Too Many Movies

28 05 2014

Madison, Wisconsin


You say “honest dialogue about race,” I say “watching too many movies.”

I Can’t Imagine Why

27 10 2012



AP poll: Majority harbor prejudice against blacks

Racial attitudes have not improved in the four years since the United States elected its first black president, an Associated Press poll finds, as a slight majority of Americans now express prejudice toward blacks whether they recognize those feelings or not.

Those views could cost President Barack Obama votes as he tries for re-election, the survey found, though the effects are mitigated by some people’s more favorable views of blacks.

Racial prejudice has increased slightly since 2008 whether those feelings were measured using questions that explicitly asked respondents about racist attitudes, or through an experimental test that measured implicit views toward race without asking questions about that topic directly.

In all, 51 percent of Americans now express explicit anti-black attitudes, compared with 48 percent in a similar 2008 survey. When measured by an implicit racial attitudes test, the number of Americans with anti-black sentiments jumped to 56 percent, up from 49 percent during the last presidential election. In both tests, the share of Americans expressing pro-black attitudes fell.

“As much as we’d hope the impact of race would decline over time … it appears the impact of anti-black sentiment on voting is about the same as it was four years ago,” said Jon Krosnick, a Stanford University professor who worked with AP to develop the survey.

Most Americans expressed anti-Hispanic sentiments, too. In an AP survey done in 2011, 52 percent of non-Hispanic whites expressed anti-Hispanic attitudes. That figure rose to 57 percent in the implicit test. The survey on Hispanics had no past data for comparison.

Translation:  We’re winning.

Now, the next trick is to get this translated into public policy.  Easier said…

The AP is wrong in this regard:  At least according to my reading, racial attitudes have improved in the last four years.

“Race Mattered”

9 08 2012

First Congressional District

So it’s not just a social construct?


Black voters powered Lacy Clay’s victory

William Lacy Clay trounced fellow Democrat Russ Carnahan with more than 90 percent of the vote in some north St. Louis wards, and beat him more than 2-to-1 in north St. Louis County, data from Tuesday’s congressional primary show.

Clay and Carnahan, two sitting congressmen, battled it out for the new 1st Congressional District, St. Louis’ one remaining U.S. House seat. City figures show that Clay, who is black, won the primary by dominating in largely African-American areas of St. Louis. Carnahan, who is white, drew the bulk of his support from more predominantly white wards on the south and west sides.

There were some exceptions to the larger pattern. Clay did well in upscale, mixed-race areas of the city like the Central West End. And even in the most predominantly white city wards on the south side, Carnahan never broke 78 percent.

But overall, the numbers confirm what was increasingly evident during the campaign: Race mattered.


By the time the crowd gathered at St. Louis Gateway Classic Sports Foundation on the near north side Tuesday for Clay’s election-night party, all pretense of a colorblind congressional primary had been pretty much abandoned by his supporters.

“He’s a brother. He has good ideas,” said Walter Grace, 67, a retired teacher of black history, who gathered with about 150 other Clay supporters, most of them African-American.

Carnahan’s political family — including his father, the late Gov. Mel Carnahan — has long been allied with black city Democrats. Carnahan’s decision to run against Clay this year created resentment and strained that biracial coalition, judging from the comments of others at Clay’s gathering Tuesday.

“The Carnahans are like family,” said Floyd Blackwell, an African-American alderman in Cool Valley. “When family attacks you, it hurts worse. It’s like burning a bridge in the black community.


Maurice Jones, 57, of north city’s Penrose neighborhood, said he viewed Clay as the most important African-American elected official in the state. “For the black people, so we can have a voice, as blacks,” he said. “We need to hold on to what we have.”

We also have white liberals getting their comeuppance in the same article.

The reason Carnahan “never broke 78%” in the whitest ward in St. Louis City is that even the whitest ward in the city has a noticeable number of blacks.


29 06 2012


This is a first.  A white man is trying to justify killing a non-white man because the non-white man yelled an anti-white racial slur.

Usually, this happens the other way around, and involves blacks and whites.

Be All That You Want to Be

12 06 2012


White Student Returns $1,000 Scholarship Intended For Black Students

RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A 17-year-old student at King High School in Riverside has returned a $1,000 scholarship intended for black students because he is white.

Jeffrey Warren and his father Rod returned the scholarship from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club the night the teen was announced as the winner of the African-American student scholarship, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

Jeffrey, who has a 4.25 cumulative grade-point average, applied for 27 scholarships and won three others in addition to the award from the Martin Luther King Senior Citizens Club, which only specified that African Americans were “encouraged to apply,” the newspaper reported. School counselors were informed that the scholarship was for black students.

