Good For Him

24 07 2014

Milford, Michigan


won’t accept an award from the Chamber Pot of Commerce because of the group’s incessant push for open borders.

Last time I mentioned him was more than two years ago. Incidentally, the lack of signatures should have ended John Conyers’s political career this year, but he found some judge to put him back on the ballot.

Viva La Raza! Viva My Job!

24 07 2014

Los Angeles


Murguia demanded that the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants who are currently here receive amnesty and said the road to the White House for Republicans goes through the Latino community and La Raza

That’s about as insightful as the President of the National Association of Buddhist Vegetarians saying that Buddhist vegetarians are the crucial swing demographic in Presidential elections and that the road to the White House for any political party goes through the National Association of Buddhist Vegetarians.

The reality is that in voting terms, Hispanics punch far under their weight. Hispanics were a vast plurality and almost a majority of California’s population in November 2012, yet only 21% of the California electorate on the Presidential election day was Hispanic. Coincidentally, 21% of the Texas electorate on that same election day was Hispanic, and Hispanic voting patterns in CA and TX on that day weren’t much different, yet CA was a foregone blue state and TX was a foregone red state. Ask yourself why that was, research and find the answer, and you’ll find out where “the road to the White House” REALLY goes through.

David Perdue 1, Chamber Pot of Commerce 0

23 07 2014


How David Perdue eked it out:

Except I don’t know how dependable David Perdue, a first cousin to former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue, really is.

All we can take from this is that when immigration and the Chamber Pot of Commerce’s fanatical support for open borders are brought out into the open, people generally stick to to the Chamber Pot.

Silver Blaze

22 07 2014


No, lunatic.  The problem isn’t that the Texas NG is going there to shoot “children” (i.e. diseased adolescent gang bangers from Central America), they’re going there to be campaign props for Rickroller Perry’s Presidential campaign.

There’s an easy way to tell that these are nothing but cheap ineffectual political theatrics — The fact that Obama has not nationalized the Texas NG and told them to turn around and go home, and he could. If this was intended to do something positive about the problem, Obama would have done that already. That he has not is a dog not barking Silver Blaze clue to the vacuity of the whole affair.

And guess who’s a big fan of this lunatic and has him on her show a lot?  That’s right, the screaming yuppie, who has joined her new boss in the soccer ball and teddy bear crusade.


Proof that I was right, as if any was needed.

Now That You’re Paying Attention

21 07 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

The following is a short field guide to modern immigration politics for the newbie.

Congratulations, historic American nation.  You have finally discovered the immigration issue.

Now that the issue has your attention, and now that I have your attention, it’s time for Uncle Blogmeister to sit the historic American nation down on his lap and give it several wooden nickels’ worth of free advice.

1.  There is no more important issue in American politics today.  It’s a master switch which will affect all the other, less important ones.

2.  But don’t think the real reason to win this issue is for the sake of any abstract ideology or any political party.  It’s to preserve a particular people in a particular place.  Politics, systems, issues are temporary and fleeting, but people are forever.  Once you lose people, you’ve lost period.

3.  The very people who are going to try to talk you out of caring about immigration or at least trying to make you think it should not be important to you are people who themselves have immigration as their a-number-one concern in terms of open borders/no borders.

4.  Condition yourself to be immune to distractions, because now that you care, the open borders lobby is going to try to come at you with one “LOOK SQUIRREL~!1″ after another after another.  The squirrels they want you to look at are nowhere near as dangerous as the mad hungry grizzly bear quickly approaching you.

5.  Don’t be taken in by cheap meaningless ineffectual political theatrics and stunts, e.g. Rickroller Perry.  They’re designed to get you to ignore their questionable if not completely horrible record on immigration.

6.  Talk is one thing, but people who talk talk talk a good game then take soccer balls and teddy bears to hoardes of diseased gang-banging adolescents have something wrong in the head, e.g. Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, Ted Cruz.

7.  Because immigration is the issue, and the most important issue, don’t support politicians who are horrible on immigration but “good” on everything else, e.g. Rand Paul.  Don’t reward treason.

8.  Resist the temptation to engage in red team blue team partisanship.  There’s plenty of credible legitimate blame to go around to both the red team and the blue team, and it has been going on long enough such that it’s just not Obama’s fault or Bush 43′s fault…this sore has been festering for a very long time.  However, note that our side’s true soldiers are two things:  Elected Republicans, but not allowed into Republican leadership or elite circles.

