The First Day of the Rest of Their Deaths

15 08 2014


Very little happened overnight, other than a few things that would ordinarily happen in Ferguson, a fight at a McDonalds, someone shot in the leg near the apartment farm.

So what?  It’s not proof that Nixon replacing St. Louis County and its heavy hand with the Highway Patrol and its kid gloves solved anything.  The only thing it proves is the 72 hour rule.  Their rioting energy had already run out anyway.

What I fear is that everyone is going to use this as “proof” that “militarized” police in this case made things worse, when it reality it kept a lid on things and prevented real Sunday night style rioting and looting for the next three nights.

The men on the ground with guns won the battles, but the political types above their heads fumbled and lost the politics.  Vietnam, anyone?

Here’s another factor:  Even if the softer approach made things better, so what?  Official St. Louis, Official Missouri, Official America, surrendered to the black undertow and BRA last night.


Fergusonbabwe, Part II

14 08 2014

Head on over to Jim Hoft.  Note that those first four tweets were from earlier this evening, while the ones about the hate crime happened yesterday.

A few more of my tweets.


14 08 2014

If It’s Stupid, It Must Be Ezra Klein

14 08 2014


Why is Ferguson’s city government so white?,” asks the man who thinks the Constitution is something like a hundred years old.

Gee, Ezra, it might have something to do with the fact that Ferguson went from heavily white (73% white in 1990) to heavily black (67% black in 2010) in only 20 years.  With such rapid demographic change from white to black, it’s going to take the blacks some time to punch through the municipal power structure.  If Ferguson had been 67% black for the last generation, city elected officials would look a lot different.

As for why Ferguson’s P.D. has scant few non-whites, three blacks and as it turns out, one Polynesian?  I already answered that.

Tells You Something

14 08 2014


P-D on the ordeal of business along West Florissant in and around Ground Zero having to reopen and rebuild:

“People are scared to come into the neighborhood,” said Priyanka Patel, manager of the Ferguson Market & Liquor store across the street. “We were scared to reopen.”

The market reopened anyway, but owners close in the afternoon before the nightly confrontations between police and protesters.

The store escaped damage in Sunday’s riot, but the owners boarded up the windows as a precaution. “We got saved because a police squad was right here,” she said, pointing to her parking lot.

Mike Jacoub wasn’t so lucky. Looters burst through the windows at Sam’s Meat Market and More. Out went the liquor and the meat.

Recent days — filled with anger, violence and worry — remind him of his childhood spent in Lebanon, a land of militias after a long civil war. It was a time when people expected death, and some didn’t care.

“We saw it that way when I was a kid in Lebanon. Now we’re seeing it here. It’s a weird feeling,” he said.

Jacoub reopened the store as soon as he could get the boards up and the shelves partly restocked. He paid full retail price for some of the items in order to have what his customers want.

You might think I’m thinking about “remind him of his childhood spent in Lebanon.”   But no, what interests me is that you have a Patel that manages a liquor store, and that means a Patel owns it, (believe me, I can personally attest to the fact that they hire their own kin), a Lebanese named Jacoub owns and runs the meat market.  So you have a Desi and a Leb running businesses in an area full of people who are the descendants of great African kings and queens and great African inventors and engineers and scientists.   As far as I can tell, the only businesses in Ferguson that are actually black-owned and black-run and black-organized are the churches.

The New Hashtag

14 08 2014



Vowing `different tone,’ Nixon announces state takeover of Ferguson security


“What’s gone on here over the last few days is not what Missouri’s about, it’s not what Ferguson’s about,” said Nixon, referring to imagery of body-armored police, tear gas, automatic weapons pointed at unarmed civilians and questionable arrests.

No, what it’s about is what needs to be done to put the kibosh on riots.

Lost in all the cynical manufactured hoopla of the last 24 hours is that the cops have been winning the actual battles, but they’re losing the PR war.  Sounds like Vietnam.

“[It's] a Missouri community, but lately it’s looked a little bit more like a war zone, and that’s unacceptable,” Nixon said.

Bell curve demographics, war zone.  Maybe a link there?

He said state troopers will employ “more peaceful interaction on the front with the force on the back.”

“I think you’ll see a little different picture,” he said.

The new face of security in the racially tense conflict will Capt. Ronald S. Johnson, a regional native who is African-American. Appearing with Nixon at a north county news conference, Johnson said his command will employ “a different approach.”

As in treat the proto-rioters with kid gloves so they start rioting and looting again, so the civil rights industry can get its hustle on.

Among criticism coming from around the nation is that Ferguson protesters are being confronted with police weapons and vehicles that look like they belong on a battlefield rather than a suburban street.