The club intends to change the language on next year’s application to clarify who is eligible, according to the Press-Enterprise.

The returned scholarship was later awarded to an African-American girl at King High School.

Now would be a good time for Mr. Warren to pull out the “race is merely a social construct” card.

Funny, the white won a scholarship over black applicants in a black-themed contest.  Whatever blacks do and think they’re good at, some white people find a way to do it better.  The Bee Gees, Eminem.

Inside Joke

11 06 2012


Royals catcher Humberto Quintero makes racial gesture during in-game interview

Now, I’m sure Royals catcher Humberto Quintero didn’t have any malicious intent toward Bruce Chen, but the lack of intent doesn’t make the racial gesture pictured above during Saturday’s Royals-Pirates game excusable.

Chen, a native of Panama of Chinese descent, is an affable, likable player and it’s unlikely Quintero was meaning to insult him. However, his actions were nonetheless offensive. While it’s common for such insensitive joking to occur in the clubhouse, that doesn’t make it right or make it appropriate for national television.

Chen, it must be noted, took to Twitter to note he was not offended by the actions.

Sorry, CBS.  Nobody’s buying your effort to try to make a mountain of this molehill.  The dork in Orlando with a fax machine would ordinarily be chomping at the bit, but the reason this isn’t quite in his wheel house is because Humberto Quintero isn’t white, and can’t be passed off as a white Hispanic.

Living On Tulsa Time

23 04 2012

Here’s something I haven’t done in awhile.  A musical segue.

Tulsa is going to get an MLK Street?

I’m surprised it didn’t already have one.  I already know enough about Tulsan demographic geography (relatives of relatives live in the suburbs) to avoid the north side like the plague, basically any residential neighborhoods along Interstate 244’s East-West stretch.

At least now, with there being an actual MLK Street, it will be perfectly obvious to everyone.

Lessons Learned

10 04 2012

Fox Carolina:

Children as young as 6 show racial bias

(CNN) – A study from CNN has found that by age 13, a majority of African-American children have a subconscious racial bias against white children.

According to the study, a majority of 6-year-old black children were optimistic about race relations, but as they got older their opinion shifted.

Their “opinion shifted” by 13 because by that age, they’ve had seven years of “hate whitey” school curriculum.

However, even backing that out, middle school and early adolescence is when people start grokking race.

Infants Don’t Start Revolutions

8 08 2010

Steamboat (Springs, Colo.) Today:

One of the recurring arguments I hear from those who accuse conservatives of being insensitive to the travails of the underclass, whether black or Latino, is that many of those communities are filled with people so unable to take responsibility for their own lives that “we had better learn we have to take care of them or they are going to start a revolution to take us all down.” I am astounded that this thinking doesn’t register as incredibly condescending and even racist … in the sense that it ascribes no intelligence, talent or ambition to those with whom they purport to empathize.

The other thing that doesn’t occur to them is how self-contradictory is their argument.  People who are “so unable to take responsibility for their own lives” can’t be expected to “start a revolution to take us all down.”  UNLESS they have the help of outside agitators.

Other than the fact that the man was stark-raving mad, that was the obvious flaw in Charles Manson’s millenarian thinking — On the one hand, he expected black Americans just one day all of a sudden out of the blue to “rise up” to commit extremely atrocious multiple and constant mass murders against whites, but then once they had successfully wiped honkey off the face of the Earth, they would come crying and boo-hooing to Manson and his “family” who had “outsmarted” the genius revolutionaries by hiding out in Death Valley, and ask him and his “family” to run the world because they couldn’t.  First off, if the blacks were smart enough to overthrow white society and commit genocide against whites, what the fuck would they need Manson and his rag-tag band of vagabonds for?  Second, if the black revolutionaries had it in them to go to every corner of the world where there was white people and kill them all, does one honestly think they wouldn’t “clean up” Death Valley, too?  Manson’s thinking became even more contradictory, because the reason he ordered his minions to commit the Hinman, Tate and Lo Bianco murders is because Manson got tired of waiting on the blacks to get things started, and he “wanted to show them how it’s done.”  Show them how it’s done?  And he expected THEM to take over the world?

Back to the subject, Steve Sailer makes a good point about Chicano Hispanics and reconquista — One reason they might not actually move on the American Southwest in an irredentist sense is because Hispanics can’t seem to organize anything.  He reminds us that in spite of the big majorities that Hispanics have in Southern California, and the easy availability of government money (until recently) for these things, there is no Hispanic-oriented hospital complex in SoCal, like there was King-Drew Medical Center, black-organized and black-run, albeit with white money.

