Oh, Okay.

23 04 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Rand Paul opens mouth inserts foot again on immigration.

Except he has slightly backpedaled from previous statements — He now says we can’t let the whole world in.

That’s a real comfort to me.


22 04 2014



Click to enlarge.  Drudge front at the time I’m writing this.

You don’t think that these are all related factors, do you?  Because Drudge sure does.

Empty Threat

18 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

Why do I think that Boehner and Co. constantly promising to “get immigration done some time this year” is nothing more than begging the donors to keep the money spigot open?  All I can say if that he was really serious about this, and if there were enough votes, almost all Democrats and just enough Republicans, he would have broken the Hastert Rule by now and passed either the Gang Bangers of Eight bill as written, or something else.

It’s an election year, and each passing day gets us closer to election day.  So each day that goes on means that the House passing its own bill then doing conference with the Senate is less likely, simply for the time restraints.  Which means that every day that passes and that doesn’t happen, if anything does happen, it will be the Gang Bangers of Eight bill.  And after the end of this Congress, on January 3 of next year, if the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill dies in the House, it will die period because that day is the end of the current 113th Congress.  And I don’t think the votes are there in the House to pass GB8 as written without amendment.

Nail Salons

18 04 2014


A couple of sponsored Tweets on my Twitter timeline this morning.

Aside from the contradictory nature of these two tweets, I think we’re not hurting for a lack of nail salons, no-name corner ghetto quickie marts, tattoo parlors.


Immigration in the News

14 04 2014


“Control our borders, not our ranchers.”

That’s a good sign, coming from a movement who in the past had the propensity to denounce real border control as an example of dictatorship.

“We can’t invite the whole world.”

But he’s sure doing his best to try.

“We can’t be the party of cronyism and plutocrats.”

Okay, so why are you for amnesty and open borders and no borders, the #1 desire of cronyists and plutocrats?

Day?  Just a day?  You mean they’re not already agitating for their own whole month?

*  Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:  Mickey Kaus sounds like someone I know from the other side of the mirror.  Notice my contribution in that article’s so far very short comment section.

True, but LT (Latino Time) is almost always more accurate than CT (Colored Time), the time zone Obama uses.

Steve Israel is merely repeating something Nancy Pelosi said a few weeks ago.  They’re thinking long term.  They’re willing to lose now in order to secure permanent electoral hegemony later.

*  St. Louis is already fixed for cab drivers.  Why did we need to import people from Africa with names like Ibsa Alemu to drive cabs?  And didn’t we already have enough blacks changing the demographics of the area around Holly Hills and Alabama without having to import blacks to make it worse?


“Go to St. Louis”

11 04 2014


Thankfully, hardly any of them are.


9 04 2014


It calls itself “Shaun Kenney,” but it’s really an unhinged neo-Marxist egalitarian loon that is now running the Virginia Republican Party (into the ground).

If Shawn the Loon gets what he wants, realizing that he’s probably also for ditching the social issues, doffing the tax and spend skepticism (former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell signed one of the biggest tax increases in state history), and who knows what else, you have to wonder what he thinks is supposed to be the compelling reason to vote Republican instead of Democrat.


One degree of separation between Kenney and Eric Cantor.




Cannon Ball

7 04 2014


On the issue of the hypocrisy of the OkStupid CEO:

I don’t think his interest in Chris Cannon was LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  I think it was immigration.

Into the Lamestream

6 04 2014


Ed O’Keefe, writing in the WaPo about Jeb Bush’s latest open borders mush:

The comments clearly set Bush apart from other Republicans, especially some considering runs for president in 2016. Even Bush seemed to acknowledge that his position could cause him political trouble as he mulls whether to run for president.


This doesn’t differentiate Bush from the other major Republican contenders for 2016, it puts him right into the mainstream of that group.

For instance, among many instances, Rand Paul says “find a place for illegal aliens here,” “get beyond deportation,” “give work visas to anyone in the world that wants to come here and work.” If anything, even counting these statements, Jeb Bush is still not as open borders as Rand Paul.

