Cliven Bundy Noticed the Black Undertow

24 04 2014

Las Vegas


“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro,” he said. Mr. Bundy recalled driving past a public-housing project in North Las Vegas, “and in front of that government house the door was usually open and the older people and the kids — and there is always at least a half a dozen people sitting on the porch — they didn’t have nothing to do. They didn’t have nothing for their kids to do. They didn’t have nothing for their young girls to do.

“And because they were basically on government subsidy, so now what do they do?” he asked. “They abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Well, almost noticed. Really, this is barely stronger than the typical lamestream conservative mentality on race.

This is designed to try to weaken and neutralize the support for Bundy. I happen to think it’s a good acid test on whether the aracial right is still in full racial pandering mode.

I’m the one who told you twelve days ago that our initial victory was one of public relations.  You didn’t think the empire wasn’t going to try to strike back on PR, did you?  With that said, here’s how to respond to it:  One option is to say that Bundy’s remarks are too left wing on race, which is what I think they are.  If you’re not a pedal to the medal HBD type like me, then another option is in a neutral sense to dismiss the remarks as totally irrelevant to the matter at hand, as irrelevant as if Bundy would have said that he thought that broccoli sucked.  What is not a good idea is to try to denounce these remarks yet still embrace Bundy and the pregnant question at the same time, because that just comes off as contradictory, and by contradictory, I mean schizophrenic.  If you’re not an HBDer like me, then you don’t want to muddy the waters, confuse the issue, and create a “Bundy is bad and good at the same time” philosophical paradox.  But to me, it’s not a paradox, because I don’t think racism is bad.

And also, Bundy is about to discover who his friends really are and aren’t.


23 04 2014

Great Bend, Kansas


Guess what he did.

Six Simple Rules

23 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

A deputy assistant deputy assistant of something-or-another at DOJ has laid out a six-item criteria to decide whether Federal prison inmates should be sprung loose during Obama’s impending chimpout in the last two years of his Presidency.

The “standards” are:

– They are currently serving time in a federal prison and likely would have received a substantially lower sentence if convicted of the same offense(s) today;

– They are non-violent, low-level offenders without significant ties to large scale criminal organizations, gangs or cartels;

– They have served at least 10 years of their prison sentence;

– They do not have a significant criminal history;

– They have demonstrated good conduct in prison; and

– They have no history of violence prior to or during their current term of imprisonment.

Here’s the problem.

The fundamental problem with them is that whoever wrote them must believe this false meme going around that there are lots and lots of Federal prisoners who get 20 years just for having a little bit of weed.  That myth is largely peddled by the liberTARDian drug legalization crowd and professional excuseologists for black crime.

Hardly anyone in Federal prison meets all six of these standards.  If you have already done “at least ten years,” this means you got a sentence longer than ten years.  And the kind of people who get Federal bits longer than ten years (being mindful of the fact that those that do are not eligible to be placed in minimum security facilities, 10+ year fliers must be placed in at least medium), are not non-violent people, or do have ties to large scale criminal outfits, or do have a long enough prior sheet, or had a history of violence before their current bid, or a combination of these things.

Really, nobody’s going to pay attention to these standards, especially not President Obama.  He has one standard:

–  The inmate must be part of the Democrat electoral coalition or must have a high probability of voting Democrat.

While I’m on this subject, Yahoo Snooze has this long spread about this matter, profiling a white woman in Federal prison, supposedly for meth.  I get the feeling that they’re deliberately leaving out a few details.  I am almost certain they’re profiling a white woman as cover for the fact that Obama will be opening the prison house doors for mostly blacks and Hispanics.


Middle School Confidential

22 04 2014

Kissimmee, Florida

Sixteen years old and still in middle school.

But maybe going up the river for attempted murder.

64% Hispanic, 24% black.

Mulatto Caribbean Island to Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution

21 04 2014

Puerto Rico

What could possibly go wrong?

And also, by the time legalizing weed and whoring is suggested as a problem to solve economic and fiscal problems in a given place, the place is already past the point of no return.

Easter Sunday Wrap-Up

20 04 2014


Turns out you didn’t need an armed offender docket (“gun court”) to have the only positive consequence of a gun court. Robert Dierker, FTW.

The state’s defense?  “But they were voting in Chicago, so we just assumed they were alive.”

We know who did it from where they took him.

And this happened on base.  Though since the military is becoming more and more diverse by the year, that shouldn’t surprise me.

