Another Wannabe Tickle Monster Caught in the Act

26 06 2012

St. Charles County

Tried to hide cameras to gawk at 10- and 11-year old boys taking showers.  It says here that he teaches seventh grade math in the Fort Zumwalt district.  Better ask some of that school’s students, especially the boys, if the math teacher liked to hang around the gym a lot.

Who knows?  Maybe his life’s ambition was to be a college football defensive coordinator.

Channel 2’s version says that the district ran an FBI check on him before they hired him, and found a clean slate.  Duh, stupid — Every first-time criminal will have had a clean sheet before then.

UPDATE 1/24/2013

Feds found kiddie porn on his computer.  Gee, what a shock.

So what we have here is something in between Michael Devlin and Jerry Sandusky.  It was only a matter of time before looking became touching.  (Of course, it’s about to turn into “touching,” but not the kind he was expecting.)

Pick Me, Pick Me

25 06 2012



Ferguson Police say neighbor kidnaps neighbor’s son


Police say they’re still trying to figure out why Burks did this.

And here I am in the back of the class with my hand raised high in the air and springs in my rear end.  That’s because I already know the answer, teacher.

This budding Sandusky wanted a shower buddy.  All he ever wanted in life was to be some boy’s tickle monster.

Either that, or it’s the fault of the hot weather.


25 06 2012

Jeff Vanderlou

Will be in St. Louis later today. 

While he is here, he will:

1.  Be inducted into a college sports “Academic All-America Hall of Fame,” and,

2.  Visit Vashon High School.



Photo gallery, if you care.

Logic and Illogic

25 06 2012



Police Looking For Suspects In U City Teen’s Murder


“Crimes like this are senseless,” said Adams.  “But people make conscious choices to do these things.”

My brain just blue screened.

Everybody’s Got to Step in Doggie Doo

20 06 2012

Stay tuned on this crock of shit.


Doggie defecating dispute leads to racial slurs, assault, according to police

St. Louis, MO (KSDK) – A 38-year-old man and his dog were beaten Tuesday following a dispute over dog poop, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department said.

According to Katie O’Sullivan, a police spokeswoman, the incident occurred around 11:15 a.m. at the Lucas Park Dog Park, located at N. 13th and St. Charles streets. The victim, who has not been identified, was walking his dog and allowed his pet to defecate on the grass, near one suspect’s daughter.

That suspect confronted the victim and an argument ensued, O’Sullivan said.  The victim then began shouting racial slurs at the suspect, and other people who approached after overhearing the argument.

O’Sullivan said the victim continued yelling racial slurs at the first suspect and others, resulting in the beating.  The victim and his dog were struck repeatedly with rebar from a nearby construction site.

Bike offers apprehended the first suspect, but the victim said that person was not the person who hit him.  The first suspect was arrested for peace disturbance.

Police are trying to identify and locate other suspects.

The investigation remains ongoing.

I’m going on the assumption that the dog owner is white and the suspects are black, though we don’t know if they were men and women.  That said, why did they get so offended by a dog taking a doggie dump near one of their daughters?  Did they assume it was some sort of deliberate subliminal message?

Until we can get this mess straightened out, MUSIC:

Lovin’ That Shari’ah

20 06 2012

They’re going to throw him in Federal prison for giving money to groups that support Shari’ah Law.

Ironically, the U.S. Attorneys stringing him up all work for one Barack H. Obama II, who supports Shari’ah Law.

Mohamud Abdi Yusuf would have done better to subscribe to the New York Times or donate to the Obama/Biden campaign.  A nice, clean, legal way to get Shari’ah Law.

No Thanks. St. Louis Has Enough Colored Folks.

19 06 2012


Study: St. Louis needs more immigrants

If St. Louis hopes to thrive economically, it needs to attract more immigrants.

That’s the thrust of a new study being released Tuesday morning by economic development officials from St. Louis and St. Louis County. The report, authored by St. Louis University economist Jack Strauss, lays out the impact of immigration on the region’s economy. That impact is positive — just not big enough, Strauss found.

Strauss found that foreign-born residents of metro St. Louis, on average, earn 25 percent more, are 44 percent more likely to have a college degree and are 60 percent more likely to start a business than their native-born counterparts. They tend to cluster in growing industries like technology, healthcare and biotech, and if the region hopes to remain competitive in those areas, Strauss writes, we need to draw more of them into the local workforce.

