The Problems and Non-Problems of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

14 10 2014


A non-problem that they’re trying to turn into a problem.

A problem they’re trying to turn into a non-problem.

Out of State Protesters

20 08 2014

ESL, Downtown


Because, when you think of justice and peace, East St. Louis, Illinois immediately comes to mind.

Pins and Needles

1 08 2014


About that needle-in-the-meat jerk at the Shop-n-Save in Belleville, a story which Drudge has now noticed:

First off, he’s being indicted in Federal court, and  the mugshots of suspects arraigned in the Federal system are rarely released.  So I don’t know what the old coot is.  The national stories list the dateline as East St. Louis, and while that would ordinarily be a dead giveaway to race, in this case it’s not, because the Federal district courts that serve the East Side are based in ESL.

Second, my hunch is that he’s a Bellcurvius trying to play the ghetto lottery, i.e, “oops, I found a needle in my rump roast, time to sue SuperValu for millions.”  One of the reasons for my hunch is that particular Shop-n-Save is third world to the core; I have heard from several normal white people that if one goes there, one is lucky to make it out of the joint alive.

Big Oil

24 07 2014



Resist the temptation to call them “greasers.”

Show of Force

12 07 2014


It made Drudge and Alex Jones.  Turns out it was all about some perv wanted for kiddie porn.

The kiddie porn people are going at it the wrong way.  They keep taking the “we should be able to do what we want” ideologues literally.  That’s not how things get done.  If kiddie porn is going to have a future, its key people have to do three things:  One, pick a letter and join LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH, two, bundle for the Democrat Party, and three, write big checks on a consistent basis to the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Once they do that, then it won’t be long until kiddie porn stops being a perversion and opposition to kiddie porn becomes an -ism or -phobia.

If they’re really in a hurry, they can find some way to roll together opposition to child pornography and anti-Semitism.


Alan Dixon, RIP

6 07 2014


Alan Dixon passed away today.

He was probably the last true downstate politician to win a statewide office in Illinois.  Yeah, Dick Durbin was born in East St. Louis and staked his political career from his Springfield address, but he might as well be Chicago machine all the way.

Unfortunately for him, his name is in the political almanac for not a pleasant reason:  He lost the Democrat primary in 1992 in his bid to win a third Senate term to all the black voters and liberals voting for Carol Mostly Fraud.  She in turn lost six years later to Pat Fitzgerald, and six years after that, when he declined to run for another term, Barack Obama wound up winning that seat, and we know how that story turned out.

And also…get ready for the media around here to wear the word “integrity” out of the dictionary.

Never Use Stolen Sail Foams For Selfies

5 06 2014



If they had brains, they’d be dangerous.

Fortunately for us…


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