Why the Secret Service Scandal is a BFD

17 04 2012

A Big Fucking Deal, beyond the literalism.

The whores servicing the SS members’ members are somehow attached to Al Qaeda.  Some Mohammed al-Terroristiqua AQ operative disguised as a mountain Indian in Colombia tells the Secret Serviced (sic) that they’re tattling to their wives unless they assassinate the President.

A Secret Service agent charged with protecting the President isn’t some nobody suburban accountant whose sex life’s consequences are limited merely to him and his partners.  He or she simply must be more pure than Caesar’s wife and the wind-driven snow combined.

“But they have needs.”  Yeah, so lock the door and make a fist.

Remember Ron Henderson?

12 04 2012

All SLPD cops, from the Chief on down, have to do physical evaluations every once in awhile.  When Ron Henderson was Chief, the gym over at Scotland Yard was closed and locked when he “did” his.  And it’s understandable:  Who would have wanted to watch the well-tanned Stay Puft Marshmallow Man try to do sit-ups and push-ups and a mile-and-a-half?

Of course, the only reason why Henderson quit was because blubberhead XLIII made him head of the U.S. Marshalls Office at St. Louis.

I thought of all this when I read this news.  The Chief of the Richlands, N.C. P.D. wasn’t able to qualify with firearms.  So he’s suspended until he can.

Surprisingly, they allowed us to find this out.  I guess it’s one thing not to see the Chief do sit-ups and push-ups and run, but a cop who can’t shoot is a bridge too far.

Strong Arms of the Law

10 04 2012


FBI analyst sues, claims 1 pushup kept him from being special agent

An intelligence analyst for the FBI in Chicago who allegedly missed becoming a special agent by a single pushup has filed a gender-discrimination lawsuit alleging that the FBI’s fitness test is flawed and biased against men.

Jay Bauer, a Northwestern University doctoral graduate, joined the FBI in 2009 after leaving the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee as an assistant professor in its communication sciences department, according to the lawsuit filed last week in federal court in Chicago.

Bauer passed a fitness test before entering new-agent training at Quantico, Va., where he scored at or near the top of his class in everything from firearms training to academics, according to his lawsuit. He was also selected by his fellow trainees to be their class leader, the lawsuit said.

Trainees must pass another fitness exam at the FBI Academy. Men must complete at least 38 situps in a minute and do 30 untimed pushups. Male candidates also must sprint 300 meters in 52.4 seconds and run 1.5 miles in 12 minutes and 24 seconds.

Bauer allegedly fulfilled all the other requirements, but after managing to do only 29 pushups, he was forced to resign from special agent training, the lawsuit said. He took an FBI analyst’s job in Chicago, where he’d already relocated his wife and two young children. He lives in Mount Prospect.

I don’t think this gender disparity is either unfair or Constitutionally discriminatory.  OTOH, I fail to see how the lack of the thirtieth push-up would preclude him from being a good intelligence analyst, i.e. a desk job.

The most common means that FBI agents use to conduct investigations?  Forensic accounting.  That is, pen and paper.


10 04 2012

Make that AA-Man.

This also perhaps demonstrates the folly of relying too heavily on “informants,” aka APs.

Bad Tidings

6 04 2012

I noticed today that the SLPD squad cars now have the “Internationally Accredited” moniker plastered on them.

Which means the City cops will soon join their County counterparts in not being able to find a dead body in a closet.

Seriously, I expected far better from the City cops than to run off and get “internationally accredited.”  A damned crying shame, that’s what it is.

Proving the Futility

8 02 2012


St. Louis man carrying petition forms for A Safer Missouri is fatally shot

ST. LOUIS • A man who was found shot multiple times and carrying petitions to support A Safer Missouri’s local control ballot initiative Tuesday night has died, according to police.

Police found 55-year-old Darryl Winston of the 4400 block of Anderson Avenue in an alley between Holly and Clarence avenues near Carter Avenue just before 9 p.m. Tuesday. He was taken to a hospital, where he died at about 11 a.m. today.

Queue irony in front of more irony.  If you needed a good reason not to sign his petitions, as if you weren’t already convinced, this is it.

Go Go Gadget Eyes

18 01 2012

NYPD deploying terahertz radiation goggles in order to see who is packing without having to pat anyone down.

This should put an end to accusations of racial profiling, for the cops won’t actually have to accost anyone, just call up their Inspector Gadget glasses.  More than that, it should actually be pie in the face of the people that constantly bitch about racial profiling, for the racial composition of people carrying will closely match the criminal conviction stats.  The argument that “the NYPD is ignoring all those white people packing heat” will fall flat.  After all, who will you believe?  The civil rights crowd, or the cops’ lying bionic eyes?

But I said “should” in the above paragraph, because this is New York City, where nothing is too good for certain protected minorities.  The NYPD will probably only use this technology against Tennessee housewives with CCW permits visiting the 9/11 Memorial.

Crime Is Down

9 01 2012

Because it never happened.  Any suggestion that it ever did happen is thoughtcrime.

