Ian Ian Quite Contrary

4 04 2014

Fort Myers, Florida

Rush had a long conversation yesterday with a caller named Ian from Fort Myers, Florida.

Now, when Rush happens to be right, and not saying silly things like “Democrats were the racists and segregationists,” he can usually get to the simple explanation right away.  Why he missed it with Ian, I don’t know.

But that just leaves an opportunity for me.

Ian lives among a lot of low information undertow people who collect a lot of government benefits.  Therefore, he’s worried about Republican messaging about individualism (when they actually do it anymore, which isn’t often), that it is really interpreted as wanting to take their gibs away from them.  Therefore, he wants the Stupid Party either to surrender on big government/big spending/big gibsmedat, or try to nuance and finesse the message so that people who vote or could vote Republican can hear the dog whistle and at the same time it goes over the heads of the low information undertow welfare clients he knows.

But then when Rush pumped him, Ian let out his support of Rand Paul.  Who is (supposedly) most stridently opposed to welfare and entitlement spending of all the 2016 Republican contenders.

The whole thing’s a farce anyway.  You can never win a pissing match with Democrats when competing for the votes of welfare clients.  If the Stupid Party surrenders, or finesses the rhetoric, or goes full bore, they’ll lose.

Oh What a Feeling, Green Cards Stacked to the Ceiling

8 01 2014

South Florida

Rush talks immigration.  See here and here.

This was pretty good, especially coming from someone who I wish would talk about the immigration issue more.

However, there are two points I wish he would have made, or maybe he didn’t because he doesn’t know them himself:

1.  Even if a hypothetical piece of immigration legislation that grants legal status, grants a complete legal forbearance of deportation and work visas but no chance of citizenship isn’t dragged into Federal court for 14th Amendment/Equal Protection concerns, or it is and survives it, it’s still bad simply because of the downward pressure it will create on wages and salaries.  And it won’t just do so directly in industries in which the newly legalized illegals will be working, it will do so economy-wide.  Which is why the Chamber Pot of Commerce is threatening to go on a donor riot — Cheap labor baby, cheap labor everywhere.

2.  Our virtual open border to our south is the prime reason why American agriculture has not yet been totally mechanized in terms of bringing the harvest in.  But even if the only way crops could be harvested was at the hands of Hispanics, we already have enough Hispanics here, both citizens and legal aliens, to last us ’till the end of time.  It’s just that when they learn how to work the welfare system, they stop working hard, so a whole new fresh over the border bunch has to be imported.  That and the never ending supply of replacements keeps wages low.

Accomplish Something

23 08 2013

South Florida

Rush, yesterday:

When we were 21, Jen, nobody cared about us.

We were punks, we hadn’t proven anything yet, and nobody expected anything of us except a plan.  When I was in my teenage years and early twenties, when I ran into an adult like one of my parents’ friends, inevitably they would ask me, “What are you gonna do to make a living?” and they made a value judgment on my answer.  It was just the way it was then. To illustrate this, I remember I was at a world-famous golf club back in the mid-nineties.

I was with a friend of mine and his 30-something son or late 20-something son, and here came General Alexander Haig, who I had met one time previously. But he was a friend of my friend, and the first thing General Haig said to this 20ish young man was, “So what are you going to do to make a living, Son?”  It was just what you asked.  That was the assessment that the adults made of young people.

How serious were they?

Of course, the bottom line there is: “What are you gonna do to earn your way?”  That’s what the question really was.  What are you gonna do to earn your way?  Somewhere along the line the question became, “What do we have to do to not hurt your feelings?” and “What do we have to do not to disappoint you?”  So in a way she’s right. We can’t blame the Millennials.  I mean, they’ve been conditioned.

There’s a better way to put what they were trying to say:  “Accomplish something first, then I’ll care about what you think.  You’re not going to be credible in this world until you have a standing in your community.  And you’re not going to start making any real money if you ever do until you’re 40 and you’ve proven your abilities and character.”

Today:  I’m young, I want to change the world and make a difference.  I just said so on Facebook.  See?  I just made a difference.  Now, gibsmedat.  Because…I deserve it for all my hard work of being a keyboard commando social justice activist in my parents’ basement clad only in my underroos.

