I’ll Take Manhattan

4 09 2012

UMSL and New York City

KMOX Radio:

Study: Stop, Question, Frisk Doesn’t Reduce Crime

Despite claims by city officials, local researchers say the police tactic of stopping, questioning and frisking ‘suspicious’ people on the street had no impact on New York City’s two-decade long reduction in crime.

University of Missouri-St. Louis criminologists Richard Rosenfeld and Robert Fornango recently completed the first in-depth study of SQF, looking at statistics on a precinct-wide, year-to-year basis from 2003 to 2010, “If there are effects, what our analysis suggests is that they are probably very localized and dissipate pretty rapidly over time.”


He says what’s known so far certainly shows that New York City officials are wrong to credit the program with contributing to the decline in crime, “We couldn’t find evidence that stop, question and frisk was associated with year-to-year changes of crime at the precinct-level. It seems to me, given the available evidence, it’s a stretch for officials to attribute a decade-long crime drop that is city-wide to this program.”

As for St. Louis, Rosenfeld says he would recommend the city’s police department not adopt SQF but stick with its current tactic of using intelligence-driven patrols in high crime areas.

Of course two beancounter/criminologists affiliated with a university wants the major police department in their metropolitan areas to use “intelligence-driven” tactics.  Guess who specializes in that.  By “intelligence-driven,” Profs. Rosenfeld and Fornango don’t mean police having stool pidgeons on a string, they mean CompStat foolishness.

As far as this business about precinct-level versus city-wide, what that means it that SQF done in New York’s ghettos are barrios won’t reduce crime within the ghettos and barrios, but it will wind up reducing crime outside the ghettos and barrios, i.e. in the parts of the city that aren’t black and Hispanic, such as much of Manhattan and Staten Island.  What I mean by that is that if NYPD SQFs N’Deshawntavious in Harlem, it won’t result in N’Deshawntavious not jacking Shitavious in Harlem, but it will result in N’Deshantavious not robbing Abraham in the Upper East Side or Giovanni on Staten Island.

I’ve said it before here.  SQF isn’t going anywhere.  Democrat politicians might huff and puff to placate black preachers and Hispanic rabble rousers, but they won’t blow the house down because SQF keeps Jews in Manhattan safe, and Jews in Manhattan write big checks to Democrat politicians, think tanks, Super PACs, 527s and other affiliated interests, while blacks and Hispanics in Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens are only expected to vote Democrat.  Democrats can’t do without money, but they can still win New York State even if a lot of blacks and Hispanics in New York City stay home on election day.

Carry the Vote

4 09 2012


This is the way the story appears on KMOX radio’s website.  However, this paradigm has already drawn the ire of spokesmouths for St. Louis City Sheriff For Life Jim Murphy.  Everyone’s worried about fraud and abuse.

Remember, most Democrats, of which Murphy is one, and the critics of this Virginia paradigm gravitate toward that party, want to make it even easier than this to register to vote and actually to vote.  Hell, Eric Holder wants instant automatic registration on the voter rolls of otherwise eligible people not already registered to vote and of people about to turn 18.  If we had that paradigm with CCW, everyone who is old enough and not disqualified for some reason would automatically be allowed to carry, i.e. constitutional carry, to which I’m opposed.


31 08 2012



Suspects Charged For Attempting To Run Over ATF Agent

The Circuit Attorney of St. Louis has issued charges against suspects who tried to run over ATF agents. 2nd degree Murder charge have been issued for Lorenzo Tate, 17 and Demitrius Creighton, 17 and  Arlando Quarles, 22. Additionally Lorenzo Tate faces a charge of attempted robbery;  Demitrius Creighton is charged with assault on a law enforcement officer; Arlando Quarles has also been charged with attempted robbery.

This is interesting.  The CA is filing state charges against people who tried to murder Federal agents.

Irony time.

