Organ Gap

11 09 2014


This whole thing is dog whistling race.

Notice that the total liver donation count for 6.4 million population Tennessee for 2013 was almost as high as that for 19.5 million population New York State.  Kinda puts a whole new spin on “Volunteer State.”

Chicken Egg

26 06 2014


Until now, the consensus was that weed smoking causes schizophrenia.

Now, the consensus is that schizophrenics are given to thinking that smoking weed is a good idea, and when they do it, they make their schizophrenia worse.

It does not seem that weed smoking causes schizophrenia in people not genetically predisposed to suffer it.

Can’t Hide

3 06 2014

South County

If this was Cochran, I would not have been surprised at all.

But I would have thought that Koch would have been better off, simply because of its distance from Bell Curve City.

Everything’s A-OK

30 05 2014

Jacksonville, Florida


Of course there are no problems with the VA hospitals in Florida.  That’s because most of the people that work there look like her.

What’s that you say?  Old white vets are dying because they’re on the contrived waiting lists for too long?  Why should she or any of her ilk care about that?  They’re old white people, after all.  They need to die.  The Oprah said so.


22 05 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Timing couldn’t be better for this.

Got a piece of snail mail from the VA today addressed to your snarky blogmeister.  The letter thanked me for my service, then proceeded to inform me that medical care provided for the VA complies with the Affor-DUH-Bull Care Act, aka ObamaDontCare.  It also included a color booklet along the same lines, with the personal narratives of various people, they were all suggestively either black or Hispanic, about the great care the VA provides, and along with that a paper application for VA medical benefits and a BRM to send it in.

There’s just one little problem.

I’m not a vet.

So why does the VA think I am?

Which leads me to my next question:  If this non-vet got this mailing, then it’s likely that other non-vets got it, too.  Is the VA on the sly trying to get non-vets to sign up for VA health coverage, maybe to goose up the number of people on it to create a political buffer against eliminating it, considering the current VA scandal?

Not Controversial Enough

21 05 2014

South Florida


Left to their own devices, these people would spend money without any regard for the consequences, in a fiscal sense.  So why do they not actually spend it on doctors?  And here comes the controversial answer:  That’s not the purpose of government.  The purpose of government from the left’s standpoint is not results.  If it were, LBJ’s Great Society wouldn’t be a dismal failure.

Remember, we’re not supposed to look at the results of liberal programs, are we?  There aren’t any that are successful.  Every social program to come down the pike that the Dems, liberals have authored, has busted up minority families, destroyed the border system in this country.  I mean, it’s a disaster.  The social fabric, the cultural rot taking place in this country is again the result of policy put in place by Democrats.  But with what?  Good intentions, yes, we are only supposed to judge the good intentions.  Social Security, Medicare, War on Poverty, you name it, all of ‘em are disasters, and because of that, we’re only supposed to look at the intentions.

So again, let’s come to the VA just to pick — and this would be true of any agency.  When it comes to the VA, results are really not the purpose of government.  What does a liberal want to run government for?  Power, exactly right.  Growing government.  The caller, the doctor, the good doctor had it right.  They spend the money on what?  Themselves.  They hire more of them.  They hire more administrative employees.

That’s not controversial enough, so I guess I have to be the one to fill in the rest of the blanks.

The purpose of the VA is to be an employment agency for otherwise unemployable black women.  And if vets just happen to get a little bit of good health care every now and then?  Well, it’s icing on the cake.

Mad About VA

21 05 2014

Washington, D.C.

Obama is said to be mad about the VA scandals.

Well, Mr. Obama, get your ass off the golf course and do something about it.

While you’re at it, you can afford one or two fewer fund raisers, parties or vacations to make some extra time on your oh-so-busy schedule.

Now I see that Cochran is now figuring into the VA scandal in the eyes of the national media.  The former department head of psychiatry at Cochran was a bullied and intimidated whistleblower.


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