Midweek Wrap-Up

23 07 2014


The 1870s was a decade that made St. Louis; unfortunately, in a roundabout way, the 1860s was a decade that would unmake St. Louis.

I’m waiting for the first shooting over this.

This is in a room in the basement at central stacks, and the building has the names of noted authors carved near the top of the building going around all four sides.  If this is the way the public library system in St. Louis is going, it will have to sandblast them out and carve in the names of famous rappers.

Sorry, fail.  St. Louis’s old money is heavily WASP.

The toast burns some more.  Normandy out-transfers can continue going to the districts they went to last school year, but those destination districts don’t have to enroll any more Normandy transfers.

Expect this to change several more times before the start of the school year.

Does anyone really expect this to work?  They’ll have too many online distractions, such as WSHH.

“They won’t let the break-in change how they feel about St. Louis.”

Probably because they didn’t think much of St. Louis before they came.  That and Crown Point, Indiana is close to Gary and Chicago, which means they’re probably used to these kinds of antics from the left tail of the bell curve.


When Lake Shore Drive was a lot less busy.

Oh I get it now.  Shamiya Adams was killed for a lack of basketball and math.




Not grokking.  The race lobbies for Bellcurvius are worried that low turnout from the left tail of the bell curve which is a given in midterm cycles will eventually lead to more photo voter ID laws which will do exceedingly little by themselves to squelch voter fraud?  Of course, I am grokking:  It’s agitprop to turn out the elderly black women.

Something I’ve always thought.  It doesn’t mean I want any of these people in my country, though.  Because, mine and ours.

*  Like I’ve been saying, there are very few true environmentalists.  What passes for the environmental movement is little more than the NIMBYism and BANANAism of rich people that donate to politicians, or a neo-Marxist ideological cultist crusade, or big corporations trying to get the historic American nation adapted to a lower standard of living, or your run of the mill elitist hypocrites looking to avoid all the vibrant diversity they want to inflict upon the rest of us.

And that would be fine by me.

The troop leader compared this to the situation at our other international border.

Looks like someone else is finally catching onto Anarcho-Tyranny.


What’s so offensive about this?

Yeah, well, demography is destiny.


I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.

*  To paraphrase Chief Keef:  Fake Army officers, that’s that shit I don’t like:

Nocaut Rey

22 07 2014


Knockout King, Hispanic style.

Clickbait, Formerly Known As Shock Value Nut Talk

21 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

A certain formerly semi-respectable left-of-center publication (I won’t mention The New Republic by name) has now joined the clickbait business, with an online screed blaming the NRA for the Border Surge/Camp of the Saints.  They forgot to find a way to throw race/racism into the title, otherwise it probably would have won the kook left clickbait article of the year.

Which publication, you ask?  Yes, The Atlantic is a very good guess, but wrong.

Sunday Wrap-Up

20 07 2014


“They just keep coming down here shooting at our kids.”

Who, the Klan?

Oh, God, no.  Can’t they just be happy with all the other districts that will continue to take them, what in God’s name for I don’t know?

Ronnie White.  He’s back….

*  What to do when you want to steal money and it’s all in an ATM?  Easy, steal the ATM.

This happened one block away from the birthplace of Knockout Martin Luther King.

This shows us a supposed picture of the victim.  Yet the victim is said to be an 18-year old man, even though the picture is of some black woman.


Nutroots/Kos split over the wisdom of holding its next year’s kookstock in Phoenix.  But don’t get too excited — Both sides of this debate are equally traitorous.

“Pusses?”  Really?  Is Glenn Beck joining Barack “Meanwich and Stinkburger” Obama back in the fifth grade?

*  Not only is he the best in the Senate, he’s starting to develop a sense of snark. (Full remarks)

*  On the one hand, gang-banging adolescents carrying highly infectious diseases.  On the other hand, $6,000.

“Our people.”  Says all you need to know.


It looks like gender isn’t just a social construct, either.  Slightly curious is that the M/F ratio slightly rises from the mid-300s down to the minimum score of 200.  I think that’s for one of two things:  One, the axiom that while men and women have the same median IQ, men have a higher standard deviation than women, which means that men have more geniuses and retards while women are more closely bunched around the median, which means the retard or near-retard component of men shows up in the very lowest score ratios, or two, race plays into it somehow, that there might be a glut of very low scoring black men who raise the M/F ratios in the lowest score possibilities.

Notice though that all groups were in the middle temperature range.

*  You might forgive me if I don’t think that there’s such a thing as “United Blood Nation,” beyond some half wit mulatto with a fax machine.

