Separation Between Church and Can

27 10 2014

Rockford, Illinois


On Monday, disturbing audio of a conversation between staff at a district office of Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and a constituent was released to the press. The constituent was asking the House staffer about an issue in Rockford and Peoria, Illinois cities which are partly represented by Rep. Bustos. The staffer described Rockford as “very urban” and “very underprivileged.” She said constituents there spent their time “more in jail than church.”

Well, it’s the truth!

Also realize that the same people who spend more time in jail than in church also spend a lot of time in church, so they must not be the kind of churches that dwell on that whole personal morality thing.  They’re black churches, which means, well, we know what it means, but then I’d be delving into David Carroll territory.

The worst part about this story is that the Republican challenging Bustos in IL-17 thinks he can use this against her.  As if the kind of people who might vote for the Republican to oust the Democrat are interested in their politicians pander to blacks.

Minimum Wage People

27 10 2014


CST via True News USA:

Quinn visits African-American churches to back minimum wage hike

Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn spoke at four churches in the Chicago area to appeal to black voters, calling the minimum wage “the fundamental issue in this campaign.”

“We have a chance in this election to go forward to make sure those who work hard, who are working 40 hours a week, raising children — moms and dads raising kids — they should get more than $8.25 an hour for their labor,” Quinn said outside the Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip.

He supports raising the minimum wage to $10 an hour. He pointed to his Republican opponent, Bruce Rauner, as presenting voters with “such a stark choice” on this issue.


Quinn also spoke at the Victory Apostolic Church in Matteson; the Community Covenant Church in Calumet Park; and the Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana.

First off, even $10 in an expensive city like Chicago is paltry.

Second, why a church in Munster, Indiana?  As in not the state of Illinois?  Last I checked, people in Indiana didn’t get votes in Illinois elections.  Though since dead dogs get to vote seven times on election day in Chicago, why not real live people from Indiana?  That’s probably what Quinn is banking on to eke this thing out, the dead dogs and the Indianans.

Then there’s the problem of public relations and communication, two things which I’m all the more sensitive to because of my new (though I’ve been at it for more than a year now) day job.

For Quinn to run around black churches and hype the minimum wage issue is his way of communicating to black people that he thinks that all they are are minimum wage people, nothing more.  Now, between you, me and the gatepost, that’s a shoe that so many of them wear precisely because it fits.  But Quinn isn’t trying to impress you, me or the gatepost between us and get all three of us to vote for him.  (Gateposts can vote in Chicago.)  He’s trying to goose up black turnout.  This is why if black people had brains, they’d be dangerous.  If they had brains, this would insult them.  Or maybe they are insulted, but by the same token, they also know what the gatepost does.

Vandals Sack Rome

23 10 2014

Fairview Heights

Okay, it wasn’t that serious.

It was more like Bell Curve City goes shopping.

But we can’t talk about that, because hands up, cigarillos, ham sandwiches, gentle giants, or something like that.

The Problems and Non-Problems of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois

14 10 2014


A non-problem that they’re trying to turn into a problem.

A problem they’re trying to turn into a non-problem.

Out of State Protesters

20 08 2014

ESL, Downtown


Because, when you think of justice and peace, East St. Louis, Illinois immediately comes to mind.

Pins and Needles

1 08 2014


About that needle-in-the-meat jerk at the Shop-n-Save in Belleville, a story which Drudge has now noticed:

First off, he’s being indicted in Federal court, and  the mugshots of suspects arraigned in the Federal system are rarely released.  So I don’t know what the old coot is.  The national stories list the dateline as East St. Louis, and while that would ordinarily be a dead giveaway to race, in this case it’s not, because the Federal district courts that serve the East Side are based in ESL.

Second, my hunch is that he’s a Bellcurvius trying to play the ghetto lottery, i.e, “oops, I found a needle in my rump roast, time to sue SuperValu for millions.”  One of the reasons for my hunch is that particular Shop-n-Save is third world to the core; I have heard from several normal white people that if one goes there, one is lucky to make it out of the joint alive.

Big Oil

24 07 2014



Resist the temptation to call them “greasers.”


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