Far from “causing him political trouble,” I fail to see how Jeb Bush being for amnesty and open borders is going to hurt him when all his other competitors are for amnesty and open borders.  In the land of the blind, a blind man can still be king. If Jeff Sessions does not run for President, then you won’t have a real immigration patriot in the bunch. Ted Cruz, OTOH, while not as despicable as the Republican Presidential lamestream on the issue, is not as strong as Sessions.


George Will’s Sabermetrics

5 04 2014


Will semi-boosts Jeb:

Bush is fluent in Spanish and accomplished at courting the 17 percent of the Florida electorate that is Hispanic: He won 61 percent of their votes in 1998 and almost that much in 2002. The time is ripe for Republicans to do as well with Hispanics as Jeb Bush’s brother did in 2000.

George W. Bush, conversational in Spanish, won 35% of the Hispanic vote in 2000 and 40% in 2004.  That’s called losing.

Getting the Hispanic vote for a state Governor is way different than getting it for President.

Michael Barone writes:

It is jokingly said that I am Michael Barone’s illegitimate son.  (Coincidentally, Barone and my mother were born in the same year.)  Strange I didn’t even get a happy birthday e-mail from  “dad” on Monday.

“By my estimate, about one-third of the homeowners foreclosed on in the years just after the housing price collapse were Hispanics.” And since the ObamaCare rollout, during which the Spanish-language version of the Web site was completely inoperative for weeks, “the president’s job-approval has declined more among Hispanics — 23 percentage points — than among any other demographic group.” It should be possible for Republicans to find a nominee who can do as well as George W. Bush did in winning 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2004.

The irony is that one of the main reasons Bush got even 40% of the Hispanic vote in 2004 was because of all the free candy affirmative action giveaway subprime mortgages to Hispanics that his policies ordained, which in turn was the cause of the housing bubble then subsequent bubble burst that “hurt” Hispanics.

In spite of all the functional problems with ObamaDontCare, hablamos and otherwise, Hispanics still have a high approval rating of ObamaDontCare in general.

Republicans can’t be too frequently reminded that their problem in presidential politics is the “blue wall” — the 18 states and the District of Columbia that have voted Democratic in at least six consecutive elections, and have 242 electoral votes. So Republicans should welcome to their nomination competition any candidate who might remove from the blue wall such bricks as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

The last six Presidential elections means 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012.  A Bush was the Republican nominee for three of those.  Yet Will expects yet another Bush to be able to break through the blue wall that his brother and father could not.

Ironically, the three blue wall states Will mentions by name, MI, PA and WI, are part of the blue wall NOT because of Hispanics, which outside of some parts of Philadelphia are political non-entities in all three states, but because of working-middle class whites, that they don’t give the Republican big enough margins to overcome the reliable Democrat voting blocs in those states, blacks in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee and the Scandinavians in good chunks of Wisconsin.  C’mon, Jeb Bush is going to change that?

Who Predicted This?

4 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

I remember there was some snarky blogmeister somewhere who predicted that partisan wrangling based on the different partisan desires for a massive immigration bill would kill the whole deal.  In other words, the Democrats want bad things, the RINOs want bad things, but they’re not the same bad things, and the difference between the two sets of bad things would help one but hurt the other party badly enough such that the hurt party would pull out of the deal if the bill was too biased toward the other party’s set of bad things.  Democrats want new voters now but are trying to finesse the situation to where the new people aren’t cheap labor, RINOs want cheap labor now but don’t want all their cheap labor to be able to vote for Democrats.

This article is right:  The whole thing is a Jenga game.


“Get Beyond Deportation”

1 04 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

AKA don’t enforce immigration law.

Of course, not enforcing immigration law has been de rigueur since Eisenhower left office, save maybe Reagan’s first term.  Rand Paul would represent no change from the deplorable status quo.

But it won’t matter anyway.  Like I’ve been saying, the Republican nominee in 2016 can be only one of three people:  Jeb Bush, Chris Christie or Jeff Sessions.  Only Sessions can assemble the populist energy and muscle, centered largely in the immigration issue, but also on other issues he’s starting to take up, to bust through the RINO shield in Republican Presidential politics.  If he does not run, or does and cannot punch through the RINO shield, or some other Sessions-style equivalent doesn’t (e.g. Kris Kobach), then it will be one of the two establishmentarians.  Why would the open borders RINO establishment give the nomination to open borders Rand Paul when they can give it to open borders and also invade-the-worlders NSA-hearting big government-peddling Bush or Christie?

