Oh My Tony! (Today’s 48th State Stack of Stuff)

30 06 2010

*  I don’t think he’s much of a manager, and the Cardinals have had their success since he became mangler in 1996 in spite of him, not because of him.  But I’m thrilled with Tony LaRussa’s political acumen.

Not many people know this, but he is actually a lawyer.  He graduated from Florida State Law School, and passed the bar in Florida.  But since he never kept up with CLE, as he has been a little distracted over the last 30 or so years, he isn’t eligible to practice law.

*  The Purple People Beaters, Los Angeles Chapter, is planning to make a roadtrip to Phoenix and collectively moon Gov. Brewer.  You’d think a union would want to do something about illegal immigration, in terms of restricting it or stopping it, as their ancestors early in the last century tried to do and were finally successful in doing in 1924.  The SEIU, over and above all other unions, should be the loudest mouths for immigration restriction, because they are mainly service workers that are the most easily displaced by cheap Hispanic labor.

Queer Eye for the 48th State:  It seems that the consensus among the “Human Rights” (read: alternate orientation) body politic nationwide is that they should boycott, or girlcott, or transgendercott, or boygirlcott.  Which is not news to the GLBTQ business community in the Valley.

There is a “Greater Phoenix Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.”  They said “chamber.”  (Insert Beavis and Butthead laughing here.)

*  Al Sharpton isn’t much to write home about, but it seems like his listeners at least have a little tiny bit of sense.  When he started bloviating against SB 1070, they rebuked him.  Now, Sharpton admits that 90% of his callers are happy with the McDonald decision.

If I didn’t know any better…well, I do know better.  Virtually all of them voted Obama.

Boo hoo ACLU.  My heart really pumps purple piss.  Did you know that in 2006, the U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory against American citizens traveling in the areas in the United States near the Mexican border?  You’re all into “travel advisories,” maybe you should look into that one.

Unreal? Real.

16 02 2010

Fourteen illegal aliens were found to be on the construction crew working to build a new structure that will become the Hampton Inn in Farmington.  The Sheriff’s Deputies hauled them all into the county jail.  Since immigration falls under an exclusive Federal jurisdiction, the Sheriff had to call USCIS.  And what did USCIS say?

Luckily, one of them had a rock on his name, so he is still safely in the graybar hotel.  But the other 13?

You guessed it.

Dana Loesch is rightly outraged.  One should be outraged, but those of us who study the immigration issue, even those of us who are far removed from the border, know that this is pretty much common fare.  Even the one that’s got a rock on his name will probably get to stay after his criminal case is disposed and any sentence is served, because criminal illegal aliens are rarely physically deported, in spite of the propaganda.

I suppose everybody in Farmington and St. Francois County have good jobs such that the contractor from Texas could import illegal aliens to build a new hotel.  Actually, that’s not the case — Even in “good” economic times, jobs in the Lead Belt are so sparse, mainly thanks to open borders’s equally obnoxious first cousin, free trade, that a lot of people from Farmington, Park Hills and Bonne Terre commute up and down Highway 67 and 55 every day for jobs in St. Louis’s southern suburbs.  And that is not an easy commute, even in good weather.  Now that the economy is rotten, a lot of those people don’t have their jobs in St. Louis to commute to.

UPDATE 2/18: Good for them.  It’s about time we heard some unions speak up about this issue.  The EMLDC, which represents unionized carpenters and builders in St. Louis and surrounding rural areas of Missouri, protested at the site of the new Hampton Inn.  Oh, Obama, I just dare you to push for “comprehensive immigration reform.”

UPDATE 2/23: Senate Majority Leader Kevin Engler, a Republican from Farmington, has asked AG Chris Koster to get to the bottom of it, and that he will.

UPDATE 2/25: Claire McCaskill, too.  But her big mistake is asking Janet Napolitano.  The only way she gets to the bottom of something is…(insert numerous vulgarities about the way women of an alternate orientation express their physical appreciation toward each other by using artificial “toys” that you’ve gotta show ID to buy and inserting them in one, both or many participants’ posterical orifice.)


10 02 2010

Ritz-Carlton to close its five-diamond hotel in Vegas in May.  Leaving all those SEIU members who change the sheets, vacuum the floors, fiddle around with the light bulbs and steal the valuables of the hotel’s patrons out of jobs.

