Four Months in Jeff City

29 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I have come up with another theory why the RINOs and the Republican establishment wants more than anything else in the world, with the exception of amnesty and open borders, wants to crush the Tea Party Movement, especially its propensity to challenge RINOs and establishmentarians in Republican primaries and on occasion beat them.

One thing I quickly learned from my first full Missouri legislative session as a cub lobbyist is that the lobbyists that make the big bucks are the ones who have some sort of social currency with the existing politicians.  This is why I couldn’t figure out why the people who hired Kit Bond to lobby Republicans in the General Assembly to do Medicaid expansion were so hot on Kit Bond.  First off, he looks barely one step over warmed over death these days.  For another, and more importantly, he hasn’t had an elected political job in Jefferson City since 1984, and when he left the U.S. Senate in 2010, he was quickly forgotten, and nobody but the D.C. liquor stores missed him.  Helping that along was that his replacement, Roy Blunt, was pretty much a letter-for-letter drop-in replacement for Bond, except for the alcohol consumption habits.  Did the people who hired Kit Bond to lobby for Medicaid expansion think that Bond still had some great social capital to spend among state legislators who, thanks to term limits, turn over pretty quickly now?

The Federal government has lot more power than and spends a lot more money than the Missouri state government.  Therefore, the swarm of lobbyists around Washington, D.C. is far more intense than around Jefferson City, Missouri.  Furthermore, there are no term limits on Federal legislators.  Add all those factors together and what you get is a constant self-perpetuating club divided into only two parties and two chambers of people that comprise bodies with a low rate of turnover.  Therefore, lobbyists have a lot easier job in Washington because they have a far easier time leveraging relationships and spending social capital in order to accomplish something the lobbyist’s clients want.

Take Eric Cantor.  If he takes some seven-figure lobbying job starting in January, whoever gives him that big salary isn’t giving to him as a gift or a lifetime achievement award or a sinecure.  The firm who hires him has clients that wants things from the Federal government, and the firm is going to expect Cantor to leverage his personal relationships with House Republican leadership (which, as you notice, hasn’t really substantively changed after his resignation from it), and with other key House Republicans, to push certain bills along or to hold back certain bills.

Let’s look in the other party.  I don’t know if she still is anymore, but Linda Daschle, wife of former Senate Minority/Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD), was a big money lobbyist for the airline industry.  Why did the airline industry think her services so valuable?  Because she shared a bed with the man who had very serious control over Democrats in the Senate.  Even when Tom Daschle himself lost his bid for re-election 2004, Linda Daschle’s lobbying services were still valuable and still were going to be for awhile, because there were still a bunch of Senate Democrats remaining who would accept the social currency that Tom Daschle had in his wallet.  Eventually it would wear out, as Democrat Senators lose re-election bids, or retire, or die in office, but for awhile, Linda Daschle can still make money.

If the voting public develops the habit to start turning out stodgy establishmentarian incumbents in their own party’s primaries, this would mean that the Federal House and Senate would start seeing frequent turnover in its membership.  That means that you wouldn’t have incumbents being able to hang around for years and years and decades and decades, and social relationships, clubs and cliques among them would be far more ephemeral, and therefore, lobbyists wouldn’t be able to exploit and manipulate them for the benefit of their clients.

If you’re a well placed Republican establishment-type incumbent in the House and Senate, the last thing you want is for all this voting-out-incumbents thing to get out of hand, because then it would decrease your own value to lobbyist firms after your own political career is over.  If the Tea Party Movement keeps the turnover rate among House Republicans high with their anti-incumbent fervor, then who will ever want to hire John Boehner for $1 million or more a year after he leaves Congress, when he’ll have no social leverage over existing House Republican members?

The Republican establishment was fine with the TPM when they were only doing street theater, dressing up in Minuteman costumes and screaming slogans.  It’s only when they started involving themselves in intra-Republican electoral politics that they started raging against it.  Now you know why.  Similarly, if the Occutards would have ever come to realize that camping out in tents had its limits, and they would have taken the next step and involved themselves in intra-Democrat electoral politics, the Democrat establishment would be similarly gunning for their heads right now.



Quick Question

15 04 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

When did our movement become full of 22-year old french fry jockies living in their parents’ basements?

You know the type, the ones waiting for some pure savior on a white horse to ride down from Valhalla to save us all, expecting it to happen right away.  While they’re anxiously waiting, they devote most of their comments on some of our favorite websites to bash and trash everyone and everything that’s not perfect and pure, and every person who just so happens to have at least two nickels to rub together more than they do.

This is probably nothing more than RJP’s axiom that just about everyone born after 1977 is useless.  That our movement is starting to see an influx of young blood of the Millennial Generation or Generation Y that grew up having everything handed to them on demand, and expect sociopolitics to work the same way.  Your snarky blogmeister, who just so happens to have been born in RJP’s cutoff year, might be one of the final few people who implicitly understands that things worth having have to be earned, and that politics as well as much of life in general are arts of the possible.

You’re Listening

5 03 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Pantry

A certain box of cereal in my pantry, on its back, implores me to go into its Facebook page and “tell us your story” because “we’re listening.”  As an inducement, it already has two stories from two people inside pieces of this cereal arranged in the shape of a heart.

Yeah, here’s my story I’d submit to Facebook if I did Facebook:


Dear Cereal:

I poured some of your cereal in a bowl, then put some milk on top of that.  I gradually ate it, and as I was eating, I noticed there was less and less in my bowl.  When there was no more to eat, my bowl was empty, and I was done.  That’s when I put the bowl and spoon in my dishwasher.

I guess I’ll do it all again tomorrow morning.


Snarky Schmuck
Ballwin, Missouri


Seriously, we’re begging people to talk about eating cereal on Facebook.  And we wonder why stuff like this is happening more and more.

Let’s Face It

7 12 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

We’re living in the Era of Every Schmuck Loser Realizing His Full Potential (TM).

Just today:

1.  I was in a room that had no fewer than six products that are said to help one realize one’s full potential.

2.  Overheard on a talk radio ad:  “This mutual fund will help you realize your full potential.”

3.  Also overheard on talk radio:  “An e-mail address with such-and-such domain name will help you in your quest to realize your full potential.”

It’s getting to the point where I could get naked, hang upside down from a tree and do inverted sit-ups, and use the excuse that I’m only trying to realize my full potential.

Also remember that “realize one’s full potential” came straight out of public relations departments, and a lot of men who do PR have something in common.  Therefore, the Era of Every Schmuck Loser Realizing His Full Potential has a strong crossover with the Era of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH.

If You Don’t Vote, You Can Complain

8 11 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I think this point deserves some further intellectual development, beyond my superficial treatment of it here in this space in the past.

This (not so) bon mot about “if you don’t vote, then you can’t complain” is probably the most stupid bromide that is tolerated as common sense in American political discourse.

For anyone to say that non-voters don’t have a right to complain is not only plainly wrong on its face, (the First Amendment doesn’t allow for Congress to abridge the civil liberties listed therein for people who don’t vote, meaning non-voters have the right to freedom of speech, assembly, REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES (i.e. complaining), etc.), but think about the message you’re communicating if you say and think it:  For you to say that people who don’t vote don’t have a right to complain is the equivalent of giving government or even private actors the permission to pave over and brutalize people who don’t vote.

The political process is necessary to make murder a crime and hire the agents who investigate homicides, arrest the suspects, and try and convict and punish the murderers.  For you to say that people who don’t vote have no right to complain is also saying that it’s not a crime to murder people who don’t vote.

Another issue:  Why do we assume that people who don’t vote don’t have an opinion or don’t care?  Not voting is a form of voting and expressing a political opinion, if you think about it.  (There were 11 million fewer ballots cast for any Presidential candidate in 2012 compared to four years ago.  Do you think that at least some if maybe not most of those 11 million non-voters were trying to send a message?)  Hell, not having an opinion about anything could be construed as having an opinion.  And they all have rights in this world, or they should have.

To net it out, you have a right to bitch, moan and complain 364 days of the year then not vote on the 365th, and if your bitching, moaning and complaining is rooted in some public or private foul play or malfeasance, your non-voting on the 365th day doesn’t mean that those doing you dirt shouldn’t be punished, and it doesn’t mean that public and private actors shouldn’t practice the self-restraint necessary for you to be able to exercise your rights.

Border Security

26 09 2012


Left-wing kooks are floating the idea of putting white non-leftist Americans into a concentration camp.

Bring it on.

It will be the only prison blacks and Hispanics will try to break into.  The real prison will be the third world remnants of America outside the prison walls.  Think it through.

The barbed wire fence and armed guards will be the border security we’ve wanted for so long.

It’s like the redistribution we are all being made to fear:  Like Rush said, (even though he doesn’t fully understand the racial angle of what he said), if Obama or some leftist takes $100,000 away from the typical (white) person who has it to give to the typical (black or Hispanic) person who doesn’t have it, the person who had it taken from him will find a way to make it all back in six months, while the person to whom it was given will have none of it left within six months.

The concentration camp they put us will eventually be something of a whitopia ethnostate paradise because we will make it so, while the “freedom” outside will really be slavery because the third world blacks and Hispanics will make it so.

What Keeps Me Going?

2 07 2012

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Answer:  Two things which most people consider to be severe personality flaws, but I consider to be features rather than bugs:  Arrogance and Know-it-All-ism.

I’m right, and the rest of the world is wrong.  It doesn’t matter how much money and power the rest of the world has and how little I have.  If many of you are honest with yourselves, especially if you share my politics and worldview, you will admit that you have the same kind of standoffish default mentality.

As for KIAism, I tried ameliorating that curious element of my personality, but I’m just not a good faker.  Besides, I have come to the conclusion that a good chunk of the world’s progress since circa 1800 has come from KIAs striving to try really to know everything.  I have come to be more suspicious of people who hate KIAs rather than KIAs itself.  People who hate KIAs tend to be selfish oafish little Hitlers who really are KIAs in their own way, except the only things they think matters are things they care about.

On top of that, I don’t hide my personality in public.  I tone it down some, because I’m usually packing heat, and I presume that other people are.  But I’m not going to delude myself or other people by pretending to be something I’m not.  There is nothing in this world worth being a phony baloney plastic banana as a price of admission, not even the Presidency or a ring around a supermodel’s finger.

The problem is not with me being arrogant and a know-it-all, it’s your problem for thinking that they’re bad things.

Your First Uniform

2 07 2012

Your Domicile

Stand naked in front of a mirror.

Even though you’re wearing nothing, you are wearing a uniform.  That’s because you’re playing for a team to which your parents drafted you for life, and from which you’ll never be traded, and from which you will never receive free agency.

Still, you have the power to engage in point shaving.

Pennies a Day

1 07 2012

Madison Avenue

“Buy this insurance plan.  The premiums are as low as under a dollar a day.”

“Security monitoring only costs 85¢ a day.”

“Subscribe to this website’s premium services, you can be a 24-7-365-Full Access-Insider for less than 25¢ a day.”

That would be relevant if we paid bills on a daily basis.  This is all marketing bullshit because people will remember the stated cost before they will remember the “per day” qualification.  It’s why the stores prices thing a penny under a round amount, because we read from left to right.  If something is $29.99, people will psychologically think it costs closer to $20 than $30.

But they only use this line on stuff that’s under $30 a month.  It doesn’t sound right to say that you can mortgage this house for “under $50 a day.”  In fact, it sounds scary.  Even scarier:  You can fund the Federal budget for “under $11 billion a day.”


Scratch that. I saw a local TV ad — West County Nissan is advertising a certain 2012 model year Nissan for “$5.99 a day. As much as your daily latte.”


24 05 2012

I can understand saying “pair of socks,” “pair of shoes,” and “pair of gloves.”  For there are literally two; we have two feet and two hands.

But why do we call them a “pair of pants” and a “pair of shorts?”  Is it because we have two legs?  We also have two arms, but we don’t call a single shirt a “pair of shirts,” even though they have two sleeves.

Thanks For Sharing, Internet.

16 04 2012

The damned internet seemed bound and determined today to let me know that Cam Newton wears underwear.

While that factoid registered a big fat zero on my Care-o-Meter, the only fortunate thing is that he’s not a freeballer.

In Loco The Poco Parentis

3 04 2012

Don’t you just love parents who try to use the law to compensate for their own failures as parents?

While we’re on the subject, I’ve been trying to figure out the scam behind all these cops and sheriffs running around here trying to get Missouri to make pseudo-ephedrine a prescription-only drug.  It’s easy to discern that various health care industries have their fingerprints all over it, because a few dollar box of pills becomes an expensive doctor’s visit and a more expensive prescription in one fell swoop of an ink pen.  But now I think there’s a personal motive — I bet most of these law men have kids that are meth heads, and they’re overcompensating for their own guilt and subpar parenting skills by yammering about cold pills and scripts.

I Would Make a Great President

2 04 2012

Not only because I’m now old enough, but I have the ability, as John F. Kennedy once said that was required of an American President, to believe two contradictory things at the same time without going bonkers.

Lotteries are two contradictory things, IMHO:  One, they’re a tax on those ignorant of probability and statistics, and two, they’re the only real chance the average person has to become rich.

This article bears the first part out.

