Lemon Pie Fight

22 08 2014


To summarize:

Moron rapper complains that CNN isn’t doing enough anti-white racial agitation.

Sour Lemon defends the network’s integrity in that regard.

Then a bunch of ooking and eeking.

Half Naked and Unafraid

21 08 2014


He just came to the realization that I did two days ago.

Along with it being a Category Three Chimpout, it’s also a by-the-media for-the-media bongo party.  The biggest travesty of Ferguson according to the media is the way the cops have been so nasty to the media.

Might As Well Bring Back Garrick Utley

24 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd or David Gregory hosting MTP?

Really, does this game of hot chairs or musical potato really matter?

From 1984 to 1991, there were four different MTP hosts before NBC finally lucked into Tim Russert.

Where There’s No Will

19 06 2014


P-D will no longer run George Will’s syndicated column, and will plug St. Louis native Michael Gerson in its place.

Who knew?  Who noticed?  Who cared?  Does it really matter why?  Would you have known this if I didn’t tell you?  Hell, I wouldn’t have even known about it if I didn’t voraciously consume news.


15 05 2014

New York

Factor out the New York Times Company, and America’s gender pay gap virtually disappears.

Ole Blue Eyes

31 03 2014

New York


Ronan Sinatra < Golden Girls reruns.

And that’s saying something, because Little Ole Blue Eyes and Golden Girls reruns appeal to the same elderly audience.

Related Stories

12 03 2014


In a story about a corrupt black poll worker voting six times for Obama in a crucial swing state like Ohio, the two “related” stories are George Zimmerman showing up at a gun show and Justin Bieber being bratty in a disposition.

How are those “related” to the news in this article? Unless they’re “related” in terms of CBS Cleveland trying to distract you from the fact that the mysteriously not pictured in the article Miss Richardson is black, by bringing up a rude white twit and also the most hated man in black America in a very long time, that infamously (not) white Hispanic, insinuating that he’s getting ready to shoot more Trayvons.

They say that the turnout of black women 45 and older was even higher in 2012 than it was in 2008.  Now we know how — Vote early and vote often.

Miss Richardson:


Now, as for really related news…

Punk’d and Paranoid

16 01 2014


I don’t know which was worse:

Channel 5’s lame attempt at fishing for “news” by trying to expose KHS’s lax security, or the school’s drastic overreaction as if there was an axe murderer on the prowl.


How the Mite-y Have Fallen

21 11 2013


Category Two.

From Jump Yard to Jail Yard.

Tommy Sotomayor’s take:

If you’re a St. Louisan, something about this video should jump out at you right away.  He inserts the local eyeball news report from Cleveland itself about this, from WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland.  Notice who the man anchor is — Native St. Louisan Russ Mitchell, whose media career started out here at Channel 4.  He moved on to be a non-PT anchor for CBS nationally, but I guess that fizzled out and he’s back to being just a local yokel anchor.

How the mighty…

Navel Gazing

14 11 2013

Drudge Report


The media today are obsessed with the media.

Danger: Rabbit Hole Ahead

20 09 2013

Washington, D.C.

Is it just me, or are the media now in a full court press to stuff the Navy Yard shooting down the rabbit hole?

Latest news is he created an embryonic online presence under the stage name Mohammed Salem.

Dewey Defeats Truman

18 09 2013

New York


Low Information

16 09 2013



I guess in 410 AD, the cover of Tempus magazine in Germania, Greece and Byzantium had Alaric on the cover, while the version sold in Rome itself had picture of a chariot racer.

The Honeyboobooization of CNN

4 08 2013


CNN to become the next MTV, A&E, Bravo, TLC, Discovery Channel and Hitlery Channel and ditch its original mission in favor of “reality” “shows.”

Why?  More ratings from the low information undertow, and cheaper to produce.  This might be what it will finally take for CNN to re-take the ratings lead over FNC.

A Hundred Thousand Newspapers

24 07 2013


Napoleon once said that he feared three newspapers more than he did 100,000 bayonets.

The media are gleeful over the Strolling Bones and Chris Brown’s Punching Bag boycotting Florida.  And everyone knows they are, except for they themselves.

