Too Easy

4 07 2014


Dedicated to Sheila Jackson-Lee.

The harmonies?  Nice and tight.  But it takes real talent to do that mouth popping thing.

A Song Dedicated to Jason Kidd’s Long Tenure as Brooklyn Nets Head Coach

30 06 2014

Brooklyn, New York

Loving You

15 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Music break.

When I hear this song, I sing along with slightly different lyrics at one point in the chorus:


And yes, I have one of these T-shirts.


Music Break

2 06 2014

The lyrics.

This is a pretty new song (2008) by a bluegrass group that’s been around for awhile.  The lead singer, one Del McCoury, has a singing voice that’s reminiscent of Will Rogers’s speaking voice, and of course the song itself has a 1930s Depression era feel.


Fly Me to the Moon

28 03 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Music break.

Yeah, Frank Sinatra’s version is the most popular.

But I’ve always thought there was something relaxing about Matt Monro’s slower version.

Music Break

22 03 2014

The most famous version of this song:

Is actually a rock version of his same song in a more slow-jazz arrangement and tempo of seven years prior:

In 1993, Art Garfunkel (as in How to Sustain a Musical Career by Art Garfunkel, sold in the same bookstores as The Book of Virtues by Bill Clinton) covered it:

The station that is now KZQZ 1430 in the Romanik stable was not so long ago WRTH 1430 in the Bonneville stable, and it too had an oldies format, but it was an ABC/Disney national satellite imparted nostalgia-oldies format rather than KZQZ’s current doo woop bee bop shama lama ding dong bubble gum kind of oldies.  KZQZ happens to be the music station my mother listens most often to, mostly in her car, and it was her favorite also back in the WRTH days.  Anyway, while it was piping in the Stardust network from The Mouse, sometimes immediately after the top-hour station ID, it would play Art Garfunkel’s cover of this song.  The only time they would play it is at the top of the hour (not all hours, though), and never any other time.  When I drove her around in my car on occasion to and from this or that for this or that reason, she’d insist on WRTH on the car stereo, and occasionally at the top of the hour, out comes Art Garfunkel.  That’s the only reason I know of his cover of this song.

And I rather like it.

I think his only real hit after the breakup with Paul Simon was 1975’s “99 Miles From L.A.,” though I’ve heard better cover versions of that one.


21 03 2014

Time for a music break.

The title track from Shania Twain’s first really big release.  If I was just a bit older, I’d be calling it an album.

“The woman in me needs the man in you.”  Nowadays, that might be referring to the same person.


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