What’s That Mean?

10 06 2014

Birmingham, England

British values, or else Islamification.


What are “British values” these days, other than some universalist bilge which neutralizes resistance to Islamification?

Or maybe it’s just a matter of Mohammed and Co. not being sufficiently down with the We Are the World project.

Here’s Our Rub

4 05 2014


FT fights back on behalf of the LibLabCon empire against UKIP.

But we can’t so easily dismiss this part:

And here is the rub. Instead of smearing themselves with tar and feathers, mainstream politicians should remind populists that they do the hard work of politics: representing constituents, reconciling competing claims and taking an interest in dry corners of legislation that affect people’s lives. Most politics is necessary drudgery. Seen from this angle, the “elite” are the people who get their hands dirty. And populists who damn the whole spectacle from cosy sidelines are the truly decadent ones.

Here’s a better way of leveling this criticism:

Populism, especially rightist-nationalist populism, isn’t much ready to do the actual nuts and bolts day to day drudge work of governing because it doesn’t have a comprehensive coherent self-consistent agenda that has the ability to reach deep into the universe of the electorate of people that could vote for its parties and candidates.  Mostly all it can do is harvest the intermittent passions of people based on events or the natural jealousy that people have of someone who has at least two nickels to rub together more than they do.  Our agenda must be something that people can identify with, something positive which they can see has a purpose and will make their lives better, not just cursing our asses off because of the latest black-on-white murder or hating the “rich.”

With UKIP at 38% in some polls for the upcoming MEP elections, I get the feeling that they are doing a lot of that.

Bounced Checks

28 04 2014


Don’t laugh, American.

It has happened here.

Also, far from being discriminatory, it would have been discriminatory, in fact, almost a hate crime, for this bank not to offer these Muslim/Sharia accounts.

Me Against the World

22 04 2014



Of course, “racism.”

Take the hint, UKIP:  When all your enemies join together in an effort to throw you into the briar patch, you should beg them not to.

“Spell that out for me, blogmeister.”

Most of the British political establishment is fuming against this.  This gives UKIP an opportunity to position itself against the entire British political establishment, using an issue that digs deep into the electorate.

Me against the world political marketing often works, especially when the world is unpopular.

Choose Your Own Adventure

26 11 2013


YouTube style.

Too bad there’s not an option for the Empire Windrush not docking in London in 1948.

H/T to this SBPDL anon.

Racism. And Also, Give Me Your Money.

22 11 2013

Birmingham, England

There is an easy way out of this.

Don’t get cowed by the “racism” accusation.

The man even wrote a book about it.

BTW, when did Islam become a race?

Who? Whom?

21 11 2013


Daltrey pw3ns Labour.

Except Labour is just one head of the three headed LibLabCon hydra that caused this mess.

I’ll know he’s really serious when he endorses the BNP or at the very very least UKIP.


14 11 2013



Turns 65 today.

Which means he can retire, even though he’s never really had a real job, especially not the one he was born to do.

I’m still sticking with he goes before his mother.


30 09 2013


Daily Mail:

Met’s Minority Report: They use computer algorithms to predict where crime will happen

In the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report, the year was 2054 – but it seems the reality of police predicting crimes before they happen isn’t so far away.

The Metropolitan Police is investing in technology to forecast where offenders will strike next.

In an initiative that echoes the hit film in which a ‘precrime’ department detains murderers before they kill, the force is using computers to map out where future burglaries are likely to take place.

Computer algorithms combine crime statistics and criminal behaviour models to produce ‘predictive areas’ where burglars and muggers are likely to target.

Repeat after me:

Minority Report is reporting minorities.

Repeat often.

Didn’ Doo Nuffins

30 09 2013



UV dye beez all rayciss n’sheeyt.

If that excuse doesn’t work, he can always claim he was just borrowing the car, or keeping it in a safe place.


Unwanted Superman

24 09 2013


H/T Moderate Ricky. (BTW, I hope you grok why I call that blogger “Moderate Ricky.” It’s all part of the great art of snark.)

UK Telegraph:

Weakest pupils ‘suffer crisis of confidence in top schools’

Parents should avoid sending their less intelligent children to top-performing schools to prevent them languishing at the bottom of the class, researchers warned today.

Children who fall behind bright classmates at primary school can suffer a serious loss of confidence that holds them back for several years, it is claimed.

The study – by the London School of Economics – found that pupils’ relative ranking in the classroom up to the age of 11 had “sizeable, robust and significant effects on later academic achievement” at secondary school.

It emerged that boys were more likely to be affected by their position in lessons than girls.

The research, which was carried out by the LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance, challenges the assumption that being surrounded by high-achieving peers can drag up the performance of slower classmates.