Sure, the idea of black pimps or other kinds of miscreants luring white girls into sex slavery is abhorrent.  But the bigger tragedy would be losing diversity.


UFO school-to-prison pipeline sighting in Chicago.


*  Mitch McConnell voted against Gang Bangers of Eight, but one clue that he would have easily voted for it was that he did nothing in his power as leader of the Republicans in the Senate to get any of the 14 Senate Republicans that voted for it to change their votes.

Here’s another clue — There’s a transparent revolving door between his hacks and the cheap labor lobby.

I presume he was a DREAMer?

He won, today.  But what is “weird” today will be “normal” tomorrow, at which time opposition to or disgust towards the formerly weird aka the new normal will become hate.

Because, demography is destiny.

Southern California Edison getting on board the H-1B train.

Should quit calling it Edison and start calling it Patel.


I don’t know why anyone is shocked.  It’s a pretty open secret that young men in Hollywood who are seriously aspiring to a movie and film career are going to have to do a lot of pillow biting on their way up the ladder of success.

I’ll give the NCA an A for effort, but it’s all to no avail.  Because they’re responding to a President that believes in the nutty doctrine of disparate impact. If fire departments have to junk standards in order to hire more blacks, then I don’t see why dry cleaners should charge more to hand iron shirts than they charge to press iron shirts.

Worries about billionaires unduly exercising outsize influence on politics?  Mr. Reid?


No thank you.  First off, go soft on crime and zillions of white people stay home.  Second, I wouldn’t want as much as one vote from a racial constituency that’s interested in thug coddling or one that is said to need to be pandered to on that front to get their votes.

I would take Kathleen Belew a little more, but not much more, seriously.  Except here is yet another instance where the MSM has gone all white elephant naked emperor on the very words and names “Alex Linder” and “Vanguard News Network.”  She won’t name where Miller actually hung out for most of his political life in recent years, digesting all of Linder’s anti-Semitic eliminationist-exterminationist rhetoric and contributing to the swamp himself, but she’s all hot and ready to indict the United States Armed Forces.

Segue to this:  In the aftermath of Glenn Miller, and with other terrorist masterminds in mind, an Obama White House hack who does homeland security thinks that their children are susceptible to becoming terrorists if they exhibit “sudden personality changes” and become “confrontational.”

Other concomitant symptoms of these sorts of potential terrorists are:  The onset of facial, underarm, chest and pubic hair, a deepening voice, more massive and lower hanging testicles, broader shoulders, more muscle mass, sticky bed sheets.

*  “Food stamp crime wave.”  Check out the names.

BTW, “Iranistan” Avenue?

She’s hurt an angry now?  I wonder what she’ll feel if one day some Federal or state prosecutor wants to string her up for fraud, for her Dime Store Indian credentials getting her jobs and other consideration she would not have gotten without them.

She got off easy.  (Even though in the process of that, he got off.)  The last story I read about a black Memphis cop abusing his power for sexual favors, he made a man he accosted suck him off.

If only these Muslim cab drivers were white conservative Christian cake bakers or wedding photographers, official LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH would be outraged.  But they don’t seem to be outraged.

Because, must not create a car wreck at an intersectionality in left wing wackoville.

Won’t work.  All he has to do is point to the other side of his bed to prove his commitment to diversity.


The war cabinet waging World War T meets, they worry about a counteroffensive.

Horrifying medical mixup?  Maybe, but to me, it’s as simple as “Dr. Al-Abed.”

BTW, “Maria De Jesus” giving birth in London?

New African country, old African problems.


I am not surprised that he tried to commit suicide after he cut off part of his dick.  You know how the muh dikkers are, life’s just not worth living without a big dick, because without that, they have nothing to brag about.

Sure it’s parody.  But it might not be that much of a parody.  There is a theory that AQ’s purpose in 9/11 was to do just enough terrorism to lure us into expensive overseas wars and occupations that would bankrupt us, AQ’s real aim.  However, I think the problem with that theory is that it’s painting the dartboard around the dart sticking in the wall.


Leave the Light On

18 04 2014


Haven’t you heard the ads lately from the great faceless wonder?  You can now book advance room reservations at Motel 6 online.

I guess now we’re supposed to say “Motel 6″ in the same breath as “Waldorf Astoria,” lodging that is so in demand that one must RSVP.  I imagine people all over the country are saying things like, “Hurry up, I hope to God the Motel 6 in Oompaloompa still has rooms.”