Who did the SEIU endorse for President, and still doggedly shill for to this day?  Could it be that same President who warns us not to go to Vegas for fancy conferences?  After all, Nevada’s Harry Reid is his main man in the Senate, and Clark County, Nevada, and Nevada in general, voted Obama.

How’s that hopeychange workin’ out for ya, all you SEIU members who are about to be laid off from the R-C in Vegas?  Most of you are Hispanic, BTW.

They’re Right For a Change, If You “Afsk Me”

16 11 2009

AFSCME opposes selling the Thomson state hoosegow to the Feds so that the Feds can have a place to stuff the GITMO terroristical boogie woogies.

It’s not that AFSCME has had a change of heart.  It’s that they represent unionized state and local government employees, not Federal employees.  IL flipping Thomson would mean one fewer prison, with fewer future state correctional employees for AFSCME to collect dues from.

Who Knew South County Could Get So Hot?

7 08 2009

Yep, I’m talking about Russ Carnahan’s town hall/union thug ambush.

There is something that needs to be cleared up.  When most people think about labor unions and organized labor, they think of middle aged white men working in heavy industry and manufacturing.  The hard truth of the matter is that that kind of work and those kind of unions have been on the decline for decades.  The milieu of union thugs that took out after conservative protesters at last night’s event weren’t those kind of unions.  They were members or organizers of/with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — We know this because they were wearing SEIU blue shirts.  The SEIU mainly represents organized health care, nursing home, janitorial and government workers, the latter sometimes crossing paths with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).  And when you’re talking about the kind of industries the SEIU is known for, you’re talking mainly black and Hispanic workers.  And any union that represents government workers, regardless of race, has a built-in incentive to lobby for big government.

Indeed, as you can see in some of the YouTube videos from last night’s brawl, some of the antagonists are portly black men wearing very large SEIU shirts.  The big news from last night’s affair is that they saved most of their fist and bicep energy for a black protester, so much so that he had to visit the ER at Holy Tony’s.  Before that, the blueshirts had the courtesy to call him the n-word and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags “shit;” talk about transferrance.   This does not surprise me, for revolutionary and “by any means necessary” types of movements tend to go after “traitors” first when they gain power.  If black radical/militant groups ever take over a city, it will be the “Uncle Toms” who will be the first ones lined up against the wall.  After the Russian Revolution, and the eventual entrenchment of the Communist government, leading to the ascension of Josef Stalin, the non-Russian Marxists who did the most work to topple the Czarist system were themselves lined up against the wall; the Russians figured that a shit disturber was a shit disturber was a shit disturber.  Anyone who could overthrow the Czar would well overthrow a Russian-run communist system.  A far more benign example presented itself in the American experience:  After the successful attempt by British colonies in North America to secede from the British empire, and eventually a relatively unifying Constitution was ratified for the new country, the biggest loudmouths for “rebellion” before the actual shooting started, such as Thomas Paine, were marginalized and left on the outside looking in when the first Federal government ordained by the new Constitution took power.  Power does abhor a vacuum.

One of the six people arrested was one of our good friends, Post-Dispatch reporter Jake Wagman.  The reason why the St. Louis County Police Department saw fit to deprive him of his freedom for a few hours was, according to his employer, for some sort of “interference.”  I’m guessing he tried to prevent the cops from arresting some of the SEIU worthies.

But Nobody’s Going to Do Anything

1 07 2009


Gunmen fire on group of Detroit teens, wounding 7
DETROIT – Gunmen in a green minivan opened fire on a group of teenagers waiting at a bus stop near a Detroit school on Tuesday, wounding seven including two who were in critical condition, authorities said.

Five of the teens had just left Cody Ninth Grade Academy, where they were taking summer classes, when they were shot at the nearby bus stop.

The gunmen exited a vehicle and “asked for a person by name” before they “opened fire at the crowd,” said Detroit Public Schools Police Chief Roderick Grimes.

Detroit Police were looking for two suspects in a green minivan, said spokesman Rod Liggons. Officers were interviewing some of the victims in the hospital Tuesday evening, he said.

Four boys and three girls ranging in age from 14 to 17 years old were hospitalized, two of them — a 16-year-old boy and a 17-year-old female — in critical condition, said Deputy Chief James Tolbert.