There’s Smart, and Then There’s Cop

1 01 2012

Second Circus Court of Appeals:  You can be too smart to be a cop.  And apparently, 125 is too smart.

Officially, the City of New London, Connecticut doesn’t want high IQ individuals to be cops because people with those genius level IQs of 125 (note the saracsm) would quickly find police work boring and quit, wasting all the money the city spent to train them and pay them.

You and I know the real reason, the white elephant slash naked emperor reasoning.

High-Average IQ people can’t be cops?  If you ask me, there are too many dumb-as-a-rock cops out there of all races.  And most of them work somewhere in St. Louis City or County.

Shot the Sheriff

28 12 2011

I don’t often cross-post my AR comments to my own blog, but this might be a point so important that it needs to be in both places.

Me, in AR yesterday:

This article makes a good point:

How does the percentage of wrongful arrests of Latinos compare with that of non-Latinos? The DOJ doesn’t say. How does the record of the sheriff’s office compare with that of other Valley law-enforcement agencies with respect to wrongful arrests? The DOJ doesn’t say.

This is more profound than its author might know. Most of the population of the Phoenix area, Maricopa County, is in an incorporated municipality, and therefore, served by that city’s police department, e.g. Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, and many others. I don’t know if [Joe Arpaio's] MCSO really operates inside any municipality, it might only regularly enforce the law in unincorporated Maricopa County, while providing para-law enforcement activities (court house security, inmate transport, etc.) at the county court house in Phoenix.

Those valley cities’ PDs might have 287g or Secure Communities authority, except some of them might not want it, because their city governments are full of amnesty kooks. But if they do have it and continue to have it, then all we can conclude that Obama/Holder/Perez have a vendetta out on Arpaio, as the open borders lobby is on a rampage after SB 1070.

Can anyone fill in the blanks for me?

The situation might be different in Arizona, but generally in Missouri, county sheriff’s departments generally only do law enforcment in either the unincorporated areas of the county, or in municipalities that don’t have their own PDs.  Even if the county seat is an incorporated municipality with its own PD, the sheriff’s office will do the court house security, court room bailiffs, operate and staff the county jail, and inmate transport, and also process CCW applications.  St. Louis County doesn’t have a sheriff’s office, but it does have a county PD, which might do the same thing.  St. Louis City, which is legally both a city and a county, has both a PD and a sheriff’s office, and the city sheriff does the para-law enforcement duties I just described.

How? By Constantly Doing Press Releases Full of Business School Jargon?

21 12 2011


St. Louis police teams with UMSL criminologists

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The St. Louis Police Department is partnering with the University of Missouri-St. Louis in a new crime-fighting initiative.

The partnership announced Wednesday is aimed at reducing crime in part by using criminologists from the university to help implement and evaluate crime reduction initiatives. In fact, an UMSL graduate student will work 20 hours per week at the police department.

The partnership comes as crime is on the decline in St. Louis. Police Chief Dan Isom told the Board of Police Commissioners Wednesday that overall crime is expected to drop about 5 percent in 2011 compared to 2010, and crime in the city has declined 40 percent over the past five years.

But Isom and Mayor Francis Slay say the partnership will seek to reduce crime even further.

That’s probably all that will happen, if this news article full of business school jargon is any indication.

UPDATE 12/22:  P-D fills in the blanks:

One that Rosenfeld said has proven effective is “hot-spot policing,” which focuses officers on a crime-spike area.

Rosenfeld said another proven strategy is a “focused deterrence” that gives an ultimatum to known offenders to stop committing crimes or face harsh consequences. That approach is based on the “Ceasefire” model, which originated in Boston.

So what do we have here?  The cops go where the crime is, and cops tell do-badders to knock it off or else.

How profound.  What brilliance and genius.  It’s like inventing the wheel in a world that did not previously have it.


It’s also going to involve some buy-in from the officers, said Richard Rosenfeld, an UMSL criminologist.

“The last thing we want to do is tell this department what it should and should not be doing,” Rosenfeld cautioned. “We want to assist this department by enhancing it’s existing strategies.”

You think beat cops might be a little leery about taking advice from people who are associated with an institution which does its fair share to breed far-left black militant hatred of cops?  It wasn’t Dr. Rosenfeld, but someone in the UMSL criminology department wrote one of the more famous books about gang ethnography quite a few years ago, the book focused on St. Louis gangs and their bangers.  (UPDATE:  Life in the Gang, by Scott Decker.  Google Books has it online to read for free.)  While this book didn’t make excuses or try to illicit sympathy for the subjects of its study, most literature of that genre does.  As an example, Dead End Kids:  Gang Girls and the Boys They Know, by Mark Fleisher, University of Illinois.  That one is a study of several Kansas City ‘bangers.  I remember at one point in that book, Fleisher became so sympathetically entangled with the gang he was studying, that he wanted to make sure that the University of Illinois would defend him if he got arrested for some sort of conspiracy charge, and he also, by his own admission, developed the same kind of fear of and loathing toward the KCPD as his study subjects had; he actually feared a passing KCPD squad car.

