Bye Bye Blind Side

7 04 2014


Big news around here today:  DGB “indefinitely suspended” from the team, though he can use the student-athlete academic resource center, and I’m sure he’ll be there a lot.

The coaches and AD staff just got tired of his antics, most of which aren’t reported, and there’s chatter that he was arrested again somewhere in Columbia this past weekend.

Consensus gossip is that he’s played his last down as a Tiger, will transfer somewhere.  At this rate, if he makes the NFL, he’ll be a career backup and journeyman, or maybe he might have a nice career in Canada.

What happened with him?  Easy.  He grew up and started acting more like his dopehead biological parents than his straight arrow adoptive parents.  That and I think his adoptive father, an ex-jock himself, probably treated DGB with kid gloves because you can’t come down hard on the afawete.


Now we know what he did.  He broke into an apartment in a rage looking for his g/f, and whacked around one of her roommates until she fell down some stairs and broke her hand, and women being shoved down stairs often ends up even much worse for the woman, so she was lucky.  The only reason he’s not being charged is because the victim doesn’t want to testify, because she was afraid of the shit she’d have to take for snitching on the star black afawete.  (Shades of the woman Kobe Bryant raped.)

Though since he’s now been released from his scholarship, I don’t see why that would be an issue anymore.

Remember, this is the same school still reeling from the fallout of the suicide of the Canadian mulatto swimmer that was raped by blacks on the football team, and a school that has declared this current month to be sexual assault awareness month.  Now, DGB didn’t rape anyone, but that he was raging out looking for his g/f makes me think he had other intentions than just having words with her.


The victim was his g/f, not his g/f’s roommate.  And she is white.  On top of that, the reason she doesn’t want testify against him is because her mother, a school employee, and probably a rah-rah football team type, pressured her not to.

Look At All These Rumors

7 04 2014

Jefferson City

Yeah, e-mailed threats. I bet.  Probably he e-mailed them to himself.

First off, his was one of those many vanity bills that are filed early in the legislative session but have zero chance actually to pass.  So why do they file quixotic legislation?  Probably to brag to their constituents about how they’re “doing something” about this problem or that problem.

Second, if his legislation specified St. Louis City only, then the bill would have been unconstitutional because the state constitution does not allow for separate state laws for specific geographical parts of the state.  Now, it might have implied St. Louis City but not stated St. Louis City by using the common workaround to get around that — State that cities with a population between x and y (conveniently, St. Louis City would be the only city that fits that criterion) may or can or should or may not do a, b or c.

However, since Peters withdrew his bill a few weeks ago, and I certainly didn’t and don’t waste time reading the text of quixotic vanity proposed legislation, I don’t know precisely the wording of the bill.

Old News is New Again

1 04 2014


The Sasha Courey affair is now back on the front burner in the mind of Mizzouheads.  You know, three or more black football players raped her, the trauma of the rape was so bad that she committed suicide about a year and a half after the rape, the school administration and the athletic department was hush hush about it the whole time.  That was the big topic of discussion around here at least among the Mizzou alumni until Michael Sam came out of the closet.

Mizzou is declaring this month, April 2014, to be sexual assault awareness month.  There will be a lot of things that will happen during the month, but one thing that won’t happen is the school’s powers that be taking responsibility for the cover up, because black football players are too important to touch.

If Miss Courey’s assailants ever see a day in prison, I’ll be surprised.

Unbiased Observers, I’m Sure

25 03 2014


SLU Law to study Missouri’s death penalty.

Because I’m sure a law school at a Catholic university is going to to be totally dispassionate and unbiased.

Here’s my study on Missouri’s death penalty:  Not enough blacks, in spite of the fact that, depending on the year, they’re the far and away plurality or the absolute majority of murderers in the state.  The last time the St. Louis City Circuit won an execution case was 1994, and it’s rare in Jackson County as well.  And while it might be tempting to think that black murders are TNB, ook smokes ook over some lame-brain ‘shines, not exactly the kind of heinous crime that usually draws the death penalty, that’s not always the case:  The Hickory Street murderers (Mario Coleman, LeDale Nathan) didn’t get death.

Train Tracks

21 03 2014

El Dorado Springs

Cedar County and its largest town, in contrast to relatively nearby KCMO, serves as the backdrop to a WSJ feature about the growing political divide between rural and urban America.

