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19 08 2014


Well duh.

“Thank you Ferguson for rioting and creating a whole lot more traffic on Twitter.”


What Do Palestine and a Higher Minimum Wage Have to Do With Michael Brown?

19 08 2014



A number of organizations have banded together to demand more information on the Michael Brown investigation from St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch. Tuesday, protesters will gather at the Buzz Westfall Justice Center and demand an independent investigator for the case. Organizations participating in the protest, include Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment, Veterans For Peace, Instead of War, St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee, Organization for Black Struggle, Show Me 15.

Emphasis added.

One of the common complaints that the black undertow’s activists have about Bob McCulloch and his authority in this case is that he’s unbiased because his father, who was a cop, was killed in the line of duty by a black man.  Which of course is a wonderful thing to say from both a timing and a PR perspective when you’re taking up for a black man in a controversy which until very recently had a lot of open questions and relied a lot on people granting the benefit of the doubt.

Ferguson Miscellany

19 08 2014


My problem here isn’t with the app itself but with who’s disproportionately going to use the app.

I can’t believe that I’m agreeing with Michael Medved on something, but I am.  The fourth paragraph is the best.

*  Undertow-loving hipsters protest CNN and MSNBC.  There were probably more people protesting those two networks than were actually watching them at the time.

Nicholas Stix made an issue of this piece in the City Journal.  This paragraph is the most interesting:

Historian Colin Gordon has revived the old chestnut that the rioting owes to the failure of big cities to incorporate suburbs. The problem, argues Gordon, is that small towns and cities compete with each other to attract businesses. If they had higher taxes, it’s implied, they could afford to spend more on social services. But does anyone think that Ferguson would be better off incorporated into a dysfunctional St. Louis? The vast city of Los Angeles, with its 469 square miles (compared with St. Louis’s 69) saw two of the most violent “rebellions” of the last 50 years. What, in Gordon’s estimation, accounts for that?

Really, how much more can we spend on social services?  We pay for almost everything that the typical Ferguson apartment farm resident has in life.

None of this would surprise anyone if The Bonfire of the Vanities was required reading in school.  I may have been a bit wrong when I said this morning that we’re living in the middle of an unscripted reality show.  We actually may be living in a never-ending constantly looping movie version of Bonfire.

Anything, just anything, instead of blaming the black undertow.

This isn’t really about Ferguson, but the takeaway is that white men are critical in midterm election cycles.  Guess which race-sex demographic is getting less likely to vote Democrat by the hour as the events of the FerGaza Strip unfold.  The same one to which Officer Wilson belongs.

*  In constantly referring to the late Michael Brown as a “teen,” the AP and other media that use the AP style book are violating the latter.

I heard some ghetto black queen (“Even though you were a crack fiend, mama, you always were a black queen, mama.” — 2Pac) complain that they “caynt evun let dey kids goda da sto’ wiffout gettin’ shot by da po-leece.”  (Translation:  Cannot even let their kids go to the store without getting shot by the police.)  First off, Michael Brown was 18 years old, legally a grown man, who could come and go as he pleased.  Second, he wasn’t even at his real residence, which is his mother’s in Northwoods, he was visiting someone at the apartment farms on Canfield in Ferguson, maybe it was Dorian Johnson, maybe it was someone else.  Nevertheless, an 18-year old and a 22-year old together going from apartment to store back to apartment isn’t “letting your kids go” anywhere.

Here We Blow Again

19 08 2014


Yeah, this is what happens when you charge at armed cops with a deadly weapon.

Maybe the undertow will tell us that he was really kneeling on the pavement with his hands up, that he was just getting ready to head off to MIT.

We do know that a quickie mart and a robbery thereof is also central to this incident, too.

This happened less than two and a half miles from where Michael Brown departed this world.  In fact it’s close enough that you could go from one place to another entirely on side streets if you know what you’re doing.

SLPD Chief Sam Dotson just held a presser, and the in the background, it sounds like the undertow is ready to expand the party into that part of North City.

Official Memorial Monday

19 08 2014


The F-F District, which was supposed to start last Thursday, then pushed it back to yesterday, then to today, and now they won’t start until next Monday, will probably have to push that back again.  For the official memorial to Michael Brown is scheduled for Monday.

The location of the memorial has not been determined, but since they’re anticipating a red carpet crowd, it’s going to have to be some place that fits a lot of people and can handle a lot of security.  We do know it will start in the mid-morning hours, probably so that there can’t be a splinter crowd that splits off it it and starts rioting.

Last Night’s Episode

19 08 2014


If you missed last night’s episodes of the Real Ghetto Queens of Ferguson, here’s a synopsis.

Also, turns out I wasn’t calling it the FerGaza Strip for nothing.

That Might Well Be Any One of You

19 08 2014

Landover, Maryland

Yes, do run around with your hands up in the air.  They don’t call the NFL the National Felon League for nothing.  Having your hands up in the air is actually an important life skill for many NFL players.

“That could have been any one of us.”  Well, it will be any one of you the day you use your NFL speed, size and weight to make a beeline toward a cop then lunge at him.

And also, the last thing for PR purposes that a team named “Redskins” and a team hanging on to its nickname by a thread needs is to piss a lot of people off.


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