What.  A.  Nut.

The father of all time.  Though I wonder why that father and presumably his wife trusted this person to live in their house for so long.

*  So far, the Indiana Black Expo hasn’t had much trouble, and here’s one reason why.

*  The next generation of Republicans?  Or the first generation of connectivity-zombies?

Another good sign in all this is that, per this being in a pretty big lamer con blog, the lamer cons are more receptive to HBD than they used to be.

Austin’s really going to miss you.

“Where do you expect us to shit?”

I’ve heard stories of where they shit even when the water’s running.

Criminal charges?  Why?  It’s just Shari’ah Law.  Why would they be so bigoted and Islamophobic as to charge them?


This wasn’t really a protest, more like a jolly good time riot.


Oh, cum now.  This can’t be true.  Though this reminds me of the phallic nature of firearms.

Only the skankiest hoes will do.  If this movie does happen, I want to be nowhere near a theater where it’s showing.  That scene is ripe for a lot of Category Twos.

Another Car Wreck At Another Intersectionality

20 07 2014

Staten Island

Of course they’re out marching now.  None of this crowd is anywhere to be seen when black men end the lives of black men.  That’s just a truism of life:  Outgroup on ingroup violence causes more outrage within the ingroup than ingroup on ingroup violence.

One of the big unspoken factors in this case are cigarettes.  New York City has high as hell cigarette taxes, and this has directly caused a black market in cigs, (something that everyone with a brain was predicting when NYC jacked up their cig taxes), and of course the NYPD would care about trying to crack down on it.  The king’s soldiers work for the king, who orders taxes collected for himself and in order to pay the king’s soldiers.  And that was Mr. Garner’s profession, dealing in black market cigs.

I wonder what white liberals are going to do, because we have a car wreck at the intersectionality of loving blacks and hating tobacco.  Those are two of their favorite streets.

Also, one other thing to consider is that black people are particularly weak around their necks.  This is why it’s easier to kill them with chokeholds than it is to kill white people with the same kind of choke holding force.

Went Over Like a Lead Trial Balloon

16 07 2014


Alright now hold the phone.

Holder was on This Week with the Greek this past Sunday morning to make these accusations. Yes they probably recorded it earlier, but it didn’t air until Sunday morning.

Sunday was July 13.

Yet this poll was done July 11 and 12.

How could you do a poll asking people if they agreed with Holder’s theory before Holder’s theory was aired? People wouldn’t know about Holder’s theory on July 11 and 12.

I sense some coordination between the White House and Scott Rasmussen. Probably sometime in the previous week, the White House decided to float the “it’s racism” trial balloon. Holder would let the balloon go up in public. Rasmussen would poll the matter before Holder’s remarks would air, and I’m sure the White House was hoping for something like a majority of people agreeing with Holder or agreeing with that contention. The whole trial balloon fell flat like a lead balloon when Rasmussen’s results came back. So we won’t hear anything more of it, stuffed down a rabbit hole.

Ole Myth

14 07 2014

Oxford, Mississippi

How far the University of Mississippi has fallen.

Translation:  Black women are doubly oppressed on both the racial and gender fronts; meanwhile, white gay men.

Does this mean that World War G is over?

All these people keep bitching about all this oppression they suffer, except they never give any good examples of it.  I tend to think they’re only oppressed in that they keep telling themselves they’re oppressed.  In fact, the less oppressed they actually are, the more they’re going to complain about being oppressed.  Mainly because they have a lot of free time because we’re not oppressing them.


Patterson’s First Axiom Is Right There for the Taking

14 07 2014

New York


Seth Stephens-Davidowitz would have a lot easier time of it if he just grokked Patterson’s First Axiom.

He’s beside himself trying to figure out how and why white people who live around blacks and Jews can somehow wind up not liking blacks and Jews.  He’s scratching his head trying to come up with a reason why there were a lot (“–”) of lynchings of blacks when the reason that academics previously accepted has been debunked by today’s academics.  Wherefore the evil hatemongers and angelic non-hatemongers have similar education levels, when conventional wisdom was and perhaps still is that if hatemongers went to the same schools and got the same sheepskins that non-hatemongers did and have, the hatemongers would turn into non-hatemongers?  He has nary a clue.



Sunday Wrap-Up

13 07 2014


Yeah, they drop plenty of hints here.  And yes, there are three census tracts in Columbia that are at least 20% black, in about the north central part of town, well north of the Mizzou campus and close to I-70 on both sides.

I can believe the poor oral hygiene part, and I can believe the self-inflicted part.