Academics suggested that less intelligent pupils may actually be better off attending a “worse school” where they perform relatively well instead than being left behind in a high-flying institution.

Oh well, so much for the notion that slow students need all those grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat teachers to succeed.

This also means that for low IQ students, a “bad” school district and a “bad” teacher is a feature, not a bug.

Tip of the Footballer

19 09 2013

Washington Avenue

Now this is really interesting.  Not a peep about this locally.  And it happened four months ago.

Living on a Thin Line

30 08 2013


“There’s no England now…”

H/T Murder By Media.

Now Swim Back

29 07 2013



Obey the law or face the consequences.  How controversial.

Then again, I would imagine actual deportations are as rare they as they are here. You have to consider the possibility that this roving billboard is all hat and no cattle.


Turns out it’s how the Tories co-opt UKIP in the months and years leading up to the 2015 Parliamentary elections.

The Future King’s Speech

24 07 2013



It’s official.  If the Royal Baby ever becomes King, and takes his regnal name as the same as his given first name, which is what usually happens, he will be King George VII.  Incidentally, ahead of him on the royal line of succession are the would be King Charles III, his grandfather, and would be King William V, his father.

I think Wills and Kate picked George because of The King’s Speech, the movie about the baby’s great-great-grandfather, George VI.

Royal Baby

23 07 2013


He has his father’s eyes, his mother’s chin, and his paternal grandfather’s intellect and ambition.

I’m writing this blog post from my throne.

Crimethink and Punishment

4 07 2013

Manchester, England


A white man had the audacity to look for work in his own country.

It’s a good thing somebody did something about that. The cherry on top is that the removal of an evil white oppressor statistically makes Britain all the more vibrant.

Count Me Impressed

23 06 2013


It’s as if he’s saying, “Racism Schmacism.”  Someone should write a book about it.

That sound you hear is that of shrieking terrified leftists and fake conservatives freaking out as they realize the “R” word is no longer a deadly weapon.

Three Mohammeds

6 06 2013

Dewsbury, England


Fun time, kiddos:

Six men who planned a terror attack on an English Defence League rally could have sparked a “spiral of violence and terror”, a court has heard.

The plot failed when the men arrived at the event last June two hours too late.

Omar Mohammed Khan, Mohammed Hasseen, Anzal Hussain, Mohammed Saud, Zohaib Ahmed and Jewel Uddin, all from the West Midlands, were in court at the start of a two-day sentencing hearing.

They have already been warned to expect “significant” time in jail.

They get their panties in a wad whenever we draw cartoons of their precious Mohammed.  But then they go and name themselves Mohammed.

“Significant time in jail” in Britspeak means they might have to do a whole month.

Bassackwards in Britain

28 05 2013


Uh, Theresa?

The London Butcher didn’t do what he did because he read a website.  He did what he did because he had a sharp object and a Koran.

And some fool Britons were dumb enough to let Nigerians immigrate into the country so many years ago.

The junior partners in the Odd Couple Government, the Learning Disableds, are upset.  But believe me, deportation and exfiltration is not an option they would give Britain.

When Minutes Count, The Police Are Only Seconds Away

25 05 2013

Kent, England

Meanwhile, it took them 20 minutes to arrive at the beheading scene.

RIP Aaron Dugmore

25 02 2013

Birmingham, England


In your nine years of life, you had no real friends or advocates.

Your government found fit to let your tormenters immigrate into your own country.  Your parents see fit to diminish your own bullying-suicide by playing the “but we’re not racist” card.

Dumb and Dumber

28 01 2013


A lot of Tories aren’t happy with David Cameron’s “leadership.”  I’m not happy with it.  He’s as useful as a tit on a bull.

Someone decided to take matters into his own hands.



That’s who.


I’ll stick with BNP.

Mother Country

19 12 2012


Convenient truth, Piers:  The American Second Amendment has its roots in the British Charter of Freedoms of 1689.

Misandry, Or Accuracy?

26 11 2012

United Kingdom

I tend to think a lot of the “boy” or “man” or “male” crisis is basically code for black boys or men.  Therefore, I think the low grades that “boys” tend to get, they get them because they deserve them.

Acting White

19 11 2012



Young Students Hiding Academic Talent To Avoid Bullying

“The recent anti-bullying survey conducted by ABA brings up some interesting findings. According to it, more than 90% of the 1,000 11-16 year-olds surveyed said they had been bullied or seen someone bullied for being too intelligent or talented. Almost half of children and young people (49.5%) have played down a talent for fear of being bullied, rising to 53% among girls. One in 10 (12%) said they had played down their ability in science and almost one in five girls (18.8%) and more than one in 10 boys (11.4%) are deliberately underachieving in maths – to evade bullying. Worryingly, this means our children and young people are shying away from academic achievement for fear of victimization.”

