“The Situation in Ukrania”

3 07 2012

Kiev, Ukraine

That was one of Bush 43′s malapropisms, reacting to the Orange Revolution of 2004-5.


Euro 2012 fans take aim at Kiev shooting range

ours to Chernobyl, scene of the world’s worst nuclear accident, are popular with tourists visiting the Ukraine, but an even bigger attraction, particularly with football fans and gun enthusiasts, are the city’s shooting ranges.

Since the collapse of communism in Europe some 20 years ago, shooting ranges where tourists can fire automatic and semi-automatic weapons have sprung up on the outskirts of Kiev and in eastern European countries.

Everyone from businessmen to members of bachelor parties turn up to fire a few rounds from weapons most Europeans only ever see in the movies.

“There are shooting ranges in France but nothing like this. And certainly not an AK-47,” said Phillippe, a security consultant from Paris, who preferred not to give his surname.

Each member of the group of French tourists at the Falcon Sport Shooting club near Kiev had a chance to fire an AK-47 in automatic and semi-automatic modes, before switching to the Soviet-made Dragunov rifle.

“Previously our business was mostly British groups,” said Vika Dobrovolska, operations manager at Kiev Tours, which arranged the shooting practice session.

“But during Euro 2012 (Football Championship) we’ve had hundreds of Swedes out here, French, Italians, often several groups a day. I would say it’s our most popular activity by far,” she said.

Dobrovolska said shooting is a very “manly activity,” and that most of the visiting football fans are men.

“I would say 99.999 percent are men – and the other 0.001 percent is made up of me and my colleague Sasha,” she added.

The Swedes and the French are finally rediscovering their manhood.  It’s about time.

Now, in the case of France, it’s time to put that manhood to good use and make Marine Le Pen your next President.

I am told that gun ranges in Nevada and Arizona are similarly full of non-Americans who are looking to “feel the power.”

Shari’ah For Belgium (Next Up: America)

19 06 2012

CBN Video.

Remember, as you watch this, remember that Barack Obama, Elena Kagan, the ADL and the New York Times all want this to happen here.

Because It’s So Unusual For the Media to Affect Public Policy

12 06 2012


UK’s John Major: Murdoch tried to change policy

LONDON (AP) — Former British Prime Minister John Major says Rupert Murdoch tried to influence his government’s dealings with the European Union.

Major — who was the Conservative Party premier from 1990 to 1997 — says Murdoch had made his views clear at a private dinner.

Major told Britain’s media ethics inquiry Tuesday that Murdoch emphasized he was unhappy with the government’s European policies and made it clear his media outlets would not support Major unless he changed direction.

The inquiry was set up after it emerged that reporters at Murdoch’s News of the World tabloid hacked into the voicemails of people in the news.

Both Murdoch’s News of the World and The Sun backed Tony Blair’s Labour party in the 1997 general election, which ended Major’s rule.

Murdoch’s leftist detractors in America don’t realize that his British papers are generally left wing.  This whole debate was between Murdoch’s Europhilia and Major’s paradigm of a very weak European central structure.  IOW, Murdoch was Abraham Lincoln and Major was Jefferson Davis.

That’s the Point

9 05 2012

Daily Mail:

Cameron warns the euro can’t work without a single government as fears grow Greece could crash out


Making sense of the euro for me would mean that those eurozone countries would have to have much more co-ordinated economic policy, much more co-ordinated debt policy.

‘There’s nowhere in the world that has a single currency without having more of a single government.’

You don’t say, slappy.  I guess your Eton and Oxford educations were good for something after all!

In related news, there’s no sidewalk in the world that has been rained on without getting wet.

Gadzooks, CaMORON Does the Right Thing

12 12 2011

Wherefore, David?  It’s a whole three and a half years before the next election, so you’re not acutely worried about losing your job.

Maybe he looked inside and remembered that he’s English, not European.

Yeah, Bring It All Down, Man.

11 12 2011

Let this be a lesson to all of you who are emotionally invested in “just letting it all collapse so things can come back better than ever.”

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men already had the obituary of both the Euro and the European Union written in stone.  Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the funeral parlor — Governments grow bigger and stronger in times of crisis.


