Tempting God

17 04 2014


Black preacher holds a prayer vigil against “gun violence,” most of the attendees were Jewish women.  As far as I can tell, the only actual victim of “gun violence” there was the preacher’s own son.

I doubt there were any perpetrators of “gun violence” there.

Funny, I was always taught not to tempt God, not to do His thinking for Him.  Don’t run out in the middle of a busy street thinking God’s going to intervene and stop all the cars, just because God wants to keep you from getting hit and hurt and maybe even killed.  In other words, when you have as options to explain something that are worldly and Godly, people of faith have to go with the worldly explanations.  So why ask God to do something you know how to do yourself?


7 04 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis

Yeah, so?

Better Family Life itself said it had the solution:

Call for a truce, a moratorium.

Should fix everything, right?

See No

2 04 2014



But not a one of them saw anything.

What They Craved

1 04 2014


Why does a father have his 11-year old daughter out at 3 AM in the morning on a school night?

Someone was probably hunting daddy’s head, and daughter was collateral damage.

Ballpark Village: No Blacks Allowed

27 03 2014


This was just one item in my midweek run-down earlier today, but I think I’m going to move it into its own separate post.

Ballpark Village has essentially put up a “No Blacks Allowed” sign, and has essentially become a Sundown Town.

“But blogmeister, it doesn’t say anything about race.”

Even if there wasn’t an obvious hint here, it’s easy to read between the lines.

But they make it really easy.

Notice that an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) will provide the security and hired guns to enforce these rules. That’s battlespace preparation slash a preemptive strike for when the racial profiling accusations are inevitably made.


BPV walks it back some.

Uh Oh

27 03 2014

Tower Grove East

This was just about where one of the late Hermann Eisele’s former restaurants once was.

I get a bad feeling because “Brandon Treadwell” doesn’t sound like a black name.

The doers probably have black-sounding names, though.

Party Time

25 03 2014


Knowing where it happened and who works there, I’m surprised they didn’t keep the shipment for themselves.

Imagine the weekend they could have had.

Burglary Gone Wrong

24 03 2014



Wrong for them.

Adds Up to Genius

19 03 2014



Ghetto first name plus hyphenated surname equals genius.

Unified Fool District

10 03 2014

St. Louis County

What’s all this gossip I’m suddenly getting in my inbox about a unified school district for all of St. Louis County?

Someone’s trial balloon, or an actual credible proposal?

I hear nothing along those lines here at the State Capital, where some sort of Titanic deck chair rearrangement “reforms” of the transfer scheme will probably get done this session.

If this does happen, we know why it will happen.  So that “intra” district busing can happen within the singular district for St. Louis County.  Also, all the white students in St. Louis County will act as a statistical cover for the low black test scores.  That’s why we’ll probably soon have combined crime statistics from St. Louis City and County, so that all the spontaneous blackness (TNB) on the part of city and north county blacks can get covered up.  Hell, if St. Louis City and County merge, this means a grand unified school district would also include St. Louis City, meaning that the “inter” district deseg that’s theoretically ending can continue under the rubric of “intra” district.

The racially white politically red precincts of St. Louis County should split off and form their own new county, maybe Meramec County.

Lot of Heat

3 03 2014


But not much light.

Why won’t this amount to much?

First off, they should get their terminology correct.  It’s called “slavery,” not “human trafficking” or “sex trafficking.”  But getting the semantics right is going to have to entail stepping on the toes of people who consider slavery to be their racial Shoah business, people and groups like the NAACP who bitch and moan because they think they own the trademark to “slavery.”

And that’s the ideal segue into my second point.  Like I was always taught when I was cutting my teeth in our general worldview, you can’t solve a problem unless you first identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re precluded from doing so by the dictates of political correctness.  If any of these people at this trafficking shindig at Union Station have the courage to say “black,” then I’ll eat the expensive dress shoes I recently bought.

Party’s Over

1 03 2014

Fox Park

Nicholas Kapusniak is an obviously white ethnic name, and Waukesha, Wisconsin is a white flight suburb of Milwaukee.

I just wonder why he and some of his fellow PharmCol students thought it was a good idea to hold a party in the middle of the night in Bell Curve City.

My bet is that the suspects, ooks of course, were aiming at someone else at a yard or residence on either side of where this party was taking place.


Story has gone international.  Daily Mail has vic pics.


The house was a de facto dorm for PharmCol students.

I’m starting to think this was a hate crime slash polar bear hunting.

Beavis and Butt-Head

27 02 2014



The story.

The video.

The video was originally on Facebook. I downloaded it, because I knew that the Zuckerburo would delete it soon, which they did earlier today. I then uploaded it to my Live Leak account.


Lunch Time

25 02 2014


Black parents, students and residents in or of the Normandy district did a whole lot of noticing things tonight.

It’s too bad that white parents, students and residents in or of the Francis Howell district aren’t allowed to notice things.

You see, Mike Jones notices things, it’s just that he doesn’t want us to notice things:

State board Vice President Michael Jones, of St. Louis, said race must be part of the conversation, because troubled schools are predominantly filled with African-American children.

“You’re either naive or out to lunch if that is not part of the equation,” he said. “It’s a legitimate issue.”

I wonder if “troubled schools” and “African-American children” being so often found together is something more than a mere coincidence.

Or maybe I better stop wondering, otherwise I myself will get too close to noticing things.


“How Could I Get Hurt Just Writing Parking Tickets?”

25 02 2014



Here’s how.

Strike Two

25 02 2014

Walnut Park


The only silver lining is that this is Missouri, not California.

He’ll actually have to do some time for this.  Not a matter of getting sentenced to ten then getting let out in two.

Canada to Annex St. Louis

25 02 2014

Hamilton, Ontario

Well, almost.