Pardon Our Regress

21 12 2011

Anti-Police graffiti written in Ebonics spray painted on a fried chicken restaurant in North City.

Gee, no stereotyping opportunities there.

Usually, this kind of activity and rhetoric is the trademark of the local anarchist/occutard hovels.  This isn’t them — Their spray painted words are multi-syllabic and spelled correctly.

See Paragraph Seven

15 12 2011

That’s why I’ll vote for fill in the blank white Republican over Obama, and not regret it for as much as 0.001 second.

We need to return the venal anti-white bigots Thomas Perez, his boss, and his boss’s boss, to private life ASAP.

Note the contradiction:

The civil rights report said federal authorities will continue to investigate complaints of deputies using excessive force against Latinos, whether the sheriff’s office failed to provide adequately police services in Hispanic communities and a large number of sex-crimes cases that were assigned to the agency but weren’t followed up on or investigated at all.

So, they’re paying too much and too little attention to Hispanics at the same time.


Forget For a Moment You’re In Missouri

15 12 2011

P-D profiles the St. Louis area’s “Fusion Center.”

Remember, the statewide equivalent based in Jefferson City is where this “Ron Paul bumper sticker” business came from.  And the statewide fusion center in Arizona is (so we are told) where the smear “linking” the Nutbar of Tucson to AR originated (to this day, nobody with the Arizona Fusion Center/ACTIC will tell anyone at the AR Home Office what led them to make this “link” which they later walked back).  However, I still think that that was matter of passing the hot potato; it could still be the case that The Big Lie was hatched out of D.C., not Arizona.

The only good thing about these fusion centers is that in most cases, they’re able to dispel unfounded rumors and separate the wheat of reality from the chaff of paranoia and invective.  And they’re indicative of the “check your institutional ego at the door” that should have been taking place among various law enforcement and intelligence agencies pre-9/11.

New And Old Mumia

12 12 2011

Get used to the name “Lamont Pride.”  You’ll be hearing it for the next generation.  Paris will name a street after him.

As for the old Mumia, Jim Goad has a column today pretty much taking the words out of my mouth — He, like yours truly, thinks that The Brothers Cook deliberately pre-planned an ambush/assassination of any given Philly cop, and Daniel Faulkner just happened to stroll into the situation.  I slightly disagree with this part, though:

I grew up about ten miles from where Mumia did, and I spent the first quarter-century of my life in the Filthadelphia area. As someone who has been to all 50 states and lived in all four corners of this country, I submit to the jury that the City of Brotherly Love has both the angriest cops and the angriest black radicals in the USA. I wouldn’t trust either group as far as I could sneeze. So I approached this case highly suspicious of both sides.

Maybe that’s why the cops are so angry, precisely because the blacks are so militant.  One thing I’ve noticed about Philadelphia is that its civic elite is probably the most doctrinaire egalitarian of any civic elite of any old age big former industrial city in America, going back to its Ben Franklin/Quaker roots.

Thank You, Captain Obvious

12 12 2011

P-D, on KCMO zipping by last year’s homicide tally with a few weeks left in 2011:

The average number of homicides in the city over the past decade is 106. Kansas City’s new police chief, Darryl Forte, has put an emphasis on stopping violent crime – especially homicides – since taking office in October.

He’s against violent crime and homicides.  You don’t say, genius.  Way to live on the cutting edge of politics.  Next thing you know, you’re gonna tell us you’re for education and health care.

And yes, in case you were wondering.  It makes me wonder how opposed to violent crime and homicides he can actually be.  He’s probably another one like Eric Holder, “oh, my people, my people, my people.”  You can’t be for “your people” and opposed to violent crime and homicides at the same time, when your precious people are responsible for most of Kansas City’s murders and other violent crimes.

Then again, KCMO’s white politicians aren’t any better — Left to its former mayor, Mark Funkhouser, the violent homicidal blacks of the city could sign up to be cops.

You Need Better Students

5 12 2011

Though she might not have much prerogative in the matter.  Still, I wouldn’t brag to the world that my students are mostly a bunch of out-of-control thug ‘bangers.


Better Late Than Never, I Suppose

5 12 2011

NYT worried about the militarization of local domestic law enforcement.

What took them so long?  Why now?

Answer:  Occutards.

In related news, the Occutards are worried that the bill over which Rand Paul and John McCain argued on the Senate floor would mean they get shipped off to GITMO.  They needn’t worry — That provision is meant for Ron Paul supporters.  What makes them think Obama would ship the people in the movement he provoked off to some hoosegow?

Letter “P”

5 12 2011

Michigan Daily:

Students talk racial profiling in DPS alerts

The issue of racial profiling in University crime alerts took center stage at a University town hall meeting on Friday.

University students and Ann Arbor residents gathered at the University Law School to discuss the relation of safety, campus climate and diversity on campus. The event — chaired by Rackham student David Green, the political action chair of Students of Color of Rackham — focused on racism and social justice at the University, with an emphasis on racial profiling.