Even if by some fluke Rand Paul won the nomination, the demographics are getting such that in order to win the Presidency, the Republican in the race will have to run up very serious margins among white voters in swing states, which someone who has openly and repeatedly said he’s for open borders, work visas for the whole world and no immigration enforcement like Rand Paul won’t be able to do.

Simple Answer

1 04 2014


Heritage Foundation asks:  Why are Hispanic media so left-Democrat biased?

My answer:  Hispanics want welfare benefits, gibsmedat.  So their media will shill for the credible party that promises and gives the most gibs.

Heritage Foundation asks:  What can we do about it?

My answer:  Deportation.

Win and Lose Again

25 03 2014

Las Vegas

You read stories like these, and once you’re done, you wish there was a snarky blogmeister somewhere who could translate it all into readable plain English.

Here I come to save the day.

What Sheldon Adelson wants more than anything else in the world is for immigration law not to be enforced.  Secondarily, he’d be happy with some sort of amnesty/legal status/work permits legislation to happen, but failing that, he wants and needs the former.  The only way immigration law will ever be enforced is if whoever the President of the United States is wants to enforce it.  Therefore, Adelson has as his prime objective to make sure that whoever is President doesn’t want to enforce it.

Adelson isn’t necessarily exercising disproportionate influence over Republican Presidential politics because he wants a particular person or one of a very small circle of individuals to win, he’s doing it to make sure that an immigration patriot does not win the nomination, to make sure an immigration patriot does not win the Presidency and start enforcing immigration law.

It says in this article that Bush, Christie, Walker and Kasich are going to Vegas to kiss Adelson’s ring.  Any one of those four men would lose to any halfway credible Democrat in 2016.  But my point is that Adelson doesn’t care whether the Republican or the Democrat wins, as long as whoever wins does not enforce immigration law.  He knows as well as the rest of us that any given Democrat won’t, so the crucial thing is to make sure that someone like Jeff Sessions doesn’t win the nomination.  For if he or someone similar does, and turns 2016 into a very winnable immigration referendum, then Adelson is going to be sweating bullets.

Speed Dial

24 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

That sound you hear is Obama frantically calling Pelosi begging her to make them stop this.

“Nancy, the last thing we need is to create yet another reason for the voters to hate us as we approach November!  Besides, getting amnesty is supposed to be Boehner’s job during the lame duck session.”

Though if this news is right, that a bill very much like Gang Bangers of Eight only has 200 votes in the House, it won’t pass even if Boehner does break the Hastert Rule and call a vote.

Ball of Confusion

17 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

Computer World headline and sub-headline:

Gates sees software replacing people; Greenspan calls for more H-1Bs
Both agree that U.S. secondary education system needs much improvement

Translation: People will be less and less necessary over time, so the solution is to import more people. And also…fix the schools.


As you can see, Sailer took this story up after a certain snarky birdie whispered in his ear.  After reading this article again, this part suddenly jumped out at me:

“We cannot manage our very complex, highly sophisticated capital structure with what’s coming out of our high schools,” said Greenspan, former chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Well pardon me, Al, but when did we ever expect the typical high school graduate to manage our complex sophisticated capital markets?  Hint:  The answer is never.  Not even in the days when a high school diploma actually meant something.

I guess Bill & Al think that the junior and senior years of high school should cram in a combination of B-school, grad school in economics and a near John Nash level math curriculum.  If that’s what they want, fine.  But realize it’ll have a disparate impact on NAMs, and just about everyone else for that matter.

The Other Twenty Percent

17 03 2014

San Diego

Why I haven’t said much here about the Ares Armor matter.

Turns out that the whole matter is cross wired with really bad guy Hispanic illegal alien felons.  And that seems to be the crux of the matter:  The Feds are (SHOCKINGLY) interested in illegal aliens, not the lower 80% receivers.

