Blogmeister Echo Syndrome

24 10 2014

Norfolk, Virginia

Two Old Dominion University professors demonstrated that fraudulent voting by non-citizens (either legal aliens or illegal aliens) very well could have been the decisive leverage in elections in the very recent past, and the implication is that they could do the same this year.

Blogmeister Echo Syndrome:

We also find that one of the favorite policies advocated by conservatives to prevent voter fraud appears strikingly ineffective. Nearly three quarters of the non-citizens who indicated they were asked to provide photo identification at the polls claimed to have subsequently voted.

Like I’ve been saying, photo ID requirements to vote will prevent very little voter fraud.

Also like I’ve been saying very recently, these kinds of shenanigans are merely the predictable consequences of democratic republicanism.  Institutions are true to their principles, and if democracy and voting is sacrosanct, then it follows that more and more people must be allowed to vote.  So what if they’re not really citizens, or even alive?  So what if the person never actually existed?  So what if the person has already actually voted today?  So what if the voter is actually a dog?  Democracy is democracy.  Denying dead dogs the right to vote eight times in one day is voter suppression, and is an unpardonable sin to the Gods of Democracy.

Think I’m being facetious?  Read further down in this article:

Our research cannot answer whether the United States should move to legalize some electoral participation by non-citizens as many other countries do, and as some U.S. states did for more than 100 years, or find policies that more effectively restrict it. But this research should move that debate a step closer to a common set of facts.

My solution is a lot more simple:

Democratic republicanism is dead.  Long live the king.



Groundhog Day in October

22 10 2014


Of course James O’Keefe struck again.

Finding voter fraud these days is as easy as finding both voting and anyone who has an incentive to cheat.

I’ll say what I said a few days ago in a slightly different way:  I used to think that the fundamental problem with “voter fraud” was the fraud.  Now I think it’s the voter.  The problems of voter fraud and too much money corrupting elections are merely the natural consequences of democratic republicanism.  Therefore, the solution to both problems is not to implement Rube Goldberg omnibus reform legislation.

Democratic republicanism is dead.  Long live the king.

‘Cause They’re Happy

19 10 2014


Voter fraud is rare.  Research proves.

The left wing is happier than a Pharrell Williams record.

And they are right to be, because that’s the truth.  Voter fraud is rare.

Candidate A gets 1,000,000 legitimate votes. Candidate B gets 999,999 legitimate votes. Then someone fakes up 2 votes for Candidate B. This means only 0.0001% of all votes cast were fraudulent. Now THAT is rare.


No Voter Fraud

28 09 2014

Bridgeport, Connecticut


And this one is an actual elected politician.

Not so long ago, I would have been really steamed at stories like these.  Now I realize that voter fraud is just an inevitable consequence of duhmocrazy and especially the worship thereof.  I used to think that we needed really complicated and convoluted and really heavy handed ways to solve voter fraud.  Now I think it’s simple:  There can’t be any voter fraud if there isn’t any voting.  That would also take care of the problem of too much money in elections.  Can’t have too much money ruining elections if there are no elections.

Notice she, and yes, SHE, was recently popped for domestic violence.

That’s Racism. Because, Racism.

19 08 2014



United Way opens resource center

A community resource drop-in center will open Wednesday for individuals and families impacted by the unrest in Ferguson and living in the 63135 and 63136 zip codes.

The center will be open daily for the remainder of the week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Dellwood Recreation Center, 10266 West Florissant Avenue. It will be closed Saturday, but open Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Residents can get respite, hot meals, food staples and access to resources from other local agencies. Children’s activities will also be available.

Bring a photo ID and a current utility bill to access the services.



Just a Noise Machine

9 06 2014


No surprise.  In a country where you need photo ID to breathe, the first election in a state after it enacted a voter photo ID requirement went smoothly.

That’s not the point.  It’s not that voter photo ID will disenfranchise anyone or cause election day to be rocky or will really be much of a deterrent to voter fraud.  The reason the left, especially the black civil rights groups, ride it as a hobby horse, is to gin up memories of the 1960s and the civil rights movement and of Martin Luther King marching in the minds of elderly black women, to remind them of the days when they were young black women and they supposedly had no rights and the 1960s and the Democrats “freed” them, the obvious implication is that voter photo ID is just the start of a vast conspiracy to turn back the clock to segregation and then to slavery, and that all these old black women better get out and vote (elderly black women do most of the voting in the black community) to stop this RepubliKKKan conspiracy.

I wonder if, after the current generation of elderly black women that remember the civil rights movement as a matter of their conscious lifetimes start moving on from this world to the next world, the total raw number of black voters is going to start declining.

As an aside, since this story is about the state of Mississippi and its election last week, I should note that even though Chris McDaniel got more votes than Thad Cochran but couldn’t himself break 50% necessitating a runoff two weeks from tomorrow, that he did this well and got this far is illustrative of something.  Consider this:  In the 60 year time period between 1947 and 2007, the state of Mississippi only had four individual people represent it in the United States Senate:  James Eastland, John Stennis, Trent Lott, Thad Cochran.  Point being, it’s an electorate that even more than average rewards incumbency.  It’s a red letter day in political history when an incumbent United States Senator anywhere loses in his or her party’s primary, but if it winds up happening in incumbent-friendly Mississippi of all places, it’s a political event akin to Chicxulub.


The Cochran camp thinks it can get Democrats that didn’t already vote in the Democrat primary last week (doing so makes them ineligible to vote in the runoff two weeks from today) to come out and vote for Cochran.  Now that’s the mentality of people that can’t even find Mississippi on a blank map much less represent it in politics.  In the state of Mississippi, Democrat = Black and Black = Democrat.  I doubt black voters really have strong feelings about either one of these two candidates more or less than the other.

What’s the Point?

13 04 2014


Dems offering photo-enhanced SSN cards in a photo voter ID compromise.

Except that virtually all of the state laws and proposals requiring photo ID will give away for free a real photo ID to the scant few people who don’t have one.

So what’s the point?

Getting illegal and legal aliens a phot0-enhanced SSN card so they can vote.

One more thing:  SSN cards were not designed for that purpose.  They are merely supposed to be a card for an account between a given taxpayer and future recipient and the SSA and CMS.


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