He’s On To Something

20 10 2014


David Klinger thinks that DOJ leaked to the NYT, and wonders why.

I’m not wondering why.  The DOJ knows that TPTB read the NYT, so the DOJ is using the NYT as a subtle sly intermediary to alert prominent politicians and the rest of the media that there will be no indictment of Darren Wilson by anyone, not by St. Louis County, and not by the Feds.  The obvious implication is to prepare for lots and lots of black riots.

Yes, that’s this David KlingerAnd this one.

Meeting of the Mindless

20 10 2014


P-D on a Slay/Nixon secret meeting today:

Hours after the meeting, Nixon’s office said the governor would announce “a new effort to address issues raised by events in Ferguson” on Tuesday. The news release said Nixon would be joined by “elected officials and leaders in business, education, law enforcement and civil rights” at St. Louis Community College’s Florissant Valley campus for the announcement.

Smoothing things over with the undertow in anticipation for the GJ returning no indictment.

You Don’t Shoot

20 10 2014

Staten Island

I have sort of a rhetorical question:

Why are the national media and the good hipsters and trust fund brats of Park Slope way more upset over Michael Brown and Ferguson, Missouri than Eric Garner and Staten Island, New York?

You’ve never heard of Eric Garner?  Well, then, you better start with your favorite internet search engine.  You’ll find out that as far as police-black conflagrations, it’s way murkier and maybe way more the cops’ fault than what happened in handsupdontshoot country close to me.

You’ll find hints in this very blog post, not only in the actual text, but in the categories.

Narrative Officially Fall Down Go Boom

17 10 2014


NYT throws in the towel.

Albeit on a Friday evening, when the media tend to dump truthful news so that it gets lost in the weekend and doesn’t get noticed.

Next Time, They’ll Come With More Than Flashlights

16 10 2014


You say “protesters,” I say “stalkers.”

The irony of this is that Nixon yanked the locals and county off of riot duty on the Fergaza Strip on the Wednesday after the fact and slid the Highway Patrol in its place as the lead agency and put Captain Rastus in charge of the whole operation precisely to placate these kind of people, and also to placate the media, who were upset that the local/county “militarized” cops were picking on media members.

UPDATE 10/17

This fits neatly in this news.

Under Oath

15 10 2014


While under oath, more truth comes out.

Which is consistent with Eric S. Raymond’s analysis of the first autopsy.

Related:  The Final 23 Minutes of Michael Brown’s Life


BREAKING NEWS: Settled Science Is Still True

14 10 2014


They call it breaking news.  I call it icing on the cake confirmation of:

1.  What I already figured out

2.  That Africanus Bellcurvius has a strained relationship with the truth

3.  That the Nobel Prize for a projectile-firing ham sandwich will have to wait another year


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