published last month in the journal of Child Development, it followed the “cool kids” from middle school for a decade. It’s true what they say about peaking too young. The socially precocious teens in middle school fell lower on the social hierarchy by high school. And in their early 20s, they had more problems with drugs and alcohol, more trouble with the law and were less competent in their friendships.


The cool kids from the Virginia study, when compared with their peers at age 23, had a 45 percent greater rate of troubles with alcohol and marijuana use and 22 percent greater rate of adult criminal behavior.

When children do things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17, that’s a red flag for future problems that parents ought to take seriously, she said.

My middle and high school experiences were in niche environments that were deliberately way different than the typical schools.  I was never really bullied, never did any bullying, and I never saw any genuine bullying.  The worst I experienced was the occasional ephemeral smart-mouthed punk, but that was it.  However, that didn’t preclude me from learning about the concept, to know what to look for so that I could avoid it, assuage it, report it, and not engage in it.  My mother told me on more than one occasion that if I ever experienced any school yard bullies, just to handle it rationally, don’t dwell on it, but never forget it either, as one day these kids would be adults who would be asking me for a job.  I guess that was her way of saying what this study found, that high status middle schoolers equals low status adults.  I think the same is true for high schoolers, too — The most popular jocks are at best competent construction workers, the cool girls are now meth heads and whores in and out of jail all the time.

Then there’s another factor, one not mentioned in this article and probably not broached in the actual study, because it’s too taboo.

Hey, it’s me you’re reading — You knew that if there was any way for me to go there, there was where I was going to go.


Remember, this study is from the University of Virginia, so odds are it involved a lot of middle school students then young adults ten years later from the state of Virginia.  That’s Virginia as in the one with a lot of blacks.

The reason the “cool” and “socially precocious” middle schoolers who are “doing things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17″ wind up getting in a lot of trouble with the law and otherwise in their early 20s isn’t necessarily because there’s a direct link between middle school cool and young adult flunky.  It’s that the middle school precociousness and the young adult flunkiness both have the same underlying cause:  Blacks mature earlier than whites to explain the former, and black to explain the latter.

What’s Rex Up To These Days?

27 06 2014


NAACP is calling on other districts to take in the Normandy transfers now that Francis Howell won’t anymore.

That’s no surprise.

But what is something of a mild surprise, though it really shouldn’t be, is that something called the Show-Me Institute is joining the NAACP in that call.

If you listen to talk radio anywhere in the state, you’ll sometimes hear ads from the Show-Me Institute narrated by former KSDK anchor Rick Edlund, touting the virtue of this or that right-libertarian policy proposal.

Wait, there’s more.

The Show-Me Institute is little more than an extension of Rex Sinquefield’s ego, and one of his big crusades over the recent years has been “skoo choyce.”  Which by now, if you don’t think it’s merely the new euphemism for deseg, then you must be blind, deaf and dumb.

Another thing that’s almost an extension of Rex Sinquefield’s ego is a good chunk of the state Republican party.  Which is why they have really no interest in solving the transfer problem, (and it was only “solved” in this case purely accidentally, DESE forgot to make its new Normandy overlay district unaccredited), and in fact, they think the problem is the solution.

Miracles Do Happen

20 06 2014


Though some would call it more of a loophole than a miracle, don’t knock it.

The loopholey factor here is that DESE eliminated the Normandy district and overlayed a brand new state-run district in its place, the new district has state accreditation, compared to the just-eliminated Normandy district which did not thereby allowing the flood of Turner law compliant transfers.  If DESE just took over the unaccredited Normandy district as is and appointed a board of people to run it, it would still be the same unaccredited district and Turner transfers could still happen.  An example of the latter was the SLPS until recently, and I think the only reason that there can’t be a Turner stream out of the SLPS is because it got back partial accreditation.

That the executive leadership in the FH district wanted to find a way to get of out of taking Normandy transfers, when last summer they were fully on board with it, and in the process, denying their district the PCPD money, must mean that things didn’t go quite so swimmingly with Normandy transfers in FH district schools this year, and we just didn’t hear about all those problems.

Still Waiting For Superman

10 06 2014



What interests me about this more than what one would ordinarily think is that some of “us” are still stuck on this meme of bad schools bad teachers bad unions, rather than accept the reality that there are such things as bad and irredeemably stupid students.  Though since I work around these kind of people, I shouldn’t steam off about it.

Engelwood is probably the dead epicenter of Chicago’s black undertow.

Paul Robeson?  A black Marxist.