BTW, what was Tom Bodett famous for before Motel 6?

Inner Trayvon

17 04 2014



Almost to the last man and woman of even the good ones — Give ‘em enough time, and their inner Trayvon will come pouring out.

Getaway Thursday Wrap-Up

17 04 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

After lunch today, I’m headed home for what will be my only break from the salt mines this month, the three days between Good Friday and Easter.  Which I intend to spend most of either sleeping or with family.


Good, let it remain transitional.  For if it goes back to being unaccredited, SHTF.

Feature, not bug.

And notice that Hank Aaron is once again complaining about all the nasty letters he is supposedly getting.

“Early childhood education.”  Now there’s a new idea.

You know, you read this, and if you wouldn’t know any better, you’d think he has a problem with black parents.

For the second time in five months, SLPD is going to play whack-a-mole in Tower Grove South.

Does this mean the first time didn’t work?  Does this also mean that whack-a-mole really doesn’t do any good?



Sounds familiar to me.

What, no complaints about the outsized influence of billionaires in politics?

Some people might not consider that a bad thing if it happens.

“But we do background checks.”  Sure, you must have been convicted of rape in order to be hired.  “It could happen to anyone anywhere.”  Anywhere you’re close to the ook.


Perfect segue.  Not that I have any way of knowing for sure, as the French are fanatically opposed to collecting racial stats.  But this sounds so quintessentially ook.


*  Yeah, sure, a real Swiss Mister.

And let’s send you to your long Easter weekend with this.  LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH have really outdone themselves this time.

I dunno, it seems to me that we’re in a time period that’s a cross between the hippie era and the Weimar Republic.



It Is What It Is

14 04 2014

Overland Park, Kansas

Well, we’re at the end of the first business day after.

Amazingly, nobody in the statewide media or even the national media have connected the obvious dots between Miller and Alex Linder/VNN/Kirksville.  Not even the paper in Kirksville itself has noticed how the matter lands right in their back yard.

It’s not like this is a state secret akin to nuclear arming codes.

I wonder why the media are holding back.  Lazy?  Don’t want to publicize Linder/VNN?

As for everything else, check out the last three threads at OD, here, here and here.  Hunter Wallace gets down to the bare metal of the hard drive.  No conspiracy theories involved or necessary.  Once you read his take, you’ll be nonplussed.  I also have my own contributions.

Evening Tidbits

14 04 2014

Your Blogmeister’s Hotel Room

Read carefully.  It’s Harry Reid’s signed confession that his hand is in it.

Less internet spam, straight ahead.

Bosley Sr slams Schnucks for announcing the closing its store on Grand and Kossuth next month.  Bosley notes that the store is often crammed with people using their EBT cards.

So how can a store that has heavy foot traffic be chronically operating in the red?  Let me count the ways:  Grazing (taking a bag of potato chips off the rack, opening it up, eating the chips, throwing away the empty bag and not paying for the bag), spoilage (Latrina picks up a choice of meat, decide she doesn’t want it, but doesn’t take it back to the freezer, and just leaves it lying around), stealing/shoplifting (of the garden variety), corruption (Aquanetta is a cashier, her sister Shaniqua comes to the checkout aisle with a cart full of items, but Aquanetta only scans one of the items), violent crime, high insurance costs for this particular store, lackadaisical employees who may or may not show up to work on time if at all, but still somehow collect a full paycheck, cashiers with sticky fingers for cash in their drawers, and probably a million other reasons.

UPDATE 4/17:  Thanks to Nicholas Stix for linking, and someone there suggested grocery cart theft.  And as luck would have it, Steve Patterson felt adventurous and went spelunking.  For one, the way that particular store controls cart theft is the barrier method.  Second, you can tell from pics on the inside of the store that you’re in Bell Curve City.

Old fashioned technology and their piece of the pi.

*  I know this bill was going through the House, and has indeed passed the House by an overwhelming margin.  This is the first actual media proof of this bill that I’ve seen.

As you know, I have this pet theory that the insurance industry is the hidden hand behind schools and districts’ zero tolerance fanaticism.  That said, I was expecting my colleagues who are in the employ of the insurance industry to gear up to try to kill this bill.  Amazingly, there was nothing on that front.  There was something of an effort on the part of an industry known as a perennial adversary of the insurance industry, those being the trial lawyers, to kill it, and indeed they got enough suburban Democrats from both St. Louis and Kansas City to squak about it and vote against it, but not enough to prevent an override-proof margin.