9.  Identify the true soldiers and reward them.  Here are a few to get you started:  Jeff Sessions, Steve King, Lou Barletta, Tom Tancredo, Joe Arpaio, Kris Kobach.

10.  Immigration is a racial issue, don’t fool yourself or anyone else into thinking it’s not.  Tolerate non-whites in our movement, but don’t pander to them, never feel that you need their permission to think what you think or do what you do, and never try to legitimize your cause based on the presence of these non-whites.

11.  The most common answers to the most common question you will have while making your way through immigration politics is this:  “It’s the donors,” “Cheap labor,” “Electing a new people.”

12.  Don’t believe anyone’s propaganda about “all these harsh deportations.”  Hardly anyone is actually physically deported, and it has been that way for a long time.

13.  I hate to break it to you, but illegal aliens currently in country are actually voting (anti-fraud mechanisms are deliberately crippled, prosecutions for voter fraud are very rare), collecting welfare (the wonderful Federal judiciary), working (E-Verify?  What E-Verify?  Politicians and activists of both parties are mightily resisting universal E-Verify).

14.  There were people and groups and media sources talking about immigration before talking about immigration was cool.  Find them and patronize them.  Examples:  American Renaissance, V-Dare, Laura Ingraham, but there are others.  Most of the others are Johnny Come Lately.  Better that Johnny came than not at all, but if Johnny would have been there from the beginning, we’d be much closer to having this issue favorably solved.

15.  Mass immigration by design helps make the ultra-rich even more rich.  Which is why almost every American billionaire wants amnesty and open borders, why they bribe politicians in order to get it.  The New York Times is fanatically for open borders these days because it’s partially owned by a Mexican megabillionaire named Carlos Slim who was given a state monopoly on Mexican telecommunications and who collects a check with every phone call between the USA and Mexico.  At the end of the day, though, a single multibillionaire only has one vote, and hitching the immigration issue to the populist versus elitist struggle is probably one of the very best ways to to turn out voters for our cause and against the traitors, see Dave Brat versus Eric Cantor.

16.  In spite of the mantra the other side spews, EVERY nation is a nation of immigrants.  The entire history of the world can be compressed into what happens when one group of people get up and go somewhere else.  However, it does not follow that all immigration is desirable.  Also learn the difference between colonization and immigration, and realize that one only truly has in this world what one is strong enough to attain and retain.

17.  It might be some time before our enemies try to ram some sort of legislation down our throats, but when they do, don’t be taken in by distractions and diversions there, either.  If the legislation grants some sort of legal status or “deportation” forbearance to illegals and it gives them a work permit, that’s amnesty, full stop.  It’s all the amnesty the illegals want, and it’s all the amnesty that billionaires and corporations want.

18.  Condition yourself out of ideological cults, and condition yourself into this one question:  Is it good for white people?

This list is subject to being amended numerous times.  If you are new to the immigration issue, in accordance with the sudden surge of interest which is a reaction to the border surge, and the protests and rallies of this past weekend, use the comment section to ask me.  I’ve been studying this issue for a long time.


Before you leave suggestions for new bullet points in the comment section, remember who I wrote this for:  The newbies.  Therefore, whatever you suggest I should add should be targeted at newbies, not experienced people.  Think of this field guide as boot camp for new recruits, not OCS.  Perhaps later, with help from certain people, we can write a similar quickie field guide that’s like OCS, teaching experienced activists how to be leaders and teachers and recruiters on their own.




Latino Power, Part II

21 07 2014


They just noticed the same thing I did a few weeks ago.

In a state full of Hispanics in southern California, how is it that the state’s political establishment is heavily white or Jewish, elderly, and from the Bay Area?

Far be it from me to suggest that these two things aren’t contradictory.  Farther still to suggest that one day in the recent past, the middle aged white/Jewish Bay Area state political establishment figured on mass Hispanic immigration as the ideal way to drive the voters who could have toppled them out of the state in order to elect a new people who would never un-elect them.

