Bell Curve Highway

1 09 2014


Even though the official blockade was called off, this did not deter a few ooks from doing it on their own, along WB 270 west of the West Florissant overpass.

Something called Argus Radio has video of this.

I get the feeling that this is going to become a trend for what’s left of the warm weather season.

Here’s another obstacle in the road ahead:  MoDOT is going to totally rebuild 270 in North County in the coming years.  Since 270 between 170 and Riverview goes through the heart of Hands Up Don’t Shoot country, the minority contractors gibsmedat hustle rabble is going to be out in full force with their hands out.

BTW just as much as these impromptu Bellcurvii weren’t allowed to block vehicular traffic on state right of way, the Argus reporter and cameraman also shouldn’t have been where they were, which as you can see was along the shoulder of 270.

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Whatchya Doin, Rabbi?

1 09 2014


You can forget about that scam.  I’m the snarky blogger who uses this picture as his blogging and commenting avatar.


Another Picture of Dorian Johnson

1 09 2014


NYT profiles the liar who made up the story about Michael Brown on his knees with his hands up in the air and his back turned toward Officer Wilson, the reason why the black undertow and white hipsters are all running around with their hands in the air these days.

It’s the usual Bell Curve City babble.

Here are the interesting nuggets:

Johnson grew up in Walnut Park, one of St. Louis’s tougher areas, where he lived in a house shared by his mother and aunt, who had 19 children between them.

Speaks for itself.


He soon left [Lincoln University in] Jefferson City, in part, he said, because he believed police targeted students from St. Louis.

They’re not really paranoid if the cops are really out to get them.


His younger brother D’Angelo, a popular 16-year-old student at Northwest Academy of Law, was killed while drag racing. He lost control of the Pontiac Grand Am he was driving and slammed into a tree. His older brother heard the news and ran to the scene.

Police stopped Dorian Johnson before he reached the car. He fought them so hard that he was handcuffed and taken to a holding cell.

“It was split in half,” Johnson said of the burgundy car. One of its five occupants was thrown from a window, and three others were hospitalized. D’Angelo was pronounced dead in an ambulance.

“I was angry,” Johnson said. “I was telling [the police] this is my little brother. I watched my little brother die.”

On a hunch, I searched my own blog and found this.  I thought back at the time that these kinds of things were car loads of blacks joyriding and hitting the gas for no particular reason, or just because they could.  Fancy that the only fatal victim of that turns out to be the younger brother of the man who was friends with the man who was central in the narrative of the biggest story of the year in St. Louis and the biggest story of August in the whole country.  Anyway, it turns out that the reason these blacks hit the gas is because they’re drag racing each other.  That part seems to get left out of media accounts of these stories.

One more thing:

His family called him “Mike Mike,” a name meant to distinguish him from his father. His parents, Michael Brown Sr. and Lesley McSpadden, were teenagers when he was born. They never married, and Brown, who has two sisters and a brother, bounced between the homes his parents shared with their respective spouses. When his mother moved out of the school district, according to friends, Brown began living with his grandmother in the Canfield Green apartment complex.

So Michael Brown’s link to the Canfield Green apartment farms wasn’t his friend Dorian Johnson, but his grandmother.



Give the Man What He Wants

1 09 2014



And that would be a one way ticket to Rakka, Syria, after tearing up his passport.

Then again, he likely votes for a political party whose voters are way more worried about global warming than ISIS.

Spotted in the Wild

25 08 2014


SLU and WashU students join a bunch of other schools across the country to stage a walkout today on behalf of the cigarillo robber/cop eye puncher/charging linebacker.


Martin Zaldivar put down a sign saying “Mike won’t be in class today,” as he took the microphone.

He told the crowd that as a white Hispanic, he doesn’t fully understand the dynamics surrounding some black communities and their relationship with police.

Only the second white Hispanic spotting in the wild.

Fall Down Go Boom

25 08 2014


What’s the matter, Ferugson?  Did your narrative fall down go boom?

Well, then, come to Uncle Blogmeister, and let him put a band-aid on it and make it all better.

Really, if this is accurate, and what makes me think it is mostly is because it’s in a paper that was loath to admit these things until now, then Michael Brown wasn’t really the best or the worst among the Bellcurvii you find in St. Louis or anywhere.  For the NYT to run with this is more or less the establishmentarians on the left dog whistling a message to the ground troops to retreat from the Fergaza Strip because it’s an unwinnable and counterproductive battle for them.

The big omission in this is that it does not mention the sine qua non, Brown running directly at and then lunging at Officer Wilson.  It’s the proximate causation to explain why he is now in the next world.

After the Party

25 08 2014


P-D photo gallery, but this doesn’t really tell the story of what happened there.

I was able to watch about ten minutes of it, and I was wondering whether I was watching a funeral or a party if I only paid attention to the video.  As for the audio, well, you get the sense that everyone there thinks that Michael Brown was just about read to head off to Hopkins Med to cure cancer when the Ku Klux Klan assassinated him.

Nigh comes the night.


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