Missouri might not be the best example, because in the last four Presidential elections, not only has Missouri been redder than the national average, (i.e. examining the statewide popular vote for President comparing it to the national), the Show-Me has been getting progressively redder than the country over time.  In 2000, we were about 3% redder than the country as a whole.  2004, 5% redder.  2008, 8% redder, and in 2012, 13% redder.

Incidentally, the only exit polling from Missouri in 2012 that I’ve seen, from Fox News, had 66% of Missouri whites voting Romney.  However, Romney only got 53.8% of the vote.  Knowing my state the way I do, I think that 66% figure is too high, maybe 63 or 64 percent.  Sure, the black turnout was high, blacks being the only non-white voting demographic of any real consequence in the state, but Obama 2012/OFA didn’t try to gin St. Louis and Kansas City blacks out like they did in the black cities in swing states like Ohio, because Missouri being red was a foregone conclusion very early on in 2012.

Wayne’s World

26 02 2014

Cape Girardeau


He is State Sen. Wayne Wallingford, a Republican from Cape Girardeau, who holds Peter Kindercare’s old district.

And he’s introducing a bill very similar to Arizona SB 1062 in the Missouri State Senate today.

Now I know what the media feeding frenzy will be around here for a few weeks.  The good news is that this finally means this town will stop talking about Michael Sam.

The problem for the legislation is that it’s probably already too late in the legislative session for it to go through regular markup and debate and committee votes and full chamber votes before the legislative session clock runs out.  Either he’s doing this for publicity, or what is more likely is that this will go straight to full chamber votes and get passed as quickly as possible.

Leaving the Lair

20 02 2014

Jefferson City

Money plays into this somehow.

Best info I can gather from the grapevine around here is that he’s angling for some kind of job with some Commune Core type outfit (Bill Gates?) when he’s TLed out of the House; provided he wins re-election this year, the next term would be his last.  Or if not that, he’s suddenly becoming a Common Whore because he thinks he can get into my line of work after he leaves office, getting hired by some school board or other education/educratic interest.  The problem with that theory is that ex-pols turned around as lobbyists are only useful for whoever hires them if they have good and amicable relationships with the politicians who are still in office.  This Lair putz doesn’t seem to be helping his cause in that category as of late.  So it’s probably the former.

One thing I do know is that he’s your typical Missouri Republican elected official, fully brainwashed in the school choice cult.  He’s not any worse in that regard than the usual, though.  But by the same token, Mark Parkinson he is not.

For the record, I had no part of returning the favor with the foil on his desk.  I wish I did, though.


There’s already pressure starting to mount on Speaker Tim Jones to take the Appropriations gavel away from Lair.  In that, do have the ability to and will participate.


12 02 2014


ACLU to sue Missouri in state court over its refusal to recognize LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH marriage licenses granted in other states.

If that’s their angle, why aren’t they going to Federal court and using full faith and credit as the grounds?

“But we’re not asking Missouri to do gay marriages.  We just want them to recognize other states’ gay marriages.”

Which would be effectively the same thing.

OTOH, thinking out loud here, if the judiciary forces FF&C on gay marriages, they can also force FF&C on CCW.

Where There’s a Hanawill, There’s a Hanaway

10 02 2014


Catherine Hanaway is in for GOV-R-2016.

She was Missouri’s first Republican House Speaker when Republicans flipped the chamber in 2002.  She ran for but lost Secretary of State to Mrs. Antolinez two years later.  After that, Bush 43 made her U.S. Attorney for Eastern Missouri.

I would have been mildly enthusiastic for a Gubernatorial campaign of hers before she became U.S. Attorney, but her time as U.S. Attorney was less than stellar in my opinion and to put it lightly.

Play It Again Sam

10 02 2014


I guess there’s no time like the present.

At first, I thought he was running a Jason Collins style scam, i.e. pretend to be gay in a cynical attempt to augment his professional athletic career.  (Note to peanut gallery:  You should notice when Collins “announced” that he is “gay” relative to his career arc, the auspicious lack of ex-boyfriends gossiping about his bedroom talents, and the fact that his long time fiancee, a woman, hint hint, was totally shocked when he “came out,” when women pick up on this kind of stuff way ahead of the curve.)

