Low Information Heaven

19 09 2014


What happens when you cross wires between the Fergaza Strip and the hoopla-driven circus that is the current NFL season?


And I hope they do.  Apparently this mess isn’t going to get solved without a whole lot more Patterson’s First Axiom.

A Mere Mile from the Fergaza Strip

18 09 2014


Here we go again, maybe blow again.

This reads to me like he was going there to kill his ex-g/f.

Remember, Jennings is currently patrolled by the County Browns, a department that has its fair share of blacks as both patrol level officers and also higher up in the ranks.

Proposition Nation P.D.

15 09 2014

Maryland Heights

The northwestern St. Louis County suburb serves as an introductory backdrop to an AP story about too few non-white cops.  Some of this confirms what I’ve said here over and over.

Really now, the only way any of these undesirable goals are going to be achieved is if police and law enforcement hiring standards for non-whites are dropped down to the rock bottom, including letting people with adult felony convictions become cops, if departments and agencies are massively consolidated to eliminate the pay and salary gap, and if blacks and other non-whites are given near-total exemption from criminal law.


15 09 2014

New Orleans


No, they want you not to shoot them.  It doesn’t work the other way around, dawg.

“Hands up, I want a chest full of tats.”

The Anti-White Conga Line Marches On

15 09 2014


Richard Dumbka is in St. Louis today, gushing all over Michael Brown, and fuming against racism.  I’ll get you a URL for corroboration later.

The Bob Whitaker people say that anti-racism is code language for anti-white, and they’re right.  I now also think that AFL-CIO is code for anti-white.  Or if they’re not that, they’re just YAY BLUE TEAM partisan cultists.

Lame Changer

14 09 2014



It’s the right place, the Canfield Green apartment farms, and the distant person is wearing the right clothing, but I don’t ever see him with his hands up or kneeling on the pavement.  I also don’t see a shooting or this person running directly toward the police SUV, though we know for a fact that Officer Wilson was driving a police SUV and not a sedan.

Something else that makes me suspicious about this video is all the other people milling about.  If the people on this work crew saw what it saw, I’m wondering why all these other people didn’t say what they had to have seen already.

These construction workers who were supposedly there at the time said they heard things but didn’t see anything.  Now they’re saying that they saw everything.

It could be the case that this is an older or newer video of a totally different incident.

Civilization 1, Bellcurvius 0

10 09 2014

Cool Valley


What’s this?

It means that the county browns and the state bears were having none of that.


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