1.  SB 1070

2.  Ruby Ridge, the 20th anniversary of which was ten days ago.

Gold star goes to the first person who can explain why this is ironic.

Something else bothers me.  Why was an ATF stool pidgeon involved in stopping an armed robbery?  Maybe because one or more of the potential robbers had felony sheets, which meant a Federal felon-in-possession rap.

Slay and Lazy Combined

27 08 2012

Room 200


We are determined to stop the violence and make ALL of our neighborhoods safer.

Last week, Chief Dan Isom announced his police department’s latest initiative against escalating gun violence. He asked all of his officers to be more visible and more proactive – and he announced important changes to the department’s deployment that will put more officers into neighborhoods most likely to have problems – at the times they most likely to have them. In my experience, when our police department focuses its collective resolve on a problem, it can accomplish great things.

This week, Congressman Lacy Clay attended a briefing of the City’s Public Safety Task Force to learn what we are doing and to add his voice, experience, and seniority to the effort. He was particularly interested in the hot-spot policing and anti-gang initiatives. I told him that I had asked the City’s budget office to find $200,000 for additional police overtime to support the programs – and that we had also sought $400,000 of federal grant money to pay for even more overtime on the anti-gang side.

The Congressman was an avid listener, offered good suggestions, and brought a federal grant to fund a youth intervention program with him. He also offered his support to the local control ballot initiative.

Written like someone who has been to business school.  “Proactive” was the giveaway.  Any document written by a business school student or in a business environment must contain the word “proactive” and contain it in a context of nobody being able to figure out what it means or how it’s relevant to the topic at hand.

“Hot-spot policing” = Devoting most SLPD man-hours to black neighborhoods.  Also known in some circles as “racial profiling.”

“Anti-gang initiatives.”  What for?  Megan Boken was murdered by a black gang, she was murdered by a young man who was aided and abetted by one of his cousins.

“Youth intervention program” = Bringing more troublesome black youths together thereby making it easier for them to form gangs.

“Local control ballot initiative” = Making black crime worse by giving control of the SLPD to City Hall, which is full of white-hating blacks and black-loving whites.

Shorter Obama

22 08 2012

New York City

“I love cops, but hustle money from someone who says don’t snitch on brothas to cops.”

We’re being community organized.

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Coming Soon to a Capital City Near You

19 08 2012

Washington D.C.

Read it.  Read every word.

Mark my prediction down in your brain, and make me eat my words if they don’t come true:

Within five years, DCPD adopts Stop-and-Frisk.  D.C. is full of politicians who don’t like to be victims of violent crime.

Convincing Margin

16 08 2012

New York City


The poll also found continuing opposition to the city’s controversial “stop and frisk” anti-crime tactic, which critics have called racial profiling.

Half of New York City voters disapprove of the program, while 45 percent approve of it, little changed from June when 51 percent opposed the program and 43 percent backed it. Half of voters also say that decreasing the number of stops would not result in an increase in gun violence.

50% opposed, 45% support.

SAF wins.


New Yorkers who write big checks to Democrat politicians are part of the 45% who support it because SAF keeps them safe.  New Yorkers who are only expected to vote Democrat, i.e. are expected never to vote Republican, are part of the 50% who oppose it, because it results in them going to jail.

Jewish and black/Hispanic, respectively and disproportionately, in case that went over your head.

This is why not even Barack Obama, who attends a fund raiser on average of once every 60 hours, (where there are more likely to be Jews writing checks than blacks writing checks) will never end SAF, even though his DOJ might huff and puff and bluff to placate the black preachers.

This Defies Common Sense

2 08 2012


He committed his felony crime which resulted in the death of two people with a car.  But he wants to be able to drive again.

But as a convicted felon, he can never legally own firearms again.


“But Eric Holder Didn’t Know”

31 07 2012

Washington, D.C.

The Issa investigation into Operation Gunrunner, based on what information is available, i.e. what Obama didn’t lock up with executive privilege, shows that five senior ATF agents are responsible for the clusterfuck.