Cumulus Clouds

29 07 2013

St. Louis Radio

The big story nationally very likely will have zero effects here in St. Louis, because Rush is on CBS/Infinity-owned KMOX, and Hannity is on Emmis-owned KFTK.  Meanwhile, Cumulus owns no radio stations in the St. Louis market, even though Clear Channel has some.  Even though it might be tempting for the Clear Channel suits to want to move as many Clear Channel (Premier) syndicated hosts as possible in as many markets as possible onto Clear Channel stations, I think this business is far more about the Cumulus vs Clear Channel rivalry.  In markets where CC syndicated hosts are on Cumulus stations, or vice versa, there is an incentive to untangle that conflict of interest.

I hope for Cumulus’s sake that they’re not dumb enough to slot their big name syndicated personalities, Mark Levin and Michael Savage, (who still hate each other, BTW), in dayparts that would put them head-on against Rush and Hannity.

The big radio story locally is that WGNU is flipping from a mix of local (including what was a revival of Lizz Brown) and national (including Laura Ingraham, Al Sharpton, Herman Cain and Andrea Tantaros) talk and black church shows on the weekend, to a mix of national sports (CBS Sports, where Jim Rome landed at the beginning of this year) and local sports (including Kevin Slaten, who’s leaving Romanik-owned KQQZ).  Meaning…Lizz Brown’s revolution in the air will again be off it.

Why Does Michael Savage Think George Zimmerman Is Guilty?

5 07 2013

San Francisco

Because he has a contrarian personality.  He’s saying GZ is guilty only because everyone else on talk radio is saying he isn’t.

Also, he’s hedge betting in case the jury does find GZ guilty;  If they do, he can do “nanny nanny boo boo” victory laps and make his talk radio competitors “eat it.”

Rush Names and Shames Koch Bros., Adelson

17 06 2013

South Florida

He must have untied the other half of his brain.

If he’s not on tomorrow, then you’ll know why.  He told too much of the truth.

Calm Down, Children

25 05 2013

Cumulus Media

When Michael Savage switched from TRN to Cumulus, I thought the food fight between he and Mark Levin, also on Cumulus, would be over, because I thought it was merely a function of them occupying the same time slot.  Turns out I was wrong:

Evidently, Savage has been just as hard on Levin.  And it turns out the feud is probably more personal than anything.

If I’m the CEO of Cumulus, I’m getting both of them on concall and telling both of them to knock it off, and threatening to fire both of them if either one of them starts bashing the other again.  It does not make for good radio.

Little Marco Just Got Caught With His Hands in the Amnesty Jar

23 04 2013

U.S. Senate

Breitbart uncovers the e-mail trail.

Now, will conservative talk radio finally grok the game he’s playing and quit letting him use their shows to play it?

Et Tu, California?

17 04 2013

San Francisco

For the first time in a long time, I’m listening to Michael Savage this evening.  Because he’s not on in St. Louis, I’m listening online, namely his San Francisco station, KSFO 560 AM.

During breaks, the station is running traffic reports.  They’re saying that the Bay Area freeways are jam packed, because there’s an exhibition soccer game at Candlestick this evening between Mexico and Peru.

I vaguely recall a time when California was part of America.  I do know that all of what remains of America will be California nee Mexico if most of the Republocrats have their way and pass amnesty and open borders.

The Method to Trayvon Martin’s DXM Madness?

22 03 2013


Rush Limbaugh, yesterday, while talking about his contretemps with Beyonce, had a caller that said this:

Well, I guess it’s make more album sales because, you know, kids, it’s readily available for ‘em to go to your CVS or your Walgreens, get DXM or Robitussin or, you know, even Benadryl, you know, and take as much as they can and turn on this music and listen to it.  It’s an experience that the rappers glorified.

We know that Sir Skittles probably had the Skittles and Arizona watermelon drink to add to Robitussin in order to make a DXM concoction.

But Still Not Enough

18 02 2013

EIB Network


My Immigration Bill: Sovereignty and Assimilation


If they think passing an immigration bill with something that looks like amnesty in it is going to result in a massive shift of Hispanic votes for them, then they’re listening to the wrong people.  They’re listening to the wrong consultants, the wrong advisers. They’re listening to the same people who’ve advised them on nominating the wrong presidential candidates over the years. It would be the same mistake.  What the Republicans need to be doing with immigration in my mind, just off the top of my head here? They need to fight for something they know they can’t get simply because they don’t have the numbers.

