Yay Magenta Team!

15 09 2014

Jersey City, New Jersey

Magenta is what you get when you mix red and blue.



Django Unpantsed

15 09 2014

Los Angeles

She’s black, he’s white.

I thought that was supposed to be naughty, an allusion to slave days, when white plantation owners raped their black woman slaves.

Otherwise, what happened to “down with the struggle?”

Answer:  There is no struggle anymore, it’s now just a hustle.  You make movies like this and Twelve Years a Skin Game to fleece angry paranoid blacks and white liberals and hipsters.

That and there are a lot of black women who derive a lot of self-worth from white men liking them.  The reason Bill deBlasio got above the runoff-avoidance threshold in New York City’s Democrat primary for mayor about a year ago is because black women turned out in droves and voted almost monolithically for him.  Why?  Because he married a black woman.

Sunday Wrap-Up

14 09 2014


*  The good news?  We’re not snobby.  The bad news?  Why we’re not snobby.

At least the Fire Department’s response time was quick.


For now I’m going to say that this is a bit UFO-ish, but it would not surprise me at all if this was totally true.

Why not?  The conventional wisdom theories is that he was too busy with other issues, and that he couldn’t do it then because there would be no way to pawn the blame off on any Republicans.  I think both of these theories have some validity, but I think it’s as simple as the fact that he didn’t think he needed to.  As long as he was President, immigration law wasn’t going to be enforced.  And he lived and still lives under an air of confidence that whoever succeeds him as President won’t be enforcing immigration law, either.

They needn’t worry, they’re not going there to enforce anything.


She’s right.  People who lie and cheat their way to some sort of consideration should be in the slam.  Now pardon me while I crank up “Indian Outlaw” by Tim McGraw.

Ted Cruz just found out the hard way:  Not all Christians in this world are Christian Zionists, and therefore not all Christians in this world feel a need to “stand with Israel.”  The group of people in that part of the world I really feel sorry for are Christian Arabs.

Back to the future.


*  I have a whole bunch of Rotherham stories, but they’re all the same in that they involve either a cover-up or circling the wagons around the Labour Party and the anti-white industry.

Six billion smartphones by the end of the decade. 

“In the hands of consumers, these devices are improving living standards and changing lives, especially in developing markets, while contributing to growing economies by stimulating entrepreneurship. As the industry evolves, smartphones are becoming lifestyle hubs that are creating opportunities for mobile industry players in vertical markets such as financial services, healthcare, home automation and transport,” said Hyunmi Yang, Chief Strategy Officer at the GSMA.

I fail to see how a ‘phone in the hands of everyone in Bell Curve City is accomplishing anything more than letting them post ghetto jibberish.

Thomas Jefferson warned us about these kind of people.


They claim it’s a form of protest, but I fear it’s just the football cult at work.

*  Hell, our politics have become uninspiring and mind-numbingly stupid as a result of universal cosmopolitan democracy mashed up with multi(fill in the blank)ism mashed up with big big big money, why shouldn’t the same thing happen to football?

Good idea.  Men should be raised from little boys never to hit girls.


If you haven’t read this already, then why haven’t you?  That reminds me, soon I will add Saboteur365 to the blogs whose feeds I show on my right hand sidebar, that’s how fast this blog has risen in my personal must-read appointment-reading-damn-everything-else category.


My money is on Flake; he has experience in this field.

*  The quickening:  The classic 1.8″ mechanical hard drive classic iPod, introduced not long after 9/11, is now a thing of the past.

The diminishing marginal returns of civil rights.  BTW, I’ve never figured out why this particular undergarment has a “nude” variety.  To me, “nude” means the absence of clothing and undergarments.

*  Since the acronym is LGBTQMIAPD, “I” had to have its day in the sun at some point.

People Notice Things

10 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

Even though noticing things is pretty much a crime.

You wonder why there’s no polling data out there to support this notion that there’s going to be this great red wave, especially on the Senate level.  Downballot there will probably be, because the RINOs and the Republican establishment don’t pay much attention to downballot politics.  But nobody’s really in a great mood to replace leftist Democrats with RINOs just to make Mitch McConnell the Majority Leader because people are noticing treachery like this.  And “this,” in case you need me to translate this into English, means that some time this month, Congress will pass a “clean CR,” i.e. a bill to continue Federal spending past the October 1 change of fiscal year in the same apportionment levels that are happening currently without anything else in the bill, but the clean CR will only last until mid-December.  That way, during the lame duck session, while nobody’s paying attention because it’s Ramuhanukwanzmas and everyone has Adele’s Christmas album cranked all the way to max volume and everyone is pondering the true meaning of Christmas, before the clean CR runs out, then the politicians can load down a new budget agreement with a bunch of rhinestones, including crony- and donor-friendly pork barrels, and even some sort of immigration amnesty bill as part of the mix.

