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30 10 2014

Santa Monica, California


Though FWD.us declares that its mission is “to advocate for policies that will make the American dream achievable in the 21st century economy,” its main focus is immigration reform, which it describes as necessary both for economy growth and to “live up to our American ideals.”

Its main focus is to flood the CSIT/STEM employee sector with as much young docile cheap labor as possible to increase CSIT/STEM business and corporate profits.

The activists of FWD.us explicitly model their campaign on the effort to secure gay marriage. “Take the movement for marriage equality,” materials distributed at the event said. “It’s hard to oppose marriage for gay couples when you know the stories of your LGBTQ [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer] friends, family, and coworkers.”

If fake marriage winds up coming to pass, it won’t be because of any of this, it will be because of Federal judges. Kritarchs.

Activists shared several ideas, including suggestions to “create the next Ice Bucket Challenge,” a successful viral social media campaign that raised money for the ALS Association to research a cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Most people doing the ice bucket challenge only did it for the fame and adulation of having done the ice bucket challenge, without thinking that they also needed to give money to the ALS Association. Therefore, I can only hope that empty gesture tactics like these are the ones this gang relies upon.

Aside from using social media technologies to affect public opinion, the political strategy behind the FWD.us push is to put increased pressure on Democrats in Congress–not to vote on pending legislation, but to raise specific issues with the White House, particularly the desire to make immigration easier for tech employees.

Kiss the emperor’s ring. But remember, Obama’s pen and phone may well be our pen and phone one of these days.

There was no discussion at the Santa Monica meeting of technological innovations to improve border security, to verify employees’ immigration status, or to educate prospective immigrants about how to come to the country legally. Nor was there any mention of the constitutional separation of powers, which theoretically require the president to execute the laws passed by Congress, not to impose his own legislative will by executive fiat.

Why would there be, and why would they care about that kind of stuff? Why would an organization founded and funded by billionaires in order to make themselves even more filthy rich care about any of that?  Welcome to Moneyland!

The Wall Street Journal World Has Been Turned Right Side Up

30 10 2014


Jeff Sessions responds to the news that the WSJ broke about some of the specifics Obama is considering for an executive order amnesty.

Remember, thirty years ago, the WSJ called for open borders via Constitutional amendment.  Most of the WSJ article itself is paywalled, so I don’t know if the editorial tone of the news about this is forlorn or celebratory.  But that doesn’t matter — Obama is about to give the WSJ its thirty year old wet dream, even though there really hasn’t been much of the way of serious immigration and border enforcement in the last thirty years anyway.

Agitate and Reince

28 10 2014


What Priebus says.

One Old Vet takes the words right out of my mouth.

How We Think When We’re Not Allowed to Think

25 10 2014

Fremont, California


Bay Area tech company caught paying imported workers $1.21 per hour

Ever heard of Electronics for Imaging? We hadn’t either until this morning, but it’s apparently a multimillion dollar, multinational, public corporation based out of Fremont, California. And the United States Department of Labor just caught EFI red-handed in an investigation, which found that “about eight employees” were flown in from India to work 120-hour weeks for $1.21 per hour. EFI apparently thought it was okay to pay the employees the same wages they’d be paid in India (in Indian rupees). Here’s the unbelievably crazy sounding quote EFI gave to NBC’s Bay Area affiliate: “We unintentionally overlooked laws that require even foreign employees to be paid based on local US standards.”

Just so we’re clear: is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know that any person working in the United States is legally required to be compensated according to United States laws?

Alberto Raymond, an assistant district director with the US Department of Labor told NBC, “It is certainly outrageous and unacceptable for employers here in Silicon Valley to bring workers and pay less than the minimum wage.” And that applies to EFI especially, which posted just shy of $200 million in revenue in its last financial quarter. EFI is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange, and the company’s in the business of computer peripherals (mainly printer-based stuff).

The eight employees are being paid $40,000 in owed wages; they were reportedly installing computer systems at the company’s headquarters. EFI was charged $3,500 — yes, seriously — for being at fault.

When the truth is off limits and taboo, people have no choice but to construct increasingly stupid and unstable conceptual frameworks to explain what they see and the world around them.

Officially, the offending element of this story is the fact that “Electronics for Imaging,” and I’m presuming it’s some sort of Infosys-style body shop, paid people well under the minimum wage.

Reality check:  Even if they would have paid these people the California minimum wage ($9 an hour), I think this would still be scandalous news.  Nine clams an hour in an expensive place like the Bay Area might as well be the same as $1.21 an hour.

The real scandal is mass immigration (legal aliens with legal immigrant visas, in this case, the H-1B) being used as a weapon to drive down the wage-salary equilibrium to transfer wealth from the employee class to the employer class.  Without that, this work in Fremont, California would be getting done by paying native born white American high IQ high credential and maybe also high experience CSIT people very high salaries and wages, and I can assure you that such a wage-salary equilibrium would be far far far far higher than $9 an hour.

But we can’t talk about immigration as economic warfare against the employee class, because we can’t talk about immigration.  And we can’t talk about immigration, especially when it has racial implications, because fascist Nazi six million Jews.  So what do we do?  We talk about it in the irrelevant economic terms of artificial price floors.

Getting Over On Gringo/Infidel

22 10 2014


The hot new trend among Hispanics especially Hispanic women:

Converting to Islam.

If you thought the intersectionality between blacks and Islam had an awful stench, wait until you hit the intersectionality of Hispanic and Islam.  Everything else is the same, except generally speaking Hispanics are more competent and less impulsive.

Why Ain’t You Mad Bro?

21 10 2014


WaT notices that it’s not easy being green.

Three points:

1.  Several weeks ago, Obama announced that he was putting off whatever he was going to do until after all possible voting was done, which means not until after a hypothetical (and at this rate, probable), runoff in Louisiana in early December.  I always thought that that was dumb PR.  If he’s not going to do anything, just don’t do it and don’t say anything.  Don’t say that you’re not going to do it, and certainly don’t say that you’re not going to do it until a politically advantageous time.  If you don’t want people thinking about the color pink, don’t say anything.  If you tell them not to think pink, guess what color they’re going to think about.  Obama running around saying that he’s not going to do it until December only serves to remind people that he’s going to do it, and keeps the issue on the table and in the public consciousness.

2.  The WaT Ed Board is right to oppose it, they oppose it for most of the right reasons.  (Though they’re not right enough, if you ask me.)  What they don’t seem to understand, at least from their political demands that Obama lays all the cards on the table before election day, the implication being that it will mean more wins for team red on election day, is that if and when Obama does whatever he’s going to do, the Republican establishment is going to throw a big party in a soundproof room.  Meaning that they’ll pretend to be upset about it in public but celebrate in private.  For thirty-four million new green cards and work permits is the cheap labor lobby’s dream come true.

3.  As far as this business about the newly green carded not being able to vote, which the WaT Ed Board rightly recognizes that the “scheme portends,” my problem is that even the WaT Ed Board doesn’t realize how sooner rather than later it will happen.  While people holding green cards technically aren’t allowed to register to vote and actually vote, our fraud prevention and prosecution mechanisms are so insanely weak to non-existent (hint:  A certain political party wants it that way) that they can easily register to vote and actually vote if they want, with almost no chance of being caught.  Hell, if blatantly illegal aliens are voting, what’s to prevent quasi-legalized aliens from doing so?


Oh Nate

20 10 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Thom Tillis is open borders.  Scott Brown is making immigration patriotism his keynote issue.

Duh Nate.


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