Stuck Between a Treadmill and a Free Weight

18 09 2012

O’Fallon Park


Opening of St. Louis’s O’Fallon Park rec-plex hinges on resident discounts

If city leaders are being honest about their problems with the O’Fallon Park Recreation Complex’s operating contract, then its passage hinges on the discounts to be provided to the neediest city residents.

Alderman Antonio French released a statement this weekend saying that the board’s African American members will not, without more information, pass the agreement required to open the brand-new rec-plex in north city.

The aldermen want three things in order to open the stalled center, according to the statement:

For Mayor Francis Slay to identify the source of the extra $500,000 annual city subsidy.

For someone to provide them a “workable and mutually beneficial” written and signed agreement between the YMCA and the Boys & Girls Clubs, which will, respectively, run and provide services in the center.

And for the Y to give the aldermen its discount formulas, so the aldermen can be certain poor families can still use the $20 million taxpayer-funded facility.

The first request is possible, though city parks director Gary Bess said he’d basically just be guessing – the city is constantly moving money around to stretch dollars, he said.

The second request could happen Tuesday. Flint Fowler, director of the Boys & Girls Clubs, said late last week he is taking a draft agreement to his board then.

But the third is going to take some negotiations.

The Y has said that the income-based formula, which centers use to decide who should get a discounted membership, is proprietary, according to French.

French, on the other hand, insists those discounts must be made public, and become a part of the board bill – hence, a part of city ordinance – so as to ensure that the $1.2 million in total that the city will be paying the Y annually will indeed go toward letting residents use the center.

It’s unclear if the Y will ever release that matrix. The YMCA’s president, Gary Schlansker, and the O’Fallon center’s anticipated executive director, Rob West, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

The Y will never release this formula not because it’s “proprietary” (WTF?), but because it’s arbitrary.  In the case of this new rec-plex, considering the area it’s in, Shitavious with dreadlocks and a chest full of prison tats will be charged a high fee, while the relatively penniless but well-behaved child of a black NAACP lawyer and his white wife will be charged very little.

On the one hand, the cheaper you make membership for “poor families” in that part of town (guess who), the more likely it is that this new rec-plex will become third world overnight.  On the other hand, if you keep membership costs high enough to keep the ghetto out, then that puts a fly in the ointment of the raison d’etre of this rec-plex.  Remember, one day after we won the World Series in 2006 over Detroit, Morgan Quitno (as it was known at the time) came out with its most dangerous city survey, again showing St. Louis on top and Detroit in second place.  Mayor Slay simultaneously denounced MQ’s methodology and endorsed it, and he endorsed it out of one side of his mouth because he wanted city voters to pass a sales tax to fund building new rec centers (which they did, and this one in O’Fallon Park is one of the two new ones) and renovate existing ones, because Slay said that if ghetto thugs had something better to do, they wouldn’t commit crime.  (Turns out recreation centers breed crime, but that’s just a nagging detail of importance to nobody.)  So if you keep the membership costs high enough to keep the ghetto thugs out, that means the ghetto thugs won’t be able to experience the supposed crime deterring benefits of being inside a rec center, and this rec center was built for the expressed purpose of giving ghetto thugs alternatives to crime.

I’m getting dizzy.


Agreement.  Among the terms, the Y will have to sell $25 a year memberships to 1300 “youths” of the area, half of them directly by the Y, the other half indirectly through the BGCA, and give anywhere from 10 to 90 percent discounts to households making under $31,000 a year for whole household memberships, making the discount formula known to them and not just a YMCA state secret.  IOW, this Y will also become a de facto BGCA club simultaneously.  I think Alderman Antonio French was insistent on clear and detailed language here, and suspicious about vague rhetoric from the Y people about “proprietary,” because he knew just like anyone else could figure out that the Y wanted only Mr. and Mrs. NAACP lawyers and their kids to be members of this rec plex, no little ghetto Booshondias and Shitaviouses.  I still get the feeling that even with the spelled out parameters, the Y and BGCA will still be picky on which 1300 “youths” will get the discounted memberships.  There will be some kind of de facto barrier to preclude the worst of the worst from the ghetto from even applying, just as charter schools with “no admissions standards” or “open enrollment” in theory actually do construct virtual walls and barriers to make sure that real bad apples can’t get in.

