That’s Racism. Because, Racism.

19 08 2014



United Way opens resource center

A community resource drop-in center will open Wednesday for individuals and families impacted by the unrest in Ferguson and living in the 63135 and 63136 zip codes.

The center will be open daily for the remainder of the week from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Dellwood Recreation Center, 10266 West Florissant Avenue. It will be closed Saturday, but open Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Residents can get respite, hot meals, food staples and access to resources from other local agencies. Children’s activities will also be available.

Bring a photo ID and a current utility bill to access the services.



Just a Noise Machine

9 06 2014


No surprise.  In a country where you need photo ID to breathe, the first election in a state after it enacted a voter photo ID requirement went smoothly.

That’s not the point.  It’s not that voter photo ID will disenfranchise anyone or cause election day to be rocky or will really be much of a deterrent to voter fraud.  The reason the left, especially the black civil rights groups, ride it as a hobby horse, is to gin up memories of the 1960s and the civil rights movement and of Martin Luther King marching in the minds of elderly black women, to remind them of the days when they were young black women and they supposedly had no rights and the 1960s and the Democrats “freed” them, the obvious implication is that voter photo ID is just the start of a vast conspiracy to turn back the clock to segregation and then to slavery, and that all these old black women better get out and vote (elderly black women do most of the voting in the black community) to stop this RepubliKKKan conspiracy.

I wonder if, after the current generation of elderly black women that remember the civil rights movement as a matter of their conscious lifetimes start moving on from this world to the next world, the total raw number of black voters is going to start declining.

As an aside, since this story is about the state of Mississippi and its election last week, I should note that even though Chris McDaniel got more votes than Thad Cochran but couldn’t himself break 50% necessitating a runoff two weeks from tomorrow, that he did this well and got this far is illustrative of something.  Consider this:  In the 60 year time period between 1947 and 2007, the state of Mississippi only had four individual people represent it in the United States Senate:  James Eastland, John Stennis, Trent Lott, Thad Cochran.  Point being, it’s an electorate that even more than average rewards incumbency.  It’s a red letter day in political history when an incumbent United States Senator anywhere loses in his or her party’s primary, but if it winds up happening in incumbent-friendly Mississippi of all places, it’s a political event akin to Chicxulub.


The Cochran camp thinks it can get Democrats that didn’t already vote in the Democrat primary last week (doing so makes them ineligible to vote in the runoff two weeks from today) to come out and vote for Cochran.  Now that’s the mentality of people that can’t even find Mississippi on a blank map much less represent it in politics.  In the state of Mississippi, Democrat = Black and Black = Democrat.  I doubt black voters really have strong feelings about either one of these two candidates more or less than the other.

What’s the Point?

13 04 2014


Dems offering photo-enhanced SSN cards in a photo voter ID compromise.

Except that virtually all of the state laws and proposals requiring photo ID will give away for free a real photo ID to the scant few people who don’t have one.

So what’s the point?

Getting illegal and legal aliens a phot0-enhanced SSN card so they can vote.

One more thing:  SSN cards were not designed for that purpose.  They are merely supposed to be a card for an account between a given taxpayer and future recipient and the SSA and CMS.

Double Dipping

3 04 2014

North Carolina

155k double registrants in NC and some other state, 35k double voted in NC and some other state in November 2012.

While photo ID for voting is necessary, by itself it won’t prevent shenanigans like these.

We need a more comprehensive solution, and I don’t mean immigration.

So They Say

19 03 2014


We don’t need photo ID to vote, they say.

Voter fraud is not a problem, they say.

So why are they passing around oodles of money to prevent from happening something they say we don’t need to prevent a problem they say doesn’t exist?

Related Stories

12 03 2014


In a story about a corrupt black poll worker voting six times for Obama in a crucial swing state like Ohio, the two “related” stories are George Zimmerman showing up at a gun show and Justin Bieber being bratty in a disposition.

How are those “related” to the news in this article? Unless they’re “related” in terms of CBS Cleveland trying to distract you from the fact that the mysteriously not pictured in the article Miss Richardson is black, by bringing up a rude white twit and also the most hated man in black America in a very long time, that infamously (not) white Hispanic, insinuating that he’s getting ready to shoot more Trayvons.

They say that the turnout of black women 45 and older was even higher in 2012 than it was in 2008.  Now we know how — Vote early and vote often.

Miss Richardson:


Now, as for really related news…

Glory Be

27 02 2014

Metro East

How were they able to purge the voter rolls, especially in black areas, without the DOJ doing its usual bitching and complaining and threatening to sue?