The design of this prom ticket probably went through 50 people before it went to the printer.  Yet, not a one of them, not even the printer, called the obvious mistake.

What’s That Mean?

10 06 2014

Birmingham, England

British values, or else Islamification.


What are “British values” these days, other than some universalist bilge which neutralizes resistance to Islamification?

Or maybe it’s just a matter of Mohammed and Co. not being sufficiently down with the We Are the World project.

Greta Not Looking Any Betta

10 06 2014


If she did it once, why wouldn’t she do it again?

Arie Payo

2 06 2014


CPS sanity, if only briefly and fictionally.


Joe Arpaio Insulted in ‘Incendiary’ Chicago Public School Test Question on Immigration

A test question on a Chicago Public Schools (CPS) assessment asking seventh graders to compare differing views on immigration, including one written by a fictitious Bush administration official whose name sounds almost exactly like that of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has been scrubbed from the curriculum and dismissed as a misunderstanding by CPS officials.

Joshua Rhett Miller at reports the test question contained the following statement, attributed to “Arie Payo:” “I think it’s best to keep America for Americans and those who know how to speak English properly. Save America for those of us who know how to behave in law-abiding ways.”

“Payo,” who is identified in the test question as a former aide to “President Bush’s Immigration Taskforce” and a contributor to the fictitious “Conservative Journal,” also states in the test question that undocumented immigrants should “go back to where they came from.”

About the only thing wrong or disagreeable with that is the notion that George W. Bush, amnesty and open borders all the way, ever would have had Joe Arpaio in his administration.


Metallica Doctrine

19 05 2014


You’re not paranoid unless they’re really out to get you.

Yeah, you can take that to mean that if someone is really out to get you, then your paranoia about people out to get you isn’t paranoia.

But the sarcastic point that phrase is trying to make is that people’s paranoia warps their perception of reality.  If you’re paranoid enough to think that a lot of people are out to get you, you are going to find evidence of that.

With that, let me give you a paragraph from this piece:

There is no venue more receiving, that more struggles to accommodate, than universities. They have codes and classes and whole courses to instruct on the vile institutions of racism — and yet to read the news is to come away with the idea that every day some campus is a repulsive hotbed of bigotry.

Definitely read the whole thing.

It’s like the late Lawrence Auster said, though this isn’t the exact quote:  The more sensitive people are to *-ism or *-phobia, the more of it they will “find.”  I could add that it invokes a vicious dynamic cycle, where oversensitivity to *-isms and *-phobias leads people to finding lots of it, which fuels more sensitivity, which fuels more evidence, and so on.

And where does it all end?  Progressives in Cambridge, Massachusetts hiding under their beds hoping that the Klan rally and march du jour through Cambridge passes them by, all the while their nervous shaking hands are holding a flashlight in one hand and a pen in the other hand that’s writing a check to the Southern Poverty Law Center.



Barefoot and Something Else

14 05 2014

Dahlonega, Georgia

Pardon me?

Does anyone remember Andrew Martinez?  He too liked to go about campus barefoot, and then some.

Yet another example of Who-Whom.

White Privilege

14 05 2014


“Check your privilege” class in order to attend the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.


Raheem Still Can’t Read

13 05 2014

Newark, New Jersey


Was Zuck’s hundred megabucks a waste?

Well, yeah, if you thought its purpose was to teach Raheem how to read.  That, anyone with a brain could have predicted.

But if you view life through a cynical lens, then you’ll realize it was a resounding success.

Zuck’s “charity” was a PR counterweight to The Social Network exposing him for the fink and rat and backstabber that he is.  Now he’s worth $25 billion.

Cory Booker is now in the United States Senate, and is perhaps the next great mulatto Hopeychanger, Obama 2.0.

At least until Bridgegate came along, Krispy Christie was the front runner to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016.

And Oprah?  She’ll soon own the Clippers.


If you read the New Yorker story linked to from the shorter MSN Money story, you’ll read about one Ras Baraka, a Newark man who is both a city councilman and a principal of one of the public high schools in the Newark district.  More specifically, you’ll read that he’s running as a teachers’ union sock puppet for mayor on a platform of dismantling the Zuckerberg-Christie-Booker reform plan.

The election was today, and Baraka won, beating the man that replaced Cory Booker as mayor when he left for the Senate.  So things have come full circle.

But, hey, no sweat.  Like I said above, everyone got what they wanted out of the deal.  Never mind the (lack of) results, the feel-good orgy of pathological altruism is what counts.