So we have people who stand to benefit from cheap labor and someone whose (probably tenured) job isn’t threatened by mass non-white immigration telling us St. Louis needs more immigration?

Sorry, but I think their study methodology is more loaded than a drunk locked up in a liquor store.

As far as the 25%/44%/60% bit, the reason why that disparity is true is that most St. Louis immigrants are legal immigrant visa-holding Asians while there are very few legal and illegal alien Chicanos, while our “native born” citizenry is significantly black.  If they are “60% more likely to start a business,” it is because they have the whole SBA loan thing working in their favor.

Catch 44

19 06 2012


National Baptist Convention expected to discuss gay marriage

St. Louis (KSDK) – The National Baptist Convention is underway in St. Louis.

This week, 25,000 delegates will discuss policy, preaching techniques, and even take on a political hot potato. As soon as Tuesday, leaders at this convention are expected to begin discussing their stance on gay marriage.

Pastor Lawrence Ragland from Tennessee says he’s prayed over the topic of gay marriage. He supports President Obama, but parts ways with him on this issue.

When I heard him make that comment, I was really torn,” said Ragland. “I was like 50/50 you know. I know you have to take a position but also at the same time, I was kind of disappointed, I really was.”

The National Baptist Convention says it’s the nation’s oldest and largest African American religious convention with an estimated 7.5 million members.

You might be thinking “rock hard place” here.  But remember, these preachers at this convention are their cities’ cracker jack box theology degree big chiefs.  They’ll issue resolutions against gay “marriage,” but then turn right around and vote Obama, and encourage their Indians to do the same.

Danforth: Dole’s the Way to Go

18 06 2012

Rush referenced this story in the St. Louis Beacon, about John Danforth’s bitching that the Republican Party isn’t left wing enough, and pointing out Boob Dole as his beaux ideal of compromise governance.

That’s because Dole is a proven winner.  After all, he did almost get 40 million votes, almost 41% of the vote, almost 160 electoral college votes and almost 20 states when he ran for President.

As far as this bit about “compromise” — He’s right, compromise is sometimes necessary.  But before you can compromise, you have to have all sides present, accounted for and heard from.  What Dorky Dorkendweeb wants is for anyone to the right of him to disappear from public life so that “compromise” can be between the left and the far left.

There’s a reason why the St. Louis Beacon is glorifying a Danforth.


That reminds me, while we’re talking about John Danforth.  Does anyone have access to legal archives to look up this case?

Fight Club

18 06 2012


Corrections Officers Accused of Orchestrating Beating

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Two detention officers face charges of setting up an inmate beating.  Fox 2 Investigator Chris Hayes reveals how it`s just the latest twist in what appears to be a criminal conspiracy in St Louis City jails.

Inside the Workhouse, prosecutors say corrections officers took an inmate out of his cell so he could assault another inmate.

Assistant Circuit Attorney Dan Proost said, “It does appear that this attack was orchestrated by these two corrections officers because they did go to the attacking inmate and ask them ‘do you want to assault this individual?’”

Proost said he watched jail surveillance of corrections officers Elvis Howard and Dexter Brinson walk the attacking inmate to another man’s cell for a staged assault.

Read the rest of the article.  It confirms what I said after the “breakouts” at the city workhouse last year, that the local media were loath to admit until now, that they weren’t breakouts, the jail guards let them loose.  That’s because the guards and the inmates are the same caliber of people.

Soulard in the Summer

17 06 2012

Another house and building tour.  Took these yesterday at Soulard Market, and a hot and more humid than it’s been recently summer Saturday morning at crowded Soulard was really fun.  But now you know, these are the fresh fruits and vegetables that people in Soulard supposedly don’t have access to.

My general path is Soulard Market -> A-B -> St. Agatha -> Lemp Mansion -> Gus’s Pretzels.  Notice the dual lion statues in front of both the Lemp Mansion and a house near it.  You see a lot of that in St. Louis.  The photo set of my mother’s I showed in my first house tour showed St. Agatha, the Lemp Mansion and the ISCO smokestack from a distance, and I wanted to get them close-up.

Pay special attention to the final photo in this tour, after the Gus’s Pretzels and before it starts back at the beginning at Soulard Market.  That relatively dowdy looking structure is 1938 Arsenal Street.  It was recently renovated, and I guess they’ll sell it as either a residence, business or mixed.  But I wanted to make special light of that particular building in this blog, because a long time ago, it was a tavern frequented by James Earl Ray.  In fact, an MLK assassination conspiracy theory that the FBI actually investigated involves this former tavern, but the problem with it is that the theory involved two people cavorting with each other at this ex-tavern that in real life never met each other until years after MLK was assassinated.

