Killed the Messenger

22 04 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina



No MO Excuses

22 04 2014

Washington, D.C. and Michigan

SCOTUS:  MCRI is good to go.

Now, it’s time for the legislature I’m working around to pass the same kind of bill for my state, either as a matter of direct legislation or to put it on the ballot.  Quit dicking around with irrelevant and ineffective nonsense and do something that matters.

Remember the politics.  MCRI won in Michigan and won pretty easily during a blue wave election cycle.  The only Republican statewide candidate in Michigan to win that day was the AG running for re-election, not so coincidentally, he was the only Republican statewide candidate who openly supported MCRI, all the rest were vocal opponents.  Dismantling AA is one of the best ways for red army to poach blue army’s soldiers.

Truth Be Damned. We Live in BRA.

21 04 2014


Of course it’s all bullshit.  But when you live in BRA, truth takes a back burner to black self-esteem and black power.  And until we dismantle BRA, combat the black undertow and cure the disease of pathological altruism that so many of us crackers have, the truth won’t matter.

Notice the part about “fake Jews.”  That’s a dog whistle for black Hebrew-Israelite socio-theological snake oil.

And also, I wonder what the 45% of CPS students who are Hispanic (compared to 39% black) are going to think about having to endure Afrocentric mumbo jumbo all day every day all year in school.  This is more proof that Hispanics punch way under their demographic weight in the sociopolitical ring.

Bell Curve High

20 04 2014


These were uploaded within the last few weeks on Vice News’s own YouTube channel.

Here’s what jumped out at me:

1.  Both of the young men featured prominently in these two videos, the medium height skinny one and the short obese one, have fathers that are or were in prison for murder.  Apples not rolling far from the trees, n’est pas?

2.  The skinny one, 14 years old, was told that he could go to prison for 60 years if he murders someone.  The teacher or principal asked him to say how old he would be when he got out of prison if he got a 60 year bid right now.  The dumb ook couldn’t even add 14 and 60.  Then the teacher made it easier for him to tell him to add 10 and 60, then if he got that right, and he didn’t even try, he would have been told the other four onto that.

No future time orientation, and on top of that, no math.

Yet, one of the teachers was trying to teach them algebra.  Good luck with that.

3.  Notice the demideification (apparently, I just coined a new term) of Barack Obama, Martin Luther King and Harold Washington.  Some might find that ironic, I find it apropos.

Brakes On

7 04 2014


Because of this, he wants this.

A legislative train which will come to a dead stop once the NAACP gets wind.

Because it will have a disparate impact on blacks.

Dark Ivy

2 04 2014

Long Island


Applied to all eight Ivies, got admitted to all eight Ivies.

The valedictorian of my high school class applied to some Ivies but didn’t get into any.

This case also brings to the surface some bad blood between native blacks and immigrant blacks.

Info about his high school.


Old News is New Again

1 04 2014


The Sasha Courey affair is now back on the front burner in the mind of Mizzouheads.  You know, three or more black football players raped her, the trauma of the rape was so bad that she committed suicide about a year and a half after the rape, the school administration and the athletic department was hush hush about it the whole time.  That was the big topic of discussion around here at least among the Mizzou alumni until Michael Sam came out of the closet.

Mizzou is declaring this month, April 2014, to be sexual assault awareness month.  There will be a lot of things that will happen during the month, but one thing that won’t happen is the school’s powers that be taking responsibility for the cover up, because black football players are too important to touch.

If Miss Courey’s assailants ever see a day in prison, I’ll be surprised.

Sixty Thousand Dollar Man

31 03 2014

South Bend, Indiana


CNS shows a pic of a Notre Dame player.

Notre Dame’s 2013-2014 typical student expenses, according to the school itself, is $57,117.  Add some of the fringe benefits for scholarship athletes in the two revenue producing sports, football and men’s basketball, and I’m sure that figure goes over $60K, all taken care of by the scholarship.

Hardly any 17-23 year old men, especially of the sort that wins football and men’s basketball college scholarships, are working at jobs which pay them $60K/year after taxes.

In related news, Mark Emmert, current President of the NCAA, thinks that “education” is the “real game changer” for “student”-athletes.  Sure, because barely literate two digit IQ black men are sure interested in hard majors.


Bidding War

31 03 2014

Washington, D.C.


Can walk and chew gum at the same time, and (presumably) no felony sheet.

So the Ivy League schools are falling all over themselves to get him.

It says he has a 4.3 GPA, which means his school uses a five point scale for grades.  Translated to a four scale, he would have a 3.44.

Is a white student with a 3.4 GPA who is not a legacy going to get into any Ivy?  Okay, maybe Brown.  But definitely not H-P-Y.

Notice it doesn’t tell you what he got on the SAT or ACT.


27 03 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


What grade did this paper get?