Onward Common Soldiers

12 05 2014

Montgomery, Alabama

The poverty palace has found a new cause:  Commune Core.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.  Not just the SPLC’s mission creep, but that Commie Core is a cult obsession.  I asked awhile back why TPTB are so obsessed with CC, when to me it’s just the latest pie in the sky fly by night education reform scheme whose documents will be found in any convenient dumpster five years from now, just above the documents for Race to the Bottom, in turn above No Child Gets Head, just above Outhouse Based Education, just above…

When I crowdsourced that question to AR, the best and most plausible explanation is that CC includes a lot of data mining data collection ability, and the corporate dweebs are salivating over that.

I do get the feeling that someone who is deeply invested in CC recently wrote a big check to the SPLC.

In an ironic twist, the Executive Secretary of the Alabama Education Association, the state chapter of the National Education Association teachers’ union, has come out against CC.  The building housing the AEA headquarters is in the same square block as the building housing the SPLC headquarters, the two buildings practically touch each other.

NAEP Mania

7 05 2014


Two different versions of the same story, one from the AP, the other Bloomberg.

The AP first:

Handing out dismal grades, the Nation’s Report Card says America’s high school seniors lack critical math and reading skills for an increasingly competitive global economy.

When I read or hear “competitive(ness),” my first instinct is to hold on to my border.

Only about one-quarter are performing proficiently or better in math and just 4 in 10 in reading. And they’re not improving, the report says, reinforcing concerns that large numbers of today’s students are unprepared for either college or the workplace.

Scores on the 2013 exam in both subjects were little changed from 2009, when the National Assessment of Educational Progress was last given to 12th-graders. The new results, released Wednesday, come from a representative sample of 92,000 public and private school students.

The report follows the just-released and seemingly more encouraging research that U.S. high school graduation rates in 2012 reached 80 percent, a record.

Proficiency in math and reading, probably a watered down metric as it is, isn’t increasing, but high school graduation rates are increasing.  That should be a scandal, that one can get a high school diploma for having little more than a pulse.

One possible explanation is that lower-performing students who in the past would have dropped out of school are now remaining in the sampling of students who take the exam, said John Easton, acting commissioner of the Education’s Department’s National Center for Education Statistics.

Or, another possible explanation is that the universe of high school seniors, even the ones that stay in school that long, gets regressively more diverse and NAM by the year.

Wednesday’s results are likely to embolden supporters of the Common Core standards that are being rolled out in 44 states and the District of Columbia. Designed to develop critical thinking skills, they spell out what math and English skills students should master at each grade.

I’ll get to that at the beginning of the Bloomberg article.

Students who reported rarely or never discussing reading interpretations in class averaged lower scores than those who had such discussions daily or almost daily.

You don’t say.  The interested do better than the uninterested?

An overwhelming majority reported that reading was enjoyable. Students who strongly disagreed with that idea had scores much lower than those who strongly agreed.

Of course reading can be enjoyable.  Those books about green eggs and ham were very enjoyable.  But it’s a tad of a leap from there to Thucydides and his account of the Peloponnesian War.

Math scores were higher, on average, for students who took calculus and lowest for students who had not taken a math course beyond Algebra I.

So you’re telling me that passing calculus means you’re better at math than someone who flunked Algebra I.  Hmm.

Even as 12th-grade scores have stagnated, fourth- and eighth-grade students have made slow but steady progress on the exam since the early 1990s; most progress has come in math.

Michael Petrilli, executive vice president at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, said it’s unclear why younger students are doing better while high school seniors are not.

“This is one of the great mysteries of education today is why are we not seeing the same improvements at the 12th-grade level as the fourth- and eighth-grade level,” Petrilli said.

One speculation is that high school seniors simply aren’t motivated when they take this exam. More ominously, another thought is that students are taking watered-down classes and “all we’ve done is put them in courses with bigger titles,” said Mark Schneider, the vice president at the American Institutes for Research. He is the former commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics.

My speculation has to do with that whole HBD thing about racial differences in brain maturation.

At all levels, there continue to be racial disparities.

Among high school seniors, white and Asian students scored higher on average in the recent results in both reading and math than black, Hispanic and American Indian students. Asian students scored higher than white students in math but did not do significantly better in reading. As in past years, male students did better than female students in math, but females outperformed males in reading.

HBD at work again.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan noted that despite the good news related to graduation rates and scores in younger grades, high school achievement has been flat in recent years.