Ladies, Make a Fist

1 04 2012

Trayvon Martin had a lot of issues.  But as I look at his recent pictures, and see the hostility in his eyes, I think I can identify his biggest problem:

His girlfriend didn’t put out enough.

Ladies, you may use that fist to punch me now.

Decline and Fall

25 11 2011

Whoever takes it upon him or her self to write The Decline and Fall of the American Empire centuries from now, he or she will devote an entire chapter to Black Friday.

I noticed in the small print in a lot of the TV spots last night that Massachusetts does not allow most retailers to be open at any time on Thanksgiving.  That state doesn’t get much right, but at least the state where the first Thanksgiving was held has sense enough to keep something sacred.  The only reason why this matters is because certain retailers opened last night a couple of hours before midnight.

If, in the coming years, we see a concerted effort on the part of politicians everywhere to limit the start of Black Friday to a certain time early in the morning after Thanksgiving, then we know we might be on track to reverse our decline.

UPDATE 6 PM:  I was channel surfing in my hotel room last night after arriving, and one of the local newscasts promised “complete and comprehensive coverage” of Black Friday.  As opposed to what?  Incomplete and non-comprehensive coverage?  How does one make news coverage of a bunch of drones lined up outside a big box mart overnight and then watching them stampede into the store like herds of ungulates “complete and comprehensive?”  I suppose they would have had to send a news crew to every Wal-Martinez in Kansas City, from way over here in Olathe to way over there in Blue Springs.  Also, Black Friday isn’t a “news” event that lends itself to complicated plot lines, so there’s no need for “comprehensive” coverage.  Film the waiting drones, film the stampede at opening, grab a few interviews of shoppers checking out, keep an ear on the police scanner for murders, robberies and tramplation deaths and send a crew to those Wal-Marts just in case, cut, edit, and you’re done.


7 09 2011

AP publishes photographs of Apollo astronaut foot tracks and abandoned lunar landing equipment.  The photos were taken by a lunar orbiter orbiting in a relatively low altitude (13-15 miles above the surface) orbit.

For a long time, I was conflicted about the “did we really land humans on the moon” theories.  On the one hand, it seemed that the notion that we could safely send human beings to the moon and back home on 1960s technology was too good to be true — My smartphone has more computing power than the computers that powered the Apollo missions.  On the other hand, there is the common sense notion of “what would it take to cover it up” if we really didn’t go.  So I was stuck in purgatory between “too good to be true” and “too hard to cover up.”  These photos have me just one iota short of convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that we really did go.

But that leads to the problem I realized all along even when I was stuck in purgatory — No matter what the answer turned out to be, I wasn’t going to be happy.  If we really didn’t go, then why the pretense and the massive cover-up?  If we really did go, then why haven’t we been back, established bases, and gone further, e.g. to Mars and beyond?  Especially since, like I said, a lot of people these days carry around in their pockets more computing power than the Apollo missions had.  Not only have we not been back and gone further, technically, the United States does not have the public ability at the moment to launch human beings into low Earth orbit.  All with our wonderful 2010s technology.  Hooray.  Not helping matters is that Obama wants NASA to focus on “global warming” and Muslims.

In the early 1970s, the rising costs of both Vietnam and the welfare state squeezed a lot of Federal budget line items, NASA included.  So there just isn’t the money to fund an ambitious manned space program.  The second and more important reason is that even if there was the money, there just isn’t the will or desire to go back to the moon, or go to Mars, or beyond — I’m convinced the only reason we sent men to the Moon and back was only because we wanted to beat another white country (in the case of the time, Russia) to the punch.  That’s a character flaw in white people — We generally don’t do ambitious things “just because,” we do them because we want to compete with other white people.  Russia could have sent men to the moon, but I guess they didn’t because they didn’t see the point — They were already beaten.  And we weren’t going to create permanent settlements on the Moon and go to Mars until the big bad Russians seemed to have the capability and desire to do the same, and since they didn’t, there was no point in our doing so.  Maybe China will develop a manned space program, but because the Chinese aren’t white, us Americans nor any other white country will feel the need to compete with them.  Did Christopher Columbus sail westward from Spain because the Spanish Crown wanted to send someone in that direction just for the hell of it just to see what was there?  No — The whole point was to establish rapid sea-borne trade routes to South and East Asia before the Italians and Portuguese could.  It’s just that Chris stumbled on two big continents in between Asia and Europe.

The good news here is that it was almost three centuries between Christopher Columbus’s accidental “moon landing” (so to speak) and the first independent European nation-state in the New World (the United States of America), sort of like a permanent manned base on the moon — Looking at the real moon with that sort of analogue of time, some humans should be living there permanently around 2300.  Of course, by then, there might not be any white people left on Earth, at the rate we’re going, and we don’t know if the Chinese can ever develop the ability to innovate and invent like white people have, beyond just copying other people’s inventions and using the cheap labor economies of scale to undercut the world on costs.

To Know The Difference

26 08 2011

This food fight between Mark Levin and several of his ideological syncophants and certain members of the Ron Paul inner circle is begging my reaction.

In case you’re going, “Huh?” right now, Conservative Heritage Times has the back story, including links to both sides’ URLs.  Look here and here.

As a matter of theory and academics, I’m mostly with the Ron Paul people.  The hard-on I’m having with the way Levin is waging his side of the fight is that he is prostrating himself to SPLC-style tactics and name-calling.  Beyond all that,  my problem with this fight is the fight itself.  It’s a quixotic pursuit for either side to be engaging in this fight.  Honestly, does anyone in this milieu think that they’re going to change the minds of anyone on the other side of the aisle?  No.  So why fight?  This is why I haven’t done a political chatroom in a long time, because they usually involve people spewing the same pre-packaged bromides at each other.  Nobody changes anybody’s mind, but everyone’s blood pressure goes up.

Another reason why this fight is useless is that both sides represent decaying ideologies.  Levin et al. represent Reaganite lamestream conservatism which at some point, thanks to the racial demographic inevitabilities heading our way, will have no chance of winning national elections.  The Paulites are right-paleo-libertarians, and while there is a lot of public support for some individual salami slices of that agenda, as a whole, its day is long gone, mainly because there are no powerful and monied constituencies that directly benefit from right-paleo-libertarianism.  Levin et al and Lew Rockwell et al are basically arguing about deck chairs on the Titanic.

We clearly need some sort of race-based new paradigm or new orthodoxy.  James Edwards’s tagline for his Political Cesspool blog, the accompaniment to his radio show, is that “Conservatism has failed.  Liberals have no answers.  What’s next?  The rise of ethnopolitics.”  We need to start creating our own “next.”

Yet another reason why I won’t get involved in this fight has a lot to do with the reason I stay away from bad scenes and do everything I can to de-escalate bad situations in which I find myself.  I joke that I didn’t really learn how to be a coward until I started (legally) carrying a gun around.  Maybe part of the reason I’ve turned into a coward all of a sudden, both in real life and online, is that while I’m not old, I’m not that young anymore.  My odometer does have a few miles on it.  Getting involved in these quixotic frays are a waste of my increasingly precious time.  Why should I spend time behind a piece of electronic equipment to bash people I’ll probably never meet, in apologetics for an obsolete orthodoxy to which I might subscribe in order to hate on the other person’s obsolete orthodoxy?  I’d rather go out for a run or troll for sex in a bar or club.  God may have finally granted me the wisdom to know the difference between things I can change and things I should let alone.  What took Him so long?

Before I let this go, I’ve been asking this question of the Ron Paul bashers (Mark Levin or otherwise) on Twitter, yet nobody has given me any answer much less a good one.  This little conflagration is giving me the opportunity to ask it again.  I’m asking it in an open sense to Mark Levin, but it is also for anyone so concerned.  Actually, it’s two questions, because part of the Levin-Rockwell contretemps has involved The (Not So) Lost Cause.

1.  Levin et al. hate Ron Paul so much, but they either like or are okay with Rand Paul.  This is in spite of the fact that they are 99.9% ideologically alike; the main difference between them involve style, slick, polish and PR savvy.  Levin has had the younger Paul on his show numerous times, but he would never have the elder one on.  Why?  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and the tree haters seem to be okay with the apple.

2.  Why do Levin and all the other lamestream conservatives hate white Southerners so much?  After all, when the national electoral mood has a blue color, as it did in 2006 and 2008, white Southerners are usually the only votes that Republicans get.  When the elections are close, the very solid majorities that white Southerners give to Republicans are the difference maker.  Obviously, I think the white Southern vote for Republicans has little to do with Reaganite ideology, it’s mostly a pure reaction to blacks voting Democrat.

And a few other general questions:

1.  Why all this Reagan love on the part of lamestream conservatives?  When we vote in November 2012 for President, it will be 32 years after Reagan’s first election.  1980 has as much relevance to 2012 as 1948 does to 1980.  How many Democrats in 1980 were longing for Harry Truman?

2.  Do you think that Levin’s Reagan worship and hate for paleo-libertarians have practical motivations?  For sure, Levin is a dyed in the wool lamestream conservative, so part of his Dutcholyatry is ideological.  But from what I can gather of his biography, the parts that he has spoken of over the air in bits and pieces, his first real household-sustaining job was in the Reagan Administration, namely his Justice Department.  Now, he makes his living running a legal foundation that (rightly) opposes big government, and a radio show with most of the same themes.  If Ron Paul’s dreams ever came true, and big government ever really went away, I get the feeling that Levin’s income stream dries up.  That and his first real job’s paychecks were signed by that very same big government.

3.  Regarding Lew Rockwell — I am getting the sense that age isn’t doing for him what it’s doing for me.  Time was, he never used to demand the ideological purity and rigidness from candidates he supported like he does now.  He supported Pat Buchanan’s Presidential campaigns, not because PJB is an Anarcho-Capitalist, but because Rockwell knew that he could get a lot of what he wanted from PJB.  In other words, Rockwell was a remora riding the shark of Buchanan to fresh meat.  (Just like some white nationalists think that we can be the remoras riding the shark of Ron Paul for “disparate impact” benefits.  That’s largely quixotic fantasy in itself, but also it’s another discussion for another day.  For a preview of that, see the discussion between myself (“Question Diversity”) and “Jack from Chicago” in this recent AR thread.)  But if PJB were running today, Rockwell would bash him instead of support him.  Don’t forget, I first learned about Sam Francis, again, not an Anarcho-Capitalist, from Rockwell’s monthly newsletter that he co-wrote with the late Murray Rothbard, that being the Rothbard-Rockwell Report (RRR).  If both Sam and Rothbard were still alive today, and RRR still being published, I don’t think Rockwell would say one kind word about Sam.  Has anyone else noticed this?

Screwed His Pooch

21 08 2011

I don’t need to tell you what I think about Glenn Beck.  You’ve been reading me for long enough to know my hot-and-cold opinions about him.

I have some anecdotal evidence that I’m right about the “cold” side.

I was working out at the gym I use yesterday afternoon.  Actually, my gym is more of a TV lounge with the occasional exercise accoutrement as a bonus, though since they’re gradually swapping out the “old fashioned” treadmills for treadmills with TV screens in them, they’re becoming one and the same.  It has TVs in the locker room, and I’m surprised they haven’t put waterproof TVs in the actual showers and on the underwater walls of the swimming pool.  Anyway, old fuddy duddy that I am, I’m using the non-TV treadmills while I still can.  One of the other members of this gym is a relatively young and obviously Jewish man, a few years older than myself.  I see him in there about once every several times that I’m there, but we have never talked to each other, and after what happened yesterday, I don’t think I really want to get acquainted.

As I was pounding rubber, not paying attention to any of the TVs, all of a sudden from my right, someone yelled really loudly, “Get that motherfucking Nazi off my TV!”  I looked in that direction, and it was the aformentioned gentleman.  I looked really quickly over at the TV nearest him, and it was Fox News Channel with a short clip of Glenn Beck.

This proves my point — Glenn Beck got too interested in the Jews, and now he’ll never be able to live it down.  All he did was give the JDL-type obsessives (I’m guessing this man is one) permission to put his life under an electron microscope, and anything they can use to turn him into Hitler II, they will use, and latch on to, and never relent or even forget.  Now, you and I know that Glenn Beck isn’t a Nazi — Some of the media I read regularly are upset at him for NOT being one.  But that proves that the I/J/Z issue base is a third rail.  As an aside, Rush Limbaugh (gentile with a German surname just like Beck) and Michael Savage (Jewish, real name Michael Alan Weiner) do almost all of the “Nazi” things (criticize Soros, Frances Fox Piven, etc.) for which the JDL types have roasted Beck for, but they themselves aren’t in that line of fire.  That is because they never engaged in any sort of blatant philo-Semitism.

Ironically, that FNC clip which provoked my gym mate’s outburst was from Beck’s “restoring (fill in the blank with some one-word nebulous virtue)” rally in Israel.  Actually, it’s not ironic, it’s more Beck philo-Semitism begging more accusations of anti-Semitism.  His rally in Israel is to show his appreciation to the natives’ courage in resisting to that hateful third-world lumpenproletariat to the east knawing at their heels. Fine as far as it goes, but has Beck done a rally in Detroit to honor white courage against black crime? In South Africa to honor white courage against black crime and violent extremism? In Oslo to honor native Norwegians’ plight vis-a-vis African Muslims? In Phoenix to encourage native born white Americans to resist Chicano reconquista and irredentism? Anywhere in France to courage the French to keep France French and not a northern colony of Algeria? In eastern Russia to give morale and energy to the dwindling Russian population in the face of Chinese territorial aggrandizement? To me, all these things are the same, but Beck will never do any of these hypothetical things. As mad as that makes me, a lot Jews are just as incensed. It’s like $arah Palin wearing that Star of David necklace in New York City.