However, that does not refute my pet theory.  All it means is that the insurance industry has nothing to lose with this bill becoming law; it does not by itself prove that they’re not the real energy behind Zero-T.

Another day, another poke in the eye of Mizzou football.

Duh, they’re trying to gin up their base.

For you, Norm.

Tomorrow’s Going to Be a Fun Day

13 04 2014

Overland Park, Kansas

With Glenn Miller being from Aurora and Alex Linder currently living in Kirksville, bet on all the statewide news sources of any consequence latching onto this big time starting tomorrow morning.  IOW, expect a feeding frenzy.  It might be such a frenzy that MissouriNet will mention neither the names of Jay Nixon nor Claire McCaskill tomorrow.

I doubt many if any people in my particular line of work will much talk about it.

Horsing Around

13 04 2014


What’s this all about?  Well, go there!

Sunday Wrap-Up

13 04 2014


So much for surveillance cameras being a deterrent to violent crime.

Also, you’ll note that the victim’s body was found out behind an Auto Zone on Natural Bridge.  I could have only wished it would have been a NAPA and not an Auto Zone.  Even though in a way, it was a NAPA.

Dispatches from the recovery:  Family Dollar, which has been growing like a weed in St. Louis, has to hit the brakes on growth and go in the other direction.  Why?  FD is too expensive.


Michael Barone:  Trust in government is high in the Scandinavian-Germanic parts of the country.  This same Michael Barone wants more immigration, because, Mexicans are the New Italians.

Why would anyone despair when the WSJ picks on you for not being for open borders on account of racial preservation?  That would be an occasion for me to celebrate.  I’d get worried if the WSJ wasn’t picking on me.


Smiling Simeon’s probation officer had grounds to have him locked up a month before.

Mahogany Mobs hit Boston.

*  Oh Ezra.  Don’t you realize that there might be reason why single payer might work in Vermont but not the whole country?

The late breaking news is that it might not even work in Vermont.

This story out of Chicago gives us an answer about when blacks come into your gun store:  According to the ATF, you have a lot of latitude to deny service, but you’re not allowed to use race as a factor.

Chlamydia is on a roll.  Yes, Virginia, there are racial differences to be found.


IE6, we knew ye for too long.

Please feed the swans.

More bad science.  First, this wasn’t much after the end of the heavy bombardment period in our solar system.  Second, at that time frame, the only life on Earth would have been single-celled, if there was any life on Earth at all.  Third, Earth’s atmosphere was significantly different during this time frame; in fact, the credible science is that our current atmosphere is Earth’s third distinct one.

*  My problem with focus groups, especially political ones, is that they’re mostly upper middle income middle aged white women.  If there is an alpha male in the group, they’ll agree with him and line up behind him.  If not, then they’ll default to whatever the politically correct hive mind says we’re supposed to think.

As it turns out, there’s another problem with focus groups, especially non-political ones:  It’s possible to game the system and make a living being a professional focus group participant.  If it’s possible with non-political FGs, then it’s possible with political FGs.

That’s Different

8 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

Obama signs a useless executive order about the mythical gender pay gap.  Actually, the only thing his executive order will actually do is to prohibit private firms that receive Federal contracts from prohibiting their own employees to disclose their own pay and compensation packages among themselves.  Which really has nothing to do with the mythical gender pay gap.  The reason a lot of firms have that rule is to cut out the jealousy and office politics that come from the very good reasons why one person might be paid more or less than another similarly situated person.  However, the feminist-lesbian cabal assumes that the reason firms have that rule is to cover up the mythical gender pay gap.

However, Obama’s EO only focuses attention on the mythical gender pay gap in Obama’s own White House staff.

When Jay Carney was pressed on the matter, what was essentially his reaction?

That’s different.

The last refuge of an elitist hypocrite.

Before I go, let me posit to you a taboo explanation for the mythical gender pay gap.  Since you know who’s writing it and where he is writing it, you probably already know what’s coming.

What appears to the untrained eye as a gender gap is really a race gap.  In other words, most of the much-ballyhooed 77% figure can be explained not as the gap between all men and all women, but the gap between white men and black women.  If the overall gender gap is 77%, but if the gap between white men and black women, at least in Crook County, Illinois is 61%, then there is probably only a slight gap between white men and white women, and between black women and black men (and black women make more than and are more likely to be working than black men).  And what’s left of the gender gap after race norming has logical simple non-diabolical explanations.

