Now it’s a Preschool-to-Prison Pipeline

25 07 2014


The great motivational speaker can’t instill enough discipline in her own kids to keep them from being suspended eight times between the two of them before either one gets to Kindergarten?

I don’t know what kind of preschool she sends them, so this analysis might not be accurate.  But I know today’s public educational system does everything it can not to suspend NAM students unless whatever they did falls under the aegis of the insurance industry-driven zero tolerance paranoia.  Plain words, if black students are suspended at all, then they must have done something very bad.  There’s just too much Obama/Holder/DOJ/My Brother’s Keeper pressure on them.

If all else fails, this great motivational speaker who is also a single mother can say that her sons’ daddy wasn’t shit.


When Cool Becomes Cold

6 07 2014

Charlottesville, Virginia


Why the cool kids from middle school may have trouble down the line


Published last month in the journal of Child Development, it followed the “cool kids” from middle school for a decade. It’s true what they say about peaking too young. The socially precocious teens in middle school fell lower on the social hierarchy by high school. And in their early 20s, they had more problems with drugs and alcohol, more trouble with the law and were less competent in their friendships.


The cool kids from the Virginia study, when compared with their peers at age 23, had a 45 percent greater rate of troubles with alcohol and marijuana use and 22 percent greater rate of adult criminal behavior.

When children do things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17, that’s a red flag for future problems that parents ought to take seriously, she said.

My middle and high school experiences were in niche environments that were deliberately way different than the typical schools.  I was never really bullied, never did any bullying, and I never saw any genuine bullying.  The worst I experienced was the occasional ephemeral smart-mouthed punk, but that was it.  However, that didn’t preclude me from learning about the concept, to know what to look for so that I could avoid it, assuage it, report it, and not engage in it.  My mother told me on more than one occasion that if I ever experienced any school yard bullies, just to handle it rationally, don’t dwell on it, but never forget it either, as one day these kids would be adults who would be asking me for a job.  I guess that was her way of saying what this study found, that high status middle schoolers equals low status adults.  I think the same is true for high schoolers, too — The most popular jocks are at best competent construction workers, the cool girls are now meth heads and whores in and out of jail all the time.

Then there’s another factor, one not mentioned in this article and probably not broached in the actual study, because it’s too taboo.

Hey, it’s me you’re reading — You knew that if there was any way for me to go there, there was where I was going to go.


Remember, this study is from the University of Virginia, so odds are it involved a lot of middle school students then young adults ten years later from the state of Virginia.  That’s Virginia as in the one with a lot of blacks.

The reason the “cool” and “socially precocious” middle schoolers who are “doing things at 13 that seem more age-appropriate at 16 and 17″ wind up getting in a lot of trouble with the law and otherwise in their early 20s isn’t necessarily because there’s a direct link between middle school cool and young adult flunky.  It’s that the middle school precociousness and the young adult flunkiness both have the same underlying cause:  Blacks mature earlier than whites to explain the former, and black to explain the latter.

R-K At Work

26 06 2014


This is all they give us before they give us the paywall:

Criminality is highly costly to victims and their relatives, but often also to offenders. From an evolutionary viewpoint, criminal behavior may persist despite adverse consequences by providing offenders with fitness benefits as part of a successful alternative mating strategy. Specifically, criminal behavior may have evolved as a reproductive strategy based on low parental investment reflected in low commitment in reproductive relationships. We linked data from nationwide total population registers in Sweden to test if criminality is associated with reproductive success. Further, we used several different measures related to monogamy to determine the relation between criminal behavior and alternative mating tactics. Convicted criminal offenders had more children than individuals never convicted of a criminal offense. Criminal offenders also had more reproductive partners, were less often married, more likely to get remarried if ever married, and had more often contracted a sexually transmitted disease than non-offenders. Importantly, the increased reproductive success of criminals was explained by a fertility increase from having children with several different partners. We conclude that criminality appears to be adaptive in a contemporary industrialized country, and that this association can be explained by antisocial behavior being part of an adaptive alternative reproductive strategy.

Seems to me that this is little more than first world versus third world, real Swedes versus black Africans.

I don’t think the criminality is an evolutionary offshoot of the “r” in r-K.  I think the criminality, the r strategy slash the consequences of an r strategy are two different effects of the same cause.