Then I got back to the salt mines last night.  Like I said in my morning update, people involved in Missouri state government, both elected and unelected, are heavily Mizzou alumni, and of course Mizzou is just a hop skip and a jump away.  So any big news out of Mizzou is going to be the talk of this town during the legislative session.  When ESPN scooped everyone to expose the school’s cover-up of football players raping a swimmer, that’s all this town could talk about.

And now that the world media is about to be camped out in Columbia, of course this news is setting this ordinarily sleepy river town on fire and turning it upside down.

That said, people talk, and word gets around.

Contra my initial suspicion, Mr. Sam is very likely authentically LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.  Because his sexual orientation has been something of a semi-open secret in certain circles up in Columbia for most of the last year.  And he came out to his coaches and teammates before the start of this season.  Only now is he coming out for everyone else.

Still, why now?  Why the timing?

Maybe he thinks he’s goosing his draft position.

The problem is, like I’ve been saying in this space for a long time, the problem for the first one won’t be his teammates, won’t be the locker room, but the media.  I think the same media who think they’re helping gay men high level professional athletes and helping their cause are actually hurting them, by rattling the sabres and promising a media circus around whoever the first will be.  If you’re in the NFL right now and expect to be at least through next season, and you’re actually gay, are you going to come out and have a good chunk of the world’s media ganged up around your locker after every game to ask you questions about sex but never about your job?  But for the media’s obsession with gay gay gay gay gay, I think we would already have had some come out of the closet.

Thirty-two NFL GMs running up to the draft in early May now realize that they’re going to be drafting a media circus far more than a future linebacker (I’ll get to that in a moment) if they select Sam.  If he thinks he was helping his draft status, I think he did just the opposite.

Here’s another problem for Sam:  He played DE at Mizzou, but he’s undersized and underweight to play DE in the NFL, so he’ll probably be moved to LB.  But there’s a really long list of these very kind of men who washed out in the NFL trying to make the transition.  Maybe Sam senses this coming and is conveniently pre-creating the homophobia excuse.  So this could be another explanation for the timing.

Or here’s another theory:  The Olympics, in supposedly anti-gay Russia.  Thumbing Vladimir Putin in the eye from ten time zones away.

Whatever the case, turn off the low information sports media if you don’t want to hear about this for the next three months.

State of the Ordinary

21 01 2014

Jefferson City

I was witness to Governor Nixon’s State of the State this evening.

It was probably the most ordinary politician I’ve ever seen delivering the most ordinary speech I’ve ever heard.

And Jay Nixon considers himself to be Presidential material?  Sure, I’m glad for him that he does, because nobody else does.  Hell, he couldn’t win the Democrat nomination for President even if he was the only one running.

House Speaker Tim Jones’s response was really the same kind of ordinary.  Just somewhat better delivered.

Blind Sided, Again

11 01 2014



It’s “with intent to distribute” (marijuana) this time.

Which means a possible felony rap.

His parents must be so proud.  Or should I say his white adoptive parents.

This should explain the title of this post, which alludes to Michael Oher of The Blind Side fame.  DGB here is southwest Missouri’s equivalent.

That’s Too Bad

27 12 2013


Guatemala, illegal alien, chicken plucking plant, dorky white people adopted the kid.

It all fits together so neatly, so comprehensively.

I only wish they would have ruled in her favor, so she would have gotten her kid back, taken both the kid and herself back to Guatemala, and some dweeby white people would have learned their lesson about taking in cuckoo birds.  But the article doesn’t say where the mother currently is, if she’s still in country and in state, or whether she was physically deported back to Guatemala.  Of course, since actual physical deportation is rare, it’s highly likely she’s still here, and will probably be here for the rest of her life barring the election of an actual immigration patriot as President.

Either way, we’re stuck with the kid.  And we’re stuck with more and more fresh floods of non-white legal and illegal aliens to work at the chicken plucking plant where this drama all began.

Through the Grapevine

16 12 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’ve heard enough credible gossip in the rubber chicken circuit of Christmas parties that is part of my job on most evenings between Thanksgiving and Christmas that there’s some fairly big news on the way that will make some substantial but not drastic changes to the state law allowing for out-transfers from unaccredited districts.