I guess the answer to that is that there must not be an important election in Illinois in 2014 that the Democrats think will be close enough to require cheating to put them over the top.  Dick Durbin’s a shoo-in to win another term in the Senate by a significant margin, and maybe they’re figuring the election for Governor won’t be close, either whatever Republican will beat Pat Quinn or vice-versa by something other than a close margin.

Remember, cheating and voter fraud can only be effective when the legitimate votes on the candidates or the issue are close.

Eric the Blue

11 02 2014



Holder Urges States to Repeal Bans on Felons’ Voting


Nearly every state prohibits inmates from voting while in prison. In four of them — Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia — felons are barred from the polls for life unless they receive clemency from the governor. The rest of the country’s laws vary. Some state restore voting rights after a prison sentence is complete. Others require a waiting period. Some have complicated processes for felons to re-register to vote.

Studies show that felons who have been denied the right to vote are far more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans. In 2002, scholars at the University of Minnesota and Northwestern University concluded that the 2000 presidential election “would almost certainly have been reversed” had felons been allowed to vote.

In Florida, the state that tipped that election, 10 percent of the population is ineligible to vote because of the ban on felons at the polls, Mr. Holder said.


On the issue of felons’ voting rights, Mr. Holder has an ally in Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky. Mr. Paul, a civil libertarian and possible presidential candidate, has said bans on felon voting dwarf all election-related issues.

No, Eric the Blue (State) doesn’t have any partisan motivations here.

Notice that of the four states that totally prohibit felons voting, three of them are relatively swing states in Presidential politics.

I think the Missouri model, which is what many states have, that felons can vote when they’re out of prison and off papers, is the most fair.  It gives the promise of voting rights back to ex-cons, shutting the left up, and it also gives interested ex-cons something to look forward to in order to comply with their probation and to get away from the crime game.  Conveniently, black ex-cons are the ones that have the hardest time getting off papers.

But then there’s another factor — Does any of this matter?  Our voter registration and voting eligibility enforcement mechanisms are so weak, (and Democrats move hell and Earth to prevent them from being enforced or strengthened) that I bet a lot of felons are registered to vote in states and situations where they legally cannot.  Just as I think there are lots of illegal aliens registered to vote.

And there’s another factor on top of that — I think Holder knows that the newly enfranchised felons that would come about if he gets his way won’t actually vote in very large numbers, that is, vote on their own volition.  They’ll get registered to vote even if they don’t want to be registered, because there will be dozens of opportunities in the course of their lives when someone will ask them if they want to register to vote and all they’ll have to do is agree.  And once they’re on the rolls, it’s easy as pie for some corrupt black poll worker to cast a vote in their stead for Obama or some other Democrat, even if the person doesn’t come into vote on election day.  Swelling voter registration rolls and keeping them fat is the keystone to voter fraud.

So Much For CTs

21 11 2013


Old Line moving back to paper ballots starting in the 2016 election cycle:

Maryland voters raised a ruckus in 2004 after the state moved to electronic voting machines that eliminated paper ballots and still raises suspicions.

Wrong.  Kook leftists peddled a bunch of CTs about how it was all a plot to swing elections to Republicans, because Diebold, the manufacturer of the electronic voting machines, had a Republican on its BoD, or something like that.

A plot which obviously worked out so well, because Maryland voted for Bush in 2004, McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012.


In spite of that, I do advocate paper ballots because it’s the process that is least likely to be amenable to fraud.

“But There’s No Voter Fraud”

28 08 2013

Flordell Hills

flordell hills voter fraud

Use your brain for a minute:  If these three are willing to engage in criminal voter fraud for rinky dink elected offices in some postage stamp municipality in North County, what makes you think there isn’t voter fraud when it comes to elections for important offices like President of the United States?

The black in the middle is a cop at FoPo.  While Meramec isn’t FoPo, it’s in the SLCC system, and that reminds me of the recent Meramecgate scandal.

I Thought Bob Beckel Was Reasonable

28 08 2013


Give even the most reasonable lib enough time and leeway, and eventually, the full crackpot will shine through.

Some of the cracker states with crackers that do voter ID:  CT, NV, NH, OH, PA, RI, WI.


I’m Torn

15 08 2013


On the one hand, I take this as bad news.  We could use a little or a lot of that disenfrachisement.

On the other hand, I take it as good news.  It means one of the phony arguments against photo ID is in the crapper, meaning that if photo ID requirements become near universal, black voter fraud is going to get harder to pull off.