*  I think I know what Obama means when he claims:  “The border is more secure than ever.”

It simply means that the Border Patrol employs more people than ever.


Far fewer pot possession prosecutions in Brooklyn.  My biggest fan is celebrating.

Also from New York:

Even as crime has dropped slightly citywide, shootings have gone up 31 percent so far this year in New York City Housing Authority buildings. An outsized portion of that spike has been centered in 15 troublesome projects, which are responsible for 20 percent of the violent crime this year across 334 NYCHA developments.

Who could have predicted this when SQF was done away with?  Answer:  Everybody.

While the Ex-Im issue isn’t a huge one in terms of Federal spending, it, like D-Day 70 years ago, was the invasion beachhead the TPM and the populist right in general needs in order to be able to push eastward across Europe in order to conquer Berlin, i.e. dismantle crony capitalism.  While the beachhead hasn’t been won yet, it is exposing the left’s populism for the scam that it is, and smoking out the blue team’s Wall Street/K Street whores.

I bet it goes like this:  They adopted the kids for the checks, but thought the actual parenting was optional.

Are you really that clueless, Maureen Dowd?  Is this really that hard to figure out?  Making Chelsea happy is making her mother happy, and making her mother happy is making perhaps the 45th President of the United States happy.


*  The Camp of the Saints continues in Europe, now Germany is under the gun.  John Derbyshire made a good point a few days ago:  Comparing our COTS and Europe’s, Europe’s is more troublesome because of two combined factors:  One, the combined population of source countries of the “migrants,” higher in Europe’s sense, and two, the wealth (GDP per capita) disparities between the source countries and destination countries, again higher in Europe’s case.

If this kind of thing actually worked, why not extend the truce indefinitely?  Sounds familiar to me, for a reason.

Incidentally, Germany vs Argentina was the Pope Emeritus versus the Pope.  Seems to me that Benedict XVI has lived a lot longer than he thought, it was thought that when he stepped down in February 2013, he only had weeks or a few months to live.


Is the military that hard up?

Actually, all of these cases of centenarians, most of whom are dead, getting notices to sign up for Selective Service, come from Pennsylvania, and have been traced back to one clerk at PennDOT (who handles drivers licensure in the Keystone State) typing in “19″ as the leading two digits of the year of birth for the affected (mostly late) individuals instead of “18.”  Evidently, drivers license bureaucracies and Selective Service communicate, and SS must have though that people like Fred Minnick was born in 1994 instead of 1894, so they presume that he was turning 18 this year.

It says here that if the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the NBA finals season after next, this might mean that the RNC 2016, which will be in the same arena, won’t be able to have its June 28 preferred start date, and will have to wait until July 18.

What’s interesting here is that, if you have been paying attention to Presidential politics in the last several cycles, the trend has been to start the primaries sooner and sooner, but delay the conventions until later and later, so late that the two parties’ conventions are on back to back weeks near Labor Day.  (Mainly because the conventions these days are four-day campaign ads, and Labor Day is when the masses really start paying attention.)  I already knew that the 2016 primary and caucus calendar reversed the trend (Iowa:  January 18, New Hampshire:  January 26, compared to January 3 and 10 respectively in 2012), but this indicates to me that they also want to sort to get back to normal on the nominating conventions too.  It used to be the party out of White House power went in July, the party in power went in August.  From this, it looks like the RNC wants to do it in late June, but will accept July.

Even back then, the Census was subject to political pressure.

There actually was semi-serious consideration of moving the capital to St. Louis, but it was well before then.  It was after the War of 1812, because the enemy in that war had a clear shot to attacking the capital.  Jefferson Barracks was considered.

*  If you got clear skies, check out the Mars-Spica conjunction in the southern transitioning to southwestern sky between sunset and about midnight.  Tonight is the closest visual approach, they will be separated by about a time and a half the angular diameter of the full moon, even a supermoon.  And no, “Spica” is not the grammatically feminine form of a racial slur.

Hoping and Wishing and Dreaming

13 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

The Hill:

Attorney General Eric Holder said Sunday he and President Obama have been targets of “a racial animus” by some of the administration’s political opponents.

If only.

Holder said the nation is in “a fundamentally better place than we were 50 years ago.”

Which means it’s probably worse.

“We’ve made lots of progress,” he said. “I sit here as the first African-American attorney general, serving the first African-American president of the United States. And that has to show that we have made a great deal of progress.

Was Odoacer being the first non-Roman emperor of the Western Roman Empire an example of progress?

“But there’s still more we have to travel along this road so we get to the place that is consistent with our founding ideals,” he said.

