Groovin’ With Some Synergy

21 08 2014


I’ve been waiting for someone to mash up the two issues I’ve been focused on the most in this space all summer, Ferguson and open borders, and dang numbit, someone has.

Meanwhile, most white people will interpret it as it not being enough that we already have one problematic racial lumpenproletarian undertow, that we have to import another.

Meanwhile, back at the ranchero, only 18% of Hispanics are following the events from the FerGaza Strip closely, compared to 25% of whites and 54% of blacks.  Must be that ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1 we keep hearing political consultants rant and rave about.

Corporate Citizens

17 08 2014


The two big corporate names that get dragged into media stores about Ferguson:  Emerson Electric, which is actually in Ferguson, and Express Scripts, which is just to the northwest of UMSL and not far from Ferguson, are names that I just so happened to mention in a post last year.


15 08 2014

Los Angeles

“Better pass amnesty, that great Hispanic voting electorate tidal wave is coming and it’s about to swamp you unless you make nice with it!,” is the advice that Republican politicians are given by consultants whose gravy comes from the tables of billionaires who want more and more cheap labor.

Inconvenient truth:  Turnout is so anemically low in Los Angeles municipal elections that the city government is considering paying people to vote.

Another Try

14 08 2014


If you’re one of those illegal alien “children” who has been resettled in St. Louis, you might want to pay attention to the events of this week and use that as an object lesson that you might want to give ole Guatemala a second try.

Don’t Think I Have Forgotten About Immigration

12 08 2014


No way Jose, not even the rioting black undertow can get me to do that.

The Hispanic U.S. Attorney General to the previous immigration enthusiast President is begging Obama to shred the Constitution and do executive order amnesty and make what’s left of potent immigration law a dead letter.

Republocrats strike again.

*  Koch Bros doing “Hispanic outreach,” code for amnesty lobbying.  Leftist brains are blue screening all over, but it’s no surprise to most people reading these words.

Or, they might actually be unmixed white people with Spanish surnames.  Though with all the affirmative action out there, I don’t understand why they’re doing this.  Steve Sailer calls it “The Flight from White,” marginally white people getting the Census Bureau to create more and more ethnic groups in order to create new constituencies for affirmative action and also make the universe of AA beneficiaries larger, to make getting rid of AA all the more difficult.

It didn’t even take Lamar Alexander a week.

Part mass immigration, part part-time temp nation.

I take this to mean that they’re not giving up.  I personally think the lame duck session is going to be a big danger zone for us.

Proof that they’re not giving up.

And I take this to mean that the Potemkin Evangelicals for Amnesty project was a big flop.

However, what troubles me somewhat is that even these good people can’t see through the Rickroller and the Huckster and their cheap phony theatrics in spite of their long records of immigration enthusiasm, and they don’t know Ted Cruz’s support for increased legal immigration last year in spite of his whipping votes for Jeff Sessions’s political efforts this year.  The good news is that someone who is the real deal, Steve King, did speak to this audience in his home state.

Reload Reload Reload

7 08 2014


I bet Obama is waiting to see what happens tonight in Lamar Alexander vs Joe Carr to decide whether or not he’s going to some sweeping amnesty executive order.

Which means that he tonight, like a lot of people, will have his browser pointed at and will be frequently hitting reload.

And I have been able to confirm that Tennessee does not have a runoff, which means it’s now or never.  Joe Carr needs to get more votes than Lamar Alexander today, but the good part is that it need not be an absolute majority.

Tales of the Undokaminted

7 08 2014

New Hampshire


Seventy percent of Americans – including 86 percent of Republicans – believe undocumented immigrants threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs, according to the poll.

That is according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll.  I couldn’t find any party breakdown internals, but if 70% of everyone and 86% of Republicans think this, then it must mean that around half of all Democrats think it.  Except if independents are close to Republican numbers, then you only need, say, 30% of Democrats to believe this, to drag the overall number down to 70%.

A Republican candidate for New Hampshire state senator, Eddie Edwards, said seven out of 10 voters voice worries about immigration and refugees when he canvasses door to door.


Opposition to illegal immigration is higher in New England than in much of the rest of the country, according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll of mid-July. Seventy-six percent of people in the region said undocumented immigrants threaten American beliefs and customs, compared to 70 percent nationally.

New Hampshire is a New England state, a state where there’s a crucial Senate election taking place this fall.  A campaign where this media buy has already hit the airwaves:

I wouldn’t want to be Jeanne Shaheen right now.


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