Even when the current crop of geezers finally retires, and I get the feeling that some of them will retire directly to the pine box, I don’t expect much to change.  The only thing that may change is that the California political club will get more diverse in terms of more Asians.  But look at the younger people in my post of a few weeks ago; Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Kamala Harris are both from San Francisco, the former was Mayor and the latter was San Francisco County D.A. until both won their respective statewide offices in 2010.  Both are expected to run for Governor in 2018.  The long and short of it is that southern California Hispanics won’t be part of the state ruling class anytime soon.

Today’s Immigration News

17 07 2014


Good polling news, but it begs the question:  How did we get in a situation where most voters want deportation (i.e. immigration law enforced) but where “deportation” is a political cuss word in Official America?

By “quandary for Democrats,” what they mean is that Democrats are trying to find away to avoid being blamed for the real world consequences of what they want while at the time time trying to pawn all the blame off on Republicans.

Come to think of it, the RINOs are trying to do the same thing in the polar opposite.

I would be just as worried as Mickey Kaus if these were any other times.  But I doubt they’re going to try to pull a scam like this, because it’s an election year and people are paying attention to the issue, the news and the actions of politicians more closely than ever.  If they do try a scam like this, it’s probably also good news for us, because people will then start to understand the severe disconnect between us and the system, how much the powers that be hate us.


Godwin’s Law Meets Camp of the Saints

17 07 2014

Boston; Vermont

He said it, and he said it.

Five, six, seven, eight…

There’s no business like Shoah business like no business I know…

I wonder if the ADL will complain about their appropriation of their holy sacrament.

Otherwise, that’s how we know we’ve won the argument or the politics.  “Nazi/Holocaust” means “we’ve got nothing left.”

Days of Protest

16 07 2014


Friday and Saturday, lots of immigration patriot groups are organizing mass national protests in a lot of cities.  They will mainly be on highway overpasses.

St. Louis’s will both be on Saturday, on the Jamieson overpass over I-44 from 11 AM to 4 PM in southwest city, and in Fairview Heights on the Bunkum Road overpass over I-64 from 9 AM to Noon.  In Hannibal, also on Saturday, theirs will be on the Country Club Drive overpass over I-72 from 9 AM to Noon.  If I can squirm out of work, that’s the one I’ll go to, mainly because I’ll still be in Montgomery City even through Saturday, and I’m closer to Hannibal than I am to St. Louis.  That and the view looking eastward from that overpass is terrific, looking from pretty much the top of the bluffs down on the river bottoms on the other side of the river in Illinois, and the I-72 bridge, even though you really can’t see the river itself.

Shorter Paul Ryan

16 07 2014


Apply a new coat of paint on the Gang Bangers of Eight bill and keep saying that it’s not amnesty, and maybe that will fool enough people.

Really, all he’s suggesting that we do is take the existing Gang Bangers of Eight bill and stretch out the time provisions and tweak this or that part of other laws.

On the one hand, he says that illegals will get a “probationary period,” in which they’ll have to do this and that and not do this and that, and we’ll have to do this and do that and not do this and not do that, and they’ll have to “work,” and after five years, if they’ve behaved themselves, they’ll get a work permit. Pardon me, Mr. Ryan, but how are they going to be able to work legally during the probationary period if they don’t get the work permit until after they have finished it in good standing?

It sounds to me that “probationary period” during which they’ll have to “work” is just a new name legal status and a work permit immediately (i.e. the real amnesty), which makes it really no different from Gang Bangers of Eight or any “comprehensive immigration reform” bill, only it adds some semantic devices to try to con us.

Great Minds Think Like Me

15 07 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Laptop

When I read this story this morning, this paragraph said all:

But as with other hot-button issues, congressional Republicans fare even worse in the court of public opinion, with 66 percent disapproving of the job GOP lawmakers have done to address the crisis. Almost as many Republicans disapprove of their party’s handling of the issue as say they approve, with negative ratings rising to a majority among conservatives.

And then I turn on 1120 at 11 o’clock, much weaker here in Montgomery City, where I am for the Montgomery County Fair, and the one who ties half his brain behind his back said exactly what I was thinking.

Why shouldn’t a  majority of conservatives disapprove of the open borders RINOs in Congressional leadership?  And why isn’t it a supermajority, or much better, near-universal?

On the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue, don’t overlook the fact that 60% of independents and even 37% of Democrats disapprove of Obama on his facilitating the Camp of the Saints.