You’ll know when I know, provided my phone’s battery isn’t low.

UPDATE 12/17

Much ado about little.  It’ll be basically a super giant band-aid that solves nothing.  It’s certainly not a full repeal.

Take That, World

16 12 2013



Sedalia’s person of the year.

Which is why I said back in August, as someone who was at the SF for most of its run — Nobody actually at the fair cared.  This was entirely a media riot.

The Thunder Rolls

11 12 2013

Jefferson City

SCOMO has the last word again on transfers.

This time, it means that it’s full steam ahead for transfers out of the KCPS.

That sound you hear is that from people in every other district in Jackson County and every district in every county that borders Jackson praying that the KCPS doesn’t pick theirs.


8 12 2013

Jefferson City


Butler’s Own is going into the Hall of Famous Missourians.

And…WTF?  I’ve actually visited the Hall.  Until today, I would have sworn up and down that he was already in it, if for no other reason alone that he should have been inducted a long time ago.

Nixon’s the One

25 11 2013

Ste. Genevieve

Rush’s call from Robert in Ste. Gen this afternoon.

It’s worse than Robert said and Rush interpreted.  What this is talking about is what now-Governor Nixon started in his last term as AG, 2004-2008, that the state can plop a lien on real estate owned by a married couple if one of the spouses has to go on Medicaid for nursing home or long term in-home care, and (strap on your seat belts) they don’t have to wait for both husband and wife to die before they get what they think they need from the real property in probate court.  They can intercede after the Medicaid beneficiary spouse dies and take the house even though the other spouse is still living.


24 11 2013

St. Louis


Read and hear all about it.

There are more like this.  That’s because license plates are given to DOR offices and handed out in sequence.  Since the plates they’re handing out now are letter-letter-letter (sticker) letter-number-letter, this means that whatever DOR office Miss Levy got these plates from, they handed out many other plates that started out with WHO-R.  The first such plate was WHO-R1A, than WHO-R1B, then the last letter cycled all the way to Z, then it went to 2A, 2B,  etc., then 3A, 3B…all the way to 9Z.  Then after that, the fourth letter moves from R to S, meaning the next plate after WHO-R9Z is WHO-S1A.  Nine numbers multiplied by 26 letters means there are 234 plates out there that start with WHO-R, and since this plate could be interpreted to mean “eight times” a whore, there is also 1X, 2X, 3X…7X and 9X.

Anti-Racist Hitler

18 11 2013

Bonne Terre


No more racism for him.  No Sir’Ree Bob.  This must mean he’s a good person now.*

So don’t execute him.

You don’t think this getting-close-to-midnight political conversion is a tactic to get him out of the chair, do you?  There’s no way you can be that cynical, unless you pay attention and notice things.

He loves them Jews now, you can read it yourself here.  He’s pro-Semitic instead of anti-Semitic.  Even though a fair percentage of Jewish scholars think that pro-Semitism and anti-Semitism are one and the same, both different sides of the same pathological coin of inordinate interest in and obsession with Jews.

And he also likes blacks now, because his time in jails and prisons have taught him that they’re people just like him.

Yep, violent felons all alike.

* – Small print:  Murderer at least 18 times over.

Black Caucus

6 11 2013



Too Bad

2 11 2013

Cape Girardeau

Kindercare not running for MO-8 after all.

He wasn’t going to win, but his running would have meant that he was mentally checking out of running for Governor in ’16.


No T-Shirt

22 10 2013


$385K to study why the KCPS is such a failure, and not only did we not get any real answers, we didn’t even get a lousy T-shirt out of the deal.

At least we didn’t have to pony up this money.

Still, for $3.85, I could have given them the right answer.  It’s just not one they want to hear.

Army Strong

21 10 2013



“Temporarily stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.”  What they are accused of is bad enough, but what are they doing in our Army?

Alpha and Omega

21 10 2013


How it starts:

Large meth shipment tracked from Okla. to SW Mo.

How it ends:

Jaime Gonzalez-Alvarado, 32, and Camilo Acosta Jr., 20, were charged in federal court Wednesday for their alleged roles in the operation in Monett.

Because…comprehensive immigration reform.

Regrets, They’ll Have a Few

13 10 2013


St. Louis and Missouri Catholics supporting tax credits for people who are paying private school tuition.