Hint:  It was not a grade that started with either F, D, C or B.

Related:  Mary Willingham Noticed Things


Instapundit mentioned it, and so far, my comment in that thread has the most likes.

Cowboys And

18 03 2014

Regina, Saskatchewan


They don’t like it when we play Cowboys and Indians.

Wait until we start playing Cowboys and….well….you know.

Ball of Confusion

17 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

Computer World headline and sub-headline:

Gates sees software replacing people; Greenspan calls for more H-1Bs
Both agree that U.S. secondary education system needs much improvement

Translation: People will be less and less necessary over time, so the solution is to import more people. And also…fix the schools.


As you can see, Sailer took this story up after a certain snarky birdie whispered in his ear.  After reading this article again, this part suddenly jumped out at me:

“We cannot manage our very complex, highly sophisticated capital structure with what’s coming out of our high schools,” said Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Well pardon me, Al, but when did we ever expect the typical high school graduate to manage our complex sophisticated capital markets?  Hint:  The answer is never.  Not even in the days when a high school diploma actually meant something.

I guess Bill & Al think that the junior and senior years of high school should cram in a combination of B-school, grad school in economics and a near John Nash level math curriculum.  If that’s what they want, fine.  But realize it’ll have a disparate impact on NAMs, and just about everyone else for that matter.

Zero Tolerance Twofer

12 03 2014

First is from rural northeast Ohio, and the other is from suburban Memphis.

By now it ought to be clear that, contra my previous theory, 0T has nothing to do with plonking more white students to even out the suspension and expulsion stats.

The only good theory that fits is my new one about districts’ fear of the insurance industry.

In the Name of Sam Hill

12 03 2014


How is it possible to “botch the rollout” of an educational scheme?

Personally, I translate “botched rollout” to mean “too difficult for NAMs.”

And also…all those soft bigots look smarter by the day.

It Was Real

12 03 2014

Hanover, New Hampshire

We now know this document was for real, and not a fake.


Because Dartmouth caved.

Unified Fool District

10 03 2014

St. Louis County

What’s all this gossip I’m suddenly getting in my inbox about a unified school district for all of St. Louis County?

Someone’s trial balloon, or an actual credible proposal?

I hear nothing along those lines here at the State Capital, where some sort of Titanic deck chair rearrangement “reforms” of the transfer scheme will probably get done this session.

If this does happen, we know why it will happen.  So that “intra” district busing can happen within the singular district for St. Louis County.  Also, all the white students in St. Louis County will act as a statistical cover for the low black test scores.  That’s why we’ll probably soon have combined crime statistics from St. Louis City and County, so that all the spontaneous blackness (TNB) on the part of city and north county blacks can get covered up.  Hell, if St. Louis City and County merge, this means a grand unified school district would also include St. Louis City, meaning that the “inter” district deseg that’s theoretically ending can continue under the rubric of “intra” district.

The racially white politically red precincts of St. Louis County should split off and form their own new county, maybe Meramec County.

Busting the Curve

10 03 2014

Boulder, Colorado

Have a smart kid in a public school and you want to opt him or her out of standardized testing?  Watch what happens.

The reason is obvious:  Principals’ and teachers’ tenure, job status, pay grades and/or bonuses are becoming increasingly linked to school averages of standardized test scores.  If the smart kids stay home, bust goes the curve.

There’s one big caveat here:  These schools that the author of this article refers to are probably almost all white.  Just imagine if it’s a NAM-heavy public school.  Once test day comes along and your smart white kid isn’t butt firmly planted in desk taking the test so his or her brains can act as statistical cover for all the low IQ NAMs that surround him or her, you’re going to get pestered even worse than the author of this article was.

Hate and Bullying

28 02 2014

Gilroy, California

We’re all supposed to be worried about hate and bullying.

But the hate and bullying in this case seems to be lost on everybody.

Physical Action

27 02 2014

Hanover, New Hampshire

Chicks on the Right:

According to that sourcelink, a bunch of students who refer to themselves as “Concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students” wrote a letter to administrators at Dartmouth to threaten “physical action” if the administrators do not respond to their list of demands.

And you can read the demands at the link.

There is debate over whether this list of demands and the whole story is real or a parody.

Either way, it makes me wonder:

Why are we to fear the “physical action” of “concerned Asian, black, Latin@, Native, undocumented, queer, and differently-abled students?”  Do we really fear that Jose Rodriguez, a black Hispanic homosexual wheelchair-bound illegal alien from the Dominican Republic, will throw a lukewarm cup of Starbucks coffee in somebody’s face?

As far as the @ in “Latin@,” I think it’s meant to be interpreted as both “O” and “A,” so that it’s both “Latino” and “Latina” in one word without having to write out both.

Lunch Time

25 02 2014


Black parents, students and residents in or of the Normandy district did a whole lot of noticing things tonight.

