The Pruitt-Igoe Canard

23 07 2014


National Geospatial Intelligence Agency leaving the old arsenal at the foot of Arsenal Street after all.

There are six finalists for its new home.  I think we can already vote Mehlville and Fenton off the island, because there’s no strategic advantage to going there, that and there’s an outside chance that the land where Chrysler used to be in Fenton is being saved for a new Rams stadium.  Weldon Spring would put it next to the St. Louis NOAA office, and that’s somewhat intriguing though not structurally relevant, but it also puts it in Ann Wagner’s Congressional district, so Obama no likey.  The Airport would put it next to the Airport (obviously) and Boeing, but I don’t see the huge advantage in having the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency next to a military jet factory.

I think that the political steam is pushing heavily in either Scott, a military base would be a very good fit for an agency that is in the Department of Defense, and remember Dick Durbin is Assistant Senate Majority Leader, the state’s other Senator is a RINO  that votes the way Obama wants quite a bit, and Scott’s Congressman, Bill Enyart, is a Democrat from Belleville, or, the location the P-D wants, the old Pruitt-Igoe.  Putting it there would make Francis Slay, Lazy Clay and Claire McCaskill happy, and would close the loop in what is now widely interpreted to be a progressive-left policy failure, with “Pruitt-Igoe” being a punchline.


Days of Protest

16 07 2014


Friday and Saturday, lots of immigration patriot groups are organizing mass national protests in a lot of cities.  They will mainly be on highway overpasses.

St. Louis’s will both be on Saturday, on the Jamieson overpass over I-44 from 11 AM to 4 PM in southwest city, and in Fairview Heights on the Bunkum Road overpass over I-64 from 9 AM to Noon.  In Hannibal, also on Saturday, theirs will be on the Country Club Drive overpass over I-72 from 9 AM to Noon.  If I can squirm out of work, that’s the one I’ll go to, mainly because I’ll still be in Montgomery City even through Saturday, and I’m closer to Hannibal than I am to St. Louis.  That and the view looking eastward from that overpass is terrific, looking from pretty much the top of the bluffs down on the river bottoms on the other side of the river in Illinois, and the I-72 bridge, even though you really can’t see the river itself.

No’ Mo’ Soul Fud

16 07 2014

Forest Park

They won’t come right out and say it.  Not our Post-Dispatch.

So let’s decode the dog whistles:

1.  “Soul food and music festival”

2.  “Left fans angry and (Art Hill) a mess”

3.  “Old school funk and soul music”

4.  “Gates opened late…lineup of bands began to drag…police shut down concert two hours after it was scheduled to end”  (Hint:  On the CT time zone, Colored Time, everyone and everything is late — Even Obama is late to just about everything)

5.  “No one showed up after the event to clean up Art Hill …“a couple hundred cubic yards” of cardboard boxes, plastic cups and Styrofoam food trays.”

6.  “It was poorly organized…The production of the event itself was totally unacceptable”

7.  “Bess said the parks department fielded complaints about the festival from The Muny theater, disappointed that the tunes were intruding on its production of “Porgy and Bess,” nearly a mile away; from the Art Museum, which heard from wedding parties that the event lacked security officers to help move crowds for photos…” (Think of which group of people likes to keep their neighbors from being able to sleep soundly with all their loud blasting music)

8.  “By the time the last two bands, ConFunkShun and the SOS Band, came on, the park was nearly empty, she said.”  (I added the links for clarity)

9.  “Old School 95.5 (which advertised at the event)” (Again, I added the link)

10.  “Brian Nelson, known as DJ Kut” (My link)

11.  “Kinfolks Foundation” (My link)


No Sense

14 07 2014

U-City and Kirkwood

I doubt the movie tells the truth.

Bring sense to the senseless?

It wasn’t senseless.

Why did Cookie Thornton do what he did?

As I found out by keeping my ear to the ground, and writing about it for a medium that no longer exists, the answer is easy:  Official Kirkwood did nothing but pander and grovel to Thornton every time he whined or bitched about something.  The louder his whining got, the more intense Kirkwood’s pandering became, which in turn made Thorton’s whining louder, which in turn made Kirkwood pander more.  It was a vicious cycle that was bound to end badly.