Arne Duncan’s Troublesome Question

13 05 2014

Washington, D.C.

Probe?  Why?

Just read Nicholas Wade’s new book.

Then again, you might forgive Duncan for not having heard about his book.

Worst of the Worst

1 04 2014


Mirror mirror on the wall, which ooks are the ookiest of them all?

Their solution:  Mo’ money, mo’ gibs.  Got any magic potion to raise black IQ?  Otherwise, quit blowing smoke out of your asses, ’cause none of what you propose will make a bit of difference.  When you read the story, you’ll find the same Asian > white > Hispanic > black pattern that presents so many times, so why not curl up with a good HBD book or three if you’re really interested in answers?

But I forgot:  Obama’s coming to save the day with My Brothers KeeperRand Paul is coming to save the day with Minority Engagement OfficeThe Detroit City Council has Black Male Engagement Task ForceThe Michigan State Highway Patrol has GREAT (Gang Resistance Education And Training).  The state tourism department has Pure Michigan.  Or something like that.

My solution is to return our obsolete farm equipment it its OEM.  But nobody is paying attention to me.

Related:  Sudden Wave of Nonviolence in Detroit


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

13 03 2014


CDC:  Gonorrhea has the lead over antibiotics and is about to run out the clock.

Creating a disparate impact on…

Digital Divide

7 01 2014


Pew studies black versus white connectivity.

What jumps out at me?

Sail Foams and Twitter.

Young black women luvv dey sail foams so dey can be on Twitta.

It’s just that you need a translator to understand their tweets.


6 01 2014


Federal district court in Chicago waves the naughty naughty finger to the City of Chicago’s prohibition of firearms sales.

The city tried to defend the ordinance with this argument:

The City … contends that inner-city gang members and criminals find it hard to travel to the suburbs, thus making it more difficult for them or their likely straw purchasers to shop at gun stores. Dr. Philip Cook, one of the City’s experts, attributes this travel difficulty to the “parochial[ism]” of gang members, and CPD Commander Gorman believes that making the trip to the suburbs is dangerous for gang members because they may have to cross rival gang boundaries both in Chicago and in the suburbs. So through these ordinances, Chicago intentionally increases the distance that Chicagoans have to travel to get to gun stores in order to tack on extra transaction costs (measured in time, effort, and danger) to any criminal attempt to buy guns. These extra transaction costs, the argument goes, deter would-be criminals from buying guns.

But these transaction costs are also borne by law-abiding residents of these neighborhoods, who are equally parochial and may suffer many of the same dangers by crossing into gang-infested territory. So whatever burdens the City hopes to impose on criminal users also falls squarely on law-abiding residents who want to exercise their Second Amendment right. What’s more, it is doubtful that keeping criminal users away from legitimate retail stores will choke the supply of guns to those users. According to a survey of convicted felons proffered by the City itself, “[l]egitimate firearms retailers play a minor and unimportant role as direct sources of the criminal handgun supply.”

“The parochialism of gang members.”

It’s amazing what supposedly non-racist or anti-racist people will say about black people when they think nobody is looking.

And this isn’t a function of gang membership or affiliation, either.  Generally speaking, blacks don’t have much of an ambition to travel.

Get Back to Me

30 12 2013


I remember doing this story several months ago in this space, but I can’t seem to find it.

Oh well, it doesn’t matter anyway.  Because we know they won’t conclude that even keeping all else equal, that the root cause of racial health disparities is IQ and frontal lobe maturity.


23 12 2013

Camden, New Jersey


It’s the left tail of the bell curve.


Only One Conclusion Possible

2 12 2013



Different rates of first admissions for psychosis in migrant groups in Paris.


The association between migration and psychosis has been reported in the past decades in many European countries. Despite large-scale migration into France, epidemiological data on the incidence of psychosis in this population are lacking. In this study, we compare the incidence rates of first admission for psychosis among natives and first generation migrants.


Two-hundred and fifty-eight patients aged 15+ with first admission for psychosis were identified in the catchment area of the 20th district of Paris between 2005 and 2009. Standardised incidence rates and incidence rate ratios were calculated for migrant and native groups.