Today’s Immigration News

14 07 2014


Los Angeles and also New York have now become suburbs of the West Bank.  I vaguely remember from history that there was once a time when both were American cities.

Sifting through the usual bullshit, (and that is something I did in their comment section), the moral of this story is the white working class voters still matter.

The last paragraph in this tells all.

It says that he’s a “four-time deportee,” but all that probably means is that he got four different court orders ordering his deportation, i.e. meaningless pieces of paper.

If I had a private meeting with Mark Zuckerberg…the detectives would quickly figure out that I was the last to see him alive.

Anyway, there was a time not so long ago that politicians named Paul and fans of politicians named Paul were apoplectic over megabillionaires and politicians having secret confabs (Bilderberg Group, anyone?).

Mexico and Guatemala Agree on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

10 07 2014

Catazajá, Mexico

Guatemalans and Belizeans who sneak into Mexico across Mexico’s southern border will not be allowed to stay legally for longer than 72 hours.  They will be shipped out of Mexico expeditiously.


Way Jose

10 07 2014


Brenda Walker in V-Dare writes about Ed Rollins’s call for seven million legal immigrants a year:

Jose won’t be packing boxes in a manufacturing plant because Baxter the Robot … will be performing that task 24/7 with a purchase price of $22,000 and operating cost for $3 per hour. The correct number of immigrants is ZERO because of the radically changing labor market, as well as failing assimilation and insufficient water supply.

Except…that’s why TPTB want seven million legal immigrants a year.  If they get that, then Jose will be packing boxes in a factory for $2 an hour.  (What minimum wage laws?)  Why invest $22k and $3/hour in a robot when there’s a steady stream of Joses flooding across the border to keep your labor costs lower than $3 an hour?  This is why American agriculture isn’t already far more mechanized, because the steady flood across the border means it’s cheaper to use cheap labor than to invest and maintain technology.

As for Ed Rollins, he’s an example of the barnacle class I keep harping about.  He has made a career out of managing Reagan’s 1984 re-election campaign to 49 states, even though he has done nothing remarkable since then.  Except that a monkey could have managed Reagan ’84 to 49 states.  Rollins is one of many of these barnacles that are lucky enough to latch on to winners, so people presume that they had something to do with the win, when they really had nothing to do with it.

A Matter of $247 Billion

10 07 2014

New York

Three people worth $175 billion between them are whining for open borders in an op-ed in a newspaper partially owned by someone worth $72 billion.  They want us to ignore June 10 — It’s like I said, when reality isn’t good for plutocrats, plutocrats just buy a new reality.  $247 billion buys you a lot of fake self-serving reality.

Meanwhile, let us eat cake.


Blogmeister Plus Buckets of Cold Water

10 07 2014


Don’t get too excited.  All she’s saying is that black people should be getting the gibs instead of those brown people.

I Hope He Catches TB and Dies

9 07 2014


I heard a rumor that Glenn Beck came out against the protests against the Camp of the Saints, and now I’ve been able to confirm and more.

I think I’ve finally figured this hustler out.  All you need is one simple word:  Contrarian.

How is he going to be able to get into the kiddie hovels yet Jim Bridenstine can’t?  But hey, at least it might work out for the best for us.  Remember, those camps are TB factories.


7 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

PJB vs Peter Brimelow.

Here’s the way out:

Impeach, but only on one count:  Immigration.

The rest of Obama’s impeachable offenses can be handled in the court of public opinion and history, and the real courts if circumstances permit, later on.  I think formally impeaching Obama over immigration alone will eventually make all his other transgressions seem worse in the long run.  But leave all the other stuff for the long run.

Impeaching Obama on his immigration treachery only and alone will:  (A) Call massive public attention on the immigration issue, and (B) Will poll a lot better than impeaching Clinton ever did.  Clinton was impeached on perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice, but the media were able to buy a new reality and spin it into someone’s obsession over sex, while immigration is a crucial public policy matter, and (C) Be a massive win in the long run for immigration patriots, even if the Senate does not vote to remove, and I doubt that they would get 67 votes to remove him anyway.