That got my mind to thinking all throughout the rest of my workout and for a little while yesterday, and a bit today.

I have a prediction.  I don’t think the odds of this coming true are close to even money, but I think they’re good enough to justify me stating this prediction.  If it does come true, I’m going to do a victory lap all over the blogosphere.

It is my understanding that most Israeli Jews don’t like conservative and fundagelical/millenarian Christian Americans visiting their country.  Their left wing is most hostile to the concept, for both ideological and religious reasons.  But even their right wing, while appreciative of the support, don’t get them wrong, does find it unnerving.  For the problem with any kind of millenarian mindset is that there are always a few impatient hotheads who get tired of waiting on fate, circumstance or God “to get the ball rolling.”  So they take matters into their own hands.  To wit:  Charles Manson.  Most fundagelical low Protestant Christians who believe in Revelation as future physical prophecy and believe it predicts a literal physical Second Coming of Christ think that God and only God “can get the ball rolling,” knock on wood.  But the Israelis always have to be on the lookout for the ones who are tired of waiting on God, so they try and stir up shit in Israel, i.e. provoking Arabs or Palestinians to do something really tragic and dastardly to Jews, or vice-versa, in order to stir up shit.

When Beck said he was going to Israel, I pleaded with fate that he would use his eyes and ears as much as possible and his mouth as little as possible.  Until this past weekend, he did that.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t last the whole trip without “honoring courage,” or some Obama-ish psychobabble.  Since I am not a fundagelical Christian, and therefore I interpret Revelation in a non-physical verve, I feel no spiritual imperative either to support Israel or to visit.  Yeah, I’d like to, just for the history, but I can tell you this much — If I can only afford one overseas trip in my life, it won’t be to Israel, it’ll be somewhere in Europe, probably Germany, the origin of a majority of my ethnic constitution.  I won’t feel spiritually deficient if I never get to visit Israel.  My Lord and Savior said in no uncertain terms that his Kingdom is not of this world.  If I do go, I’m going to take my own advice, use ears and eyes a lot and mouth very little.  Certainly, I wouldn’t interfere in the Israeli body politic.  Honestly, that’s good advice for visiting any foreign country.

My prediction:  If the Israelis get it in their heads that too many Christian Fundagelicals are there to stir up shit, they’ll communicate their concerns back to the U.S. State Department, and the American Federal government will do one of two things:  (1)  Institute a blanket travel ban on American passport holders visiting Israel, or (2)  Quietly permit Israel to refuse American passport holders, or (3)  The American Justice Department will start over-vigorously and zealously enforcing the Neutrality Act on Americans that politic in Israel, and do it so consistently and viciously, such that it will deter Americans from traveling to Israel.  This has a better chance of happening if both the U.S. and Israel have left-of-center executives at the same time, because Republican-leaning fundagelicals and their actions would be the reason for this policy, ergo a Republican U.S. President would never countenance, but option (3) would also be used against left-leaning Americans who supply aid and comfort to the Palestinians, as a sop to “consistency.”

UPDATE:  Late breaking news, just minutes after I posted this — A majority of the crowd were ideologically aligned Americans, and noted fundagelical hustler John Hagee was a featured speaker.

Question, Americans:  How would you like it if some “Pro-America” Israeli organized a “Pro-American restoring courage” rally at some American sports stadium, and a majority of those in attendance flew in from Israel to attend?  What if one of the featured speakers was a Jewish Rabbi who believed that there had to be some cataclysmic violence inside the United States at the hands of blacks and/or Hispanics in order to fulfill some sort of Talmudic “Paradise on Earth” prophecy?  I can’t think of an English word that means both “patronizing” and “mawkish” at the same time, but if there is one, I would hope that describes your feeling.

UPDATE II:  I mentioned them both in this post, and KFTK is advertising a joint event that both Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck will hold here in St. Louis in several weeks.  They’re calling it “once in a lifetime” — Damn, I was hoping for never in a lifetime.  She’ll probably wear her Star of David necklace, (glowing for all that tolerance it gives her), but she won’t tell you about her Scottsdale house in a 90% white census tract even though she loves Hispanics and hates anti-Hispanic bigotry so much.  He’ll boast about he singlehandedly gave Israelis their courage back (even though very few Israels went to see him).  Meanwhile, a lot of white people in St. Louis really do need courage and honor in order to resist and repel our own violent daily Palestinian-style intifada (black crime) — Don’t expect these two to help, though.

UPDATE III:  You can usually count on Alan Dershowitz never to have a kind word for any white conservative gentile.  But wouldn’t you know it — The one time I actually wanted him to stay true to his reputation, he actually comes out and supports Glenn Beck.

UPDATE IV:  Above, I asked the rhetorical question — Why isn’t Beck honoring the whites who are about to be the victims of genocide in South Africa?  Guess where he is today, heading there after his time in Israel.  That’s right — Someone e-mailed me today and told me he did his radio show from Cape Town, South Africa.  Now, he wasn’t there to help white people, he was there for another “restoring (some one-word nebulous value)” shindig.  Maybe Beck should restore some of his own courage and use some of his own money to get the whites out of there before they’re all killed.  After all, he’s opposed to genocide, right?  I’m sure he made that clear in the last country he was in, which was formed in earnest of an attempted and almost successful genocide.

Line Item of Good Feelings

11 08 2011

Last night, I was listening to a little bit of Christian radio.  Between shows, an ad for one of these “save the African children” charities/hustles/scams played, this one for the country of Mozambique.  You could call a phone number to have some sum of money (think it was $68 or something like that) added to your credit card bill. The commercial narrator said something like, “when you get your credit card bill, you’ll see all the food and drinks and clothes and other things you bought, and then you’ll see the line item for our save-a-Mozambiquian fund. And long after the food and drink is consumed, long after the clothes are tattered, and long after the other stuff you buy is in the trash, there will still be that child, because of your help.”

Yeah, there will still be that child. Except that child will eventually become an adult, who will procreate and beget even more famine and starvation in Mozambique that Christian radio decades hence will expect our ever less prosperous children and grandchildren to “save.” If not that, then some white country will let them immigrate in, and the man child will become an adult man who will rob from white people, rape white women, steal from whites, and/or collect white welfare checks.  The girls or young women, they’ll only get the welfare — They won’t be violently criminal for the most part, they’ll only give birth to boys who will become violent, bigoted resentful men.

As it is, I’m eternally sorry for my eight-year old self compelling my mother to go out in 1985 and buy that “We Are The World” record, because I created either further poverty and famine in Ethiopia or some sort of angst for some white people somewhere.

Will the Real Glenn Beck Please Stand Up? (And the Fake One Please Shut Up)

8 08 2011

I am convinced there are two different Glenn Becks.

The one that does the radio show and the website are relatively sane and level-headed, sometimes funny, irrevverant, usefully informative, and makes a lot of friends.

The one that does TV and live appearances, on the other hand, just lives to piss everyone off, makes enemies just for the sake of making enemies, and gives James Edwards a lot of material.

I’d like to know which one is real, if either one.  I’m tired of him sending all these mixed messages.

I was able to listen to the last half hour of his radio show today, and he parlayed the anti-white race riots at the Wisconsin State Fair near Milwaukee into a incident that happened near him this weekend as (appropriately enough) he and his family was watching the new version of Planet of the Apes at a theater.  He said he sat down close to an obnoxious black man and some woman who seemed to be his wife, and he wouldn’t shut up even while the movie was playing.  He got so bad with his yammering that a couple of other white people nearby asked him politely to quiet down, and he went into an even louder tirade, this time calling those white people and all the white people around him (the Becks included) “cracker” and other anti-White racial pejoratives.  Beck then noted the obvious racial double standard — He nor any other white person could yell at black patrons in a movie room using the n-word without it becoming an international incident (and might I add, a fulcrum for SPLC fund raising letters.)

Of course I agreed, but my jaw just about fell to the floor when I heard him say this.

Did Glenn Beck forget he was supposed to be anti-racist?  Did he forget that he and only he has exposed to the world all these great “black founding fathers” and the “perfidy” of “liberal historians” in “hiding them from us?”  When in reality, if there was any hint of any real black founding fathers, all the liberals who run history departments at colleges and universities would have them be household names.  The truth is that leftist historians de-legitimize the American founding period and do their best to erase it from most history texts because they can’t find a way to make to diverse.  Sure, you might be conned into believing that the 54th Massachusetts was the main reason the Union won the WBTS, that the Buffalo Soldiers won WWI for the Allies, that the Tuskegee Airmen won WWII, and that Colin Powell single-handedly won Iraq I.

Did Glenn Beck forget that almost a year ago, he all but literally got on his knees to pleasure some niece of Martin Luther King in front of hundreds of thousands of people on the National Mall?

The last time Dave Glover (4-7 PM, 97.1 FM locally) filled in for Glenn Beck on his radio show, he relayed a semi-private conversation he had with Beck, about how he wished he could go back to being only a semi-political radio personality that cracks a lot of jokes.  For those nationally who only know Glover as a Beck fill in, Glover’s own show in St. Louis on the same station as Beck is on is like that, only Glover is rarely political.  Hell, one of his sidekicks has a stage name that sounds like “Turd Rock” if you say it quickly, and Glover usually does.  (I know, it’s Terbrock.)  I can understand Beck’s frustration — Back in his radio-only days, he was making a nice chunk of money and having a good time doing it, cracking jokes about Michael Bloomberg’s trans-fat prohibition.  Once he got into TV and live appearances, it was a combination of both his philo-Semitism and anti-racism that made everyone mad, from most American Jews, to left-wing whites, to very right-wing whites, and even the lamestream right sometimes wondered if he was playing with a full deck.

A lot of people gravely misunderstand Jared Taylor’s insouciance toward Jewish issues — The Jews think he excuses white right-wing anti-Semitism if not actually endorses it, and the white right-wing anti-Semites think he’s a Jewish suck-up and a traitor.  In reality, Jared Taylor is really neither, because he doesn’t want any part of the Jewish/Zionist/Israel issue base.  Glenn Beck found out the hard way — It’s a high voltage third rail.  If you’re a gentile and you touch it in any way, whether to destroy it (anti-Semitism) or to stroke it amicably and gently like you would your pet dog or cat (Philo-Semitism), you will get electrocuted.

Yeah, Glenn Beck on TV made a lot of money, but he needlessly made a lot more enemies in the process.  What good was all that money to buy a mansion when he had to live behind armed guards 24/7 both in it and out in public?  Man cannot live on bread alone.





Let’s Move in a Different Direction

6 05 2011

Who does First Lady Michelle Obama think should start moving?  About whose obesity is she really concerned?

As part of doing my job, I was in a place today intermingled with a lot of high school students.  Evidently, at least two high schools, one in the Parkway District, and one in the Hazelwood District, (I could tell from the parked buses), had a joint field trip to this particular facility.  The Parkway District is mostly white, with some deseg blacks and residential Asians mixed in.  Hazelwood is heavily black, not from deseg, but from the residential demographics.  So I saw a good cross section of students.  Keep in mind high school students tend to be between 14 and 18 years old.

Michelle Obama keeps talking about adolescent obesity.  So much so that, as you read in this space a few days ago, Wydown Middle in the Clayton district was one of many middle schools and junior high schools nationally that participated in a mass outdoor whore dance at the same time (12:40-ish PM Central Time, translate to other time zones), to re-worked lyrics to a Beyonce whore song.  (Use your favorite internet search engine to find out what “getting bodied” means.)

Just who is really obese?  From what I saw, most of the white men, white women and black men are so skinny that a good stiff breeze that went through the place could have knocked them all down to the floor like dominoes.  True, you don’t expect a student of high school age to weigh as much as men and women in their thirties.  The young men will surely put on more muscle mass with age and use, and the young women will do some of that and gain some other sorts of pounds (treading lightly here).  But I saw a whole lot of skin and bones — Or rather, what I saw were a whole bunch of human stick figures that need to get their asses into the weight room ASAP before they spontaneously disappear.  I don’t remember me ever being that skinny in high school, nor any of the guys in my class, and very few in my school in general.  The young (white) ladies seem to have more to them “back in the day” (early 1990s) also.  Can’t build much muscle when you’re on Facebook all day, can you?

The only exception to the skinny generalization I saw today were the black women.  A good percentage of them are obviously well overweight, a majority counting those look like they need to lose a fair number of pounds.  It was only maybe about a third that looked like they were of at least healthy weight and appearance, and only a small handful looked like the emaciated stick figures that were most of the others.

Recall that I noticed that there were a whole lot of blacks among the student body at Wydown Middle doing the Beyonce whore dance at the behest of the First Lady.  Not just blacks, but a majority of those were young women.  That was the case with video I saw from other schools participating — mostly young black women.