Boycotts rarely work on their own merit — If they do have “success,” such as it is, it’s only because the media fan the flames.  And it’s now clear that a good chunk of the MSM have declared bayonet war by any other means on the state of Florida.  And of course it will amount to virtually nothing, but the media so want it to work that they’ll declare that people that aren’t boycotting Florida are boycotting Florida.  I think they’re doing that to create such “public outrage” (reported of course by the media, even if the outrage barely exists) that the Strolling Bones and Chris Brown’s Punching Bag aren’t boycotting Florida that they actually do decide to boycott Florida.

Bill McClellan’s Days At the P-D Are Numbered

14 07 2013


Because of this.

Let’s pick it up in about the middle:

Art would have understood on another level, too. Many of the people at the meeting in Cottleville moved to St. Charles County as part of a “white flight” migration out of North County. These people saw blacks move into their school districts. They also saw their school districts — Normandy among them — go downhill. They sold their homes — some of them took a financial hit — and they moved across the Missouri River.

These are facts. Uncomfortable perhaps, but indisputable. The blacks arrived. The schools declined. The whites left. You can debate the underlying reasons, but you can’t argue the facts.

Art knew something about white flight. He was from the south side of Chicago. In racial terms, the south side of Chicago is analogous to the north side of St. Louis. But the far south side where we lived was white. It stayed so until shortly after I left home for college.

Neighborhoods changed rapidly in those days. It was almost like a fire, consuming one block after another. One “For Sale” sign on Monday meant five “For Sale” signs by Wednesday. Eventually, “For Sale” signs were declared illegal.

Art was one of the last whites to leave, not because he was racially enlightened, but because he was stubborn. Finally, he sold.

Does the P-D’s premier op-ed writer not read the P-D’s house op-eds?  Did he not see the P-D’s own editorial cartoon circa 1991 depicting anti-deseg candidates for SLPS school board elections as Ku Kluxers?  This is all supposed to be the fault of white people and white racism.  Which they pretty much reiterated today.

Gannett and Belo Sittin’ in a Tree

13 06 2013

Northern Virginia, Dallas, St. Louis

Gannett owns 5, Belo owns 4.  Obviously, the Federal regulators won’t stand for two major network affiliated TV stations in a fairly major market to be under the same corporate roof.  It’s one thing for 2 and 11 to be under the same roof, figuratively and now for a few years in Maryland Heights literally.  But 11 is not a major OTA net affiliate, unless you consider The CW to be a major net, and nobody with a brain does.

IRSGate Gets Local

14 05 2013


Here’s what got him in “trouble.”

It’s been some time, but he held down 2-4 on KMOX after Rush about ten years ago.  During that time, he had on as a guest for one show Jared Taylor.


And what a coincidence.


Gone for good.  Suits use the excuse of “journalistic standards” and “appearance of bias.”  When that never bothered them before.  The reality is that the suits found an excuse to dump a big salary.

Obviously, Obama Hates Us

13 05 2013

Washington, D.C.


Govt obtains wide AP phone records in probe

The Justice Department secretly obtained two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for The Associated Press in what the news cooperative’s top executive called a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into how news organizations gather the news.

This means that Obama doesn’t even trust his own base (the media), much less us.

Aereo’s Achilles Heel

9 04 2013

New York


Holy Cow: Two of the Big Four TV Networks Are Considering Going Off the Air

How worried are the owners of the major broadcast television networks about Aereo, the Barry Diller-backed digital television service they’ve been trying unsuccessfully to sue out of existence? Worried enough that at least two of them are actively entertaining the possibility of pulling their free over-the-air signals altogether.

That may sound like a doomsday scenario, but it’s happening, says Garth Ancier, a former top-level executive at NBC, Fox and WB. A Reuters story about the threats posed by Aereo and Dish Network’s ad-skipping Hopper DVR to the broadcast business model quoted Ancier making the claim that two of the Big Four networks — ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox — have for months been evaluating whether they might be better off becoming, in effect, cable channels.


That threat is existential. Together, Aereo and Dish represent a devastating potential one-two punch, with Aereo undermining the networks’ ability to charge distributions retransmission fees (worth an estimated $3 billion by 2015) and Hopper handicapping their efforts to sell advertising.