I had this suspicion when I found that that Ares Armor was based in San Diego, close to the fiction that we used to call the “border.”  That and one of AA’s key men is some scummy looking dude with a Greek name.  Now, Greeks are hardly all bad, see Golden Dawn, but a lot of “Greeks” are mixed Turks that happen to have Greek names.  You have to consider the possibility that this “Greek” was only here to run some sort of scummy outfit hooked in with Mexican drug cartels.

One more thing:  This story gives me the opportunity to translate Yankee government bureaucratese into English.  It says that Emiliano Cortez was “previously deported but illegally present.”  That probably doesn’t mean he was actually physically sent back to Mexico or wherever then snuck back across the border.  What it means is that the Feds won their deportation civil suit against him, some immigration judge told him to go home, an order which he immediately blew off.

Boner’s Courier

17 03 2014

Silicon Valley

Let me translate this for you:

Boner dispatched Bad-Latte to the SV to take their execs, bundlers and other money men behind closed doors and with all recording devices turned off to tell them to calm down, that some time in the middle of some night during the lame duck session between election day and Christmas, Boner is going to break the Hastert rule and call a vote on the Senate Gang Bangers of Eight bill as written and without amendments, and it will pass, and Obama’s ink will be on it before the sun rises.

Tan Triangle

16 03 2014

Greenwich, Connecticut


The wealthiest neighborhood, according to the list, is the appropriately named “Golden Triangle” in Greenwich, Conn., ZIP code 06830. According to Forbes, this is home to some of the nation’s richest Americans, people who put the “green” in Greenwich. Average incomes here top $610,000 a year.

“The relatively large number of Latinos found around the Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, Conn. (12.9 percent) is interesting,” Stephen Higley wrote in his report, adding that incomes around the country club are roughly the same across ethnic groups. “Evidently this subset of Latinos have found the keys to the kingdom that is Greenwich.”

No, they don’t have the keys to the kingdom.  They have the keys to the mop closets and rake closets.

But I Thought It Wasn’t Amnesty

11 03 2014


From the mouth of His Unstableness:

“Did they forget that Ronald Reagan gave amnesty to three million Americans?”

Uh, John, in most of the country, it’s not that Reagan is venerated, it’s that amnesty is hated.

And they technically weren’t “Americans” until the amnesty.  Some, including a certain snarky blogmeister, would say they still aren’t.

And the Beatdown Goes On

11 03 2014


Before you start your day digesting the soap opera dressed up as news, here’s some real news that broke overnight.

Whether or not Obama could or could not legally do this I guess is something that’s worth debating.  But even if he’s not on solid legal ground, don’t expect any protest from Republicans not named Sessions, Vitter, King, Barletta or the like.  We already know Obama was so out of bounds on the DACA provisions of creating work permits out of thin air and charging a $465 fee per DACA applicant, a revenue collection Congress did not authorize, that he wasn’t just outside the lines, he was outside the whole stadium.  But you heard not one word of outrage from the “official” opposition.  Steve King did sue Obama in Federal court over the work permits and the fee, and that matter is still in process.

Still, I don’t think Obama is going to do any massive sweeping executive action on immigration amnesty, because it would doubly paints too big a target on Democrats’ backs and amount to no real change from our non-enforcement of immigration law since President Eisenhower ended Operation Wetback.  He thinks he can get away with this, and he probably can, because it involves the military, and of course everyone supports the military.  Strong national defense.  Because, Amurrika.

The Gifts Are For Us

3 03 2014

Menlo Park, California

To celebrate his rise to the world’s 21st richest person with an estimated net worth of $28.5 billion, which is $1.5 billion more than the last estimate of his net worth last month, Mark Zuckerberg is giving us the gifts.

When Winning Is Still Losing

14 02 2014



Nearly half of immigrants facing deportation are now winning their cases before an immigration judge, their highest success rate in more than 20 years, according to a new analysis of court data published Thursday.

The U.S. government has been losing more deportation cases each year since 2009, according to the Transaction Records Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, which collects and studies federal prosecution records.

In 2009, Barack H. Obama II became President.