So let’s pull this all together.  Is the First Lady concerned about youth obesity in general, or is she concerned about it mainly because so many young black women are obese?  If that’s the case, then I can’t blame her — She is a black woman, so it would stand to reason that the problems of other black women would occupy her mind most prominently.  But that doesn’t mean that the 14-year old white kid who barely registers three figures on the scale needs to eat like a herbivore.

Still the Same

17 08 2010

Hatin’ on Microsoft and the Southern Poverty Law Center used to be my bread and butter.  These days, I’m reduced to picking on Apple and Justin Bieber.

That’s what happens when Windows is a non-factor in the smartphone space, and the Poverty Palace doesn’t have the cash flow it used to.

Is Conservatism a Mental Disorder? (Because I Know That Liberalism Is)

16 08 2010

Near the end of his first hour today, Rush took a call from Henderson, Kentucky.  The caller claimed to be a conservative, but was in favor of the G0M because, (paraphrased), it would show the Muslim world the superiority of the American political system.

Then what?  Are they going to end their insane theocracies and implement secular democratic republics?

For the sake of this discussion, I’m going to assume that this caller was really a conservative, and not some seminar caller goof.

Michael Savage has said that (il)liberalism is a (dangerous) mental disorder.  The more I see, the more I agree.  But is conservatism also a mental disorder?  The reason I’m starting to think that is that there are countless right-wingers who are so worried about adhering to right-wing orthodoxy, and so fearful of the “slippery slope” to “Marxist tyranny” that will become deviating from the orthodoxy as much as one iota, that they’re hurting their own survival prospects and everyone else’s survival prospects in the long run.  (Many liberals are the same way, but fascist tyranny is the slippery slope which they fear.)  And when I say “right-wingers,” I mean the non-racial political right, which includes a lot of factions that despise each other, from the neo-cons, the lamestream conservatives, the Reaganites, the JBSers, and a whole lot more.  Even some of the out-and-out right Jew-hating Nazis (neo and otherwise) on the part of the right wing where even I won’t go, are so obsessed with “the Jews” that they seem to be willing for the United States and Europe to become more and more non-white just to spite said “Jews.”  Hell, some of those are FOR the G0M because some “Jews” are against it, or they might think it’ll result in the death or injury of Jews.  That caller from Kentucky seems to be such a slave to the ideology of private property and “freedom of religion” that he would give a beach-head on hallowed ground to an enemy who only wants a mosque there to show their asses off, and an enemy that would chop his head off if he doesn’t convert to Islam and agree to Sharia Law.

Let me put it to you this way:  With all the mosques in Europe, some of them, like the proposed G0M, near historic sites of Christendom-Muslim battles — if this tolerance bullshit had any chance of changing Muslim hearts and minds in the Muslim world, it would have done so by now.

Maybe what is the true mental disorder isn’t necessary conservatism or liberalism, or anything else on the linear spectrum.  What might be the true mental disorder is the dogged adherence to an orthodoxy, or ideological rectitude, in spite of one’s own well-being as an individual or as part of a racial or ethnic collective.

As an aside, I’m not a big fan of consistency.  And when I say consistency, I don’t mean it in the scientific, mathematical or logical sense (that kind of consistency is why I have a functioning computer hooked up to a functioning internet to make this blog post).  What I mean by “consistency” is ideological rectitude.  I used to be the kind of dork who demanded ideological rectitude of myself and others similar to me, and now that I’ve been able to live that dorkiness down, I see how insane it was, and am still apologizing to others for having been that way.

To be sure, I have a worldview, and I have a preferred ideology in a general sense.  But ideology takes a back seat to my survival and prosperity as an individual, a member of my immediate family, a citizen of my locality, my state, and my country, and as part of the white race.  I won’t advocate anything in my preferred ideology that conflicts with any of that, even if it means being inconsistent.  If an idea that contributes to our survival and our prosperity originates from the political left, I’ll adopt it.  If an idea that originated on the right is counterproductive, I’ll reject it.  Furthermore, my ideas aren’t set in stone — Even in my relatively short coherent lifetime, and more than that, even in the much shorter time I’ve been blogging, I’ve noticed changes in trade, technology, commerce, society, culture and what not, not to mention the fact that my own mind has matured, such that I’ve traded ideas back and forth in that relatively short time span.  I’ll adopt an idea I rejected before if I think it benefits me personally or collectively, and vice-versa if it harms me.

Here’s a small example — I said on this medium a few days ago that I’m starting to change my mind on mandatory DNA collection, because of the man in Cleveland who spent almost 30 years in prison for a rape he didn’t commit.  If the type of DNA testing that ultimately vindicated him in 2010 existed in 1981, and there was mandatory DNA collection in 1981, he would have been cleared from the get-go.  Now, you libertarians are going to bitch a fit, but let me ask you — how libertarian is it for a man to spend virtually all of the best years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit?  You libertarians in Ohio will soon be about $1.5 million poorer in the collective sense because the state will have to recompense him for all those lost years.  How libertarian is being taxed to pay a man for being incarcerated falsely?

I’m seriously considering seeing if there’s some way I can voluntarily give a DNA sample to some law enforcement agency.  I’m not kidding.  If anyone can help me with that, use the “Contact Me” link above.

Here’s another example that doesn’t apply to me.  In fact, it applies to someone who I wish would go away gently into that good night so that the Stupid Party doesn’t run him up the flagpole for President in the future, that being Louisiana Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal.  The kook libs in the media and otherwise tried to whack his wrist because his demands for robust state and Federal action to respond to the Gulf Oil Spill was inconsistent with his general demand for non-big government.  Yeah?  So?  Jindal is the Governor of Louisiana, not the impresario of small government conservatism.  If being a slave to a political orthodoxy is what made you a good Governor, then a well-programmed robot could be Governor, and you wouldn’t need any human beings.  But we need actual thinking and sentient human beings to be the chief executives of government, and we need humans not robots for a good reason.  Because this is the real world, not the Ayn Randian presence on Second Life.

Maybe it’s not just ideological rectitude that’s the mental disorder.  I wish I had a nickel for every major Catholic priest that wanted open borders with Mexico in order to fill up Catholic pews, or for every fundagelical Protestant do-gooder that wants to bring every African infant over here.  Like the mental illness of ideological rectitude, the mindless devotion to religious or ecclesiocratic institutions, or any other institution of this world, to spite one’s own individual or collective well-being, might also be a similar kind of defect.  I could extend it to professional athletics — American Soccer coaches want more Mexicans, baseball GMs want more Dominicans.  How about businesses, and the way so many CS/IT firms and other firms love those cheap labor Asian H-1B visa holders?  But that’s another discussion for another day.

Before I end this rant, I want to debunk a bromide that’s going on out there about the G0M — I keep hearing people saying that it’s nothing more than a local zoning issue that shouldn’t be the concern of anyone in Idaho and North Carolina.  Except that the only reason the G0M is going where it is is because it’s so close to G0, and the only reason G0 is called that is because certain adherents of the said religion to be practiced inside that mosque rammed two airliners into the two very tall buildings that were standing on that land as late as nine years ago.  (My mild 9/11 skepticism aside.)  And because of those terrorist attacks, men and women from Idaho and North Carolina have fought and died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are still doing so to this day.  That was not a terrorist attack against a few blocks in Lower Manhattan only, it was an attack on the United States of America as a whole, and perhaps even the white Western world as a whole.  So, yeah, this matters to Idaho and North Carolina.

Sorry, Someone’s Gotta Say It. So That Means Me.

8 07 2010

Nothing ever became him in this world like the leaving of it.


Paul Smith, 38, is a registered sex offender. In 1995, he was convicted for sodomizing a 10-year-old boy.

Court records also show Paul Smith served prison time for tampering with a motor vehicle and receiving stolen property among other things. He has a previous address at an apartment complex on Weil Avenue in south St. Louis. Residents there said police raided that address earlier Wednesday.

Here’s where it’s going to get hairy.  I heard and saw this news in three different places, but I have not yet found it online to where I can corroborate it in a blockquote on this medium.  The news is that his neighbors in and around that apartment complex on the South Side found out he was a RSO, and ran him out.  He fled to Lincoln County, the same place where he committed suicide yesterday, but he didn’t report his change of address to the authorities, like he should have.

Now, knock on wood, and giving thanks to the deity of your sensibilities, it looks like the worst thing that happened to the girl during the time when he had her in his possession is that he chopped off her hair.  However, it easily could have been much worse.  She could have been raped and murdered.

Question:  Is it such a good idea to make the sex offender registry a matter of public record?  Why does anyone beyond law enforcement need access to the list?  After all, you can’t so easily do an NCIC on any ole regular person on the internet.  Because all his South Side neighbors knew he was a RSO, they could harass him so and run him out of town, and run him out of police scrutiny, and run him to a place where he could so easily go into a different town and snatch some girl on the street.  I think it’s better if only the cops and certain civilians under certain conditions and nobody else has access to SORs, because of how badly this recent kidnapping could have turned out.

I tend to think that the political class in this state and every other state that does SORs is horribly mistaken if they think that registration is a feasible end-around/augment to actual punishment/incarceration.  I’m sure the state would like to keep cretins like this Paul Smith incarcerated for far longer than they otherwise are, but the hoosegows in Missouri are too overcrowded for two main reasons:  (1)  All those rural hanging judges that love to send young white men to state prison for first-time weed possession of a small amount (and that is NOT bargained down from intent-to-distribute or actual dealing), and (2)  All the black crime in St. Louis and Kansas City.  The Bartle Bill, which didn’t make it out of Session this year, would have helped (1), and alternative forms of punishment, such as corporeal or slavery (which the 13th Amendment explicitly allows as a punishment for crime) to alleviate (2).

UPDATE 9 PM: Are we supposed to be impressed that another RSO from Pike County, who himself has a son that’s a RSO, (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree), both, like Smith, diddled children, gave the cops crucial information that led them to Smith and his eventual suicide?  Are we supposed to be impressed that this Fowler creep thinks that the world’s now better off that Smith committed suicide?  As if you’re some prize?  I suppose you’re going to want a Gubernatorial pardon now.  AFAIC, they should give you and your loser son the same shotgun Smith used to send himself to his just reward.  Then and only then might the world be a little better off.

Got Milk?

7 07 2010

Mr. LeBron Raymone James does, because he’s milking the free agency process for as long as he can.

Supposedly, ESPN is giving him 9-10 ET tomorrow night (8-9 Locally), so that he can have an hour to announce what would take 10 seconds and something he probably decided weeks ago, i.e., which team he’s signing with.  Also supposedly, the LeBron camp is going to sell the ad space and donate the money to BGCA, though IBIWISI.

Frankly, I’m getting so sick and tired of his narcissism, that I hope he sustains a career-ending (but not life threatening) injury in the offseason, and the team he signs with falls flat on their asses and wins 10 games a season from here to eternity.

We Are All Keynesians Now, Google Chrome Edition

1 07 2010

As the browser burns.

I ranted about Firefox 4 earlier this week.  Now Opera has joined the throng of Chrome me-tooers with their release of version 10.60.

With the same five websites open in tabs as I showed you in my Firefox 4 rant for the sake of consistency, here is how they look with Opera 10.60’s default config.  As usual, these screenshots are probably cropped from the right in your view, so click on the image to see it in full:

Now, after I unclutter a lot of the crap, and return sanity to its rightful place in the universe:

You can force the menu to show full time by clicking the red “Menu” button over on the northwest corner of the default config and check “Show Menu Bar.”  Everything else would take a long time to explain, and the services of a Philadelphia lawyer.  As you can see, the background wallpaper changed in the process between these screenshots; look along the title bar of my customized config, and you can sorta make out desktop icons for VLC, Opera and IE.  Sorry about that tiny lack of inconsistency.  Opera has been tabs-on-top for as long as I can remember, so I’m used to that.  There’s no way to change it, AFAIK.

Opera is only 32-bit in Windows — It has a 64-bit version for Linux.  I’ll get some of those screenshots later.

UPDATE 6 PM: It’s later.

Same five tabs.  64-bit Opera 10.60 in 64-bit Fedora 13.  I always install the Windows TrueType fonts over on the Linux side, but I let Linux-side browsers use the Linux-specific fonts, as I think they’re more legible than what you see over on the Windows side.  But, since you’re consistently seeing Jew Among You’s blog, I’ll let you decide that for yourself.  Point is, you can change Opera or Firefox in Linux to use the Windows-style fonts, and it would almost look the same as it does in Windows.  You can do the translucency thing in Linux, (Compiz-Fusion), but it’s really easy to fuck up your system and really hard to change it back if you fuck up the wrong thing; I learned that the hard way.  Had to uninstall compiz-fusion in the CL, then hassle and dick with a lot of configuration files just to get the Gnome default plain jane style such as you see below to come back.

First the default config:

Now after I clean out the junk:

The problem over on the Linux side is that it’s not very obvious from looking at the tab bar which tab is the active tab, whereas it is over in Windows 7.  Other problems on the Linux side are that it doesn’t automagically see the Iced Tea Java plugin (but it does Flash), and there are various performance issues, and I think IPv6 is enabled by default, which slows down initial page loading.  I’ll have to see if I can disable that — Firefox on Linux also is configed to seek IPv6 by default, and you’ve gotta dredge through about:config to change it.