Gas station owner Steve Hakim said he saw two people with T-shirts covering their heads run across his lot toward the bus stop. Then he heard about 10 gunshots, saw a boy and a girl fall down and called 911.

“It’s pretty scary,” Hakim said. “Somebody’s got to do something.”

The irony of someone with an Arabic name in Detroit saying that is that almost all of the Arabs and blacks in Detroit are there because Henry Ford invited their immediate ancestors to Detroit to be scabs and union busters.  This is why responsible right wingers don’t lionize Henry Ford, unlike those whose standards are so low, that they turn him into a big supposed racial hero, because he once made a few comments about a certain ethnicity.  Didn’t like Jews, but loved his Arabs and blacks.  Last I looked, Jews weren’t mowing down teenagers at a bus stop in Detroit, nor were they ramming jumbo jets into skyscrapers.

How Quickly We Become Un-Egalitarian

9 06 2009

EdSec Arne Duncan is floating a trial balloon that teachers should be judged based on the performance of their students.  I don’t think he’s proposing this seriously, because NEA/AFT oppose it, and this administration is not about to cross the teachers’ unions.  It’s all a faux triangulation play.

That brings me to the teachers’ unions opposition.  For as long as I can remember, and a long time before that, public school teachers have promulgated the official line that the races are fundamentally equal, and that there is no heritable racial differences in IQ, and any such “achievement gap” was due to social factors (or worse, white bigotry), and therefore remediable.  But when it comes down to the nad-cuttin’ time, and their own members’ skins, wallets and purses, we see how fast the NEA/AFT lose the equality bullshit and adopt the implied position that the races aren’t equal, such that teachers who have the indignity of teaching students that are all, mostly or becoming more black, must be punished for the incapability of their students.


17 03 2009


Because they believe that Our Diversity Is OUr Strength (ODIOUS).  And, unlike Missouri, when the Escondido, Calif. Police Officers Union tells you about a problem, they show you the true face of the problem.

“From Cradle to Career”

10 03 2009

Big Teacher Is Watching You.  Or at least he wants to.

There are parts about President Obama’s education reform plans that aren’t too welcomed by teachers’ unions.  However, I think it’s all a political game to make himself appear moderate and not an NEA/AFT lackey.  Those parts won’t survive Congress, Obama will sign whatever gets sent to his desk.  But he’ll get political brownie points by pretending to stand up to an ally on an issue they pretend to disagree about.  I think the NEA/AFT knows this as well, and are playing along with the game just as much as the White House.

I Can Understand the Confusion

4 02 2009


Traffic sign hackers warn of zombies ahead

Madison County — A sign on Interstate 255 Tuesday warned motorists that the undead were ahead, causing double takes during the morning rush.

“Daily lane closures, due to zombies,” the sign said.

The Illinois Department believes a hacker with a cell phone and a password changed the electronic sign’s wording sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday. Shortly after construction crews corrected the sign, on the southbound side near Illinois Route 162, the message reverted back to the zombies warning.

I think I can help clear up some of the confusion.

Those things up ahead are not zombies, they’re really Illinois road construction workers.  I can certainly understand why some people think they really are zombies.

Interstate 64 in the Metro East was recently widened from two lanes in each direction to three lanes between Route 157 in Caseyville to Green Mount Road in O’Fallon.  Fairview Heights and O’Fallon are the high-growth urban sprawl areas of the Metro East, and you can probably guess why a lot of people want to move out of Belleville and places close to there.  They actually have been growing for a long time, mainly because a lot of people left East St. Louis for some strange reason.  Therefore, these new lanes were long overdue.

But the goofy part was that the project only added one lane in each direction for not even 7 miles, and, IIRC, all the surface roads on that stretch that cross I-64 go above the interstate on overpasses; there is not one bridge on the actual interstate over a road or a river.  So all they had to do was add pavement over relatively flat ground all the way, and that part that rises out of the river bottoms once you go east of Caseyville into Fairview.  And they put in soundwalls on both sides between 159 and the Lenin Trail, lest the people living in houses close to I-64 in that area might actually have to hear traffic, which they did all these years when that stretch was two lanes per side, big whoop.

That work took all of three years.  Not even 14 lane-miles of new pavement, no overpass widening to boot, and soundwalls for a few miles, took three years.  You know the construction crews had 24/7 work schedules, 24 hours a month, 7 months a year.

