Sweet and Sour

2 04 2014

Dexter, Michigan


This image, with “shit” and “pissed” blurred out for FCC purposes, should appear in Republican media buys this fall.

It’s just too bad it would accrue to the benefit of a party whose leadership, including the incoming Senate Majority Leader, has no intention to repeal ObamaDontCare.

Millions Sacred

1 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

Anytime TPTB start trotting out “seven million” or “six million” as a sacred unquestionable statistic, start questioning.

Turns out seven million is really 858,000.  That is, 858k people who previously did not have health insurance and signed up for an actual paid insurance policy from the exchanges.  And even that’s not what it seems, because RAND (Corporation, not Ayn or Paul) didn’t break it down further.  How many of those 858,000 were subsidized versus unsubsidized?  What’s the age distribution?  The gender distribution?  How many of those 858,000 are unsubsidized young healthy men?  That’s the key to the whole thing, young healthy men with high enough incomes to be subsidy-ineligible doing the heavy lifting for everyone else, though like I said yesterday, I don’t think there are enough of them even if they did all sign up for altruistic reasons.

Now, about those “six million…”

Nah, I think I’ll leave that alone.  For now.


1 04 2014



Is this your way of telling us that the RINOs have no intention of getting rid of ObamaDontCare?


Free Shit

31 03 2014

San Antonio

One more time.

The financial and economic success of ObamaDontCare is not dependent on getting low income non-white people onto Medicaid or a heavily subsidized private plan.  Even if the political success is.

It depends on young healthy men of at least moderate income buying high premium unsubsidized policies.

Even then, I don’t think that there are enough young healthy men of at least moderate income to do the financial heavy lifting for the whole system.

Did You, Rahm?

28 03 2014


Translation:  I’m a bug, the lights just came on, so it’s time for me to run underneath an appliance.

One of the big reasons ObamaDontCare is the way it is is because of Rahm’s counsel.  He was in thick with the Clintons during the HillaryCare debacle, and when he got a mulligan with Obama, he wanted the approval of the health insurance industry so they wouldn’t run Harry & Louise ads.  That’s why he bought in Karen Ignagni in from the beginning, and she’s the reason why ObamaDontCare has an individual mandate, and that’s why Obama and Co. are going to the mat to defend and maintain it.

Hablamos Español

18 03 2014


“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

13 03 2014


CDC:  Gonorrhea has the lead over antibiotics and is about to run out the clock.

Creating a disparate impact on…

Mailing In 2014

12 03 2014


Obama to Hispanics:  Cut off your cable and sail foams so you can afford ObamaDontCare.

This would almost be like Obama telling the NAACP that he’s going to appoint George Zimmerman to his cabinet.


18 02 2014


A million unique page views on Illinois’s ObamaDontCare Exchange website has resulted in:

*  168,000 new Medicaid recipients, and:

*  88,000 people enrolled with an ObamaDontCare-compliant private health insurance plan.

Of those 88k, the age and gender distribution is not stated.  Which is important because unless a lot of healthy young men aren’t signing up for private plans and paying a disproportionate share of the load, ObamaDontCare will suffer a fiscal death spiral.  You know they all aren’t healthy young men, but even if all 88k are, you have to match that against the 168k new Medicaid recipients.

Also, of those 88k, it’s not stated how many of those needed subsidies in order to afford the premiums, and among those that did, what percentage of those premiums are subsidized.

I’ll Give You a Hint

6 02 2014


Read it, then come back.

Good, you came back.

Here’s all you need to know:

Consider where Dr. Flood works.  Professor at SLU Med, practices across the street at Glennon.

Need another hint:

Think of the demographics of Glennon patients, both outpatient and ER, especially gunshot wound ER.

Of course, SLU’s own ER handles the gunshot wounds of the adult version of that demographic.

When an ER gets a victim of a gunshot wound, it’s required to call the cops.

There are special parking spaces on Vista close to SLU’s ER entrance reserved for law enforcement, because they’re there that often.

Not just regular cops, but also prison paddy wagons bringing in the pimps.

The irony of all this?  Cardinal John Glennon, for whom Glennon was named, wanted no part of racial integration.

Schaeffer’s Number

1 02 2014


I’m going to re-post something I wrote on AR earlier today.  Something which has been bothering me about Schaeffer’s Number and the whole concept, but I haven’t been able to get off the tip of my tongue until today.


$3 trillion for health care expenses divided by 250 billion person-hours worked, both in a year, comes to $12 an hour.

