Miss the Brisket

14 07 2014


There’s just one sentence from this that tells you everything you need to know:

Site selection officials concluded after visiting the city that the Sprint Center lacked sufficient suites for entertaining high-dollar donors.

Who I’m sure will be dumping all that money on the RNC just to come there and watch someone who is not their hand-picked horse accept the nomination.

Two years before the fact, I already know what happened.  We had a dozen non-credible flashes in the pans flame in and flame out during the primary season, dividing the anti-establishment vote, making it possible for the establishment’s candidate to win early primaries with low percentage pluralities but win all those states’ delegates because they’re winner-take-all.  What there was not was someone in the race running as a militant populist outsider willing to take no prisoners, which was the only thing that could have derailed the establishment.  By the time the middle of the primary season comes, the flashes in the pan ran out, and the establishment’s guy had such a big lead in the delegate tally that opposing him became futile.  In July 2016, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, the Republican National Convention nominated one John Ellis “Jeb” Bush for President.  Later that year, the Democrat nominee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, beat Bush handily in the November election.


I looked at it again, and there’s an element that’s even more repulsive.

The city was willing to spend more than $7 million to create more suites.  How nice of them to pay for space to entertain multimillionaires and the occasional billionaire.  Because we all know that Sheldon Adelson is so hard up for money these days that he couldn’t afford a week of Kansas City’s high life.

As it is, the city spent $850,000 in its failed bin to win this convention.

This has got to stop.


Mrs. Michael Sam’s Pedigree

13 05 2014


Well, well.  The NFL’s Great Gay Hope’s bed mate has some interesting pedigree.

The league better hope that this apple has rolled far from the tree.

Then again, organized crime in Kansas City did launch Harry Truman.

We’re Getting Somewhere

17 04 2014


While the big news over the last several days has been Glenn Miller, that only took people’s minds off the Bermuda Triangle Sniper.

Well, that story is hot again, because a suspect has been arrested, at his Grandview home.  No mug or name yet.

The address that the Star indicates as the suspect’s is in a census tract that is 65% white and 28% black.

The Star has this video, which shows you some of the suspect’s neighbors:

The most curious part here is that the suspect’s car is a Dodge Neon with Illinois plates.  Now, it’s not unusual to see Illinois plates in St. Louis, even on cars owned by people who live on the Missouri side of the river, as they find some pretext to register their car in Illinois because Illinois has no automobile personal property taxes.  But it is very unusual for someone who lives clear on the other side of the state to have Illinois plates.



Can’t link this one back to Linder and VNN, I don’t think.  And don’t look for the SPLC to be sending beg letters because of him.

If he did it, I’d be curious for a motive.


Mug and name.  We have a Mohammed.


How he was made.


KC Masterpiece

10 04 2014


His antics seem to have the Bermuda Triangle as its epicenter, and that’s solid Bell Curve City.

My first inclination is to say that the dude has to be white or at least non-black, because blacks don’t have the patience and impulse control to be good snipers.

But then I realize I said that about the D.C. beltway snipers.

D.C. beltway snipers:


Lovely Parting Gifts

3 04 2014


The paranoid hustling dweeb who has a low rent office in the West Bottoms may have accidentally stumbled onto a good point when he said this:

“There has been a longitudinal study that finds the longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become,” he said, according to the MacIver Institute, which covered the conference.

I think what is really happening there is that white people who gravitate toward aracial rightist movements (of which the TPM is the latest of many in the past and present) go there thinking they’re really a secret racist movement.  But once they hang around long enough and finally figure out they’re a bunch of negro-lovers, they leave and search out actual racialist-nationalist organizations.  I think what Zeskind, MacIver, and the rest of them think in error is that the TPM is some sort of gateway drug that makes white people racially minded, when, like I just said, they were already racially minded, went to the aracial right thinking they were really racial, but eventually quit in disappointment.



They Learned Nothing From Nidal Hasan

31 03 2014



FBI, US military in hunt for one-time recruit planning ‘Fort Hood-style jihad’

The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” FoxNews.com has learned.

The alert, whose legitimacy was confirmed by military and law enforcement officials, stated that a man identified as Booker had told friends of his “intention to commit jihad.” Booker, who is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, was recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April 7. But he was discharged last week, apparently after law enforcement authorities learned of his alleged plan.

Okay, so after Fort Hood, done by someone surname Hasan, why would you willingly recruit someone with almost the same surname, with “Muhammad Abdullah” before that, into your Army?

Oops, I forgot.  Ole whatchamcdoogle said that losing diversity would have been a way more tragic loss than all the people Hasan assassinated.


Jawa Report has some info about Booker/Hassan.


Free Zoo Day

19 03 2014


And a zoo is just what they got.