My only theory is that unions in Illinois are even stronger than they are in Missouri, and the state government in IL is even more pro-union than it is in MO, so the contractors and workers have every incentive to milk a road project out for as long as possible.  I’m pro-union mostly, but this is unconscionable.

David Bonior’s Paradox

28 11 2008

The Democratic former Congressman from Michigan, and possible BHO Labor Secretary, advocates changes in Federal unionized labor laws to make it easier to form unions.  But at the same time, he’s for the North American Union (NAU), which, in its embryonic form (NAFTA) has helped to decimate his home state’s biggest city’s most famous industry, which utilized many thousands of union workers.


Finally, Unions Grow a Spine on Immigration

28 08 2008

WaPo :

Factory had tension between union, immigrants

LAUREL, Miss. — Union bosses in this region of rural Mississippi have long grumbled that the largest factories here hire illegal immigrants, and that the immigrants were starting to get more overtime and supervisory positions.

Friction between the union and immigrant workers, along with a tipoff at an electrical manufacturing plant, boiled over this week into the biggest workplace immigration raid in the nation’s history.

When the first of the 595 suspected illegal immigrants was taken into custody Monday, some fellow workers broke into applause. A spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the investigation started three years ago after agents received a tip from a union member.

Notice it took union members, not union leadership, to get this done.  Now, the next thing union members can do is to vote to unload its quisling fifth column B-school educated MBA-adorned “leadership,” which nowadays often has country club memberships at the same places with the business suits that they pretend to oppose, and vote for new leaders that actually puts unions to good use, in order to protest outsourcing, and outsouricing by insourcing using H-1-B visas.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Jail We Go

15 08 2008


32 protesters arrested outside Disneyland

ANAHEIM, Calif. – Cinderella, Snow White, Tinkerbell and other fictional fixtures of modern-day childhood were handcuffed, frisked and loaded into police vans Thursday at the culmination of a labor protest that brought a touch of reality to the Happiest Place on Earth.

The arrest of the 32 protesters, many of whom wore costumes representing famous Disney characters, came at the end of an hour-long march to Disneyland’s gates from one of three Disney-owned hotels at the center of a labor dispute.

Those who were arrested sat in a circle on a busy intersection outside the park holding hands until they were placed in plastic handcuffs and led to two police vans while hundreds of hotel workers cheered and chanted.

All seven dwarfs will be arraigned at the same time, while the Anaheim P.D. had to contract with the San Diego Zoo to hold Dumbo.

An Unspoken Responsibility of the Job

14 08 2008

JFK once said that it was a duty of any given President to believe two contradictory things at the same time.  I have also come to the conclusion that it is a requirement of those holding high public office to engage in symbolic acts of empathy that have no consequences on the actual subject matter.

Otherwise, Jay Nixon is full of himself.  At this moment, he is Missouri’s AG, yet he somehow thinks that since he’s the big odds on favorite to be the next Governor, that he somehow has the magic ability to have a big corporation ignore its balance sheet and change their minds.  At least the UAW, whom Nixon was rallying yesterday, is starting to make noises.  They’re the ones who really do have the power to prevent this calamity.

Operation Chaos Opportunities

1 04 2008


Teacher Activism Discussion Tonight

Teachers can be activists too!

Or at least the point teachers Jeanine Molloff and Cris Mann of St. Louis Public Schools are making. They’ll be hosting a chat tonight on “In What Ways Can Teachers Be Political?” It’s happening tonight from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Adult Learning Center, 5078 Kensington Ave.

The event will be hosted by the Literacy for Social Justice Teacher Research Group, a grassroots, teacher-led organization committed to literacy education and advocacy for social justice in classrooms and communities.

Which is a good thing, because you have to know how to read first before you can be a good left-wing agitator.

The discussion will feature other teachers and parent activists sharing their stories about trying to change educational systems for the better while being mired in politics. They will also talk about the “complexities of teacher-activism” including topics like getting involved in Independent political parties, balancing teaching and activism and advocating for educational issues.

Teachers’ Unions leaving the Democrat Party?  Talk about Operation Chaos possibilities…

They will also host Millie Phillips, a parent in the San Francisco Public School system. She played an active role in anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan’s Congressional campaign.

And the SLPS Teachers’ Union can also have a hand in similar successful political movements.