While Dish Network reaches 14 million households, Ancier believes it’s the lesser of the two dangers, since media conglomerates possess significant leverage with Dish — ie., the threat to pull their programming.

When it comes to Aereo, which uses a novel interpretation of copyright law to capture and stream free over-the-air TV signals, the networks have no such negotiating power.

Having failed to secure an injunction to keep Aereo from operating, their hopes of challenging its legality are fading. Unless their luck turns, Ancier predicts they will indeed be forced to resort to the previously unthinkable and pull their signals off the air.

I looked up Aereo, and come to find out, it’s basically a Barry Diller-owned server farm with TV antennas that feeds over-the-air signals onto the internet, and subscribers to Aereo can use Aereo’s server farm disk space as a DVR.  The hitch is that you have to be within the normal TV broadcasting range of a city that Aereo serves (only New York for now, expanding to more cities soon but not including St. Louis) to use Aereo to watch that city’s over-the-air channels.


And the networks’ response?  They’re so pea green with jealousy for some reason that two of the four OTA nets are thinking about going off the air forever and becoming cable channels.  That’ll show ‘em — Limit your already ratings-retarded network programming to even fewer eyeballs, in an era when more and more people are dropping cable and dish because they can’t afford it.  In reality, the nets should be welcoming Aereo, because more potential eyeballs means that they can probably ratchet higher distribution retransmission fees from the affiliates precisely because Aereo will mean higher potential and real audiences for said terrestrial TV stations.

But if my reasoning is all wet, and the OTA nets have a good reason to think that Aereo is the Waterloo of their business model, then they have an Ace in the Hole that is the Achilles Heel of Aereo’s business model, one that they probably know nothing about, and more Machiavellian than threatening to go off the air.  (I better stop there before I get too corny in my analogies).  What’s that, you ask?

End user ISP bandwidth caps, both on the residential/hard-wired end (DSL or cable) and now increasingly with mobile carriers, and mobile bandwidth caps are even more restrictive than the fixed residential services.  How will Aereo expect everyone’s internet-connected devices to become their TV sets if their pipes have monthly bandwidth caps?  I expect Aereo’s dilemma here to present worse on the mobile side than the fixed side, because people’s fixed internet connections are in the same places as their own TV sets, so they can just watch OTA TV at home without running their fixed ISP’s bandwidth meter to watch Aereo.  But people who are mobile have to use Aereo, which means either running the bandwidth meter on their fixed residential ISP service if they’re close to their home routers, or sucking their even more severely limited 3G/4G cell provider’s bandwidth meter if they’re on the streets.

Because I think ISP bandwidth caps are basically the ISPs’ sops to multimedia conglomerates to prevent music and movie piracy, I think the business relationship that exists here can be fired up and exploited again to squash Aereo.  If your physical and/or mobile ISP starts narrowing its monthly bandwidth caps, (and I’ll be keeping an eye on my own, Charter and Verizon), then you’ll know someone else has figured out what I just did.

Hillary’s Millions

9 04 2013

Washington, D.C.


$14M set for Hill’s new book

Hillary Rodham Clinton inked a deal to write a new book that will come out at the height of the political season next summer, amid industry speculation that her advance could hit $14 million.

Although Clinton has already penned four books, this one has DC buzzing that it could be a launching pad for a second presidential campaign.

Clinton got an $8 million advance for her previous book, while hubby Bill Clinton got $15 million for his memoir, “My Life.”

The new untitled memoir will chronicle Hillary’s “key decisions and experiences as Secretary of State,” according to her publisher, Simon & Schuster.  (Emphasis added)

It will cover the killing of Osama bin Laden, the Arab Spring, China, and Libya. The timing of the release in 2014 will put Clinton on a national book tour just as presidential campaigns are organizing.

I highly doubt this book’s sales will be brisk enough to justify $14m of royalties from S&S to HRC.  So why is S&S ponying up so much so soon?

