Bonnie and Clyde, Yo

10 04 2014



The initial story.

Late development is that one of the victim’s friends set him up.

Since they forced the victim to take $140 out of his own bank account, this means he had a bank account.  And a college student who has a bank account, especially one at SIUE, is very likely to be white.

Brakes On

7 04 2014


Because of this, he wants this.

A legislative train which will come to a dead stop once the NAACP gets wind.

Because it will have a disparate impact on blacks.

More Illinois CCW Data

30 03 2014


Peoria Journal-Star crunches the numbers.

This isn’t really any different than two months ago.  Cook County has the highest absolute number but the lowest per capita, while rural counties in the southern two-thirds of the state have the highest per capita.

Efficiently Enforce the Law

24 03 2014


More like “efficiently collect revenue.”

Here’s your hint:

It’ll be used on the interstate highways that happen to go through ESL’s incorporated area.  Not on its city streets.

Ray of Light

19 03 2014


If anyone in the state of Illinois has even a prayer of a chance to topple Dick Durbin, it’s Jim Oberweis.  Who is thankfully the Republican nominee for Senate after yesterday’s vote.

Oberweis ran in this same race in 2004, finished second to Jack Ryan.  When Ryan bowed out after his divorce records were unsealed, by all common courtesy, the state Republican party should have slid Oberweis, the second-place primary finisher, into Ryan’s place.  But no, they had to truck in some black ringer from Maryland, who lost to the Democrat that November.

That Democrat’s name?  You might have heard of him:  Barack Obama.

2014 Illinois Primaries Preview

17 03 2014

All dressed up, and nowhere to go.

What is there to preview?  All four of the major Republican contenders for Governor are now amnesty and open borders all the way, so it doesn’t matter who wins, we lose.  Whoever does “win” will lose to Quinn in November.

I don’t have a good enough read on the primary challenger to Rodney Davis in IL-13-R.  Other than she’s some mulatto woman who was Miss Amurrika in 2003.  I know that all the media buys in the St. Louis market for IL-13 have been Davis, none for what’s-her-face, and just the fact that I’m referring to her as what’s-her-face tells you how good her chances aren’t to topple Davis.

FYI, the primary is tomorrow, in case there’s some important dog catcher race that matters to you.

Glory Be

27 02 2014

Metro East

How were they able to purge the voter rolls, especially in black areas, without the DOJ doing its usual bitching and complaining and threatening to sue?

I guess the answer to that is that there must not be an important election in Illinois in 2014 that the Democrats think will be close enough to require cheating to put them over the top.  Dick Durbin’s a shoo-in to win another term in the Senate by a significant margin, and maybe they’re figuring the election for Governor won’t be close, either whatever Republican will beat Pat Quinn or vice-versa by something other than a close margin.

Remember, cheating and voter fraud can only be effective when the legitimate votes on the candidates or the issue are close.


18 02 2014


A million unique page views on Illinois’s ObamaDontCare Exchange website has resulted in:

*  168,000 new Medicaid recipients, and:

*  88,000 people enrolled with an ObamaDontCare-compliant private health insurance plan.

Of those 88k, the age and gender distribution is not stated.  Which is important because unless a lot of healthy young men aren’t signing up for private plans and paying a disproportionate share of the load, ObamaDontCare will suffer a fiscal death spiral.  You know they all aren’t healthy young men, but even if all 88k are, you have to match that against the 168k new Medicaid recipients.

Also, of those 88k, it’s not stated how many of those needed subsidies in order to afford the premiums, and among those that did, what percentage of those premiums are subsidized.

Insert a Buzz Phrase Here

12 02 2014


What it’s about:

[Illinois State Rep. Jay] Hoffman [D-Belleville], who was contacted by McCann, introduced House Bill 4775, which if approved, would amend the Illinois School Code to allow school districts the option of suspending or expelling a student if he or she has been charged with a violent felony and the charges are pending or if the student has been convicted of a violent felony.

And you know that the black politicians from Chicago will move hell and Earth to make sure this bill doesn’t go anywhere.

Because…school-to-prison pipeline, or, disparate impact.  Or, if all else fails, racism.

Except if you’ve been charged with a violent felony, you’ve pretty much made it to the end of the school-to-prison pipeline.

Shitavious Update

8 02 2014

Decatur, Illinois

Not about young Mr. Cook per se, but one of his partners in crime.