Another problem is the Chrome-me-tooish default UI on Linux isn’t the same as the same on Windows, because the Linux version keeps the application window title bar, while on Windows, it is able to ditch it yet still keep minimize-maximize-close buttons, exactly as Chrome does.

UPDATE 7 PM: For reference, here is Chrome under Windows, then Chrome under Linux, both using pretty much their default UI settings:

All I can say is that if Chrome is your style, then nobody does it better than the original.  So the “me-tooers” aren’t even me-tooing that well.  Which would be fine by me, because I don’t like the Chrome style, but I don’t even like the sorry imitations of the Chrome style.  Thankfully, as you can see, I can change Opera and Firefox.

Chrome in Linux, unlike Opera in Linux (above) or Firefox in Linux (below), makes it easy to tell which tab is the active tab.  Even if you use the GTK style in Chrome, it’s only slightly less obvious:

Chrome/Linux, unlike Chrome/Windows, lets you add back the window title bar, either with its custom chrome or GTK style:

For reference, here is Firefox 4 Beta 2 Preview 64-bit in Fedora 13 64-bit.

Default UI:

I wanted to include proof that this was from the 4.0 nightly trunk, not the release 3.6.x version, so I had to call the About window then screenshot the whole screen.  The reason I wanted to prove that is because there is hardly any UI difference between this pre-release version of 4.0 and the current 3.6.x stable version. Note tabs-on-bottom is the default.  Either they’re not going to bother with drastic UI changes in Linux, or shove them into the nightlies in the coming weeks.  I think it’ll be the former — Mozilla has always wanted to maintain a conservative UI on Linux — Since Firefox is the leading browser on the Linux platform, Mozilla really never needed to take UI chances over on the Linux side, like it has in Windows.  Notice that tabs on bottom is default.  FYI, my name isn’t crashlanding — That’s just a special Fedora account for testing software and fooling around.

Clearing out some of the UI clutter:

You can put the tabs on top:

What’s weird here is that the starry book button on the navigation/URL toolbar is included, and like 4.0 nightlies on Windows, not removable unless you also remove the URL bar, but since the Linux version doesn’t let you get rid of the menu bar (which I wouldn’t do anyway), it’s a superfluous button — The only reason it’s there is so Windows users, who are presumed not to want the menu bar, which isn’t on by default anyway, can access their bookmarks.  I don’t know if Mozilla is even planning on hiding the menu bar by default in Linux.  If they don’t, it would actually be a major UI inconsistency across the platforms, a first in Firefox’s history.  This leads me to think that they not only will, but push out a default Linux theme suggestive of what they’re already doing in Windows nightly builds.  But those mockups are on Ubuntu 10.04 (note the left-side min-max-close buttons), so they might only be for speculative purposes only within Mozilla.  Obviously, Ubuntu is not my distro.

Note the only way to tell that Jew Among You is the active tab is the blue line on top of the tab.  Whichever tab you are viewing, that tab will have the blue line running across.  That’s been Firefox-on-Linux default behavior since version 3.0.

The other big problem is that Firefox (with tabs-on-top) and Opera (the way I configure the UI) on Linux (i.e. Fedora 13/GNOME) look virtually alike. Before 10.60, (and Opera had not done an official Linux release since 10.10, while Windows went through the 10.5x cycle), Opera drew a custom chrome under Linux that tried to imitate the Windows UI/chrome, but it looked gawdy and it was sorta clunky to use. Now, Opera integrates with GNOME and KDE, such that Opera running under either DE looks like one of those DE’s native desktop apps. However, Firefox does that, too (which is still going on in the 4.0 nightlies), so that’s why they look alike.

UPDATE 7/5: Someone else isn’t impressed with Opera 10.60, either:

Why Firefox 4’s Default UI Will Suck (And Why I’m Glad I Can Change It Back)

29 06 2010

First, I’ll let a Mozilla UI/UE apparatchik make his case:

Now, let me show you the most recent nightly build (4.0-Beta 2-Preview 64-bit under Win7 64-bit) in its default UI config with five of my favorite sites open in tabs.  These screenshots are cropped, but click each image to view its full and complete size:

The same thing when I tell the menu bar to show permanently and uncheck tabs-on-top (you’ll have to press Alt to make the menu bar show, then View -> Toolbars, make sure there’s a check next to “Menu Bar” which there is not by default, then go down and uncheck “Tabs on Top,” which is checked by default):

Now I ask thee, which looks better?

This may be just my old-fashioned self, but I need the menu bar exposed full time to be productive in a browser.  That is why I don’t use Chrome regularly, aside from its lack of useful extensions, and some other annoyances.

Also, tabs on top might benefit Chrome, but it just doesn’t strike me right in Firefox.  The back/forward/reload-stop/home buttons appear glassy and translucent only in the old style of tabs below address bar.  Incidentally, the star button between the home button and the address bar in the default config is the bookmarks button, which is necessary with the default UI config in order to access your bookmarks, now that the menu bar is hidden by default.  You can’t get rid of it unless you get rid of the address bar, too, so in that config, they’re an inseparable Mutt and Jeff.  If you use the old style, you don’t need that extra button.  I guess that’s just another example of the fuddy-duddy in me — In spite of the UI ease arguments, I really don’t find any more or less intuitive with tabs on top than the old way of tabs below the URL bar.  The other big problem is that it wreaks too much of me-tooism with Chrome, and in fact is almost the spitting image of Safari 4/5 default UI under Win Vista/7 — You know how that goes, as Phyllis Schlafly once said, an echo, not a choice.  Except in Firefox, you have a choice:  You can change it back to the old way, which I obviously do — Can’t do that in Chrome.  Google Chrome, tee hee.

You can see that I take away the default Google Search box that occupies about the right one-third of my extra-long URL (address) bar.  I use keyword searches that you can define yourself — E.g. type “g population of montana in 1980″ in the address bar if you want to search Google to find the population of Montana in 1980 — Or “b bbq restaurants in sikeston mo” to search Bing for barbecue restaurants in Sikeston, Missouri — or “wp elena kagan” to search for Elena Kagan’s entry on Wikipedia.  It makes for less mouse movement.  I like an extra long address bar because I can manipulate the URL easier on the occasions that I need to do that, and when I need to do that, they usually involve long URLs.

Old Already

22 06 2010

Where the fuck is time going?

I was driving around on business this morning and flipping around the radio dial.  I landed on the Romaniks’ WQQX 1490 this morning.  Its format is mainly oldies/standards.  But the song playing at the time was Level 42’s “Something About You.”

Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Nina Simone, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole, Level 42.  Which of the following does not belong?

Then I looked up that song.  That song was made in 1985 — Much newer than WQQX’s standard fare, but still, that was 25 years ago now.  A 25-year old song in 1985 would have been made in 1960.

Again, I ask:  Where the fuck is time going?  Hell, I’m going to be a third of a century old at the end of next month, so I’m not really long in the tooth.  But they call a song made at the one-quarter mark of my current life span as a “timeless memory.”  C’mon guys, quit jerking my chain!

Following All the Bouncing Balls

29 03 2010

That’s what I’m doing on this so-called “Christian militia” thing out of southeastern Michigan.  And believe me, it’s hard even for me to do — There have been so many confusing twists and turns in this matter since the news broke yesterday.

Here’s some reading material for you and its relevance:

(1)  The Detroit News, yesterday:

One of the Hutaree members called a Michigan militia leader for assistance Saturday after federal agents had already began their raid, Lackomar said, but the militia member — who is of Islamic decent and had heard about the threats — declined to offer help. That Michigan militia leader is now working with federal officials to provide information on the Hutaree member for the investigation, Lackomar said Sunday.


Dawud Walid, executive director of the Council on Islamic-American Relations of Michigan, made an announcement Sunday during the group’s 10th anniversary banquet about receiving a call from a network journalist about the alleged threat against Muslims.

(2)  AP, yesterday:

Michael Lackomar, a spokesman for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, said one of his team leaders  got a frantic phone call Saturday evening from members of Hutaree, a Christian militia group, who said their property in southwest Michigan was being raided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“They said they were under attack by the ATF and wanted a place to hide,” Lackomar said. “My team leader said, ‘no thanks.’ “

The team leader was cooperating with the FBI on Sunday, Lackomar said. He said SMVM wasn’t affiliated with Hutaree, which states on its Web site to be “prepared to defend all those who belong to Christ and save those who aren’t.”

“We believe that one day, as prophecy says, there will be an Anti-Christ,” the group’s Web site said. “Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.

(3)  WXYZ, the ABC affiliate in Detroit, last night:

In a federal indictment, the government says the group is an anti-government, extremist organization that planned war with the United States. It is also alleged that the group wanted to kill members of law enforcement.

Federal charges include Seditious Conspiracy, Attempt to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction, Teaching/Demonstrating Use of Explosive Materials and two counts of Carrying, Using and Posessing a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence.

The nine people named in the indictment are as follows:
David Brian Stone, 45
Tina Stone, 44
Joshua Matthew Stone, 21
David Brian Stone, Jr., 19
Joshua Clough, 28
Michael Meeks, 40
Thomas Piatek, 46
Kristopher Sickles, 27
Jacob Ward, 33

The leader of the group is David Stone Sr., and is known by group members as “Captain Hutaree.”

His ex-wife, Donna Stone, talked with Action News about Stone.

“He’s got a temper. He can get radical. He wants things done his way,” Donna Stone told Action News.

Investigators say group members have been meeting regularly to conduct military-style training in order to prepare for war with the government, law enforcement and federal workers.

Brittany Bryant, the woman who is engaged to David Stone Jr. – son of the group’s leader, says the group isn’t dangerous.

“I don’t think they’re dangerous. If they wanted to do something they would have already done something,” says Brittany Bryant.

This is why I don’t think they are has half as dangerous as alleged, if at all.  Why would a 19-year old young guy, engaged to be married, want to run off and spark Armageddon?

(4)  The Detroit Free Press, last night:

The group’s Web site says that it is “preparing for the end time battles to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive.” The group’s logo is a cross with the initials CCR, which stand for Colonial Christian Republic. In one of its videos, a group of men in military gear take down a burning United Nations flag and replace it with their flag, which displays a cross.

On its Web site, the Michigan Militia denied involvement in the raids.

“Neither MICHIGANMILITIA.COM nor the SMVM (Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia) have been raided by the FBI. We do nothing illegal,” reads a statement on

Michael Lackomar, a spokesman for the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, said one of his team leaders got a frantic phone call Saturday evening from members of Hutaree, who said their property in southwest Michigan was being raided by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

“They said they were under attack by the ATF and wanted a place to hide,” Lackomar said. “My team leader said, ‘No thanks.’?”

The team leader was cooperating with the FBI on Sunday, Lackomar said. He said SMVM wasn’t affiliated with Hutaree.

(5)  Robert Spencer, at Jihad Watch, last night:

Christian militia group arrested, allegedly threatened Muslims, Hamas-linked CAIR plays victim card

These raids and the alleged Christian character of the militia, as well as its targeting Muslims, is a mainstream media dream come true — a few years back the BBC featured an inversion-of-reality drama about Christians beheading Muslims, and now, lo and behold, it seems to have come to life. For years to come this “Hutaree” will be thrown in the face of anyone who takes note of jihad activity in the United States and around the world, as if this group in itself balances and equals the innumerable Islamic groups that are waging armed jihad all around the world today.

The point will be the same as the one Tim McVeigh has had to shoulder alone all these years (even though he wasn’t really a Christian at all, and did not justify the Oklahoma City bombing by reference to Christian teaching): that every religion has its “extremists,” and that therefore it would be bad form to subject Islam to greater critical scrutiny, and Muslims to greater law enforcement scrutiny. Everyone does it, don’t you see? Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hizballah, Jemaah Islamiyah, al-Shabaab, and on and on and on — yes, but the Hutaree!

Meanwhile, why doesn’t the Detroit News include in this story quotations from Christian leaders explaining how they condemn this “Christian militia,” and that Christianity doesn’t condone such violence, and that these militiamen have twisted and hijacked their peaceful faith? After all, they always include such quotes from Muslim leaders in every story about Islamic jihad terror activity. Why is the practice different in this case?

Yet instead of the mainstream moderate Christians (heh) that we would have every reason to expect the Detroit News to feature in this story, Hamas-linked CAIR shows up toward the end of this article, playing the victim card with gusto, so that as the arrests were announced, “audible gaps” (yikes!) sounded in their 10th anniversary banquet hall. The claiming of victim status, complete with gasping prospective victims, is artful — and of course the Detroit News says nothing about CAIR’s links to Hamas, the jihad-related arrests and convictions of several of its officials, and the rest of this group’s unsavory record. A responsible reporter might have asked Dawud Walid if he thought this alleged Christian militia group was a “backlash” after the sharp increase in jihad terror activity in the U.S. in the last year, but why should the Detroit News have responsible reporters on staff when no other mainstream media outlet does?

And as for the FBI and the JTTF, are they investigating the Muslim camps around the country where firearms and paramilitary training are known to be going on? Are they doing so with the same energy and resources that they obviously have devoted to the investigation of this Christian militia? If not, why not? If the allegations against this group are true, they richly deserve to be raided and arrested and shut down. But there have been allegations made against Islamic compounds in the U.S. that are quite similar, and nothing has been done. Why is that?