And to this news, I say:  It’s aboot time, eh?

Related:  Canadians Shocked at Olympic Biathlon

Sonny Shine

25 02 2014


I don’t get it.

If the mob did tell Sonny Liston to take a fall, this must mean they had some leverage over him.

But I don’t know what they would have had.

After all, his transgressions weren’t exactly nuclear secrets.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe he racked up a lot of dope debt and the mob would settle his payables in exchange for him taking the fall versus Clay/Ali.

Hermann J. Eisele, RIP

17 02 2014


P-D Eulogy.  Considering that who Eisele was, his history, and the fact that the Black Forest on Cherokee was the place that all the cool St. Louis racial right wingers hung out from the 1960s to the 1980s, this is surprisingly even-handed.

Eisele survived a lot, but neither of his restaurants could survive the southward spreading black undertow.  His liquor store attached to the Black Forest lasted longer, (a certain demographic loves hard liquor), but even that wasn’t going to last.

They say the German Army toward the end of WWII was down to “old men and boys.”  Well, Eisele was one of those “boys,” or rather, very young men.

I Didn’t Write This

11 02 2014


But it reads like I could have written most of it.

As long as we’re in the business of taking away the accreditation of school districts, that there ought to be a way to race norm student achievement.  Steve Sailer calls it the value added metric of student achievement.

But if that doesn’t happen or if is impossible, then the state should simply refuse to take away the accreditation of any district, and restore the accreditation of districts that are currently disaccredited.

First of Many

10 02 2014

St. Louis

The best of the first of what will surely be many YT vids of the Stan Span.  It’s available in 1080p for your full screen viewing pain pleasure.

It starts on WB I-64 in ESL at about 15th Street.

And of course there are some sign goofs and a few other goofs, that I anxiously await for those of you who are hard core roadgeeks to point out in the comments below.

I would have taken some video yesterday on the first day of traffic or on Saturday at the ribbon cutting and walk/bike party, but I couldn’t make it on either day for having more important things to do on this my first long weekend home in two weeks.  Among which was doing my tax returns.  (In case you care, I’ll owe the Feds a little bit but get a fair check back from the state.  Even though I try to work things so that I slightly owe both the Feds and the state; I’m not giving any government an interest free loan.)

I’ll Give You a Hint

6 02 2014


Read it, then come back.

Good, you came back.

Here’s all you need to know:

Consider where Dr. Flood works.  Professor at SLU Med, practices across the street at Glennon.

Need another hint:

Think of the demographics of Glennon patients, both outpatient and ER, especially gunshot wound ER.

Of course, SLU’s own ER handles the gunshot wounds of the adult version of that demographic.

When an ER gets a victim of a gunshot wound, it’s required to call the cops.

There are special parking spaces on Vista close to SLU’s ER entrance reserved for law enforcement, because they’re there that often.

Not just regular cops, but also prison paddy wagons bringing in the pimps.

The irony of all this?  Cardinal John Glennon, for whom Glennon was named, wanted no part of racial integration.

I Have Answers For Jim Inhofe

5 02 2014

Spanish Lake


I can answer part one for him.

Stand around the entrance to the joint, formerly on Page Avenue in North County, now on Dunn Road near 270 and 367, around starting or quitting time, and see what comes streaming in or out of the joint.

As for the second part, the answer is ultimately nothing.  Because…affirmative action.

Call Stan’s Bluff

31 01 2014


He’s giving himself a bargaining chip to try to get us to pay the whole freight to renovate the Dome.

He has no plans to get a stadium built there.

Why not?

Inglewood is the hood, and you know it’s all good.

He’s not going to move the Rams back to L.A. only to have its brand spiffin’ new stadium in Bell Curve City.  Hell, that’s the problem with USC games at the Coliseum.


The land buy is only 60 acres, which isn’t enough for a stadium and all the parking needed.  Another reason why this is a bluff.

Hamburger Hill

28 01 2014


No, it wasn’t any of this.

The real cause is the slow depopulation of the neighborhood.

IOW, involuntary ook abatement.

But what that means is that the crime that is no longer in Wells-Badfellow now exists somewhere else.

Red Means Go

22 01 2014

It does in St. Louis:

H/T P-D.

Dump Obama

22 01 2014

Somewhere in St. Louis City


H/T @RyanBLeslie on Twitter.


22 01 2014




St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley submitted the name of a regional church leader, Bishop Lawrence Marcellus Wooten, as his latest nominee to the troubled Board of Police Commissioners.

Okay, so why would Dooley make an already troubled BOPC even more troubled?

The next Chief of Police in the County department will be black, sure as the ace of spades.

Body Count

20 01 2014

St. Charles

Locally, the story broke back in October, and then only involved one victim.

Now the victim count is up to 32, and therefore, the story is now national (and in fact, international) and Drudge-worthy.

Oh Well

20 01 2014


July 13, 1999:  Then-Gov. Mel Carnahan, a Democrat, essentially gives permission to then-SLPD Chief Ron Henderson, black, to shut down a part of I-70 in Chocolate City St. Louis so that “black contractors” and various black cracker jack box theology degree reverends and their parishioners dressed up as skilled workers can hold a protest on the pavement of I-70 to display their frustration with the lack of black contractors and employees on the corridor rehabilitation project of I-70 through the city that MoDOT was starting that year.

The end result is that MoDOT and the FHWA fund a construction career training school for young blacks.  Okay, it was theoretically open to anyone between ages x and y, but they put it in Wellston.

Its most recent graduating class will be its last.  The program is shutting down.


Because only 34% of those accepted into the program have both graduated and found compatible jobs.

Because the placement rate has been falling in the last three years.

Because in recent years, every given class size is getting smaller.

Civil rights movement, FTW!


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