We Know Which Side Lazy Clay Is On

30 10 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis

As if he actually has to worry about losing.

Ironically, Clay is not on board with downballot black politicians in his district voting for Stream over Stenger to spite McCulloch.

Someone’s Going to Be Sacrificed

28 10 2014


And if it’s not Darren Wilson, well then Tom Jackson will have to do.

But it’s going to have to be some white cop.  The Gods of the black undertow demand it.

In related news, seven North County school districts have sent a letter to McCulloch asking him to time the news of the GJ’s decision on both day of the week and time of the day considerations, because the districts fear in-school riots.

Put these two news stories together, and it’s getting to be perfectly obvious even to dummies with shoe size IQs that the GJ will return no indictment.

If At First You Learn Nothing from the Los Angeles Unified School District

27 10 2014

Moline Acres

But hey, if it failed in the big failing school district, it’ll succeed in the small failing school district.

“It,” of course, was one of the things that the John Deasy, the recently sacked LAUSD super-nintendo, staked his reputation upon.  And it was a flop, for one very crucial reason.

Well, two crucial reasons.  I am told that LAUSD WiFi is catch as catch can, and “can” means not often.

Yes, Moline Acres, as in the Moline Creek, the one that runs through the heart of the Fergaza Strip.


27 10 2014


Anonymous (the computer cracker group) claims that the GJ won’t indict.

Yeah, Anonymous, right.  The same Anonymous that had 87 tries to release the identity of the then-unknown Ferguson P.D. officer involved in ending the life of GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS and didn’t get the right answer once?

However, I do think they happen to be correct here.

We Temporarily Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Narrative For Some Real World Breaking News

27 10 2014


In case you didn’t notice, there were, among all the other crimes in Bell Curve City St. Louis over the weekend, two that involved a four-year old and a two-year old getting shot.

Therefore, Pa Skittles (an ESL native) and Pa Gentilivs Giantivs are looking up with Better Family Life to beg the kuhmunitey to knock off the TNB because it’s upsetting their narrative apple cart.

Since BFL is involved, I’m sure they’ll call for a truce.

Hands Up Don’t Shoot Me In the Head

25 10 2014


9200 West Florissant Avenue.

Smack dab in the middle of the Fergaza Strip, deep in the heart of handsupdontshoot country.

I can only presume both suspect and victim are gentle giants.


25 10 2014


They’re called “Ferguson” protesters, but this took place at Grand and 44, which means the Shaw neighborhood, which means St. Sandwich of Ham, not his distant cousin GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS.

About the taller building in the background: It could be looking south which means SLU Med ABI, or looking north, which means the Salus Center, the old Incarnate Word Hospital, which now hosts, among other things, ironically enough, SLU Med School’s Social Justice Institute.



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