European Union is emerging stronger for financial crisis

BRUSSELS • Europe’s worst financial crisis in generations is forging a new European Union, pushing Britain to the sidelines and producing a more integrated, disciplined core of nations under the auspices of a resurgent Germany.

Exactly 20 years to the day after European leaders signed the treaty that led to the establishment of the European Union and the euro currency, German Chancellor Angela Merkel persuaded every current member of the union except Britain to endorse a new agreement calling for tighter regional oversight of government spending. The accord, approved at a summit meeting in Brussels early Friday, would allow the European Court of Justice to strike down a member’s laws if they violate fiscal discipline.

“It’s interesting to note that 20 years later, we have realized — we have succeeded — in creating a more stable foundation for that economic and monetary union,” Merkel said, adding, “and in so doing we’ve advanced political union and have attended to weaknesses that were included in the system.”

Which is why I always say, worse is never better.  Better is better, and worse is worse.  Now that the pizza jockey is out, I will surely vote for whoever comes out of this Republican nomination process over Obama, and hoping that s/he wins.  I’m sure as hell not going to vote for Obama or cheer for his victory out of some Mansonite/Pierceite millenarian sadistic desire to make things worse so they can somehow “become better.”  For worse will always lead to worse.  But don’t worry — I’ll be voting for the given Republican with eyes wide open about their foibles; every one remaining has drawbacks and baggage.

Makes You Wonder

3 08 2009

A Turkish cracker has defaced at least 147 Dutch websites with various radical Islamic messages and with simian portrayals of Dutch politican Geert Wilders, though Wilders’s party’s website was not affected.  It makes you wonder — is Turkey really the bastion of secular moderation that we keep hearing that they are?  If the American foreign policy establishment had its way, people like this cracker would have the ability to go anywhere in Europe that he wants.  Pleasant thought, isn’t it?

This Is What Happens When You Tell People That They Matter

4 06 2009


Geert Wilders’s Freedom Party (Partij Voor de Vrijheid, PVV) finished in second place, with 15% of the vote, in today’s European Parliament elections in The Netherlands.  They finished behind only the Christian Democrats, the country’s lamestream conservative party, which took 20%.  The Freedom Party’s 15% will get them four out of 25 Dutch seats in the EP.

The UK also voted today, and the outstanding showing for the PVV foretells of good news for the BNP.  Stay tuned.

Unlike elections for seats in the British Parliament, where the first place finisher gets the seat even if it’s not by a majority vote, “winner take all” in American parlance or “first past the post” in British, thereby deterring votes for parties other than Labor and Tory, the MEP elections are condusive to non-lamestream parties, so nobody has to fear about throwing away their vote.

UPDATE 6/5: The BNP has done well in the UK’s local elections, and have in fact won three county council seats so far, that position is indeed similar to the American elected office of the same name.  It won’t be until tomorrow how well the BNP did in the MEP vote.

UPDATE 6/8: BNP takes two MEP seats, one of which goes to party leader Nick Griffin himself.  These victories will mean that Griffin, Andrew Brons, who won the other BNP seat, and the BNP itself will receive £4 million ($6.3 million at today’s exchange rates) of EP salaries, expense accounts, and public financing for the BNP in aggregate per year over the next several years.

Right wing parties did well in other countries, many taking MEP seats.  Heck, Sweden’s Pirate Party (anti-copywrong extremism) got a seat.  Overall, lamestream conservative parties gained, lamestream liberal parties lost.

When it wasn’t throwing smears and pejoratives at the BNP as if it had become the Daily Worker all of a sudden, the Daily Mail, good Tory Party shills that they are, dismissed BNP wins as a “protest vote” against Labor and Gordon Brown.  This is a common canard trucked out by the lamestream media and body politic every time a right winger wins.  This was their reaction when Pat Buchanan either won or showed strong seconds in Republican primaries when he ran for President as a Republican in 1992 and 1996.  The trouble is, almost every British party save Labor gained votes.  Why aren’t those protest votes against Labor and its PM?  Hell, the GREEN PARTY doubled its MEP take compared to four years ago, and that’s not a protest vote?  Actually, that is, I guess that its gain could be explained by white left-wing voters who figured the Labor party as hopeless in these elections.  Even the UKIP, an aracial Euroskeptic party, finished ahead of Labor.  As it is, I think the British media pumped up the UKIP to preempt the BNP.  If not for that, the BNP might have won a lot more seats.  But the scheme didn’t preclude them from winning seats, thankfully.

