Miss the Brisket

14 07 2014


There’s just one sentence from this that tells you everything you need to know:

Site selection officials concluded after visiting the city that the Sprint Center lacked sufficient suites for entertaining high-dollar donors.

Who I’m sure will be dumping all that money on the RNC just to come there and watch someone who is not their hand-picked horse accept the nomination.

Two years before the fact, I already know what happened.  We had a dozen non-credible flashes in the pans flame in and flame out during the primary season, dividing the anti-establishment vote, making it possible for the establishment’s candidate to win early primaries with low percentage pluralities but win all those states’ delegates because they’re winner-take-all.  What there was not was someone in the race running as a militant populist outsider willing to take no prisoners, which was the only thing that could have derailed the establishment.  By the time the middle of the primary season comes, the flashes in the pan ran out, and the establishment’s guy had such a big lead in the delegate tally that opposing him became futile.  In July 2016, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, the Republican National Convention nominated one John Ellis “Jeb” Bush for President.  Later that year, the Democrat nominee, Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, beat Bush handily in the November election.


I looked at it again, and there’s an element that’s even more repulsive.

The city was willing to spend more than $7 million to create more suites.  How nice of them to pay for space to entertain multimillionaires and the occasional billionaire.  Because we all know that Sheldon Adelson is so hard up for money these days that he couldn’t afford a week of Kansas City’s high life.

As it is, the city spent $850,000 in its failed bin to win this convention.

This has got to stop.


Mrs. Michael Sam’s Pedigree

13 05 2014


Well, well.  The NFL’s Great Gay Hope’s bed mate has some interesting pedigree.

The league better hope that this apple has rolled far from the tree.

Then again, organized crime in Kansas City did launch Harry Truman.

We’re Getting Somewhere

17 04 2014


While the big news over the last several days has been Glenn Miller, that only took people’s minds off the Bermuda Triangle Sniper.

Well, that story is hot again, because a suspect has been arrested, at his Grandview home.  No mug or name yet.

The address that the Star indicates as the suspect’s is in a census tract that is 65% white and 28% black.

The Star has this video, which shows you some of the suspect’s neighbors:

The most curious part here is that the suspect’s car is a Dodge Neon with Illinois plates.  Now, it’s not unusual to see Illinois plates in St. Louis, even on cars owned by people who live on the Missouri side of the river, as they find some pretext to register their car in Illinois because Illinois has no automobile personal property taxes.  But it is very unusual for someone who lives clear on the other side of the state to have Illinois plates.



Can’t link this one back to Linder and VNN, I don’t think.  And don’t look for the SPLC to be sending beg letters because of him.

If he did it, I’d be curious for a motive.


Mug and name.  We have a Mohammed.


How he was made.


KC Masterpiece

10 04 2014


His antics seem to have the Bermuda Triangle as its epicenter, and that’s solid Bell Curve City.

My first inclination is to say that the dude has to be white or at least non-black, because blacks don’t have the patience and impulse control to be good snipers.

But then I realize I said that about the D.C. beltway snipers.

D.C. beltway snipers:


Lovely Parting Gifts

3 04 2014


The paranoid hustling dweeb who has a low rent office in the West Bottoms may have accidentally stumbled onto a good point when he said this:

“There has been a longitudinal study that finds the longer you are in the tea party, the more racist you become,” he said, according to the MacIver Institute, which covered the conference.

I think what is really happening there is that white people who gravitate toward aracial rightist movements (of which the TPM is the latest of many in the past and present) go there thinking they’re really a secret racist movement.  But once they hang around long enough and finally figure out they’re a bunch of negro-lovers, they leave and search out actual racialist-nationalist organizations.  I think what Zeskind, MacIver, and the rest of them think in error is that the TPM is some sort of gateway drug that makes white people racially minded, when, like I just said, they were already racially minded, went to the aracial right thinking they were really racial, but eventually quit in disappointment.



They Learned Nothing From Nidal Hasan

31 03 2014



FBI, US military in hunt for one-time recruit planning ‘Fort Hood-style jihad’

The FBI is searching for a recent Army recruit believed to be planning a “Fort Hood-inspired jihad against U.S. soldiers,” FoxNews.com has learned.

The alert, whose legitimacy was confirmed by military and law enforcement officials, stated that a man identified as Booker had told friends of his “intention to commit jihad.” Booker, who is also known as Muhammad Abdullah Hassan, was recruited by the U.S. Army in Kansas City, Mo., in February 2014 and was scheduled to report for basic training on April 7. But he was discharged last week, apparently after law enforcement authorities learned of his alleged plan.

Okay, so after Fort Hood, done by someone surname Hasan, why would you willingly recruit someone with almost the same surname, with “Muhammad Abdullah” before that, into your Army?

Oops, I forgot.  Ole whatchamcdoogle said that losing diversity would have been a way more tragic loss than all the people Hasan assassinated.


Jawa Report has some info about Booker/Hassan.


Free Zoo Day

19 03 2014


And a zoo is just what they got.

The St. Louis Zoo is free all the time, so it makes me wonder why it hasn’t experienced frequent outbreaks of spontaneous blackness.  Probably the reason it hasn’t is for the reason I just said, that it’s free all the time.  If it did charge but there were free days, Bell Curve City would empty out and show up.



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