Why would anyone bully anyone else for being too smart?

Answer:  It’s this crabs-in-a-bucket “you’re acting white” mentality among young blacks.

If race is not the answer, or not the whole answer, it’s because “smart” in terms of a young man is seen as a euphemism for gay.


5 11 2012

Glasgow, Scotland

Daily Mail:

Police swoop on landlord for organising an ‘ugliest woman’ competition (when it was actually meant for men anyway!)

A pub holding a competition to find the ‘Ugliest Woman’ got a visit from the police after someone reported them for sexism.

An unknown complainant demanded the competition be cancelled and wanted the owners of Islay Inn prosecuted.

However, when police arrived at the Glasgow venue they gave manager George Hogg the go ahead after discovering it was, in fact, a competition for men dressed as women.

Add it all up.  When it seemed that this was an ugliest woman competition dealing with women, the Feminist Thought Police had permission to run jackboot over the event.  But when they got there and found out that it was a transgender/transsexual event, then they had to back off, because it would have been transphobia to knock the joint back.

I guess TS/TG > Feminist Women (Lesbian) on the totem pole of the left.

May I present a third option?


I’m Offended, Too

17 09 2012

Hertfordshire, England

Daily Mail:

Truancy officer told black pupil, 11, to work harder ‘because he would struggle in life for not being WHITE’

The mother of an 11-year-old boy has received an apology after a school official told her son he would have to ‘work harder in life’ – because he is black.

Rosamaria Failla, 34, discovered that a truancy officer had told her child Sonny that he would struggle in life because he is not a ‘white British boy’.

Yeah, someone has a right to be offended.  But it’s not these people.

Where does anyone get off thinking that all white Britons are privileged, are to the manor born, and will live a life of luxury without having to do any real work or engage in any real struggles?  On the other side of the coin, incumbent to this ignorant statement on the part of this truancy cop is this equally fallacious notion that black people have to work so much harder and be so much smarter and have so many more qualifications than a white person in order to have a rough equality of opportunity as the white person.  The last time I had to use light rail in St. Louis, which has been quite a few years, I was sitting behind some middle aged black man who rambled on that “da black man gotz to have six degrees in order to get hisself a job that the white man with only one can get.”  They like to whine to themselves and each other about how hard they have to work to get ahead even an inch, but the reality is that said whining is the hardest work they ever do.

The reality, both in England and here, is that, ceteris paribus, blacks are more privileged and have easier rows to hoe than whites.

We Talk Too Much

13 09 2012

Aberdeen, Scotland


Stereotypes ‘evolve like language’, say researchers

Stereotypes evolve in a similar way to language, according to research presented at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen.

These generalised perceptions of groups of individuals are an unintentional consequence of information sharing, the scientists claim.

And far from being fixed, they evolve and strengthen as they pass from person to person.

The work was carried out by a team at the University of Aberdeen.

That’s it.  The big hurdle between us and our egalitarian utopia is the fact that people communicate with each other.

Therefore, the next great civil rights struggle will be to make white people talking to each other a hate crime.

Uhhh…errr…we’re already there.

This Addeth Up Not

13 09 2012



British schools put cameras in bathrooms, lockers

At the King Ecgbert School in Sheffield, teens who go to the loo are never really alone – video cameras are inside all 12 bathrooms.

Citing findings gathered via freedom-of-information requests, privacy activists Wednesday identified King Ecgbert as one of more than 200 high schools across Britain that have installed surveillance cameras in bathrooms or locker rooms.

The group behind the report, Big Brother Watch, said a powerful watchdog is needed to ensure that students’ privacy is protected.

The report “will come as a shock to many parents,” said director Nick Pickles. “Schools need to come clean about why they are using these cameras and what is happening to the footage.”

Lesley Bowes, King Ecgbert’s principal, argued that the cameras help keep her students safe.

“It’s a way of safeguarding our children,” Bowes said. She described her school’s cameras – whose footage is reviewed only if there is suspicion of wrongdoing – as useful anti-bullying tools. And she rejected any suggestion that the recording captures the students’ most intimate activities, saying the cameras monitor just the doors.


“The cameras for the toilets are strategically placed in the doorways and directed toward the washbasins to identify any students if there are any reported incidents in these areas,” said M. L. Litton, principal of the Wildern School in southern England, which has one camera in each of its 12 bathrooms.

The purpose of these cameras is to protect students from “bullying,” (here we go again, using “bullying” as an excuse to eviscerate civil liberties), yet they’re only placed near doors, or so they want us to think.  It’s as if they want us to think that the only bullying that takes place in locker rooms happens near a door.  In reality, it happens in places where they don’t want us to think there are cameras, but there probably are.


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