One of the key issues discussed was the use of racial descriptions in the University’s Department of Public Safety crime alerts. Of the 22 crime alerts released by DPS between Jan. 1, 2011 and Nov. 9, 2011, 12 incidents occurred off campus and nine took place on campus, according to data released by DPS. Of these 22 alerts, 11 specifically identified the skin color of the suspect as white, five as black, one as darker skinned, one as hispanic, one as tan, one as olive and two had no race information.

Philosophy Prof. Elizabeth Anderson said information about race is not needed in crime alerts because it doesn’t add any information to the description.

“There is no value added in the description (of race),” Anderson said. “It reinforces the legitimacy of spreading stereotypes and damages the reputation of black men.”

Even though half of those “crime alerts” were looking for white men.  Why include gender?  It adds no value to the description, and it also reinforces the legitimacy of spreading stereotypes and damages the reputation of men.  Were these suspects wearing any peculiar kind of  clothing?  Don’t say that, either, for the color or brand name might beget stereotyping.  Why even say that the incident was a crime?  After all, we all know the word “crime” is racist dog whistling for “black.”

This makes me so glad that police run police departments, and that philosophers don’t.

DPS Chief Greg O’Dell then addressed the crowd and pointed out that the University must adhere to federal requirements when issuing crime alerts. The guidelines mandate the inclusion of “all information that would promote safety and that would aid the prevention of similar crimes,” the guidelines state.

Just wait until Eric “My People” Holder hears about that.

In relatively short order, the only description of a crime and/or criminal suspect that political correctness will allow is:  At some time on some day, one or more people behaved in some fashion toward another person or group of people.  If you have any information about this incident, please call your city’s department of welfare health care and self-esteem at (insert phone number).  To include anything else would be to stereotype black men.

The Number One Launderer of Drug Money In the World

5 12 2011

Starts with a “D.”

Now you know why, save a serious political tsunami, drugs will never be legalized or seriously criminalized.  Our drug policy is finely tuned and engineered to make as much money as possible for as many people and institutions, both government and criminal.

False Flag

19 11 2011

Left-wing British paper rips the curtain away from many of these Muslim “terrorist plots,” including the Liberty City Seven.  Hint:  You’re not engaged a serious conspiracy to blow up the Sears Tower if don’t know in which city the Sears Tower resides.

There is nothing in the world more dangerous than a law enforcement agency that fears getting its budget cut back even one penny.

Now, Guardian, let’s apply this same logic to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, and these supposed “bombings” on the part of supposed “K-People.”  Lyndon Johnson would have dressed up in a Klan robe and murdered a black infant with a machine gun if that’s what he thought he had to do to pass civil rights legislation.  Luckily for him, he had the FBI to do his dirty work.

As an aside, though I am a regular reader of Jihad Watch/Robert Spencer/Pamela Geller, that is one of my problems with their mentality.  They buy hook line and sinker into every one of these False Flag “terror plots” as if they’re real Muslim terrorism.

Hey, SLPD. You Still Want Local Control?

19 11 2011

The Chief-of-Staff of the CEO of the institution which will run you should local control happen just called your Officers’ Association former President an “extremist.”

Earth to Rainford:  The reason why the St. Louis Occutards weren’t as obnoxious as their cousins in other cities, and their “eviction” went far more smoothly, was because St. Louis’s left wing extremist presence isn’t as big or as arrogant as in other big cities.  Therefore, the Occutards who encamped Downtown weren’t as many or as hostile as one would find in Oakland or New York.

It’s Just a Little Pot

17 11 2011


A little pot is trouble in NYC: 50k busts a year

NEW YORK (AP) — As the nation’s biggest city deals with threats of terrorism and a variety of violent crimes, carrying a little bit of marijuana is still a big deal.

There are more arrests for low-level pot possession in New York City — about 50,000 a year — than any other crime, accounting for about one of every seven cases that turn up in criminal courts.

It’s a phenomenon that has persisted despite more leniency toward marijuana use — the state loosened its marijuana-possession laws more than 30 years ago.

Critics say the deluge has been driven in part by the New York Police Department’s strategy of stopping people and frisking those whom police say meet crime suspects’ descriptions. More than a half a million people, mostly black and Hispanic men, were stopped last year — unfair targets, critics say. About 10 percent of stops result in arrests.


But many New Yorkers, mostly black and Hispanic men, say they’re being targeted in the name of keeping the city safe.

Duh, Sherlock.  That’s the point.  Maybe there’s a reason why black and Hispanic men are targeted in order to make the city safe.

Gabriel Sayegh, the New York director of the Drug Policy Alliance, a group critical of the national war on drugs, said the department benefits from the arrests.

“Every year, they’re bringing 50,000 people into their system,” he said. “A significant portion of whom have not been arrested before.

Even if the cases ultimately get dismissed, as most first-time marijuana-possession arrests do, police net names, fingerprints and other information for law-enforcement databases, he noted.

Also, I would bet that a fair percentage of people frisked for small amounts of pot have warrants for more serious offenses.  And, even if the pot is all they have, I’m sure their fingerprints will come in handy eventually.  Nail N’Deshawntavious for “just a little pot” at 17, and you have his prints on file for when he commits his first murder at 19 and there are fingerprints on the gun that the NYPD retrieves.  Just a few minutes of computer work nets them a suspect.

