Drive Out Peabody

31 07 2013


That’s what “Take Back St. Louis” really amounts to.

That sound you hear is Peabody suits scouting out space in Clayton or somewhere along 270 for a new headquarters.

Mind you, St. Louis City isn’t as financially dysfunctional as Detroit, but on the other hand, it really can’t afford to lose revenue sources.

Before They Hatch

30 07 2013


This is the kind of stuff you’re not supposed to talk about when you’re trying to con people into signing onto treason, John.


Immigration bill: John McCain says ‘border surge’ could be changed

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) signaled Tuesday that the dramatic boost in border-security in the Senate’s comprehensive immigration bill could be one of the provisions that may be changed in a potential House-Senate compromise.

During an immigration forum hosted by the AFL-CIO Tuesday, McCain – a key Senate Gang of Eight negotiator – said while a pathway to citizenship for the nation’s undocumented immigrants is a “fundamental element” of the bill, the “rest of it could be adjusted.” He singled out the border security parts as an example.

IOW, any “enforcement” is meant to be boob bait for the suckers, which would duly be negotiated out in conference, and barring that, ignored by Obama.

Juan McAmnesty just confirmed it.

Remember when unions actually cared about American workers?

Which is the Dog

23 07 2013

Washington, D.C.

Randi Weingarten AFT President 7/08

The last time I saw her mug, she was featured in Waiting For Superman, pouring cold water (rightly so) over the New Conventional Wisdom and the new party line from the Democrat-Left that “bad teachers” are the root cause of all of society’s ills.

Well, it looks like she and her AFT have been bought off or succumbed to pressure.


Teachers chief: Bad teachers should find new jobs

Teachers who aren’t up to snuff shouldn’t be in classrooms and should find new professions, the head of the 1.5 million-member American Federation of Teachers said Monday.

Randi Weingarten told a gathering of her union’s rank-and-file members that they should be more vigilant about their colleagues’ abilities and said weak educators who don’t make improvements only hurt the profession. The tough warning comes as state education chiefs have been trying to implement tougher standards for those in the classrooms and weed out teachers whose students aren’t making progress.

We’ve always thought that in the relationship between the Democrat Party and teachers’ unions, the NEA/AFT was the dog and the Democrat Party was the tail. Now I think it’s more the other way around.  Another possibility is that NEA/AFT was once the dog and the Democrat Party the tail back in the days when Democrat politicians were far more dependent on NEA/AFT money.  But now that the zillionaires are opening their wallets in the name of “educational excellence,” that has eclipsed the teachers unions’ relatively paltry money machine, so the unions are now far more the tail than the dog.

As for me, the issue is simple:  There are hardly any bad teachers, but there are whole lots of bad students.

Union Label

27 03 2013

Washington, D.C.

I don’t care what their motivations are, whether they’re really interested in the well being of their rank and file, or whether they’re just playing some partisan political game.

All I care about is that they’re gumming up the works, thereby decreasing the chances that any bill called “omnibus comprehensive reform” gets passed.  It’s like I’ve been saying all along — There are only a scant few elected politicians who actively want to do the right thing, and most want to do some variant of wrong thing.  But partisan sniping and jealousy over which kind of wrong thing should be done and whose interests get satisfied sooner as a result of the particular wrong thing that is done is our only real hope of no wrong thing actually happening.

Cover Both Your Wallets And Your Asses

21 02 2013

Washington, D.C.

Chamber Pot of Commerce + AFL-CIO =

America, they’re playing your tune.

Blogmeister Vindicated (Again)

22 09 2012


Blogmeister’s Axiom #17:  Free trade, open borders for immigration and global governance are all interrelated.  If you embrace one, there will inevitably be pressure on your body politic to enact the other two.

Birmingham News:

Mexican government reviewing complaint that Alabama’s immigration law violates NAFTA labor rules

Mexico is reviewing a complaint by an American labor union that Alabama’s immigration law violates a clause of the North American Free Trade Agreement that is intended to protect the rights of migrant workers, the union said Thursday.

The Service Employees International Union filed a complaint in April with Mexico’s Department of Labor and Social Welfare that Alabama’s law, often referred to as HB 56, violated the Labor Principles and Obligations in the North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation by “by creating a climate of fear and intimidation that chills immigrant workers and their co-workers who seek to form trade unions, bargain collectively or participate in other worker advocacy organizations.”

The Mexican government accepted the complaint and agreed to consult with the U.S. government about it, according to a Sept. 3 letter Mexican officials sent to SEIU. SEIU’s complaint also was joined by Mexico’s National Association of Democratic Lawyers.

“We hope that further review of Alabama’s racial profiling law will make clear its devastating impact on workers, on the law’s potential for minimum wage and overtime violations, and on workers’ freedom of association which are supposed to be protected under the NAFTA labor clause,” SEIU International Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina said in a prepared statement.


Here’s how you can tell that the SEIU (“purple people eaters”) isn’t a real union, other than Andy Stern’s biography:  Unions were not so long ago opposed to free trade, and not so long before that opposed to open borders for mass immigration, because both affect the employment prospects of labor unions members.  Here, we have the SEIU embracing both.

Key to the Whole Thing

18 09 2012


Rush’s theory:  CTU is striking as a back door bid to help Obama’s re-election campaign.

My theory:  CTU is striking because its members (white by Chicago public institution standards) don’t want to have their pay and job status dependent on their “dumb as hell” black students.

Turns out my theory is right:

Following a conference call, a source within CPS administration tells NBC Chicago there is worry that south side and southwest side teachers are unhappy with the proposed contract and may vote against ending the strike.

Some people are waiting for Superman, and others know that he will never come.


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