If you’re a CEO of a major corporation, could you get away with saying that you didn’t know something that five Vice-Presidents were doing?

Speaking of Federal law enforcement gone wild, guess what the DEA did recently.

Unpleasant Grove

26 07 2012


The cops in Dallas had to dispatch a Bellcurvius to his Great Eternal Reward, (nothing ever became him in life like the leaving of it), and his neighbors and peeps start a mini-riot.

Notice that Dallas has a black police chief.  Did that help the situation?

“Word of the shooting quickly spread through the neighborhood…”  What that means is that the Bellcurviuses hit Facebook and Twitter like there was no tomorrow.  Still want to put a computer or smartphone or tablet in the hands of every Bellcurvius?

Take the Fork in the Road

25 07 2012

Anaheim, California


Protest over California shooting turns violent, 24 arrested

Police in the southern Californian city of Anaheim made 24 arrests overnight when violence broke out at a protest by more than 600 people over the police shooting of an apparently unarmed man.

A half-dozen storefronts were smashed in a working-class neighborhood surrounding City Hall in what was the second major clash between police and demonstrators since an officer shot dead a suspected gang member in Anaheim on Saturday afternoon.

Dozens of officers wielding night sticks faced off against the demonstrators, who at one point threw water bottles and rocks towards the police line.

Some protesters threw patio chairs through the windows of a Starbucks, according to a Reuters witness. At least five other businesses had windows smashed.

Twenty adults and four juveniles were arrested on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Anaheim Police Sergeant Mike Bustamante said.

Translation:  Aztlan is getting its panties in a wad because they think Hispanics should be exempt from the law.

This will either turn into one of two things:  Either full-blown riots, or mass hundred-thousand or more person protests that accomplish nothing, for which Chicanos are well-known.


19 07 2012

Mexico Del Norte

San Diego Union-Tribune:

Customs officer let hundreds enter U.S. illegally


…Hector Rodriguez…

Funny.  I thought he’d have a name like “marco rubio.”

Where the Pilgrims Are

13 07 2012



Emanuel touts effects of ‘conflict zone’ policing

Says Englewood and Harrison hot spots have seen reduced violence as result of long-term occupation, despite spike in homicides across rest of Chicago since strike force strategy was dropped

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is pointing to a bright spot in Chicago’s struggle with its rising homicide rate, praising a police crackdown aimed at reducing violent crime in two of the city’s most dangerous areas.

Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy have been criticized for disbanding specialized strike forces used by previous administrations to target troubled neighborhoods and relying instead on beefing up beat patrols.

But after weeks of defending that decision in the face of a nearly 38 percent increase in homicides, the mayor’s pronouncement Thursday was a tacit acknowledgment that saturating hot spots with extra officers works.

So, you put cops where the crime is.

I’m glad Rahm and McPilgrim are the first people on Earth to come up with this strategy.

I guess Englewood and Harrison are the Pilgrim parts of Chicago.

Not Millville’s Finest

10 07 2012

New Jersey

Surprise — They didn’t think slakr d00d would make a good cop.

And by “surprise,” I mean “Duh.”

Later events only proved their suspicions correct.

No Snitching, No Sleuthing

6 07 2012


Florida Today:

14-year-old girl was shot at South Melbourne apartment complex.

Police say a 14-year-old girl was shot and wounded this afternoon at a South Melbourne apartment complex.

The incident occurred in at 3000 Monroe St., south of E University Boulevard, just before 3 p.m.

The girl was outside an apartment in a courtyard area when she was shot in the back by an unknown person, Melbourne Police Sgt. Sheridan Shelley said. She was treated at the scene for the grazing wound and then she and her mother left, police said.

“Neither wants to pursue anything,” Shelley said. “They left the scene without giving us any information.”