However, young Mr. Cook is mentioned here.

I Get These Suspicions

5 02 2014

Metro East

Back to the Future time for me.

As you know, I managed a small chain of these places in 2010-2011.

If a distributor thought they were owed money, they took it up with me.  The clerks obviously knew to refer all such queries to me.

So why would clerks hand over cash money to people claiming to be distributors to settle a payable (i.e. a payable to the store) when clerks have no such authority?  And why hand over cash out of the drawer to settle a payable when you’re supposed to do these things with checks which create a trail?

I think the clerks were in on it.  I think they knew the people running this scam and got a piece of the loot later on.

Coloring Pink Slop Blue

1 02 2014

Metro East


Federal report suggests closing 4 metro-east police departments

A U.S. Department of Justice study about crime in the East St. Louis area raises three solutions, including shutting down the Alorton, Brooklyn, East St. Louis and Washington Park police departments and either create a new standalone police district or have the communities contract for services.

Yeah, but then you’d still have affirmative action ook cops patrolling not just one Bell Curve City, but four of them.

Get back to me when you start seriously considering ook abatement.

Hope and Tragedy

27 01 2014

Champaign, Illinois

First thought:  Good for them for noticing things.

Then I read further, and found that it’s all because they wanted a snow day.

Every Head Must Bow, Part V

21 01 2014


A back door to city hall in Collinsville was left open so that city employees could come in and get some work done.  On the Holy Day.

S.  H.  T.  F.

It’s a Downstate Thing, So Obviously They Wouldn’t Understand

19 01 2014

Springfield, Illinois


CCW permits per capita by county.

Text version.

Low is Cook, at about 10 per 10k, high is Cumberland, east central part of the state, northeast of Effingham, at over 50 per 10k.

Easy Choice

28 12 2013



Given the Hobson’s Choice, I’d pick corruption over black any day.

This is actually my first mention of this long brewing scandal of the doper judges in St. Clair County, mainly because the story didn’t interest me that much.  But it interests me now, mainly because of the kind of people you see here that are making a big issue of it.

They’ve found a new excuse.

“See, White People Do It, Too”

27 12 2013



Yeah, I guess we do.

UPDATE 12/30

One more.


17 12 2013



Channel 5, P-D.  But they both have just about the same text.

The weird part about it is that I thought East was the better of the two public high schools in Belleville, simply because West is closer and East is farther from ESL, ergo the former ESL undertow is more likely to have overrun the service area of West HS first before it spreads into East HS’s area.

But to my surprise, East is less white and more black than West, 52-37 to 62-31.

However, I think the reason for that is the aforementioned-in-the-news-stories alternative high school program housed at East.  If my memory serves, the alt HS program for both East and West is housed at East, i.e. West does not have one of its own.  But at the same time, the presumably heavily black student demographics of the alt program, mostly former West students, count in the total student body demographics for East.

For the record, Mr. Fields here lives in Shiloh, which would obviously be in East’s service area.

Undocumented Shopping Spree

13 12 2013



Shooting Yourself in the Foot

12 12 2013


That’s what taking a job as an inspection officer for East St. Louis public housing is like.

Play By the Rules

10 12 2013



You better not do anything like get arrested 24 times.  Otherwise you won’t be able to get six figure salary jobs.

Third Time, Not a Charm

2 12 2013



Some time in 2012, he stabbed her in the neck, and got sent to prison.

She took him back when he got out, and this past August, he assaulted her again.  How, this doesn’t say.  But back to the can with him.

He gets out, she takes him back again.  This time…

This is definitely in Tommy Sotomayor’s wheel house.


Key Words

25 11 2013


Sail foam, East St. Louis, MetroLink, Toddeshia and Shontice.


One was from the north side, one was from the south side, and one was from ESL.  So you have an odd far-flung geographical confluence of ooks for the purpose of attacking a man to steal his sail foam.  Which means only one thing:  They met up because they deliberately wanted to try Apple picking, except the phone they stole was a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

UPDATE 11/26

Figures.  The Sheriff in St. Clair County is now jumping on the sail foam kill switch brigade.

Category One

25 11 2013


Take that as a hint to what they won’t state obviously here.

Merry Christmas, Illinois

25 11 2013


The Feds are taking the time, trouble and expense of incarcerating your violent criminals off your hands.