They need to be fighting for something called the sovereignty of United States border. It ought to have something in it like this.  Again, I’m just thinking of the moment, but I’m not thinking about something passing.  I’m thinking about the Republicans needing something to be seen fighting for, even if they are gonna lose it — and it’s something like this: “You know, we’ve got ten to 12, 20, whatever it is, million immigrants in the country.  We’re not talking about deporting ‘em.  Nobody is.  But we’re gonna lock down this border, and we are going to reestablish this distinct American culture that immigrants in the past came to this country for.

“We are going to do everything we can to require assimilation.  You’re gonna have to become American. If you cross that border legally, you’re gonna have to be able to hum some bars of the Star-Spangled Banner. You’re going to have to be able to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. You’re gonna have to know your ZIP code. You’re gonna have to be able to answer some questions about this nation’s history. You’re gonna have to know who George Washington is! You’re gonna have to know what the Civil War was about. You know, basic, simple things that everybody in this country’s taught in the first five years of school.

“If you don’t do any of these things, you do get sent back — and that border’s gonna be tight, and you sneak across that border and get caught, you’re sent home, and you have a red mark so you never get back.  We are serious about the border, and we are serious about people who come here becoming Americans.  We want people to come here and become Americans.  We want people to come here and assimilate.  We want people to come here and build this into the greatest nation ever again.” You can construct an immigration bill that spells out your belief in this country, that requires people coming here reflect those beliefs and learn them.  You may never get it passed, but it’s something that you fight for.

It’s distinctive, and once again it draws a contrast between them and the Democrats who are simply looking for votes.  Right now, that’s what everybody thinks the Republicans are doing, is simply looking for votes.  So right now the cynics look at both parties as simply trolling for votes. “They don’t really care about the people that get here. It’s just the Democrats are gonna be a little bit nicer because they are the welfare state guys.”  Well, position this as something like: “We’re looking for Americans; we’re not looking for votes. We’re looking to shore up and secure our border, and there are certain things that you gotta do once we let you across. If you get caught crossing illegally, you never get back in here.”

That word gets spread all over the world, and we adhere to that with the ones that do get here that we allow in — that we permit in — under the policy that we come up with. Next, we’ll deal with the assimilation of those who are here. Nobody’s talking deportation, but the border has got to be secured and shut down.  As I say, this is just the most general of approaches here. When I say, “You need to be able to hum a few bars of the National Anthem,” I’m not being facetious. I’m serious! I’m using this as imagery.  You’ve gotta become an American when you come here!  You’ve gotta want to become an American. You gotta make a modicum of effort to become an American here.

‘Cause it’s the greatest place on the planet, and we want to keep it that way!

This is good for people who come here. It’s not punishment for them to have to do this.  It’s what every immigrant in the past wanted when they came here.  We simply reestablish that, and then we realize that immigration involves more than just people from the Southern Hemisphere.  It involves people from Europe and Asia and everywhere.  It’s not oriented toward one group of people.  You fight for it! You know you’re gonna lose it with this current president and party, but you fight for it, and you give people a rallying cry. You define yourselves in the process, instead of simply running around and making it look like you also are trolling for votes, or that you want to be credited with compassion, and so forth.

Okay, so we let any ole person in as long as they can hum a song they don’t care about, recite an anthem they don’t believe, memorize a five digit number, and pass second grade American History class.  That’ll show ‘em.  What does “assimilation” really mean anymore?  It sure doesn’t mean what it used to.

“Nobody’s talking deportation?”  “It’s not oriented toward one group of people?”  Then this plan is almost as useless as the rest of them.

My plan is a lot better.

Can I Call Em Or What?

28 01 2013


One thing I found out from minding V-Dare’s live tweet stream from the National Review Conference this past Saturday was that this talk radio clod who calls himself “Hugh Hewitt” is probably the most clueless “conservative” talk radio host out there when it comes to the immigration issue.

Or is he really clueless?

While V-Dare was live tweeting, I responded in kind by saying, “Maybe someone should check Hugh Hewitt’s house for illegal alien housekeeping or nanny or landscaping labor.”

As it turns out…just maybe.

Conservatism. Sheesh.