You wouldn’t know it to live in or go through Kirkwood, but it’s pound for pound the snootiest place in St. Louis County, and Official Kirkwood has always been BRA-happy.

Related:  Carbon Copy

Black Run St. Louis

14 07 2014


We are in the fifty years after time period of the Arch construction, leading up to the 50th anniversary of completion in October of next year.

Fifty years ago today, Percy Green climbed up the under construction north leg to protest the lack of black workers on the project.

An event which he has lived off of ever since then.

It says that he was the only black of 600 technicians that Mac hired for the Gemini capsule.  It also says later that he timed his ascent, time at the top and descent in order to have enough time to get arrested, processed and bond out so that he could return home to get ready for his shift at Mac which started at midnight.  If his job was such that he could start at midnight and work overnight, I highly doubt that he was in engineering or design.  The real brainiacs probably had 9-to-5 hours.

You’ll also read of the famous I-70 “shutdown” that happened 15 years ago this past Saturday.  Now that wasn’t so long ago, and I happen to remember quite a bit about which the P-D conveniently leaves out, such as the fact that the St. Louis City Police Chief at the time, a black named Ron Henderson, closed I-70 in both directions, forcing all traffic off the highway, eastbound traffic had to get off at Goodfellow, westbound traffic had to get off at Kingshighway, to make sure the protesters, who planned to “shut down” the highway between Union and Riverview, would have no problems.  Henderson also shut down traffic before the time the protesters said they would “shut down” the highway.  Which means that Henderson was in on the protest, because he agreed with it.  Why wouldn’t an affirmative action police chief agree with blacks protesting for affirmative action in public construction contracts and hiring?

Henderson was interfering with state right of way for no good law enforcement or public safety issue, (even though they are interstate highways, the states’ departments of transportation purchase and own the right-of-way), and he could have been bought up on state charges for his little stunt.  Except at the time, the “state” meant Governor Mel Carnahan and Attorney General (now Governor) Jay Nixon, both Democrats, Carnahan has always been a black bootlicker, and Nixon was at the time trying to live down his anti-deseg legal action from his first term as AG.  Neither one would have dared laid a finger on Henderson.  A few years later, when MoDOT was gearing up for the Highway 40 reconstruction, the same gang wanted to “shut down” the highway in Richmond Heights, but the white chief of the police department in Richmond Heights was having none of that.

One more thing:  Eric Vickers lauds the high minority participation rate on the Stan Span.  I also know from first hand experience that the pavement on the bridge was pretty rough when it first opened; MoDOT and IDOT just did “emergency repairs” on it a few weeks ago.  Yeah, it is a bit curious that you have to do “emergency repairs” on brand new concrete pavement.  I’m putting two and two together here, in case you didn’t notice.

As far as the lack of black workers on the Arch construction:  Good thing.  It is said that Eero Saarinen, who designed the Arch, had to be so careful in his calculations and check them over and over again, knew that an error of 1/64th of an inch in a crucial part would have the two upward-rising legs totally missing each other once all the pieces were in place.  One who was so careful in his minute fractions probably would not have wanted the left tail of the bell curve actually building the thing.

Fear the Frog

14 07 2014

Benton Park

It’s gotta be an inside job.  The loot is too secure for just your garden variety Bellcurvii to be able to get it, and Bellcurvii wouldn’t be interested in the arty-farty junk inside the joint.

A middle school classmate of a cousin of mine managed the Venice Cafe until a few years ago.  As one of my boyhood homes was not far from there, my walks from home to the Boys Club in Soulard took me past that place, though back in the late 1980s I don’t remember all the avant garde junk being strewn about the premises nor it having the hippie reputation it does today.  I did put pictures of that general area up in one of my house tours, but I did not have nor did I take any pics of the Venice Cafe itself.  Though the news story video will give you a good enough idea.

At the Corners

12 07 2014


Over in this corner, wearing the white trunks, is correlation.  Over in that corner, wearing the blue trunks, is causation.


Quinn, Pfleger lead anti-violence march on South Side

Gov. Pat Quinn joined the Rev. Michael Pfleger to lead 150 people on an anti-violence march through a South Side neighborhood Friday night.

“Blessed are the peacemakers,” Quinn told the crowd before they started marching through St. Sabina’s Auburn Gresham neighborhood.

