3 AM Call

16 05 2012

Through almost all of 2010, this was the 3 AM phone call I dreaded.  Luckily, I never got such a call, and the odds were low anyway.  First off, all five stations I managed weren’t open 24/7, even though people could still buy gas with credit and debit cards all night.  Second, none of the stations were in the ghetto.

If a ghetto quickie mart isn’t working its counter clerks behind bullet proof glass, then they’re liable for gross negligence, IMHO.

What’s most disconcerting here is how the cops got it so wrong.  This is atypical of the usually on-the-ball SLPD.


P-D quotes the proprietor as saying of his customers, “they’re crazy here sometimes.”

Yeah, that’s what happens when your clientele is N’Deshawntavious, N’D’Mario, Boo, Nu’Keese, Quentric, Quintavious, Shitavious, Latrina, Aquanetta, Lemonjello, Orangejello, Euphemiette and Shuntrice.

Get Back to Me When You Actually Accomplish Something

15 05 2012


I wasn’t stuck in this traffic, but someone I had to deal with at work today was.

It would have been so cute if some ambulance had to go in the direction of the backup, and the person died because the ambulance got there too late.

And what’s this all about, anyway?  Are we supposed to be impressed that you’re about to graduate from high school?  Francis Howell is no Vashon, grant you.  But on the other hand, it’s no Metro.  It’s not too hard to finish four years of an average public suburban high school with a C average and get a piece of paper that reads, “Diploma.”  It’s not an accomplishment, it’s a minimum expected behavior of adolescents.

Point being, graduating from high school is nothing special that justifies these kinds of pranks.

“No Cost Estimates”

14 05 2012

We do know officially now that Kroenke wants a kinda sorta retractable roof and major expansion of the structure to the east, to allow for enough expandable temporary seating for the Dome to host a Super Bowl.

What don’t we know?  Right.

Here’s the part that has always mystified me:

According to the lease, the Rams are free to terminate the lease as early as 2015 if the CVC fails to keep the Dome a “first-tier” stadium, or one that’s better than three-quarters of all National Football League venues in 15 categories. If the Rams and the CVC can’t agree on a renovation plan satisfying the lease requirement by June 15, the matter goes into arbitration.

Who or what gets to decide the criterion of “better” or “worse?”  Is there language in the lease defining that, or is it a subjective matter to one or both sides?  I would hope that in a well-written contract, it’s both in the contract and well-written language.

One more thing:  If this happens, I think it and City to River would be a nice pairing.


Conceptual drawings.  The “retractable roof” isn’t really, it’s basically a sunroof without the translucency.  Also, I now think even more strongly that a Memorial Drive in place of the elevated section of I-70 would look a lot better.


City Hall estimates the tab to be $700 million, two and a half times more than the cost of the original dome.  The comment below about it costing a gigabuck wasn’t too far off the mark.  Along with that, the dome would have to be closed for as many as three years for reconstruction.  There is nothing close to a suitable temporary football stadium anywhere near St. Louis; I suppose they would have to perch at Faurot Field for three seasons.  I know the Chicago Bears played one season at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana while Soldier Field was being renovated, but it’s something quite a bit different to take a St. Louis team and plop it in the middle of the state halfway to another NFL market for three years.  The time requirements and the cost are prohibitive, and I think Kroenke nows it.  That’s why Kroenke made these demands, because he knows and wants the answer to be no, so he can move ‘em back to L.A.

From Hope to Dignity

14 05 2012

Larry Rice-a-Roni is looking to migrate “Hopeville” to an empty lot near Vandeventer and 44.  The new encampment will be called “Dignity Village.”

On the other hand, I’m sure the SLPD can clear out a lot of unresolved warrants by picking the low hanging fruit in an empty lot near Vandeventer and 44.  We know that Rice-a-Roni’s homeless shelter is the city’s most commonly listed address for registered sex offenders.

Is it just me, or does it seem that the lack of charisma is the only thing that prevented Larry Rice from becoming Jim Jones?  All the other elements are there.

More LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH Community Funnies

11 05 2012

He’s 30.  He’s 18.  And that’s “controversial” in the local LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTH community?

For what?  AOC in this state is 17, so it’s legal.  I’m going to go out on a limb, put my “credibility” at risk, and assume that the relationship involves a little more than the 30-year old helping the 18-year old with his English Literature term papers.  (Yes, dummy, I’m saying they’re having sex.)  Why would the noble LGBTQMIALOLPLPLTHers around here have a problem with homosexual sex?

I’ll put this whole “controversy” to bed (no pun intended) with a one hyphenated word:


Note:  The answer to your obvious question can be found at the end of my FAQ.

John Danforth Said Something Stupid

10 05 2012

He opened his mouth.  That’s how you can tell.

Then again, John Danforth said something so stupid in his first two years as Missouri Attorney General, that everything other stupid thing out of his mouth was merely a footnote.

A white neighborhood in Kansas City tried to resist the onslaught of diversity by incorporating as a country club and charging dues of $10 a year.  Danforth sued the “country club” using the newly minted state civil rights laws.  In court, Danforth said something along the lines of:  “$10 a year dues isn’t enough for a real country club.”  The obvious foot-in-mouth element of that is that he had his nose so high up in the air that he knew how much a “real country club” charged.  Ironically, the houses in this Kansas City neighborhood weren’t big enough for the Danforth’s pets, much less the Danforth’s people.

I don’t know the disposition of that case, but I do know that it was a moot point anyway, because the surrounding areas around the “country club” became ghetto, so the country club idea was a fool’s errand.  Also, the Citizens Councils’ Missouri chapters put up billboards with that Danforth quote during his first campaign for the Senate in 1970, and that may have cost him the election.  Of course, six years later, the whole thing was forgotten, and he ran again and won, and would win two more terms.  Then he would lead a cover-up investigation of the Waco tragedy in 1999, and was also Bush 43′s UN Ambassador for a short time.

One more thing — I don’t know this for sure, but one of the lawyers that served as one of Danforth’s Assistant AGs during his first two years as AG was Clarence Thomas, so it’s highly conceivable he did a lot of the legal work in Danforth’s suit against the “country club.”  We do know for sure that this is why Sen. Danforth went to the wall to get Thomas confirmed to SCOTUS, even after Anita Hill started talking.

Three Excuses Just Died Today

10 05 2012


First, it says that she walks by abandoned buildings and businesses on her way to and from school every day.  I thought abandoned buildings had some sort of magical power — All you had to do is walk past one, and it instilled in you the desire to commit a violent crime.

Second, she resists the youth culture that dominates Normandy High.  I thought the “wrong crowd” was like a black hole whose gravitational attraction was so strong that nobody or nothing could resist getting sucked in.

Third, she has attended four different schools since the eighth grade.  I thought everyone who changed schools a lot was such a hopeless loser that they might as well have dropped out and started dealing crack.

Now, let’s cut to the chase:

She scored a 27 on her ACT, when the average composite score at Normandy High last year was a 16. No one has ever scored higher than a 27 at the high school, according to the school district.

Last summer, Eboni attended a journalism program at Princeton University. There, instructors helped her decide on a college. She chose Columbia.

She applied, and then waited. On Dec. 8, while editing the school newspaper after school, she logged on to the university’s website. It was 4 p.m. — the time the university would post its acceptance and rejection letters for early admissions. Eboni pulled up the letter addressed to her. “Congratulations!” it began.

Along with the acceptance notification, Eboni received another letter saying all expenses were paid.

Eboni cried.

Her goal is to become a journalist.

She knows many of her college classmates will come from elite high schools with stronger academic backgrounds. And she knows she’ll have to work harder than many of them to make up for it.

While Eboni’s ACT score is high for Normandy students, it is on the bottom edge of Columbia’s incoming freshmen. Columbia’s admissions office “takes a broad range of qualifications and characteristics into consideration” when reviewing applicants, university spokeswoman Katherine Cutler said.