As an aside, Timothy McVeigh was an Odinist.

Here’s the confusing part — They say they wanted to kill Muslims.  But then they run to a Muslim member of a competing (and evidently more legitimate) militia in the area asking for help, which he denies.  What gives?

(6)  Ex-cop Paul Huebl, today:

Detroit, MI — Nine people are in custody on allegations that they are part of The Hutaree Militia that they conspired to murder members of local law enforcement agencies.

Indictments were unsealed this morning that were laid out with well-crafted press releases providing the FBI’s basis for making the raids, seizing property and arresting the accused. I can’t help but smell a big rat at the top of the Obama Justice department.

It’s very simple, the Obama administration knows they have virtually zero support from state and local police. They need to drive a wedge between those Americans resisting the Marxist inspired changes and the local police. This plot along with the overblown press releases may be total fabrication of a government paid snitch.

As for the group I suspect they are a bunch of religious zealots that like guns and play dress-up as they run around in the woods. If they were a real threat they would never had submitted to arrest by the metrosexuals that make up today’s FBI. So far, there is no evidence of a single violent act by this group. That’s hardly the profile of a dangerous group bent on killing cops.

The funeral thing is confusing.  It is alleged that Hutaree members wanted to kill cops who were at a funeral.  But it also says that the raid too place at about the time of a Hutaree funeral of a member who died of natural causes.  Which is it?

(7)  The Detroit News, today.  No link b/c it mentions the name of a judge:

Indictment: Hutaree militia planned to kill law officer, attack the funeral procession

Detroit — Nine members of a Lenawee County-based militia group were planning to “levy war” against the United States and “oppose by force” the nation’s government, according to an indictment unsealed this morning in U.S. District Court in Detroit.

Seven of the defendants of the “Hutaree” militia appeared briefly this morning in U.S. District Court in Detroit and were ordered held without bond until Wednesday, when bond hearings will be held. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Waterstreet said he wants all the defendants held pending trial.

The five-count indictment alleges that between August 2008 and the present, the defendants were trying to use bombs and other weapons to oppose the U.S. government.

They had plans to kill a local law enforcement official and, once officers from across the country came to the funeral, to attack the funeral procession, the indictment alleges.

“This is an example of radical and extremist fringe groups which can be found throughout our society,” said Andrew Arena, FBI special agent in charge. “The FBI takes such extremist groups seriously, especially those who would target innocent citizens and the law enforcement officers who protect the citizens of the United States.”

The eight men and one woman are members of the Hutaree, identified as an “anti-government extremist organization” in the indictment, and each faces three to five charges, including sedition, attempts to use weapons of mass destruction, teaching/demonstrating use of explosive materials and two counts of carrying weapons in relation to a crime of violence.

The Adrian-based group has said it is training in modern combat techniques for a prophesized battle with the anti-Christ.

Accused are: David Brian Stone, 45; his wife, Tina Stone, 44; his son, Joshua Matthew Stone, 21, all three of Clayton; and his other son, David Brian Stone Jr., 19, of Adrian. Also accused are Joshua Clough, 28, of Blissfield; Michael Meeks, 40 of Manchester; Thomas Piatek, 46, of Whiting, Ind.; Kristopher Sickles, 27, of Sandusky, Ohio; and Jacob Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio.

Federal authorities say they acted as a Lenawee County militia group called the Hutaree and viewed local, state, and federal law enforcement as the “brotherhood,” their enemy, and have been preparing to engage them in armed conflict.

If convicted, the suspects could face up to life in prison, the maximum penalty on the attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. The seditious conspiracy charge carries a maximum prison term of 20 years, as does the teaching the use of explosives charge. The possession of a firearm charge carries a minimum penalty of five years in prison.

According to federal authorities, the group had identified a Michigan law enforcement officer as a potential target. Their idea was to kill that officer and when law enforcement officials from around the country came to the area for the funeral, they would attack the procession with improvised explosive devices and “explosively formed projectiles.” They hoped the attack would serve as a “catalyst for a more wide-spread uprising against the government.”

A scouting mission was planned for April and, if someone had stumbled upon the mission, the Hutaree decided they could be killed, according to the indictment.

It was this mission that prompted the raids, said Barbara McQuade, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan.

“Because the Hutaree had planned a covert reconnaissance operation for April which had the potential of placing an unsuspecting member of the public at risk, the safety of the public and of the law enforcement community demanded intervention at this time,” she said in a prepared statement.

In February, the elder David Brian Stone had tried to go to Kentucky for a so-called summit of militia groups convened by Stone. He intended to develop better communications, cooperation and coordination with the groups. However, poor weather precluded him from attending.

Before going, however, Stone solicited a person he felt could develop four anti-personnel IEDs to take with him to the summit.

Later in February, the group conducted training operations in Lenawee County to plan for the reconnaissance mission.

The indictment also says Stone had identified a law enforcement unit near his residence as a potential target, although the indictment does not say who.

Their goal was to “intimidate and demoralize law enforcement, diminishing their ranks and rendering them ineffective,” according to the indictment. The group then intended to use the incident to spark a “war” against law enforcement, using bombs, ambushes and prepared fighting positions.

Donna Stone, the ex-wife of David Stone Sr., said her husband’s growing radicalism was a factor in their breakup. She said the couple was married about 10 years ago and divorced about three years ago. David Stone Jr. is her son by another man and is not David Stone Sr.’s natural son, she said. Joshua Stone, who is still at large, is David Stone Sr.’s son with another woman, Donna Stone said.

“You pray as a family, you stay together as a family,” Stone said. “When he got carried away, when he went from handguns to big guns, it’s like, now I’m done.”

Members of the self-described Christian militia were arrested in weekend raids in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.


Mike Lackomar of said he heard from other militia members that the FBI targeted the Hutaree after its members made threats against Islamic organizations.

Although there had been reports the Hutaree may have targeted Muslims, there is no mention in the indictment of any threats against them.

On top of that, the indictment itself does not specifically mention Christianity, or use the adjective “Christian,” anywhere in its text.  I think that’s by design.  So this Muslim thing might have been a wild rumor.

I get the feeling that this ex-wife is involved in the raid and prosecution somehow. Vindictive cops and prosecutors always target ex-husbands or ex-wives on their way out of the marriage to fish for evidence. Sometimes, the spouses even “rat” on each other out of spite.

How is a homemade bomb a “weapon of mass destruction?”  I guess the Yankee government has to define a WMD so loosely so they could claim with a straight face that Saddam Hussein had them.

(8)  AP, this afternoon:

The wife of one of the defendants described Hutaree as a small group of patriotic, Christian buddies who were just doing survival training.

“It consisted of a dad and two of his sons and I think just a couple other close friends of theirs,” said Kelly Sickles, who husband, Kristopher, was among those charged. “It was supposed to be a Christian group. Christ-like, right, so why would you think that’s something wrong with that, right?”

Sickles said she came home Saturday night to find her house in Sandusky, Ohio, in disarray. Agents seized the guns her husband collected as a hobby and searched for bomb-making materials, she said, but added: “He doesn’t even know how to make a bomb. We had no bomb material here.”

She said she couldn’t believe her 27-year-old husband could be involved in anything violent.

“It was just survival skills,” she said. “That’s what they were learning. And it’s just patriotism. It’s in our Constitution.”

One of the defendants expressed anti-tax views during his Monday court hearing.

Thomas W. Piatek, a truck driver from Whiting, Ind., told a federal judge he could not afford an attorney because he was “getting raped on property taxes.”

The mother of another defendant, 33-year-old Jacob Ward, told police in Huron, Ohio, last summer that family members took away his two guns – an AK-47 rifle and a semiautomatic pistol – because she thought he needed mental health treatment.

Ward told police that he needed to protect himself from members of a crime family that was keeping him from his girlfried, according to Huron police records obtained by the AP. He also said he was going to meet with the CIA.

Seven of the defendants in court in Michigan asked to be represented by public defenders. The eighth had a public defender appointed in Indiana.

You will also see in this AP article that the raid used an armored vehicle tank. Kinda much for nine people that willingly surrendered, isn’t it?

(9)  I had the URL, but lost it.  However, I found this similar one from, which corroborates most of what I read in the story that I lost — The FBI announced the raid at a CAIR banquet in Detroit that featured JESSE JACKSON as a keynote speaker.  As if eight white men and one white woman were presented as sacrificial lambs on the altar of Jesse Jackson.  That’s the same Jesse Jackson who just a few years ago wanted to cut off the nuts of the FBI’s and the HLS’s current boss.

My guess, after putting all these disparate pieces together?  It’s all a big to-do about mostly nothing, but meant to bolster the SPLC and the CAIR, both friends of the Obama administration.  Don’t forget, the SPLC’s fund raising has been in the dumps in the last year because of the Madoff scandal.  And, as you know from reading this blog, Federal law enforecment and paranoia-industrial complex fund raising hustles like the SPLC and ADL have a symbiotic relationship.  The CAIR’s interest in this is in spreading the blame over terrorism, as in, “See, there are Christian extremists, too!”  Meanwhile, this non-story almost distracted you from what happened in Moscow today.  And from what happened in Arizona this weekend, which pretty much ends John McCain’s political career.  And from REAL threats to law enforcement from the Barrio Azteca Mexican prison gang in El Paso.

I predict that most or all of these charges against the Hutaree will eventually be dropped over time.

That said, and I’m going to operate under the assumption that Hutaree was as apocalyptic as it is claimed they are, (and these next paragraphs aren’t going to win me any friends), this is the problem with letting any and every schmuck read and/or interpret the Bible.  Why is it that good Catholics and Lutherans, who have to do a little more than open up a cracker jack box to get a theology degree, don’t believe in this end times/Revelation bullshit?  Let me level with you — There will be no such thing as a literal physical second coming of Jesus Christ.  No rapture, no end times.  No anti-Christ.  Revelation is not a book to be taken literally — It is a description of a symbolic and spiritual battle of the past.  Key words there — IN THE PAST.  In other words, Revelation already happened, and happened in a realm that is not of our physical and corporeal awareness.  The notion that Revelation describes future events in the physical realm is pretty new to Christianity.  John Nelson Darby — use your favorite internet search engine to look him up.  Ever hear the phrase “high Protestant?”  It refers to Protestant denominations of Christianity which have either a highly ordered liturgy, a well-established educational infrastructure for this theology students, or both.  In other words, not the roll around in the pews and sing songs fundagelical screwballs that run out and start churches like “Church of the Now,” with every ass-ugly fluorescent color paint in the paint store adorning its building which is an eyesore along Interstate 20 east of Atlanta.  Not referring to that cesspool of corruption here in Fenton, either.  Joyce Meyer.  Joyce Meyer?  Phooey.  My ass.  Go ask Chris Coleman’s wife and kids about that wonderful Joyce Meyer cabal.  Oh, I forgot.  You can’t.  Too much money going through that joint for it to be a real church.  Remember, ye cannot serve both God and mammon (money) at the same time.  (Maybe Christ ought to come back and start whacking over some moneychanger tables at all these Joyce Meyer charismatic theology-lite outfits.  He could start there, go next to that Church on the Rock hustle in St. Peters, then head on down to Atlanta to paint over that Church of the Now with colors that actually make sense and fit into their natural environment.   Then again, I’m not one to tempt God.)  High Protestants believe in Revelation as symbolic, spiritual and past.  The fundagelical screwballs are all sitting around for Christ to rapture them up to Heaven.  All the while, they’re doing nothing to save the country from its economic and cultural rot-gut (which they would otherwise be doing), except they’ve been neutralized by warmed-over Darbyism.

Look around you, people — This is as good as it’s going to get.

For the record, I was baptized into the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, but never confirmed.  I toyed with returning and undergoing adult confirmation, but two things keep me away from the LCMS — First, its belief that the Papacy is the anti-Christ.  Second, I just can’t grok Lutheranism in general — especially its dogged opposition to works and dogged embrace of Grace, such that a proper Lutheran believes that actively accepting Christ is a “work” that can’t possibly save you — Only God can determine who gets in and who doesn’t — Nothing you can do can change God’s mind.  In other words, you can out and rob, steal, rape and murder all you want, and God can still let you into Heaven.  You can even reject Christ, and God might still let you in.  I mean, why Christ at all?  Why did God go through all that trouble about two thousand years ago if He would turn right around and say that it doesn’t even matter if you believe in Him or not?   I can ill imagine a deity like that would be so insouciant about his Son.  At least the Catholic Church demands that you do something for salvation, at the very least, try to obey the Ten Commandments.   I’m about this close to converting to Catholicism — The hurdle that held me back before was the nature of the Viceroy.  I thought that Catholics believed that every word out of the mouth of a Catholic priest was the Word of God, and therefore, if Cardinal Mahony in Los Angeles advocates for open borders with Mexico, that must mean God is for open borders with Mexico.  Turns out I got some bad information from an unreliable source on that matter — The Priesthood is the Vicar of Christ, but they are only the Vicar of Christ when it comes to spiritual matters.  In other words, Cardinal Mahony is expressing a personal political opinion on immigration, not the Will of God.