“We are a family in Illinois, we’ve got to stick together, we’ve got to fight the violence,” Quinn told the crowd.
“This is our neighborhood. Every neighborhood in Illinois belongs to the people, not to those who would perpetrate violence.”

On Friday, shootings continued in the city.  One person was killed and at least 10 others were wounded from 6 p.m.-10 p.m., officials said.

So much for marching.

It never really amounts to or results in anything.

So why do they keep doing it?  Because they think it works.  Why do the think it works?  The 1960s.  Blacks marched, and civil rights, voting rights and welfare bills were passed.  See how easy that was?  Far be it from anyone to try to explain correlation-causation to these numbskulls.

Failing School

10 07 2014


I know, I ripped it off, but I’ll say it anyway.

In the old days, students failed school.  Now, in our new progressive era, schools fail students.

“I think when you talk about urban school failure, and you’re talking about our failure, yours, mine, everybody’s whose allowed urban systems faced with challenges of poverty, crime and other things, we’ve allowed those problems and constant failure to continue. For all of us, the stakes are such that we have to break that cycle. That is why we need to get results immediately, we need to show parents and others there is a way to do this that can make a difference.”

Why do I seem to read “school failure” and “urban” in the same sentence so often, and with “poverty” and “crime” not being far behind or ahead?

Also lady, it’s not my problem.  Because, every time I want to raise a stink about black crime, I’m told not to care about it because it’s mostly black thugs victimizing black thugs.  Why should schools failing blacks aka blacks failing school be my problem?

Oh, I see.  It’s my problem when you want money, but not my problem when I think the problem should be solved for good.

All that might go over your head, but I hope you can understand this at least:  Just make sure that all new state-run overlay districts of dissolved unaccredited school districts are accredited themselves, so they can’t transfer out.  Please?


8 07 2014

Forest Park

I guess summer is racial whining season around here.

In this case, they may have a point, not a good one, but a point nonetheless.

Fair St. Louis planners probably wanted to get the black acts in and out so their fans would be gone by the late afternoon or early evening, so they don’t get a notion to do some illicit banking transactions or shopping against white fairgoers after dark when they’re making their way back to their cars to go home.

As for your ever-lovin’ blogmeister, my job has me trolling the county fair circuit in relatively nearby counties this month and next, not counting the State Fair where I will be again this year for most days of its run.  (Probably no Obama rodeo clowns this year.)  Politicians and staffers and high placed bureaucrats love to show up at county fairs, so we lobbyist types have to show up for schmoozing purposes and to keep the political gossip circuit healthy.  I was at the Warren County Fair last week, I was at the Lincoln County Fair this afternoon and evening and will be tomorrow and Thursday and maybe also Friday.  I also have the Washington Town and Country Fair (essentially the Franklin County Fair), the St. Charles County Fair and the Montgomery County Fair to hit before the fun starts in Sedalia.  Aside from the fact that the Warren County Fair and Fair St. Louis had a time conflict, I would not have been expected to go to Fair St. Louis, because none of the kind of politicians our clients expect us to influence hang out at Fair St. Louis.


7 07 2014


Eleven kills and at least 60 other shoots over the long weekend.  Official Chicago responds with the usual conga line of cliches.

Notice that of the eleven dead, one was named Shiquille and another was named Shaquille.  I noticed this back in 2007, when “Shaquille” or some variant was starting to show up in the crime blotters of suspects or victims.  What happened is that Shaquille O’Neal turned pro and became something in a household name in 1992, and therefore a lot of black women started naming their newborn sons “Shaquille” or some variant.  They turned 15 in 2007, which is old enough in some states and in some circumstances to be named publicly when they’re arrested for violent crimes.  That said, we are nine years away from a whole lot of “Barack” starting to show up in crime blotters; someone on AR has already said that this past school year’s kindergarten class was the first to have a lot of black boys named Barack, and this was the first class where this was going to be seen if there was a glut of black women naming their newborn sons Barack in 2008, so the whole thing is right on schedule.