Remember, the purpose of this rec center is to deter violent crime, to give “youths” something to do as an alternative to falling into a life of violent crime.  If Slay and Co. truly believe that, then it should have been open to free membership to all people who live in a given area.  This “in between” compromise will only serve to deter the supposed crime-deterring effects of this rec plex for some “youths” of the area.

I Still Won’t Believe It

18 09 2012


I said I wouldn’t believe it until I witnessed it with my own eyes.

I’m seeing it, but I’m still not believing it.  I could see the first shovels of dirt being overturned, but I still won’t believe it.

I’m not really going to believe it until it’s done and open for whatever business they expect to happen inside.

You have to show me.

Chia Running Back

17 09 2012


I blame the people that watered his head, allowing those seeds to grow.

Otherwise, my theory is straight from Chief Keef video to Rams backfield.

His career will hit its stride when the Rams move back to Los Angeles, and they will.

I’m Talking to a Brick Wall

17 09 2012



Rally for Reggie Clemons Chain of Rocks Bridge Murders


Long-time supporter, Jamala Rogers says the death penalty is flawed.

“Almost 140 people have been exonerated from off of death row…not from technicalities, but for actual innocence,” she says.


“There are no winners in a death penalty case,” says Clemons’ mother Vera Thomas. “But we do want to look forward to a fair trial, which we’ve never had.”

Thomas says she believes the odds were stacked against Reggie, and anyone who doesn’t come from an affluent family.

“I feel that it’s wrong that if you don’t have $100,000, $200,000, $300,000 to afford to an attorney, that you cannot get justice.”

There might be no winners in a death penalty case, but there could be losers when a murderer that should get the death penalty only gets life in prison without parole.

I’ve been through this business before about “good lawyers” — In a criminal case, the burden of proof is on the prosecution.  It almost doesn’t matter if the defense lawyer is Perry Mason or the last in his class from the worst law school in America.  If the prosecution convinces 12 out of 12 people beyond a reasonable doubt that (A) You committed murder, and (in the cases where the jury decides the sentence, if the prosecution seeks the death penalty) (B) You deserve to be executed, you did it and you’re gonna fry for it, notwithstanding decades of appeals and legal wrangling.

Also, the fact that 140 people have been exonerated for actual innocence means that the death penalty is not flawed, and that the system eventually did work.  The reason they were exonerated was NOT because they eventually got $300,000 lawyers, but because DNA technology improved to the point to where it could exclude suspects from crimes.

Moving the PSB

15 09 2012


Looks like the great plan is to let out the PSB’s jeans so that it can hold another lane, in the case of this proposal, another eastbound lane, so that the bridge could have five EB to add to the current four WB lanes.  The reason for that is that the EB 64/40 approach to the PSB from the LME to the bridge will be widened from two to three lanes, and eventually the NB 55 ramp to the PSB will be widened from one to two lanes, so three plus two is five which is greater than four.  This will not be done in the other direction.

The whole plan is supposed to be an olive branch to the Metro East so that it will sign off on the redesign of the PSB ramps on the west side of the bridge, as doing so would necessitate the removal of the ramp from the SB depressed section to the EB PSB, though it will not require the removal of the opposite ramp, from WB PSB to NB depressed section.

If had had my way, none of this would matter because freeways don’t belong in old historic urban areas.  The original plan of the interstate highway system was that interstate highways would to between major cities but bypass them using loops around the cities, but never go into the cities themselves.  Urban interstates had to be added to the legislation to get the votes of urban Congressmen, so here we are today.  We’re getting to a climate where urban freeway removal is gaining more and more political and cultural legs, but we’re not all the way there yet.  Therefore, if I had my way, the PSB would be nothing more than an urban non-freeway bridge, and therefore since it would meet Memorial Drive and a hypothetical reincarnated Poplar Street at-grade, ramps wouldn’t matter.  (PSB = Poplar Street Bridge, named because its alignment along the line of what used to be Poplar Street, which was a major and heavily traveled Downtown artery before the freeways, but only exists intermittently through Downtown now, very close to the double decker elevated portion of I-64/40 through Downtown.  Removing I-64 would mean that Poplar Street would be reincarnated and become through once again).