Fine.  They don’t want to snitch?  Then the cops shouldn’t bother doing even one iota of work in that neighborhood if both the suspected doers and vics are the same kind of ghetto Bellcurviuses.

It’s Like Putting an Infant Behind the Control Panel of a Nuclear Power Plant

3 07 2012



911 center’s dispatch system back up after crashing overnight

Chicago’s state-of-the-art dispatch system, which routes emergency calls to police in the field, crashed late Monday night but was up and running by this morning.

Technicians at the Office of Emergency and Management Communications on the Near West Side repaired the system early this morning, but city officials still hadn’t determined what caused the system crash.

Here’s your determination, Sherlock:  You put high technology in front of a bunch of affirmative action hires.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said recently he wants to work with the OEMC to cut the number of calls cops answer by midsummer so officers can focus more on their beats.

If that fails, then blame the Pilgrims.


2 07 2012

Los Angeles

MIT Technology Review:

L.A. Cops Embrace Crime-Predicting Algorithm

A recent study suggests that computers could be better than seasoned police analysts at predicting when and where crime will strike next in a busy city.

Software tested in Los Angeles was twice as good as human analysts at predicting where burglaries and car break-ins might happen, according to a company deploying the technology.

Ought to be easy to write.  The darker the skin of the inhabitants, the more crime there will be.  Just a few easy lines of code, I bet.


1 07 2012

Alex Jones Land

Thanks to RJP to pointing me to this vid.  The “cop” sounds like he could be black, but he also could be white.  If he’s black, then he’s probably Alex Jones’s only black listener.

I think it’s possible that he’s not an SLPD cop at all.  Yes, he does say that most white SLPD cops despise Obama, but you don’t have to be on the SLPD to know that.  Just read CopTalk.  It’s even in my blogroll.

And yes, there was a practice military exercise in North City a few weeks ago.  I think it’s equal parts practice and preparation.

If and when the S really does HTF, these Alex Jones types will only have themselves to blame partially.  All these types did for years was pander to blacks and BRA and be out and outright n****r-lovers.  To the extent they didn’t, they didn’t exactly take a hard core white nationalist stance.  Plain words, the aracial “far right” is as useless on race as the Stupid Party.  Nobody would be taking these sky-is-falling theories seriously (and even I only take them half seriously) but for all our vibrant diversity and BRA/HRA.


1 07 2012


Garry McCarthy is back in full kook mode.

Remember this?

Well, it’s back.

Reading material.

I’m not surprised that this was on WGCI.  That’s the station all the apolitical moronic Bellcurviuses in Chicago listen to, in contrast to WVON, which the political moronic Bellcurviuses listen to.  As you can see, a WVON host was part of this panel.

I guess we will never hear McCarthy sing “My Country Tis of Thee.”


Gone Berzerkeley

30 06 2012

Berkeley, California

The UC Berkeley Campus P.D. (not the regular city P.D.) will be getting an armored SWAT vehicle.

For what?

Do they expect violent lefty protests?

First off, I think that sort of thing is passe, because the kooks that used to protest in the halls and on the grounds and throw grenades at ROTC offices are now the tenured wackos.  Second, most college campus cops are little more than Occutards with badges and guns.  If the left wing broke out in violent protests, campus cops would be aiding and abetting them.

There has to be something I’m missing here.

I am told that the largest student club at Berkeley is the campus Republicans.  Even though the national Republican Party isn’t worth much, and the California Republican Party isn’t worth a warm bucket of  spit.  Still, it’s a shocking revelation.

Maybe that’s who they’re going to wheel out Big Bertha against.

The other other theory is that people love their toys, especially their expensive toys, and cops, even relatively useless campus cops, fit under the subset of people.  There are lots of people who renovate their kitchen to put in expensive ranges, cooktops and granite counters, but then eat out all the time.  Conspicuous consumption.

Three Ways

30 06 2012

Evansville, Indiana

There are three ways one can be outraged about this, beyond the fact that they got the wrong house, because someone mooched off their unsecured Wi-Fi.

