And On the Eleventh Night

21 08 2014


Not much.  Only six arrests.  And this.

There was a brief storm in the area around 8:30 to 9 pm that made a lot of the party goers leave.  I was thinking that they could have sought temporary shelter inside the QT or the Ferguson Market, except, well, oops.  For a lot of the men of Ferguson and a surrounding areas, they should have just stood in the rain, as this would have been their first shower since getting out of jail or prison.

I would like to think that they’re getting carnivaled out, and I’d like to think that we’re so close to this party wrapping up that I can soon start the week off from blogging that I’ve been promising myself.  But what gets me thinking that their batteries are going to get recharged is that the weekend is coming up, though I don’t think weekday versus weekend really matters to these people, as not many of them actually have M-F 9-5s, or even any other kind of non-“would you like fries with that” job, and then there’s the funeral and memorial on Monday.


The First Amendment Is Only For Black People

20 08 2014



Garbage In, Garbage Out

20 08 2014


While the East St. Louisization of Ferguson marches on, so does the Fergusonization of St. Charles County.

For once the kids get planted in the Francis Howell district, the parents will want to move there, and in case they can’t find any “affordable” apartments, Eric My People and the Federal judiciary will cram Section 8 down their throats.

For Entertainment Purposes Only

20 08 2014


If ISIS wants Africanus Bellcurvius, ISIS can have them.

If you are part of the bell curve community, you might want to do a lot of thinking before you take them up on their offer.


Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

20 08 2014


Black man doesn’t want Rand Paul’s pandering to blacks, TYVM.

I am pleased that Breitbart has been pushing back against this “police militarization” meme that, while it’s an issue that needs to be discussed and debated in general, is not relevant in the matter of the FerGaza Strip.

The cops used to be a lot more “bad ass.”

Now the Asians are playing the victim card.  No, silly, they’re not deliberately out to get Asians, it’s just that Asians like to operate ghetto businesses, SBA loan-financed, by the way.

*  If there is a “war on the black male,” then the combatants are losing badly.  Let me put it to you this way:  If we waged WWII like we’re waging this supposed war on the black male, we’d be speaking German or Japanese right now.  (Yes, I know, that’s not literally the case, I’m just saying it for effect.)

Spinoff, Maybe?

20 08 2014


Looks like the network execs are jonesing for a Chicago-based spinoff of Survivor: Ferguson.

All Done

20 08 2014


I refer you back to my hypothetical reconstruction of the last 23 minutes of Michael Brown’s life, because I now have hit preponderance of the evidence on that which until about an hour ago I was most hesitant to believe, that Brown tried for Wilson’s gun and that that struggle caused one of them to fire the gun.

We have so much information about this and that coming at us so quickly that I have my guard up pretty high over what to believe.


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