Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

25 08 2014

And a few things that are only loosely related to the Fergaza Strip.

The first revenge violence.

The face and name behind one of the iconic photos.  No, not the Great Wine Thief of QT.

A waiter, 25, three kids, still lives at home.

*  “But Emerson Electric could do so much more…

Hiring these kind of people to do what, exactly?  After all, I think Emerson’s HQ in Ferguson has all the janitors it needs.

Remember that as bad as this seems, Emerson’s CEO wants to make it worse.

Another Michael Brown.  But this never went beyond the Lincoln County police blotter.

*  I have my reservations about Ilana Mercer, but she’s right to roast into PCR, whose recent antics have really disappointed me.

In the greater realm of people that call or fashion themselves some sort of libertarian, the last two weeks have really separated the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

“Common?”  Yes, that “Common.”

*  Fred Reed is one resource I should have been paying attention to more over the last two weeks, as he is a former cop.  H/T to Saber Point for pointing out his really good essay of two days ago.

It’s now Notting Hill Carnival time in London, a celebration of West Indian (black) “culture.”  I’m surprised they’re not all running around with their hands up in the air saying “honds up dunt sheet.”  And that reminds me — Three years ago, Tottenham was the Ferguson of the day.



24 08 2014

Napa, California

Earthquake in the Napa Valley?

So what?

That doesn’t compare to riots in the NAPA Valley of Ferguson, where NAPA Auto Parts was hit and Napa Valley wine was purloined from QT.

And why are they calling that California city “Napa,” when at least according to the online encyclopedia of questionable credibility, it’s only 0.6% NAPA?

Meanwhile, further south in California…Hands up don’t shoot was lost on them.  So much so that..

Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

24 08 2014

While there were a few arrests last night, compared to none on Friday night, last night was the first night in some time that traffic could normally flow on West Florissant through the Fergaza Strip even during the height of the protests.

Is it any wonder we often get everyone else’s mail other than our own?

The father of the current Congressman that represents Ferguson and all of Bell Curve City St. Louis, and in fact now the entire city, was almost single handedly responsible for that.

*  Translation:  If you don’t rebuild the business we burned down, we’ll burn ‘em down again.

My idea is to leave them as they are, figuratively to rub your dog’s nose in the present he left on the carpet.

Who Obama’s sending to Ferguson for tomorrow’s memorial.  Obama himself isn’t coming, but he would have if someone would have told him there’s an unused golf course in the general area of Ground Zero.  Which there is.

In any other times, I would be happy that this discussion is taking place.  However, doing it now is nothing more than peddling a false narrative, a LOOK SQUIRREL to distract people from the truth.

P-D asks:  What has now become of Jay Nixon’s national ambitions?  Which were a joke and a punchline even before August 9.  Talk of Nixon running for President started way back in October 2012, and like I said back in January after Nixon’s State of the State, he couldn’t win the Democrat nomination for President even if he was the only one running.

Sunday Wrap-Up

24 08 2014

About everything except you-know-what.


*  I don’t get it.  Don’t people go out on Saturday nights anymore?

The good ole pump and dump.

I’m glad to know Bell Curve City is getting back to normal.

Especially the YOOTS.

The first clue should have been that people who live in the projects were filing tax returns, when most of them don’t mainly because they don’t have to.

*  Are they aware that the health gap is largely due to the IQ gap?  Or do they not want to know?

If they don’t want to build this anywhere in North City, I know a good unused parcel of land in Ferguson.

It could have been a lot worse.  This could have been in Bell Curve City, in which case the attempted grilling and BBQ would have been in the bathtub.

Of course he sees potential now.  I give him and it until January.

And you know the ones that will do it will be the ones that have no business doing it.

If they really wanted to cause a stir, they’d mash this together with open carry of rifles.


Because it’s now election season.  The rubes are paying attention.  In much the same way that the sunrise makes burglars nervous.

*  Don’t worry, there’s a plan to make this all better.  Import more of his ilk.

It makes you wonder:  If we don’t give them citizenship and that causes them to be come terrorists, would that which makes them become terrorists all of a sudden stop after we give them citizenship?  Or is “terrorism” the new “how high” in American political life?  Note that if you subtract the number of American citizens from the total world population, the difference is the number of people in this world who do not have American citizenship.  And they’re all on the inevitable path to be terrorists, according to this loon.


Seems to me this is more ridicule than race, but why should the race industry leave a good opportunity on the table?


Crucial reading for the stat heads.  Notice the comment I left, which may or may not be approved by the time you read this.

Along similar lines…

A necrophiliac?  No, he’s a gentle giant.

More Atlantic clickbait.  If I heard it once with my own ears out of the mouths of blacks I heard it a hundred times.  “We need way more edumakashun and we needs to work lots mo’ harder than YT just to get da same thing.”  Except the only hard work they do is complaining and running their mouths.

The results were in.  Cash for Clunkers hurt the auto industry and meant the Federal government spent more money.

*  Delwin “Poo Stupid” McLaren.  My favorite name of the litter.  Too bad we don’t get to see his mugshot, which is presumably as stupid looking as shit.  With any luck, he’ll get Shitavious J. Cook as a cellmate.

By design.

Dispatches from Generation Useless.  I’m really shocked that the generation whose members got last place trophies if they even bothered keeping scores and standings at all thinks that everyone should get a trophy.  Of course they think that, because next to none of them will ever do anything special in their lives.


Assorted Pictures

23 08 2014

qtsticker hashtag boston-braves boystown

You need to be familiar with both Twitter and some recent social-political-foreign affairs controversies loosely related to Twitter to grok the second photo.

And I’m kinda embarrassed to say this, though not em-bare-assed like the Great Wine Thief of QT, I never knew what The Hollies meant by “he ain’t heavy, he’s my brother” until I saw a picture of this stamp a few days ago.


Paging Dan

23 08 2014



They call it a “tirade,” I call it the truth.

Don’t fire Dan Page, give him Jay Nixon’s job.


Today’s Ferguson Miscellany

21 08 2014


Careful, discussing black and race issues on a blog called “Monkey Cage.”

Aside from that, the big problem, as the native St. Louisan who wrote this ought to know, is that Ferguson is only “diverse” if you look at it with just one snapshot in time in a given span.  The trend line is undeniable.

A similar article from that clickbait hornet’s nest, BuzzFeed.

Again, if segregation caused riots, why isn’t Ladue rioting?

Sour Lemon upset that someone told the truth.

There was another pro-Wilson rally, this time led by Bob Romanik, the informal owner of KZQZ/KQQZ/WQQX, and at the County Court House in Belleville.

*  “A strong advocate for the people of Ferguson

Those are not the words I would choose.

*  I’m no fan of Bill Hennessy, for the bad blood we have between each other online.  And now that this tells me he lives in Wildwood, two suburbs over from me, I like him even less.  He hates “white racism” so much but doesn’t prove it with his residential choice.

That said, I have to analyze what he’s doing leaving that aside.  Even if I was a big fan of him, I wouldn’t be a big fan of what he’s doing.  First off, it’s only going to amount to a drop in a bucket, and second, the FerGaza Strip is going to have to stew in its own juices, or rather, the dog shit on the rug so you’re going to have to rub the dog’s nose in it.

*  The good thing about P-D articles is that they have an auto-generated list of relevant past articles along a sidebar.  And look what happened in those same apartment farms along Canfield a few years ago.  Note though the victim lived there, his two assailants were from North City and Alton.


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