The St. Louis Zoo is free all the time, so it makes me wonder why it hasn’t experienced frequent outbreaks of spontaneous blackness.  Probably the reason it hasn’t is for the reason I just said, that it’s free all the time.  If it did charge but there were free days, Bell Curve City would empty out and show up.


He Wants His Chicken

23 01 2014



Match Made in Obvious

2 01 2014


The mother of the late Jovan Belcher is a black woman.

The Kansas City Chiefs have money.

It all adds up to ghetto lottery.

Peruse the weekday afternoon judge shows, and you’ll see that black women love to sue.

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick Ahead

17 12 2013


All I read was the P-D headline:

Food stamp fraud lands KC grocery owner in prison

Totally like audacious prediction:  You’ll read names in this story that are hard to pronounce, hard to spell, and indicative of people with roots somewhere in a belt between Indochina, the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East.

No T-Shirt

22 10 2013


$385K to study why the KCPS is such a failure, and not only did we not get any real answers, we didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt out of the deal.

At least we didn’t have to pony up this money.

Still, for $3.85, I could have given them the right answer.  It’s just not one they want to hear.

Who Let Him Into Our Country and State?

8 10 2013




Missouri Man Gets 14 Years for Al-Qaida Support

A Kansas City businessman who swore an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida and three years ago pleaded guilty to providing financial support to the international terror group was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison, despite a plea from his attorney for lenience because of the risk he took by becoming an informant against the organization.

Khalid Ouazzani, 35, who pleaded guilty in May 2010 to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group, was sentenced in federal court in Kansas City.

Federal prosecutors claimed Ouazzani provided more than $23,000 to al-Qaida and had pledged more, with the hope of eventually traveling to the Middle East to join the fight against the U.S.

In his guilty plea, Ouazzani admitted making false claims to borrow money for a used auto parts business and wiring the proceeds to a bank in Dubai. That money was used to purchase an apartment in Dubai that later sold for a $17,000 profit, which was given to al-Qaida. Ouazzani also admitted sending the terror group $6,500 from the sale of his business.

Ouazzani, a married father of two who became a U.S. citizen in June 2006, admitted in his plea bargain to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group after admitting he gave money and swore an oath of allegiance to the terror network in 2008.

“Missouri man.”  Not me.

Really, I would have been fine with him leaving America.  I am steaming about him ever being allowed to come to America to begin with and attain citizenship.

Which idiot…

Oh, yeah.

School’s Out Forever

4 09 2013


Here’s all you really need to know:

Investigators said they believe the man who was shot was responsible for three vehicle thefts or carjackings before confronting a homeowner in a nearby neighborhood.

Final score:  Homeowner 1, Ook 0.

Latest Hit

29 08 2013


When Bantu warriors attack.

Boo the Roo

30 07 2013


I didn’t know the UMKC Kangaroos was such a vaunted college sports program that the school’s administration felt the need to override the failing grades that professors gave to student-athletes and turn them into passing grades, then bounce out the profs when they throw a penalty flag on the whole affair.

BRA Not Going So Well in KCMO

20 03 2013


Let’s set this music to some lyrics.

Twerps That Twerk

10 03 2013


This got a little rowdy.

And by “a little rowdy,” I mean five people shot at three in the morning.

If you don’t know what “twerking” is, you can search YouTube for yourself.  But let me warn you:  Once you see it, you can never un-see it.


Rough in the Diamond

10 02 2013


And someone tried to tell me once that there’s no such thing as genetics.


KC man becomes fifth convicted murderer in his family

A 37-year-old Kansas City man whose family includes four other convicted killers has been found guilty of second-degree murder in a 2009 robbery attempt.

A Jackson County jury also convicted Diamond Blair of robbery and armed criminal action Friday night in the death of 22-year-old Montague Kevin Ashline on June 24, 2009, outside a Kansas City apartment complex.

The Kansas City Star reports Blair, whose uncle is serial killer Terry Blair, already is serving 23 years in prison for other convictions.

His mother was charged with murder twice and convicted once for killing her drug-dealing boyfriend in 1989.

Diamond Blair has a lengthy rap sheet that includes robbery, kidnapping, assault and weapons violations. His first arrest came when he was 6 years old.

And for the rest of the story, including a big phat and predictable mugshot, head on over to the Star.

Notice the mention of Terry Blair. I thought serial killers were all white.

This one, meanwhile, got going at the age of six.  His career track should have been perfectly clear from that moment, and I don’t mean the tenure track, or the Presidential track.

Plus One, Minus One

17 01 2013


Wichita Eagle:

A pregnant woman’s water apparently broke after she had been dancing at a nightclub early Saturday, sparking an argument that ended with a shootout, Kansas City police said.

A 40-year-old man was critically injured in the 12:40 a.m. shooting outside E.B. Bar & Grill, 3015 Main St. A man not involved in the dispute was struck by a bullet in the buttocks as he sat in his vehicle, police said.

