Africa Among Us (With an Important Update)

10 09 2014



Seven people, including three 15-year-olds, have been charged in connection with a machete attack on a man at a Chicago public transit station, police said.

The suspects surrounded two men early Monday at the Kedzie Brown Line station and told them to flash gang signs, police said. The men, ages 17 and 26, refused and said they weren’t in a gang.

One of the adult suspects swung at the men with a machete, hitting the 26-year-old on the head and neck, police said. The victim was taken to a hospital with cuts and his condition has stabilized, they said.

Four adults were charged Tuesday with one count each of robbery, aggravated battery and trespassing on Chicago Transit Authority property, authorities said. Two boys and one girl, all 15 years old, were charged with trespassing, and one of them was charged with aggravated assault.

One adult suspect was ordered held on $450,000 bond and two were ordered held on $250,000 bond, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office said. Bond information was not immediately available for the fourth.

Either the macheteman isn’t that good with his tool, or it’s not much of a machete.  Otherwise, you would have had a beheading.  Which is apparently the proscribed punishment in Chicago for not being part of a street gang.  ISIS?  No, it’s Bellcurvius.


Well, not just Bellcurvius.  Some of the comprehensive crowd was involved.

Taste the Rainbow

28 07 2014

Prince Georges County, Maryland


Some of these are MS-13.  The victim is a homeless black man.

This is what happens when our old vibrant diversity meets our new vibrant diversity.

Short Selling

11 05 2014



If I was Goldman Sachs, I’d make sure I had some sort of back channel to do short selling.


Ciudad Detroit

5 05 2014


Now, he’s just wet Noodles.

First off, I didn’t know Detroit had a CdM parade, and second, I’m shocked that this is its 50th year.  I thought Detroit really had none of the comprehensive crowd.  Turns out that this shooting happened in a Detroit neighborhood called Mexicantown.


Raising Kane County

20 04 2014

Montgomery, Illinois

This made my ghettodar go off.

Then I hit the NYT Census Explorer, and while there are some significantly black census tracts in the Montgomery-Aurora area, there are some heavily Hispanic tracts.

Which means my ghettodar was wrong.  It really should have been my barriodar.

Then I found this — “A gold SUV with gold and black rims.”  Usually, the ghetto crowd likes black Escalades with chrome spinners.  So that kinda ruled out Bellcurvius.

Finally, I hit paydirt.  “Male Hispanic.”  Incidentally, that article lists the address, and that census tract is 39% Hispanic, compared to 11% black and 46% white.  North of it, in Aurora, is big time Taco City.

Los Lunatics

9 03 2014

Los Lunas, New Mexico


1.  This 15-year old is said to have a “12-year old playmate.”

2.  His family said that he has the mental capacity of a small child.  That might explain the playmate thing.

3.  But still, the above pictured 15-year old with the mental capacity of a small child had a four-month old daughter, to whom he is said to be a good father.

Dizzy yet?

Put all this together, and this means that if we’re to take it literally, some young woman willingly laid up with a big mentally retarded lug who has 12-year old boys as playmates, and had a kid by him, yet he’s not mentally retarded enough not to know that an infant child needs certain kinds of care, what that entails, and actually following through.

Getting dizzier?

Let me try to straighten you out:

He’s smart enough to know right from wrong.  Dumb, maybe, but not so dumb as not to know that certain acts are murder and that murder is wrong.

South Texas Blues

21 01 2014

McAllen, Texas

A funny thing happened on the way to convicting in the court of public opinion some young Russians for the Target security crack.

The truth seeping out.


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