27 01 2013

New York

Mark Simone (soi-disant “conservative” talk radio host who often fills in for Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy):

“I’m not sure if I’d let my son play football.  But lesbians women in active combat is A-OK~!”

Speaking of which, I have to get this off my chest.

I’m really disappointed in Rand Paul as of late, except I can’t be unless I’m able to confirm a rumor I’ve heard.  The rumor is that he has been a guest on Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy’s show at least twice in recent weeks.  He should remember that a year or more ago at this time, Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy was not only spreading eliminationist hate against his own father, but threatening to take out Rand himself if his father ran third party and got at least a million votes.

Having a long memory might sometimes be more of a bug than a feature, (in that I remember things that I should really forget and not dwell or steam over for the rest of my life), but this kind of thing is worth remembering.  Ron should write Rand out of his will and disown him at this point.


Not just “conservatism.”  Now, Obama is on the “football is too dangerous” bandwagon, and is saying that if “I had a son” (“who would look just like Trayvon Martin”), he would be leery about letting him play football.  This is the same Obama who just allowed lesbians women to engage in active military combat.  Oh, yeah, you actually think Leon Panetta made that decision on his own?  Mark me, that came straight from the top.

Defective By Design

7 01 2013

San Francisco

Savage:  Time for a “nationalist” party.

Problem:  Savage always calls for “non-racial” nationalism, which is like wishing for non-wet liquid water.  Want a “non-racial” nationalist political party?  Think:  UKIP.

Disagree:  Savage thinks the TPM having the lack of a single identifiable leader is a bug.  I think it’s a feature.

In House

1 01 2013

Talk Radio

Why won’t Rush be back until Thursday, when most of talk radio will be back tomorrow?  Why will some boring unlistenable drip be filling in for him tomorrow?

Rush is syndicated by Clear Channel.  Fox Sports Radio, in spite of its name, is actually a Clear Channel operation that licenses Fox imagery and media from News Corporation.  FSR is debuting a new show tomorrow, hosted by comedian/TV star Jay Mohr.  He takes over Jim Rome’s time slot.  Which just so happens to be Rush’s time slot.

CC’s suits probably “encouraged” Rush to extend his vacation one more day so that extra ears would be on Jay Mohr’s newly debuting show.

As an aside, when Rush does his show from Los Angeles, he likes to pretend he’s doing it from a super secret location.  When in reality it’s obvious that he’s doing it from a Sherman Oaks building near 405/101 that Clear Channel’s Southern California stations and interests operate out of, including George Noory’s show (when he’ s doing Coast-to-Coast from L.A.) and Fox Sports Radio itself, for FSR personalities that operate out of SoCal.  How do I know this?  At one point in 2009, Rush was a guest on the Fox Sports Radio show that came on after his own show ends (Petros and Money at the time), to talk about his voice-over work for that Family Guy episode (which is why he was in L.A.), and he was a guest on that show during its very first segment, right after his own show ended.  Which, considering that infamous SoCal traffic, means that Rush had to have been doing his own show within walking distance, which means he was in the same building.

Hall of Fame

27 11 2012

Medford, Oregon

You could build a talk radio hall of fame from hosts that used to be with TRN but are no longer.

Art Bell, Roger Fredinburg, Michael Savage.

And now, Laura Ingraham.

Though Art Bell left TRN for Premier/ClearChannel amicably, TRN did Roger dirt, and even though Savage thinks that TRN did him dirt, it was from what I hear more the other way around.  But Laura Ingraham is leaving TRN after the end of her contract with them and shopping for a new syndicator, so this is a no harm no foul affair.

Barnacles vs Rush

19 11 2012

South Florida

Keep this up, barnacles, and the eventual divorce that the Tea Party Movement might file from the official Republican Party in 2013 might include Rush Limbaugh and a few others in conservative talk radio siding with the TPM.  Or to put it another way, the more you alienate Rush, the more likely it is that the divorce will both happen and happen successfully.

In the case of Mike Murphy and Steve Schmidt, there’s a reason the media love them, in spite of the fact that they, unlike most barnacle class members that get a lot of face time on talking head TV, are usually losers.  Either they run the losing candidacies of Republicans who lose to liberal Democrats, or if they win at all, the Republican is so liberal that he or she might as well be a Democrat.  To wit:  Murphy and Schmidt are on NBC/MSNBC constantly.