Meanwhile, in a lame attempt to keep up, there were three kills and 13 other shoots in St. Louis this past weekend.  But maybe it’s not so lame if you control for black population.  Chicago has about five and a half times as many black people as St. Louis does in terms of raw numbers, so extrapolate St. Louis’s violent weekend up 5.5 times, and you get 16 kills and 71 shoots.  We win.


Suspect in one of the three murders:



Lil’ St. Louis

1 07 2014




What’s Rex Up To These Days?

27 06 2014


NAACP is calling on other districts to take in the Normandy transfers now that Francis Howell won’t anymore.

That’s no surprise.

But what is something of a mild surprise, though it really shouldn’t be, is that something called the Show-Me Institute is joining the NAACP in that call.

If you listen to talk radio anywhere in the state, you’ll sometimes hear ads from the Show-Me Institute narrated by former KSDK anchor Rick Edlund, touting the virtue of this or that right-libertarian policy proposal.

Wait, there’s more.

The Show-Me Institute is little more than an extension of Rex Sinquefield’s ego, and one of his big crusades over the recent years has been “skoo choyce.”  Which by now, if you don’t think it’s merely the new euphemism for deseg, then you must be blind, deaf and dumb.

Another thing that’s almost an extension of Rex Sinquefield’s ego is a good chunk of the state Republican party.  Which is why they have really no interest in solving the transfer problem, (and it was only “solved” in this case purely accidentally, DESE forgot to make its new Normandy overlay district unaccredited), and in fact, they think the problem is the solution.

Browns Versus Blacks

26 06 2014

North County


Now the County P.D. is playing whack-a-mole.

Not quite sure how this is going to turn out.

Central America, Regular America, What’s the Difference?

26 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Oh joy, we’re getting some of the Camp of the Saints.

At this rate, there soon won’t be any difference.

In related news…news that was nowhere be found in the local MSM.  I had to find out about it in the WaT by way of V-Dare.

It Takes a Village

23 06 2014


You may be able to keep them from coming in, but you can’t keep ‘em from hanging around.

A Fringe Benefit of Giving Up Drinking

20 06 2014

LaSalle Park

As you know, this was once my “drunk at 3 AM” White Castle.

It’s no longer my drunk at 3 AM White Castle.  For one, I gave up drinking quite some time ago.

For another, Bellcurvius.

Who seem to gravitate to the fast feeders around there in the middle of the night.


Suspect made.  Didn’t getting that neck tattoo hurt?


Miracles Do Happen

20 06 2014


Though some would call it more of a loophole than a miracle, don’t knock it.

The loopholey factor here is that DESE eliminated the Normandy district and overlayed a brand new state-run district in its place, the new district has state accreditation, compared to the just-eliminated Normandy district which did not thereby allowing the flood of Turner law compliant transfers.  If DESE just took over the unaccredited Normandy district as is and appointed a board of people to run it, it would still be the same unaccredited district and Turner transfers could still happen.  An example of the latter was the SLPS until recently, and I think the only reason that there can’t be a Turner stream out of the SLPS is because it got back partial accreditation.

That the executive leadership in the FH district wanted to find a way to get of out of taking Normandy transfers, when last summer they were fully on board with it, and in the process, denying their district the PCPD money, must mean that things didn’t go quite so swimmingly with Normandy transfers in FH district schools this year, and we just didn’t hear about all those problems.

Where There’s No Will

19 06 2014


P-D will no longer run George Will’s syndicated column, and will plug St. Louis native Michael Gerson in its place.

Who knew?  Who noticed?  Who cared?  Does it really matter why?  Would you have known this if I didn’t tell you?  Hell, I wouldn’t have even known about it if I didn’t voraciously consume news.

Charlie Dooley Has a Pen and a Phone, Too

18 06 2014


“Flanked by North County mayors…”

You don’t say.

Why do I get the feeling that this “pen and phone” virus is going to turn into a pandemic?

St. Louis Radio Gets Rickrolled

18 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Why is some station on 103.7 playing the Rickroll song (“Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley) over and over again?

Radio Locator lists the 103.7 frequency in St. Louis as one of those weird call letter 250 watts maximum translator stations, and that it is supposed to have an “urban contemporary” (i.e. Bell Curve City war chants) format.


A lot of people are landing on this post after using an internet search engine to answer the question I asked.  So I went to a popular internet search engine and searched keywords:  “103.7 Rick Astkey St. Louis” and found the answer.