Political Protest

8 04 2014



“Strong and brave young women…who refuse to let their voices be silenced.”

Pardon me, but does THIS look like a political protest to you?

Then again, what difference does it make?


The Medium Is the Message

8 04 2014

Bowling Green, Kentucky

Here’s proof of that.

Guess which of these two things have our people most upset, in fact, many of you reading this more upset:

1.  Rand Paul’s numerous open borders statements since the beginning of last year, almost always digested by those who know he said those things in a printed verbal account.




Now I know why Ron Paul, in spite of all his open borders statements, never much ruined himself among our people.  Because he didn’t have any of these questionable optics.


Sunday Wrap-Up

6 04 2014


Once upon a time, Cardinal territory was way bigger. That’s the way it was when the Cardinals were both the southern and western most successful team in the major leagues. “But what about the Browns?” The Browns, LOL.

90% of Illinois voters say that Chicago and Illinois governments are corrupt.  The other 10% are low IQ people working in patronage jobs.

Crestwood is featured in Buzz Feed’s pictorial essay of dead malls.  While some of the malls look like Life After People, Crestwood isn’t that bad, yet, even though it is closed.  Crestwood was one mall that the black undertow can’t claim to have ruined.  The deal with Crestwood is that it was just too close to other malls in an era where we passed peak mall.  That and Crestwood wasn’t immediately close to either a freeway to freeway junction or a freeway to major arterial junction.  What does surprise me is that if you would have gone to Crestwood as late as 2002, you would have had no idea how quickly the fall was coming and how quickly it happened.  Especially since just a few years before, they actually added on space for more stores.

Buzz Feed is slightly wrong here.  Crestwood opened in 1956, but it wasn’t really a quintessential mall until it as renovated and re-opened in 1983.

KIPP opening up more schools in St. Louis.  But not too many more.  That’s because there aren’t enough above average black kids in St. Louis to fill up a slew of KIPPs.


Straight out of Psycho, but Norman Bates has a really dark tan.


They act as if an H1B not offshored is that much better than an H1B that is.   Either way, the native born white American loses.


If Sheldon Adelson buys the RNC a party in Vegas in 2016, then it’s perfectly apparent that it’s going to be very hard to deny him his pretty much hand picked choice for a nominee, Jeb Bush.  If Jeff Sessions does run, this means he’s going to have to be militant and take no prisoners.  But if he doesn’t run, it only means that the 2016 Republican Presidential primary and caucus games will be nothing but a sideshow, that anyone not named Jeb Bush is only in it to pump up their name rec for future book deals or media presences.  Sure, there might be the equivalent of a Huckabee 2008 or Santorum 2012, who might well pull off a few wins here and there, and be touted for his or her courage or stamina.  All kabuki theater.

*  Speaking of Huckabee, it turns out that most of his endorsements are back door loaded marketing for a company of barnacles that’s in his family, the Wickers Group.  I can assure you that Huck’s endorsement of Todd Akin in 2012 had nothing to do with us hiring the Wickers Group.  That’s one notable exception I can confirm.

The essay that got Kwasi Enin into all eight Ivies.  Something about the dialectics of green eggs and ham.

Don’t question a king unless….well, just don’t question a king.

Because…vicious rhetoric in Connecticut on the 2A issue is exclusively reserved for the elected Democrats.

What the Senate leadershit next year would look like if the RINOs get their way.  Because, change.

It’s the first and it will be the last honest work he does.

Another day, another thing that causes racism.  However, I can assure you that I never needed to pop a Molly to become a racist.  All I needed to was notice things.

If Mollies do cause racism, it’s because we read the news about ooks on Molly highs acting stupid then laugh at them.

* “16-year old kid.”  Well, this “kid” of sixteen is taller, looks stronger and appears not much younger than the middle aged white cops perp walking him.


It’s true, but I’m a little surprised in a happy sort of way that this is coming from CBN, the channel Pat Robertson founded.


With Mike Krzyzewski assistant Steve Wojciechowski heading to Marquette, next year’s Duke basketball media guide will be easier to write, while Marquette’s will be harder.

*  Unlike the others, this “neighborhood menace” with a curious tattoo between his eyebrows had a cross, not a gun.

Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, joins Europa, a moon of Jupiter, in having an under-ice ocean of liquid water.

Thirty-five years after his death, John Wayne is still the seventh most popular movie star.  But why is Denzel Washington second?