$1 trillion for all K-12 public education, and that’s another $4 an hour.

The problem with Schaeffer’s Number and the economic and policy implications that people draw for it is this: Not all economic value added goes to labor. Not all Federal revenue collection comes from personal income taxes.

It’s mawkish to say and think that if you make $15 an hour, that you’re not even pulling our own weight with regards to education and health care alone. That’s because the economic forces from which you earn your $15 an hour are themselves productive and adding to the economy. And while lots of people are under Schaeffer’s Number, there are lots of people over it, pulling their own weight and the lot of other people’s weight.

While I think the Gross Domestic Product figures are questionable because they count too much intangible snake oil as productivity, (and it gets worse all the time), let’s play along. The $15.68 trillion GDP in 2012 divided by 250 billion person-hours worked makes $62.72 an hour. The real Schaeffer Number economy-wide is $62.72, which means if you make less than that, and almost everyone does, you’re not pulling your own economic weight. That much an hour works to $130,457 a year, which puts whoever earns it at the 96.3 percentile, i.e. the top 3.7% of individual income earners. So the whole economic-philosophical basis behind Shaeffer’s Number, taken to its logical conclusion, is that 96.3% of us are slackers and aren’t pulling our weight, and therefore, in the opinion of some (cough, cough, won’t say Ron Unz, cough cough), the minimum wage should be raised to $62.72 an hour.

Who really believes that?



St. Affirmative Action Elsewhere

27 01 2014

The Bronx

That’s what I presume this hospital is.

But until I hear from the final authority on this matter, that being my biggest fan, it’s all speculation on my part, mainly inferring things from this hospital’s location.

Until then…five, six, seven, eight…

Cue Excuses

8 01 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis


St. Louis again ranks high for two sexually transmitted diseases

The lack of comprehensive sex education in public schools. The Missouri Legislature’s rejection of expanded Medicaid health coverage. Reduced funding for family planning services. And the feeling of invincibility among young people.

These are some of the reasons experts cite for the consistently high rate of sexually transmitted infections in the St. Louis area.

Except they missed the biggest, best and most obvious reason:  Impulsive low IQ blacks who can’t control their libidos.  IOW, TNB.

Each year, local public health advocates dread the release of the sexually transmitted disease report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention because St. Louis city sits at or near the top of the list.

While the number of new cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea actually dropped by about 700 in the St. Louis region in 2012, the city still ranks second-highest among counties and independent cities for the two infections, according to the CDC report released Wednesday. Philadelphia County, Pa., had the country’s highest chlamydia rate and Montgomery County, Ala., had the highest for gonorrhea.

We know how Official St. Louis will react to this — They’ll do what they do when the topic is violent crime.  “Waah, waah, cry, cry, it’s not fair to compare cities that can’t annex to cities that can!

And like they want to do with crime stats for statistical cover, they’ll eventually try to merge St. Louis City’s and St. Louis County’s STD reporting.

Get Back to Me

30 12 2013


I remember doing this story several months ago in this space, but I can’t seem to find it.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway.  Because we know they won’t conclude that even keeping all else equal, that the root cause of racial health disparities is IQ and frontal lobe maturity.

Not So Stupid Human Tricks

2 12 2013

Washington, D.C.

MSNBC has an article about new ObamaDontCare beneficiaries, and the photos provides is of mostly black people.

They’re not trying to tell us something, are they?

Sure they are.  But what they’re trying to tell us is something that we’re not allowed to notice.  Because, noticing things is, like, *-ist, or something like that.

Most of the article is about the doc shock.

Cut Edsall Some Slack

21 11 2013

New York


They’re Desperate Now


Predictably, Edsall goes on to blame opposition to ObamaCare on “a critical mass of white voters” who have not “moved past [their] resistance to programs shifting tax dollars and other resources from the middle class to poorer minorities.” If you don’t want the government to redistribute your wealth to somebody else, you must be racist.

First off, I’m not surprised Tom Edsall is writing this, or that his mind went in that direction, because for a long time, he has basically been the MSM’s emissary (first WaPo and now NYT) to our neck of the political woods.

But then there’s the more fundamental question:  Is he wrong in his analysis?  And if he’s right, why does he think that mode of political behavior is wrong?

White people doing for white people — Where can I sign up?


12 11 2013



She won’t be smiling when he comes out of the closet.

While condoms usually do defend against STDs, (both Susie and Nate probably have at least one apiece already), 404Care doesn’t cover condoms.


Next Shoe

12 11 2013


First it was 404Care.