Martin Luther was a lot of things, and one of those was a theological elitist.  Luther never really intended to break away from the Church, except that public hostility toward the Church in Wittenberg and the northern Germanies was so strong that the people practically drug Luther into breaking away after they found out that Luther had all these frustrations with Rome.  The only reason they knew is that some time during the night when the 95 Theses were nailed to the door of Luther’s Cathedral, a couple of townsfolk who knew how to read Latin (the 95 Theses were written in Latin — nailing paper statements to the door written in Latin was the way that Catholic theological intellectuals communicated with each other in those days — proving that Luther’s 95 Theses weren’t meant for the masses), read them and told everyone in town that Martin Luther had 95 beefs with the Catholic Church.  You know how that turned out.  I get the feeling that if Martin Luther would have known that his revolution would have led to horse dung cleaner-upper caliber of people reading the Bible to start churches where parishioners handle snakes, and would have led to poor liquored-up bastards in rural Michigan dressing in in funny uniforms and rearing themselves for some sort of Holy War (allegedly), based on a book of the Bible which Luther halfway thought wasn’t even truly Divinely inspired and didn’t even belong in the Greater Bible, he would have ran back to the Pope, indulgences in hand, begging for forgiveness.

Does this mean that I think the Hutaree members deserved what it got?  No.  If they didn’t do it, then they didn’t deserve this treatment.  I would suggest to them that if/when you are ever set free, that you make the quickest tracks to the nearest Catholic or Lutheran Church, so they can debrainwash you of all that ignorant end times bullshit.  (Whether you do that before or after you head over to AA for help with that other apparent problem of yours is up to you.)  The only non-high Protestant you should give the time of day to is R.C. Sproul, who just happens to believe in Revelation as physical prophecy, but is a master of Aristotelian logic, and an intellectual delight to hear.

UPDATE 10 PM: Here are the mugshots:

Vast conspiracy.  Yeah, right.  Spare me.  These eight couldn’t conspiracy a wet mop to save their lives.

Now it’s getting more and more clear as time goes on what’s happening here — This was nothing more than an extended family of hoosiers (St. Louis definition) who were professional arm curlers.  They owned a few guns, some nails, about five pairs of used camos from the surplus store, and a very misread Bible was lying around.  I’m guessing there was some FBI shit disturber involved in the middle of this in some way, perhaps from the aforementioned rival militia in that part of Michigan.

Fox News Radio just reported that the “leader” was getting ready to marry some woman, and the woman has told the media that most Hutaree members were under the age of 25.  The significance of that, or even the truth of that, I don’t know.

UPDATE 3/30 7:30 AM: Fair and balanced?  Phooey.  Fox News, both radio and TV, are still running with this as their lead story as of this morning.  I suspect it has something to do with Shep Smith practically being Mark Potok’s new common law wife.  I, however, had this all figured out as of last night.

UPDATE 3/30 8 PM: Now we’re getting even more pieces to the puzzle.


An undercover agent played a role in the investigation that led to Monday’s indictments. Grand jury testimony by a law enforcement officer referred to an “undercover FBI agent” who worked on the case. The FBI declined to comment, but infiltration is a common tactic for law-enforcement officials targeting domestic militia groups.

Translated into English, this means shit disturber and agent provocateur.


Federal authorities had been monitoring members of a Michigan-based Christian militia for some time but were forced to “take them down” over the weekend after learning of an imminent threat against police, the U.S. attorney leading the prosecution said Tuesday.

Barbara McQuade’s comments came three days after eight members of a small group of “Christian warriors” were arrested in several Midwestern states and a day after the FBI nabbed a ninth suspect, Joshua Stone, following a standoff at a trailer in rural Michigan.

“The time had come that we needed to arrest them and take them down,” McQuade told The Associated Press in an interview at her office.

Miss McQuade is indeed the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Michigan.  Ergo, President Obama directly appointed her, because one or both of Michigan’s U.S. Senators, both Democrats, passed her name up to Obama as a “good candidate” for the job, i.e. a hack who needs her palms greased.

Now the picture is getting even clearer.  It looks something like this — Obama needs a card to play against the right after HCR.  McQuade tells him that she’s got an asset inside a group of trailer trash in her district.  Obama tells her to make something happen.  She calls her asset and instructs him or her to get something done, so she can “take them down,” as in get one of them drunk enough to mouth off about a violent conspiracy.  He or she accomplishes this that, gets it on tape, and calls McQuade.  FBI/ATF into the trailer park within minutes.

For what it’s worth, CNN:

Members of a militia charged with plotting to kill police were not Christian or a militia, a man acquainted with the group said Tuesday.

“This is a group that I would classify as neither a militia or a Christian group,” said Michael Lackomar, a member of the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia. “They’re really a fringe group outside of anything we do.

“They’re more of a private army or a terrorist organization or really just a criminal organization.”

SMVM is the rival group group that Hutaree called for help as the raid started, but the SMVM rejected.  The SMVM also has as Muslim member, as you can read in the first item from yesterday.

UPDATE 3/31 2 PM:

(Yes, I know I said no posting on my b-day.  However, these are just updates.)


McQuade emphasized that the arrests are not an attack on militia groups in general. “In Michigan, we have militia groups that are peaceful, that are exercising their right to bear arms,” she said. “We have no problem with those groups.”

Likely story.  Why don’t I hear this line out of the mouth of Mark Potok?


“David would preach out of the Bible,” said Donna Stone, who said she was married to David Brian Stone for about six years. “He would start at the beginning of Genesis and go to Revelations. He didn’t get into Revelations because we didn’t agree on it. David said it was supposed to be different. He had his own views. That’s when I thought it was time for me to go.”

Now, you see there? A family can’t agree on the meaning of one book, much less an entire religion, or even some wholesale denominations. I would have thought about that before I would have (allegedly) run out and (allegedly) tried to start a Manson-style or Cloward-Piven-style effort to “bring it all down,” based on one person’s (and only one person’s) interpretation. I have to say it again — We wouldn’t have these problems if we left the theology to the trained and highly educated theologians. Would you pay attention to my theories about brain surgery? Hint: I’m not a neurosurgeon, and I don’t hold an advanced degree in the field.

ABC has discovered:

The parents, David Stone Sr. and his wife, Tina, were always very polite, although he always seemed like he had drank too much coffee,” said Spurgeon.

“David just always seemed really hyper, like, calm down,” said Spurgeon.

Wow, coffee. (Does this mean that the Coffee Party will welcome him?) I can’t find the URL, but according to it (and it was from an MSM source), this family wasn’t into alcohol, in spite of my previous snark. They were actually more like teetotalers. However, if it’s true, I don’t think it discredits my theory about provocation.

Laura Ingraham had on her show today the “National Field Coordinator” of the Center for New Community, that being one Eric Ward. She implied that she and Ward would debate over this militia thing, but it didn’t turn out that way — the only people Ward had a beef with by name was Pat Buchanan and Congressman Paul Broun (R-GA), and the only non-person he cited by name with the tone of disgust was the blog aggregator Alternative Right, and went on to denounce its “paleo-conservatism.” My only disagreement with Laura Ingraham before and during this debate was that she portrayed the Chicago-based CNC as some sort of “community organizer” or “community agitator” group similar to ACORN. I think the better analogy is that the CNC is a regional (Great Lakes) analogue to the Southern Poverty Law Center. You know how the saying goes, monkey see, monkey do. When it became perfectly clear that there was a mountain of money to be made scaring rich liberal mostly Jewish and largely elderly men and women (i.e. ones that were actual Holocaust survivors or have a living memory of it), that the righties were just over the next rise, about to come snatch them up and throw them into gas chambers, the only way to stop this was to dump bags of money on Morris Dees, a lot of people wanted in on that hustle. The ADL had to follow suit, largely because Dees and Co. hustled money from a lot of ADL members, and a dollar that an ADL member gave to the SPLC was a dollar not given to the ADL. The Center for New Community is merely a regional SPLC-style paranoia-industrial complex outfit. A money hustle, not community agitators, por favor. You think Mr. Ward is a “national field director” only out of the “goodness” of his “heart?” The money to pay him has to come from somewhere!  However acidic you think is the rhetoric coming from the SPLCs and the CNCs at present, it’s only going to get worse — They all compete for the same money, and that pot has done nothing but shrink after the Madoff scandal.  I tend to think that his Hutaree deal is the SPLC pulling Obama’s strings to pull the FBI’s strings to pull the U.S. Attorney’s strings to pull an “informant’s” strings to create a pretext for SPLC fund raising.

Blackhawk Helicopters were used in the raid.  Those are the so-called “black” helicopters, though they don’t need to be painted black.  The only time they’re painted black is if the operation demands the maximum of covertness, as in looking for a dope field.  The photo on Drudge at the time of this writing above the story is of a Blackhawk helicopter that is painted the standard green/gray color.

Seditious conspiracy is one of the official charges.  Doesn’t the United States have to be in a Congressionally-declared State of War for sedition to be available to the U.S. Attorneys?  And wouldn’t “sedition” or the inchoate allegation of conspiracy thereof necessitate those charged with it allegedly bolstering the morale of the Congressionally-declared enemy?  I can’t remember who or where, but the U.S. Attorneys have charged someone within the last few weeks, it was either an actual Islamic terroristical boogie-woogie, or some white left-wing loonie bird who ran over to Crapistan to join with them, with treason.  Same question applies.  If the Congressional resolutions passed within days after 9/11 are the functional equivalent of a declared state of war, such that treason statues are available to the Federal prosecutors, then this means that they could have strung up Murtha, Durbin and Kerry for sedition.

UPDATE 4/1: NYT bombshell (no pun intended).  Turns out the rival militia was the one who alerted the authorities, and we have an explanation behind its member that is a Muslim:

But [Hutaree's] biggest and most surprising adversary was practically next door: the local branch of the Michigan Militia.

From a distance, the two might seem like peas in a pod: both wear fatigues or camouflage, train in the woods with heavy weaponry and believe in threats to liberty from Washington.

But here on the ground the distinctions were crucial…


…The crucial moment of that tension came Saturday night when one of the Stone family members — desperate and on the run from the law — called the local militia commander, Matt Savino, and begged for help in getting guns or shelter. Mr. Savino offered neither, not only refusing to help but in fact calling the State Police, who passed the call to the F.B.I.

“This was a new situation for us, and we did what we thought was right,” Mr. Savino said.

The strict Christian dogma espoused by the Hutaree does not fly as well these days either, at least in Adrian militia circles. Mr. Savino said that he converted to Islam in the late 1990s after a soul-searching separation from the Lutheran faith he had grown up with, and that he believed that he was the only Muslim in the militia.

Let the Lutherans for f’n ISLAM?  What the fuck’s wrong with you, man?  Ever hear of 9/11?  I started out as a Lutheran, too, and did a lot of soul-searching myself.  But I certainly wasn’t going to turn my back on my Lord and Savior and run off and join the real terrorists just because I had some doctrinal beef with the church in which I was baptized.  He’s still a Muslim now, and is just as white as yours truly.  You gotta wonder about the sanity of a white American right-winger who not only converted to Islam at a time when the real Muslims were ramping up their terrorist actions and plots against the United States, and remained one even after 9/11.  I can rationalize (but not justify) the screwball white left from San Francisco that does it, the Johnny Jihad types like John Walker Lindh.  But a white American ex-Lutheran right-winger in Middle America?  Come on.  This has got to be an April Fools joke.

If the M/M wanted to put up a strict wall of separation between its people playing with guns and organized religion, that’s fine.  As a matter of fact, if I ran one, I, too, would maintain such a wall, not only between it and religion, but also politics and (in spite of myself) race.  I’m just uncomfortable with the concept of crossing heavy firepower with religion or ideology — Look at how that turned out in centuries past, even among white people, even among white Christians.  If my hypothetical members wanted to talk about their faith and spirituality, or their political beliefs, fine.  But they wouldn’t be using any of the organization’s guns to make people adhere to a certain faith or adopt a certain worldview.  Leave that shit at the door before you pick up the guns, and pick it back up on the way out but don’t take the guns, if you know what I mean.  Right-wing Christian militias?  That should be an oxymoron.

UPDATE 4/2 1 PM: Lo and behold.  The Toledo Blade:

Most of the indicted militia members accused of being anti-government extremists have active voting records, a check with area voter registration offices showed yesterday.

One is a registered Democrat, and the party affiliations of the rest could not be determined.

Jacob J. Ward, 33, of Huron, Ohio, voted as a Democrat in the 2004 and 2008 primary elections. He also voted in 10 other elections since 2000. Party affiliation in Ohio is determined by which party’s ballot they requested in the most recent primary election.

Who were the five major contestants in those two Democrat Presidential primary seasons?  Let’s see.  There’s Howard Scream, John F’n Papercut Purple Heart Ketchup Man Kerry (who served in Vietnam), The Breck Girl (retired from politics to spend more time with his families), Mrs. Bill Clinton, and last and definitely least, The Good King Hopeychanger Himself.  Ohio’s own Dennis Kookcinich was a minor gadfly in both 2004 and 2008.  To think — Mr. Ward had to have voted for at least one of these individuals.