In my ideal world, the PSB meets a four-way stoplight of Memorial Drive from the north (aka “City to River,” a doable plan even if St. Louis urban freeways aren’t totally removed), Poplar Street from the west, and a new alignment connecting to the intersection of Broadway and Chouteau from the south.  Imagine crossing a PSB that isn’t an interstate highway bridge and therefore does not need to be widened.  As you cross the into Missouri, you’ll descend to a stoplight.  Turn left, and you’re on Broadway, and your next stoplight will be at Chouteau, then you’ll head further south past Soulard Market, A-B, and so on.  Turn right, and you’re on a Memorial Drive that fills in and over the depressed section of current I-70, and you’ll eventually meet Tucker Boulevard at a stoplight, which would be my much simpler configuration of the intersection on the west side of the new MRB being built right now.  Because I-70 inside of I-270 would be removed, (in fact, all interstates within the current I-255/I-270 loop would be removed), either the pre-interstate street configuration would be restored, meaning Memorial Drive would transition to either Broadway and/or West Florissant Ave north of Downtown, or an urban boulevard would replace I-70’s ROW.  Going west, Poplar Street would intersect all the north-south streets in Downtown, including the Truman Parkway/18th Street, and Jefferson Avenue, and do it at-grade.  West of Jefferson, it would transition to the current Forest Park Parkway, meeting Market Street before that, as Market Street is extended west to replace the other double-decked section of I-64/40 in the city, with the new and extended Market Street ending at the current intersection of Vandeventer and Clayton Avenue.  (Market Street exists intermittently west of Compton Avenue — If you go EB on 64/40 in the double decker section, on the bottom side, you’ll notice the old Famous-Barr warehouse with a service street along it between you and the highway — That’s Market Street.)  With I-64 gone, Clayton Avenue could be re-united at and through Forest Park again — Now, the freeway means it can’t be connected except for an overpass or underpass.  In my ideal world, current Market Street + the extended Market Street + Clayton Avenue + Clayton Road would be a neat continuous road all the way from the Arch Grounds to the current end of Clayton Road at Highway 109 in Wildwood — The only hiccup would be the current messy multiple-street junction between Skinker, Oakland and Clayton Ave/Rd and the off ramps from I-64/40 near the Amoco sign, but with I-64 gone, there wouldn’t be the on and off ramps anymore.  Maybe a big roundabout would help.

If totally removing urban freeways is too luddite for your tastes, then my second most ideal world would be for the PSB to carry direct ramps NB-to-EB and WB-to-SB for I-55, and EB-to-EB and WB-to-WB for I-64, off-ramps to connect to the City-to-Riverized Memorial Drive at-grade and at the same time meet a Poplar Street that would run underneath I-64/4o’s main lanes.  Poplar Street would meet all the Downtown streets on the lower deck, and I-64 moves along the upper deck, with the lower and upper decks re-uniting in freeway form somewhere between the Truman Parkway/18th Street and Jefferson Avenue.  At the new MRB, its only direct ramps would be WB-to-NB and SB-to-EB to carry I-70, and then off ramps to meet the newly extended Tucker Blvd and Memorial Drive (again, City-to-Riverized) at grade.  That way, at both the PSB and the NMRB, all directional movements would be possible because of the at-grade stoplights and junctions, and furthermore, the new Poplar Street running under I-64 would basically be a two-way outer road for I-64, making vicarious connections to I-64 EB and the PSB (and also to I-64 going west) would be possible from every Downtown north-south street.  The only hitch is that the signage would have to make it clear on both the PSB going WB and on I-64 going EB approaching Downtown that all north-south Downtown streets could only be accessed from the singular exit from 64 to the new Poplar Street running underneath 64, and in the case of 64 going EB, that the exit for Poplar Streets eg “All Downtown Streets” somewhere east of Jefferson is also clearly indicated as the “Last Missouri Exit” (hint: For those who carry).  Under this plan, the PSB would probably have to be widened to five lanes in both directions, which means letting its jeans out even more than what’s already being planned.

H-2B Or Not H-2B

13 09 2012

Byrnes Mill

They found fraud in the H-2B visa program.

Redundant, IMHO, because the whole thing is a fraud.  It seems like we get a “worst summer job market for teenagers and young adults” story every early summer for the past handful of years, yet there are seasonal jobs that Americans supposedly won’t do.

Mild Bill

12 09 2012


Oh well, it’s not as if country music didn’t die years ago.

Yum Yum Eat Em Up

11 09 2012

Walnut Park

Food, shooting, 1 AM, ghetto.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that the food in question was not chateaubriand.  Whatever was the delicacy, that was as good as he’ll ever eat for the rest of his life.  It’s bologna from here on out.

