Lemon Pie Fight

22 08 2014


To summarize:

Moron rapper complains that CNN isn’t doing enough anti-white racial agitation.

Sour Lemon defends the network’s integrity in that regard.

Then a bunch of ooking and eeking.

Half Naked and Unafraid

21 08 2014


He just came to the realization that I did two days ago.

Along with it being a Category Three Chimpout, it’s also a by-the-media for-the-media bongo party.  The biggest travesty of Ferguson according to the media is the way the cops have been so nasty to the media.

Might As Well Bring Back Garrick Utley

24 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd or David Gregory hosting MTP?

Really, does this game of hot chairs or musical potato really matter?

From 1984 to 1991, there were four different MTP hosts before NBC finally lucked into Tim Russert.

Where There’s No Will

19 06 2014


P-D will no longer run George Will’s syndicated column, and will plug St. Louis native Michael Gerson in its place.

Who knew?  Who noticed?  Who cared?  Does it really matter why?  Would you have known this if I didn’t tell you?  Hell, I wouldn’t have even known about it if I didn’t voraciously consume news.


15 05 2014

New York

Factor out the New York Times Company, and America’s gender pay gap virtually disappears.

Ole Blue Eyes

31 03 2014

New York


Ronan Sinatra < Golden Girls reruns.

And that’s saying something, because Little Ole Blue Eyes and Golden Girls reruns appeal to the same elderly audience.

Related Stories

12 03 2014


In a story about a corrupt black poll worker voting six times for Obama in a crucial swing state like Ohio, the two “related” stories are George Zimmerman showing up at a gun show and Justin Bieber being bratty in a disposition.

How are those “related” to the news in this article? Unless they’re “related” in terms of CBS Cleveland trying to distract you from the fact that the mysteriously not pictured in the article Miss Richardson is black, by bringing up a rude white twit and also the most hated man in black America in a very long time, that infamously (not) white Hispanic, insinuating that he’s getting ready to shoot more Trayvons.

They say that the turnout of black women 45 and older was even higher in 2012 than it was in 2008.  Now we know how — Vote early and vote often.

Miss Richardson:


Now, as for really related news…


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