Back to the first hand, why must we analyze every public policy proposal about whether it will hurt blacks or not?  When did we start thinking we needed permission from the ooks among us to do anything?




Nail Polish Racism

12 08 2013


If you want to buy nail polish remover at any CVS pharmacy, because it contains a chemical that is a precursor to the manufacture of meth, you will need to present…

…Photo ID.

Think of the demographic that is said not to have photo ID.  It’s the same demographic whose women just love garish applications of nail polish.  Which implies they often need nail polish remover.

Waiting Period

25 07 2013

New Hampshire

They totally miss the problem.  The fundamental problem is that New Hampshire has instant same-day voter registration, which means you can vote on the same day you register to vote, if there happens to be an election on that day.  (By contrast, Missouri has a four-week waiting period.)  That means that left wing kooks from Massachusetts, safe in knowing that their own state is solidly Obama, can flood across the border into swing state New Hampshire, fake a Granite State address, and vote Obama.

Not only should the waiting period exist, and it should be even longer than the four weeks the Show-Me State requires, there should be a yearly cap on the number of times one can change one’s voter registration address.  My recommendation for the waiting period is a number of days or weeks not much shorter than the total number of days between the final state level partisan primary election day and the general election day.  For instance, in 2014, the final primary day is Massachusetts on September 16, and the general election day for everyone is November 4.  Those dates are exactly seven weeks or 49 days apart, which means a good time for the waiting period is six weeks.

Racism In Black Friday

21 11 2012

Big Box Mart

They’ll be checking ID, and checking it twice, just to find out if you’re naughty or nice.

But we still can’t require ID for something we’re expected to do in early November.

CNN Investigates

18 11 2012

Guthrie, Texas

CNN investigates why Romney got zero votes in some precincts in Philadelphia and Cleveland?  Crickets.

There’s no foul play in either King County, Texas or those Philadelphia and Cleveland precincts.  It’s impossible to engage in voter fraud to make someone get zero votes, because it’s not worth the time and effort for corrupt black poll workers to pry open the boxes and hunt for the scant few Romney votes like needles in a haystack and remove them.  It’s a much more effective use of time and fraud to punch dozens of extra votes for Obama or give people two ballots.

Romney got zero votes in those precincts because no people who live there wanted to vote Romney.  Zero votes for Romney in those precincts isn’t evidence of fraud, it’s evidence of ghetto.

Likewise, only five votes for Obama in King County, Texas isn’t evidence of anything other than it being a conservative almost all white Christian rural Southern county.

Let’s not overthink this, people.

Cause and Effect and Effect and Cause

12 11 2012


You’ve seen one version or another of this meme going around ye olde internets since Wednesday:

Obama won every state that doesn’t have voter photo ID laws, Romney won every state with those laws.”

First off, it’s not literally true.  Missouri doesn’t have photo ID for voting.  At least not yet, we got temptingly close in 2011 and 2012 to getting it.  But, we don’t have it now, and didn’t have it on Tuesday, and Romney won anyway.

Second, and here’s the bigger problem:  It confounds cause and effect.

Those spreading this meme want to leave you with the impression that Obama was able to steal the states with no photo ID requirement for voting, ergo they were colored blue on election night, and the photo ID laws in states that have them was the reason Obama was not able to steal those states, ergo they wound up colored red on NBC’s skating rink.

I think it’s the other way around:  The reason photo ID states tended to vote Romney and non photo ID states tended to vote Obama is that states that are already red tend to enact photo ID laws, and states that are already blue tend to reject them.

Carry the Vote

4 09 2012


This is the way the story appears on KMOX radio’s website.  However, this paradigm has already drawn the ire of spokesmouths for St. Louis City Sheriff For Life Jim Murphy.  Everyone’s worried about fraud and abuse.

Remember, most Democrats, of which Murphy is one, and the critics of this Virginia paradigm gravitate toward that party, want to make it even easier than this to register to vote and actually to vote.  Hell, Eric Holder wants instant automatic registration on the voter rolls of otherwise eligible people not already registered to vote and of people about to turn 18.  If we had that paradigm with CCW, everyone who is old enough and not disqualified for some reason would automatically be allowed to carry, i.e. constitutional carry, to which I’m opposed.

Then What Does That Tell You?

5 08 2012

Washington, D.C.

Financial Times:

Voter ID laws could sway US elections

Millions of US voters could be turned away at the ballot box in this November’s presidential election as new rules impose tough requirements for identification that observers say could lead to minorities and young people – traditionally more likely to vote Democrat – being excluded.