Activism Opportunity

6 07 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Jamie Dimon, CEO
JP Morgan Chase
270 Park Avenue, 39th Floor
New York NY 10017

Write him a snail mail telling him that you canceled your Chase Bank (credit card/bank account/whatever) because of his immigration treason.  Even if you don’t and never had any business with Chase Bank, in which case you should probably not include your name on either the letter or the return address on the envelope.  If you do, this would be a good opportunity to move your business to another bank.  I know two people with Chase credit cards who I’ve already talked to this evening who have told me they’re going to find other banks to transfer their cards’ balances as soon as they can, because of this.

I have my snail mail ready to go tomorrow into the mailbox, and no, I’ve never had any personal business with Chase Bank.

Let’s spook the hell out of ole B.J.

H-1B: The New Four-Letter Word

6 07 2014

San Jose, California

Pretty good feature in the San Jose Mercury-News today about the H-1Backlash.  It even quotes Norm Matloff of V-Dare fame to provide a crucial detail.

I wonder if Life of an IT Grunt, on my blogroll, has heard about this story.

Guess who recently broached the H-1B taboo?  Dave Brat.

Too Easy

4 07 2014


Dedicated to Sheila Jackson-Lee.

The harmonies?  Nice and tight.  But it takes real talent to do that mouth popping thing.

Geography Lesson

4 07 2014

Murrieta, California


The caption of this photo:

A group of Aztec dancers in traditional garb dance outside the Murrieta Border Patrol station on Friday, July 4, 2014.

The relevant body paragraph about this photo:

A group of Aztec dancers in traditional garb is commanding the attention of the crowd, dancing as a drum plays in the background. They’re shouting, “let our children go” and “immigrants are welcome here, no papers, no fear.” They’re also chanting in Spanish, “We are here and we’re not leaving.”

Keep that in mind when you consider this map:


Also keep in mind that the people of the Aztec Empire didn’t speak Spanish.  As a matter of fact, Spanish-speaking Spaniards conquered and dismantled the Aztec Empire.

Thirty Years Ago Today

4 07 2014


The WSJ printed this editorial:

Amid the fireworks and picnics as this nation celebrates its independence tomorrow, we hope Americans stop to ask, what is the United States? The question is especially appropriate at this moment in the history of a nation of immigrants; upon returning from its July 4 recess Congress will try to finish work on the Simpson-Mazzoli bill.

The answer to the question is in the first words of our Constitution, “We, the people.” It was the people, and especially new people, who worked this land into a New World. We hope today’s gentlepeople, the descendants of the tired and poor who sought refuge on these shores, can still spare a thought for today’s huddled masses, yearning to be free.

Simpson-Mazzoli, we are repeatedly told, is a carefully crafted compromise. It is in fact an anti-immigration bill. Note well that despite its grant of amnesty for aliens who have been residents long enough, its most outspoken opponents are the Hispanics, who would prefer to live with the present laws. Its constituency is an interesting and perhaps portentous alliance of the “nativist” Americans who still dominate Mountain States politics and the “Club of Rome” elitists of the Boston-Washington corridor.

We can hope that the bill will die in the House-Senate conference, which still must resolve such contentious differences as whether or not to have a program of temporary guest workers for agriculture. If it survives conference, President Reagan would be wise to veto it as antithetical to the national self-confidence his administration has done so much to renew.

If Washington still wants to “do something” about immigration, we propose a five-word constitutional amendment: There shall be open borders. Perhaps this policy is overly ambitious in today’s world, but the U.S. became the world’s envy by trumpeting precisely this kind of heresy. Our greatest heresy is that we believe in people as the great resource of our land. Those who would live in freedom have voted over the centuries with their feet. Wherever the state abused its people, beginning with the Puritan pilgrims and continuing today in places like Ho Chi Minh City and Managua, they’ve aimed for our shores. They — we — have astonished the world with the country’s success.

The nativist patriots scream for “control of the borders.” It is nonsense to believe that this unenforceable legislation will provide any such thing. Does anyone want to “control the borders” at the moral expense of a 2,000-mile Berlin Wall with minefields, dogs and machine-gun towers? Those who mouth this slogan forget what America means. They want those of us already safely ensconced to erect giant signs warning: Keep Out, Private Property.