Since they’re tax credits and not direct giveaways, and will only be relevant to people who have net liability on their state income tax returns, I don’t think this will be a mechanism for Bellcurvii to flood Catholic schools.

But the Church will come to regret it if it comes to pass.  Even this kind of indirect state subsidy will be enough of a hook that brings about state and eventually Federal control of Catholic schools.

Already, Catholic schools in St. Louis that administered various Federally-funded summer education programs had to cover up their religious statues and artwork in the schools where they held those programs.

Who Let Him Into Our Country and State?

8 10 2013




Missouri Man Gets 14 Years for Al-Qaida Support

A Kansas City businessman who swore an oath of allegiance to al-Qaida and three years ago pleaded guilty to providing financial support to the international terror group was sentenced Monday to 14 years in prison, despite a plea from his attorney for lenience because of the risk he took by becoming an informant against the organization.

Khalid Ouazzani, 35, who pleaded guilty in May 2010 to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group, was sentenced in federal court in Kansas City.

Federal prosecutors claimed Ouazzani provided more than $23,000 to al-Qaida and had pledged more, with the hope of eventually traveling to the Middle East to join the fight against the U.S.

In his guilty plea, Ouazzani admitted making false claims to borrow money for a used auto parts business and wiring the proceeds to a bank in Dubai. That money was used to purchase an apartment in Dubai that later sold for a $17,000 profit, which was given to al-Qaida. Ouazzani also admitted sending the terror group $6,500 from the sale of his business.

Ouazzani, a married father of two who became a U.S. citizen in June 2006, admitted in his plea bargain to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to support a terrorist group after admitting he gave money and swore an oath of allegiance to the terror network in 2008.

“Missouri man.”  Not me.

Really, I would have been fine with him leaving America.  I am steaming about him ever being allowed to come to America to begin with and attain citizenship.

Which idiot…

Oh, yeah.

Rearranging Deck Chairs

2 10 2013

Jefferson City

Don’t get too excited.

I already told you why.

This issue isn’t going to be solved in the way it needs to be solved until we start talking about race honesty and head-on.

Peter Kindercare’s Bombshell

1 10 2013

Cape Girardeau, Salem

No URL yet for corroboration, but I can confirm because I have my ear to the right kind of ground:  Kindercare will very likely run next year in MO-8 and try to take down Jason Smith in the Republican Primary, the same Jason Smith who beat Kindercare in that famous eight-ballot caucus of the Republican central committee for MO-8 last year to determine the Republican nominee for the special election that was called after Jo Ann Emerson quit Congress to take a lobbying job.

I wonder if this means that Kindercare is mentally checking out of the race for Governor in 2016.  If he is, then that’s big news, because it was looking like until today that Kindercare as Republican nominee for Governor in ’16 was pretty much a done deal.  If he’s out, that opens things up quite a bit.  I have a theory about a dark horse.

However, Kindercare doesn’t have to quit being Lieutenant Governor to run for Congress next year.  If he can’t topple Jason Smith, then he remains in that office, meaning he’s still in okay position to run for Governor in 2016.  Problem is, I think that if he loses to Smith again but in a different political venue, I think he’ll be damaged goods for 2016 even if he’s still one heartbeat way from being Governor.  If he beats Smith and goes to Congress, why would he spend a few months in Congress then come right back home to start campaigning for Governor?  This is why I think he’s giving up on the Governor’s Mansion.

Speaking of Jason Smith, H/T MOPNS:


Cost Cutting Measures

30 09 2013

Bonne Terre


Mo. anesthesiology group raises execution concern

A group representing Missouri anesthesiologists is urging the state to drop plans to use propofol in an upcoming execution, saying the fallout could jeopardize the availability of the anesthetic for thousands of U.S. hospitals and clinics that rely on it.

The Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists statement on Monday followed an Associated Press report last week citing possible European export controls if propofol is used in a U.S. execution. Missouri is the only state planning to use the drug.

Propofol is far and away the most commonly used anesthetic in the U.S., and around 85 percent of it is made in Europe. The European Union opposes the death penalty and is weighing whether to limit export, raising concerns about a potential U.S. propofol shortage.

No biggie.  Rope is cheap.

While bullets cost more than they used to, you only need one well aimed.


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