“Non-Conformist” Left Pushes for Blogger Conformity

6 08 2007


In a move that might make some people scratch their heads, a loosely formed coalition of left-leaning bloggers are trying to band together to form a labor union they hope will help them receive health insurance, conduct collective bargaining or even set professional standards.

Health insurance? Collective bargaining? From whom, and versus which institution? Being a blogger myself, the last I looked, there is no central agency or corporation that hires someone to be a blogger.

This business about “setting professional standards” needs some explanation:

But not everyone is on board.

“The reason I like blogging is that it’s very anarchistic. I can do whatever I want whenever I want, and oh my God, you’re not going to tell me what to do,” said Curt Hopkins, the founder of the Committee to Protect Bloggers.

“The blogosphere is such a weird term and such a weird idea. It’s anyone who wants to do it,” Hopkins said. “There’s absolutely no commonality there. How will they find a commonality to go on? I think it’s doomed to failure on any sort of large scale.”


Mark Noonan, an editor at Blogs for Bush and a senior writer at GOP Bloggers, said he worries that a blogger union would undermine the freewheeling nature of the blogosphere, regardless of its political composition.

“We just go out there and write what is on our mind, damn the critics,” he said. “To make a union is to start to provide a firm structure for the blogosphere and that would merely make the blogosphere a junior-league (mainstream media). … Get us a union and other ‘professional’ organizations and we’ll start to be conformist and we’ll start to be just another special interest.”

What this essentially means is that the Kos people, who had their yearly convention in Chicago last weekend, and who are the ones pushing this union idea, are actually doing it to enforce left-wing conformity and (probably) ideological “purity.” Once again, this is another example demonstrating how the supposedly “non-conformist” and “anarchist” left can be bigger despots than anyone.

MO Supremes: Collective Bargaining OK for Public School Teachers, Public Employees

29 05 2007

But it does not appear that they permitted strikes.  So don’t celebrate yet, AFSCME.  Bricks won’t stand long without mortar, and likewise, collective bargaining is useless without the privilege to strike.

Don’t Count Your Liberal Election Victories Before They Hatch

11 05 2007

CNS News:

A bill designed to ease the requirements for union organization could mark the “rebirth of progressive politics,” according to a professor who believes increased union membership will lead to Democratic victories and liberal policies.

“The labor movement is still the most effective political force for electing liberal candidates at the local, state, and federal levels,” Occidental College professor of politics Peter Dreier writes in the current issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education. “A strong labor movement thus benefits other [liberal] agendas and causes.”

The history of organized labor, especially of white workers in manufacturing and industrial unions, demonstrates otherwise. George Wallace’s base of support outside the South was centered around white industrial union members. The “national origin” (i.e. racial) immigration restrictions of American law between 1924 and 1965 was won largely by lobbying on the part of industrial and manufacturing labor unions, and not coincidentally, such restrictions contributed to increased pay and compensation for such unionized workers, and the subsequent increase in the standard of living, and of political power of such unions, during that time period.

And don’t forget the Marxist lament that the “workers” of Europe sided with their home countries’ bellicosity rather than global egalitarian unity during World War I.

If organized labor sees a rebirth in membership and prestige, especially among white white-collar workers, (like I think it should), it will put a vast rightward push on the American body politic, not a leftward one.

But if the left thinks that this new unionization will push politics leftward due to increasing organization of non-white workers, I think their point is moot. The browning of America would mean more liberal political victories even without labor unions.

They’ve Been No Help

25 03 2007

AFP Headline:

Auto union chief sees middle-class dream slipping away

The rest of the article is about United Auto Workers President Ron Gettelfinger, and his lamenting the loss of the American working middle class.

The trouble is, most modern day labor unions are helping to engineer the loss of the American working middle class, with their support for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders, and their tepid at best opposition to free trade, i.e. they’ll make noise about NAFTA and “Fast Track” trade treaties, but say nothing about GATT, WTO and North American Union.


20 12 2006

Business Week via Schlafly:

No matter which party you belong to, or which Big Idea or school of economic policy you subscribe to, one thing is clear: Globalization has overwhelmed Washington’s ability to control the economy.

In other words, globalism is a big flop, which erodes national sovereignty.  The rest of the article proves the thesis.