The instinct is seconded by the “zero-sum” mentality that has been intellectually faddish this past decade. More people, the worry runs, will lead to overcrowding; will use up all our “resources,” and will cause unemployment. Trembling no-growthers cry that we’ll never “feed,” “house” or “clothe” all the immigrants — though the immigrants want to feed, house and clothe themselves. In fact, people are the great resource, and so long as we keep our economy free, more people means more growth, the more the merrier. Somehow the Reagan administration at least momentarily adopted the cramped Club-of-Rome vision, forgetting which side of this debate it is supposed to support. Ronald Reagan, we thought, marched to different bywords — “growth,” for example, and “opportunity.”

If anyone doubts that the immigration and growth issue touches the fundamental character of a nation, he should look to recent experience in Europe. Some European governments are taken in by the no-growth nonsense that economic pies no longer grow, and must be sliced. They are actually paying immigrants and guest workers to go home: the Germans pay Turks, the French pay North Africans, the British pay West Indians and Asians. It was this dour view of people as liabilities, not assets, that led to the great European emigration to the U.S. in the first place. Meanwhile, Europe today settles into long-term unemployment for millions while the U.S. economy is booming with new jobs.

The same underlying difference in vision applies in political ideals. The individual is the lightning rod of 20th-century politics. The totalitarians of the Communist Bloc don’t allow their people to leave. The foremost use of the machinery of the state is to wall in the citizens. If we cannot change their regimes, the least we can do is to offer refuge to those of their peoples with the opportunity and courage to arrive here. To do otherwise is to say that the ideals upon which this Republic was founded are spent, that what is left is to negotiate the terms of surrender.

America, above all, is a nation founded upon optimism. The Republic will prosper so long as it does not disavow this taproot. The issue is not what we offer the teeming masses, but what they offer us: their hands, their minds, their spirit, and above all the chance to be true to our own past and our own future.




I Heard the Number of the Sealed, a Hundred and Forty-Four

3 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

Like I said, it was going to take awhile for the events of June 10 really to sink in to the political class.

The cheap labor lobby is still stuck on denial and anger, and instead of letting themselves progress through the final three stages of grief, they’re using their big money to buy a new pseudo-reality that it had nothing to do with immigration, that it was just a one-off, that Eric Cantor got disconnected with the people of his district, (as if he’s the only member of Congress who ever got disconnected from the people of his or her district or state).

It looks like just about everyone else have zoomed on through to acceptance.

If this is to be believed, then 144 of 233 House Republicans were on board with some sort of bill passing.  Whoever wrote this is right I think in that they wanted it to pass without their having to vote yes on it, i.e. they wanted the vote to go down in such a way that virtually all Democrats and just enough of the 144 Republicans who wanted it to vote for it in order for it to get to the magic number of 218, leaving most of the 144 in support with the luxury of voting no for outward appearances on a bill they really wanted.

I think one of the big hangups all along for the Gang of 144 is that what they wanted to pass was a Republican establishment friendly bill, in that it would allow for a whole lot more legal immigrant visa labor, H1B and otherwise, it would give legal status and work permits to current illegals, but no possibility of a path to citizenship, and therefore, no new votes for Democrats.

The problem with that strategy for the Gang of 144 is that the Democrats weren’t going to vote for a bill that wasn’t friendly to Democrats and help the blue team win elections ASAP.  Like I said here often last year, the red team-blue team partisan wrangling over which team benefits from the way a given amnesty bill is written was going to kill the whole project before any of our complaining.  I also said if the Democrats were smart, and not so greedy and anxious, they’d “reluctantly” vote for and support a Republican friendly bill, because it would be Democrat friendly in the long term.  This is one time when the Democrats were acting out of character, not thinking long term, and that turned out to be good for us.

All that was swept away on June 10.  Again if this is to be believed, half of the Gang of 144 jumped off the sinking ships like rats after June 10.

My spidey sense tells me that the Gang of 144 was never as big as 144, that the portion of them that gave up after June 10 was more than half.  I don’t have any hard evidence to back up that contention, though.  The alternative is that there were really 144 House Republicans who wanted some form of amnesty, meaning the depressing influence is that all we have on our side on this issue are 89 House Republicans and the odd House Democrat.

The long and short of this is that the precise head count isn’t important.  The important takeaway is that this is why June 10 needed to happen and happen badly, and it probably happened at just the right time.  We needed Republican voters in a Republican primary bouncing out an incumbent open borders type and replacing him or her with an open patriot, with the immigration issue being well understood as the reason.  We needed the first sign of being for amnesty and open borders of any sort being a political third rail within Republican politics, which we did not have before June 10.