Hey White People

10 09 2014


“We only have three demands of you.”

“1.  Totally exempt us from your ‘criminal laws'”

“2.  Let us kill you all off”

“3.  But not before you buy these t-shirts.”

Sunday Wrap-Up

7 09 2014


*  I’m trying to figure out the nature of a residence with six people which consists of  “three women aged 19, 24 and 21 and three men aged 38, 32,and 17.”  Because two other people invaded and robbed it and whacked the 32-year old resident in the head, I don’t think this house was exactly a monastery/nunnery.

Creative photography, and it looks like hell opened up over House Springs.

Ooks on bikes jack horse drawn carriages Downtown; at least it was carbon-neutral violence.

In principle I agree with this, and one of the happiest days of my life was when St. George disincorporated.  These postage stamp municipalities, especially in North County, only seem to exist just for the revenue collection service.  My only beef is that doing this now is bad timing because it only serves as yet another look squirrel.

I don’t know if his explanation about why he got this tattoo is true or not, but what is definitely not true is that he is otherwise unemployable with it.  There is always the Federal government.


Yep, it’s a war out there.


It’s like I’ve been saying, the day Emperor Barack I does his immigration amnesty decree, the loudest cheers will come from the Republican establishment.  They get what they want but none of the public outrage directed at them.

No chance that this will be abused.

Where they’re stashing the border kiddos.

One of these “best and brightest?”

They have a good point.  The NRA can’t hide behind “single issue” anymore.


Defensive CCW use allows the cops in Milwaukee to take down a mahogany mob of 14-18 yo ooks that are said to have pulled off “dozens” of robberies in the last three days.

ObamaDontCare will add “significant complexity” to personal income tax returns, so saith the CEO of H&R Block.

Who is licking his chops.

What, you think that tax lawyers and tax accountants want tax laws to be simple?

*  “Amazon.com which is remaking the consumer marketplace has a responsibility to ensure its employee ranks reflect the diversity of its customers, Jackson said.

Should the ranks of NFL and NBA players reflect the racial proportion of people that buy tickets and attend NFL and NBA games?

Shades of the Obama rodeo clown.

Humbug.  If they could do anything, they would have by now.  Some time after November 5, they’ll quietly announce that they’re not taking any action.


Not a peep from Official Womyn about Rotherham.

*  “The behavior of a conqueror.”  Bingo.

Blacks + Islam + bladed weapons = Whole lots of trouble.

They’re at a loss for an explanation, totally baffled.  Everybody’s baffled, except for me.  Men have this thing called testosterone, which makes them do risky things like swim in shark-populated waters.


Because, there are lots of straight men that want to look at pictures of naked women.  The only kind of people who want to look at pictures of naked men are gay men; straight women just don’t like porn.  Even though you’d think lesbians would want to see naked women, true to the stereotype that they dominate the literary review field, they are far more into verbal erotica than visual porn.

Biden will follow ISIS to the gates of Hell, and then they’ll throw him inside the gates.

Norm Matloff gets a mention here.

There’s another reason:  Texas Instruments has a pretty strong working relationship with school districts and textbook publishing companies, just the right kind of people you need to be friends with if you want your monopoly to continue.  I would also bet on TI having a strong working relationship with the senior developers of Commune Core’s math standards, and of course Bully Gates has basically bribed everyone that matters to get Commune Core adopted.

Meanwhile, the original TI-84 specs are so antiquated that you should be able buy a Chinese-made generic knockoff/clone of one in the dollar stores.

Utopia?  No, more like a group orgy.

Another one that was looking for and eventually did find Molly.



Rewarding Bad

4 09 2014

Los Angeles


Why you shouldn’t click on nude celebrity photos or ‘beheading porn’

Maybe you couldn’t resist. After all, what would it hurt? And who would know?

So you clicked and watched that video of an American man in an orange jumpsuit getting his head cut off. Or maybe you clicked on a different site to have a glance – just a glimpse, honest – at one of those glamorous actresses, naked.

In the latter case, it makes you a party to a theft.

In the former, it makes you the audience for mass murderers.

IOW, discourage and deter invasions of privacy, Jihadist violence, mass shootings and internet clickbait using this one weird trick!

The only thing he gets wrong is that even if we didn’t watch beheading porn, the 7th century throwbacks would still be doing it.  Because that’s what 7th century throwbacks do.


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