That said, when it comes to the TPM, we still have a lot of work to do on race, immigration and this whole “standin’ with Israel” bullshit.

Steve Schmdit, Rhymes With…

12 11 2012


Left-wing Republicans blaming talk radio for Romney’s defeat.

Most talk radio hosts didn’t want Romney to win the nomination to begin with.  But when he did clinch the nomination, they were 100% behind him.

Question:  At what point in time next year will the Tea Parties and the RINO Establishment file for divorce from each other?  Who will file for divorce first?  And most importantly, who gets custody of Justin Amash?

Eu Tu, Chris? (Et Mark)

31 10 2012

New Jersey

Krispy Christie seems to be running around with Obama because he wants Obama re-elected, so that he himself can run for President in 2016.

The talk radio host who sounds like Groucho Marx’s grandmother after a hysterectomy was ranting about this tonight.  Except I didn’t hear that host tonight promise to “do everything he can” to get Christie out of the Governor’s mansion in 2013 if there is data to prove that Christie’s quasi-endorsement of Obama got him re-elected.  However, the same talk show host promised to “do everything he can” to get Rand Paul out of the Senate if Ron Paul ran third party and got a million votes, even if that didn’t throw the election to Obama.

For the record, I don’t trust the Krispy Kremer or Grandma Groucho any further than I could throw either one of them.



They’re Stopping the Fight, The Fight Has Been Stopped (It’s the End of Everything)

18 10 2012

Talk Radio

Mark Levin and Michael Savage will no longer be insulting each other.


Savage’s new syndication deal is with Citadel (formerly ABC), which also syndicates Levin and Sean Hannity.  Savage will have the three-hour bloc after Levin.

They only hated each other before because they were on different syndicators but the same time slot.

Undeniable Truths of Life Meets Blogmeister’s Axioms

19 09 2012

South Florida


Yeah, make sure everybody’s got a shot.  So what does that mean?  Everybody gets a certain amount of money, same amount of money. You take it from those who have it and produced it, give it to those that don’t, same amount of money and turn ‘em loose and everybody’s gonna be cool.  Is that what that means, everybody’s got a shot?  What happens, Mr. President, if you do that, let’s say — pick a number — give everybody a hundred grand, just do it, for the sake of our little experiment here.  What do you bet the people who didn’t have any money before you gave ‘em will be out of that money inside of six months, and the people who had that hundred grand before you took it from ‘em find a way to get it back?

What do you bet, Mr. President , in our little experiment, give everybody a hundred thousand dollars, the same people who didn’t have it before you gave it to ‘em will end up not having it in a very short period of time.  So what have you actually accomplished?  It’s a one-time thing, right?  Could we say, give everybody a hundred grand, give everybody a fair shot, and then after a year, we reassess.  And what happens, Mr. President, when a lot of those people you gave a hundred grand to are back down to having nothing?  Do you do it again?  Do you do it every year?  At what point do you realize this doesn’t work?  Why would you ignore world history?  This has never worked anywhere in the world.

Does this sound familiar?  Sure.  Blogmeister’s Axiom #60:

60.  Poor people have poor ways.  Or, to put it another way, most poor people are poor because of their bad habits.  All the money in the world won’t change their poor ways, and furthermore, their poor ways will eventually result in their being poor once again.

I guess this is an example of “Blogmeister Echo Syndrome,” a phrase I adapted from Rush’s own “Limbaugh Echo Syndrome.”  Too, my “Blogmeister’s Axioms” were made in the mold of Rush’s “Undeniable Truths of Life.”  I’m glad to know he’s one of my readers.

While we’re on that subject…Vince Young is on the vestibule of bankruptcy.  Yes, he decelerated from multi-millionaire to almost bankrupt in six years.

Needs a New Title

13 09 2012

Leesburg, Virginia

I’m forced to listen to you-know-who this afternoon.

He proudly announced a few minutes ago that his second to last book, Liberty and Tyranny, is being translated into Spanish, to market to Mexico and Latin America, and Hispanic Americans that only read and speak Spanish.

If that’s the target audience, then I suggest that the book has a new title.  Except I don’t know how or if Welfare and Gibsmedat translates into Spanish.