Earlier this week, a Chicago politician proposed to make possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana a summary offense, like a parking ticket, with a potential $200 fine, rather than a misdemeanor that carries possible jail time.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy didn’t endorse the ordinance but has signaled he’s open to it.

“With minor possession, it would be in everybody’s interests to free up officers,” said department spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton.

Yeah, “free up officers” to pick on the REAL criminals in Chicago, Tea Partiers, legal handgun owners and people who have given money to Sarah Palin PAC.

Fast and Dumbass

25 10 2011


NYPD cops among 12 arrested in $1M gun smuggling sting

Call them the bootleggers in blue.

Eight current and former city cops were part of a $1 million ring that smuggled guns, cigarettes and slot machines into New York from out of state, the feds charged today.

The 12 defendants — including five active-duty officers NYPD officers based in Brooklyn — were busted this morning on charges including conspiracy to transport firearms and conspiracy to transport and receive stolen merchandise.

The weapons included M-16 assault rifles and handguns, some of which had “obliterated” serial numbers, according to a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court.

The article goes on to quote Bloomy.  He’s another one who bitches about everyone else causing his city’s “gun” problems.  Turns out the real problem was directly under his control.  We might eventually find out that he engineered this scam and a F&F-style mission to sandbag 2nd Amendment politics, and he might have done this in parallel with and/or in concert with Obama, but for now, that’s just my speculation.

In related news, also from the NYP:

Calls for tougher national gun laws amount to hot air. Besides, the streets are already saturated with illegal handguns.

That leaves aggressive street-crime policing — by no means a perfect solution, but a proven tool for reducing gun violence.

Stop-and-frisk is an integral part of it. Some 8,085 weapons, including 814 firearms, were taken off the streets last year by stop-and-frisk cops.

Think of that, potentially, as 814 fewer murders — even if those whose lives the program saved will never know it, and thus never will be able to testify on behalf of the program.

But critics abound.

Because, overwhelmingly, those stopped were — and are — minorities, the usual suspects condemn the program as racist.

But so are the victims mostly minorities.

Firebrand City Councilman Charles Barron over the weekend demanded that guns be kept out of minority neighborhoods — but he repeatedly slams the only effective means of doing that: stop-and-frisk.

“The police need to get a brand-new assignment, rather than harassing young black and Latino males,” he said last month.

Meanwhile, on the very day Horton was shot, protesters, including leftist Professor Cornel West, were rallying in Harlem against stop-and-frisk. West railed against “arbitrary police power.”

Charles Barron just admitted that blacks just can’t handle gun ownership — Where would he get a crazy idea like that?  Of course, there was once another group that once made the same assertion, I think its name started with a K.

Democrats and Cops

20 10 2011

What is it with elected Democrats and cops?  Specifically, they seem to take it as an article of faith that more cops on the street equals less crime.  It’s not just American Democrats, either — In the May 2010 Parliamentary elections in Britain, Gordon Brown obviously did not remain Prime Minister, but he retained his seat in Parliament, from the constituency of Kirkaldy & Cowdenbeath, in Scotland, and he has retreated to the Labour back benches since then.  But since he was the sitting PM at the time, when they counted the ballots in K&C and determined that he won another term in Parliament from that seat (Duh, Labour has all the MP seats in Scotland), they let him do a longer than normal victory speech.  In it, which also served as a semi-concession nationally, by then it was clear that the Tories would get at least a plurality, he touted the accomplishments of the Blair-Brown Labour governments, including, tah dah…putting more cops on the streets:

If you’re a cop, and you’re reading these words, you will agree that the only reason people respect you and fear you is because you have an entire criminal justice system behind you — Courts, judges, prosecutors, jails and prisons.  More importantly than that, you have the majority of public opinion on your side the majority of the time.

Anyone who has studied civics for more than five minutes knows that a police arrest is the first stage in the process to dispose of a criminal offense.  Democrats seem to want to have cops everywhere, but in all other instances, they do their best to weaken the rest of the system, from appointing black and leftist judges who sympathize with black defendands and also issue rulings that swing jail house doors open, and also endorsing black jury nullification.  They’re also two-faced when it comes to cops themselves, because Democrats love civil rights laws and civilian review boards full of cracker jack box black preachers.  I guess in the ideal Democrat world, there would be 20 cops on every corner, but they wouldn’t be allowed to do anything.  The reality of that world, far more a nightmare than a dream, is that if the criminal justice system behind the cops is nullified, then civilians have no reason to fear or respect cops.  All the cops will be is useless government employees belonging to a union that funds Democrat Party candidates; that’s probably the whole point.

Don’t forget that in both Britain and America, certain crime-prone racial minorities are also loyal voting blocks for Labour and the Democrats, respectively.  Labour and Democrat politicians can’t afford truly to crack down on violent crime, because that would be throwing their base in jail.  But they can’t appear to be soft on crime, because they do need to sucker swing and marginal white voters into their camp to win elections.  This legerdemain about “more cops on the street” is a political calculation to look tough on crime without actually being tough on crime.