Investigators said the pregnant woman’s situation prompted some people to make unkind comments about why she was at the club, which sparked an argument between two groups of men.

The dispute spilled outside, where gunfire was exchanged between a group outside the club and a group in a sport utility vehicle. Police found the critically wounded man in middle of the street. Friends of the man had been yelling, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!” witnesses told police.

Officers patrolling nearby stopped the fleeing SUV. Gang-squad investigators later recovered a gun near 27th and Main streets. They think someone tossed the gun from the fleeing vehicle.

On Monday, the U.S. attorney filed a felon-in-possession charge against Cyrano R. Irons, 23, saying he fired a .40-caliber gun from the SUV. He was on probation in Missouri for aggravated assault, according to court records.

Daily Mail has pics.

The actual census tract is 97% white but very lightly populated, but it’s about halfway in between KCMO’s solid ghetto the closest community college to the ghetto, and the census tract itself contains a sports park which includes a skate park.  The tract itself also includes part of a major cemetery, which almost gained a new permanent resident.

Only among ghetto people does the prospect of gaining a new life almost cost someone else’s life.

Just Another Wacko

3 12 2012


There was a time in this space when I did cite a certain black sports columnist whose home paper is the Star in a laudatory verve, because I thought he was one of the few blacks who had a lick of sense.

Not only do I not think any longer that he has any sense, and has recently and as late as today exposed himself as the typical unhinged wacko black kook that he probably was all along, I’m not even going to state his name anymore, because I think he’s running his mouth saying a bunch of stupid shit just to get publicity, in the wake of Jovan Belcher murdering his girlfriend (as a result of ‘Roid Rage, IMHO).  I’m not good at a lot of things, but I think I have become adept at recognizing purely publicity-seeking behavior and not rewarding it in earnest.  Note that you have not yet read the actual name of the Nutbars of Tucson, Aurora, or Norway in this blog, and you never will at least from me, and I will edit or delete any comments that names them.

The Nutbar of Kansas City is now saying that NRA = KKK, which is involved in a vast conspiracy to truck in drugs and guns to ghettos in the hopes that black people kill each other.  If the NRA/KKK trucked all those drugs and guns to my house, who would I kill?  It would be as easy for me to defeat the vast conspiracy of the NRAKKK with a two-letter word that starts with “n” and ends with “o.”  Or simply refusing in my mind to murder anyone with all my new guns and refusing to snort, smoke or inject the poison into my body.

This was about the reaction I had to the news that the CIA was involved with crack trafficking. (*)  Defeating a CIA conspiracy was as easy as people refusing to use crack.  In fact, it was so easy to defeat this CIA conspiracy that by law you’re required to do that which defeats it!  I also had a similar reaction with Operation Gunrunner (“Fast and Furious,” which, for those of you new here, I use “Gunrunner” instead of “F&F” because F&F is the title of a movie and therefore misleads people) — If all the “walked” guns would have been “walked” to my front door, exactly zero new violent crimes would have occurred for it.

Racial differences and HBD cannot be ignored here.  Ironically, I’m not making a big deal of race in the Belcher murder because, while the roach motel nature of relationships with black men is TNB, black men having enough shame to commit suicide after committing murder is atypical for them.

(*) – I’m also on record as saying that if the CIA did finance its secret black hat black suitcase budget on the backs of black crack addicts, that I was fine it it in that most blacks bought their crack with welfare checks, and I would have rather had the Feds recoup its own welfare money to fund secret CIA budgets than hide it behind supposed $700 screwdrivers for the military.  I can refuse to buy crack, but I can’t refuse to pay Federal taxes.

Some Kansas Citian Is $290 Million Richer

29 11 2012

Kansas City

And that’s too bad.

But the good news is that he or she will blow it all almost as fast as it comes in.

The Soft Bigotry of High Expectations

27 10 2012

Kansas City

Jason Whitlock, writing in Fox Sports:

10. The “information bubble” is the No. 1 obstacle/hindrance for black NFL quarterbacks.

This bubble creates delusion, erodes self-awareness and unwittingly undermines a black QB’s chance of sustaining success.

Cam Newton is a victim of the information bubble. Robert Griffin III is the bubble’s next target.

Let me explain. We’re in our political season. Democrats and Republicans both have their respective information bubbles, MSNBC and FOX News, respectively. They can lock their televisions on a single channel and avoid hearing their perspectives challenged in a credible way and hear their critics’ lambasted. It’s comforting. It’s polarizing. It’s unhealthy for intellectual growth and our democracy.

