29 09 2014


Oh how I wish a polar vortex would arrive soon.

You own those streets?  Really?  Show me your deeds to the streets’ right-of-way.  Can you sell the streets you own at any time you want to someone else for money?  Can you open and close the streets at will?  Can you put up a toll booth and collect money from cars that want to drive on the street?

You don’t have any, no, no and no, in that order.  So you don’t own the streets.

Of course, they can and do “own” the streets in the sense that they’re taking advantage of white people being in an ideological drunken stupor.  And if we don’t sober up, the mahogany mobs will own those streets out of the pure force of warm bodies and the will to power.

But in the few rare instances when white people get their acts together, to tear down housing projects for the sake of some sort of urban renewal or gentrification project, they find out how much they really own those streets.  They can’t own the streets when not only do they not own the residential structures on those streets, we’re paying their rent.

Night of the Long Knives

28 09 2014


I fear that all the anti-cop invective of the past almost two months has finally popped off into reality. 

However, it may be the case that this may have happened anyway, even without Genilivus Giantivus being made to take a dirt nap.  Because, Bell Curve City.

Three hours later, in nearby Cool Valley, this.  The cop’s car was his personal car and not a cop car, so the ooks didn’t know this was a cop.  Therefore, just another night in Bell Curve City.


27 09 2014



I know Soulard pretty well, and I’ve never heard of it.

Turns out it’s in the old McDonalds on 7th across from Soulard Market.  The McDonalds has been gone for a long time, Quizno’s recently tried to make a go of it in the building but failed, and now it’s a questionable nightclub.

Which means it used to be 365Black, now it’s just black.  Though even when it was McDonalds, it was almost all white.

Here is its Yelp review, mostly bad ones.

Local trivia:  When McDonalds nationally rolled out the concept of the value meal, and priced the Big Mac value meal at $2.99, the McDonalds in Soulard priced it at $1.99.

Ferguson Stack

27 09 2014


What, cops shouldn’t stand up for cops?  “Reinforce the ‘us versus them’ mentality.”  When you have white cops and the black undertow, if there isn’t any us versus them, then you’re doing it wrong.

This was a real clusterfuck move.  I noticed the $154.10 an hour sentence.  Which means I’m praying to the PR gods that Ferguson gives the contract to a certain firm I can’t mention.

It didn’t take much.  K-Mart overall is on the rocks anyway.  I’m surprised that this K-Mart lasted this long.  As an aside, this isn’t technically in the Ferguson city limits, it is in an unincorporated area that Ferguson wants to annex.

Sorry, but West Florissant Avenue through the Fergaza Strip and points north won’t truly be a great street until you get great demographics.  Otherwise, lipstick on a pig.

Guess What Happened Next

26 09 2014


Mayor Tom Jackson showed fear in front of the dogs.

Linked In

25 09 2014


I was struggling to find a snarky way to respond to this or portray this.

Then it hit me.

Missing Link to block Metro Link.

Blast from the past about Eric Vickers.

We Are All Darren Wilson

25 09 2014



Ferguson cop.

They are Darren Wilson, and we are all Darren Wilson.  That is, we are all just a few slight circumstances away from having to defend ourselves against rampaging blacks and then again from the narrative-pushing media shit storm in earnest, all the while having to hide from mahogany mobs.

See also:  George Zimmerman.


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