Arne, I said something about how something should be a huge scandal.  Quit casting high school graduation rates as some sort of good news, because it’s not.

“We must reject educational stagnation in our high schools, and as a nation we must do better for all students, especially for African-American and Latino students,” Duncan said in a statement.

Got some magic potion to raise IQ?  Other than eugenics, which I’m sure you’ll dismiss reflexively.

Community colleges and four-year institutions have been trying to improve their remedial education programs, given that only about one-quarter of students who take remedial classes end up graduating.

It’s estimated that more than one-third of all college students, and more than one-half in community colleges, need some remedial help, according to research from the Community College Research Center at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Another scandal.  Why do colleges have remedial courses?

Now, on to Bloomberg.

U.S. high school seniors, whose school years have encompassed the sweeping education initiatives of two presidents, failed to demonstrate improvement in math or reading on a national exam.

Now, compare that to what was said in the AP article about the “necessity” of Commune Core.  They admit that today’s seniors have spent the virtual entirety of their school years in the eras of either No Child Can Get Ahead or Race to the Bottom, all to no avail.  The ones a bit older them were subject to the Outhouse Based Education scheme.  So the solution to one pie in the sky education scheme failing then the next one then the one after that is to start in on a whole new one that will fail and be forgotten and not missed and whose documents will be found in any convenient dumpster within five years.

“Stagnation is unacceptable,” David Driscoll, chairman of the board that administers the test, said in a statement. “Achievement at this very critical point in a student’s life must be improved to ensure success after high school.”

Okay, here’s another one.  If you find some magic potion to raise IQ, please pass it along to Arne Duncan.

The results paint a similar picture to that of SAT college entrance exam performance. The high school class of 2013 showed no improvement from the previous year and fewer than half of the test takers were prepared for college-level work, according to the College Board, owner of the SAT. Concerns about academic performance of U.S. students propelled education industry and political leaders to create the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which has become controversial as states balk at increased government intervention in education.

Well, actually it propelled David Coleman to make the lateral move from Commune Core to the College Bored (deliberate misspelling), so he can jigger the SAT around Commie Core to “prove” the “success” of it in the coming years.

The achievement gap between black and white students has remained steady at about 30 points in math from 2005 to 2013. The score gap between blacks and whites in reading widened by 5 points from 1992 to 2013.

Well, at least we know the civil rights industry will have a continued reason for existence, should beg letters containing “Trayvon” ever start failing to haul in money.



Down With The Struggle

28 04 2014

Salinas, California

Tan versus Yellow in the Rainbow Paradise.

The implication here is that Asians are not “people of color.”  Apparently, only NAMs are.

Lie Upon Lie

24 04 2014

Los Angeles

There are just two problems with Shikha Dalmia’s narrative:

1.  Affirmative action isn’t dead or dying, in spite of our being able to push back against it in some states in regards to college admissions.  The reason AA isn’t dying is because AA isn’t a line item public policy, it’s a state of mind.  Affirmative action won’t die until white pathological altruism dies, and that looks very much alive and well.

2.  There is no such thing as white privilege.  (Even though there should be.)  Miss Dalmia’s evidence that there is is that:

Elite schools — both public and private — routinely hand preferences to athletes, children of faculty, celebrities, and politicians; “development cases” whose wealthy parents offer hefty donations; and, above all, offspring of alumni. Princeton sociologist Tom Espenshade found that nearly two thirds of all these non-race-based preferences at elite universities benefited whites in 1997, even though whites made up less than half of all applicants. In some Ivies, no more than 40 percent of seats are open to candidates competing on pure merit.

So, since elite schools goose admissions for the kids of elites, that’s evidence of some wide scale society-wide “white privilege.”  Funny she mentions Tom Espenshade, because he and Alexandria Radford did another study later on to prove that the real bias in Ivy admissions are against working-middle class whites whose activities are “proletarian,” things like JROTC and 4-H.  Everyone else, including Jews, as Ron Unz has proven, has a leg up relative to their meritocratic standing.

Here’s the most telling thing at all:  Dalmia writes for Reason, a supposedly right-libertarian magazine.

Killed the Messenger

22 04 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina



No MO Excuses

22 04 2014

Washington, D.C. and Michigan

SCOTUS:  MCRI is good to go.

Now, it’s time for the legislature I’m working around to pass the same kind of bill for my state, either as a matter of direct legislation or to put it on the ballot.  Quit dicking around with irrelevant and ineffective nonsense and do something that matters.