If the Feds are “losing” more deportation cases in front of immigration judges, it must mean two things: One, the Feds, i.e. Obama, are pretending to fight but really conceding, and two, more and more of the immigration judges deciding these cases are Obama appointees.

Then there’s another factor:

Even when the Feds win a deportation order from a judge, that rarely results in an actual physical removal, for a lot of reasons.

Remember this when you hear about Obama or Zuckerberg propaganda about the “deportations” that have supposedly happened or will supposedly happen.  A “deportation” is starting the civil lawsuit paperwork process in front of an alien-friendly immigration judge that alien-friendly Presidents appoint.  Half the time, the judge will rule in favor of the alien, meaning they get to stay.  And in the half of the time when they rule against the alien, one thing or another precludes their actual removal.

Cause and Effect

11 02 2014


What happens when you treat enemies like domestic criminals?

Answer:  You get new Amurrikans like Ali Mohamed Ali.

Which is why, contra to some of you who might be reading these words, I’m glad that the Seals plugged OBL at the Ritz-Carlton in Abbottabad, Pockeystahn.  Because if they would have captured him alive, they might have brought him back stateside, where he would have gotten a civilian trial, Muslim jurors would have hung the jury, he would have gotten asylum in the country, and now he would have been the night manager of a 7/11 in Detroit.

Work Is Evil

10 02 2014


Yeah, there’s probably nothing more to the Democrats’ new “work is evil” meme than a CYA for the news that ObamaDontCare will destroy jobs.

But I can see how they (or even the RINO Republicans) will deploy this as a weapon in the immigration debate:

“So what that letting in more immigrants will cause more unemployment and underemployment among native born white Americans?  That’s a good thing.  Work is evil.  Work is slavery.  Unemployment is a form of liberation from the gulag.  Job lock, or polar vortex, or polar lock, or job vortex, or something like that.  You’ll be able to tuck in your kids at night and take up new hobbies like poetry or finger painting or finger painting poetry.  And with your pittance income, minus sky high ObamaDontCare premiums and deductibles, you won’t be able to afford a glamorous new lifestyle of snowboarding in Vail all season long.”

“And also…school to prison pipeline.”

Bad News First

6 02 2014


I have good news and bad news.

I’ll do the bad news first:

It’s coming from a Hispanic Mormon Congressman from Idaho who is problematic on immigration himself.

The good news:

There’s talk of toppling Boehner.

Phyllis Schlafly’s Immigration Report

4 02 2014

St. Louis

What Ann Coulter got while it was still embargoed is now available for everyone.

It’s mostly stuff I knew as a matter of either fact or common sense.

Here’s the problem with it:

The fundamental assumption in the minds of those who wrote it, (and since Phyllis Schlafly is almost 90, though a really cogent and on-the-ball 90, she probably had a lot of help in writing this), is that the most important things in human civilization are conservative American hobby horse issues.  Now, in terms of the political battle conditions on the ground, that’s a feature, not a bug, because it’s written with the assumption that elected Republicans and grass roots conservatives will read it, and the purpose of the document in light of that is begging both groups not to let RINO mendacity and Roverrated/Zuckerbutt deceitful media buys targeted at them fool them into signing on to their own suicide.

However, that’s not my chief concern.  I’m concerned with it for the negative effects it will have on white people, especially non-rich white people.  I would have liked to have seen Phyllis Schlafly write something more like Jared Taylor would write.  But we know that will never happen.  To me, worrying about which ideologies are helped or harmed by mass non-white uncontrolled immigration is as silly as worrying about which vegetables will be consumed more or less as a result of it.  Don’t forget, even among white people, ideologies have come and gone, and will always come and go.  But race is forever; if we lose the white race, we lose everything and forever.

However, the hard cold current political reality is that amnesty and open borders, which is bad for white people qua white people, is only going to get stopped here in the mid-2010s time frame if lamer cons and hobby horse cons don’t buckle.  Sure, the liberal analogue to Phyllis Schlafly could write a very similar report that amnesty and open borders hurts leftist hobby horse issues, except such a report will fall on blind eyes and deaf ears, because the sine qua non of the political left today is being against and hating white people, aka sniffing the KKKrazy Glue.  The hobby horse left is fully on board with wiping out the borders, because they presume that the new Democrat voters will help them in their quest to implement their hobby horse leftist issues.  And temporarily, they would be right.  Just not in the long run.