Geert Wilders’s PVV wound up with 17% of the vote.

UPDATE 6/8: At least in the context of this vote, the BNP drew most of its blood from Labor.  If this is to be taken at face value, the Daily Mail can knock off its BNP playa’ hatin’, for whenever Gordon Brown finally accepts reality and calls for the elections which will see him lose his ass, one vote for the BNP will be one fewer vote for Labor, and in essence one vote for the Tories.  But I don’t take this at face value, because the political calculus might work for elections like the MEPs that are conducive to smaller parties but won’t work for the upcoming PM/MP elections where winner takes all, and therefore discourages non-large parties.  With LibLabCon flipping the BNP the bird in the last 24 hours with rude and hateful remarks, I get the feeling that a good percentage of BNP loyalist voters won’t vote, and those who might have fallen in line with either Labor or David Cameron will also tend to stay home.  The only exception is if there is a constituency where the BNP has a chance to be first past the post.

UPDATE 6/13: AR has had several posts about the BNP successes in the last week, and I have read some comments that reminded me of something that I totally forgot, and which might not portend well for the BNP growing much beyond what it is now.  What I’m about to say is going to seem alien to the American mind, but is the key to understanding the whole thing.

British societies, and by that, I mean the UK itself sans Northern Ireland, and also Australia, (not counting their racial minorities), are fanatically class-conscious.  There are extremely tight Berlin Wall type boundaries of persona, behavior, personality, attitudes, sociology and swagger between the various economic classes of British life.  Class mobility is extremely difficult; even if a working or middle class household wins the lottery, they rarely if ever move to the rich part of town, mainly because of the social ostracism they will face in their new neighborhoods; their staying where they are means they will remain in familiar and friendly class territory.  A rich person who loses their shirt would rather commit suicide or slum uptown than move to the middle or working class areas.

The BNP has typecast itself in the working class, and therefore, its glass ceiling is the numerical limits of the working class.  The UKIP came in second place, mainly because it was favored by middle class conservatives who want something more than Tory squeamishness.  Even if the establishment had not pumped up the UKIP to co-opt the BNP, the BNP would have still gotten just about the same number of votes that it did.  Without the UKIP,  those that voted for it probably would have settled for Tory, or stayed home.

The vitriol and hate directed toward the BNP from all the major political parties, Tory, Labor and LibDem, is just as much, if not more so, class contempt and jealousy and bigotry towards the white working class from the middle class and upper class, as it is political disagreement.

The only way out for the BNP is if it makes some sort of deal and patches things up with the UKIP, a joint party would be able to appeal to the voter-rich British middle class.  But I don’t think that can happen, mainly because of the contempt that the middle class and working class have toward each other.  Asking the Brits to overcome their classism would be like canceling a whole soccer season, but if they don’t, England is done for.

Want Arrogance? The Ground On Which You Walk Is a Mirror.

5 04 2009

President Obama was speaking this weekend in Strasbourg, France, essentially apologizing to Europe for American foreign policy arrogance.

I suppose I’m only one of about five people outside of Strasbourg and the Alsace region of France that sees the irony of that.  You see, the Alsace is historically a Germanic area, hence a city with a German name like Strasbourg.  It was part of the non-Holy non-Roman non-Empire, and several other loose confedrations of Germanic peoples that followed.  When Otto von Bismarck converted the Germanies into a modern state, Alsace was part of it.