And if you don’t know how to translate that PR jargon into English, then you’re hopeless.  I can assure you that the “range of qualifications and characteristics” weren’t really “broad” in the case of whether to admit Miss Boykin.

I got a 30 on my ACT.  Not good enough for any Ivies.  Cornell College (Iowa) was the best private school that would admit a classmate whose ACT score was the same 27 as Miss Bokyin’s.  Though ACT scores then and now might be apples and oranges, especially if the ACT has engaged in any of this “recentering” monkeyshine that the SAT has.

Guess What He Did

9 05 2012

Yes, it’s a felony.  But no, it’s not a crime you have heard much about in the last century.

A Tragic Thing Happened on the Way to Incubating Future American Leaders

9 05 2012

Well, almost tragic, but for something that seems like Divine intervention.

So far, no IDs of either the suspect or victim.  The suspect…well, we have a good idea.  But I’m halfway thinking that the victim is white, because charter schools love to hire naive Can’t Teach for America types who all think they’re a real life Michelle Pfeiffer in a real life Dangerous Minds.

Read more about the school.


The 32-year old suspect, as I figured.  That’s a hard-looking 32 years old.  Probably drugs.

I doubt the vic will ever go public.  But I’m starting to doubt that she’s white, because she is said to be 35 years old.  The Can’t Teach for America twits usually flame out within one semester after their first teaching job out of college.

Rams Are Male Sheep

9 05 2012

Which, like taxpayers, occasionally get fleeced.


Sources tell Fox 2 News that the biggest part of what the Rams want, involves tearing out the current roof on the dome and installing a retractable roof.

Construction experts have told us in the past that putting in such a roof would be almost impossible without major structural changes to the dome building itself, very expensive changes.

The Dallas Cowboys new stadium has a billion dollar facility with a retractable roof. Experts claim retrofitting an existing building with a retractable roof could cost between $200 and $300 million for the roof itself and other changes to the building.

If it’s 300, then that’s more than the early 1990s cost of the dome itself, 280.  I also imagine that Kroenke wants renovations beyond just the RR, which will be another good hunk of money.

Now I see where this is going.  Kroenke wants to own an NFL team in Los Angeles.  So he’s highballing the CVC for demands he knows they could never meet, in order to come to an impasse.  From there, I see one of two things happening — One, either the Rams move back to LA at the end of the lease in 2015, or two, Shahid Khan, who wanted to buy the Rams in the first place but Kroenke exercised his contract rights, will move his Jacksonville Jaguars to LA before 2015, and they’ll swap teams.  Then Khan will pay for these renovations out of his own pocket and negotiate a new dome lease with the CVC.

What Has Happened to WGNU?

8 05 2012

I had trouble sleeping last night, so I let a little bit of talk radio give me the push into log-sawing territory.

WTF is going on with WGNU?  I know they were sold not long after Chuck Norman’s passing, but I didn’t expect the new owners let the station devolve into total screwballville.

The show I was listening to had as a guest someone who either was or used to be the head basketball coach at East St. Louis Senior High.  (Last name Coleman, IIRC).  For whatever reason, he had to suspend one of their better players, and that’s what he was on that show to discuss.  The player’s whole family it seems like called in to defend him against the coach.  I might have been half dozed off, but it seems to me that this given player has an “Aunt Latrina” who called in, of course to defend her nephew.

A relative of the coach (sister?) called in to defend him.

The coach also defended his emphasis on academics, though I don’t imagine that ESL HS is exactly as rigorous as Exeter Prep.

Remember when WGNU had shows and hosts that actually discussed substantive issues and engaged in thought provoking conversation?  Now we have screaming and hoopla about some flunky loser who was so bad that he got bounced off the ESL HS basketball team, which is sorta like being too short for Munchkin Land, and about some coach whose great accomplishment is life is requiring his players to do well in school, which in ESL parlance means showing up and having a pulse.

