Like I Said Yesterday

30 10 2014

Jefferson City

North Carolina.

And now Missouri.

As you can read, Rex Sinquefield is behind it.  This doesn’t say or even give you any hint, but I’m almost certain he’s trying to goose up turnout to get Proposition 3, which he’s also heavily bankrolling, to pass.

And it’s still a stupid thing to do because at best it’s annoying and at worst it comes across as voyeuristic and even borderline stalking.

NYT Lobs a Bomb on Chris Koster’s Campaign for Governor

30 10 2014

Jefferson City

Read all about it.

I would be cheering, except that, barring a miracle, the Republicans will be nominating Peter Kindercare.

23 Black, 28 White

9 09 2014

Jefferson City

Yes, it’s that bad, but it’s not that bad.

The state’s overall rate is 1.73 per 100k, and the total number is 53.  Though we wish both numbers were zero, there are also many worse things afoot.

But then you get to the racial breakdown.  We read that there were 23 black and 28 white victims.  That translates to the black rate being 3.83 per 100k and the white rate being 0.52 per 100k, which yields a 7.3 times racial disparity.

Bell Curve City comes through as usual.

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

19 08 2014

Jefferson City

Governor?  No, judge, jury and executioner, all in one.

If the scene in Helter Skelter reflects the reality of the Manson trial, then when Manson showed the Los Angeles Times headline of President Nixon (there’s that name again) declaring Manson and his “family” co-defendants to be guilty, Judge Older asked all of the jurors one by one if they thought the knowledge that the President thought the defendants guilty would bias their judgment, and none of them said that it did.

This is why high level politicians should not be running their mouths about matters like these.

I’m sorry I had to subject you to this real snooze fest.  He’s even more boring in person.

That’s How the Undertow Thinks

18 08 2014



This genius said:

And I’m just looking at all of the facts and my experiences and I think as well as some of my constituents think at this point in time the State Highway Patrol, the St. Louis County Police as well as the Ferguson Police Department may be trying to make this situation worse than what it actually is.

I added the link so you can see where her genius constituents live.  Not everyone who lives in the district is black, but it’s a big majority.  And as we all know about the black community, there is an inverse relationship between an idea’s logical soundness or sensibility, common or otherwise, and the odds that the black community will accept it as common currency.

As for those of us in the first world who can reason our way out of paper bags, we know that hardly any cops want to make these kinds of situations more drastic than they are on their own, just like surgeons really want to avoid surgery complications.  If there is any group of people that have a radical fringe faction among them who provoke things to satisfy their hero/messiah complex, it’s firefighters.

I think I’m going to see what I can do about talking to the right people.  She has been so crazy, so wacko, so off-the-wall, so crackpot, that the Senate ought to expel her.  Which they can do.  Incidentally,  she is totally unopposed in her re-election campaign this year.

Why Jay Nixon Is Useless

16 08 2014

Jefferson City

The world has discovered what Missourians have known for five years and change:  Jeremiah Wilson Nixon is probably the most useless Governor in Missouri history.  Don’t forget, part of my job is lobbying state government, and now practically living in Jefferson City during the legislative session, and everyone knows that the Republican leadership in the General Assembly drives the state political agenda; Nixon can only react to it by vetoing the occasional bill, and some of those get overridden.  Even if the Republicans did not so thoroughly control the House and Senate, Nixon does not exactly have a forceful personality.  And something that happened more than 20 years ago explains why he does not.

The national media are starting to pick up on the fact that in his first term as Attorney General, 1992-1996, Nixon lobbied the Federal judiciary to end court-ordered inter-district deseg, for which the NAACP pretty much put out a bounty on his political life.  While he won re-election as AG in 1996, largely because of that, and in my never so humble opinion, every election he has won since then, including his two terms for Governor, has been living off this one act, he is a Democrat.  Blacks are a Democrat base constituency, and they’re even more important to today’s Missouri Democrats than they have been in the past, because of the virtual extinction of the white rural Democrat in the state.  Since Nixon actually wanted a future in politics, not just hanging around in the AG’s office forever, he started backpedaling and pandering and sucking up to blacks and begging for forgiveness at the start of his second term as AG, in 1997.  Note that he challenged but lost to Kit Bond for U.S. Senate in 1998; Nixon had already made up his mind to challenge Bond when he easily won re-election as AG in November 1996.  Nixon had to keep the pandering up, because he knew that he was still in a good position to run for Senate again or for Governor, and the road to 100 Madison Street opened up quite a bit during Matt Blunt’s less than stellar single term as Governor from 2004 to 2008, and then opened up a lot when Blunt decided not to run for re-election.

So here Nixon is, on his second term as Governor, and considering running for President.  Even before this past week, that concept was laughable, and the more he opens his mouth in public in front of the whole world, his chances have gone from extremely slim to none.  But that’s why he’s in full race pandering mode, and has been ever since 1997, because of the deseg blowback.

That’s What His Beloved Black Undertow Does

15 08 2014

Cape Girardeau

Peter Kindercare:  “We do not decide these questions in the streets.”

We don’t?  It looks to me that’s precisely what Ferguson just did.

Remember, that’s the same black undertow you love so much and you’ve pandered to for most of your career in state politics.

The whole country has found out what we’ve know for a long time, that Governor Jay Nixon is useless.  Unfortunately, one heartbeat behind him is even more useless.  Which is why I hope people don’t forget Peter Kindercare’s little personal discretion of a few years ago and he’s not the inevitable Republican nominee for Governor in two years.


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