Some time before around 5:30 this afternoon, the station/translator shut off the Rickrolling and started in on a rock format.


11 06 2014


I haven’t said anything about it, even though something struck me as odd about it when I read it.

But now that it’s national news, I guess I better come out with it.

The young woman is 17, her father is 34.  Do the math.

I don’t think the victims were completely innocent victims.  I sense a dope debt is behind this all.

Also notice that one of the two miscreants should have been in the can but “a lack of witness cooperation” (no snitching) meant that Joyce’s office had to drop murder and other charges.

Conquering Heroes

5 06 2014

St. Charles

Two teenage boys armed with one pellet gun are able to conquer Lindenwood.

Well, not quite.

I don’t think Lindy’s admins were worried about the HIV-spreading black wrestler.

“Do You Know This Man?”

4 06 2014

Tower Grove South


That’s how one MSM source around here headlined the story involving these images that someone snapped with a sail foam.

And from what I see, I’m very happy that my answer is no.

As to whether I’ve seen him, I have a very different answer.  Yes, I’ve seen him.  I sometimes see him several times a day.  And it’s not just me — No matter where you are in the country or world, if you happen to be close to black ghettos, you see him often, too.  The TALA Doctrine is still in full effect.

Frack Wants Out

3 06 2014

LaSalle Park

Ledale Nathan, the younger Frack to the older Frick of Mario Coleman in the Hickory Street Murders, is trying to use Miller v Alabama to get himself sprung from the can eventually.

Can’t Hide

3 06 2014

South County

If this was Cochran, I would not have been surprised at all.

But I would have thought that Koch would have been better off, simply because of its distance from Bell Curve City.

Pathetic, Sad, Pitiful.

28 05 2014

Chocolate City St. Louis

All the other Bell Curve Cities could boast of multiple murders during the long holiday warm weather weekend.

The best we could muster was five ooks on a weekend-long carjacking and robbery spree.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

28 05 2014

Granite City

Burglary suspects try to give the cops the slip by jumping in Horseshoe Lake and trying to swim away.

Gotta be white.  No African Rockfish would be dumb enough to try to swim away from white people chasing them.


Problem Solved

28 05 2014


Yoots act yooty in Fairgrounds Park, the residents and their alderman complain about a lack of security?

Close the park to everyone.

Problem solved.

Should have named the ook while you had the chance.


The Pruitt-Igoe Postscript

27 05 2014

Montgomery, Alabama

Bertha Gilkey has passed away.  According to this, she moved to suburban Montgomery, Alabama in her latter years to live with her daughter.

Yes, that’s the same Bertha Gilkey who was famous for organizing the tenant strike in the death throe years of the Pruitt-Igoes, and later, when she was living in other St. Louis projects, she somehow had the money to travel all around the country to do public housing activism, even though she could never afford to move out of public housing.

Off Switch

27 05 2014



St. Louis violence prompts call for prayer

Clergy in St. Louis are calling for citywide prayer to end violence.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that the St. Louis Metropolitan Clergy Coalition hosted a Memorial Day service at New Northside Church on Monday to draw attention to violence in the city. The service included 52 candles, each with the name of a person who had died from violence in St. Louis this year.

The service was part of the Week of Prayer to Curb Violence that continues through Friday.

You don’t ask God for something you can do yourself.

In the case of the cracker jack box theology degree cabal of black preachers, they’re the big chiefs in Bell Curve City. They almost have the ability to whip up the black masses or calm them down at will. It’s now an open secret that if you want to get anything done in the ghetto without inconvenience or strife from the denizens, you hook up with the preachers and make them happy. If you’re doing some sort of development, you hire the preacher’s niece in some do-nothing sinecure.  I’m now starting to think that’s the NRA’s problem when they hold conventions in big cities full of black people and the local black preachers show up in “force” to protest.  If the NRA started hiring relatives of black preachers for “outreach” jobs, all their “problems” would be gone, in as much as they really think they’re problems.  The black preachers are mad that the NRA won’t play ball with them.

The praying preachers could make a deep cut into black violence simply by calming down the black proles permanently. But they won’t do that, the preachers, because they’d be giving up their leverage, their best weapon.


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