Picture 9:  I think WEW radio’s studios were once in the building in the background right.

Picture 32:  Definitely A-B, but I’m thinking it was the business headquarters before the new HQ building just north of that was built.  I know that “Pestalozzi Street” in this town is a metonym for A-B, and that building does sit around what would be the alignment of Pestalozzi Street if it still existed at that point.

Pics 37-40:  A WBTS battle was fought in that park.  Behind the park was the old Federal arsenal (hence Arsenal Street), and the Feds still own it, the large structure in the background is the Defense Mapping Agency.

Pics 46, 47, 57, 58:  Lafayette Square style houses in Benton Park.  58 is the rear of 57, and that one needs work on its front sills.

Pics 56 and 61 are the same house, whose owner likes Fred Wessels for City Treasurer.  I vaguely remember this house having double lion statues, too.

I’ll provide context to any of the other pictures, just ask in the comment section below.

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Giving Chicago a Run For Its Money

16 06 2012

North St. Louis overnight:  One killed and six others shot.

No Kraut

16 06 2012


Jacob Lowery charged after setting girlfriend on fire

St. Louis (KSDK) – A 34-year-old man has been charged after police say he doused his girlfriend with gasoline and set her on fire.

Jacob Lowery is charged with first-degree criminal domestic assault and armed criminal action.

Police were called to the scene in the 4600 block of Allemania in south St. Louis around 7:45 p.m. Thursday.

Police say the 35-year-old victim was driven to the hospital by her boyfriend.

Lowery was then taken into custody.

The victim is hospitalized in critical condition.

The street name is “Allemania,” which sounds like the French word for Germany, “Allemagne,” which comes from one particular tribe of Germanics that called themselves Alemanni, which translated to “all men.”

I don’t think they were thinking of one Jacob Lowery when they meant “all men.”

“What Kind of Lowlifes Target a Teenager With Autism?”

15 06 2012


Story, Video.

“Final Solution”

15 06 2012

While I wasn’t paying attention, Mahogany Mobs met Young Yuppies on Washington Avenue


St. Louis Police Tweak Washington Avenue Plan

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Busy traffic down Washington Avenue has the City of St. Louis taking steps to develop a permanent plan to control activity.

Recently the city shut down Washington Avenue over the weekend in various ways to find a final solution to excessive foot and car traffic.

Now they have a new plan. They`re closing off both sides of Washington Avenue between 9th and 14th streets from 10 pm to 4 am over the weekend to traffic.  In addition, the rule applies to anyone under 21. Jonathan Andros of Gelateria Tavolini says the closure won`t affect his business. He thinks the changes are good for his growing community.


Police unveil new strategy to patrol Washington Avenue


Even though police have been increasing patrols, just last weekend, there was a shooting at the corner of Tucker and Convention.


“At about 1 a.m. the lieutenant was the first cop we saw in hours because they were all up on the ends carding people, so there was no police presence out on the streets. They were expecting us to do it all and they kept coming by asking us to make them move. They are asking one door guy to walk up to 20 young men and ask them to get moving and get them off the streets and that’s not going to work,” said Sullivan.

They are going to have to come up with a “final solution.”  It does not need to be that severe, but we do need to do everything we can to cajole thug blacks into moving to North St. Louis County.


15 06 2012


Dispute at Club Elite ends in stabbing, beer bottle assault

The search is on for the person or persons involved in an argument outside a north St. Louis night club that led to three of the combatants being attacked, including one who was stabbed early Thursday.

Police responded to a call for a fight and stabbing near North Kingshighway and Enright around 2:27 a.m. Thursday, and found three victims.

Police say a quarrel inside Club Elite earlier in the evening apparently continued after the victims left the club.

The trio told investigators they were approached outside the Club Elite by a group of approximately 10 people who began to argue with them.

One of the victims was stabbed, then struck in the head with a beer bottle.  Another victim was thrown to ground in the melee.

Two of the three injured were transported to an area hospital and listed in stable condition with non life threatening injuries.  The third person attacked refused any medical attention.

Officials have not provided any information on what the two groups were arguing about prior to the assault.

Earth to ESL:  Can’t blame this on a late closing time.