Two slight knit picks I have with the the report from a factual basis.

While it states that (white) legal European immigrants are just as liberal as non-white legal immigrants, that’s like worrying about causing a flood on the floor of the desert with an eye dropper full of water dripping out one drop at a time.  There are hardly any legal white European immigrants anyway.

About Asians — It may not be that changing kinds of Asian immigration has changed their voting habits from Republican in the 1980s to Democrat today.  Asian-Americans, especially East Asian-Americans, almost always take their political and voting cues from people that surround them.  What this means is that they don’t actually move the political needle, they just watch which way that other forces are moving it and then eke it along in that same direction a little bit.  If Asians voted Republican in the ’80s, it means that they were surrounded by Republicans, and if they vote Democrat today, it means that they’re now surrounded by Democrats.  Other factors caused the political constitution of the people that surround Asians to change, but Asians did not cause those things.

You can see that dynamic at work here in St. Louis.  Asians in the city vote Democrat, Asians in Chesterfield vote Republican.

That said, I think the reason that so many of today’s Asians are on the left side of the hobby horse conservative issues, according to polls, is because they’re surrounded by people who have those opinions, not because they have those opinions themselves.


Too Clever By Whole

3 02 2014


So Sean Trende’s fancy theory is that the Stupid Party is pushing amnesty+open borders because it wants to keep the 2014 red wave from being too big of a blowout for themselves, to make it a relatively narrow win.  Because they’re afraid of the implications of winning big, or they don’t want the TPM to be able to take credit for a massive red wave, or they’re trying to drive out the TPM and win anyway (albeit more narrowly) to “prove” that they can win without it.  Therefore, they’re pushing amnesty to depress their own base.

These are the kinds of off the wall theories that people come up with because they can’t accept Occam’s Razor, in this case, a donor riot.

But here’s proof that Trende’s theory is goofy — If the Stupid Party was trying to drive away its base on purpose by pushing amnesty, then why are they trying to make us think the amnesty plan they’re pushing is “conservative” and something we should embrace?  Why is Mark Zuckerberg going to start opening up his daddy warbucks war chest soon to try to con conservatives into thinking whatever Boehner+Cantor+McCarthy+Rodgers+Ryan+Goodlatte spit out is conservative if this was all an effort to drive us away?


30 01 2014



DHS seizes $21.6 million in fake NFL merchandise, arrests 50 involved

Ahead of the Super Bowl, federal officials announced a crackdown on counterfeit National Football League merchandise, revealing the seizure of more than $21.6 million in fake NFL merchandise, Thursday.

In an initiative called “Operation Team Player,” the feds targeted international shipments of counterfeit merchandise from abroad as it came into the United States, as well as warehouses, stores, online vendors, and street vendors selling counterfeit goods and tickets nationwide. The operation began in June.

“Our agents are committed to combating the criminal enterprises selling counterfeit products which undermine our economy, and take jobs away from Americans,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Acting Director John Sandweg said in a statement. “No good comes from counterfeiting American products regardless of whether they are jerseys, airbags or pharmaceuticals.”

ICE.  You mean that Federal LEA that once upon a time actually enforced immigration law?  Now it does everything but.

You see, nobody in Babylon actually wants to enforce immigration law.  But everyone in Babylon wants ICE agents and ICE section leaders to have nice cushy Federal jobs, Federal benefits and Federal pensions.  So the only thing you can do is send ICE on un-ICE-y duties, like hauling people wearing Google Glasses out of theaters (Hollywood bought Obama, Obama controls ICE, ergo ICE is now the MPAA’s private mercenary force), kiddie porn, child sex slavery and trafficking rings, and now, phony football uniforms.

Normal Business Hours

30 01 2014

South Florida

Rush Limbaugh asks (paraphrased):

Why are RINOs going on MSNBC to push amnesty and open borders to a small niche audience that already agrees with it and an audience that has virtually no Republicans or conservatives?

I respond:

For the same reason burglars work at midnight, not noon.


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