More like Marx’s axiom that civil rights is a revolution in permanence, but who’s checking?

He also stood by his controversial comments made during Obama’s first year in office, in which he said the U.S. was a “nation of cowards” when it comes to race.

More like a nation of trucklers.

The attorney general also pointed to Republican efforts to enact stricter voter ID laws in southern States as evidence that more needed to be done to protect minority rights. Republicans have maintained the efforts are designed to prevent voter fraud, while Democrats say instances of fraud are exceedingly rare, and far outpaced by the minority population that does not have identification that would be unable to vote.

Holder called the laws “political efforts” designed to make it “more difficult” for “groups that are not supportive of those in power” to “have access to the ballot.”

“Who is disproportionately impacted by them? Young people, African Americans, Hispanics, older people, people who, for whatever reason, aren’t necessarily supportive of the Republican Party,” Holder said, adding that “this notion that there is widespread in-person voter fraud is simply belied by the facts.”

Holder said the Justice Department was planning legal challenges of new voting laws in Ohio and Wisconsin. It has previously filed suit in Texas and North Carolina.

“I’m attorney general of the United States. … I will not allow people to take away that which people gave their lives to give, and that is the ability for the American people to vote,” Holder said.

None of this means anything in reality.  Enacting photo ID requirements to vote and doing nothing else will impact exceedingly few people and it will prevent very little voter fraud, of which there happens to be quite a lot.  All this is is dog whistling if not outright claiming that there’s a conspiracy of voter disenfranchisement afoot to drive voter turnout of elderly black women.


11 07 2014


Basement Boi update:

Twice each day, 12-year-old Charlie Bothuell V says in court documents, he was forced to do 100 push-ups, 200 sit-ups and 100 jumping jacks. He told child welfare investigators in Michigan that he’d have to curl a 25-pound weight on each arm and do 5,000 revolutions on an exercise machine, and if he didn’t finish in less than an hour, he’d have to do the routine again, according a petition filed in Wayne County court in Michigan this week.

The Detroit boy said that he feared being “in trouble again” for not completing his work-out routine. Sometimes he couldn’t finish because he was in too much pain, he said.

Charlie made national news in June when his father Charlie Bothuell IV said his son went missing for 11 days, prompting a search that involved the FBI and that ended bizarrely when the child turned up barricaded in the father’s basement.

First off, I’m glad young Mr. Bothuell V can identify his father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather by name.  That’s a luxury of being a V.

Second, I take it that Mr. Bothuell IV is a fan of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move putsch.  If not that, he’s a failed athlete living out the rest of his sports nut dreams through his son to the point of child abuse.

Third, I don’t think I could have done that routine in less than an hour even when I was at my physical peak.

Midweek Wrap-Up

8 07 2014

My hopper of URLs of interesting but not quite whole post worthy stories is starting to fill up, so I’m going to do a Sunday Wrap-Up in the middle of the week.


A certain demographic discovers:  The acceptance letter is not just an eternal gibs, there’s a lot of work to do between here and there.  Though you’d think that people who get college acceptance letters would know that already and not need this kind of hand holding.

Crossing his arms across his chest in his mugshot.  As if he just doesn’t give a shit.

U-City may change course and keep on accepting Normandy transfers, though going from Normandy to U-City is like going from the frying pan to the fire.  U-City is the next domino to fall.

If this is their standard, then most of the “real” colleges and universities should be facing the rap.


*  “But two of the three were A and B students.”  Doesn’t say much for the CPS.


Turns out that ending birthright citizenship will only take legislation.

Yep, that’s the one who did the Machete movies. Really, they’re not quite “revenge fantasy” movies in as much as they are anti-gringo agitprop.

Trouble in rainbow paradise?  Before you cheer, remember that both groups on both sides of this yelling and screaming voted Obama.


Nothing I can say.  Eventually, there will be one of these instances to make that Rudyard Kipling poem come to life.

*  H/T MindweaponsEveryone wants to argue over everything but the culpability of the “students of color” who actually did the beating.

Tweets to show that there is food stamp fraud.  Notice something?

This has to be one of two things:  Either the welfare office cut off her benefits on behalf of the kid, or she’s getting back at the kid’s father over something.

Not so fast.  For one, the youngest of eligible voters hardly vote, they’re a political non-entity.  Second, 18-21 yos in 2016 will be heavily non-white.

However, his fundamental point is still valid.  Young liberal (white) people are only as liberal as long as they don’t have any actual responsibilities.  Once they get responsibilities, assuming they ever do, and once they get the spouse and kids, provided they live in a place amenable to affordable family formation, bye bye liberalism.