We found higher rates of admissions for psychosis in the migrant group (IRR 2.9, 95 % CI 0.9-9.8) compared to individuals born in France. Among migrants, incidence was higher in individuals from Sub-Saharan Africa compared to natives (IRR 7.1, CI 95 % 2.3-21.8), whereas the incidence was similar for those from Europe (IRR 1.2, CI 95 % 0.3-5.1) and from North Africa (IRR 1.4, CI 95 % 0.4-5.6).


N*ggaz beez crazy.

Okay, I embellished the conclusion.

Otherwise…Niggas in Paris.

Christmas Comes Early

29 11 2013


In a few weeks, the BCS college football teams will be announced.  A few days later, the dork in Orlando with a fax machine will release a report about the race disparities in graduation rates at those schools and their sports programs.

But the dork in Orlando with a fax machine need not wait — Here’s an early gift for him:

Black NFL players arrested nearly 10 times as often as whites

A police officer in Cincinnati watched a large black man get into his car and turn on the engine after being told it was illegally parked.

The officer thought the man was trying to avoid a parking ticket and told him to stop. So the man — Matthias Askew, at the time an NFL player — stopped his Cadillac Escalade, got out and was arrested in a scuffle with several officers. Police used a stun gun on Askew four times, alleging he resisted arrest.

A judge rejected the police account and cleared Askew of all charges.

“They tased him simply because he was a big black man, not because he did anything to make them fear for their safety,” Askew’s former attorney, Ken Lawson, told USA TODAY Sports about the 2006 incident.

For many black players in the NFL, it’s a familiar scene. Of 687 NFL player arrests since January 2000, Askew’s was one of 294 that came in a traffic stop, according to a USA TODAY Sports investigation. In a league in which 66% of the players are black and 31% are white, black players were arrested nearly 10 times as often as white players (260 to 28), accounting for 88% of those NFL traffic-stop arrests.

That percentage is consistent with the overall NFL arrest numbers: Of the 687 total player arrests in the USA TODAY Sports database that spans 14 seasons, 607 involved black players — 88%, a disproportionate rate sociologists attribute to several social factors in the black population at large, including a disproportionate rate of poverty and single-parent backgrounds. Those factors also include profiling, civil rights experts and NFL players say.

So the poverty of black NFL players (minimum NFL salary for the 2013 season:  $420,000 for rookies graduated up to $940,000 for 10+ year vets) is the cause of their being arrested way more often than their white colleagues.

However, the disproportion isn’t as severe as it seems, especially from the headline.  First off, of the 687 total arrests, 607 are black, and 80 are non-black, which doesn’t necessarily mean white.  But that leaves a raw disparity of 7.6 times, not 10 times.  But don’t forget that while 88% of arrests are black, 66% of players are black, and on the flip side, 12% of arrests are non-black while 34% of players are non-black.  If my methodology is correct, (607/80)/(66/34)=3.9, meaning that a black NFL player is “only” about four times more likely to be arrested than a non-black player.  Again, most of the non-blacks are white, but it also includes a few Hispanics and Polynesians.   I put “only” in quotes because in the universe of black-white and black-nonblack crime disparities of this statistical nature, that’s pretty low in terms of a multiple number in disfavor of blacks.  That means that just on that alone, a black NFL player is better behaved than blacks in general, or whites in the NFL are somewhat more criminal than whites in general, or a little of both.

Then there’s another factor:  Arrests for what crimes?  You can be arrested for murder, or you can be arrested for having a little bit of weed.  It is my estimation that black NFL players who are arrested are arrested for crimes that tend not to be as serious as the kind of crimes that blacks in general are arrested for.


For comparison, in the 2011 NFL season, the average player salary was $1.9 million, while the median was $770,000.  So a few very high paid players blew the curve for the average, and it’s probably still that way.


Of the arrests made only as a result of traffic stops, 260 were black, 28 were white, in a league that’s 66% black and 31% white.  (This is where the “nearly 10″ in this headline comes from, examining only arrests as a result of a traffic stop and only black and white players.  Still, 260/28 = 9.3, closer to 9 than 10.)  This means looking at traffic stop arrests alone and only black and white players alone, (260/28)/(66/31)=4.36.  That’s a disparity not much higher than all arrests of NFL players in general, (keep in mind that that 3.9 figure is blacks more likely than all non-blacks, not just whites alone), and still way less than the typical black-white crime disparity.