However, in the 20th Century, it was expropriated from Germany and given to France on two occasions, due in no small part to the United States of America and its military.  The first time was after WWI, the American military swinging the balance to the Allies, and loss of territory was one of many prices the Germans paid for losing that war.  Hitler took it back during WWII, but then they lost the War, and in the process of overrunning Germany through the western front, the Allies gave the Alsace back to France almost a year before V-E Day.  Fortunately for Strasbourg, its being in Allied hands meant that it wasn’t bombed and firebomed into ruins like most German cities, the irony being that its being taken away from Germany means that it’s the only Germanic city left with really old architecture dating back to the Middle Ages.

Just by default of its Germanic population, the Alsace should be part of Germany, and should have been all along.  But American foreign policy and military arrogance, the very type that President Obama denounced in the Alsace, means that it’s not.


And Obama still can’t lose the arrogance for which he supposedly apologized.  He’s going to continue the Clinton/Bush 43 push to admit Turkey to the EU, which is opposed mightily by most white Europeans and their leaders.  If Turkey is admitted to the EU, it would mean that Turkish citizens can live legally in any EU country, thereby making Europe instantly more non-white.  We’re doing this because Turkey is a supposed moderate secular Islamic state, and they’re the only Muslimish country with men on the ground in Afghanistan to defeat the Taliban.  If they’re our friends, then why are we forcing Europe to take them in.  Why not make Turkey the 51st State?  (Sorry for giving them ideas.)  All of this is over that Crapistan, and Europe is trying to send our arrogant skulls a message that nobody but nobody, not the British and not the Russians has ever successfully occupied Afghanistan after easily toppling their laughable government, and that Afghanistan isn’t worth it to that extent.

United Caliphate

11 02 2009


Not allowed into England, because he’s a “threat to public order.”

I can see why — he might use England as a base from which he’ll plan terrorist attacks upon New York City and Washington, and the London Subway System.

These Are a Few of their Favorite Trains

11 11 2008


French police arrest anarchists for train sabotage

PARIS (AFP) – French police raided alleged anarchist cells in three cities on Tuesday and arrested at least 10 suspects following a series of sabotage attacks on the country’s high-speed rail network.

Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie said police intelligence officers had been investigating an “ultra-left anarchist movement” for several months and had acted following the weekend’s disruption of train services.

“We found that this ultra-left movement has links in five European countries and in other non-European countries,” she said, alleging that the French gang has contacts in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Greece.


A source close to the investigation told AFP anti-terrorist officers were examining “possible links between the suspects and the German hard-left, which has claimed responsibility for actions agains trains carrying nuclear waste”.

The anarchists’ brethren on the more “mainstream” left tout these trains as the solution to almost everything.  And environmentalists of all sorts want us to adopt sources of energy production that do not involve fossil fuels.  Yet, when some of the byproduct of the latter is transported by the former, the extreme left throws a fit.

One more thing — the far left in Europe is far more virulent and dangerous than the “far right,” yet the French and German authorities won’t enforce the law upon these anarchists to the degree that they would if they were right-wingers doing the same thing.  Or, to put it another way, all some “far right winger” has to do is to utter a politically incorrect opinion about protected classes and minorities, and he or she will be in as much legal trouble as the far-left is for sabotaging trains.

Those Darned “Youths”

8 12 2007

International Herald Tribune:

5 French teens sentenced to prison for firebombing bus

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France: Five teenagers were convicted and sentenced to up to nine years in prison Friday for firebombing a bus in Marseille in an attack that nearly killed a passenger.

In the October 2006 attack, a group of teens poured gasoline around the bus and set in on fire while passengers were still inside. It was the most violent of several bus burnings around the anniversary of riots that had raged through poor neighborhoods nationwide in 2005.

The court for minors in Aix-en-Provence in southern France sentenced the youth who started the fire to nine years in prison and the two who poured the gasoline to seven years.

One teen was handed four years in prison plus one year suspended, while another was given a three-year sentence plus two years suspended. A sixth teen on trial was acquitted.

Prosecutors had requested sentences of between five and 15 years in prison for the six defendants. All were minors at the time of the attack, though two are now 18.

Translate that to here, and these “youths” would have gotten more than the longest prison term that the prosecutors requested.  Perhaps it should have occurred to the prosecutors to ask for terms longer than 15 years.  Then again, the two that started the fire got nine years, while those who poured the gasoline only got seven — as if pouring the gasoline is that much more innocuous.

