They’re Not Making It Easy

18 08 2014



This Schnucks isn’t making it easy.  Though even if the undertow did loot from Schnucks, they would leave the fresh fruits and vegetables along, with the exception of the bananas.

This Schnucks/Target-anchored big box farm replaced the long-abandoned Northland Mall.  It has a Foot Locker and a beauty supply store, so given the chance, they will show up here just to get some of those shoes and weaves they love so much.

Speaking Power to Truth

18 08 2014


Liz Sheld, editor-in-chief of PJ Media, writes:

It is becoming highly unlikely the civil unrest in Ferguson will provide an opportunity for a serious evaluation of the militarization of America’s police forces. Instead, the commentariat and its associates have tribalized into typical camps regarding the topic of law and order vs. race relations.

When will the libertarians that know the truth finally be able to get a few moments in edgewise against the constant drumbeat of lying white racialist/race realist/HBD/ethno-nationalist talking heads on TV 24/7 not to mention all the David Duke disciples that hold virtually every public office in this country?  I know, it’s a big uphill climb, a real Goliath vs David battle.

Nixon’s Pandering Didn’t Work

18 08 2014


A group that looks to be a mix of blacks and leftist whites tried to storm into the Wainwright Building to get to the Governor’s St. Louis office.

They’re upset that he called in the MONG.  Don’t they know that they’re just going to stand around and mostly let things happen like the Highway Patrol and Captain Rastus did the last two nights?

If only Warren Hearnes could come back to life.  Yeah, he was a Democrat and something of a liberal, but he wasn’t having any of this.  People ask why St. Louis (the Missouri side, that is) avoided riots in the 1960s.  That’s because the Governor was from the Southeast Missouri delta.  They say the delta in the state of Mississippi is “the most Southern place on Earth,” so the same delta in southeast Missouri is the most southern place in Missouri.  Hearnes wanted to give welfare checks to blacks, not a permanent exemption from criminal responsibility.

And that’s what the mob, the undertow, the civil rights alphabet gangs both public and private, and their white leftist fellow travelers really want.

That’s How the Undertow Thinks

18 08 2014



This genius said:

And I’m just looking at all of the facts and my experiences and I think as well as some of my constituents think at this point in time the State Highway Patrol, the St. Louis County Police as well as the Ferguson Police Department may be trying to make this situation worse than what it actually is.

I added the link so you can see where her genius constituents live.  Not everyone who lives in the district is black, but it’s a big majority.  And as we all know about the black community, there is an inverse relationship between an idea’s logical soundness or sensibility, common or otherwise, and the odds that the black community will accept it as common currency.

As for those of us in the first world who can reason our way out of paper bags, we know that hardly any cops want to make these kinds of situations more drastic than they are on their own, just like surgeons really want to avoid surgery complications.  If there is any group of people that have a radical fringe faction among them who provoke things to satisfy their hero/messiah complex, it’s firefighters.

I think I’m going to see what I can do about talking to the right people.  She has been so crazy, so wacko, so off-the-wall, so crackpot, that the Senate ought to expel her.  Which they can do.  Incidentally,  she is totally unopposed in her re-election campaign this year.

The White House’s Incomplete Political Caclulation

18 08 2014


Stroke black racial resentment so that elderly black women will turn out big time at the polls to save some of these Senate Democrat candidates.

That’s our side’s conventional wisdom at what the WH is up to.

But remember, the same kind of turmoil in the 1960s swung white voters away from the Democrats, starting in the 1966 midterms then in 1968, especially combining Richard Nixon’s and George Wallace’s popular vote.

PJB just released a book about the history of Nixon’s comeback years.  While I think PJB is at his worst when it comes to Nixon excuseology and apologetics, he is well suited to make the point that all this could backfire on the WH.

Because he has seen it all before, and in fact, helped Nixon politically capitalize off the times.

The big difference this time is that today’s Stupid Party isn’t even trying to pretend that they’re going to combat the black undertow.  Notice that you’re not hearing much for Republican politicians nationally or disappointingly for me and my day job, even statewide.  The most prominent “Republican” national public statements about this has been from Rand Paul, and that was to make excuses for the undertow and bring up an irrelevant libertarian hobby horse.  Most of the GOPee are just standing around waiting to benefit, waiting to win elections in November they don’t deserve to win.

No Mo’ Curfew

18 08 2014


After it worked so well the last two nights, what was the point?

If they’re not actually going to engage in direct combat with the undertow, the best they can do is to seal the joint and let them level everything within the confines.

The Troublemakers Among Us

18 08 2014


I’m reading this and this with a bit of incredulity.

Everyone hates big corporations, but the one they work for is the one exception, stellar, they do everything right.

Everyone hates Congress, but their member of Congress is the exception, honest, straight as an arrow, ethical.

After Hurricane Katrina, someone tried to claim that there were no problems in post-Katrina New Orleans until black gangs from Dallas swooped into the area and started causing problems.  Kyle Rogers, the webmaster over at CofCC, wrote in reaction to that something that went like this:  “Are we to think that black gangs from Dallas or anywhere have paratrooper units?”  (Remember the area was flooded at the time and nobody was getting in there by vehicle.)  “Are we to think that New Orleans doesn’t have enough black troublemakers of its own?”

And that’s my reaction to this notion that the party in the FerGaza Strip has been the result of out of town ideological fellow travelers riding into town and stirring up shit.  Sure, a few are in order to be able to weasel in on the credit in order to raise their profile in black and left wing wackoville.  But to say that it’s all the fault or even a majority fault of these out-of-towners and left wing extremists is to say that FerguStan has no black undertow troublemakers of its own, and we know they have plenty.

That’s what Section 8 apartment farms are for.


Related news.  While I have to reiterate that I don’t think the outside troublemakers are anywhere near the entire cause of the festivities, I do think that Obama wants to help stir shit up for his own benefit.  “What does Obama have to do with it?”  Chawn Kweli is an FBI informant, and Obama controls the FBI.  I can easily see that Obama either said directly or put out subtle hints to the FBI to use their stool pigeons to keep the pot going.



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