Nothing More Than Feelings

29 09 2014


FAIL and FAIL again:

Extremists will have to get posts on Facebook and Twitter approved in advance by the police under sweeping rules planned by the Conservatives.

They will also be barred from speaking at public events if they represent a threat to “the functioning of democracy”, under the new Extremist Disruption Orders.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, will lay out plans to allow judges to ban people from broadcasting or protesting in certain places, as well as associating with specific people.

The plans — to be brought in if the Conservatives win the election in May — are part of a wide-ranging set of rules to strengthen the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy.


The Home Secretary will also introduce “banning orders” for extremist groups, which would make it a criminal offence to be a member of or raise funds for a group that spreads or promotes hatred. The maximum sentence could be up to 10 years in prison.

The new orders will be part of the Government’s “Prevent” strategy, which tackles the ideology behind the terrorist threat. So-called hate preachers, who currently stay just within terrorism legislation, will be one of the targets of banning orders and Extremism Disruption Orders (EDOs).


EDOs would apply if a judge is convinced that an individual is carrying out their activities for “the purpose of overthrowing democracy”.

Emphasis added, for a very important reason.

Britain’s “anti-terrorism” efforts are the same kind of slap-happy failure as ours are, for much the same reason.


It’s like I wrote yesterday in this space:  We’re responding to tribal threats with an ideological response.  Instead of shipping the non-white Muslims out of Britain, the “best” they can do is concoct a bunch of Rube Goldberg legal devices (which will anarcho-tyrannically be enforced mainly on right-wing whites, mark me) based on the pretense that non-white Muslims are only bad because they’re “extreme” or “hateful” or oppose duhmocrazy.  (Meanwhile, I can find a hateful extremist that opposes duhmocrazy on the other side of the mirror.)  An earlier version of this article said that these generic extremists (don’t say “Muslim”) are causing “community tensions.”  Which means they’re hurting people’s feelings.

So here’s the fight song to Britain’s anti-Muslim terrorism efforts:

Stuns of Silence

29 09 2014



Weeks before he will reportedly enact a massive executive amnesty for illegal immigrants, President Barack Obama was silent on immigration when he addressed the Congressional Black Caucus’ Phoenix Awards Dinner on Saturday evening in Washington, D.C.

Yeah, I’m scratching my increasingly gray hair on that one, too. No, really I am.

I don’t see why Obama would have thought that mentioning open borders would have made the CBC members mad or upset. Just about all of them are open borders all the way. That’s because they’re more concerned about electing a new people to help YAY BLUE TEAM which will in turn help CBC members. Also, almost all CBC members don’t have to worry about black voters turning on them over immigration.  Sure, the immigration surge is going to hurt black workers, but they’re not going to take their anger out on their CBC-member Congressman.  (Dirty little secret:  This is why they want so badly for some bipartisan immigration amnesty bill with the fingerprints of at least one Republican on it.  This way, Obama/CBC/Democrats can channel black immigration anger at Republicans.)

All pros, no cons, so why not?

And also, screwing over white people.

“Nothing But a Piece of Paper”

28 09 2014


That’s not a bug, that’s a feature of proposition nations.

To wit:

The ultimate wish of typical professional from economically poor and politically unstable Arab countries is to obtain the maximum benefits from both the developed West (a passport) and the thriving new economies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (a job), while offsetting the disadvantages—the high cost of living in the West and the absence of naturalization in the GCC nations.


Kerry Molitor, a Toronto-based immigration consultant with 12 years of experience, believes that newcomers see citizenship as the final step toward permanently belonging to Canadian society. She points to the Conservative government’s “heavy-handed approach” to immigration. “I hope that the remainder of Bill C-24 is thoroughly examined by all political parties before reaching the final stage of approval,” she says.

I hope that it is thoroughly examined before reaching the final stage of approval.  Because the proposal, as you can read, isn’t strong enough.  “Strong enough” is an explicitly ethnonationalist Canada that exists for the benefit of the entirely white and almost entirely British people that founded it, with an independent Quebec over there.  No giving citizenship to the non-white mystery meat.

And also, I wouldn’t want to pledge allegiance to a leaf.  And a dying leaf at that.  Bring back the real Canadian flag.


Simple Math

25 09 2014


Democracy + Egalitarianism + Empire =


So we’re invading the world with a military that looks like the world we’re invading.

Wishful Sandbagging

25 09 2014


All the cliches are present and accounted for.

So what’s going on here?

I have two theories:

1.  The cheap labor lobby is figuring on Republicans taking the Senate, so they’re constructing a political myth that there will have to be a comprehensive immigration reform bill done in the next Congress so that the zomg great Hispanic voter tidal wave in 2016 doesn’t wash away the red team’s 2014 gains.

2.  The cheap labor lobby fears that Republicans will take the Senate, that the critical states and races that will make it happen will ultimately swing on the immigration issue and immigration patriotism, and that the political message will be that comprehensive immigration reform is a loser.  Therefore, they’re going to sandbag the whole election season by associating the loser cause with Republican Senate candidates as a generality precisely so that Republicans don’t take the Senate, and precisely so that immigration patriotism doesn’t get the political credit and in fact may be said to get the political blame, so that open borders Democrats can keep control of the Senate.

Thirteen Years Short

24 09 2014


My illegitimate father’s latest column has to do with the issue everyone’s talking about these days.

Let me sum up what he’s trying to say:

“I used to think that Hispanics were the New Italians.  I don’t anymore.”

Ironically, the old Italians are disproportionately on the forefront of trying to prevent a deluge of the New Italians.  (Barletta, Tancredo, Arpaio…get the hint?)  And of course your ever-lovin’ blogmeister can claim the green-white-and-red as a major component of his ethnic constitution.


Immigration Miscellany

22 09 2014


Joe Biden invokes God?  Of course he does, for something he wants.  You’d think the atheists and the church-state separation fanatics would have a fit, but they’ll give it a pass this time because it’s for a good cause.

*  Remember, the entire point of Obama putting off his imperial decree until after the election was for immigration not to be an issue this season which would wreck Democrats.  Since he knows that, you’d think he’d be smart enough to shut up about it.  But no, lame brain with a nine iron keeps on talking about it, even in the context of delaying it until after a possible Louisiana Senate election runoff in early December if neither Mary Landrieu nor some Republican gets a majority of the vote on November 4.  That’s horrible PR for Obama’s sake, because his talking about it defeats the purpose of why he delayed his executive action.  Another angle is that Obama through the press secretary denied at first that the elections had anything to do with the delay.  Nobody bought that, but his decision to delay action past a hypothetical Louisiana runoff is proof that it’s all about election season.

BTW, who died and made the Congressional Hispanic Caucus the lord of all politics?

First off, you know Obama won’t respond.  Second, you don’t need to write this letter because everyone knows roughly what he’s going to do if he signs an imperial decree — Legally forbear the theoretical threat of deportation for many if not all illegal aliens currently in country and give them work permits using provisions in 1986 IRCA as legal justification, all for a convenient several hundred dollar fee from each illegal applicant.  The third thing is that Bob Goodlatte, amnesty and open borders all the way, has a lot of nerve pretending to be concerned all of a sudden.  The reality is that if and when Obama does something in December, Goodlatte and a whole herd of RINOs will be privately cheering.

* George P. Bush misses the point. That is, if he’s not totally intellectually dishonest or deflecting to his maternal half of his DNA. It’s not the dollars and cents that matter, it’s the fact that policies like these slowly but surely make the crucial matter of immigration law and the enforcement thereof a dead letter.

* If patriotic immigration reform can make it in Massachusetts, then it can make it just about anywhere.

* LOL!


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