Who Says You’re Going to Be President?

30 10 2014

Charleston, South Carolina

This is said to hurt him.

How does this hurt him yet his years on end of pushing for amnesty and open borders hasn’t?

If only South Carolina voters were interested in my “sabotage the RINOs by voting Democrat” voting strategy.

Too Good To Be True?

30 10 2014



What it’s all about.

For once, I hope this isn’t all a hoax.

Because even Springfield’s small black population causes enough trouble.


30 10 2014

San Francisco

Did a San Francisco cop kill a gentle giant last night?

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

29 10 2014

New York

This was supposed to be about men who abusively ogle women.

But since it shows so many black and Hispanic men abusively ogling the woman who is the focus of this project, well, the left has forgotten all about women.  The left is turning itself inside out kvetching about the “racism” of complaining about saintly minorities ogling white women, even though she’s Jewish.


27 10 2014

New York

The upshot:  A decades-long pincher movement has been successful in making New York alien and unaffordable for the middle class white family.  Which is why, politically speaking, New York will be swimming in blue ink for a very long time to come.  The goal in New York was and continues to be to push middle class native born whites and domestic blacks out of the city, so that the city can have only three kinds of people:  The plutocrats, young trust fund hipsters and a docile lumpenproletariat servant/labor class of Hispanics.

Interesting is this sentence:

The poor-door phenomena, with a few lucky members of the lower class winning subsidized units in buildings for the rich, but with separate entrances and no access to luxury amenities, recreates not social democracy but the Victorian upstairs-downstairs society.

Those “lower class members” who “win subsidized units in buildings for the rich” are far better described as “connected” than “lucky.”  As Steve Sailer notes, the set-asides in luxury high rise apartment buildings for the “lower classes” are more for the side families generated by the adulterous affairs of married politicians than for random welfare black single mothers and her five kids by four yard birds.


The Right Two Words

26 10 2014

Laramie, Wyoming

Less narrative, more truth, about the murder of Matthew Shepard.

Rough trade, not hate crime.

Except…who needs truth when you can peddle narratives?

Sunday Wrap-Up

26 10 2014


Feel sorry for her?  Yes.  Sorry enough such that I would approve of moving their whole fambly to South County, thereby hastening the day that South County becomes North County?  No.

And why was it closed in 1981?  Because on the east end it dumped you right into the heart of East St. Louis streets.  After it was closed to vehicular traffic, they quickly detached the road deck on the bridge from the eastern landing, so that nobody would be able to use it for foot traffic, either.


*  Smart.  Upping his name recognition in what happens to be an early primary state in 2016.

“I, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, do solemnly swear…”

Yeah, he was “deported,” twice.  But probably not really deported.  Just two different deportation orders from immigration judges.


At least he was exercising.  Though if you’re both into workouts and Molly, try to keep them as separated as possible in your daily routine.

If they can segregate there, they can segregate anywhere.  It’s up to you, New York…

*  Crap food, 365BellCurve, all adds up to lower profits.

Consequences?  What consequences?

*  Gadzooks, NR acknowledges that Sam Francis once existed.  Speaking of, hard to believe that this coming February will already be ten years.

*  Pleasingly and surprisingly, an unexpected source has a bit long but thorough explanation of something I would have written by now if I had the time and talent, that is, exposing how Griggs v Duke Power set off a chain reaction that led to the student loan bubble.

Andrew Cuomo done screwed his pooch with this Un-SAFE Act.  Which means instead of winning by 30 points like he did four years ago, he’ll only win by 20 points this year.  Which means we lambs should feel a lot better knowing that this time, it’s only two wolves voting on what’s for supper instead of three wolves.

“Kobe.”  There’s another name starting to show up in the bad news section of the paper a lot.  Kobe Bryant turned pro in 1996, so this would make the oldest Kobes 18 years old.  If you’re new here and you don’t understand what I find interesting about this, then here you go.

Maybe this time, they’ll keep him in the can for longer than four years.


This took me all of one second to figure out.  Lisa Kudrow likes gay men better than straight men because gay men watched “Friends” and straight men didn’t.  “Friends” was still in first run prime time on NBC when I was in college, and every Thursday at 7 PM when there was a new episode on, a boat load of people would be gathered in dorm rooms that had TVs.  And they were almost entirely white women.  The few men were either the simp boyfriends of the women who liked it, or they were straight up gay.  In fact, that’s how I could tell which women were lesbians, by which ones weren’t watching “Friends.”  A white man, like me, who did not watch it, was therefore straight and not hen pecked.

*  Funny, I myself keep getting Beyonce and Rihanna confused.  I know Chris Brown beat the shit out of one of them.

Queen Bee Syndrome.

The fancy scientific name for this sort of thing is “crabs in a bucket.”

Judging from the way her assailants were pulling on her hair, I think they coveted her weave.

*  While sexual reproduction started sooner, sexual reproduction that also depended on internal fertilization, i.e. where male-female coitus was necessary, is a bit newer.  Turns out it’s 385 million years old.

Meaning that sex itself is 385,000,000 years old.  Ironically, the first species to do it has “dick” in its modern scientific taxonomical name.

This also means that 384,999,999 years ago, the females of Microbrachius dicki were kvetching that the males had no creativity, and the males were suspicious that the females were faking orgasms.


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