Sound familiar?


Maybe NSFW.  But curiously, no sound.  They probably didn’t want us hearing the ooking and eeking sounds he made.

A 21-foot wingspan.  And this one lived relatively recently, from between 55m and 3m years ago.  Interestingly, one of the theories on its extinction had to do with climate change, though I don’t know how climate change was possible when there were no SUVs and no coal burning power plants 3m years ago.

Sunday Wrap-Up

6 07 2014


They should say what they’re really concerned about.

Leave it to Mizzou to research this.

*  “They were out to get me because I was against the death penalty.”

No, you came out against the death penalty as battlespace preparation for back door jury tampering, trying to keep any black jurors from Chicago that might have made it onto your jury from voting to convict you.


Hmm, “Trung T. Le.”  Hmong?

Duh, we figured this out when it first started.  They’re coming because they’re pretty confident they’re going to get to say, no matter what big ears says in public.


PJB is expanding his Nixon apologetics into book form.  I doubt I’ll review it here, because I don’t think I’ll even have to read it.  Because the book will probably be little more than an expansion of columns he has already written, so I won’t have to say much more in response to what I’ve already said.

Friends don’t let friends push ice cream carts in Bell Curve City.

All this tells me is that “patriotism” means nothing, if it can be reduced to merely doing certain things.

What inequality is really all about.  The immigration thing is very fix-able, except that organized labor is in no mood to fix it.


Time’s run out, Barry.  By letting the clock run out, you’ve forfeited the game.  Final score:  Democrat Donors 1, American People 0.


Ebola is out of control in western Africa.  It’s only a matter of time until it hits Europe via the Camp of the Saints boat people stream from Africa into Italy.  Just like our own Camp of the Saints is making TB worse.

Zimbabwe is just about done. Will white people everywhere else in the world learn anything from it? Unlikely.

In Holland.  Let me say it again:  Holland.

This is why we just can’t ignore this Muslim issue, as long as so many of them are so close to us.


*  Dolly Parton still has it. (Or should it be “them?”)  It’s been a long time since she’s had a hit, 1991 was her last Top 10.  But she can still pack ‘em in even in England.  Though probably a lot of the men that went to see her didn’t go for her singing abilities.

Spotify is doing to music what Netflix did to movies.  It says here that “country music remains huge,” but I don’t take that as good news because “country” means warmed over pop recorded in Nashville.

In a way, I’m lucky to be living right now, and lucky to have been born when I was.  Because I’ve seen the entire shift from analog physical media to digital physical media to digital virtual media files to pure cloud-based central server digital streaming as the forms of music distribution, all in my conscious lifetime.

The evolutionary basis of the human consumption of alcohol. The aperitif effect would explain why I once had a drunk at 2 AM White Castle.

All 71 of Facebook’s gender choices available to Facebook’s UK users.  Coming soon to an open air insane asylum called a “country” near you.

But Bill Clinton said it wasn’t really sex.  Strange that you can get a SEXually Transmitted Disease from non-sex.

This was as much fun as the Post-Modernism Essay Generator.  Nice catch over at Mindweapons.

A Middle Class of One

1 07 2014

New York

New York City at least in parts is booming so much that various New Jersey cities on the west bank of the Hudson are competing with each other for the informal title of the sixth borough.

However, for every upstairs, there’s a downstairs.

That’s our New York; people either pay too much for condoms or nothing at all.

I guess that also means that there is only one person in the middle class in that city, and that person happens to be my biggest fan.

Round and Round We Go, When We’ll Stop, Nobody Knows

1 07 2014


The elderly generic Lady Gaga impersonator is worried about crime, destitution and what not in her own home city.

So she’s going to donate the funds to create a boxing gym.

Remember, the boxing program at a St. Louis recreation center is where Knockout Martin Luther King was born.

Latino Power

30 06 2014

Sacramento, California

Moonbeam brags about brown political power.


Statewide elected officials in California:

Governor:  Jerry Brown, white

Lieutenant Governor:  Gavin Newsom, white

Attorney General:  Kamala Harris, Jamaican-Tamil bi-ethnic

Secretary of State:  Debra Bowen, white

Controller:  John Chiang, Taiwanese

Treasurer:  Bill Lockyer, white

Insurance Commissioner:  Dave Jones, white

Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Tom Torlakson, white

U.S. Senators:  Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, both white/Jewish

All Democrats, the same party that Hispanics vote for predominately and consistently with rare exception.