I tweeted Brent Schrotenboer, the author of this article, to ask him of the 80 non-black arrests, how many were white, and he tweeted back to me that number is 64.

So (607/64)/(66/31)=4.45.  Still not that bad from the black perspective.

Also, even though these are risky statistics for their insignificant 3% of all players, but blacks are 1.7 times more likely to be arrested than players who are neither black nor white, (in NFL parlance, mostly Hispanic or Polynesian), while they are in turn 2.6 times more likely than whites to be arrested.

Blacks < Others < Whites.  Where have we seen that pattern before?

Health Care Jargon

20 11 2013


No real hint of the real reason until they get to this:

“Explanations for the relatively weak performance of the United States include failings in initial schooling, lack of improvement in educational attainment over time, and poor skills in some subpopulations including migrants,” OECD concluded.

Emphasis added.

By “poor skills in some subpopulations including migrants,” they mean that our pre-existing native born vibrant diversity and our post-existing imported vibrant diversity and their low IQs are dragging down our average.

For the Sake of Comparison

18 11 2013



Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents Friday that he found it “fascinating” that some of the opposition to the Common Core State Standards has come from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were.”

Okay, so if Commune Core is so stringent that it exposes the typical whitopia white flight white public school student as not so hot, what is it going to show in the ghetto?

That the typical straight A honor roll black student at a ghetto school is just slightly beneath Piltdown Man in the brilliance department.

Green Vegetable

13 10 2013

New York

Did you know?  People who like broccoli are 20 times as likely to live in a house with a copy of Broccoli Aficionado magazine inside of it than a person who doesn’t like broccoli.

Something must be done to address this green vegetable gap.  Such as free subscriptions to Broccoli Aficionado for people that don’t like broccoli.

Tales from the Normal Probability Distribution

8 10 2013

Oakland, Washington DC

*  “American adults are dumber than the average human.”

No shit, Sherlock, when so many “American” adults are Shitaviouses and Tacorodriguezes.

And, in a society that over time will be one where the gap between the high IQ haves and the low IQ have-nots will inevitably widen, what’s our great plan?

Import more low IQ Tacorodriguezes.

*  All pigs are equal, but pigs with low IQs and poor frontal lobe development are less equal than other pigs.

Peanut Putz goes to Bell Curve City, Oakland, to bitch about wealth inequality.

Gee, Jimmah.  Do you think that people with an 85 IQ average aren’t going to be as well off as a small group of people who have an average IQ of 130?

The professional sardine box builder lists a myriad of reasons for all the dastardly gaps, but does not mention race and IQ, and certainly does not bemoan the concept of importing more low IQ non-whites which will only…tah dah…increase the wealth and income gap.

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let the Bell Curve Bite

10 09 2013



Black professionals more likely to skimp on sleep

That’s just the headline. That’s all I read, and that’s all I’ll post here. That’s because I already know that this is somehow going to be the fault of white people.

Am I right, or right?

Aw Nuts

9 09 2013



Study: Smaller testicles, more-involved dads?

Oh, boy.

Here’s a scientific study that might send a bout of collective laughter across humanity.

Followed by some obscure measuring.

And as much as I’d like to type just about anything else, CNN has deemed me the one to share this with you. So, here goes.

A new study suggests that dads with smaller testicles are more likely to be nurturing to their infants.

OK then.

It was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which goes by the acronym PNAS (Yes, that’s chuckle-worthy in this context, so go ahead and laugh).

Researchers at Emory University used an MRI to measure the gonads of 70 lucky biological fathers, age 21 to 43, in the Atlanta area. (Yes, they got paid for this.)

The scientists also studied each dad’s brain pattern as he viewed photos of his child, a stranger’s child or an adult stranger.

They were looking for activity in a part of the brain believed to be “involved in the motivation to approach and nurture offspring,” said Emory anthropologist James Rilling, one of the study authors.

Meanwhile, the men’s partners answered questions about how involved they were in taking care of their infant children. Do they take them to doctor visits or put them to bed?

The researchers then crunched — sorry, bad choice of verbs — the data.

“Fathers’ testicular volume and testosterone levels were inversely related to parental investment,” the study says, “and testes volume was inversely correlated with nurturing-related brain activity when viewing pictures of their own child.”

I’ll wait for you to quit laughing, Beavis and Butt-Head.