Also from the Blade (no link b/c it mentions the name of a Federal judge), we have an answer about the funeral paradox:

Members of a Midwest Christian militia accused of conspiring to overthrow the government were arrested after the FBI lured them to a warehouse to attend a phony memorial service, where they would be unarmed, Michigan’s chief federal agent said yesterday. The ruse Saturday in Ann Arbor was part of a series of weekend raids in several states that resulted in the indictment of nine people in the alleged plot, officials said. “We basically set up a scenario where we were able to draw them all to one location,” Andrew Arena, head of the FBI in Detroit, told the Associated Press. “And the reason we did that was to obviously get them away from their weapons.”

One more thing, but before you watch this, let me warn you:  You’ll never get back these five minutes of your life. (Not to mention the nudity and cussing.)  Maybe “Pale Horse” was more apt than we know.  It also makes me doubt that these people were teetotalers — You’ve got to be either drunk, high or both to do this in front of a camera.

UPDATE 4/2 2 PM: The NYT article that I referenced yesterday alludes to the dichotomy between the millenarians like the Hutaree and the constitutionalists like the M/M, and their distaste toward each other.

As an aside, through reading some of these articles about the Hutaree “plot,” I read one name that I haven’t heard anything from or about in several months’ of Sundays, and that being Mark Pitcavage.  He’s now some hack with the ADL, (which makes you wonder when Ed Sebesta’s ship is ever going to come in), and in case you don’t know who he is or what he’s about, let me put it to you this way — Mark Potok might as well be Mark Korenke compared to Mark Pitcavage.  If Potok is the asshole, then Pitcavage is the actual shit.

UPDATE 4/17: The mainline newspaper in Ann Arbor, Michigan and NPR have various stories that allude to the same thing, that both assets for the G-Men and a spy for the SMVM both infiltrated the Hutaree, the SMVM infiltration happened before the FBI/ATF.  Whoever the gumshoe for the SMVM is, he or she is cooperating with the Feds.  Is it possible that the SMVM person was the agent provocateur here instead of the FBI or ATF asset?

CBS reports that Nazi propaganda, crack and steroids were taken off in the Hutaree raid.  Hmm, crack.  Explains that video I linked to above on April 2.  Steroids?  Two words:  Mark McGwire.  Two more words:  Barry Bonds.  Two more words:  Alex Rodriguez.

UPDATE 4/18: Kristopher Sickles tells the AP in a hoosegow interview that he was totally unaware of any dastardly plots involving the Hutaree, especially none of the sort that the U.S. Attorneys allege.

One can’t use his ignorance as exculpatory evidence in this matter, because he might have been totally unaware what was going on around him, with his being molested by the dildo mallet and all.

UPDATE 4/28: The Feds case is starting to fall apart.

Toledo Blade (no link for the obvious reason):

DETROIT – An FBI agent who led the investigation of nine Michigan militia members charged with trying to launch war against the federal government couldn’t recall many details of the two-year probe yesterday during questioning by defense lawyers.

Even the judge who must decide whether to release the nine until trial was puzzled.

“I share the frustrations of the defense team … that she doesn’t know anything,” U.S. District Judge [*****] said after agent Leslie Larsen confessed she hadn’t reviewed her notes recently and couldn’t remember specific details of the case.

Judge [*****] is hearing an appeal of another judge’s order that has kept members of so-called Hutaree militia in jail since their arrest in late March.

The indictment says the nine planned to kill police officers as a steppingstone to a widespread uprising against the federal government.

Defense lawyers, however, say their clients are being punished for being outspoken.

Prosecutors fought to keep Ms. Larsen off the witness stand, saying the defendants had no legal right to question her.

But the judge said the agent’s appearance was appropriate because the burden is on defense lawyers to show their clients won’t be a threat to the public if released.

The nine lawyers asked specific questions about each defendant. Ms. Larsen said she had not listened entirely to certain recordings made by an undercover agent who infiltrated the group.

She said that because they were still being examined, she didn’t know if weapons seized by investigators last month were illegal.

At other times, Ms. Larsen couldn’t answer questions because she said she hadn’t reviewed investigative reports.

Defense lawyer William Swor asked if the No. 1 defendant, Hutaree leader David Stone, had ever instructed anyone to make a bomb.

“I can’t fully answer that question,” the agent replied.

Unlike most Federal officials, who can’t remember anything because they won’t want to remember anything (read:  Hillary Rodham Clinton and the cattle futures grand jury testimony), Miss Larsen doesn’t remember anything because there is hardly anything to remember.  Within months, the U.S. Attorneys will probably drop charges one at a time.  Since crack was found, at least one of them will go up the river for that.

UPDATE 5/3: They’re free on bond.  The judge, who is a black woman and a Clinton appointee, didn’t buy the Feds’ argument.  That should tell you a lot.

UPDATE 5/6: A three-judge panel of the 6th Appellate Circuit at Cincinnati has temporarily revoked the bail.  Another three-judge panel of the 6th will make its final decision within days.

UPDATE 5/8: The Detroit News doesn’t say this, but reading between the lines, a U.S. Attorney on the Hutaree case may have lied to the 6th Appellate Circuit in his (what turned out to be successful) emergency motion temporarily to revoke the bond granted by the trial-level judge, the black woman mentioned above.  (But not by name, which is why no link to this article.)  And when I say “lie,” I mean he grossly misrepresented the bail conditions laid down by the trial level judge, making them seem not as stringent and restrictive as they really were, to fool the Appellate judges into thinking the trial level judge was letting the Hutaree people off scot-free until trial, which she did not.  It may not be enough to get a mistrial on the whole kit-n-caboodle, but it might disqualify Waterstreet from participating in the prosecution going forward.

UPDATE 6/27: It’s been awhile since I had any news, but look at what someone up about ole Barbara McQuade.  This isn’t mentioned here, but she was Obama’s Michigan liaison to the rather expansive Muslim community in the Detroit area.  Of course, that is the least obnoxious part.

UPDATE 2/2/2011: Yeah, I know it’s been awhile.  But I think we’ve found the shit disturber.

Of Nabobs and Neds

15 02 2010

You know my personal positions on the birther and truther issues, right?

Just in case you don’t, I think the birther issue is coming straight from Rahm and Axelrod, in a lame attempt to create a diversion, a pied piper, to distract the right’s attention away from the President’s policies.  So far, knock on wood, it hasn’t worked.  Some think it came from the Clintons, as a last minute Hail Mary in the spring of 2008 to derail Obama and give the nomination to HRC.  The reason I think it’s a Rahm/Axelrod thing (i.e. Obama himself) rather than a Clinton thing is that Obama has not yet produced the birth certificate that proves that he was born in Honolulu (yes, I think it exists).  I think he would have already coughed it up if it were a Clinton tactic, to discredit the Clintons forever.  That he has not I think is anecdotal evidence that he’s the one who is pushing the issue.  I think that if the birther issue doesn’t gain any more legs on the right, i.e. serious Republican elected officials or non-elected credible figures latch onto it, the diversion tactic will have failed, and Obama will produce the b/c.

As far as 9/11, I don’t think the official story is the complete story.  I think when all is said and done, we will find out that there was some level of perfidy, perhaps deliberate, perhaps incompetence, on the part of the government agencies, intelligence and law enforcement, charged with preventing terrorist attacks.  You can’t have an event as big as 9/11 and someone deep down in the bowels and recesses of the black hat/black suitcase/black budget crowd of the CIA, MI5 and the Mossad not see it coming.  However, I don’t think any President knew, neither Bush 43 nor Clinton, because one of the paradoxes of American government in the last century is that while the Executive Branch grew more powerful, the Presidents themselves who oversee the Executive Branch became weaker relative to the Branch.  The CIA and Federal law enforcement are absolutely out of control, and no President can do anything about it, so it seems, as I found out during the Tom Sell saga.  I could also add that I don’t think that any British PM knew (Tony Blair being the only PM while 9/11 was being hatched), and no Israeli PM knew (Netanyahu, Barak and Sharon were PMs during the 9/11 narrative).   The oft-cited Popular Mechanics rebuttals, which a lot of lamers are e-mailing around and hawking on Twitter, are lame IMHO; most of their bullet points don’t rebut much of anything, and the few kernels of truths in it are things I already knew or deduced through common sense.  I have a lot of other opines about this matter, but they’re too involved for the subject at hand.

The reason my views on these matters are relevant today is because the whole issue of birtherism/trutherism vis-a-vis the Tea Party Movement is starting to come to a head.  What is forcing the issue up to the front is the upstart candidacy of one Debra Medina for Governor of Texas in the GOP primary.  Until now, it was a two-person race, between incumbent Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson.  I am not impressed with either one for the most part.  While Perry likes to mouth off about secession and states rights, it’s only election year posturing.  He’s pro-Mexico and pro-globalist all the way.  If it weren’t for John McCain, Linsdey Grahamnesty and Samnesty Brownback, KBH would be the Senate’s queen of amnesty and open borders.  However, Medina’s move in the polls has now made it a three-way race.  She is very good on most of the issues, and that she is on the fence when it comes to trutherism/birtherism is driving some people crazy to no end, and that has created the row in question.  (DISCONCERTING NOTE:  Medina is against E-Verify.  Perry also.  Strangely enough, KBH is for it, and until then, she was the biggest xenophile of the three.  In case you’re wondering E-Verify is the mechanism which allows employers to extricate themselves from the Catch-22, to get out from between the rock of committing a Federal crime by hiring illegal aliens, and the hard place of committing a Federal tort or crime of racially discriminating.  Being against E-Verify is effectively saying you want amnesty, because E-Verify is by far the best way to keep illegals from getting legit jobs.)

One of those people is someone on Twitter whose screen name is nedryun (  He and I ( have had an ongoing sniping session at each other over the weekend and continuing into today.  It started when nedryun tweeted “All birthers or truthers should be dismissed out of hand and drummed out of the tea party movement” on Friday.  Saturday afternoon, I responded that “I’ll take 100 birthers or truthers neday of da week over one snobby neocon blogger.”  Since then, it’s been nothing but a food fight between the two of us, replete with slur words, near-personal insults and pejoratives.

The reason I need to bring the issue into the blogosphere is that what I’m about to say is too nuanced to compress into 140 characters.

What bothers me about the rhetoric coming from nedryun and many other neocons and lamestream conservatives about “birthers,” “truthers,” “crackpots,” “conspiracy theorists,” and that they should have no place in “our tea parties” isn’t so much that nedryun and everyone like him has problems with the rhetoric, diction and tone of birthers and truthers.  I have some problems with birthers and truthers myself, as you can read above, and as you have read in this medium many times before.  It’s a free country (at least for a little while longer), and you’re free to embrace conspiracy theories and reject conspiracy theories.  You’re free to default to a conspiracy theory mentality just as you’re free to reject them out of hand as explanations for phenomena.

What bothers me about the nedruyns of the world is their conceit.

The Tea Party movement is just that, a movement.  As such, anyone can organize one, anyone can attend one, anyone can bring any sign or placard they want to one.  And there’s nothing any soi distant “leader” of a tea party movement on a national or local basis can do about it.  As someone who was involved in street theater surrounding an acutal organization (the Council of Conservative Citizens) in the past, I can tell you that organizations can do things that movements cannot.  If the protest or rally is a project of an organization, the org’s leaders can allow and disallow whatever individuals it wants, notwithstanding some other factors.  Nedryun might style himself as a tea party leader on a national basis or in his particular locality (where that is I cannot discern), and Dana Loesch, and someone I have absolutely use for due to a run-in we had in the recent past, as such he can FOAD ASAP AFAIC, Bill Hennessy, might cast themselves as the “leaders” in the St. Louis Tea Parties, but they don’t have any cards or papers indicating that they have some sort official imprimatur.

That the Tea Parties are a movement and not a formal organization is both a good and bad thing.  The good news is that, since it has no central leadership, and no coterie of individuals with agency power of it, it confounds the leftists/Obamaites, because there is no single individual to demonize and besmirch on a constant basis, as the Alinskyite tactic suggests in the Rules for Radicals.  One of the reasons why the GOP in the House and Senate might have had some success in keeping much of the left wing extremist policy agenda of the White House at bay is because the GOP doesn’t have a central face among its elected officials, and therefore, that particular tool in the Alinsky RfR toolbox won’t work.  Can’t nail jello to wall, don’t ya know.  Another positive feature of the TPM being a movement and not an org is just what I said — all bloviating aside, nedryun, Dana Loesch, and Bill Hennessy (FOAD) don’t have any real power outside their ethereal credibility within an ethereal movement, so their mouths aren’t the Bible.  If “birthers” and “truthers” want to bring their selves and their signs to tea parties, nedryun can’t stop them.  Unfortunately, that sort of thing can also be a bad side to the TPM.  If anyone can show up with a sign, then anyone can show up with a sign, including “anarchists,” i.e. neo-Marxist college students egged on by their professors, with signs reading “Heil Hitler” and “Kill all the N*****s,” with TV news crews conveniently in tow.  I predict that, the closer we get to November, and if the TPM stays at its current level of strength and popularity or increases, and if Republicans are leading in the polls, you’re gonna see a lot of attempts at such sabotage from leftist goons/college professors/Democrat Party community organizers.  At that time, the TPM might have to organize formally, but it will have to walk a fine line between pitching a tent too big and a tent too small.

To sum up, nedryun:  It’s not your literal position that pisses me off, it’s your conceited attitude.


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