Pancakes and Mondays

11 09 2012



Uncle Bill’s owner kidnapped, robbed

Manchester police are investigating whether thieves who kidnapped and robbed the owner of Uncle Bill’s Restaurant, on Manchester east of 141, knew the owner’s routine and where his office is located in the restaurant.


Sgt. Dan Rehm said, “Right now the only description we have is two black males, one about 50, fairly heavy set; the other one 35-40, and thinner. They had white towels over their heads, and green and black ball caps. He did not get a real good look at their faces.”

Uncle Bill, meet CCW permit.  CCW permit, meet Uncle Bill.

I loved Uncle Bill’s, back in the days when I could eat a lot of carbs.  Hell, I don’t even know if the original Uncle Bill’s on South Kingshighway is still open.

Dress Code

6 09 2012


This is about a once-a-year happening around here:  A carload of young blacks will for no reason just decide to hit the gas and drag through the streets and boulevards of  North City, then hit either a fixed obstruction or another car, and kill some or all of themselves in the car for it, and badly hurt or kill someone in the other car if they wind up hitting a car.  And this isn’t the result of police chases, because they’re not being chased.  They inexplicably feel the need to go really really fast.

The actual crash happened near the campus of the former Northwest High School, now called the Northwest Academy of the Future Lawbreakers.  Notice the fifth picture (click to enlarge):

The caption reads:

Students and administrators from Northwest Academy of Law High gather at the scene of a single car accident north of the school on Riverview Boulevard Thursday, Sept 6, 2012. Four male teenagers were trapped inside the Grand Am, which hit a tree at the interection of Vivian Avenue. A fifth was ejected from the car. All of the injured were transported to area hospitals, three with critical injuries. Photo by Robert Cohen,

It does not seem like Northwest Academy of the Law High has a dress code.

Welcome to ABRA

6 09 2012



New St. Louis academy welcomes children from other nations

The six Burmese girls sat together at a picnic table in the corner of the courtyard, a good distance from the rest of the students.

They talked softly, some sketching, others finishing their lunch. At another table, girls from the African countries of Ethiopia, Sudan and Eritrea were a bit more gregarious. Next to them, Mexican children gathered to enjoy the mild August day.

At the New American Preparatory Academy, children from 23 countries speaking 18 languages come together to study, assigned to one campus to get better acclimated to U.S. culture.

Is that what they’re really doing?  I don’t think so:

It’s only been a few weeks, but Chapman said responses such as Moussa’s give her hope that the district is on the right track by moving ninth- and 10th-graders into the refugee program and temporarily out of Roosevelt and other neighborhood schools.

“Out of Roosevelt,” which means away from blacks.  That’s what this school is about:  Immigrant parents trying to get their kids away from our own domestic lumpenproletariat.  They might want to get “better acclimated” to America, but not ABRA.

Like I said last week, Roosevelt is the regular SLPS high school that serves the We Are the World part of town.

Cheetos Are Good

6 09 2012


But they’re not THAT good.

You’d think they thought the bag of Cheetos was a pair of shoes.

And people wonder why everyone gets up in arms when Larry Rice wants to shove a hovel of these people in their neighborhood.  Truthfully most of these people deserve to be living indoors, but only on Arsenal Street or in Jefferson City.

Blind Leadeth Blind

6 09 2012

St. Louis County

He would have done better to have an empty chair next to him.

We’ll go through this one more time:  There aren’t millions of people in prison for smoking weed.  There are millions of people in prison for doing a lot of serious crimes with a lot of real victims who pled down to drugs.

They Can’t Figure It Out

6 09 2012


Why are sales of Budweiser falling?

Hmmm, I wonder if it has something to do with what happened four years ago.  And no, I don’t mean Obama.

By the way, I’m still expecting the other shoe to drop at some point in the near future, i.e. InBev (hint) announcing they’re closing the St. Louis brewery and moving the American business HQ to a city whose major international airport is a hub for a major airline.  You know they’re going to, but they’re waiting on the perfect timing to drop the hammer.


Carry the Vote

4 09 2012


This is the way the story appears on KMOX radio’s website.  However, this paradigm has already drawn the ire of spokesmouths for St. Louis City Sheriff For Life Jim Murphy.  Everyone’s worried about fraud and abuse.

Remember, most Democrats, of which Murphy is one, and the critics of this Virginia paradigm gravitate toward that party, want to make it even easier than this to register to vote and actually to vote.  Hell, Eric Holder wants instant automatic registration on the voter rolls of otherwise eligible people not already registered to vote and of people about to turn 18.  If we had that paradigm with CCW, everyone who is old enough and not disqualified for some reason would automatically be allowed to carry, i.e. constitutional carry, to which I’m opposed.