Black sports fans and black pop-culture media (not sports media) have created a loosely-formed-but-influential social-media and talk-radio information bubble for black QBs. This network of groupthink roars on sports-talk radio, black-owned radio stations, Facebook and Twitter, pumping out the message that Newton, Griffin and others can do no wrong and any criticism of them is rooted in racism. Fear of backlash from this network of well-intentioned enablers causes many mainstream sports analysts (media and fans of all colors) to avoid being totally honest about black QBs.

That’s how a career-killing, information bubble is formed.

IOW, black QBs are failing or might fail because black football fans expect too much of them.

I thought George W. Bush said that black students fail because we expect too little of them.

Whitlock, whose home paper is the Star, hence my datelining this blog post in Kansas City, must not realize that the genesis of this information, or more accurately, adulation bubble, that black QBs have, isn’t black football fans, but the lamestream sports media.  So if black football fans left their supposed bubble, they wouldn’t hear anything different.

Au Contraire. There Was a Reason.

4 10 2012


“Absolutely no reason?”

Somewhere My Love

28 09 2012



Kansas City to debut new gunshot-detection system

Kansas City police are set to begin using a new gunshot-detection system that pinpoints the location of gunfire.

Police say in a release that the new ShotSpotter Flex gunshot detection system goes into effect in Kansas City by Oct. 1. The system is described as a partnership between police and the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

The system covers about 3.5 square miles and uses multiple sensors to pick up the sound of gunshots and pinpoint their location within a few feet of the actual shots.

Police aren’t saying where they’ve installed the equipment, which will also identify the address of gunshots, the number of shots fired and the number of weapons used.

“Police aren’t saying where they’ve installed the equipment.”  Duh, like we don’t know?  It’ll be somewhere east of Prospect.  The parts of town colored dark blue on the NYT Census Explorer race breakdown.

What they’ll find is that there are way many more shootings than get called in to 911.

Not All Is Well In Gigabit Nirvana

8 09 2012


Turns out Google Fiber in Kansas City is running into a little bit of a social problem:

The fact that Prospect Avenue is the proverbial railroad tracks.

I guess these will be the grounds to derail the whole thing, because Chocolate Kansas City won’t or can’t get it.  What do they want with a gigabit tier, anyway?  Are mahogany mobs not being organized fast enough at megabit speeds?

The Machiavellian part of me hopes this fails, at least until there’s some effort to clear all the bandwidth-eating junk from webpages.  All that will be accomplished by rolling out pervasive gigabit tiers right now would be just the opposite:  Webpages will be loaded down with even more junk.

That’s Not the Lesson

15 08 2012



For immigrants who qualify, policy keeps American dream alive

High school senior Adrian Morales and his friends have been hearing the same message ever since their parents brought them illegally to the United States and to Kansas City as young children:

Work hard, do well in school and someday, if luck and politics allow, some form of the American Dream of job and success might be yours.

That’s not it.

It goes more like this:

Sneak into the country, wait for the political stars to line up in the right direction, and gringo’s treasures will be yours.

And also…Viva La Raza.

Passion? I Would Call It Something Else.

14 08 2012


More like a low level c***pout.

Beaver Cleaver amps it up when lauding the teachers of the Hickman Mills District.  That district serves the areas around the Bermuda Trangle, (no, I will never get used to calling it the Three Trails Memorial Interchange), in the south-to-southeast parts of KCMO proper and Grandview.  The residential areas in and around there are significantly black, so the schools in the Hickman Mills district have to be heavily black.  As it is, Great Schools does not provide student racial data for any school in HM, but their 1-10 rankings are 1 for the only public high school in the district and 2 for both middle schools.

Beaver Cleaver wonders why we pay wide receivers $20 million a year (who?) and we don’t pay starting teachers even $50,000 a year.  The answer is simple:  A lot of people will pay money either directly or vicariously to watch an NFL wide receiver drop balls all over the place, while a starting teacher has only between 25-30 students staring him or her in the face at any one time most of the time.

Hint:  The top paid NFL player this year at $20m is Drew Brees, the top WR, Calvin Johnson, will be paid $18.8m this year.  By “paid,” I mean the prorated total contract amount per year of the contract.  Base salaries are a different matter and significantly smaller.

Crime Scree

1 08 2012


You read “rape” and “elderly” early in the word count.  What else?

Thanks For Noticing

25 07 2012


Damien Johnson notices that the new CD-5 makes Beaver Cleaver very vulnerable in a red wave election year. Like this one could be.

Mr. Johnson must read some really good blogs.

H-1B: Not Just For Silicon Valley Anymore

20 07 2012

Kansas City

If it happens in Kansas City, then it’s happening in a lot of other major metropolitan areas.

Yet, according to the Brookings Institute, there aren’t enough H-1Bs.

This article says something that I didn’t know, that academic institutions aren’t subject to H-1B caps, which means they can sponsor as many H-1Bs as they want.  Native born white Americans can forget about the tenure track, I guess.


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