It’s too bad that white parents, students and residents in or of the Francis Howell district aren’t allowed to notice things.

You see, Mike Jones notices things, it’s just that he doesn’t want us to notice things:

State board Vice President Michael Jones, of St. Louis, said race must be part of the conversation, because troubled schools are predominantly filled with African-American children.

“You’re either naive or out to lunch if that is not part of the equation,” he said. “It’s a legitimate issue.”

I wonder if “troubled schools” and “African-American children” being so often found together is something more than a mere coincidence.

Or maybe I better stop wondering, otherwise I myself will get too close to noticing things.


No Comment

25 02 2014

Clarksville, Tennessee


I commented at this DC thread:

Until a handful of months ago, I would have agreed with the consensus of this comment thread, that zero tolerance was a function of leftist skullduggery. My pet theory was (and to an extent, still is) that the purpose of 0T was to try to even out the race stats in school suspensions, in order to quiet the NAACP.

But then a few things happened:

One, I saw some more of these 0T-Gone-Wild news stories, and some of the things that were written and some of the things that were written between the lines made me think my initial theory wasn’t the whole story.

Second, I started a job in a business that’s a hybrid of lobbying and public relations, the lobbying part is entirely directed at Missouri state and local and county governments. I started to witness first hand the way a certain industry arrogantly throws its weight around bullying and intimidating public officials, especially Republican ones.

Now I think the real driving factor behind school districts having and fanatically enforcing 0T policies is:

Insurance companies.

Here’s how it goes:

School districts are getting discounts on their insurance policies, in exchange for districts having to implement and fanatically enforce 0T.

Watch legislation that cracks down on 0T. I predict that any such legislation will quietly be killed. Who kills it will tell the tale on whether my new pet theory or my old pet theory is right. If Republicans kill it, especially Republicans with big insurance company contributions on their campaign finance reports, then my new pet theory is right. If Democrats kill it, especially black Democrats and the legislative black caucus, then my old pet theory is right. If it’s a combination of both, then both my new and old pet theories have validity.

As an aside, Mr. Duren-Sanner appears mixed race, even though his father is white.  That puts a wrench in my theory that 0T is meant to garner more white suspensions for its own sake, because this isn’t a suspension of a white student.  Also, I’d like to know what a west coast commercial fisherman is doing living in Clarksville, Tennessee, and near Fort Campbell.  The hyphenated surname, which both father and son have, but the grandmother (don’t know of which side) is just Duren, is also curious.


And on the same day I write this post, the Georgia State House unanimously passes a bill to eliminate 0T for knives and bats.

The Queen’s Anguish

24 02 2014

New York


47% Hispanic, 40% black.

Like I have been saying.  Enjoy Great Schools’s school race data while you still can, before Obama-Holder-DOJ-SPLC-ADL sue to get them to take it down.  Because, we’re noticing things.


V-Dare scoops more info.

Leaving the Lair

20 02 2014

Jefferson City

Money plays into this somehow.

Best info I can gather from the grapevine around here is that he’s angling for some kind of job with some Commune Core type outfit (Bill Gates?) when he’s TLed out of the House; provided he wins re-election this year, the next term would be his last.  Or if not that, he’s suddenly becoming a Common Whore because he thinks he can get into my line of work after he leaves office, getting hired by some school board or other education/educratic interest.  The problem with that theory is that ex-pols turned around as lobbyists are only useful for whoever hires them if they have good and amicable relationships with the politicians who are still in office.  This Lair putz doesn’t seem to be helping his cause in that category as of late.  So it’s probably the former.

One thing I do know is that he’s your typical Missouri Republican elected official, fully brainwashed in the school choice cult.  He’s not any worse in that regard than the usual, though.  But by the same token, Mark Parkinson he is not.

For the record, I had no part of returning the favor with the foil on his desk.  I wish I did, though.


There’s already pressure starting to mount on Speaker Tim Jones to take the Appropriations gavel away from Lair.  In that, do have the ability to and will participate.

When Down Is Up

13 02 2014



Record share of wives are more educated than their husbands

It used to be more common for a husband to have more education than his wife in America. But now, for the first time since Pew Research has tracked this trend over the past 50 years, the share of couples in which the wife is the one “marrying down” educationally is higher than those in which the husband has more education.

Among married women in 2012, 21% had spouses who were less educated than they were—a threefold increase from 1960, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of Census data.


Does marrying someone with less education mean “marrying down” economically? Not necessarily. When we look at the newlywed women who married someone with less education, we find that a majority of these women actually “married up.” In 2012, only 39% of newlywed women who married a spouse with less education out-earned their husband, and a majority of them (58%) made less than their husband.

What’s the inference here?  More women are “marrying down” in terms of “education” (i.e. diplomas), but 58% of the “less educated” men these women marry make more money than they do.