Schlafly notes the Democrats’ high profile victories in November were a result of the economic nationalist banners they raised.  I have been saying since the elections that Iraq wasn’t that big an issue; now I know what was.

Where’s Our Bribe?

19 10 2006

Unions: Wal-Mart is promulgating a dangerous right-wing agenda.

That’s music to my ears. But the pertinent question is this: Where’s our bribe check?

In case you forgot the address:

Council of Conservative citizens
PO Box 221683
St. Louis, MO 63122

By the way, with your big bribe check which we expect to run in the seven figures, we also want an autographed 8×10 glossy of the Smiley Face.

Firefighters Have Lost Their Minds

11 10 2006

Firefighters Unions have endorsed McCaskill.

If you’re a white firefighter or a white cop in St. Louis City, or anywhere with a lot of black competition, you have no business voting McCaskill.  She cavorts with Lizz Brown, an Afrobigot who hates white cops, and who frequently has guests on from an organization called FIRE (Firefighters Institute for Racial Equality) whose prime complaint is that there isn’t enough affirmative action in urban fire departments.

The biggest threat to the effectiveness and competency of fire departments these days is not the minutiae of the policy recommendations of the 9/11 Commission, it’s affirmative action.

Illegal Alien Workers of America, Unite!!!

8 10 2006

A few regulars to this blog has e-mailed this blogmeister, asking yours truly to justify my support of the unionization of illegal alien workers with my statements opposing hard or soft amnesty, and restoration of pre-1965 “National Origin” (i.e. race-based) rules of legal immigration.

Here’s the thing.

I know the way the world should be, and I know what I would do if I had enough power. I also know that I don’t have that kind of power, or any real political power for that matter, so my ideas are moot for the time being. Under the mutually understood constraints of the current political climate, therefore, I will advocate things and issues that might be diametrically opposed to my ideals, either because we are better off with those expedient ideas being implemented versus the other legitimate options, or the expedient ideas will further the case of my real ideology in a Machiavellian sense.

As an example, I’m opposed to income taxation on a philosophical basis. Income taxation lends itself to evasion, and its fundamental structre lends itself to abuses by Federal taxing authorities and Federal law enforcement. However, actually eliminating Federal income taxation is not a legitimate idea at this time, so within the real constraint of there being some level of income taxation, I’m for low rates of taxation and as few deductions/loopholes as possible, though that literally contradicts my “no income taxation at all” ideal.

If it were up to me, the question of unionizing illegal alien workers would be moot, because illegal aliens would not be here.

However, it is perfectly and painfully obvious that, for the next several years, we won’t have a political system that will implement a modern version of Dwight Eisenhower’s Operation W*****k. In fact, depending on how next month’s elections turn out, we may see wholesale hard amnesty for illegal aliens next year.

With that having been made clear, whatever we advocate has to be based on the temporal reality that about 36 million and rising illegal aliens currently reside in the United States of America, and will continue to do so.

We know why they’re here, and we know why there’s no serious political legs on any movement to deport them and to prevent them from coming. That is because they’re cheap labor for big business and even some smaller businesses.

There’s the real force behind the immigration issue.

If illegal aliens were to unionize and start demanding high wages, good benefits packages and humane working conditions, they would no longer represent a cheap and docile slave labor advantage to big business. When that happens, big business would then take the wind out of the sails of the amnesty and open borders kooks, though that does not necessarily mean they would be putting wind in any of our sails. However, the disparate impact of their defunding the open borders left/neocon right would be that our side could beat them to the finish line, and actually see our real ideas come to fruition.

Keep this hypothesis in mind while you read this article:

HOUSTON (AP) — A group of illegal immigrants who worked for Wendy’s International Inc. is suing the restaurant chain because the company fired them after discovering it had missed a deadline for joining a federal program that would have helped them attain legal status.

I support those illegal aliens and their lawsuit against Wendy’s. The fact that they were illegal aliens and working for Wendy’s means that Wendy’s probably hired them (illegally so) knowing full well that they were illegal aliens to begin with. The reason Wendy’s would do such a thing is that because they knew illegal alien workers would be easy to exploit, in terms of low wages, dangerous working conditions and long working hours, all to keep from being deported (though we know their fears of being deported are mostly unfounded).

It should also be an easy answer to why Wendy’s concealed the information about the “federal program that would have helped them attain legal status” away from the illegal alien workers. If they were to become legal, they wouldn’t feel any need to slave away inside of Wendy’s restaurants for sub-minimum wages.

