Gop Goop Glop

6 10 2014

Washington, D.C.

Want to know why there might be a disconnect between public anger at Obama and the Democrats and Senate Republican candidates’ less than stellar showing in the polls?

Try this.

You’ll notice that a company called TracFone is the single largest beneficiary of income since the Lifeline program was extended into the cell phone space in 2008, because of a bill signed by then-President George W. Bush.  (That’s why they really should be called Bushphones, and not Obamaphones.)  Who owns TracFone?  Carlos Slim.

So if you add it all up, all it means is that Carlos Slim is spending a lot of money (by our standards, but pocket change to him) to convince House Republicans not to cut the Bushphone program by even one red penny, hiding behind the uniforms of disabled veterans in the process. That said, expect a barrage of editorials in the New York Times denouncing any Republican or anyone who wants to spend slightly less on Bushphones next year than this year.

Which means this woman will probably never have to worry about losing her free sail foam, no matter which of the “two” parties wins elections.

In Vino Veritas

23 09 2014

East Hampton, New York


House Speaker John Boehner put comedienne Joy Behar in a headlock this weekend while in the Hamptons campaigning for Republican Lee Zeldin, telling the liberal former co-host of The View, “I am Obama’s best friend.”

Boehner just accidentally let out the truth, which means he must have been drunk.

What’s even more sad is that even in a caucus that has some very good people, not a one of them has the self-respect to challenge his “right” to be Speaker in the next Congress.

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My Brain On Loan

21 09 2014

Los Angeles


Rand Paul blisters Obama and Clinton, calls for GOP diversity

Paul’s more passionate appeal was one that he has forwarded across the country in such unlikely venues as UC Berkeley. Paul’s argument — that the party needs to expand from its older and white base, groups amply represented among the delegates — was framed as one that could reverse the party’s long record of thumpings in California and its national presidential losses.

“When our party looks like America — with earrings and without earrings, with ponytails and without ponytails, with tattoos and without tattoos — when we look like the rest of America — white, black, brown — we’re going to win again,” he told an audience gathered near LAX. “We’ve got to go out and we’ve got to broaden our party, and when we do, we’ll be a national party again. We will win again.”


But as he made his argument there was a bit of a reality check in the room — Neel Kashkari, the party’s nominee for governor.

The child of immigrants from India, Kashkari has conducted an unusual campaign: He spent time posing as a homeless person to underscore his criticism of Democratic policies on poverty, and he marched in a gay rights parade in San Diego.

And he remains the longest of long shots in November, trailing Democratic incumbent Jerry Brown by 21 points among likely voters in a recent USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.


In an interview after his speech, Paul lauded Kashkari’s candidacy and described him as someone who “could be the face of a new GOP.” But when reminded of Kashkari’s distant second-place standing, he acknowledged that change could be slow in coming, even if the Republican party follows his advice.

Blogmeister echo syndrome.  I love it when other people tap into my brain and think the way I do.  It means I can take the day off.

The media love these kind of Republicans because they know they will lose.  Notice I had the story in my Sunday Wrap-Up post from earlier today about one state north of California, that Monica Webhy’s RINO-friendly “left wing on social issues” campaign is going nowhere.  Most of RINOs that the RINO establishment has foisted on us as Senate candidates are either trailing or only narrowly leading when they should be leading big.

The problem for us is that even though these people lose and lose again, nobody makes them eat their own dog food.  They’ll always find some sort of “dog ate my homework” excuse to peddle and the media are happy to peddle it.

Red Wave? What Red Wave?

18 09 2014


Front of Drudge, showing the fine art of Drudgetaposition:


The first story is about the double talking trope that establishment Republicans usually blurt out on the immigration issue — “Immigration reform” (amnesty and open borders), “but we have to secure the borders first.”  Which is like saying that we should let every thief in the neighborhood clean us out, but we need to install stronger locks on the doors first.

The second and third links, which are to the same story, is about how Boehner will have no serious challenge to remaining as House Speaker in the next Congress.  Which means that everyone voting Republican in Congressional races will mean more of the same, especially on this important issue.

The fourth link is something I’ve been predicting for a long time.  If we ever have another Republican President, he’ll do a lot of talking and a lot of crumb throwing, but the Republican establishment is in no real mood to get rid of ObamaDontCare.  Why not?  There’s an industry that greatly benefits from it because of the captive audience it creates (“individual mandate”), the same industry that dumps loads of money on lots of Republican politicians through intermediaries.  You get only one guess.

Over in the right column, you see some real world consequences of lax immigration enforcement.  But don’t think ISIS getting in across the Mexican border then setting off some sort of bomb in the middle of a big city or beheading a bunch of people is going to get TPTB to take immigration enforcement seriously.  No way.  If that kind of thing worked, it would have happened starting September 12, 2001.

It’s RINO Hunting Season

17 09 2014


Pat Roberts is at 34%.

Red Senate wave?  What red Senate wave?

Don’t blame me, I would have voted for Milton Wolf.

I’ll be real curious to see how Karl Roverrated and Co. try to duck responsibility.

Now all we need to do is for the same thing to happen in Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina, Kentucky, North Carolina, Alaska and maybe also Colorado, and we just might be able to get RINOs on the endangered species list.

One other thing:  The Roberts mess seems to have spilled down the ballot onto Governor Samnesty Brownnose’s head, as he’s a little bit behind in the polls, too.  I hope that this isn’t affecting Kris Kobach.

With That Kind of Advice, They Won’t Be Winning Much

17 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

He once worked for Denny Hastert, Tom DeLay and Bob Michel.  So of course he thinks this advice is brilliant:

In big electoral midterm triumphs, it is also fashionable to think your political base is enough to win the next election. It’s not. Republicans should take some chances to make their brand more popular with non-Republicans. They should pass immigration reform, pronto. They should extend the Voting Rights Act. They should consider making birth control over the counter.

With advice like “pass amnesty and allow massive non-white voter fraud,” you better not count your midterm triumph before it hatches.  You wonder why the pollsters and statgeeks aren’t seeing a big red wave in Senate elections?  Well here you go.

I will say that OTC birth control is a rare genius political jiujitsu move from the Stupid Party.

I’m With Nate and Chris

16 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

Silver and Cillizza are now reducing their odds of Republicans taking the Senate.

Sure, they can do all the math and modeling and analysis they want, but all they needed to do is read Countenance Blog, namely this post and this post.  If I’m advising people in six states (I may have to make it seven to add Colorado to this list) to vote Democrat just to be sure the obnoxious open borders or otherwise traitorous Republican nominee or incumbent does not win, then you can bet there’s a whole lot of reluctance among red-leaning and red team voters to vote for those same Republican nominees in those states.

Remember, in just about all the competitive Senate Republican primaries this year, the RINO establishment got either their preferred candidate or was able to keep someone they explicitly didn’t want from getting the nomination.  So if the Republicans don’t take back the Senate, all the blood is going to be on their hands, and if that winds up actually occurring, I can’t wait to see and hear what kind of exculpatory excuses they’re going to trot out.


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