What does this all mean?  Easy.  White men:  Smaller nuts, less testosterone, involved fathers.  Black men:  Bigger nuts, more testosterone, papa’s maybe.

Little Did They Know

20 08 2013

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’m slowly making my way through Hintan Rowan Helper’s The Negroes in Negroland, 1868.

Norm will be interested in the only whole paragraph on Page 163.  OTOH, that paragraph is relevant today because that’s why Head Start seems to work.  It’s given to black children at the times in their lives when they are about on par with if not a little more advanced than white children of the same age when it comes to brain development.  But then comes the fifth grade…

Of course, this chapter was right after a chapter that predicted the extinction of black Africans for various reasons.  Neither Mr. Helper nor the people who wrote the things they wrote which he compiled could have possibly predicted the rise of the do-gooder or the welfare state.  They’re anything but extinct today.

Otherwise, this book is a gold mine.  Those of us who can see will read this paragraph or that paragraph and know that there’s truly nothing new under the sun.  At one point, the white author is asking the young black African who is a slave to another black African why he didn’t buy his own freedom even though he had the resources to do so.  His response was that not only did he have all the freedom he could ever want while being in bondage, but that he wanted to use his resources to buy himself a slave.

The Pruitt-Igoe Reality

8 08 2013

Chocolate City St. Louis

Incoming students at Wash U Med touring the wooded grounds where the Pruitt-Igoes once stood serves as a backdrop to a story about their touring Bell Curve City St. Louis in order to learn about the health care gap.

Wash U Med is consistently among the top five med schools in the country.  And not a one of them, professors or students, could broach the demographics taboo.

A few questions:

What is “community based medicine?”

How do architectural paradigms contribute to black asthma patients not following the protocol of their medication and treatment?

When did “diversity” become an academic field or discipline such that there are professors of it?

Why are we to believe that “health care providers moved out of St. Louis City” when none have?  The city proper has two major health care complexes that synergize adult medicine, children’s medicine and medical education, the Barnes/Jewish/Children’s/Wash U Med/St. Louis College of Pharmacy/Goldfarb Nursing School colossus, and the SLU/SLU Med/Glennon complex (albeit much less complex than the former).

How is it supposed to be the fault of doctors, future doctors or “health care disparities” that blacks really don’t get animal husbandry such that ghettos have reputations for packs of feral dogs running around, jettisoned and rejected pets, (mostly more vicious breeds, mind you), such that a pack of them was able to attack and kill Rodney McAllister?  (An official story, BTW, which I doubt:  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out later that some other human beings murdered him, dumped his body in the park, and later on, a pack of feral dogs found it and tried to consume the remains, though the flaw in that theory is that I don’t know if domestic dogs will eat carrion.)

How do these beginning med school students expect to make a difference when all the real doctors and other crucial health care personnel before them haven’t been able to make a difference?


4 07 2013



A real way to prevent killings

The results of a University of Chicago study on preventing homicide amongst young men are a start toward solving that city’s (and other cities’) plague of violence.

The National Bureau of Economic Research has released data from the university’s Crime Lab that shows that cognitive behavioral therapy—in which young people are taught to observe their thought patterns and change them—can prevent homicide, at least while the therapy is ongoing.

The theory behind the study was that a large percentage of the violent acts of young people are not planned.  Instead, they occur almost instantaneously, when conflict erupts and horrible reflexes (like using a knife or a gun in a moment of rage) are triggered.  If, the researchers theorized, that instant could be almost frozen in time, allowing for a bit of reflection, then a kid might walk away from a beef, rather than throwing everything away to settle it.

YOOTS are impulsive, i.e. low IQ underdeveloped frontal lobe virtually zero future time orientation black boys and men are stone cold sociopathic opportunists.  It’s almost like someone brushed up on their Rushton.

Eight Hundred Pounds

2 07 2013

Bristol, Connecticut

Cowherd almost goes there.

Then again, he has made a career of almost going there but never quite there so much that ESPN fires him.

Invisible Racism

27 06 2013

Valparaiso, Indiana

The Times of Northwest Indiana:

Program might reduce minorities in juvenile detention

But it probably won’t.

While many people associate racism with overt types of discrimination such as racial epithets, hate crimes and cross burnings, acts of modern racism can occur in ways that often leave no apparent evidence, according to JDAI.

