“The Situation in Ukrania”

3 07 2012

Kiev, Ukraine

That was one of Bush 43’s malapropisms, reacting to the Orange Revolution of 2004-5.


Euro 2012 fans take aim at Kiev shooting range

ours to Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident, are popular with tourists visiting the Ukraine, but an even bigger attraction, particularly with football fans and gun enthusiasts, are the city’s shooting ranges.

Since the collapse of communism in Europe some 20 years ago, shooting ranges where tourists can fire automatic and semi-automatic weapons have sprung up on the outskirts of Kiev and in eastern European countries.

Everyone from businessmen to members of bachelor parties turn up to fire a few rounds from weapons most Europeans only ever see in the movies.

“There are shooting ranges in France but nothing like this. And certainly not an AK-47,” said Phillippe, a security consultant from Paris, who preferred not to give his surname.

Each member of the group of French tourists at the Falcon Sport Shooting club near Kiev had a chance to fire an AK-47 in automatic and semi-automatic modes, before switching to the Soviet-made Dragunov rifle.

“Previously our business was mostly British groups,” said Vika Dobrovolska, operations manager at Kiev Tours, which arranged the shooting practice session.

“But during Euro 2012 (Football Championship) we’ve had hundreds of Swedes out here, French, Italians, often several groups a day. I would say it’s our most popular activity by far,” she said.

Dobrovolska said shooting is a very “manly activity,” and that most of the visiting football fans are men.

“I would say 99.999 percent are men – and the other 0.001 percent is made up of me and my colleague Sasha,” she added.

The Swedes and the French are finally rediscovering their manhood.  It’s about time.

Now, in the case of France, it’s time to put that manhood to good use and make Marine Le Pen your next President.

I am told that gun ranges in Nevada and Arizona are similarly full of non-Americans who are looking to “feel the power.”

Shari’ah For Belgium (Next Up: America)

19 06 2012

CBN Video.

Remember, as you watch this, remember that Barack Obama, Elena Kagan, the ADL and the New York Times all want this to happen here.

Because It’s So Unusual For the Media to Affect Public Policy

12 06 2012


UK’s John Major: Murdoch tried to change policy

LONDON (AP) — Former British Prime Minister John Major says Rupert Murdoch tried to influence his government’s dealings with the European Union.

Major — who was the Conservative Party premier from 1990 to 1997 — says Murdoch had made his views clear at a private dinner.

Major told Britain’s media ethics inquiry Tuesday that Murdoch emphasized he was unhappy with the government’s European policies and made it clear his media outlets would not support Major unless he changed direction.

The inquiry was set up after it emerged that reporters at Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid hacked into the voicemails of people in the news.

Both Murdoch’s News of the World and The Sun backed Tony Blair’s Labour party in the 1997 general election, which ended Major’s rule.

Murdoch’s leftist detractors in America don’t realize that his British papers are generally left wing.  This whole debate was between Murdoch’s Europhilia and Major’s paradigm of a very weak European central structure.  IOW, Murdoch was Abraham Lincoln and Major was Jefferson Davis.

That’s the Point

9 05 2012

Daily Mail:

Cameron warns the euro can’t work without a single government as fears grow Greece could crash out


Making sense of the euro for me would mean that those eurozone countries would have to have much more co-ordinated economic policy, much more co-ordinated debt policy.

‘There’s nowhere in the world that has a single currency without having more of a single government.’

You don’t say, slappy.  I guess your Eton and Oxford educations were good for something after all!

In related news, there’s no sidewalk in the world that has been rained on without getting wet.

Gadzooks, CaMORON Does the Right Thing

12 12 2011

Wherefore, David?  It’s a whole three and a half years before the next election, so you’re not acutely worried about losing your job.

Maybe he looked inside and remembered that he’s English, not European.

Yeah, Bring It All Down, Man.

11 12 2011

Let this be a lesson to all of you who are emotionally invested in “just letting it all collapse so things can come back better than ever.”

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men already had the obituary of both the Euro and the European Union written in stone.  Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral parlor — Governments grow bigger and stronger in times of crisis.


European Union is emerging stronger for financial crisis

BRUSSELS • Europe’s worst financial crisis in generations is forging a new European Union, pushing Britain to the sidelines and producing a more integrated, disciplined core of nations under the auspices of a resurgent Germany.

Exactly 20 years to the day after European leaders signed the treaty that led to the establishment of the European Union and the euro currency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel persuaded every current member of the union except Britain to endorse a new agreement calling for tighter regional oversight of government spending. The accord, approved at a summit meeting in Brussels early Friday, would allow the European Court of Justice to strike down a member’s laws if they violate fiscal discipline.

“It’s interesting to note that 20 years later, we have realized — we have succeeded — in creating a more stable foundation for that economic and monetary union,” Merkel said, adding, “and in so doing we’ve advanced political union and have attended to weaknesses that were included in the system.”

Which is why I always say, worse is never better.  Better is better, and worse is worse.  Now that the pizza jockey is out, I will surely vote for whoever comes out of this Republican nomination process over Obama, and hoping that s/he wins.  I’m sure as hell not going to vote for Obama or cheer for his victory out of some Mansonite/Pierceite millenarian sadistic desire to make things worse so they can somehow “become better.”  For worse will always lead to worse.  But don’t worry — I’ll be voting for the given Republican with eyes wide open about their foibles; every one remaining has drawbacks and baggage.

Makes You Wonder

3 08 2009

A Turkish cracker has defaced at least 147 Dutch websites with various radical Islamic messages and with simian portrayals of Dutch politican Geert Wilders, though Wilders’s party’s website was not affected.  It makes you wonder — is Turkey really the bastion of secular moderation that we keep hearing that they are?  If the American foreign policy establishment had its way, people like this cracker would have the ability to go anywhere in Europe that he wants.  Pleasant thought, isn’t it?


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