Page Avenue Extension, Phase Two

2 09 2012

St. Charles County

Finally had a chance to drive the new section today.

Eight lanes plus occasional aux lanes, plus one-way mostly two-lane outer roads on either side.  Except near the west end approaching Mid Rivers Mall Drive, where they stripe off some of the pavement to transition down to four lanes at the end of the freeway continuing west on four lane divided Route 94.  I’m sure that pavement will be used for lanes after Phase 3 is open in about two years.  Incidentally, Route 94 and 364 (future Interstate 364, the numbering of the PAE) multiplex for the entirety of the second phase.

The strange thing is that the outer roads are called “St. Peters Parkway (North/South)” instead of just plain North or South Outer Road or Outer 364.  I think that’s going to confuse a lot of people:  They might think the freeway itself is the St. Peters Parkway.

Still, that won’t help Route 94 between I-70 and the PAE, which is still mostly four lane divided with stoplights.  It’s probably impractical to convert that into a freeway, so a good interim solution would be to widen to six lanes, make the stoplight at Zumbehl/Friedens a CFI, and the rest of the junctions RIRO.  That way, you would have only one stoplight on Route 94 between the PAE and 70.  West of the end of Phase 2 of the PAE to Highway 40 (I-64), Route 94 traffic isn’t heavy at all, so its current configuration of mostly four lane divided with stoplights is adequate.  But heavier traffic might justify CFIs or RIROs.

A couple of ideas to help St. Charles County traffic, while I’m on the subject:

1.  The new section of the PAE has an interchange with Kisker Road.  Extend Kisker Road to meet McClay Road, and rename Kisker-McClay-Thoele-Spencer Roads to just Spencer Road, so you have a neat single-named road from Whitmoor CC to Route 370.  Also, Spencer could have an implied slip ramp interchange with I-70 if the outer roads are converted to one-way (it’s on the drawing board).  A singular Spencer Road will then have interchanges with three different freeways.

2.  The cost might make this prohibitive, but what about extending Route 79 south as a Route 141-style divided highway using or approximating Salt Lick and Birdie Hills Roads?  It could have an interchange with Phase 3 of the PAE, depending on the geometry, then meet Route 94 somewhere between Independence and Breeze Roads, then curve to end at Highway 40 (I-64) at the current Research Park interchange.  Not only the cost makes this impossible, but it would be close to Mid Rivers Mall Drive to the east and Route K to the west as consistent north-south drags in the St. Peters/O’Fallon part of St. Charles County.


31 08 2012



Suspects Charged For Attempting To Run Over ATF Agent

The Circuit Attorney of St. Louis has issued charges against suspects who tried to run over ATF agents. 2nd degree Murder charge have been issued for Lorenzo Tate, 17 and Demitrius Creighton, 17 and  Arlando Quarles, 22. Additionally Lorenzo Tate faces a charge of attempted robbery;  Demitrius Creighton is charged with assault on a law enforcement officer; Arlando Quarles has also been charged with attempted robbery.

This is interesting.  The CA is filing state charges against people who tried to murder Federal agents.

Irony time.

1.  SB 1070

2.  Ruby Ridge, the 20th anniversary of which was ten days ago.

Gold star goes to the first person who can explain why this is ironic.

Something else bothers me.  Why was an ATF stool pidgeon involved in stopping an armed robbery?  Maybe because one or more of the potential robbers had felony sheets, which meant a Federal felon-in-possession rap.

Looks Are Deceiving

30 08 2012

Tower Grove East

If you thought the pictures were any indication, then Roosevelt High is 50% white, 25% black and 25% Asian.  In reality, it’s 82% black, 11% white, and 7% others.  The only reason it’s not 100% black is that the 1998-99 influx of Bosnian refugees to St. Louis largely settled Bosnians into Roosevelt’s service area, and that has partially inflated the school’s white student stats.  A few years ago, the local snooze did a story that for the first time in forever, Roosevelt has a soccer team, and the team is mostly Bosnian.  Some of the other “whites” are only marginally white.  Plain words, you can count the number of native “plain ole American” white students at that school on two hands.  There is a small contingent of Asians at that school, because Roosevelt’s service area includes the “We Are the World” part of town, where most of the city’s Vietnamese and Cambodian population lives, the neighborhood where Knockout Martin Luther King became an epidemic.  That’s why Roosevelt students win a lot of math contests.

