Mark Pryor’s Much Needed Shot in the Arm

22 10 2014


And the Stupid Party calls this “dirt.”

This is just what Pryor needs.

Except that we all know he won’t govern this way, even if he believes this.  First off, he hasn’t governed this way.  Second, his only problem was with the way desegregation happened, not that desegregation happened.

It may well be good enough, though, to get enough white voters back on his side to give him a chance to eke this election out.

There’s Precedent

19 08 2014


Me, yesterday:

Except there’s one way to make this stop when nobody has the guts to let the people with badges do what it takes.  The first of next month is two weeks from today, and maybe Nixon could put a hold on the welfare benefits for everyone in those apartment farms until this shit quiets down.  That would definitely work, because then all the EBT black queens who can’t control their sons will suddenly find a way to control their sons.  Except you know Nixon won’t do it and Obama would throw a fit if he did.

This is a paragraph from pages 41 and 42 of certain book.  I won’t say the name of the book or its author until you’re done reading it.

Several years earlier, I had faced a similar situation as governor.  A right-wing extremist group had established a compound in the mountains of north Arkansas.  Among the men, women and children who lived there were two suspects wanted for murder.  The people lived in several cabins, each of which had a trap door that led to a dugout from which they could fire on approaching authorities.  And they had a lot of weapons to fire.  The FBI wanted to storm them, too.  At a meeting I convened with the FBI, our state police, and cooperating law enforcement people from Missouri and Oklahoma, I listened to the FBI’s case, then said that before I could approve the action, I wanted someone who had fought in the jungles of Vietnam to fly over the place in a helicopter and make an assessment.  The battle wise veteran who made the inspection for me returned to say, “If those people can shoot at all, you’ll lose fifty men in the assault.”  I called off the raid, put a blockade around the camp, cut off food stamp aid to the several families inside who had been receiving it, and prevented anyone who left the premises to get supplies from going back.  Eventually, the holdouts gave in, and the suspects were apprehended with no loss of life.

The book is My Life, and the author is Bill Clinton.


The White House’s Incomplete Political Caclulation

18 08 2014


Stroke black racial resentment so that elderly black women will turn out big time at the polls to save some of these Senate Democrat candidates.

That’s our side’s conventional wisdom at what the WH is up to.

But remember, the same kind of turmoil in the 1960s swung white voters away from the Democrats, starting in the 1966 midterms then in 1968, especially combining Richard Nixon’s and George Wallace’s popular vote.

PJB just released a book about the history of Nixon’s comeback years.  While I think PJB is at his worst when it comes to Nixon excuseology and apologetics, he is well suited to make the point that all this could backfire on the WH.

Because he has seen it all before, and in fact, helped Nixon politically capitalize off the times.

The big difference this time is that today’s Stupid Party isn’t even trying to pretend that they’re going to combat the black undertow.  Notice that you’re not hearing much for Republican politicians nationally or disappointingly for me and my day job, even statewide.  The most prominent “Republican” national public statements about this has been from Rand Paul, and that was to make excuses for the undertow and bring up an irrelevant libertarian hobby horse.  Most of the GOPee are just standing around waiting to benefit, waiting to win elections in November they don’t deserve to win.

Black Run St. Louis

14 07 2014


We are in the fifty years after time period of the Arch construction, leading up to the 50th anniversary of completion in October of next year.

Fifty years ago today, Percy Green climbed up the under construction north leg to protest the lack of black workers on the project.

An event which he has lived off of ever since then.

It says that he was the only black of 600 technicians that Mac hired for the Gemini capsule.  It also says later that he timed his ascent, time at the top and descent in order to have enough time to get arrested, processed and bond out so that he could return home to get ready for his shift at Mac which started at midnight.  If his job was such that he could start at midnight and work overnight, I highly doubt that he was in engineering or design.  The real brainiacs probably had 9-to-5 hours.