But I want to look at this from a more fundamental, philosophical angle, starting with my question above:  Why is it assumed that more cops watching more people more and more of the time automatically equals less crime?  To put it another way, take my question and look at that “half full” glass from the “half empty” side — Why is it assumed that people will automatically commit crimes and misbehave when they know a cop isn’t watching them?  I know that 99.999% of the time, I am not in the direct line of sight of an officer of the law.  I also know that nothing about that makes me want to go out and murder, rob and rape people.  That’s the way it is with most of you as well.  This is why I cringe about stories that read, “boo hoo, city budget cutbacks in (Fill in the blank city), (Fill in the blank state) means fewer cops on the streets and more crime.”  Logic would dictate that if the people of these cities feared a crime wave, they would commit fewer violent crimes.

The answer to that riddle is that there are certain (ahem) faithful constituencies of the Democrat Party who don’t behave that way, and can’t seem to follow the law without the law watching.  Maybe you and I will follow almost all criminal laws almost all of the time while cops aren’t watching us, but the people of Joe Biden’s precious Flint, Michigan, (certain ones, anyway), don’t seem to have that ability.

Throw Down

16 10 2011

Lew Rockwell:

NYPD Plants Drugs on People to Meet Arrest Quotas

According to a former NYPD detective, “NYPD narcotics officers routinely trump up drug charges against innocent people so they can meet their arrest quotas.”

Is this a surprise? I have pointed out in many of my articles on the drug war that it corrupts law enforcement. I’m sure this isn’t just limited to NYC. The war on drugs is a monstrous evil that has ruined countless lives—even the lives of people that never used drugs if they happened to get to close to a NYC cop.

Maybe so, but I highly doubt they’re just picking innocent people on whom to plant drugs.  Just like a lot of big city cops have “throw down” guns for a long time, they also have “throw down” drugs.  They plant the guns and drugs on the persons of real thugs who commit real violent crimes, in order to have a “safety” crime for the D.A.’s office to fall back on.  Plain words, they’re going to “throw down” the guns and drugs on 20-year old N’Deshawntavious who just committed murder, not 80-year old Clarice on her way to the Parish bake sale.

Paranoia With A Dash of Privacy Invasion

30 08 2011

Orlando Sentinel:

Orange County Sheriff’s Office used secret files to lobby against gun bill

Records show Sheriff Jerry Demings’ lobbyist handed out restricted photos of bikers with concealed weapon permits

Florida law-enforcement officials dipped into secret intelligence files to lobby against legislation that would have allowed holders of concealed-weapons permits to carry their guns openly, newly released documents show.

Leading the effort last spring was one of Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings’ staff lobbyists, who gave lawmakers surveillance and state drivers license photos of eight concealed-weapons permit holders, despite a state law that makes the identities of the 800,000 permit holders confidential.

The idea was to distribute photographs of motorcycle gang members with valid gun permits to show legislators the sort of people who might scare away tourists if they displayed their pistols, according to an investigation by the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office.

The information given to lawmakers came from the secret files of the Orange sheriff’s Intelligence Squad, an undercover unit that investigates “motorcycle gangs, white supremacy groups … organized crime and other non-traditional cases,” the state attorney found.


“It’s certainly clear that highly confidential personal information was distributed and that is exactly what the DPPA [federal Drivers Privacy Protection Act] was intended to stop,” said Derek Newton, a spokesman for the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida. “We are always concerned when the government is collecting information and keeping information on people who have not been convicted.”

I bet this “Orange County Sheriff’s Intel Squad” is a group specifically designed to “investigate” non-PC white people, in order to deflect criticism that the Sheriff’s deputies arrest too many minorities.  “Hey, look, don’t accuse us of racial profiling!  We investigate white people, too!”  Except those whites’ “crimes” are riding motorcycles or having racial opinions outside the Overton Window.  It’s a good thing my younger consaguinite uncle on my mother’s side doesn’t live in Orlando, because he both rides motorcycles and has non-orthodox racial opinions.

When Florida first passed CCW quite a number of years ago, some police chiefs were demanding that the state buy them machine guns, because they were peddling the paranoia that the kind of person who would go into a building full of cops to get permission to carry a hidden gun around would then want to go out and mow down cops.  Nothing like that happened, yet I bet all those doomsayers weren’t sanctioned or even embarrassed one iota.  And so it will be in this case.

Although even if I could, I wouldn’t carry openly.  I want to keep the element of surprise and uncertainty on my side.  That’s why they call it “conceal” carry.

Find the Money, Then Follow It

29 08 2011

I already covered this story before, about the St. Louis company producing a pseudoephederine pill that can’t be used to make illicit meth.  But I want to bring it up again for a reason, because I have a hunch.