Then it was “if you like your plan you can keep it” exposed as a deliberate stone cold lie all along.

Then it was “$2,500 savings” blown out of the water.

Now the next shoe:  Navigators telling people to lie to the system in order to get better premiums and rates from the system.

To the extent that Obama et al. can brag about the few people that get better deals from 404Care than what they had before, we now know it was because the navigators told them to lie in their application.

Related:  It depends on what the definition of “enrollment,” is, just like it depended on what the definition of “deportation” was.

Million Monkeys

11 11 2013

San Francisco

They say that if you give a million monkeys a million typewriters and a million years, you’ll get Shakespeare.  Personally, all you need to do is give one Elizabethan-era Englishman fifty-two years and a quill pen if you want to get Shakespeare, but I digress.

The almighty Yankee government in three years and change couldn’t build a functional web presence for ObamaCare.  But three 20-year olds only needed a week.

This could be an explanation:

With a few late nights, Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulos and Michael Wasser built “thehealthsherpa.com,” a two-week-old website that solves one of the biggest problems with the government’s site.

“They got it completely backwards in terms of what people want up front,” said Liang. He added: “They want prices and benefits, so that they could make the decision.”

However, one man’s “completely backwards” is another man’s “perfectly forward.”  That the existing ObamaCare website puts prices at the end is a bug and not a feature to people that use it, but a feature not a bug politically speaking for ObamaCare cultists.  There’s a reason why Chevy ads tell you how much the car costs while Rolls-Royce ads don’t.

Now I’m starting to think that some of these bugs and failures in the ObamaCare website are by design, to hide how expensive it’s going to be for almost everyone.

Dr. A.A.

6 11 2013



He wasn’t Nancy Pelosi’s doctor, and he wasn’t John Kerry’s doctor.  Oh no, they get the real thing.

Happy Halloween

31 10 2013

Night of Terror

25 10 2013


Meanwhile, I’m going to go on Halloween this year dressed as the most terrifying scary character imaginable:  An ObamaCare navigator.

“What?  You mean it’s going to be twice as expensive and half as good?  I’m going to shoot you, you, you, monster!”

“Wait up, lady.  Here’s a fake pop gun, and I have some fake blood.”

Half Billion

25 10 2013



Well, we can forget about conspiracy theories that it was sabotaged either internally by the Obama administration to grease the skids for single payer or that people like us jammed it in a DDoS maneuver to embarrass Obama.

When you have a half billion lines of code, failure is not just an option, but an inevitability.

Selection Bias

22 10 2013



With regard to the ACA roll out, one of the things that is striking to me is how different the new insurance enrollees who receive press coverage seem than the majority of uninsured patients with whom I deal as a physician. In general, those highlighted in the press seem well-educated, self-motivated, and well-organized rather than living the very difficult, impoverished, chaotic, and marginalized lives that many of my uninsured patients need to navigate. Perhaps this just reflects PR spin or journalistic biases toward individuals who are more like themselves, but I don’t think so.

Rather, my impression is that the healthcare.gov website (when functional) will serve the needs of people like my neighbor, who is the graduate of an elite business school and who struggled to find insurance in the 18 months he was unemployed after selling his company. However, I just can’t see a lot of my patients having the wherewithal to go online, navigate the long and confusing process, and ultimately sign up and pay for a plan that costs “only” a few hundred dollars per month. Healthier uninsured individuals in whom health issues and costs aren’t in the first tier of their daily challenges seem even less likely to do so.

In short, I suspect that the website and the ACA enrollment plan in general were designed by individuals without a good feel for the needs of the people they intended to serve. Rather it was designed for people fundamentally like themselves (educated, upper middle class) who lack health insurance but lack for much else. Even when the website is fixed, this will be a huge problem.

Several times, Botox Nancy suggested as such, that ObamaDontCare was designed to help SWPLs that like to buzz between one career and another, or that like to do fingerpainting in a coffee house, or that are social justice activists in such deprived hellholes such as Malibu or Santa Barbara, or something like that.

He’s right;  Nu’dandrifftavious and Sho’latrasha aren’t going to any fancy schmansy online exchanges.

Kris Kobach Isn’t Shocked

18 10 2013

Piper, Kansas

One of the goons that invaded Kris Kobach’s house back in June to protest all the deportations he’s carrying out (??? — He’s a state secretary of state) is an ObamaDontCare navigator.

It says that Kobach is shocked.  Really, he’s probably not.