JDAI studies show whites are more likely to support life-without-parole sentences in cases when black youths are involved and likelier to consider black youths as similar to adults in criminal culpability.

Maybe it’s because black YOOTS are more likely to commit a crime that justifies a life sentence, and because black YOOTS mature more quickly than white, Asian, Hispanic and Indian YOOTS.  Even not counting that, it’s hardly deviant behavior to want to punish the perpetrators of outgroup-on-ingroup violence more harshly than the exact same crime if it’s ingroup-on-ingroup.  Human beings are naturally tribal, (unless they’re white kooks, crackpots, cranks, traitors and hard core unrepentant ideologues), and this is a function of tribalism.

Data Don’t Show

13 06 2013

Washington, D.C.


Sebelius: Kids ‘So Far Behind’ by 3rd Grade ‘May As Well Drop Out’

Children who don’t get a pre-kindergarten education, ideally from birth to age 5,  might fall behind and “may as well drop out” by third grade, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said on Wednesday at an event to garner support for President Barack Obama’s $75-billion proposal to increase pre-school enrollment across the country.

Sebelius said investing in pre-school education would bring “prosperity to all our people.”

Sebelius’s boss is interested in data mining.  But apparently, she herself isn’t aware of the social science research that her own department has already done on this matter.

But this bit about “might as well drop out by the third grade” is perhaps more prescient than she knows.  Elementary school teachers of many black students will attest that the fourth-fifth grade range is when blacks suddenly lose interest in education.  And as Rushton showed, the 10-11 age range is about when the typical black’s brain development really slows down.

Bloomberg, Meet HBD. HBD, Meet Bloomberg.

29 04 2013

New York City


New York City To Try Longer School Day In 20 Middle Schools

The school day is about to get longer for some New York City school kids — and we’re not talking a couple of minutes. It’s about to be two and a half hours longer.

If scores go up, the plan could be extended city-wide, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported Monday.

Will an intensive reading program and an extended school day help Johnny read?

City officials hope so. They’re launching a pilot program with 2,000 middle school students to see if it’s an idea whose time has come.

“It’s where the achievement gap really seems to grow, in New York City about three-fourths of seventh and eighth graders. Three-fourths of seventh and eighth graders do not read at a proficient level,” City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said.

Under a pilot program that will start in September, sixth graders at 20 schools throughout the city will stay in the classroom two and a half hours longer for intensive language tutoring — every day — and then continue the longer day into seventh and eighth grades. If they outperform other kids the city will seek to expand the program.

How much do you want to bet that most or all of these twenty middle schools are heavily black and Hispanic?

The reason the middle school years are “where the [racial] achievement gap really seems to grow” (because it does) isn’t because the school days at middle schools aren’t long enough.  The answer can be found in HBD.  At least when comparing blacks and whites, the late elementary and early middle school years are when black brains stop maturing, while white brains keep on maturing.  If you try to pour a gallon full of liquid into a shot glass for six straight hours, and most of the water spills out of the cup, do you expect it to be any different if you try for yet another two and a half hours?

We should just go all the way.  24/7 schooling.  When we finally get 80 IQ Nashwan’tavious-El at the age of 14 to read that epic novel about green eggs and ham, we’ll be well on our way to closing that achievement gap.

Parents, however, seem to be all on board.

“There’s a great need for additional education and resources,” Reyna Franco said.

“I think it’s a great idea. The kids need it,” Gil Denard added.

“It would depend on the family. For us, I would not like that but other children who might need the work it might be a good idea,” Olivia Kahmi said.

Of course the parents love it.  It’s another two and a half hours of taxpayer funded babysitting.  That means these parents can swill on yet another two and a half hours of low information TV bilge (Wendy Williams, woot woot) and eat their EBT-funded junk food and not have to pretend to care about their kids.


Dreams of Their Fathers

28 03 2013

New England Journal of Medicine


Should Short Boys Take Growth Hormone?

Parents often worry when their child, especially a son, is much shorter than average. But as long as there is no medical cause, parents can rest easy, experts say.

Writing in the March 28 New England Journal of Medicine, two pediatric endocrinologists describe a scenario pediatricians see all the time: Parents bring in their 11-year-old son because he’s substantially shorter than his classmates, and his growth seems to have slowed in recent years.

