22 10 2014


Once every handful of years around here, we’ll see in the news that a black cabbie for an MTC-approved company (Laclede, County, Yellow and a few others) picked up a fare and then murdered him or her or them. The MTC, of course, is fighting tooth and nail to stop Uber and Lyft from planting themselves in St. Louis.

Affirmative Negative

22 10 2014


Question for the California state legislature and other state legislatures that have passed affirmative consent mandates for their states’ college campi:

If affirmative consent is so great, then why don’t you hard wire it into the general criminal law dealing with rape and sexual assault in the general population?

Different Businesses

22 10 2014

Albany, New York

The obvious question that a lot of people are asking in response to this:

Then why is Andrew Cuomo a cinch to win re-election?

HRC’s latest book didn’t sell very well, either.  So why is she the odds on favorite to be the next President?

Because selling books and winning elections are two different businesses.

One of the prime differences is raw numbers.  For instance, if a given book sells 1,548,101 copies nationwide, it’s a great success.  But if a major party candidate for Governor of New York gets that many votes in just New York State, he goes down to defeat in a landslide, as Carl Paladino did four years ago.

That, and a good chunk of the Democrat Party base has no use for reading but a lot of use for gibsmedat.

Chimp In

21 10 2014

New York

They say that if you give a million chimps a million typewriters and a million years, you’ll get Shakespeare.

It appears that if you give one chimp one keyboard, you’ll get a FNC chyron.

Career Risk

19 10 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

I’m going to do something a little bit risky in this post:

Ask you to do my thinking for me.  Or rather, ask you to try to think about something in the same way I would.  I’m going to let you borrow my brain for a few minutes and see if you can get it to work as well as I do.

Read this story, then come back.


Well, you came back.  You should have taken the opportunity to run away while you had possession of my brain.  Oh well.  Better luck next time.

Anyway, what is the thing in this article that I’m focusing on the most when applied to an internecine debate that our movement has had with itself for a little while?


UPDATE 10/20

I now can breathe a little easier. But I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that nobody can use my brain like I can.

Here’s what really jumped out at me in this article: Domestic blacks and Somalian immigrant blacks are fighting each other.

What does that have to do with us and our movement? It’s easy. There is a school of thought that calls itself “white nationalism” that somehow expects all white people everywhere in the world one day soon to hold hands together and sing songs, and eventually combat our racial enemies. This article demonstrates that political movements that try to unify major continental racial groups are non-starters. That’s because the net is too wide. Most people will be attracted to nationalism if it’s the nationalism of their particular ethnic group. In fact, I have been pointed to research that shows that the sweet spot for ethno-tribal-nationalist feelings, that is, the sweet spot between the net cast too narrow and the net cast too wide, is fourth cousinhood.

Here’s another example. Consider one Yasiel Puig Valdés (“Yasiel Puig”). Look up a picture of him, and it’s easy to see that he’s a west African black. If he was born in an American ghetto, and his name was something like Dontrell Jones, black Americans would be gushing all over him as an increasingly rare example of a black in baseball. The only reason why he’s Yasiel Puig and not Dontrell Jones is that the slave boats dumped his great-great-great….great-great-grandfather off in Cuba and not Virginia. And because of that, black Americans don’t consider him black, even though he is, and he’s the same kind of western African black that black Americans are. That’s because to black Americans, their tribe is black Americans, not all western African black people in the world no matter their geography, and certainly not all Negro/ish peoples.

The takeaway here is that there can be no such thing as a nationalist movement that encompasses an entire race of people.

Newsflash: Left Upset With People Collecting Government Benefits

19 10 2014


If they could, the left would let most of the non-white world collect Social Security.

So why are they so upset about this?

Answer:  The Narrative.  Guatemalans are cool, Nazi “war criminals” are not.

Jakob Denzinger, the only Nazi “war criminal” mentioned by name here, is 90 years old this year, so this means he was 21 in 1945, the last year of WWII, and 15 in 1939.  Plain words, he was hardly the architect of genocide.

Sunday Wrap-Up

19 10 2014


I would let this one slide.

Big, bold and brave.

Illinois public school students are now majority non-white.  Mainly because of Cook County; if you are only aware of “Illinois” in the sense of south of Joliet, this news would confound you.

Yep, that will make ESL all better, the south end of the low speed rail between the Metro East and Chicago.

Ironic, because ESL’s problems were caused by railroads.  The famous Illinois Central line ran from New Orleans to Chicago, and it is the train that blacks took when they left Mississippi to move to Chicago in the Great Northward Migration between the World Wars.  However, not all of them could afford the ticket to get them all the way to Chicago, and since the Illinois Central had a stop in ESL, many settled for ESL.

Relevant locally because Cardinal Raymond Burke was once the Archbishop of the St. Louis Diocese; in fact, that was his last stop before then-Pope Benedict XVI ordered him to Rome to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, in Canon Law terms.  Technically, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.


With this, and notwithstanding a few exceptions, the Tea Party Movement has now become almost a single issue constituency.

This is a pretty good review of what seems to be a pretty good book from an unexpected source, the long and the short of it is that immigration policy has and should have purview beyond pure economism.  IOW, man cannot live on bread alone.



*  I’ll say it again:  Once upon a time, LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH activists only wanted us to tolerate them.

You’re totally missing it.  Her tagline is:  Vagina, otherwise sexism.

They must go to the South Harmon Institute of Technology.


*  My grandmother had a saying:  “Elephants draw rain.”  She was on to something, in a way.

*  Dust off the concept of “racial memory,” because it turns out that there’s some scientific merit to it.

Perhaps an example of this racial memory.


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