First, Jew Among You writes:

We should ask, just how many more resources does Calderon expect the U.S. to pour into the black hole of the War on Some Drugs?  According to the Drug War Clock, the U.S. has already spent almost $20,000,000,000 this year alone.  Does this take all the costs into account?  Definitely not!  When I needed an effective antihistamine, I was forced to drive to Washington State to get it – because Oregon requires a prescription for those, and that would involve a lot of time and a copay.  The clock certainly does not take into account the extra gasoline I had to purchase for the drive, the extra wear and tear on my car, the extra time and the pollution involved in the trip.  The clock does not take into account the lost productivity of the many people who languish in prisons and jails due to drug charges.  It doesn’t take into account the taxes those people would have been paying if only they were allowed to work as free people.  It fails to take into account the children who must grow up without parents, the divorces, the lawsuits, the extra expenses companies must spend for drug testing, the people who suffer for want of enough pain pills, the people who die for lack of a “controlled substance”, the cash and property forfeitures that innocent citizens suffer at the hands of police – justified by suspicion alone – or the general erosion of liberties we’ve experienced as a byproduct of this war.  All this is not enough for Calderon.  Does he expect the U.S. government to conduct surprise raids on random houses, stop random people in the street for urine analyses, execute drug users on the spot with no trial?

Emphasis added.  J.A.Y. lives in the Portland, Oregon area.  I did know (but forgot) that OR made psuedoephederine prescription-only, just as the bigmouth sheriffs around here want Missouri to do.

Second, from this Channel 2 article:

“Prescription-only is the only proven way to cut methamphetamine use,” said Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Detective Sergeant Jason Grellner. Grellner, past president of the Missouri Narcotics Officers Association, is one of the nation’s leading authorities on meth use and production.

“We’ve been told for years by pharmaceutical companies that it’s chemically impossible to put a ‘lock’ on pseodoephedrine to keep it from being made into meth. I’d love it if it could happen, but I’m not convinced it’s possible,” said Grellner.

So, even though this pill will be impossible to make into meth, the bigmouth cops and sheriffs still want them and any other pseudoephederine (P/E) pills to be prescription (script) only.

For a long time, I thought all these cops around here mouthing off about meth were overcompensating for some sort of guilt.  That, and their failure to cite Mexico and immigration as a recent source for meth supplies speaks volumes — No racial courage, wouldn’t want to be “racist.”  Maybe all that is true in part, but I’m starting to think there’s a more practical motive.  Look at the part of Jew Among You’s paragraph above that I emphasized.  And I have certainly alluded to that sort of thing here in this space in the recent past — If you make these legit P/E pills script-only, that means that you’ll have to do a doctor’s visit, complete with full co-pay, then actually get the prescription at your pharmacist, with a co-pay.  There may or may not be insurance company participation in the process.  Even if there isn’t, then we know at the very least getting a P/E cold pill will become a more time consuming (and more crucially) more expensive proposition.  As of now, a box of P/E pills only costs a few dollars.  You know someone’s going to be making money as a result of this.

The FBI should put a tap on the organizational, campaign (in the case of the elected office holders) and personal finances of all these cops and sheriffs and politicians running their big mouths to make P/E script-only.  I bet there’s a lot of money (bribes) coming their way from a lot of sources that stand to make a lot of money if P/E does become script-only.

Always follow the money, that is, after you find the money.

RFT Shreds a Myth

17 08 2011

Its long profile of State Rep. Jamilah Nasheed has this gem:

There’s a myth that state control of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department came out of the Civil War, that segregationist governor Claiborne Jackson took the reins of the department because St. Louis was a Union city and he wanted to control its massive arsenal.

But that story is only half-true, notes Allen Wagner, who wrote Good Order and Safety: A History of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, 1861-1906. While Jackson did use state control to advance the Confederate cause, state control wasn’t his idea.

The first bill proposing state control was filed in 1859 by a state senator from St. Louis named Charles Drake. At the time, state- controlled police departments were popular in big cities across America. New York started the trend in 1857, and soon Philadelphia, Boston, Cincinnati, Chicago, Baltimore and San Francisco all followed. But Drake’s bill never got out of committee.

A year later, Erastus Wells, a St. Louis alderman, took a cross-country trip and asked the mayors he met a simple question: Who has the best police department? Told the Baltimore Police Department, he drafted a bill to build the St. Louis police department in Baltimore’s image and handed it to the legislators in Jefferson City. The bill passed in March 1861.

The power struggle between Mayor James Thomas and the commissioners began almost immediately after the Civil War. By 1867, Thomas was so frustrated that he stopped showing up at board meetings. When his term ended in 1869, Thomas declared that the city should control its own police department.

“And that was the first time anybody tried to bring local control back to St. Louis,” says Wagner.

Over the next 150 years, New York, Chicago and all those other big cities returned police control to city hall. The fad had passed. Since Baltimore made the change in 1962, St. Louis has been the only city in America yet to switch back.(The only outlier, Kansas City, was granted local control in 1932 then voted in 1979 to switch back to state control, where it remains.)