Equal Time

6 09 2012


Democrats and liberals like to bitch about how they don’t get equal time relative to or on conservative talk radio.

Well, they had their chance to get their message across and to get some air time, but they said no.

Impersonator on the Prowl

17 08 2012

Leesburg, Virginia

I’m convinced that Mark Levin has been kidnapped, and that someone is doing a damned good job impersonating him in the places and times where the real Mark Levin should be.

I haven’t listened to his show for a long time — I gave up on him when he got so fanatical with his jihad of eliminationist hate against Ron Paul that he threatened to bash in Rand Paul’s knees.

I was in a situation in the late afternoon and evening hours this week where I was forced to listen to his show, except for tonight.  As I listened, I wondered to myself:  Who are you, and what have you done with Mark Levin?  I like this damned good impersonator better than the real thing.  This pretend Mark Levin said this week, among other things, that Romney/Ryan wouldn’t reverse Obama’s DREAM Act-via-EO (and he’s right), that Paul Ryan is weak on immigration (right again), that Arab/Muslims live under dictatorships because that’s the kind of government they deserve, (ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner, See Axiom #6) so we shouldn’t fall sucker to AQ/MB machinations simply because they’re “democratic,” that “neo-cons have a dangerous foreign policy,” that “the problem with Paul Ryan’s budget is that it spends too much and doesn’t actually promise a balanced budget,” that the pre-1965 immigration policy of preferring white legal immigrants was a good thing, and that “liberal Jews are crazy.”  Also, this pretend Levin, unlike the real thing, insinuated that the person and President of Ronald Wilson Reagan wasn’t perfect.

It made me fall out of my chair.

Oh Gawd

16 08 2012

San Francisco

Michael Savage was out Monday and Tuesday, so yesterday was his first show since Romney picked Paul Ryan.

From his website, I knew he didn’t like the pick, but it took him getting behind a microphone to explain why.

Brace yourself:

He wanted Allen West.

I would be begging you to shoot me now if radios didn’t have off buttons.

Well Ahead Of You

26 07 2012

Talk Radio

A Rush Limbaugh caller today mentioned The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.

See this and this.

ID Check

11 07 2012


I could only catch the last half hour of Rush’s show today.  My job usually lets me listen to the whole thing, as most people in my particular place of work listen.

He bought up a clever point.  Rahm is telling the Chicago ‘bangers not to shoot kids.  How does Rahm define “kid?”  What’s the age cutoff?  And what if someone appears to be close to the cutoff age?  How is the ‘banger supposed to discern him or her as kid or not-kid in order to know whether he can murder him or her, or not?

Certainly we can’t expect the kids or not-kids to have photo ID.  Racism, and all that.

Really, listen to Rahm, Garry McPilgrim, Pelosi and the whole lot of the stupid motherfuckers.  That party is so landslideable, and the reason they might not be is because we’re running a generic Republican under “our” flag.

For Lovers

27 06 2012

Cape Girardeau

I’ve twice heard today on two different talk radio stations in St. Louis a local media buy narrated by Rush Limbaugh (the first was on KMOX before Rush’s show, incidentally) for the Peter Kinder for Lieutenant Governor campaign.  The Limbaughs and Kinders are good family friends with each other going back some time, as they’re both established and prominent Cape Girardeau families.

I didn’t even know that Kindercare was running for Lieutenant Governor again.  He was all set to run for Governor, then the bimbeaux eruption broke, and that was that for that.  I thought that State Senator Brad Lager running for Lieutenant Governor as a Republican (he was the Republican nominee for Treasurer four years ago) meant that Kinder wasn’t running again for Lt Gov after the embarrassment of what’s-her-face, but I was wrong.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  Peter Kindercare?  There’s a two word phrase that describes him to a tee.  The second word in the phrase is “lover.”

If that doesn’t convince you to vote for Lager in the primary in August, then you must be out of your mind.



I Have Bad News

12 06 2012

Five more years of Glenn Beck.

The good news is that I think James Edwards will last a lot longer than the next five years.

Putting the “Tard” in “Occutards”

18 05 2012

Chicagoccutards demand face-to-face combat with Rush Limbaugh at the building that hosts the studios of WLS-AM.

If you are gathering petition signatures against dihydrogen monoxide, you missed the mother lode.


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