Employment Discrimination at Al Qaeda

14 07 2010

I was driving around on business when Rush dealt with this Onion-ish but true story.  Man, I tell ya, just as I was thinking the funny cliche in my own head, Rush was saying it.

All I can add now is that evidently, there is a glass ceiling inside AQ that black men have a hard time bombing their way through.

There are top-level positions to be had at AQ, as we seem to kill their #3 man every other week.  Black Qaedas need to bring a disparate impact lawsuit against their employer into the Federal judiciary.  Maybe ending in a consent decree.

“A Little More Tough on the Race Front”

14 10 2009

Rush Limbaugh:

PMSNBC Hosts Come Unhinged


MATTHEWS:  It’s interesting, because the one thing about this city, spending all these years in Washington, which can be a — a — a tough city because you have wealthy people moved here for national reasons, local African-American community which is not wealthy. It is, you know, it’s middle class in most cases these days, but it’s tough. And there’s a lot of natural rivalries going on here. But he comes into a sports team like St. Louis which can be more, you know, a little more tough on the race front there down there, I’ll bet.

You’re right, Chris.  St. Louis seems to have a disproportionate share of white people who don’t get tingley feelings going up their legs when thinking about one Barack H. Obama II.

BTW, how can you tell when an MSNBC host “comes” unhinged?  It’s like that great philosopher Morrisette once said, an old man turns 98…

Profiles in Courage

18 02 2009


I agree with Attorney General Eric Holder that the United States of America is a “nation of cowards” when it comes to honest dialogue about race.  I’m also proud enough to proclaim that this medium does not fall under the cowardly category.  And neither does this medium, or this medium.

Trev on BHO

28 02 2008

London Sunday Times:

Obama victory will prolong US racial divide, says British equality chief

One of Britain’s most influential black figures today accused Barack Obama of cynically exploiting America’s racial divide and gave warning that he could prolong, rather than heal the rift.

Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, claimed that the Democratic front-runner would ultimately disappoint the African-American community and dismissed the notion that he would be “the harbinger of a post-racial America” if he becomes the country’s first black President.

Writing in Prospect, the monthly current affairs magazine, Mr Phillips suggested that guilt over transatlantic slavery was behind Mr Obama’s support from middle class whites.

“If Obama can succeed, then maybe they can imagine that [Martin Luther] King’s post-racial nirvana has arrived. A vote for Obama is a pain-free negation of their own racism. So long as they don’t have to live next door to him; Obama has yet to win convincingly in white districts adjacent to black communities,” he wrote.

Translated into English, this means that Trevor Phillips and Steve Sailer agree on something, that white liberals and neo-libs have more invested in Obama than anyone, because Obama serves as their imaginary black friend that they have to prove they’re not racist.

A Little Bump in the Road to the Universal Brotherhood of Man

14 01 2008

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama agree 99.9999% on racial issues.  And yet, they’re still fighting with each other over race.  To think, there are still some that say that race doesn’t matter.

The Putnam Effect (vs. Tancredo and V-Dare)

12 12 2007

Agence France Presse:

US minorities don’t trust each other

The three main minorities in the United States — blacks, Hispanics and Asians — have little trust for each other and hold prejudiced views about Americans of different ethnic origins to their own, a poll showed Wednesday.

“This extraordinary poll reveals some unflattering realities that exist in America today,” said Sandy Close, head of new America Media (NAM) which sponsored the poll together with ethnic media groups.

Forty-four percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are “afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime,” the survey of 1,105 adults drawn from the three ethnic groups showed.

More than half of black Americans polled and 46 percent of Hispanics said Asian business owners do not treat them with respect.

And half of African-Americans said Latin American immigrants “are taking jobs, housing and political power away from the black community.”

The only place where these diverse communities love each other is in the U.S. Congress, where there’s still big bad evil gringo/honkey Republicans to beat.

Notice that last line quoted.  The black community has been impacted even more than whites by mass immigration from Latin America.  You would think, then, that with all the fuss about immigration among whites and white conservative politicians (rightly so), that the black body politic would spawn elected officials from their communities that are even more hard-line on immigration.  But that’s not happening — the typical black politician is as strident an open-borders fanatic as anyone.  This proves that blacks can never be an ally in the anti-immigration movement.  Sorry, Tancredo and V-Dare.


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