Chocolate City Carondelet

30 08 2012


The neighborhood isn’t what it used to be.

But this is razor close to Carondelet Park, which has some exquisite houses along the north end of the park and some nice but not so big houses along the west end, which I will photograph one of these days for my next house tour.  Those all white neighborhoods and the encroaching ghetto nearby are separated by railroad tracks, literally and figuratively.


Here’s a first:  The late great departed has had some experience with the 22nd Judicial Circuit, and one of the judges therein warned him that he should “turn his life around.”  Usually, relatives or lawyers of people accused of very serious crimes or relatives of people who are victims of very serious crimes in the ghetto trot out that line.


The given judge who told Pollard to “turn your life around” then proceeded to suspend a three-year prison term.  Pollard was popped for one thing or another, but he kept getting second chance after second chance from St. Louis City’s notoriously lenient criminal “justice” system.  Pollard would have been closer actually to turning his life around if the judge wouldn’t have suspended his sentence.  At the very least, he would be alive right now.

West End Boys and Girls

30 08 2012



Overflow crowd attends Central West End neighborhood safety meeting

An overflow crowd attended a neighborhood safety meeting in the Central West End neighborhood tonight, concerned about recent robberies and the murder of a young woman in broad daylight.

Shorter:  They suddenly discovered that Chocolate City is right next door, and there’s no Berlin Wall or 10,000-volt fence between them.

St. Louis Police Chief Dan Isom, the guest speaker at the meeting, said that the police department and the city is trying many different things to try to stop the pattern, including shifting officers to evening patrols, concentrating on problem areas, putting more money towards overtime, partnering with a criminologist to study crime the issue, and taking reports for lesser vehicle crimes by phone to free up more officers on the streets.

“We’ll see what impact this has on the overall violent crime in our city,” he said.

Shorter:  Throw everything against the wall and we’ll see what sticks.

More than 100 people attended the meeting at the Schlafly Library.

Irony:  Named after well known left wing black loving kiss ass, Dan Schlafly, an in-law to Phyllis.

Resident Maggy Malcolm, who sits on the board of the Neighborhood Security Initiative, said that she wants to warn criminals not to come to the Central West End with a gun. “You will go to jail.”

Okay, Maggy Malcolm.  If you get what you want, then what are you going to do when it has a disparate impact on young blacks and the NAACP starts bitching?  The cops needed to enforce this won’t be able to go one day without getting “racial profiling” hurled at them.  I bet you’ll be right there with them to bitch.

She’s concerned that the suspects arrested in the most recent robberies are teenagers. “What are 18-year-old boys doing with guns? Robbing people and shooting people on the streets. There’s an underlying problem. What’s going on in their home life and in their neighborhood?”

So?  Teenagers do a lot of armed robberies.  Is Megan Boken any less dead because her assailant was 18 years old rather than 40?  If all the armed robberies in the CWE were being pulled by 50-year olds, would Maggy Malcolm be less concerned?  As to all her other questions, the answer is TNB.  And also, racism, because you called them “boys.”

Resident Linda Hamberg, 64, said she didn’t necessarily come away from the meeting feeling better, but she did feel more informed. She pointed out that residents need to look out for one another, do simple things like keeping doors locked, and reporting suspicious activity to police.

That’s a start.  Usually, all you need to do is make a lib feel better, and you’ve accomplished everything.  All of her other recommendations would otherwise be called racism and white privilege.

Really, this meeting accomplished nothing.  You can’t solve a problem until you identify a problem, and you can’t identify a problem if you’re precluded from doing so by the dictates of political correctness.

He Got Around Round Round Round, He Got Around

28 08 2012

St. Louis City

This is one 17-year old Terrell Holley, not part of The Hollies, and not part of the Beach Boys.

But he sure got around on Saturday night.

Funny thing is, his last stop for the night was at 5 AM, but I’m sure church services started a few hours later.  That’s relevant because I’m sure his lawyers will use the choir boy defense.

In other news…

Second Worst

28 08 2012

St. Louis

We’re Number Two.

Yeah, Number Two.

Number One is Wilmington, Delaware, the black and Hispanic heavy city that’s the only reason why Christine O’Donnell isn’t in the U.S. Senate right now.

Slay and Lazy Combined

27 08 2012

Room 200


We are determined to stop the violence and make ALL of our neighborhoods safer.

