A Good Name Is To Be Chosen Rather Than Great Riches

18 09 2014


This isn’t hard to figure out, people.

“Barack Obama” is the new “Martin Luther King.”  Anything named after it, streets, schools, parks, whatever, is to be avoided.

The Normandy school district has a Barack Obama Elementary School.  BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Chicago wants this new selective admissions selective enrollment high school to attract quality students in order to be successful.  Therefore, they’re not going to curse it with a black undertow friendly name.

Full Quadrangle

18 09 2014

Clemson, South Carolina


Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that the very people formulating and compelling this survey were the ones screaming, “get your nose out of my bedroom,” “my sex life is none of your business,” “it shouldn’t matter to you what consenting adults do.”

That should have been a clue that they were and continue to be sex-obsessed voyeurs.

You won’t find a bigger totalitarian than the person who screams the loudest for freedom.

The late breaking news is that they’re backing down, for now.

Low Pro

16 09 2014


Something just happened in Ferguson that had nothing to do with Ferguson:

Bookstore employees tell FOX 2 they were shocked to hear of their coworker’s scheme since he seemed like such a nice person, and because they take such pride in their college community.

Students familiar with the senior also feel it’s a shame. Sophomore Shaquille Greene says, “I see him in the bookstore, and he also goes to open gym from time to time. He seems like the type of person that wouldn’t do anything like that, and it’s crazy that you’d risk your job for anything like that.”

This must be the first time in the history of human civilization that someone running a scam kept his head down and tried not to call attention to himself and tried to blend in.

And here we go with another “Shaquille.”

Because Math Isn’t Always Math

16 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

The Can’t Teach for America social justice dingbats have a new way of teaching math.

By mashing up racial agitprop with a little bit of basic arithmetic.

Which means math isn’t math anymore.  Though that’s not a surprise to me; they tried socially conscious sidebars to pander to non-whites, but take it from me — All the socially conscious sidebars in the world about how a mulatto scientist solved a differential equation to make peanut goop isn’t going to help you solve a differential equation if you don’t have the ability to do so.

CTFA is right when they say that math is the “domain of old white men,” (actually, younger to middle aged white men, with some East Asian men thrown in for good measure), because it is that most abstract and binary right-wrong of disciplines wherein very high IQs are necessary for success in the field.  Shitavious just doesn’t do calculus, even though calculus helps us understand Shitavious.

Water’s Warm

15 09 2014

St. Louis City

The story.

The website.

Now it’s time for the translation.  That’s why I get paid the big bucks, to translate these kinds of dog whistles into readable English.

Translation:  It’s now safe to start white families and have and rear white children in the city of St. Louis, because you have options other than the black(board) jungles that are regular SLPS schools.

If we had a President we could be proud of, he would use his pen and phone to prohibit Federal law enforcement from enforcing Federal court ordered inter and intra district desegregation and busing programs.  That way, some of the regular SLPS schools would be useable for white families.

Books Are For Reading, Not Throwing

13 09 2014


That is, in first world schools.

And you wonder why so many people in Francis Howell don’t want ‘em.


Spotted in the Wild

25 08 2014


SLU and WashU students join a bunch of other schools across the country to stage a walkout today on behalf of the cigarillo robber/cop eye puncher/charging linebacker.


Martin Zaldivar put down a sign saying “Mike won’t be in class today,” as he took the microphone.

He told the crowd that as a white Hispanic, he doesn’t fully understand the dynamics surrounding some black communities and their relationship with police.

Only the second white Hispanic spotting in the wild.


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