Percentage of California population that is Hispanic:  39%

Percentage of 2012 California voters that were Hispanic:  21%

Lobby Hobby

30 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Mo’ Money Barry

30 06 2014

Washington, D.C.

Camp of the Saints will be solved, for the low low price of $2 billion.

And none of that will be spent on immigration enforcement or deportation.

If Steve King was Speaker of the House, such a funding request would come tied to the requirement that the money only be used for enforcement and deportation, that jurisdiction over the immigration law violation proceedings be taken away from the Federal judiciary’s normal process and a special deportation-expedition legal dispensation path of these immigration cases be spelled out in this bill.  But Steve King isn’t Speaker of the House.  John Boehner is.


Don’t Notice

29 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence. — The malicious

You can’t beat City Hall. — City Hall

Sunday Wrap-Up

29 06 2014


Ladue wants ‘em?  Ladue can have ‘em.

Another one that’s getting too much in love with his pen and phone.

Three principals were involved here:  The car thieves, the sail foam store, and a Corvette.

All that matters to me is if the Corvette is okay.

*  “She said she’d always been more worried about a deer springing out of the woods than an attacker.”

When you live close enough to Bell Curve City, you better learn to like deer.

His last name is Teen.  Whaaa?  It also shows a picture of a group of people and says that the woman in that picture is wanted.  Fine, except I can’t find any women in that pic.

Want gigabit tiers?  You gotta live with the infrastructure construction hassle.


Seriously, video game scholarships.  Not to develop them, or code for them.  But to play them.


Hispanics > Blacks in Wisconsin.

Fine, John McCain.  You own seven houses, stash some of them there.

Cool.  At least somebody’s doing something.  (Photo)  And the better news is that since a lot of these are from the Bundy ranch affair, it means they don’t believe Cliven Bundy and his warm and fuzzy opinions about Hispanics.


They’re just now waking up to the power of incumbency.

The Oil Driller is already having to have an effect in his short time as mayor.

*  Louisville:  It already had enough TNB domestic blacks without having to import any more from Africa.

Howard Baker passed away this week.  Even though his politics were moderate Republican, and his time as Senate Majority Leader wasn’t much to write home about, I understand that he faithfully and dutifully read the official publications of the Citizens Councils of America.

Also passing away this week from Watergate fame was the IRS commissioner under Nixon who resisted Nixon’s calls to audit Nixon’s enemies.

There’s something ironic about this happening at a transit station named after Rosa Parks.

*  Tragedy:  A good opportunity for certain people to run scams.

Why is DHS involved in child porn investigations at all?

No outrage over mama leaving her eight-month old daughter in a running car?

After only examining 28 states, the count of people registered to vote in two or more states is 6.9 million.  Now, it may not be the case that this much vote fraud is actually occurring, because when honest Joe and Jane Smith move from one state to another, the registrars in their former county in their former state are loath to scrub their registration from their old address, because voter registrar bureaucracies everywhere live in mortal fear of the DOJ.  I’ve been a registered voter in four different places in my voting life:  St. Louis City, Missouri; St. Louis County, Missouri (currently), Williamson County, Illinois; and Madison County, Illinois.  Even though I tell the bureaucrats to wipe my registration every time I have moved, I bet I’m still registered to vote in the three counties where I once lived but no longer live.  Which means if MO and IL were part of the states True the Vote analyzed, then I’m one of the 6.9 million.

Family of man shot while robbing a Waffle House wants stricter gun laws.”

Translation:  Hair hatted hooligans who raise thugs want the thugs to be able to kill their victims, not the other way around.

The good news is that we can send him back to Planet Zoltron.

Though I’d be happy just sending him back to Africa.

Stick with this video, to see the secondary footage from the car that was behind the one which got smashed.  What interests me is how quickly and willingly he put his hands up and surrendered.  Probably a publicity stunt; a krona to a Krispy Kreme says that he’s an aspiring rapper with a mixtape about to come out.

*  You might remember Balloon Boi from a few years back.  I call this one Basement Boi, and I think there’s something not quite right about the whole thing.  There’s some scam or hustle behind this all, I suspect parents or relatives.

Wow.  With Obama’s dense-pack scandals, what really gets Mike Hucksterbee going is Obama’s “anti-Semitism.”

*  Why it’s so important not to relent on “Redskins.”  They’re only going to come back for more and more and more.

*  “A toxic work environment that is hostile to minorities” = A work environment where minorities are expected to work.


Of course useless.  Look at what we have for a head of state.

Remember, as it stands right now, Camp of the Saints is a two continent affair.

*  For now, it seems like Boko Haram is racking up one win after another.  But they have one severe Achilles’ Heel:  The members of Boko Haram are black Africans, and eventually, their true nature will out itself. 

