It’s Back

4 08 2014

Delmar Loop

Knockout Martin Luther King is back.

For the first time, though, it’s an instance where both the perpetrators and the victim are black.  Usually, KMLK is black perps and non-black victims.

Just Say Hell No

31 07 2014




Because…the illicit dope industry is replete with very risky blacks and black Hispanics.


Crime Lawn’s Finest

31 07 2014

St. Charles


He’s a reserve officer for the Pine Lawn P.D.

Car Wreck at the Intersectionality of LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH and Bell Curve City

31 07 2014



This is the first and last we’ll hear about this story.

Unless LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH can find some way to pawn the blame off on Pat Robertson.


29 07 2014


Mild Category Two in the empty space on the corner of Tucker and Market.

That’s across the street from both City Hall and the Civil Courts, about a block away from the city jail, and until a handful of days ago, two blocks away from the PD HQ.

Because, when you gotta CO, you gotta CO, ya know.

Bell Curve City Will Get You One Way or Another

28 07 2014


Oh well:

A family who has been leaving their home in the Baden neighborhood at night to avoid random gun violence reports that their home was burglarized over the weekend.

There has to be some way to blame the NRA.

Next Up: Disaccreditation

28 07 2014


What else would you expect when there are shots fired and attendees killed at your district’s high school’s class reunion?

“It’s like a big family reunion.”  Well, considering my theory, it might actually be a big family reunion.


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