Like I said earlier, there’s a time and place to discuss the ethics of militarized police, but not now.  Really, this current talk of “militarized police” (and in the case of the agencies that have done their best to keep things at bay, “militarized” simply means some 5.62 rifles and .45 pistols that the Pentagon gave them for free) is a combination of liberal and right-libertarian ideological hay-making and a big media “LOOK SQUIRREL” to distract people from racial realities.

That growing narrative was spurred on further by the brief arrests of two national journalists Wednesday night in what they allege was unprovoked police aggression.

No, it was because one broke into a boarded up McDonalds to mooch off the free WiFi, and the other, well, I don’t know for sure.  But in every case, the cops want the media out of the area before dark so that they can cut off a publicity channel for potential rioters and looters.  That and some of these black and leftist bloggers are there to play “gotcha” with the cops.

As state attorney general for 16 years, Nixon alienated black leaders when he tried to end court involvement in St. Louis public schools and phase out the voluntary busing program. While he moved to patch up those relationships when he first ran for governor in 2008, they are still somewhat strained.

Actually, this only happened in Nixon’s first term as AG, 1992-6.  Ever since he got the big blowback from black leaders, he’s been scared of them.

Obama said he was briefed Thursday on the situation by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. He criticized the arrest of journalists, said there is no excuse for police use of force against peaceful protesters, and that there is “never an excuse for violence against police or those who would use this as a cover for vandalism or looting.”

That’s kinda rich, coming from the least transparent administration ever, and one that is practically waging a war on non-sycophantic journalists and his political opponents.

In related news, there were rallies at both Ground Zero in Ferguson and on the Arch Grounds. You know, these white people who are putting their hands in the air are really starting to bother the piss out of me. It’s like they’re really not there for a cause, it’s just a new hipster fad, a new Twitter hashtag. A way to display faux moral superiority.

And it’s not just in St. Louis, there were a bunch of these all over the country where the hipster dweebs were putting their hands up in the air.  Wave ‘em like they just don’t care.  Get ready to see selfie hands-up pics all over social media for the next few months.

Media Mudders

14 08 2014


I’m going to rewrite two of my recent updates in my frequently updating thread into a separate blog post, because the question is starting to split off tangentially from the rioting and violence.


8/13 11:30 PM

I think I know why the cops were so insistent in driving the media, both traditional and new, out of town before dark.  And this might be an explanation for the no fly zone including news helicopters.  For one, if they’re not there to give the mob any publicity, it might make the mob give up and go home.  These kind of mobs love and feed on publicity, and that publicity in turn encourages more riots in more places, it germinates the rioting and makes it spread.  Cut off the publicity and you cut off the ability for the tension to spread and maybe even make the current tension dissipate.  For another, maybe the cops are getting ready to go in and thump some thick skulls or do something to get this shit to stop that they don’t want the world to see.

That and I get the feeling that these “arrested” reporters and bloggers (i.e. temporarily detained then released then “encouraged” to beat it) were smart mouthing and sassing the cops.  It’s not a good idea to be doing that to heavily armed heavily geared men who are amped up on their own adrenaline and testosterone.  They’re lucky that all they were was temporarily detained.

8/14 10 AM

Re Antonio French’s arrest:  …. French made his reputation as a blogger and a photog before he became a St. Louis City alderman.  I think he’s been there in Ferguson to do a little more than just observe and take pics and videos of the situation.  I think he actually wants to stir things up, the shit-disturbing prick that he is.  (This is someone who said that while he was in Cape Girardeau, he wanted to lecture white people who were wearing Confederate Battle Flag shirts on the evils of the Confederate Battle Flag.)  Even if I’m wrong about that, then it was still good that the cops forcefully got him out of there, because at this point, the only good that any media there at night will do is to encourage the mob to act up in order to get on social media, YT, WSHH.


IOW, there is nothing constructive to be gained by any media being in Ferguson and around Ground Zero after sunset.

Here’s my favorite photo from yesterday, if anything, for the racial inversion.  The man being detained is HuffPo blogger/reporter Ryan Reilly, probably another shit-disturbing prick.  The “Trooper” in the foreground is State Highway Patrol, and I suspect the black cop clad in black everything is St. Louis County or St. Louis City P.D., because as you know by now, the Ferguson P.D. has only three blacks, and only one of them is a patrol-level officer.


Rush’s first call today was from a Ferguson resident who lives near West Florissant and Chambers, who said that the McDonalds that Ryan Reilly and others were in and that the cops wanted them to abandon was closed and boarded up, as it was affected by Sunday night’s rioting and looting.  So Reilly really was trespassing; he and whoever else was in there must have gone in there to mooch off the WiFi, though the actual McDs was closed, it must have still had its electric power.


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