HRC probably still has outstanding 2008 campaign debt, so this will help her pay that off and whatever is left over will help seed her 2016 candidacy.  S&S is a division of CBS Corporation, a multimedia conglomerate with a lot of assets and a lot of interests.  CBS Corporation, vicariously through S&S, is buying HRC so that she doesn’t sign any legislation harmful to them or uses her influence to push legislation and policy that helps them if she becomes President.

Plain words, we know that CBS News will basically become a PR arm of the HRC for President in 2016 organization.  Because, CNN has already chosen its candidate.

Bill McClellan

1 04 2013

Grand Center

Bill McClellan was a national name last week for his P-D columns, which I think is halfway tongue-in-cheek.

On most Thursdays, he can be seen on Donnybrook, the local roundtable issues show on the local PBS affiliate.  Yes, his column was an item of discussion this past Thursday.  Here’s the video, but Channel 9 doesn’t leave these videos up forever, so watch it soon.

The first and long time provocateur for Donnybrook was Martin Duggan.  Trivia:  He, as the (at the time) Editor-in-Chief of the old St. Louis Globe-Democrat, gave Pat Buchanan his first journalism job out of college.

Bill Meets World

29 03 2013

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The P-D’s most noted columnist gives himself his fifteen, then doubles down for another fifteen.

Take it from a St. Louisan:  Sometimes, you have to take what Bill McClellan writes as tongue-in-cheek.  I take him here with these two columns as more Modest Proposal than anything.

Genius Advice

15 02 2013

Atlanta and New York


So she’s the genius who told Andrew Cuomo to start screaming from the podium about killing deer.

CNN already had Chris Cuomo, his brother, on the payroll.  Add her to it, “her” being Allison Gollust, until now, Andrew Cuomo’s communications director, and I think it’s perfectly obvious which Presidential candidate CNN will be birddogging for in 2016.

Speaking of which.  Dear Michael Bloomberg:  What if I have my small amount of weed inside an empty 15-round handgun clip?  Or attached to a 32-ounce cup of sugary soda?  What if my small doobie is enhanced with trans fats?



Groupie Rhymes With Poopie

23 01 2013

Washington, D.C.

With his recently self-admitted “incontinence problems” (see the low information news sphere about that), he should avoid excitement as much as possible.

PR and NO

15 01 2013

New York City


Journal News deploys Fifth Avenue firm to reject interview requests

Last week, the Erik Wemple Blog pressed Kathy Moore, an editor at the Journal News, for an interview regarding the newspaper’s very controversial maps of gun-permit holders in Rockland and Westchester counties. We got turned down — not by Moore herself but by one Edmund Tagliaferri: “I just wanted to let you know that there isn’t going to be any further comment at this time.”

Who is Tagliaferri? He’s an executive vice president at DKC, a Manhattan public relations, marketing and government affairs firm. (According to his bio, he also put in 17 years as an “award-winning” journalist with the Journal News.)

In the days since that initial exchange, Tagliaferri is the fellow we turn to when we’re looking for a polite and timely interview rejection or a simple “no comment.” Seems like a pretty easy job, and one that the Journal News, which is owned by Gannett, could handle on its own without assistance from a Fifth Avenue PR firm.

Or, looking at it in an alternate fashion, the Journal-News is offloading assets to one of their former employees now working in PR before a shitload of people sue the Journal-News out of existence, so by the time the lawsuits start, the J-N has no assets.

PR is probably another one of those fields where every account executive is a “Vice-President,” just like every french fry jockey at the fast feeder is a “manager.”  Simply because it makes clients feel more comfortable if a “Vice-President” is handling their cases.

SVNT or Not?

1 01 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

As part of my sincere wish for people to start being able to discern shock value nut talk and then ignore it in this the new year, I’m going to ask you to read the entirety of this “outrageous” NYT column, then come back here and use the comments section to answer this question:

Is this column SVNT or not?  I think there’s a right answer and a reason why the right answer is right, but I won’t say what I’m thinking now until I get enough input from the rest of you.  I also think that the right reasoning presented by one of you could make me change my mind on what I already think is the “right” answer to my own question.

Right On Time

28 12 2012


I don’t want to mention the limey nut’s name anymore, but I sorta have to in this case, just to prove that the story is true, because it’s otherwise that unbelievable.  Hopefully, this will be the last time.