Last week, Chief Dan Isom announced his police department’s latest initiative against escalating gun violence. He asked all of his officers to be more visible and more proactive – and he announced important changes to the department’s deployment that will put more officers into neighborhoods most likely to have problems – at the times they most likely to have them. In my experience, when our police department focuses its collective resolve on a problem, it can accomplish great things.

This week, Congressman Lacy Clay attended a briefing of the City’s Public Safety Task Force to learn what we are doing and to add his voice, experience, and seniority to the effort. He was particularly interested in the hot-spot policing and anti-gang initiatives. I told him that I had asked the City’s budget office to find $200,000 for additional police overtime to support the programs – and that we had also sought $400,000 of federal grant money to pay for even more overtime on the anti-gang side.

The Congressman was an avid listener, offered good suggestions, and brought a federal grant to fund a youth intervention program with him. He also offered his support to the local control ballot initiative.

Written like someone who has been to business school.  “Proactive” was the giveaway.  Any document written by a business school student or in a business environment must contain the word “proactive” and contain it in a context of nobody being able to figure out what it means or how it’s relevant to the topic at hand.

“Hot-spot policing” = Devoting most SLPD man-hours to black neighborhoods.  Also known in some circles as “racial profiling.”

“Anti-gang initiatives.”  What for?  Megan Boken was murdered by a black gang, she was murdered by a young man who was aided and abetted by one of his cousins.

“Youth intervention program” = Bringing more troublesome black youths together thereby making it easier for them to form gangs.

“Local control ballot initiative” = Making black crime worse by giving control of the SLPD to City Hall, which is full of white-hating blacks and black-loving whites.


24 08 2012


Look at what they allegedly did.

Joyce did her presser before Todd Akin did his.  Who does she think she’s kidding?  Does anyone remember the Truth Squader scandal?  Are the victims of murder at the hands of 18-year olds any less dead because the murderers aren’t 40 years old?  She couldn’t even commit to the death penalty against the one charged with Murder One.  That might have been a smart thing for her to say now, but don’t bank on it happening:  1994 was the last time the St. Louis City “justice” system handed out a death penalty.  Joyce did hint that they were caught not because of the reward money, but because of the SLPD’s usual method of shaking down various ghetto thugs and ne’er-do-wells on a string yielded these two future nuclear physicists.  This is why it’s so important to have a lot of these “victimless” process crimes on  the books, (e.g. drugs, guns), not because you throw everyone who violates them in state prison, but because you hold that as the Sword of Damocles over their heads for when stuff like this happens, because the night does have a thousand eyes, and someone almost always knows something when something like this goes down.


Remember this?

Authorities think they did that, too.

Fleet of Foot

23 08 2012

Kingsway West

The principal, a former track athlete, versus the five smartest third, fourth or fifth graders in the school, in the hundred.

Gee, I wonder who’s going to win.

Who do they think they’re kidding with this bullshit?


22 08 2012

St. Charles County

Story #1:  “Dante Keller” and “Anthony Smith,” both 18 years of age, were popped for trying to steal cars from the Pundmann dealership in St. Charles.

Story #2:  A lot of St. Charles Countians are reporting that their guns are being stolen from their cars.

Sew what happens when you diversify an area?  Turns out it’s really not a strength.

Beer Will Do That

22 08 2012

Near North Riverfront


Mississippi River Bridge Project delayed by low water

St. Louis (KSDK) – Missouri Department of Transportation officials say construction on the new bridge over the Mississippi River is being delayed by low water conditions.

MoDOT Project Manager Greg Horn said construction is being hampered a bit by the draught.


Knockout Martin Luther King on the Missing Link

21 08 2012


That’s what it is.

There, That’s Better

21 08 2012

Room 200

Slay reacts to this:

I am frustrated because American cities, including ours, are awash in guns.

You spelled “blacks” wrong.

Speaking of this case, there’s reward money out there for into leading to the arrest of the doer.  I take this to mean that the SLPD’s usual channels of shaking down various thugs and other ne’er-do-wells isn’t yielding anything.

Sad Ending

19 08 2012


He was described as a black man believed to be in his mid-20s, about 5 feet, 8 inches tall with a thin build and short hair.”

Aren’t they all?


“Officially,” robbery gone bad, (I hear that so often from law enforcement that someone might as well make a jingle of it), and she didn’t know her killer.  Translation:  Anti-white hate crime.


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