Sure, because living on Earth is doing wonders for my mental health.

Name me some taboo but noticeable ostentatious distinguishing characteristic about the kind of “affweetes” Bob Costas sees and covers most of the time. Yes, in order to complete this assignment, you will have to notice things.

I guess this company gives new meaning to the phrase, “you don’t know shit from Shinola.”

Modern Story Flubbers

5 04 2014

Mountain View, California and Minneapolis

As of this moment, Mozilla is still listed as one of the clients of the Minneapolis-based PR firm Haberman and Associates.

Mozilla should fire them.

Here’s what Mozilla should have done from the PR angle, but what they should have done differs from when they wanted to start pushing back on the PR front.

If they wanted to start some time after OkStupid started its virtual boycott on Firefox but before Brendan Eich was fired resigned, my advice would have been to ignore the whole thing, say nothing about it publicly.  Firefox has (or had) 18% of the world browser market share.  Would Wal-Martinez tell one in five people coming toward the entrance to go away?  Short answer:  No.  Long answer:  Hell no.  Even if OkStupid would not have backed down, and I think they eventually would have quietly, Mozilla acknowledging it only added fuel to the fire which consumed them.  If they would have never acknowledged it, OkStupid would have eventually come off in the eyes of most people as shit-stirring cantankerous cranks, and all the PR shit would be on their face.

If some of you think that it sounds familiar, or that I think it should, or that I’m hinting around something, you’re right.  Two words:  Legitimate rape.  My first inclination was to ignore the whole thing, not feed it, not fuel its fire, and it would have mostly gone away by the end of the week. I could kick myself now for not screaming that advice into the ears of more people.

Alternatively, maybe Mozilla wanted to wait to start the PR pushback until after they fired Eich.  Everyone knows they fired him far more than he resigned.  But instead of issuing a very goofy contradictory confused public statement, which only pissed more people off, Mitchell Baker should have lied her ass off and said that Eich willingly but unnecessarily resigned because he thought it was for the good of Mozilla, (and through back channels, make Eich happy however it has to be done, monetarily or otherwise, to keep him from saying contradictory things to the media), and then dropped the whole matter.

But here in the real world, Mozilla hurt its brand and its acquiescence made LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH come off as rabid totalitarians.


Illegal Aliens

3 04 2014

New York


Clinton mused, though, that perhaps an alien invasion could finally bring world peace.

“[It] may be the only way to unite us in this incredibly divided world of ours,” Clinton said. “If they’re out there, we better think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader. That’s the whole theory of ‘Independence Day’. Everybody gets together and makes nice.”

This is nothing new.  This goes back to the days of Carroll Quigley, who halfway jokingly halfway seriously speculated that peddling fear of ET would be a good establishment tool to scare people into accepting a global government.

And you thought that midnight radio show about aliens and UFOs, on hundreds of FCC licensed radio stations, was telling you things the government didn’t want you to know.

Meanwhile, the aliens to worry about?  Don’t point up, point south.


2 04 2014

Washington, D.C.

Muriel Bowser

The uber-villain in the Super Mario video game franchise?

Thanks to D.C. gentrification, by now, I would have expected some white liberal to win.

I’ve Made It

31 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

Hot damn!

The USCRC wants my birthday to be a national holiday.

I knew I’d amount to something one of these days.


Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

31 03 2014

Glen Rock, New Jersey

I only read the headline.

The woman’s name is something like La’Shaniqua Williams, the owner’s name is something like Ling Chi or Ravi Patel.

Because, when it comes to nail salons, black women patronize them, Asians own them.

Sunday Wrap-Up

30 03 2014


*  Stubborn as a mule:  The University of Central Missouri Mules won the D-II college basketball championship yesterday, beating West Liberty University, of West Liberty, West Virginia (north of Wheeling).

I don’t work around many of their alumni (formerly Central Missouri State University), so I don’t think I’ll hear much boasting.

“Gee Wally.”

I gave it six months.  I seriously underestimated them:  They lasted ten months.  They turned off the gals and switched to Yahoo Sports Radio on March 1.

I figured something was up when I scanned the dial locally one point this week and there weren’t these dynamic women discussing the issues of the day (boobs, bras, diapers that are simultaneously pissy and shitty, having romantic crushes on their sons, etc.) on 1380.

Satchel Paige once played for the Browns.

This photo was taken in September 1952, and after the end of the following season, the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles.