At which time, bringing back the girls will be as easy as our turning their own superstitions against them.  “Either tell us what you did with the girls, or we open the bee hive.”

If only Arab/Muslims were so ignorantly superstitious.


Chimps love rap.  And don’t buy this notion that they have some sort of intrinsic evolution-driven fear of the implications of other kinds of music.  It’s because when they hear rap, they know they’re among relatives.

My sentiments exactly. Though I doubt I’ll ever have this dilemma.

Khloe Kardashian tribes up, finds out that not all cheap publicity stunts are created equal.

So saith the corporation that is as bad as any about privacy intrusions.

Hmm, “Clinton the Musical.”  One of those age restricted hours restricted shows?  Just your typical nude revue.

NBA Draft, or a fashion show runway for mama’s boy effeminate crypto-homosexual young black men?

It’s On, Pretty Soon

27 06 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

ICYMI, a few days ago, I left this comment on an OD thread:

Each day that goes on, I am more and more convinced that “America,” such as it is, can’t be “saved.” If we don’t get some sort of Vladimir Putin type figure ready to use the pen and the phone to benefit white people, we’re doomed.

It’s perfectly obvious that the Constitution is dying, and has been for quite some time. The current President has done more than his fair share to kill it, most of the others from Abraham Lenin onwards have had a part for sure. So why waste time campaigning on adhering to a dying document when we can just as well ask white voters to give a patriotic nationalist populist white man the pen and the phone?

If I was elected President, inaugurated on January 20 after the election, the next day, January 21, I would, in front of live cameras rolling, go to the National Archives, have the curators take the original 1787 Constitution out of its protective casing, then literally with my own hands rip it to shreds. I’d then explain that I did it to save the white race, that the document was dying anyway, that I wanted to kill it while a patriotic nationalist populist white man had control of the pen and the phone (and Federal law enforcement and the military, I might add), and that no document, no words on paper, should ever serve as a racial/ethnic/cultural suicide pact, and that too many right wingers have wasted too much time worshiping and fetishing said (now dead) document.

And, while a new explicitly ethnonationalist Constitution was being written, debated and eventually ratified, I’d have the pen and the phone, and I wouldn’t step down until a new Constitution is to my liking, and in the meantime, serving as the temporary dictator, I’d have some time to get some things done that needed to be done, punishing traitors, sending our obsolete farm equipment back to its manufacturer, deporting non-white immigrants, breaking up cartels and monopolies, including the media, and so on.

Just look around you.  That our form of government is effectively a donor-driven plutocracy is a fact that more and more people who would not so long ago have been loath to admit are starting to admit.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

26 06 2014

Waseca, Minnesota


Minnesota teen tells police he idolized Columbine gunman

A Minnesota teenager accused of planning to massacre his family and high school classmates mocked the attacks on the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook Elementary School as “pretty lame” and “pathetic” and said he idolized one of the Columbine gunmen, according to recordings of his police interrogation.

The 17-year-old was arrested in April after authorities said they found him with bomb-making materials in a storage locker at his school in Waseca, 70 miles south of Minneapolis.


Cut out the publicity and you cut out the conga line of copycats.


The EPA Is Full of Shit

26 06 2014


Quite literally.

“EPA cannot comment on ongoing personnel matters.”

I quite literally smell vibrant diversity at work here.  Recent non-white immigrants from cultures that have no experience with flush toilets?

Vocational Education

26 06 2014

El Paso, Texas

The district is 93% Hispanic.

Therefore, I presume they are merely preparing them for what will inevitably be their future career.


25 06 2014


Cuban-American voters have made a drastic shift away from Republicans and toward Democrats in party self-ID in the time period between 2002 and 2013.

I think this is a really easy riddle to solve.

That’s because “Cuban-American” is looking less like this:


And more like this:


Affordable Housing

24 06 2014

San Francisco

All you need to know, you will find out when you hit “Spanish.”

If you want to read on from there, you’ll also read “food trucks,” i.e. taco trucks.

You may also notice that this organization wants to expand next to Miami and Honolulu.

In these cases, you won’t hear any libs complaining about the lack of affordable housing.  People generally aren’t in the business of blaming themselves for the problems they directly cause.

And whoa unto anyone who notices that the white bread traditional white American middle class was run out of these cities a long time ago.

Alliance for a Stronger Adelson

24 06 2014


What is it?

Sheldon Adelson weaponizing Dick Cheney against Rand Paul.