You’ll also read of the famous I-70 “shutdown” that happened 15 years ago this past Saturday.  Now that wasn’t so long ago, and I happen to remember quite a bit about which the P-D conveniently leaves out, such as the fact that the St. Louis City Police Chief at the time, a black named Ron Henderson, closed I-70 in both directions, forcing all traffic off the highway, eastbound traffic had to get off at Goodfellow, westbound traffic had to get off at Kingshighway, to make sure the protesters, who planned to “shut down” the highway between Union and Riverview, would have no problems.  Henderson also shut down traffic before the time the protesters said they would “shut down” the highway.  Which means that Henderson was in on the protest, because he agreed with it.  Why wouldn’t an affirmative action police chief agree with blacks protesting for affirmative action in public construction contracts and hiring?

Henderson was interfering with state right of way for no good law enforcement or public safety issue, (even though they are interstate highways, the states’ departments of transportation purchase and own the right-of-way), and he could have been bought up on state charges for his little stunt.  Except at the time, the “state” meant Governor Mel Carnahan and Attorney General (now Governor) Jay Nixon, both Democrats, Carnahan has always been a black bootlicker, and Nixon was at the time trying to live down his anti-deseg legal action from his first term as AG.  Neither one would have dared laid a finger on Henderson.  A few years later, when MoDOT was gearing up for the Highway 40 reconstruction, the same gang wanted to “shut down” the highway in Richmond Heights, but the white chief of the police department in Richmond Heights was having none of that.

One more thing:  Eric Vickers lauds the high minority participation rate on the Stan Span.  I also know from first hand experience that the pavement on the bridge was pretty rough when it first opened; MoDOT and IDOT just did “emergency repairs” on it a few weeks ago.  Yeah, it is a bit curious that you have to do “emergency repairs” on brand new concrete pavement.  I’m putting two and two together here, in case you didn’t notice.

As far as the lack of black workers on the Arch construction:  Good thing.  It is said that Eero Saarinen, who designed the Arch, had to be so careful in his calculations and check them over and over again, knew that an error of 1/64th of an inch in a crucial part would have the two upward-rising legs totally missing each other once all the pieces were in place.  One who was so careful in his minute fractions probably would not have wanted the left tail of the bell curve actually building the thing.


9 07 2014


Liberian immigrants?

Let me ask that again:

Liberian immigrants?

Isn’t that the slice of Africa we cut out for free blacks and freed black slaves?

So why are they coming back here, to the land of racism and oppression?


I found out on AR that Liberians are divided into the descendants of ex-American slaves and the descendants of the black people that were already there and on that territory when the freed blacks showed up in the 1820s.  These ones in Philadelphia are the latter, and how you can tell is their name.  The former group have plain English names (e.g. Charles Taylor), the latter group have names that appear a lot more ethnic.

Fixing the DoI, With One Extra Word

3 07 2014


The story.

How I responded on Instapundit.

I should add that the idea isn’t original, but I was able to explain the context of it.


21 05 2014

Grand Center


Click to enlarge.

This is what Cochran replaced.

If Vandeventer Place still existed today, especially considering it would be next to Grand Center and SLU, and about halfway between the CWE and Downtown, it would be gentrification heaven.

This was St. Louis’s uptown in the aughts and teens, it became uptown after Lafayette Square fell out of style after the 1896 tornado.  As uptown moved to the CWE in the twenties, and then the depression and WWII, VP fell out of style.  The encroaching black undertow didn’t help its cause.  By the time WWII ended, considering that military veterans were on everyone’s mind, nobody objected to leveling VP for Cochran.  Incidentally, the east half of VP became Cochran, and later on, the west half become the city’s kiddie jail.  However, that wasn’t until long after the VA built Cochran; even as late as 1964, when Charles Guggenheim did what was at the time the definitive documentary on the history of St. Louis to correspond with St. Louis’s 200th anniversary for St. Louis public television, (ironically, KETC’s studios are now at Grand Center), the abandoned houses of the west half of VP were still standing, and Guggenheim himself used them as a background when he covered the aughts and teens.


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