Knockout Martin Luther King Strikes Again

7 05 2012

The West End.  I’ve had it in the back of my mind that that was a prime neighborhood for KMLK, because it’s white liberal yuppieville right up against a hundred thousand Trayvons across Delmar.

The Fourth Victim

7 05 2012

SLPD and the CA’s Office think he did this.

Aside from the three human victims, I call the graceful old house not far from my boyhood neighborhood the fourth victim.  Just from the picture, the house might be able to be repaired and renovated.

This makes me hope that all those theories I’ve been hearing about shuffling city blacks to North County using the carrot-and-stick of Section 8 vouchers are true.  Houses like these will never be built again.


4 05 2012


Courtroom Erupts After Life Sentences Handed To Cop Shooter


As the sentencing was ending and Cobb was being led out by St.  Louis sheriff`s deputies, he yelled ‘f— you all!’ at least twice in the direction of the St. Louis police officers who were in the courtroom.

My reaction if I were one of those cops?

“Yeah, but none of us are going to prison.”

That’s why there aren’t many snarky cops.

“Nobody Ever Sang Their Way to Freedom”

4 05 2012

Onion Horton’s signature quote, in reaction to a caller who floated the theory that the popularity of black musicians among whites in the 1950s and early 1960s begat the successful civil rights movement.

Similarly, nobody ever ran their way to permanent prosperity for someone else.

If they think that running is going to solve poverty in Kenya and Haiti, they’re going to do nothing but running for the rest of their lives.

I Once Had This Problem In Theory

4 05 2012

But I never had to hire or fire anyone, so I didn’t have this problem in reality.

And yes, you’re serving the public.  Long dreads tend to scare off the public.

I’ve Been Thinking It, So I’m Glad Someone Finally Said It

4 05 2012

Just heard an ad on a talk radio break from John Ross (yes, THAT John Ross).  He didn’t use these exact words, but his point was that the average American is more likely to be a victim of black crime than Muslim terrorism, and the cops won’t get there until the only thing they can do is draw a chalk line around your dead body, so the best solution is to partake of his CCW training to get a permit.

If he would have talked more like this in 1998, he might be my Congressman right now.

“The I-Team Started Digging For Answers”

4 05 2012

Your answer is right in front of you, genius.  Plain as the nose on your face.

“It’s a black world.”

The only thing I don’t get is why Mr. Hershey thought he would have a receptive audience for his message at our HBCU.  I mean, we’re talking about the same wonderful lumpenproletariat that doesn’t really grok animal husbandry — Just see all the packs of jettisoned dogs running around the north side to understand that.  Every once in awhile, those packs of dogs will kill a child.

I Missed It

4 05 2012


Meeting To Look At Academic Performance Of City Students At 6P Thursday

The Saint Louis Public Schools Special Administrative Board will hold a Board Meeting Thursday, May 3, 2012 at the Administrative Building, 801 N. 11th Street, Room 108.

During the meeting, the Special Administrative Board is scheduled to hear from Dr. Kelvin R. Adams, Superintendent, regarding the following topics of interest:

Academic Performance Comparison

The academic performance of city African American students attending District schools will be compared to the academic performance of city African American students attending County public school districts.

Yeah, I missed it, but I didn’t really.  Same dummies in the county as they are in the city.

In fact, the Federal courts that ordered interdistrict deseg also wanted legitimate statistics on how it was working out.  I think it was called the Lisset Report, but I do know that it showed that city blacks bussed to suburban schools improved less than city students who remained in city schools, controlling for a lot of variables.

Just What Manslaughter Road Needs

3 05 2012

Yet another big box.

There’s already a Mal-Wart Stupid Center at Manslaughter and 141, that one opened not long ago to replace a nearby regular-sized Mal-Wart.  So we’re going to have two of those behemoths within five miles of each other.

This one will wreck an apartment complex, and fewer apartments in West County probably means my rent is going up just on the supply-demand curve alone.  Yeah, those “every day low prices” sure have a price, don’t they?

