Getting Over On Gringo/Infidel

22 10 2014


The hot new trend among Hispanics especially Hispanic women:

Converting to Islam.

If you thought the intersectionality between blacks and Islam had an awful stench, wait until you hit the intersectionality of Hispanic and Islam.  Everything else is the same, except generally speaking Hispanics are more competent and less impulsive.

Why Ain’t You Mad Bro?

21 10 2014


WaT notices that it’s not easy being green.

Three points:

1.  Several weeks ago, Obama announced that he was putting off whatever he was going to do until after all possible voting was done, which means not until after a hypothetical (and at this rate, probable), runoff in Louisiana in early December.  I always thought that that was dumb PR.  If he’s not going to do anything, just don’t do it and don’t say anything.  Don’t say that you’re not going to do it, and certainly don’t say that you’re not going to do it until a politically advantageous time.  If you don’t want people thinking about the color pink, don’t say anything.  If you tell them not to think pink, guess what color they’re going to think about.  Obama running around saying that he’s not going to do it until December only serves to remind people that he’s going to do it, and keeps the issue on the table and in the public consciousness.

2.  The WaT Ed Board is right to oppose it, they oppose it for most of the right reasons.  (Though they’re not right enough, if you ask me.)  What they don’t seem to understand, at least from their political demands that Obama lays all the cards on the table before election day, the implication being that it will mean more wins for team red on election day, is that if and when Obama does whatever he’s going to do, the Republican establishment is going to throw a big party in a soundproof room.  Meaning that they’ll pretend to be upset about it in public but celebrate in private.  For thirty-four million new green cards and work permits is the cheap labor lobby’s dream come true.

3.  As far as this business about the newly green carded not being able to vote, which the WaT Ed Board rightly recognizes that the “scheme portends,” my problem is that even the WaT Ed Board doesn’t realize how sooner rather than later it will happen.  While people holding green cards technically aren’t allowed to register to vote and actually vote, our fraud prevention and prosecution mechanisms are so insanely weak to non-existent (hint:  A certain political party wants it that way) that they can easily register to vote and actually vote if they want, with almost no chance of being caught.  Hell, if blatantly illegal aliens are voting, what’s to prevent quasi-legalized aliens from doing so?


Oh Nate

20 10 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Thom Tillis is open borders.  Scott Brown is making immigration patriotism his keynote issue.

Duh Nate.

Thine Will Be Done, On Earth

19 10 2014


Getting ready for amnesty.

With a catch:

This won’t be done or won’t seem to be done based on some sort of sweeping executive order.  Obama’s not going to paint such an obvious target on his party’s back, even after the elections.

Here’s how I think Obama is going to do it, one or both of these ways:

1. “Refugee is the new amnesty.” That is, finding any flimsy pretext to grant as many illegal aliens as possible refugee status and subsequent work permits.

2. “Salami slicing.”  Obama’s immigration bureaucrats will “unilaterally” and administratively make small incremental changes that winds up giving some sort of quasi legal status and work permits to illegal aliens, one little salami slice at a time.  As in trying to boil the frog. If there is any public anger, Obama will pretend to be mad, pretend that the immigration bureaucrats acted out of line, pretend that it wasn’t his fault, then go out and play golf.

See, Razatards? I Told You Not to Worry.

17 10 2014


The key sentence:

That’s because Mr. Obama has already placed most rank-and-file illegal immigrants living in the interior of the U.S. out of any danger for deportations, the MPI report concluded.

And on top of that, I bet most of the criminal illegal aliens that were “deported” weren’t really deported.  They were only “deported” in the sense that some judge ordered them to go home.

Now, you see, Razatards?  You don’t need “comprehensive immigration reform” legislation and you don’t need a Presidential executive order to get what you want.  All you need is for him or her not to enforce immigration law.  And believe me, you’ve been getting that for quite a long time, and sans a political miracle, you’ll be getting it for at least four more years starting on January 20, 2017.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

14 10 2014


Me, July 13:

I think I know what Obama means when he claims:  “The border is more secure than ever.”

It simply means that the Border Patrol employs more people than ever.

Let me do my victory lap:

What happens when elected officials use the boot of government to intrude into parts of our economy and our personal lives far beyond what our Founders ever envisioned?  They lose interest in the few legitimate functions of government they are supposed to watch closely, such as protecting our homeland.  Arch-liberal Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), is the latest example of a senator with such dyslexic priorities.

Last week, Feinstein penned an op-ed declaring our border with Mexico fully secure.  She condemned the majority of the country who think the border is not secure as “mired in this false fear of lax border security.”


Feinstein cites the increase in the number of border patrol agents and infrastructure as proof that our border is more secure than ever before.


Zuck Splurges

14 10 2014

San Francisco

Ulterior motives?  I don’ kno’ nuffin’ bowt’ no ulterior motives.

Even Rush Limbaugh just suggested that he’s trying to bribe the CDC to keep them from suggesting serious immigration control as a solution at least and maybe even to get them to state that open borders will stop and cure and assuage Ebola.


Or maybe he had a $125 million bill burning a hole in his pocket, so he splurged on this and some Hawaii beachfront.  Because, middle class greed hurts billionaires in need.


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