Remember the politics.  MCRI won in Michigan and won pretty easily during a blue wave election cycle.  The only Republican statewide candidate in Michigan to win that day was the AG running for re-election, not so coincidentally, he was the only Republican statewide candidate who openly supported MCRI, all the rest were vocal opponents.  Dismantling AA is one of the best ways for red army to poach blue army’s soldiers.

Truth Be Damned. We Live in BRA.

21 04 2014


Of course it’s all bullshit.  But when you live in BRA, truth takes a back burner to black self-esteem and black power.  And until we dismantle BRA, combat the black undertow and cure the disease of pathological altruism that so many of us crackers have, the truth won’t matter.

Notice the part about “fake Jews.”  That’s a dog whistle for black Hebrew-Israelite socio-theological snake oil.

And also, I wonder what the 45% of CPS students who are Hispanic (compared to 39% black) are going to think about having to endure Afrocentric mumbo jumbo all day every day all year in school.  This is more proof that Hispanics punch way under their demographic weight in the sociopolitical ring.

Bell Curve High

20 04 2014


These were uploaded within the last few weeks on Vice News’s own YouTube channel.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

1.  Both of the young men featured prominently in these two videos, the medium height skinny one and the short obese one, have fathers that are or were in prison for murder.  Apples not rolling far from the trees, n’est pas?

2.  The skinny one, 14 years old, was told that he could go to prison for 60 years if he murders someone.  The teacher or principal asked him to say how old he would be when he got out of prison if he got a 60 year bid right now.  The dumb ook couldn’t even add 14 and 60.  Then the teacher made it easier for him to tell him to add 10 and 60, then if he got that right, and he didn’t even try, he would have been told the other four onto that.

No future time orientation, and on top of that, no math.

Yet, one of the teachers was trying to teach them algebra.  Good luck with that.

3.  Notice the demideification (apparently, I just coined a new term) of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Harold Washington.  Some might find that ironic, I find it apropos.

Brakes On

7 04 2014


Because of this, he wants this.

A legislative train which will come to a dead stop once the NAACP gets wind.

Because it will have a disparate impact on blacks.

Dark Ivy

2 04 2014

Long Island


Applied to all eight Ivies, got admitted to all eight Ivies.

The valedictorian of my high school class applied to some Ivies but didn’t get into any.

This case also brings to the surface some bad blood between native blacks and immigrant blacks.

Info about his high school.


Old News is New Again

1 04 2014


The Sasha Courey affair is now back on the front burner in the mind of Mizzouheads.  You know, three or more black football players raped her, the trauma of the rape was so bad that she committed suicide about a year and a half after the rape, the school administration and the athletic department was hush hush about it the whole time.  That was the big topic of discussion around here at least among the Mizzou alumni until Michael Sam came out of the closet.

Mizzou is declaring this month, April 2014, to be sexual assault awareness month.  There will be a lot of things that will happen during the month, but one thing that won’t happen is the school’s powers that be taking responsibility for the cover up, because black football players are too important to touch.

If Miss Courey’s assailants ever see a day in prison, I’ll be surprised.

Sixty Thousand Dollar Man

31 03 2014

South Bend, Indiana


CNS shows a pic of a Notre Dame player.

Notre Dame’s 2013-2014 typical student expenses, according to the school itself, is $57,117.  Add some of the fringe benefits for scholarship athletes in the two revenue producing sports, football and men’s basketball, and I’m sure that figure goes over $60K, all taken care of by the scholarship.

Hardly any 17-23 year old men, especially of the sort that wins football and men’s basketball college scholarships, are working at jobs which pay them $60K/year after taxes.

In related news, Mark Emmert, current President of the NCAA, thinks that “education” is the “real game changer” for “student”-athletes.  Sure, because barely literate two digit IQ black men are sure interested in hard majors.


Bidding War

31 03 2014

Washington, D.C.


Can walk and chew gum at the same time, and (presumably) no felony sheet.

So the Ivy League schools are falling all over themselves to get him.

It says he has a 4.3 GPA, which means his school uses a five point scale for grades.  Translated to a four scale, he would have a 3.44.

Is a white student with a 3.4 GPA who is not a legacy going to get into any Ivy?  Okay, maybe Brown.  But definitely not H-P-Y.

Notice it doesn’t tell you what he got on the SAT or ACT.


27 03 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


What grade did this paper get?

Hint:  It was not a grade that started with either F, D, C or B.

Related:  Mary Willingham Noticed Things


Instapundit mentioned it, and so far, my comment in that thread has the most likes.


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