Their concern is reasonable, said Dr. David Allen, co-author of the article and a professor of pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in Madison.


Allen said there are instances where healthy children are extremely short, and “it’s appropriate to help them grow.” But for most kids, it’s “reasonable” to just keep watching their growth rate and reassure the parents.

Often, parents worry about their child (again, usually a son) being teased, or — as an adult — feeling unhappy or even being at a disadvantage career-wise.

But studies have not borne out those worries, Allen said. Short children and adults do not seem less happy than their taller peers, and there’s no proof that treating idiopathic short stature improves quality of life.

“The more we look into this ‘assumed morbidity’ associated with short stature, the less we find,” Allen said. “And it’s been very difficult to show that treating (idiopathic short stature) improves kids’ well-being as adults.”

As far as safety, growth hormone “has an excellent track record while kids are on it,” Allen said. But no one knows yet if there are risks later in life. In theory, growth hormone might raise the odds of diabetes or certain cancers down the road. But for now, those are theoretical risks, Allen said.

The other big issue is cost. A conservative estimate is that each inch of height gained with growth hormone treatment would ring up at $35,000 to $50,000, Allen said.

Growth hormone is not the only option for idiopathic short stature. Boys can be given low doses of androgens, or “male” hormones. This therapy boosts boys’ growth rate in the short term, but there’s no evidence it increases their adult height, Allen said.

“It’s always reasonable to say, ‘Let’s just watch this,'” Allen said. At first, the gap might worsen if a short child’s peers hit puberty earlier and their growth takes off, he noted. But once a “late bloomer” starts puberty himself, his growth will accelerate, too.

My HBD radar is going off.

What’s going on here?  Answer:  White fathers of white sons nearing or very early in puberty are freaking out because they think there’s something abnormally or pathologically wrong with their sons, simply because they’re a lot shorter than their black male classmates who have already started puberty and are therefore experiencing their growth spurts.  Often these white fathers fear that their white sons won’t be able to make or do well on sports teams, simply because their late blooming white sons are having to compete with early blooming bigger stronger taller faster blacks.  Yep, it’s a combination of the sports cult, fathers living out their failed sports cult dreams through their sons, and our collective inability to accept racial differences.  Therefore, we’re pumping late prepubescent and early pubescent boys with hormones they don’t need, because all they need to be given is time, and maybe the option of self-actualization in some venue other than a field, pitch or court.

The Dork in Orlando With a Fax Machine Has Good News

21 03 2013


But all might not be as well as it seems.


Graduation rates improve for NCAA tournament teams

Overall graduation rates improved among players at schools in this year’s men’s NCAA basketball tournament, and African-American players in particular did better, according to a study released Monday.

The annual report by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) shows African-American players’ graduation success rate increased from 59 percent in 2012 to 65 percent this year, while white players’ rates increased from 88 percent to 90 percent.

The overall graduation rates for programs in the tournament increased from 67 percent in 2012 to 70 percent.


Richard Lapchick, the study’s primary author, said the majority of the report contains good news.


Lapchick said there were two major factors in the study’s improving numbers: the NCAA’s tightening academic rules and the recent involvement of U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

There’s a contradiction here.  If you genuinely tighten the rules, you leave out more blacks.  This means that if graduation rates for black basketball players is really getting better, the the standards have been weakened.

“Trying to Make a Difference”

10 12 2012


What, no realizing their full potential? You see, “realizing one’s full potential” is The New “making a difference.”

When you slowly but surely import ESL’s demographics, you also import its social issues.

I suspect that I would have been mentoring these “successful” young black men if the school environment consisted only of young men like themselves and those like the 17-year old version of myself. These successful ones at the high schools in the Belleville district don’t strike me as the brightest bulbs in the box. But in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king.

And also…the achievement gap.  But not for much longer, because it won’t be long before all the whites are driven out of the Belleville district.

It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

4 12 2012


College bowl teams announced Monday, the dork in Orlando with a fax machine speaks Tuesday.

I have the same reaction that I had last year, and the year before that, and the year before that…

C’ya in mid-March, Dick.

Misandry, Or Accuracy?

26 11 2012

United Kingdom

I tend to think a lot of the “boy” or “man” or “male” crisis is basically code for black boys or men.  Therefore, I think the low grades that “boys” tend to get, they get them because they deserve them.


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