The Doctor Is Not In

1 10 2013


Daily Caller:

Ten states where Obamacare wipes out existing health care plans


2) Missouri: Patients of the state’s largest hospital system — which spans 13 hospitals including the St. Louis Children’s Hospital — will not be covered by the largest insurer on Obamacare exchanges, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. Anthem covers 79,000 patients in Missouri who may seek subsidies on Obamacare exchanges, but won’t be able to see any doctors in the BJC HealthCare system.

So the state’s biggest insurance provider won’t have a plan on the Federal-run Missouri ObamaCare exchange that lets you go to the state’s biggest and most reputable hospital system.

The Placebo For What Ails Us

27 08 2013

South Africa

Farm Tracker:

High white death rate in State Hospitals caused by enmity from black staff towards whites, refusal to treat whites at State Hospitals, is genocide

‘High white death rate in State Hospitals, caused by enmity towards white patients, refusal to treat whites at State Hospitals is Genocide’
- Also related: Husband Dirk Lombard testified at Bloemfontein court that his paralysed wife Magda, dying of cancer on the oncology ward of Bloemfontein State Hospital, was held down by a black female nurse while a black male nurse raped her.


August 25 2013 – The Pro Afrikaans Action Group (PRAAG)’s daily news publication describes in details incidents reported to PRAAG such as the case of Mr Earl Harper indicate that black hospital personnel in State hospitals in South africa show a high level of hatred and animosity towards their white patients, and either openly refuse to treat white patients or deliberately delay their treatment, or treat them in a very unprofessional manner: …. which in these cases described, had led to their deaths: “They are killing our people in the hospitals…’
ARTICLE BY PRAAG in Afrikaans: “they are killing our people deliberately in the hospitals”, death-cases described by families, amongst others:
1) A 5,700-word report sent to Dept of Health detailing the inhumane treatment resulting in the death of Hank Jansen van Vuuren, described by his sister Deirdre Ruthven: “He was left to die like an animal in the veld”: …
2) Death of deathly-ill Afrikaner man at the hands of Johannesburg General Hospital where personnel and doctors refused to take him to emergency ward, citing ‘lack of porters’ and ‘lack of beds’…

All these problems are gone if South Africa adds some liberty amendments to its constitution.

And if you don’t think that…well…you’re a drone.  Because…HAIL REAGAN.

Human Hearts Don’t Grow On Trees

13 08 2013



If for every available transplantable human heart, there are five people that need a heart transplant, there is going to have to be a way to decide which one gets it and which four doesn’t, and also there will be criteria to eliminate people from consideration to make the lifeboat ethics of it all less difficult.

The hospital probably has a transplant committee, who went over his case like a fine toothed comb and debated it fifty ways to Sunday.  Any opinion we could have is by definition less credible.

Get ready for the Trayvonization of this one.

The Pruitt-Igoe Reality

8 08 2013

Chocolate City St. Louis

Incoming students at Wash U Med touring the wooded grounds where the Pruitt-Igoes once stood serves as a backdrop to a story about their touring Bell Curve City St. Louis in order to learn about the health care gap.

Wash U Med is consistently among the top five med schools in the country.  And not a one of them, professors or students, could broach the demographics taboo.

A few questions:

What is “community based medicine?”

How do architectural paradigms contribute to black asthma patients not following the protocol of their medication and treatment?

When did “diversity” become an academic field or discipline such that there are professors of it?

Why are we to believe that “health care providers moved out of St. Louis City” when none have?  The city proper has two major health care complexes that synergize adult medicine, children’s medicine and medical education, the Barnes/Jewish/Children’s/Wash U Med/St. Louis College of Pharmacy/Goldfarb Nursing School colossus, and the SLU/SLU Med/Glennon complex (albeit much less complex than the former).

How is it supposed to be the fault of doctors, future doctors or “health care disparities” that blacks really don’t get animal husbandry such that ghettos have reputations for packs of feral dogs running around, jettisoned and rejected pets, (mostly more vicious breeds, mind you), such that a pack of them was able to attack and kill Rodney McAllister?  (An official story, BTW, which I doubt:  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that some other human beings murdered him, dumped his body in the park, and later on, a pack of feral dogs found it and tried to consume the remains, though the flaw in that theory is that I don’t know if domestic dogs will eat carrion.)

How do these beginning med school students expect to make a difference when all the real doctors and other crucial health care personnel before them haven’t been able to make a difference?

Soros Logic

3 07 2013

Washington, D.C.

Media Matters (George Soros front group) blames ObamaCare opponents for opposing ObamaCare.



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