Formerly Known As

14 06 2012


Social worker Abdullah Jamaal Ali pleads guilty to Medicaid fraud

Jefferson City, MO (KSDK) – A licensed local social worker pleaded guilty to three counts of Medicaid fraud in St. Charles County, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said Wednesday.

According to court documents, Abdullah Jamaal M. Ali, formerly known as Gerald P. LaMotte, admitted to submitting false Medicaid claims saying he provided family therapy to children when their families were unavailable.

The children’s families contradicted Ali’s claims.

Abdullah Jamaal Ali pleaded guilty three counts of Medicaid fraud and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Ali has also agreed to pay restitution and double damages, totaling $25,230, and surrender his Medicaid provider number permanently.

The pic came from the P-D, but they went and plastered the judge’s name all over the place.  So I used Channel 5’s version.

Kirkwood Learned Nothing

14 06 2012


Kirkwood racist “covenant” may be ditched in Greenbriar Neighborhood

The City of Kirkwood is considering throwing out unenforceable and racist laws on the books in one neighborhood.

On Tuesday evening, the Human Rights Commission discussed the issue of an old covenant in the Greenbriar Neighborhood.

The covenant, dating back to the 1920s, states African-Americans cannot occupy a building unless they are servants or employees.

City, state and federal laws trump the authority of the covenant.

The language upsets many residents and the commission plans to ask the homeowners association of Greenbriar to take it out. Some say this is actually a positive opportunity for Kirkwood.

“It’s not that the city officials have did (sic) anything, but if they’re going to help support something of this nature to clear it off the books, hey, we’re behind you,” said Kirkwood resident Ron Hodges.

Commissioners say this is not the only neighborhood in Kirkwood, or the state, with similar language in a covenant.

Don’t they realize that all their racial pandering is what got some of them killed a few years ago?  That’s right, the reason the Cookie Monster of Kirkwood did what he did is precisely because Official Kirkwood did nothing but pander and grovel to him year in and year out, and this only served to make him angrier and more hostile until he blew his top.

More House Tour

13 06 2012

I took these this past Saturday, the same day I took my Lafayette Square pics.

Generally, these are McKinley HS – Sigel Elementary – Old City Hospital – Tucker/12th – Allen Market Lane – Lemp – Sidney – Indiana.  I don’t feel like typing a caption for each of the following 68 photos, but if you can ask in the comments section if you want to know about an individual picture.  Yes, as you can see, I did get the now-famous “Eminent Domain” mural.  I also solved the mystery behind one of the houses in my first house tour, which you will see again and close-up in this one — The reason that house (as it turns out, on 2416 Lemp) has trash cans on the street is because it has no back alley (which I already deduced), but it has no back alley because I-55 is right behind it.  I hope that house is well insulated.

The very large church near the end is St. Francis De Sales.  President Bush 41 spoke there during the 1992 re-election campaign.  For proof, see this and this.

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We’re Number Three

13 06 2012

We’re behind Dirt-Rot (2) and Flint, Michigan (1).

As much as I love to point out these kinds of stories to whet my own sensationalism, common sense teaches me that there is no way St. Louis City is anywhere close to being comparably dangerous as (or sometimes officially, more dangerous than) Dirt-Rot.  Spare me — How can a city that’s not even half black (and the black percentage is slowly declining) be comparable to a city that’s 90% black?  The tangible reason is that since the SLPD is under state control, they report crime stats more accurately.  Also, St. Louis’s city budget is nowhere near Dirt-Rot style insolvency.

Even Though Food Stamp Spending Is Soaring

13 06 2012


Summer Food Program Kick Off in St. Louis

There are some children in the St. Louis area that their only nutritious meal of the day comes at school, but what happens when school is out.

The St. Louis Department of Human Services is again sponsoring the summer meal program, “School’s Out Cafe” to make sure children will be fed now that school is over.


The funding comes from the USDA, the same agency that provides school lunches for those living in poverty. The program runs through August 10th at over 100 sites.


Finding Fault

13 06 2012

As the Cochran VA Center Turns.


John Cochran VA Medical Center raising concerns among Missouri lawmakers


Republican Sen. Roy Blunt called continued problems at Cochran “unacceptable.”

But what of the affirmative action hiring and promotion which caused the chronic problems at Cochran?


“The nurse wasn’t paying attention.”  Why should she?  She’s black, which means I’ll win Powerball before she can be fired.  She has no incentive to do her job.