While it’s not the same thing as wholesale unionization, if illegal aliens would start to assert what are otherwise the rights and privileges of citizens against those businesses and institutions that only want their cheap and docile work, then they’ll soon not be cheap and docile, meaning that Wendy’s and many other businesses will start to defund the pro-immigration left wing of American politics.

First Step is the 12-Step

3 10 2006

The National Education Association has released a 12-point plan to reduce the high school dropout rate.  You can read it if you want, but knowing the NEA’s history and ideology, one can figure that the plan reads something like this:

(1)  Dumb the curriculum down so far that everyone can pass.  (2)  Dumb the curriculum down so far that everyone can pass………(12)  Dumb the curriculum down so far that everyone can pass.

Once Again

15 09 2006

V-Dare has a post today about California (i.e. mostly Mexican immigrant, mostly illegal immigrant) agricultural laborers demanding a “living wage.”

While V-Dare sounds opposed to the idea, I support their request, and wish they would ask for more.  Like I have said in this blog several times before, in the absence of enforcement of immigration laws, illegal alien workers should aim for collective bargaining and unionization, so that they no longer represent a “cheap docile labor” advantage to Big Business.  Then, B.B. might stop lobbying for amnesty and open borders.

Unionized Workers Be Damned

11 08 2006

New York Newsday:

In what organizers billed as a “watershed partnership,” the AFL-CIO and a network of immigrant day laborers announced yesterday the formation of an alliance to fight for workers’ rights and support day laborer hiring centers around the country, including on Long Island and in New York City.

That is in spite of the better interests of most of the AFL-CIO’s current membership.

However, I have said before in this blog, and I will say it again, that, for Machiavellian reasons, and in the absence of real enforcement of immigration law and American borders, I support the unionization of illegal alien workers.  That way, they will lose their “cheap docile labor” economic advantage to big business and other businesses, and therefore, big business will stop lobbying for open borders.

Watch What You Imply

24 07 2006

Democrats think they have found their GOTV magic wand for 2006:  The minimum wage, or the fact they think it should be raised.

This means that Democrats think that their base is only worth the minimum wage.  If I voted for Democrats as a matter of habit, I would be insulted.

This blogmeister saw a sign today, reading “RAISE THE WAGE.  AFL-CIO.”  Missouri will have a statewide proposition in November to raise the state’s minimum wage, and the AFL-CIO supports the idea.

Of course, most people who are AFL-CIO make much more than the minimum wage, and their union sees to that.  So it begs the question:  Why is the AFL-CIO so interested in the issue?

There are two answers:  An expedient one, and a Machiavellian one.

The expedient answer is that many labor union contracts are based on multiples of the minimum wage.  So a minimum wage increase also means more pay for those whose wage scales are so contractually set.

The Machiavellian answer is that a relatively high minimum wage, somewhat above the price floor, creates a surplus supply of low-waged workers, i.e. it factors them out of the job market, and means less competition for unionized labor.

Unionized Illegals

17 07 2006

Chicago Sun-Times:

Day laborers, who are often regarded as the face of illegal immigration and the so-called informal economy, are organizing themselves. Steering this initiative is Alvarado, a former illegal immigrant determined to prepare this diffuse underground work force for a role in the political debate over immigration. ”Organizing immigrants and other low-wage workers can improve conditions for all workers,” said Alvarado, 38, who co-founded the network in 2002.


Partly to fight back, Alvarado and his team of organizers at 30 affiliated groups — which include day-laborer centers, immigrant-advocacy organizations and church-based groups — are striving to integrate the immigrant workers into the broader labor movement.

Get ready for a shocker.

I am FOR the unionization of every illegal alien worker in the United States, in the absence of any real enforcement measures.

But fear not, I haven’t gone soft. The reasoning is Machiavellian.

If illegal alien workers were unionized, then they would not anymore accrue to the “cheap labor” advantage they serve our Establishment currently. This means The Powers That Be would quit pressing for amnesty and open borders, and “enforcement only” immigration reform measures like the one the House passed would become law.

The irony of “immigrant-advocacy organizations” lobbying for this plan is that, if the Machiavellian dominoes would fall as I predict, it would result in more closed borders and restricted immigration, not the opposite.


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