The more I think about it, the more I think that there were never 144 House Republicans who were solidly in support of a bill that does some sort of amnesty.  They were probably receptive to a bill that had a lot of enforcement, but were holding off on solid support until they read the fine print, whatever the fine print was going to be.  I now think that all this boasting about how 120 or 144 House Republicans were backing a bill was Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy, Goodlatte, Paul Ryan and others placating the donors so that the donors would keep writing checks.  If there were 144 who seriously wanted a bill, the leadership would have started the formal legislative crafting process in the first place, and furthermore it would be at least very far along, even if the big hurdle was Democrats who wanted a path to voter registration.  As it is, there was never any action at all in Goodlatte’s Judiciary Committee, where any immigration legislation would have started, just as the Gang Bangers of Eight bill started in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Border Control

3 07 2014


You see?  When they want to do it, the Feds can have serious border control, and keep people out.

That’s the same Jim Bridenstine who I said last week should have run for Senate to replace the early retiring Tom Coburn.

You’re a Fine One to Talk

3 07 2014


A problem?

Hold the phone.

Isn’t this what you wanted?  Isn’t this what your son wants?

It’s amazing when people say they want something, and then when they get what they want, they complain about the negative consequences and then act like this isn’t what they wanted.

If you order a burger with onions, then don’t be surprised if you start crying.

I had it and lost it, and can’t find it, but there’s a YT video of Ron Paul in 1988 telling some white person in California that he’s just going to have to put up with open borders and cheap labor.


Thanks to Jack Ryan of OD for finding it for me.

Lord Give Me Strength

3 07 2014

Lexington, South Carolina

I met James Metts and heard him talk when I was at a CofCC function in 1998.  At the time, Metts was toying with an independent run for Governor, and was certainly behaving like a political candidate.

Heat Without Light

2 07 2014


I figured on most labor unions being for amnesty and open borders in spite of the well being of its members having something to do with the well being of the Democrat Party and/or trying to create a new union membership constituency.

But Richard Dumb-ka has an apparent reason.  Reading between the lines here, it seems that the “reasoning” is that if illegal aliens get some sort of legal status and work permits, then employers won’t be able to exploit them and they will no longer be low wage competition for unionized workers.

Okaybut…if they get legal status and work permits, then they’ll suddenly become legal low wage competition for unionized workers.

Extending Dumb-ka’s reasoning out to its logical conclusion, then every non-American in the world would have to be given a work permit to makes sure that they can’t be exploited.  (That sound you hear is Rand Paul cheering and clapping upon reading “everyone in the world gets a work permit.”)  And then we’ll live in an exploitation-free slave wage paradise.

If they were so worried about employer exploitation of illegal alien labor over at the AFL-CIO, they’d push for E-Verify, and swift punishment of employers that hire illegals.  However, the AFL-CIO is openly opposed to E-Verify.

That logic doesn’t wash.  So we’re back to square one:  My first sentence.

Also in this we find out that only 12 million people were processed for legal immigration on Ellis Island when it was operational for that purpose, between 1892 and 1954.  The one thing Rush slightly flubs here is that you just can’t divide 12 million by 62 years and assume 193,000 per year, because the legal flow was seriously curtailed after 1924, and the Depression probably discouraged a whole lot of legal immigration.  Ellis Island was already closed by the time the floodgates were opened again in 1965.  Also, Ellis Island was the busiest legal immigrant processing and inspection center, but not the only one of the time.

Their Hearts Were In the Right Place

1 07 2014

Murietta, California


But they used the wrong flag.

Try this:




1 07 2014



Why then are tens of thousands of Latin Americans willingly flooding into a supposedly racist country where cutthroat capitalism ignores the poor and the oppressed such as themselves? In most past polls of Mexican citizens, two general themes often show up: the majority of Mexican nationals believe that the American Southwest still should belong to Mexico, and a sizable minority would like to leave Mexico for the U.S. You figure out the mentality. I cannot but I do detect the vague paradox: Mexico wants Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California back so that it resembles Mexico, which many Mexican citizens would then leave because it had become, well, Mexico. What is this strange attraction toward a country that, in so many formal announcements both south of the border and among open-borders advocates north of it, is supposedly suspect?

Easy riddle to solve.  They want white people’s prosperity but not white people’s authority.


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