Women generally marry up.  So if they are marrying “less educated” men, it means that “less educated” and “dumber” are not the same thing, or that there is starting to be a severe disconnect between formal education and raw intelligence slash ability to make money.

Julia from Obama’s Life of Julia gets a master’s degree in some soft social science, but discovers that it’s not a route to good job with a high income.  And she’s getting tired of the single life, so she trolls the plains of western North Dakota and bags a leather necked man from the oil fields who finished high school probably and at best a junior college degree.  She’s way more “educated” (i.e. diplomaed) than he is, but they may have about the same level of innate intelligence.  And he’s making more money than she probably ever could.  Therefore, she isn’t marrying down, she’s marrying up.


Insert a Buzz Phrase Here

12 02 2014


What it’s about:

[Illinois State Rep. Jay] Hoffman [D-Belleville], who was contacted by McCann, introduced House Bill 4775, which if approved, would amend the Illinois School Code to allow school districts the option of suspending or expelling a student if he or she has been charged with a violent felony and the charges are pending or if the student has been convicted of a violent felony.

And you know that the black politicians from Chicago will move hell and Earth to make sure this bill doesn’t go anywhere.

Because…school-to-prison pipeline, or, disparate impact.  Or, if all else fails, racism.

Except if you’ve been charged with a violent felony, you’ve pretty much made it to the end of the school-to-prison pipeline.

I Didn’t Write This

11 02 2014


But it reads like I could have written most of it.

As long as we’re in the business of taking away the accreditation of school districts, that there ought to be a way to race norm student achievement.  Steve Sailer calls it the value added metric of student achievement.

But if that doesn’t happen or if is impossible, then the state should simply refuse to take away the accreditation of any district, and restore the accreditation of districts that are currently disaccredited.

Big Man On Campus

6 02 2014

Wellesley, Massachusetts


It’s a statue, on the Wellesley campus, and the lesbians are upset.

Ooh, I didn’t just say that, did I?  Have I gone too far, or have I not gone far enough?

It’s not surprising to me that this would generate outrage at an all-lesbo school.  Women at a coed school are used to this — After all, guys wearing this much in the dorms during certain hours are overdressed.

Stupid Staring Down Stupid

4 02 2014



State law enforcement officials said Monday that a bill that would ban BB guns and non-firing replica firearms in schools is necessary to protect students from potential tragedies, but opponents contend it is too broad and would do little to improve school safety.

Supporters of the measure say police officers could easily mistake the realistic-looking firearms for the real thing, especially with security concerns running high in light of school shootings across the country. They say a scenario of a student entering a school building with such a firearm could end badly if an officer is forced to make a quick decision, pointing to incidents like one in California last year when a 13-year-old boy was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy who said he thought a BB gun was an assault rifle.

School resource officer Rachel Horning, with the Kittery Police Department, told the Education and Cultural Affairs Committee on Monday that’s the type of tragedy she’s trying to avert.

“I will do 100 percent what I need to protect myself and others,” she said. “So, if the juvenile presents that lookalike weapon and refuses to drop it, I will act.”

But the measure is receiving pushback from groups such as the Maine Civil Liberties Union, which said Monday that creating a new crime that will primarily affect young people will cause students to be unnecessarily funneled from schools to jails. People could face up to six months in Shawshank State Prison for violating the proposed law, and people with criminal convictions often face employment discrimination, are barred from public housing and have less access to educational opportunities, said Oami Amarasingham, public policy council for the civil liberties group.

On the one side, you have the same kind of people responsible for anti-gun paranoia responding to the tragic consequences of the anti-gun paranoia they peddled by doubling down on the idiocy by creating and peddling anti-BB-gun and anti-replica-gun paranoia.

On the other side, the only reason the state chapter of the ACLU can give to oppose it is that mythical never-ever-seen but all-powerful and worrisome school to prison pipeline, described here as just a funnel.

My recommendation is that everyone take a big ass super giant chill pill.

As far as that other curious thing about this article — Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  A story involving both Maine and criminal law is too much a temptation.

Worst Place to Be

28 01 2014

Chapel Hill, North Carolina


There won’t be any “real change.”

First off, they’re still persecuting the whistleblower.

But there’s a more fundamental reason.

In order for there to be real change, there must be a genuine and honest acknowledgment of the problem. And there can never be that in this matter because telling the truth about this particular problem is…


The worst thing in the world to be.

Because…black scholarship athletes that can’t read who otherwise would not be qualified to look at a college are admitted to college, but need some contrived way to stay eligible.

As a wise man taught me a long time ago, you can’t solve a problem until you first identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re prevented from doing so by the dictates of political correctness.

Hope and Tragedy

27 01 2014

Champaign, Illinois

First thought:  Good for them for noticing things.

Then I read further, and found that it’s all because they wanted a snow day.


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