You Knew They Would Find a Way to Blame It on White People

1 12 2007


Amsterdam to Study Gay Bashers

With the number of homophobic attacks rising in the Dutch metropolis, Amsterdam officials are commissioning a study to determine why Moroccan men are targeting the city’s gays.


This month, Mayor Job Cohen commissioned the University of Amsterdam to conduct a study on the motives behind the hate crimes. Half of the crimes were committed by men of Moroccan origin and researchers believe they felt stigmatized by society and responded by attacking people they felt were lower on the social ladder. Another working theory is that the attackers may be struggling with their own sexual identity.

So, because it’s white people’s fault for somehow “placing” Moroccans toward the bottom, they feel they have to lash out against those who they think are even lower.  But this is circular logic, because it inevitably leads to this question — Why do Moroccans think of homosexuals as “lower” than themselves?

As far as the latter theory, I have heard from credible sources that homosexuality is more common in the Arab-Muslim world than the outward appearance of their religious fundamentalism would suggest.

I Wouldn’t Appeal, Either

24 10 2007

Why should Microsoft appeal its punishment for European Union anti-trust violations?  I wouldn’t appeal them, either, if the punishment was a slap on the hand, a one-time fine that amounted to 2.5% of my yearly income, and a drop in my stock price of one penny per share.

I Don’t Believe Murder is a “European Value”

27 09 2007

CNS News:

Italy’s leader urged United Nations member states to back a resolution declaring a moratorium on the death penalty, saying the worldwide campaign had reached a “decisive moment.”

Prime Minister Romano Prodi told the General Assembly in New York City Tuesday evening that the resolution “will prove that human beings today are better than they were yesterday also in moral terms.”

The resolution Italy is promoting with the European Union’s support calls for a universal moratorium on the death penalty, ahead of eventual total abolition.

‘European values’

European institutions are at the forefront of the international campaign to outlaw capital punishment, and the 47-nation Council of Europe (CoE) says one of its top priorities is “to make abolition a universally accepted value.”

Prediction:  In ten years, such stories about Europe and the death penalty will read in the context of returning to it.

“Chimps as Humans” Update

27 09 2007

An Austrian judge has rejected a plea on the part of a Vienna-based international animal rights group to have a 26-year old male chimpanzee declared human.

Germany Is More Our Friend Than Even We Know

5 09 2007

One of the recurring themes on this blog is that Germany, their people and their government are not as anti-American as some sources in our own country would like us to think. The Germans keep doing us favors, even when the precepts of common decency and human nature would dictate that they shouldn’t even give us the time of day.

Here’s another example to prove my point — if there is any one element of the United States of America that the Germans abhor the most, it’s the continuing unnecessary military occupation of their country, unnecessary because the Soviet Empire collapsed long ago, and because Germany is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, they can take care of their own national defense, and the continuing American military presence there is nothing more than decades-old retribution for what their once-upon-a-time dictator with a mustache wrought.  Also, don’t forget that wherever the Yankee military is, the Yankee Government’s favorite racial minorities, and all their criminal propensities, are.  Therefore, one would think that the Germans would do everything they can to chase Yankee out of their country. And if German authorities discover that AQ-types in their midsts (who are only in Germany because of the American pressure on German immigration policy, ironically) are plotting to blow up American military bases, then one should also conclude that the authorities would stand down, let Yankee get hurt, and let the process repeat itself until Yankee gives up and scrambs.

Yet, despite all that, the German federal government has just foiled several plots on the part of radical Islamists to blow up American military installations in the country.

Europe’s Youth Have a View of American Culture That Is FUBAR

13 08 2007

War on terror bad, Quentin Tarantino good. Even though the latter is the impresario behind many grossly violent movies.

Gun culture bad, Quentin Tarantino good. The Columbine killers stated that the latter was one of their two final choices on whom they would have liked to have seen made the movie of their lives and crimes.

Gun culture bad, gangsta rap good. ‘Nuff said.

Evangelical Christians bad, radical Islam rationalized. Again, ‘Nuff said.