Ook Camp

24 11 2013



Boot camp less effective than prison for gun offenders: study

Gun offenders sentenced to boot camp are more likely to be rearrested than those sent to prison, a new analysis suggests.


Boot camp is intended to reduce the chance of inmates committing new crimes after they are released. Inmates can learn job skills and obtain a GED in the military-style setting.

But an analysis conducted for Chicago Sun-Times showed a higher percentage of people convicted of gun possession in 2011 were rearrested after they completed boot camp than those released from prison.

About 57 percent of the inmates sentenced to county boot camp for gun possession were arrested for a new crime within a year of their release — compared with about 38 percent of those who were released from state prison.

Almost 8 percent of the boot camp inmates were arrested for a violent crime within a year of their release — compared with less than 5 percent of the inmates sent to prison, according to a University of Chicago Crime Lab analysis of Chicago Police Department arrest data.

The crime lab cautioned against drawing strong inferences from the data because of the small sample size. The analysis included 63 people sent to boot camp for gun possession and 464 sent to state prison for the same crime.

Maybe this whole hoopla over “boot camp” is because everyone assumes that since military boot camp turns 18-year old recruits who are already relatively disciplined into straight arrow military personnel, that it will turn 15-year old gang banger thug ghetto blacks into first world white people with dark skin.

John Maki, executive director of the John Howard Association, a prison watchdog group, said he is strongly opposed to boosting mandatory minimums for gun offenders.

“The overwhelming consensus on mandatory minimums is they don’t work,” he said. “The way you do this is through better policing.”

Law enforcement is a paper tiger without the credible possibility of real punishment.  You can have the best policing in the world, but if you’re not actually going to punish anyone the cops who do the world’s best policing arrest, then you’ve wasted the world’s best policing.

This is over this bill circulating in the Illinois legislature that would plop a three year man min for certain categories of illegal gun possession.  A lot of the opposition to it is coming from CCW advocates thinking that the bill is an attempt on the sly on the part of carry opponents to discourage carrying, in that if someone who carries commits a ticky tack technical offense, it’ll mean three years.  I think there’s some truth to that.  The problem is that Illinois state prisons are always facing overcrowding issues — Early in his time as Governor, Pat Quinn let a whole lot of prison inmates loose.  Enact this law and the state prisons will be so filled to the gills with Chicago blacks and downstate blacks that the Federal courts will surely intervene.

And the Problem Is…?

22 11 2013


It’s now national news, but Illinois Review broke it.

“But white voters would never vote for a black President.”  Fine by me.  The problem is that not enough white voters would never vote for a black President.

And this is supposed to be biographical literature suitable for fourth graders.  When I look at it, it looks like kiddie material.  When I was in the fourth grade, or actually toward the end of fourth grade, because the book I’m about to mention came out in March 1987, and it was one of my 10th birthday presents, I was reading White Rat by Whitey Herzog and Kevin Horrigan, a book that is mostly the former’s autobio.  Earlier that school year, I got through My Turn At Bat, Ted Williams’s autobio written in 1969, just when he was starting what would be only a short stint managing the Washington Senators, in their last years in D.C. before moving to Dallas to become the Texas Rangers.  Both books were hardly from the kiddie section of the bookstore.

The Man Who Would Be Lieutenant Governor

8 11 2013



Quinn’s choice for a new running mate going into next year.  Paul Vallas, former supernintendo of the Chicago Public Schools and many other districts, IOW, a career educrat.

I wonder what Quinn thinks he brings to the table politically.

Before now, the primaries for Governor and Lieutenant Governor in Illinois were discrete but the winners of those were hooked at the hip in the general election cycle as an inseparable ticket.  Now, candidates for Governor will choose their running mate before the campaigning officially starts.

Radar Alert

1 11 2013

Fairmont City

A disturbing case is under investigation in Fairmont City that apparently revolves around a freshman high school girl, a group of boys, alcohol and a sexual attack. The alleged incident happened Saturday night.”

And who lives in Fairmont City?

I’ll give you a hint:  All those comprehensive people that are here to do the jobs that Americans won’t do.


No foul.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

1 11 2013



Why is this man smiling?

No death penalty, and no straight life sentence.

He’ll get out when he’s 81 years old.

Whatever makes him happy.


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