Spotted in the Wild

25 08 2014


SLU and WashU students join a bunch of other schools across the country to stage a walkout today on behalf of the cigarillo robber/cop eye puncher/charging linebacker.


Martin Zaldivar put down a sign saying “Mike won’t be in class today,” as he took the microphone.

He told the crowd that as a white Hispanic, he doesn’t fully understand the dynamics surrounding some black communities and their relationship with police.

Only the second white Hispanic spotting in the wild.

Fall Down Go Boom

25 08 2014


What’s the matter, Ferugson?  Did your narrative fall down go boom?

Well, then, come to Uncle Blogmeister, and let him put a band-aid on it and make it all better.

Really, if this is accurate, and what makes me think it is mostly is because it’s in a paper that was loath to admit these things until now, then Michael Brown wasn’t really the best or the worst among the Bellcurvii you find in St. Louis or anywhere.  For the NYT to run with this is more or less the establishmentarians on the left dog whistling a message to the ground troops to retreat from the Fergaza Strip because it’s an unwinnable and counterproductive battle for them.

The big omission in this is that it does not mention the sine qua non, Brown running directly at and then lunging at Officer Wilson.  It’s the proximate causation to explain why he is now in the next world.

After the Party

25 08 2014


P-D photo gallery, but this doesn’t really tell the story of what happened there.

I was able to watch about ten minutes of it, and I was wondering whether I was watching a funeral or a party if I only paid attention to the video.  As for the audio, well, you get the sense that everyone there thinks that Michael Brown was just about read to head off to Hopkins Med to cure cancer when the Ku Klux Klan assassinated him.

Nigh comes the night.

Unto Dust

25 08 2014


They plant the big lug today.

I’m praying for both no shootings at the funeral and no reignition of the rioting or attempted rioting tonight.  If my prayers come true, then I’ll start my blogging vacation tomorrow.

As it is, the funeral and memorial will be held at some borderline megachurch on Martin Luther King close to Union.  Apropos because Bernice King and Martin Luther King III will be in attendance.


24 08 2014

Earth City

One Sam is out for the season, again.

Which means there’s no way the other Sam isn’t going to make the team.  The Rams are going to need some sort of marketing talisman now that they’re destined for a double digit loss season.

Because, winning might cure everything, but social justice beats both.

Here Come The Judges

24 08 2014

North County

P-D investigation into the lack of blacks on St. Louis County municipal P.D.s (not county the County Browns) in municipalities that are least 10% black in terms of population.  Toward the end they accidentally stumble on the right reason, that hardly any apply, and you know why.

That said, now I think I know what the official putsch is going to be.

Using the Federal courts to do to local police departments what they did to school districts a long time ago.

Most of us think that all they did, the Federal judiciary, was order forced busing and deseg within a school district.

Actually in some cases it went a lot further: In St. Louis, there was an order of a voluntary deseg program between districts, and in Kansas City, they ordered a massive spending program for the KCPS and ordered that the KCPS allow white suburban students to enroll (but thankfully, not the other way around), the genesis of the olympic swimming pools and the model UN discussion halls.

“But Blogmeister, we know that, too.”

Okay, but I bet you don’t know this, which turns out to be relevant to the whole Ferguson hullabaloo:

At one point in the 1970s, the Federal courts in St. Louis ordered the subsumation of the then all black Kinloch school district into what was then a mostly white Ferguson-Florissant school district, and then an “internal” deseg program within the new larger district.

So add this all together, and what do I predict?

If, for example, the Ferguson P.D. only has three blacks and one patrol-level black in a department of 53, and that won’t change because blacks won’t apply, then the Federal courts will either start merging municipal police departments or perhaps ordering all municipal P.D.s in St. Louis County eliminated and all law enforcement duties in the county will come out of the St. Louis County P.D., which at this time only has primary jurisdiction over unincorporated areas and municipalities without a P.D. for whatever reason (too small, can’t afford, corruption investigation, etc.). And the St. Louis County P.D. (“County Browns,” for their brown uniforms) are affirmative action happy, thank you Charlie Dooley.

Because, that damned 14th Amendment of that damned Constitution that all these damned Constitutionalists love so much.



Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

23 08 2014

A half good half bad missive about how rosy our multicultural future may not be.

Because, they can’t figure out why Iceland is so tranquil and its people so happy in spite of its homogenous population, and when only white men are involved in something, bad decisions are made, which explains why the Apollo program was such a failure.

*  That’s what we do in modern Amurrika, argue about how best to hand more political power to blacks.  And Jeff Smith of all people should know that Ferguson is a big and populous municipality by North County standards.

I wish I could have made it, but I had to spend Saturday catching up on work at my day job.  What makes me SMH is why the media are so shocked that Darren Wilson’s tip jar is fuller than Michael Brown’s.  Hello, stupid:  It’s Wilson that might need to spend a lot of money on lawyers soon.  The only thing that the people who are survived by Darren Wilson need money for is his funeral.  But I forgot:  Benjamin Crump is going to want a bunch of dough up front in his efforts to shake down Ferguson.


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