Almost all the new rules have been enacted in states with Republican governors and GOP-led legislatures. From Wisconsin to Texas, they have passed strict legislation requiring voters to present certain forms of government-issued identification instead of the usual voter registration cards.

If voter ID could sway the outcomes of elections in favor of Republicans and to the detriment of “minorities” and “young people” that “vote Democrat,” this should tell you that elections that Democrats win on the backs of minorities and young people are actually stolen elections, with enough of their voters being fraudulent.

In fact, voter fraud is extremely rare, Ms Abudu said. In the Pennsylvania court challenge, the state legislature’s lawyers did not even make the argument that the rules were needed to prevent people misrepresenting themselves, saying that they were “not aware of any incidents of in-person voter fraud”.

Even in Florida, which became notorious for its “hanging chads” in 2000, only 178 cases of alleged voter fraud have since been referred to Florida’s department of law enforcement.

As Ion Sancho, who has supervised elections in Leon County for 24 years, put it: “You are more likely to walk out of your office and get hit by a bolt of lightning.”

We’ve been through this. Of course it’s rare, but that’s not the point. Politics are games of margins, and in a close election, “rare” voter fraud can make the difference.

As for that other contention….Five, Six, Seven, Eight….

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. In this case, I think absence of evidence is evidence of Official America being too chickenshit to confront and prosecute voter fraud because of the racial subtext behind it.

Marginal Vagabonds

19 07 2012


Strike One:  NYU.

Strike Two:  “Brennan.”

Strike Three:  “Justice.”

Yeah, I doubt their methodology.  But if they’re right, I have a different interpretation of their conclusion.

These half a million marginal vagabonds of society shouldn’t hold up the effort to ensure the integrity of elections.  Instead, we should be investigating these people to find out what kind of “lifestyle” they’re leading such that they don’t have or want a photo ID.  Most of them probably like to keep it real.

Don’t Blame Me. I Would Have Voted For Mike Cox.

6 07 2012

Lansing, Michigan

I’ve said that on more than one occasion here.

The latest greatest hit from the “Republican” Michigan Governor is that he vetoed Voter Photo ID.

Sanity Carries the Day

28 06 2012


A Federal trial level judge based in Tallahassee has given the state of Florida the go-ahead to purge its voter rolls of illegal aliens.  His reasoning is that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 doesn’t apply to people that aren’t eligible to vote.

The more worrisome ramification for Florida and every other state is this:  How were illegal aliens able to register to vote?  Better close that loophole ASAP.

Another issue relating to Florida in particular is convicted felons and voting.  Florida is one of the few states that has a blanket prohibition on convicted felons voting.  Most states, Missouri included, allows convicted felons to start voting again once they are out of prison and through with probation.  The rub is that Bellcurvius has a hard time finishing their probation, so they don’t get off of it until very late in life.  The Bellcurvius civil rights groups whine about the disparate impact on Florida-style blanket ban on felons voting, but the truth of the matter is that the system Missouri and most states use has an even bigger disparate impact on blacks, precisely because of the nature of allowing those who finish probation (black ex-cons have a harder time doing this than white ex-cons) to return to voting.  On top of that, white ex-cons are probably less likely to vote Democrat than comparable whites of their socioeconomic class, because they were penned up with violent racist blacks for a number of years, and Patterson’s First Axiom kicked in.

This judge’s ruling does not address that aspect.

That Stapler Is Working Hard

11 06 2012

Washington Examiner:

Zogby: Disillusioned young voters dropping out


“I truly am worried about today’s twenty-somethings,” he frets. “They are our global generation and I have seen them move from hope and grand expectations for themselves and their world to anxiety and disillusionment. We can’t afford to lose them,” he adds.


A fan of youth-friendly social media, Zogby suggests a game plan to target first-time voters. “They should receive a voter registration form with their high school diploma or GED certificate. You need to build up your Twitter and Facebook friendship list.”

You can lead a horse to water…

Just because someone is registered to vote doesn’t mean they’re actually going to vote.  There was a slight increase in the number of under-30 voters in 2008 compared to 2004, and a slight increase in the % of the U-30 vote that went to Obama in 2008 compared to John Kerry is 2004, but young voters aren’t what carried Obama into the White House.  Middle aged white working class voters in the rust belt did that.

Why stop at stapling a voter registration form to a high school diploma?  (Where have we heard that before?  Oh yeah, it’s this business about stapling a green card to diplomas, so that native born white Americans are totally locked out of CSIT-STEM professions.)  Eric Holder wants to auto-register 18-year olds and others not already registered.  Voter fraud’s wheel house.

