He’s On To Something

20 10 2014


David Klinger thinks that DOJ leaked to the NYT, and wonders why.

I’m not wondering why.  The DOJ knows that TPTB read the NYT, so the DOJ is using the NYT as a subtle sly intermediary to alert prominent politicians and the rest of the media that there will be no indictment of Darren Wilson by anyone, not by St. Louis County, and not by the Feds.  The obvious implication is to prepare for lots and lots of black riots.

Yes, that’s this David KlingerAnd this one.

Meeting of the Mindless

20 10 2014


P-D on a Slay/Nixon secret meeting today:

Hours after the meeting, Nixon’s office said the governor would announce “a new effort to address issues raised by events in Ferguson” on Tuesday. The news release said Nixon would be joined by “elected officials and leaders in business, education, law enforcement and civil rights” at St. Louis Community College’s Florissant Valley campus for the announcement.

Smoothing things over with the undertow in anticipation for the GJ returning no indictment.

Civilization 1, Fergaza Strip 0

20 10 2014


Everyone was thinking the worst for the housing market in the livable parts of Ferguson, (which is actually most of Ferguson outside the Fergaza Strip and away from the apartment farms), after the handsupdontshoot brigade threw its little hissy fit.

You know what they say, prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Sometimes, you get pretty good news.

Long term, though, Ferguson’s big millstone is the Ferguson-Florissant School District, the three high schools being 87, 68 and 94 percent black.  Though considering the demographics, F-F isn’t that bad.


Take it for what it’s worth, but someone who claims to do real estate in the metro and claims to be in the know e-mailed me and claimed that the truth is that Ferguson real estate is tanking hard, and that the P-D is running propaganda to satisfy its real estate advertisers.

I don’t have the kind of real estate contacts that I used to, but I’ll see what I can do in terms of corroboration.

Diminishing Marginal Returns

20 10 2014


Smashing Pumpkins is a band name, not an imperative.

I guess the handsupdontshoot brigade is running out of ideas and energy.

Hurry Up and Evolve

18 10 2014



Mothers unite in Clayton for peaceful march against senseless violence

When you find some “senseless violence,” let me know.  Otherwise, almost all violence has a reason, even if it is a stupid or TNB reason.

A passionate group of about 250 people, many of them mothers, marched one lap around the St. Louis County Justice Center on Saturday in a protest of senseless violence and a call for unity.

Toting signs like “All Children Matter” and “We Must Evolve,” they stepped forward in silence to the cadence of a slow drumbeat.


They said at least 110 people have been slain in St. Louis so far this year, most of them African-American men.

Talk of the need to evolve implying the lack of evolution in the same shindig as stating that so many black men are murder victims (and also suspects) — Not good PR for these egalitarians.

ReeCee Hartnell, 42, of Centralia, Ill., told the crowd a story about her father, who was in prison for bank robbery during her childhood. She said he later became a respected businessman.

“Do not listen to those who try to justify the killing of criminals,” she said.

First off, who says that we should execute bank robbers?  Second, it’s kinda strange that at an event to memorialize the victims of murder, that someone would use the event to editorialize against the death penalty, which is only carried out against murderers.

The march Saturday was organized as a call for justice for Michael Brown and an end to all gun violence in the region.

Cops should let themselves be killed. Right? Well, maybe not all cops; see below.

Amid the signs and speeches, Virginia Gilbert, 67, a retired newspaper reporter, stood in the crowd with a picture of the late University City Police Sgt. Mike King, who was killed on Halloween in 2008 while monitoring traffic in his patrol by the Delmar Loop. Todd L. Shepard, of Berkeley, talked for years of killing police and starting an anti-government revolution, according to testimony at his trial.

“He was shot in the head by a guy with a grudge and a gun because he was a policeman,” said Gilbert, who belonged to the same Presbyterian church as King.

Darren Wilson was a few seconds away from being killed by being smothered and suffocated by a guy who just did a strong-arm robbery and was mentally on edge because this cop was paying too much attention to him.  Of course there is no contradiction because there is only the narrative:  Black men are cool, white men with an axe to grind against the government aren’t cool.

How the Fergaza Strip Became the Fergaza Strip

18 10 2014


Long P-D feature on southeast Ferguson and its apartment farms.

The key takeaways:

What’s more, nearly half of the city’s police calls were going to the apartment complexes.


The data on Section 8 also show that the subsidies have tended to cluster in lower-income areas.

(Duh, because Section 8 goes to low income people, I would presume.)


A census tract that consists of a portion of Oakmont Townhomes and Northwinds Apartments and stretches eastward into unincorporated St. Louis County had more Section 8 renters in 2013 than any tract in the entire state, according to HUD estimates.


Park Ridge was expected to install a perimeter fence with only two gated access points to the property.

The prison needed to beef up its perimeter security.

Really, as Hunter Wallace found out a few days ago, once you get away from the Fergaza Strip and all the surrounding apartment farms that make it that way, Ferguson isn’t that bad.  Most of the rest of Ferguson is about evenly mixed between salt and pepper and almost entirely owner occupied.



Occupying the Already Occupied

18 10 2014


What does this prove?

That the Occutards occupied already friendly territory, with one exception.  What else can you say about a place where rabble tries to plant itself then the President of the school bitches and moans about people who dare find something wrong with the rabble?  Though since earlier today the school cleared the rabble out, Dr. Pestello was probably throwing a bank shot to try to deflect blame from himself for his having thrown the rabble out.  I think it’s very possible that no such “racist” e-mails or social media messages and posts were ever sent.  The left has made an art of that sort of thing, blaming nebulous far-away things for problems that are caused by people they are scared to blame.  For example, urban white liberals blame rednecks hundreds of miles away they’ll never even meet or see in places they’ll never go for violent crime caused by blacks just around the corner from where they live.

UPDATE 10/20

Pestello was doing a controlled burn to cover up his payoffs.


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