Microsoft bad, Apple good. Even though Steve Jobs is even more abusive to his patrons and customers than Bill Gates. Imagine the screaming that would ensue if Microsoft would lock down Windows such that it would only work with Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware.

American military power bad, American hip-hop scene good. Turf wars, not real wars, por favor.

The white elephant in the living room when it comes to European “youth” is that a high percentage of Europeans under 30, especially France, which was mentioned prominently in this story, are non-white.

This Might Be Fiddy’s Future

5 08 2007

Guadeloupean-French rapper Doc Gyneco had stones and rocks thrown at him during a concert in Geneva, Switzerland. The reason was that Gyneco, unlike most of his rap and hip-hop colleagues in France, supports President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story is that there is enough of a fan base for rap music in Switzerland that there can be a concert.

If things get bad for Gyneco, he could always take refuge at 50 Cent’s house. Then again, since Fiddy supports President Bush, and defended him against Kanye West’s verbal barbs in 2005, it might be that Fiddy will have to hide out at Gyneco’s maison.

It Sells

3 07 2007

European Union starts a YouTube channel to attract attention to lefty PC gibberish like “global warming” and “human rights” (i.e. for non-whites only), and their most frequently viewed video is of people doing it. This means that people are really concerned about human warming.

Why Germany Will Survive

3 07 2007

The German government makes it difficult and time-consuming for a German citizen to marry a non-citizen, so much so, that many German-to-non-German marriages are taking place in Denmark, where the marriage laws are looser.

Ostensibly, the policy was put in place to preclude sham marriages for immigration purposes. But I think an ulterior motive, which the German government would dare not admit to, thanks to the fact that the USA still occupies Germany, is that they want to keep Germany for Germans.

When you combine this, with the fact that the German government is very reluctant to grant citizenship to non-German populations, including Turks, and that they are wielding all their might to keep Turkey from being admitted to the EU, you can only conclude, like I have in the past, that extrapolating demographics out over the next century, theirs, ours, the UK, France, Australia, and other white countries, Germany will stay the whitest the longest, and will be the last hope for Western Civilization a century from now.

The Judiciary Isn’t Any Better in Sweden

26 06 2007


STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Convicted sex offenders in Sweden are free to read pornography in their cells following a court ruling that has angered the prison service.

The Supreme Administrative Court in Stockholm last week ruled that the Swedish Prison and Probation Service had no right to deny a rape convict access to his porn magazines.

Prison officials had argued that reading porn would interfere with the man’s rehabilitation program. They also said the magazines posed a security problem for staff and other inmates because they could increase the risk of the man relapsing into criminal behavior.

But the court, whose ruling cannot be appealed, said the prison service failed to prove that the magazines could “jeopardize the security of the institution.”

Even without knowing anything about that infamous Scandinavian liberalism, this edict from a country whose geographical shape looks like a male organ isn’t that surprising.

Letting imprisoned sex offenders look at porn is like letting imprisoned armed robbers read gun magazines. I wonder if the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court would countenance that idea.

Roman Bath

25 06 2007

22-year old Ugly American must still think the Roman Empire rules the city of Rome.  He must not realize the national regime that runs Rome these days has much higher standards when it comes to personal deportment.

The World’s Oldest Profession is a Three-Way Street

23 06 2007


An Italian town’s mayor hopes to shame men into not using prostitutes by photographing cars that pick them up and publishing the details in local newspapers.

Cesare De Martin, mayor of the northern town of San Fior near Venice, said on Friday he planned to give local police digital cameras and instruct them to photograph any cars seen stopping to liaise with prostitutes on the side of the street.


Clients of prostitutes are not punished in many countries, including Italy. Italian law effectively turns a blind eye to prostitution, punishing only “exploiters of prostitution,” meaning pimps.

But without johns and whores, there can be no pimps.

How Does That Axiom Go? Don’t Cut Your Nose to Spite Your Face.

18 06 2007

A 16-year old student from Berlin, Germany, in fear of having to repeat a year of school because of failing grades, will now have a rap sheet. If only he were an American, he would have never had to worry about repeating a level.