*  Out:  Knockout Martin Luther King.  In:  “Flash Fights,” aka staged fights among “yoots” purely for the purpose of looksatme.

The cops are worried about this.  They should actually be thrilled about this.  As long as the yoots are keeping the yootiness to and among themselves, and not involving any innocent white or other people, we should be happy.

As an aside, here’s the direct link to the YT video Channel 2 blurred out in that story.  It’s age restricted, so I’ll just link to it instead of embedding it.

SLPS casualty count so far this school year, with about two months left to go, is up to 17.  That’s almost Chicago-like territory.

*  That permanent temporary increase in the Illinois income tax?  It’s going to be permanent.

Oh no you don’t — Don’t go voting for Bruce Rauner thinking you’re going to get out of it.


Where the immigration is.

Thinking ahead, long term and strategically.  It’s good to know at least one political party does it.

The bill couldn’t be named after anyone more appropriate.

Los Angeles County soon to zoom past the 10 million population mark.

*  Repeat after me:  The USSR built walls to keep people IN.

What’s with this refreshing break from Godwin’s Law?  The Russia-Ukraine issue is hot, so I guess it’s time to remind people of the big bad ole Soviet Union in order to grease the political skids for something.


*  This has been a bad week for ook news out of Philadelphia.  First it was the Temple brick attack, then it was the YOOT cold cocking his school’s conflict mediator.  And now it’s this. The school is 91% black, in case you were wondering.

*  Stupid ook.  Jack a car, it’s a stick shift, and you can’t drive a stick.

The state of Louisiana will soon probably legalize gun buyback scams statewide; as of right now, they are only legal in New Orleans.  And both houses of the state legislature are in Republican control, too.  I wonder what’s up with that.  I sense some logrolling.

*  Four people popped so far in the recent Louisville mahogany mob (you know, L’Affaire d’Me’Quale), three can be publicly named.  One Shaquazz and one Je’rece.


What medieval Europe did to its YOOTS.

While this is not bad news, I don’t know if I’d call it good, either.

*  I have trouble buying the notion that the Philadelphia (there’s that town again) Eagles cut DeSean Jackson for his gang ties.  By that standard, a good chunk of the NFL would have to be released.  I just happen to think he wanted too much money.  And the team’s front office is doing a “gang ties” whisper campaign as an excuse, a diversion.

This analysis is based on the manufacturers’ price gouging for inkjet printer ink, which is entirely how they get you on the back end for their ridiculously low loss leader prices on the printers themselves.

Hate Both

29 03 2014

Washington, D.C.

The recent resignation of a White House pastry chef because s/he (?) was upset over Blackie O’s jihad against fatty food (“I don’t want to demonize butter…”):

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, there was a common phrase in public policy debates:  Guns versus butter.  It was just a neat shorthand way of summarizing the debate over how much governments should spend on the military or law enforcement versus social welfare.

Nowadays, you don’t hear the left talking about guns versus butter, because they hate both.

Midweek Wrap-Up

27 03 2014


New City Ook.

Same dumb blacks, new school management.


The actual Cesar Chavez wasn’t quite so hot about open borders.


Michelle Malkin does a pot shop.  Where you have to show ID.

“Her mother, Tequila Carter…”

I don’t blame them for not intervening.  I wouldn’t either, for much the same reason that I wouldn’t put my hands in between the snoots of fighting pit bulls.

*  They worry about stereotype threats, but then sponsor this kind of essay contest.

Even without the name, the radar alert is obvious.  The only element that surprises me is that he was high on cocaine, and not a molly.

Granny butterfingers.

I said in this space awhile back that Mark Dice’s act is wearing thin on me.  However, this is different, because almost to an individual, college students at a college in Washington, D.C. should at least know that there are two Senators per state and be able to name at least one of them.

If you read her name really quickly, you might come away thinking it’s “Bean-Conquest.”  Take that as a double entendre.

Confused rhetoric like this is what you get when you try to be both a civil libertarian and a left wing totalitarian at the same time.

“…openly displayed images that many in our community find distressing and offensive…” — That means showing people the consequences of the actions they advocate.

Only a megalomaniac like Al Charlatan would consider a piece of legislation to be manna from heaven.

Most of us consider it Hell on Earth.


What does Mitch McConnell have to do with the state of Kentucky?  He probably hasn’t actually lived there in a very long time.

Did you know there might be a planet bigger than Earth in our Solar System?