Bromide, Some Assembly Required

6 06 2012


Department of Justice Could Be Practicing ‘Guilt by Existence’ in Florida Voter Purge Case, Attorney Says


Mr. diGenova said that this has been the case in every one of the Justice Department’s voting enforcement cases, calling the government’s actions a “preemptive strike” against states.

“I’m not sure what this is aimed at, other than some imagined threat against the voting rights of minorities,” he said. “I’ve not seen a single piece of evidence, real evidence. This appears to be a preemptive strike to stop people from cleaning their [voter] rolls up, and it just doesn’t make any sense.”

I can tell you what it’s aimed at.  They’re pre-creating the excuse of “voter disenfranchisement” to explain a Romney win in Florida.

Poll Tax

4 06 2012

Massachusetts has a strange system for choosing party nominees for elected offices.  It involves state party conventions, and then a public vote if the convention doesn’t yield a certain result.  In that, it’s similar to Utah.

Guess what you needed to get into the state Democrat convention this past Saturday.

Yeah, that.  But I noticed the $100 charge per delegate (reduced to $75 for certain people).

We can’t expect people to pay $20 that Missouri wants for six years worth of photo identification to vote.  Oh, no, that’s a poll tax.  But you need that and also 75 or 100 clams to help pick Massachusetts’s Democrat nominees for public offices during one day.

BTW, the Dime Store Indian is now officially the Democrat nominee for Senate.

Duh. You Don’t Say.

14 05 2012

Miami Herald:

Hispanics, NPAs more likely to face noncitizen voter purge than whites, GOP

The state’s quest to get rid of noncitizens voters this election year has turned up 180,000 hits — but it incidentally targets minorities and Democrats while giving white Republicans a pass.

Hispanic, Democratic and independent-minded voters are the most likely to be targeted in a state hunt to remove thousands of noncitizens from Florida’s voting rolls, a Miami Herald computer analysis of elections records has found.

Whites and Republicans are disproportionately the least-likely to face the threat of removal, the analysis of a list of more than 2,600 potential noncitizens shows. The list was first compiled by the state and furnished to county election supervisors and then The Herald.

Haven’t you heard?  The typical white Republican registered voter in Florida did sneak into the country from his or her native Luxembourg.

Oh, duh.

Remember Donna Brazile

24 04 2012

Instalanche for this little story yesterday.

Even if I live to be Methuselah’s age and develop Alzheimer’s at about 800, I’ll never forget what Donna Brazile was quoted as saying in 2000.  You recognize her as an ABC talking head now, but in 2000, she was Al Gore’s campaign manager.

She was quoted as saying, in light of the fact that for most of the fall when Bush was slightly ahead of Gore in the polls on a consistent basis, that all her horse needed to do was to be within the margin of error, and she “could get five points on the ground.”  Which meant black voter fraud, ballot box stuffing, and the dimpled, pregnant and hanging chads in Florida.

Voter Fraud For Dummes

7 04 2012

By the New York Times editorial board.

Maybe there’s a reason why most jurisdictions want you to show your face in some building and fill out paperwork in order to register to vote.  Maybe there’s something not quite so kosher (or should that be halal?) when there is a sudden surge of new voter registrations after an electronic system is adopted.

Question for the NYT:  Would you support buying firearms or getting CCW permits online?

I Don’t Even Know Your Name

20 03 2012

Let’s get the MUSICAL segue out of the way first:

Now to the meat of the matter.

LTE in the Star, H/T Combest:

Voter ID silencer

I once taught a student in a general education high school equivalency class who was from the Missouri Bootheel.

She was distraught because she didn’t know her name — or at least she didn’t know her birth name or date, because she was born at home and there was no written record.

I am concerned that she and many like her will suffer the loss of their public voice, and we will be the poorer from not hearing from them if we require identification for voting.

Karin McAdams
Prairie Village, [Kansas]

Sure.  The Missouri body politic is so going to miss the participation of someone who doesn’t even know her own name or birthday.  Then again, someone from Kansas would just love for that to be the image of the typical Missouri voter.

All snark aside, what I think she means is that birth certificates weren’t ubiquitous in rural Missouri until after WWII, so technically, her student doesn’t have the documentation to get a photo ID in order to vote.  Though I can ill imagine she didn’t have one, though she has to be pretty up in age by now in order to be born before universal BCs.

Again, there are provisional ballots.

Racism in Massachusetts

1 03 2012

Who knew the bluest state in the country hates blacks?


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