Betting on the Wrong Pony

12 06 2007

Washington Times:

Last year more than 155,000 Germans emigrated from their native country. Since 2004 the number of ethnic Germans who leave each year is greater than the number of immigrants moving in. While the emigrants are highly motivated and well educated, “those coming in are mostly poor, untrained and hardly educated,” says Stephanie Wahl of the German Institute for Economics.

In a survey conducted in 2005 among German university students, 52 percent said they would rather leave their native country than remain there. By “voting with their feet,” young, educated Germans affirm that Germany has no future to offer them and their children. As one couple who moved to the United States told the newspaper Die Welt: “Here our children have a future in which they will not have to fear unemployment and social decline.” There are two main reasons why so-called “ethno-Germans” emigrate. Some complain that the tax rates in Germany are so high that it is no longer worthwhile working for a living there. Others indicate they no longer feel at home in a country whose cultural appearance is changing dramatically.

The situation is similar in other countries in Western Europe. Since 2003, emigration has exceeded immigration to the Netherlands. In 2006, the Dutch saw more than 130,000 compatriots leave. The rise in Dutch emigration peaked after the assassinations of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh. This indicates that the flight from Europe is related to a loss of confidence in the future of nations which have taken in the Trojan horse of Islamism, but which, unlike the Trojans, lack the guts to fight. [Emphasis Added]

So, they’re fleeing Europe and coming here to avoid racial diversity. They’re all in for a rude awakening. Especially the Germans, because extrapolating the current socio-political situation out decades and perhaps a few centuries into the future, Germany will probably be the last hope for white civilization. As it is, even under the pressure of the continued American military occupation of the country, Germany is the least enthusiastic for racial diversity, and when America becomes a third-world Latin-American country, and can no longer afford its empire, and the American military leaves Germany, it will be free again to deport non-citizen non-whites.

So Far So Good

10 06 2007

The first weeks of the Presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy are evidently such a success that French voters seem to giving his party a parliamentary majority in this weekend’s elections.

So far, he has followed through on his immigration promises, and he continues to be a steady voice in opposing Turkey joining the European Union.

At Least He Was Forthright About Job Hazards

9 06 2007

This Belgian businessman was in a Catch-22.  Either he could have done what he really did, and inform a Nigerian-Belgian who sought employment at his firm that he couldn’t hire him because his dog likes to attack non-whites, and face risk of criminal or civil liability under the Belgian civil rights laws, or he could have taken the egalitarian path, hired him, put him at risk for dog bites, and have the Belgian equivalent to OSHA come down hard.

Why is it that the dogs are more willing to communicate racial messages that human beings seem to want to avoid?

Inequality in the Eyes of the Smoke Police

9 06 2007

More “two legs bad, four legs good” logic from anti-tobacco forces.


AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – A Dutch smoking ban will come into force in July next year for all restaurants and cafes – including coffee shops where cannabis is the top attraction, the government decided on Friday.


Coffee shop owners argue that the ban only applies to tobacco and is unlikely to hit them hard.

Yes, because the ever-so-pleasing stench of weed smoke surely enhances the flavor of coffee.

Keeping the “Celtic Tiger” Feisty

27 05 2007

CSM has this feature about the booming Irish economy facing a slowdown in its rate of growth, mainly due (so it says) to the collapsing U.S. dollar versus the Euro discouraging further American investment in the computer and technology sectors.

However, Ireland and the Irish face another problem, more serious and grave, that are entirely of their own doing, and can be solved by themselves, and are not dependent on exchange rates. The Irish are going to have to repudiate their notorious reputation (and reality) of political liberalism, especially in the areas of race and aborticide. Otherwise, Ireland will go the way of England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands et al., and will lose its economic advantage, and lose the prospect of being a place where the average Irish can expect a rising standard of living, and livable, white cities.

The best way to keep the “Celtic Tiger” feisty is to keep the “Celtic Tiger” Celtic.

For all the talk about a certain Semitic ethnicity and their liberal muscle, the fact of the matter is that the two most politically active ethnicities in the United States are Scandinavians and Irish Catholics, both gentiles, and both generally liberal as hell on race.


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