I heard there might be as many as four.

Hard to believe that this is a descendant of the Vikings. And I don’t mean the NFL team in Minnesota.

This reminds me of a parody news story I once did.

Rape Culture

26 03 2014


It starts out like this:

A new study has found that 43 percent of teenage boys and young college men are coerced into unwanted sex or sexual behavior.

According to research published by the American Psychological Association,  95 percent of them said a female acquaintance was the aggressor.

Considering the age and sex of those studied, I think 43% is too high.  Guys like to brag.

But I do think it happens quite a bit.

This part is doubly curious and unsurprising:

The study found that the frequency and type of sexual coercion varied according to the victims’ ethnicity. Compared with other groups, Asian-American students reported fewer sexual coercion experiences with at 8 percent.  Forty percent of Latinos reported the highest number of sexual coercion experiences compared with 22 percent of African-Americans and 19 percent of whites.

Asian < white < Hispanic < black is a pattern we see a lot in terms of social desirability or undesirability, though in this case, it’s Hispanics as the most victimized, almost twice as much as blacks, who in turn are only slightly more victimized than whites.  Which means that for some reason, young Hispanic men are susceptible to being victims of an act that is borderline rape.

Any theories?

Extra Strength Irony

24 03 2014



He of all people should have known better.

Second chances?  He needs one.

Sunday Wrap-Up

23 03 2014


*  I can’t find a URL, but I know that there was some hubbub last week that Chris Koster, flanked by Slay, Dotson, Dooley, Fitch, Sly James and the KCPD Chief, is starting to beat the drums again for an armed offender docket (“gun court”).  I can’t say I know the legal intricacies of the proposal and the arguments pro and con inside and out, but I do know that I trust Robert Dierker’s judgement, and if he’s against it, then I’m against it.  Then again, I get the feeling that there’s some naked emperor factor that nobody wants to talk about, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

The only trick will be on those watching this documentary, if it doesn’t tell or sufficiently hint around the racial truths.

Not impressed.  It’s just GSV plus some overgrown plants and trees.

*  “Despite claims of innocence,” aka “I didn’ do nuffins.”

*   Minow said that in a Rauner administration, “there won’t be a big difference between Democrats and Republicans because the problems are too tough and they’ve got to be solved.”


20-year old student at Alton High School.  What is he, a sixth year freshman?


By these standards, math has been politicized for a long time.  But I can assure you that it doesn’t mean anything.  You can have a thousand sidebars about how this or that mulatto solved a differential equation to make peanut goop, and it’s not going to make anyone learn how to do differential equations who doesn’t have the ability to grok that kind of math.


*  New York is permitted one sane act per year, and it has already used it up its 2014 allotment.

Sorry, Jeb.  It doesn’t seem to me that being an illegal alien entails much risk these days.


*  Curious turn in the story of the white high school basketball players who lost the game but sent the black members of the winning team some curious tweets:  The coach of the white team is (or was) black.

*  Political data mining isn’t the wave of the future anymore, it’s the reality of the present.

*  It’s going to be a really seriously shocking political season in 2014.  A TPM aligned write in candidate for Pennsylvania State Senate beat both the Republican and the Democrat.

Pennsylvania seems to be a state where write in magic happens in political races.  Remember Lou Barletta’s final campaign for re-election as mayor in Hazleton before he ran for Congress unsuccessfully in 2008 and successfully in 2010, he won the Republican nomination as a named candidate on the ballot and also the Democrat nomination because so many of the town’s Democrats wrote him in, and he beat a former mayor who was a named candidate.

How do veggie burgers and panini play into black history?

She didn’t get her ice cream, so she had to settle for car-b-que.

Slavery, Confederate flag.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was an election year.  Strangely, Rangel does have a primary challenger.

*  Voter fraud is a Democrat Party political strategy, in case you didn’t already believe it.


Pop goes about a million leftist bromides.


*  The generic mom and pop coffee house whose logo contains the visage of a suggestively naked long haired white woman charges an arm and a leg for their coffee.  Imagine what they’ll ask for booze.

Minority Mortgage Meltdown, Second Wave

21 03 2014


“Rebecca Black.”

Apropos name.

They give us 698 Hazelwood Road in Memphis.

I could have asked James Edwards.

But instead of wasting his valuable time, (a show that good takes lots of prep and homework), I opted for Google Maps and NYT Census Explorer.

The block’s census tract is 99%…well, you guessed it.


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