Me, yesterday:

My reaction at first when the “Deport Piers Morgan” petitions started was this:

I didn’t know enough people were watching him to know what he was doing. I’m kinda disappointed that they’re only giving this nut a whiff of publicity. All he’s going to do now is say stuff that’s nuttier than what he said the night before, because now he knows what works to drive ratings.

Right on cue:

Piers Morgan: ‘It’s Time For an Amendment to the Bible’

After his gun-control views landed him on a petition to be deported from the United States, CNN host Piers Morgan is now contending “it’s time for an amendment to the Bible” because, like the Constitution, it is “inherently flawed.”

In an interview that was broadcast on Christmas Eve, Morgan told evangelical Pastor Rick Warren that due to changing cultural views on gay marriage the Bible, too, must be changed.

The British television host explained that a passage that states adultery is punishable by death proves the Bible is “flawed.”

“The Bible and the Constitution were well-intentioned, but they are basically inherently flawed,” Morgan said.  “Hence the need to amend it.”

Speaking of narcissistic personality disorder…

“Amend the Bible.”  Because God got it wrong the first time, he sent his only begotten son, the one called the plural of “pier,” that man/woman/child/LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH/animal shall have everlasting social justice.

Not Really

27 12 2012

Washington, D.C.


Unfortunately, no.

If you were a no-name white person, you would be.

UPDATE 12/28

David French at NR makes a good point.  He could have added the point about elitist hypocrisy, which isn’t actually elitist hypocrisy, but members of the (d)ruling class plainly demonstrating that they literally think they’re better than the rest of us.


A better example.

Missing the Forest for the Sapling

27 12 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

My reaction at first when the “Deport Piers Morgan” petitions started was this:

I didn’t know enough people were watching him to know what he was doing. I’m kinda disappointed that they’re only giving this nut a whiff of publicity. All he’s going to do now is say stuff that’s nuttier than what he said the night before, because now he knows what works to drive ratings. Leave the sleeping dog with no ratings lie on his network with no ratings, and he’s no threat to anyone and no threat to any article of the Bill of Rights. But import a kajillion Constitution-hating gibsmedat Hispanics, to join forces with our own kajillion-strong long time domestic gibsmedat obsolete bipedal farm equipment, and you might as well burn the whole Bill of Rights.  Some of the same people signing the “deport the limey nut” petition ignore the racial tidal wave in front of their own faces.

I’d like to fashion myself as someone who is keen on noticing and in earnest not rewarding purely publicity seeking behavior. So much political rhetoric these days is nothing more than shock value nut talk just to drive ratings and hit counters and ad cards that I can’t stand it anymore. It’s like American political discourse is becoming one spoiled petulant brat after another after another screaming louder and louder just to garner attention. One fool professor is calling to execute people who doubt global warming, for example. It’s not that he actually wants that to happen, it’s just that he wants to say something provocative to become a minor celebrity.  A certain and never-to-be-named-again-on-this-blog black sports columnist whose home paper is the Kansas City Star was once reasonable, but nobody was paying attention to him when he was reasonable.  He gets on board the nut express with “NRA = KKK,” and he becomes an instant celebrity.  You don’t think that a lot of other people are getting the message from that, loudly and clearly?   Even the New York Times is getting in on this circus of pure nut talk for shock value, especially on its ad-dependent website.

And I will agree with RJP when he eventually comments here that the financial media, (hint:  CNBC) are just as bad.

Jared Taylor writes White Identity, full of facts, free of factual and logical errors, and with language and prose indicative of someone who holds an Ivy League graduate degree back in the days when that actually meant something? Most of the world ignores. He might as well have screamed it from Antarctica rather than had it printed on paper. And poor Sam Francis, this coming February will be eight years without him — From what I see, it’s as if he never existed.

What I’m trying to do now is find reasonable rational diamond-in-the-rough kinds of sources, because I want to try to factor the shock value nut talk out of my life as much as possible and factor in people who can think and reason their way out of paper bags.  Another thing I’m trying to do is pay less and less attention to the kind of people and sources who pay inordinate attention to shock value nut talk and thereby allow that paradigm to work.


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