There for the Taking

12 06 2012


Thieves Rob North St. Louis McDonald’s Drive-Thru

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Police are looking for a man who reached in a McDonald’s drive-thru window and stole cash in North City early Tuesday morning.

St. Louis City Police said they got the call from employees at 2:15 a.m. Investigators took statements from shaken cashiers and dusted the window for fingerprints. Witnesses said when the the suspect drove up to the window, things got nasty

Investigators said the man pushed the window open, and stole a drawer holding an unknown amount of cash. Police started looking for a black male driving a navy-blue van.

There were no reports of any injuries.

The thief is sitting in a van at the drive-through window.  He pushes the drive-through window doors open, even though I thought that only people on the inside could open those.  And when he “miraculously” gets the doors open, he just happens to find a drawer full of cash within reach.  And of course, he takes it and drives off.

This is how things got “nasty,” and this made the McEmployees “shaken.”

Does this sound implausible to you?  I thought so.

So I’ll make this obvious in three, two, one…


Debate Night

11 06 2012

I just got back from the Republican Senate debate at Lindenwood University.

Todd Akin won, hands down.  He’s the only one on stage who acted like he could think on his feet.  John Brunner was too pre-packaged, (“Soybean farmers endorsed me.”  Really, John?  Really?) and I don’t know why Sarah Steelman is considered the frontrunner, because she stutters and stammers all over the place.  Funny, last month, I went to a Tea Party rally in West County where she spoke, and she sounded okay then.  And she was pretty good in her 2004 run for Treasurer then her 2008 run for Governor.  Seems like her speaking abilities are degrading over time.

Out of Akin, I heard a little Ron Paul, especially on Syria, and a little George Wallace, with him echoing Wallace’s famous quote that people who work for a living should live better than people who don’t.  The St. Charles cop who asked that question about EBT fraud and abuse should get a medal.

I can only hope enough people watched this debate to make a difference in August.

BTW, moderating debates does not seem to be in Betsey Bruce’s wheel house.

<sarcasm> This debate really missed Tom Danforth. </sarcasm>

Lafayette Square

9 06 2012

If you thought my first house tour was eye candy, then prepared to be blown away.  There are 75 pictures here, so I arranged them in an auto-scrolling slideshow.  You can stop and manually go forward and back.  You can also view an individual picture right-clicking on it and using your browser’s “view image” functionality.  Hint:  Delete everything in the URL bar after “jpg,” stuff like “?w=470.”  Then you will see the image in its native size, 640×480 or 480×640.

I think these might be the best pics of LS on the internet.  But still, pictures don’t do this neighborhood justice.  This was the first city neighborhood to experience gentrification in the population decline era of the city proper, we’re talking 1970s and 1980s.  Wanna buy in LP?  You better come to the party with at least $300k if you want a condo or a half a million if you want a standalone house.

But, believe it or not, these are not the most exquisite park-front houses in St. Louis.  Lindell Avenue north of Forest Park takes that honor.  I personally like the houses that face Carondelet Park to the north along Holly Hills.  But, diff’rent strokes…

I start at Mississippi Avenue just over the I-44 overpass, then work my way around Lafayette Park counterclockwise (Mississippi Ave-Park Ave-Missouri Ave-Lafayette Ave), then a few pics within LP, then I head east a little bit on Lafayette Avenue toward 18th Street.  You will notice that the biggest free-standing houses (i.e. not condos) are on the north side of the park along Park Avenue — That tends to be the rule in St. Louis when it comes to park front housing, best along the north.  Also notice the flying buttresses on the church, not often seen in The STL.

Took these photos today after departing Soulard Market.

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8 06 2012


Argument in north St. Louis ends with man stabbed in face with scissors


The victim told investigators the couple were drinking when the woman became beligerent and threw a can of peas at him, striking him in the head.

Guns don’t kill, dangerous blacks armed with cans of peas do.

This story is dedicated to all the starving people on Earth.


8 06 2012

Prison has a way of turning smiles into frowns.  This will be your last smile for a very long time.

Take Care

8 06 2012

She is accused of doing this.

Remember, the caliber of people that work in nursing homes in St. Louis is barely one baby step above this.

Money Means Moochers

7 06 2012

MSD’s bond issue passed on Tuesday.

More public money means…

You guessed it.

Worse sewers.  (In the long run)

Unfortunate Name

7 06 2012


NAACP’s annual Freedom Fund Dinner held at Ritz-Carlton


…Ina Boon…

Did I say unfortunate?  I might have meant appropriate.


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