1.  Why did the cops grind over what some dickhead wrote on Topix?

2.  Why did that justify opening an investigation at all?

3.  Why did that justify a raid?

Someone should do something about that.


29 06 2012


We don’t know for sure the identity of the suspect that got into a gun battle with an SLPD cop in Dogtown after the cop responded to the house for a domestic dispute.  But one maybe kinda sorta hint is that Channel 5 has a black reporter on the story.  Someone on AR noticed this:  When the mainstream TV media do black crime, they almost always have a black anchor and/or black reporter do it, as if it’s racial propaganda to neutralize the crime.

In this case, maybe the obligatory black reporter is a clue.

Immigration “Enforcement” In Obama’s America

29 06 2012


It’s as if the roles have reversed — Border Patrol agents are supposed to run and hide, and the illegal aliens can go wherever they want.

You Big Dummy

28 06 2012

Park Hills

If you have ever diddled a kid or committed any crime for that matter, don’t admit it if you’re applying for a job with the f’n STATE HIGHWAY PATROL~!

This worries me — How many like him were smart enough to dummy up and eventually get hired?  I suspect the “Internationally Accredited” St. Louis County Police Department provides the disturbing answer.

Someone from Park Hills shouldn’t be running his mouth about the crimes he has committed:  That part of the state has a lot of prisons, and the state likes to use that space.

Now We Know Why the St. Louis County Police Department Is “Internationally Accredited”

27 06 2012


The Keystone Cops of St. Louis County aren’t interested in immigration enforcement.

From what I’ve seen, too many St. Louis County cops can’t spell “immigration enforcement.”


The Future of the NYPD

20 06 2012

Yeah, today’s Halcyon Days of Stop-and-Frisk will eventually yield to this future, as demographically speaking, New York City becomes nothing more than a northern suburb of San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Puerto Rican police commit rampant abuse: ACLU

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Reuters) – Puerto Rico’s police force is ruled by “unrestrained abuse and brutality” and has failed to investigate and prosecute sexual assault and domestic violence in the U.S. territory, the American Civil Liberties Union said in a report released on Tuesday.

According to the report “Island of Impunity: Puerto Rico’s Outlaw Police Force,” the 17,000-member police force routinely covers up complaints lodged against members, lacks procedures to monitor and investigate abuse complaints and has inadequate systems to train, supervise and discipline officers.

Easy.  The cops in PR are corrupt because they are Puerto Ricans, i.e. almost all non-white.

Fight Club

18 06 2012


Corrections Officers Accused of Orchestrating Beating

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Two detention officers face charges of setting up an inmate beating.  Fox 2 Investigator Chris Hayes reveals how it`s just the latest twist in what appears to be a criminal conspiracy in St Louis City jails.

Inside the Workhouse, prosecutors say corrections officers took an inmate out of his cell so he could assault another inmate.

Assistant Circuit Attorney Dan Proost said, “It does appear that this attack was orchestrated by these two corrections officers because they did go to the attacking inmate and ask them ‘do you want to assault this individual?’”

Proost said he watched jail surveillance of corrections officers Elvis Howard and Dexter Brinson walk the attacking inmate to another man’s cell for a staged assault.

Read the rest of the article.  It confirms what I said after the “breakouts” at the city workhouse last year, that the local media were loath to admit until now, that they weren’t breakouts, the jail guards let them loose.  That’s because the guards and the inmates are the same caliber of people.

The Enemy Within, or Actual Black-Run America?

16 06 2012

Police corruption and misconduct in the Metro East.  

I spot only one obviously non-black name and circumstance.

Motley Crew

15 06 2012

I know of a bad thing he did.

Why did he do it?  Because he could.

The Next Travyon

15 06 2012


Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

His name was Christopher Brown, and his mother’s name is Chris Brown.  I’m going to go out on a limb and take a wild stab at the father’s name.


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