Cruel irony would be if the displaced residents this apartment complex are recompensed with Mal-Wart gift cards.


2 05 2012

Today was good ass crack weather.

What I mean by that is that if you happened onto the wrong parts of town this afternoon, you would have seen a lot of shirtless, sagging pants and too-low boxer shorts, exposing the butt cracks of male Africanus Bellcurvius.

On the other hand, the sagging pants slows their foot speed down quite a bit, for which many an SLPD officer is thankful.

The Skittles Defense

2 05 2012

Won’t work here.

Reads to me like both defensive gun use and stand your ground.

But IQ Doesn’t Exist

1 05 2012


His public defender, Felicia Jones, asked for less than 37 years, citing his lower-than-average intelligence, the physical and emotional abuse that he suffered at the hands of his father at an early age and the resulting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Don’t take this logic too far, otherwise people will be getting ideas.

In case you were wondering, he got life in Federal prison.  He’s 46 now, just got out of the state pen for doing 18 of a 20 bid for another carjacking, and even if he only got 37 years, the Federal truth-in-sentencing law is five-sixths, so he wouldn’t have gotten out until age 76.  Odds are he would have died before that.  He would have gotten life either way, and has been doing life on the installment plan.  I don’t take Miss Jones as the brightest bulb in the box.

PTSD is what his victims are suffering.

Some Good Breaking News (For a Change)

1 05 2012

A state circuit judge in St. Louis County has ruled for Clayton in Turner vs Clayton.  Meaning no vicarious deseg for the time being.

The basis of his ruling was the Hancock Amendment — Clayton et al. argued that allowing these transfers without requisite additional state funding would have amounted to de facto tax increases on their districts’ property tax bases.  And the judge bought it.  Here’s hoping the Appellate Courts and the State Supreme Court buy it.


Uh Oh

1 05 2012

Steelman already has buys during Rush Limbaugh breaks on KMOX.

If she runs well enough in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties to where she finishes close to my guy, Todd Akin, but doesn’t win those two counties, it’s all over.

Let’s Get This Party Started

30 04 2012

Even though we’re still more than three months from Primary day, the conga line of candidate mailings has already started.

Here’s a sample collected from my sources.  As usual, click to enlarge to full size:

This was sent to someone I know who lives in Southwest City and voted in the Republican Primary for President in February (he wrote in Newt Gingrich, btw).  Boyd seems to bemoan that there were only some 12,000 city voters that voted in that primary.  The genius must not realize that the turnout was bound to be low for two reasons:  The Democrat Primary was uncontested (Obama only), so there was no incentive for Democrats to turn out, and it was known well in advance that this was a useless beauty contest that didn’t factor into delegate apportionment on the Republican side, (thank you, anal-retentive RNC), and on top of that, one of the major remaining contestants at the time of the vote (Gingrich) didn’t even make the ballot, so Republican turnout would have been lethargic, and on top of that, there aren’t many Republicans in the City anyway (hint:  83% Obama in November 2008).

So this genius, running for City Treasurer because Larry Williams is finally stepping down, thinks he can get votes by sending people who were die hard Republican enough to vote in the useless Republican Primary in a Democrat city this literature of him reading a David Plouffe book (Obama adviser), and an Obama poster over his head, and a laudatory quote from the Riverfront Times.  That’ll go over like a lead balloon.

He’s for “education.”  Now there’s a bold, courageous stand.  He would be a Freshman Democrat from an urban area in a legislative body that will very likely remain heavily Republican, so don’t look for the City to become one big WiFi hotspot any time soon.  And WTF is “vertical urban farming?”

The odd part about this is that he’s running in the new H-78, which runs from Hyde Park down to Old North Side into Downtown then into Soulard, Benton Park and parts of Dutchtown.  Save Soulard and Benton Park, that district will be heavily black, so I expect someone of Mr. Cummings’s complexion to win it even if he doesn’t.  The person who received this lives in what will be H-81, which borders H-78 to the south.  And this person doesn’t live in H-81 on the boundary of H-78, where it would have been understandable for the Cummings campaign to send this mailer outside the district, he lives far south in H-81, almost into the soon-to-be district south of that!