The first line is a bit of misnomer, because “segregationist” was not a common word in the political vernacular of the 1860s.  Jackson was definitely pro-Confederate.  “Segregationist” didn’t become a common word until the forced integration movement took on serious legs, and it needed a pejorative with which to describe its opponents.  Before then, segregation was considered as natural and omnipresent and implicitly assumed as air, so during those days, one wouldn’t say “segregationist” (as a slur or otherwise), any sooner than one would say “air breather.”  Even after that little conflagration that took up most of the first half of the 1860s, the very same Congress that passed the 14th Amendment and sent it to the states to ratify it (some not so voluntarily), within a week of doing that, enacted segregated schools for the District of Columbia.

I’ve said it on this medium before, and I’ll say it again — The police control trend should start to go back in the other direction, because of race.  The SLPOA, until recently, opposed local control because of the pension issue, but I always thought that was a stupid strategy because well-written legislation would be able to neutralize that concern, which the failed local control bill of this past legislative session did.  (See this RFT article for more about that.)  The best arrow in the anti-local control quiver is race — Give control of the SLPD back to the city, and the black obsessives and white liberals who run the city government will also run the SLPD, and immediately neuter them in the face of black crime.

While you’re at it, read the paragraphs about Speaker Tilley.  He’s from Perryville, Peter Kindercare is from Cape Girardeau, and Tilley’s predecessor as Speaker, Rotten Rod Jetton, is from Marble Hill, all in the non-delta portions of Southeast Missouri.  There must be something in the soil down there which makes all their top-flight Republican politicans turn into real “lovers,” (preceded by a word that starts with “N.”)  Remember, Reparations Rod essentially kept Talibdin El-Amin as a pet, and now Tilley is keeping Miss Nasheed as a pet.  Kindercare might as well have an entire kennel.

Not Clever Enough, Atlanta Style

2 08 2011


Dekalb County officer lifts up Yvonne Ruiz’s shirt during traffic stop

Atlanta (CNN) – An Atlanta-area woman says a police officer made inappropriate sexual advances toward her. This isn’t the first time the officer has faced sex-related allegations.

“He was like, ‘Let me see your breasts.’ He doesn’t say it like that. I was like, ‘What?'” says 22-year-old Yvonne Ruiz. She couldn’t believe what then-Dekalb County police officer Jeremy Reynolds asked her. It was during a traffic stop on I-285. Ruiz says Reynolds told her he had a way to keep her from going to jail.

“Let me see your breasts and I’ll let you go,” she says he told her. Ruiz declined, saying she has children and husband. She then told him to leave her alone and not to touch her.

Ruiz says Reynolds then aggressively frisked her and tried to lift up her shirt. When she asked for a female officer she says he told her, “Well, everybody’s at lunch, so it’s just me.”

Ruiz was then taken to jail on a speeding ticket and a probation violation.

She filed an internal affairs complaint and later found out police accused Reynolds of forcing another woman to have sex during a traffic stop. Officers charged him with aggravated sodomy and two counts of violation of oath of office.

Reynolds’ attorney said he couldn’t say much about the case, but he said the allegations are untrue.

“Since there’s two alleged accusers, we need more time to go through the discovery we got from the district attorney,” said attorney Jackie Patterson.

Ruiz says she felt violated and doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she went through.  (Emphasis mine)

Channel 5’s video, which was probably mostly CNN’s video or the WXIA’s video (NBC Atlanta), didn’t show Mr. Reynolds.  That piqued my suspicion right way.

As Unamusement Park would say, “reporting is sooooooo hard.”  Especially when you have Google News Search and Google Image Search at your disposal.

First stop, Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Ex-DeKalb officer pleads not guilty to sex charges

A former DeKalb County police officer pleaded not guilty Monday to charges he forced a woman to have oral sex with him, and in another instance offered to let a female motorist out of a traffic stop if she exposed herself to him, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Jeremy Tyrel Reynolds waived arraignment, and DeKalb Superior Court Judge Courtney Johnson granted a defense request for 20 days to file motions, according to a spokesman for the DeKalb District Attorney’s Office.

According to the indictments for sodomy and violation of oath, in September 2009, Reynolds forced a woman to perform oral sex under threat of arrest if she refused.  (Emphasis mine)

Hmm, “Jeremy TYREL Reynolds.”  Now we’re getting somewhere.

My next and as it turns out final stop to cracking this caper was a blog called Shadowscope’s Sick Crimes:

23-year-old Jeremy Tyrel Reynolds, a Dekalb County police officer for the last two years, has been arrested following an investigation of sexual misconduct that allegedly happened back in September 2009. Reynolds allegedly raped a prostitute in custody and also offered to release another woman if she exposed herself to him.

Reynolds has been charged with Sexual Assault on a Person in Custody, Aggravated Sodomy, Rape and Violation of Oath of Office. Reynolds was arrested when he showed up for work today and is on administrative leave pending his firing.

He was reportedly arrested earlier today but thus far he’s not been listed in the jail records.

Whaddaya know, it has a picture:

So the moral of this story is that black cop sexually extorts Hispanic woman, almost two years after he does the same thing and also rapes a woman in custody.

Why wasn’t he fired two years ago?  Answer:  Affirmative Action.  Black skin privilege.


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