Getting Over On Gringo/Infidel

22 10 2014


The hot new trend among Hispanics especially Hispanic women:

Converting to Islam.

If you thought the intersectionality between blacks and Islam had an awful stench, wait until you hit the intersectionality of Hispanic and Islam.  Everything else is the same, except generally speaking Hispanics are more competent and less impulsive.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

22 10 2014


I held back on this story because I knew the media were leaving out, or didn’t know themselves, a crucial detail.  That the teenage girls weren’t named Becky, Sarah and Emily.

Harrumph, wicked racial profiling trick:

The American girl of Sudanese descent also kept quiet about her two girlfriends, Americans of Somali descent, who were flying with her to Turkey by way of Germany.

In related news, we have a whole article about “European” teenage girls running off to join ISIS, and it barely broaches the race issue.  While they are right that chicks dig the long ball, (which, by the way, is a lesson we should learn), race and tribal loyalty is a far better explanation here, just as it is in the story about the three Ferrisette Buellers in Denver taking their day off.

He Didn’t Like White People

30 09 2014

Oklahoma City


Yeah, I sorta figured.

I’m sitting back waiting for Official Amurrika to spin this so this is whitey’s fault.  Remember Omar Thornton?

The Answer Is Yes

26 09 2014

Oklahoma City


Is radical Islam our biggest concern?  Or is the black undertow our biggest concern?

The answer is yes.

This should put to rest concerns that Mohammed-al-Mosul waving a black ISIS flag is going to sneak into the country and set off a dirty bomb off in New York.  They don’t need to; they can rely on the thousands upon thousands of free range malcontent ex-prison black men that glommed onto Prislam (“Prison” + “Islam”) to do their terrorism for them.


Looky loo.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

20 08 2014


If ISIS wants Africanus Bellcurvius, ISIS can have them.

If you are part of the bell curve community, you might want to do a lot of thinking before you take them up on their offer.


Read Closely

21 07 2014

Andover, New Hampshire

I’m sure there are still some people who read this space regularly who either think or quite haven’t let go of the mentality that the Jews are somehow giving us permission to hate Muslims but no other non-white group because of Middle Eastern ethnic politics.

If that applies to you, read closely.

The Way We Were

7 07 2014


On September 11, 2001, nineteen Islamophobic non-Muslims hijacked airliners and crashed them or wanted to crash them into buildings full of Muslims.

On July 7, 2005, Islamphobic non-Muslims bombed subways full of Muslim commuters.

On May 22, 2013,  Islamphobic non-Muslims took meat cleavers and stabbed, beheaded and chopped up a Muslim military drummer.

Isn’t that what happened?

Well, you’d walk away thinking that’s what happened when you read stories like these. If polite and official society is worried about Islamophobia when May 22, July 7 or September 11 comes around every year, the obvious inference is that 5/22, 7/7 and 9/11 were Islamophobic terrorist attacks, right?

H/T Tongue Tied


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