Notice the QR codes on both Cummings’s and Boyd’s mailings.  I was wondering when QR codes would become commonplace on campaign literature.  I guess smartphones weren’t quite ubiquitous enough two years ago to justify them.  I fully expect most mailings, handbills and yard signs to have them.

The best part of having the suffix “III” next to your surname is that you know precisely for sure who your father and grandfather are.

This is campaign literature from Russ Carnahan disguised as franking.  How can I tell?  First, the third image.  Second, the fact that only his South City constituents have gotten this mailing — AFAIK, nobody I know who lives in South County or Jefferson County who would get this as they have gotten Carnahan and Gephardt frankings in the past have received this one.  This is designed for his primary run against Lazy Clay in the new CD-1, pandering to blacks who live in South City and who happen to be his constituents for the current Congress.

The River Flows Downstream

30 04 2012

Washington Times:

In a move that could help the government trim its burgeoning health care costs, the Food and Drug Administration may soon permit Americans to obtain some drugs used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes without obtaining a prescription.

The FDA says over-the-counter distribution would let patients get drugs for many common conditions without the time and expense of visiting a doctor, but medical providers call the change medically unsound and note that it also may mean that insurance no longer will pay for the drugs.

Run this river upstream, and the inference is easy — If you force a drug to be prescription-only, it makes it more expensive.

Which means all the cops and sheriffs running around here wanting pseudo-ephederine to be prescription-only want to make it more expensive.  You don’t think someone will me making that money, do you?  The FBI should deploy a few forensic accountants to St. Louis to see what kind of bribes are being passed from certain health care industry concerns to these given officers of the law.

Channel 2′s Special About Anti-Police Violence

27 04 2012

Last night during their 9 PM news.  It’s online now.

But you don’t have to watch the whole thing.  I can spell it out for you in one easy word:


In case you still don’t get it, I’ll give you an executive summary:

The very existence of a black President has given black thugs socio-cultural carte blanche to go all in and all out against “da man,” namely, white cops.  You know, “we’z takin over honkey,” or “this is a black world.”

Keep Dreaming

27 04 2012

A member of the Board of Aldermen, one who will probably be retired by the time her plan would come to fruition, has introduced an amendment to the city charter to reduce the size of the Board of Aldermen from 28 to 12.

It’s obvious that this should have been done long ago:  It was one thing for St. Louis to have 28 Aldermen when the city had 856,000 people officially, and perhaps close to a million between official decennial censuses.  But now that there are under 320,000 people, it makes no sense.  But I highly doubt that a majority will vote to get rid of more than half of their jobs.

Chicago has 50 city council members, and some there think that’s too many.  But Chicago proper also has 2.7 million people.

Correctional Facility

27 04 2012


Washington University students offer suggestions to curb crime

St. Louis (KSDK) – From low income apartments, to parking lots and gas stations, St. Louis Police say they’re some of the most problem spots in the city. But can students from Washington University help curb the crime?

That’s what they’re trying to do. Thursday, architect and design students showed police and city leaders their suggestions.

They include better lighting, landscaping that beautifies space but doesn’t provide anywhere to hide, better control over entrances and exits, and organizing stores that make it harder to shoplift.


The Hillvale Apartments in North St. Louis was also the focus of the Washington University students’ study.

There have been more than two hundred calls to the police from the apartment complex in the last six months.


Their findings: while there are big flood lights, lighting is poor in spots like pathways.

Also, the green space should be used for terraces, gardens and barbecue pits so residents can feel a sense of ownership.

And it’s too easy for trouble-making outsiders to get in. Something Jordan, who’s lived there a couple of years, has noticed.

Better lighting, non-obstructive landscaping, controlled entrances and exits.

What does that sound like?


Which is where many denizens of this low income apartment complex (read: Section 8) either have been and/or will eventually go.


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