Sunday Wrap-Up

22 06 2014


A Fathers Day party when hardly anyone in that neighborhood knows who their father is?  And what’s an 11-year old doing up and outside after 11 PM?

Stan Span and AA shakedown postscript.

You’ve got Deandre Marquis Blevins and Marquan De’Andrew Holliman.  It says that they’re looking for a third partner in crime, though if pattern holds, his name will contain “Deandr” and “Marqu.”

*  St. Louis and Detroit often trade off on a yearly basis for the title of the most dangerous city.  That said, the last thing we need is for those on the lam from one city hiding out in the other.

Whoa unto these young men when the hair hat crowd they live with finds out about this and finds out that they deprived ESL of a retailer for their weave and hair hats they love so much.  The state of Illinois no longer has the death penalty, but the weave wearing hair hats of ESL will gladly administer it extralegally.

*  St. Louis isn’t a very big destination for the comprehensive crowd, but it’s enough of one to keep the St. Louis section of ICE pretty busy.

*  Ellisville didn’t get a Wal-Martinez but it seems like it’s going to keep its soul as a consolation prize.

*  If you’re anywhere in east central Kansas not too close to Lawrence, you’ve heard of “Every Man a Wildcat.”  Mizzou now has a similar ad campaign, but it’s not making this nut very happy.  Though with the latest news coming out of Mizzou, it’ll now be a matter of “Every Fake Son Goes to Mizzou.”

When did Hallmark get on the right side of the 2A question?  It wasn’t so long ago that I avoided their cards like the plague because they weren’t.


For you, Norm.


They don’t think so magnanimously about people who enter into Mexico this way.

Travelers bring it back?  Or immigrants bringing it in?

*  Like I said back on June 10, the profundity of what happened that night, as shocking as it seemed that night, would take a while to sink in.  It still has not yet sunk in in the town where Dave Brat will soon be working.

Lest you be fooled, here’s the reality.  And the longer they stay here, the more they’re going to claim at least for propaganda purposes that here is where they belong.


How soon we forget. Of course people who never learn anything can’t possibly forget anything.

*  They have fake voters, why not fake Twitter followers?

*  It’s a new version of an older story.

Ooks beat up black gay in Detroit, though you have to figure that some of those that did have been to prison and were cornholed while there, not recognizing the irony of it.

*  What?  You can’t effect change from inside the White House?  Obama’s pen and phone would beg to disagree with that.

The generic coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long haired white woman is raising its prices.  Its most loyal patrons are cheering, because their products have now become even more of a status symbol.  If they rolled out a $100 cup of coffee, it would sell pretty well.

*  Colorado, esp. Denver, is full of gun grabbers.  Wonder why they’re not having a fit about this.  Unless I’m not wondering, because the answer is starting us right in the face.

Frank Lyga:  Specializes in noticing things, find out that it’s verboten.

Not only are they thieves, they’re also bad at math.

Under this standard, most 7/11s will soon have to be under new ownership.  Then again, thanks to QT, it has been so long that I’ve been in a 7/11 that I wouldn’t know what’s going on there.


Next order of business:  Translating “Dixie” into Russian.

Meet the new pronouns that are kosher here in the era of transsensitivity.  Using the old pronouns will soon be a hate crime.

All groups of people are the same, racial equality is an absolute truth.


*  To put it in my usual snarky way, knuckle sandwiches fed the evolution of the structure of the human face.

Stick with it until the last two.

Meeks Inherits the Earth

20 06 2014

Stockton, California


Black women on Facebook are gushing over a black felon facing another felony rap who is the product of a white mother and black father, who is himself married to a white woman.

As Hunter Wallace would say:

Ain’t that Amurrika?

Bradley Effect

20 06 2014

Washington, D.C.

I’ve been saying for some time that it’s apples and oranges to compare Barack Obama’s approval rating as a known individual and Congress’s approval rating as an institution.  Apples to apples would be Barack Obama by name and an individual member of Congress by name, or the Presidency as an institution and Congress as an institution.

I’ve also been saying that Obama has experienced an affirmative action bump in his approval rating all along.  Even Obama himself admits that.  A white President in his place and in these circumstances would have a much lower approval rating.

Finally, here’s a survey that gauges the approval rating of the Presidency as an institution.  And, compared to the upper 30s and low 40s approval ratings that the current occupant receives now, the Presidency itself has an approval rating of 29%.  So what explains the 10-12% universe of people who approve of Barack Obama personally but not the institution he leads?  Answer:  Bradley Effect.

Cautionary tale:  It may also be the case that the Presidency is as “high” as 29% precisely because the current occupant is black.



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