No Escape

21 09 2014


The handsupdontshoot gang mostly skipped the Dome and showed off around Busch.

Remember, the demographics of MLB game attendees is about as far away from the Fergaza Strip as you can get; practically a whitopia.  It’s what we do when we’re trying not to looksatdem.

This gang has promised to show their asses off big time if we’re in the World Series.  Which is supposed to start on October 21.  I hope for its sake and the sake of getting past what is left of outdoors weather this year that McCulloch milks the Grand Jury process for every day he can, so when they return no criminal charges, it’ll be too cold outside for the ooks to riot, and the St. Louis Cardinals will have already collected their 12th World Series championship with enough time to spare.



And So It Begins

21 09 2014

West Downtown

Though I think it has already began.  I’d be willing to bet that there has already been a black on white murder for this reason.

Road Kill

20 09 2014


Looks like the handsupdontshoot brigade is starting to get active again.  They’re promising to do something tomorrow at the Rams game tomorrow, and today, they showed off in the middle of South Florissant Road (a different drag than West Florissant Avenue, which is the drag that goes through the Fergaza Strip), near the Ferguson P.D. headquarters.  As it is with blacks and vehicular right-of-way, the former don’t much respect the latter, and someone inevitably gets hit.

And that’s precisely what happened today.

It’s a good thing the cops were there.  The driver was white and the crowd and whoever in the crowd was hit was black, so this was a Steve Utash tragedy in the making.

Don’t Looksatme

19 09 2014

Tower Grove East

The one time they don’t want you looking at them.

This is in the heart of Knockout Martin Luther King territory.

Low Information Heaven

19 09 2014


What happens when you cross wires between the Fergaza Strip and the hoopla-driven circus that is the current NFL season?


And I hope they do.  Apparently this mess isn’t going to get solved without a whole lot more Patterson’s First Axiom.

Beaten to the Punch, Twice

18 09 2014

Oakton, Virginia

I found two good local URLs for my hopper late this afternoon.  Just a few minutes later, AR posted its threads for today, which just so happened to include those two stories.  Strange thing is that I wasn’t going to send either to AR, because I thought they’d be too local and esoteric.  Now I don’t have to do them, because AR already did.

So here you go.


A Mere Mile from the Fergaza Strip

18 09 2014


Here we go again, maybe blow again.

This reads to me like he was going there to kill his ex-g/f.

Remember, Jennings is currently patrolled by the County Browns, a department that has its fair share of blacks as both patrol level officers and also higher up in the ranks.


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