Abhorring the Vacuum

10 09 2014

Washington, D.C.

It’s finally dawning on the left wing Obama brown nosing cultists:

The good news is that Obama has a pen and a phone.

The bad news is that he won’t have a pen and a phone forever, eventually someone else will.

I think this essay is missing a few things.  Some of the crucial ways in which power has been accumulated around the Presidency in the Era of Hope and Change also include the fact that President Obama is just flat out ignoring the Federal courts in some cases, his executive branch regulatory agencies are on a regulation-issuing rampage, and that his official opposition is mostly hapless and ineffective and given to slap-happy dead end attempts to oppose him (the lawsuit that this essay mentions at the beginning will amount to nothing), and in the case of immigration, deliberately so because it mostly agrees with what he’s doing, the few immigration patriots in Congress notwithstanding.  When you get right down to it, I think the Republican establishment is perfectly happy with ObamaDontCare, because its prime beneficiary, the insurance industry, dumps a lot of money on Republican politicians and Republican-allied think tanks and PACs.

Otherwise, the historical trend is undeniable:  Power abhors a vacuum, and when it can, it almost always accumulates around some central singular force.  That axiom has been aided in recent American history by both the increasing trend of presumed Federal supremacy in most public policy, and an original flaw of the Constitution that invests all military and Federal law enforcement power in the executive branch.  That’s what Obama really means about this “pen and phone” business; it means that he has control of the world’s most powerful military and of Federal law enforcement, the chances of either being defeated for the foreseeable future are slim, so therefore he can do whatever the hell he wants.

Except I think the author of this essay doth protest too much when he worries about future “conservative” Presidents’ use of the pen and phone.  Sure, we might have Republican Presidents, in theory, but the Republican establishment is working day and night to make sure that no genuine conservative (quote-unquote) can win the Republican nomination for President.  That and as I write this, “genuine conservatives” are still worshiping at the altar of the Cult of the Constitution and the cult of one form or another of libertarian ideology, so all you’ll hear them talk about in their quixotic Presidential campaigns is how they want to “restore the Constitution,” as if it’s any more possible to restore a dead document than it is to bring a dead man back to live, notwithstanding that one example two thousand years ago.  The writers at Vox would have a lot of reason to worry if someone like your ever-lovin’ too snarky for his own good blogmeister was running for President in 2016, who would promise to use the pen and phone to benefit white people.  But nobody like me seems to want to do that.

Open Letter

21 08 2014

Dear Barack Obama,

Sorry for interrupting your golf game.


The World.

Freedom of the Press

18 08 2014


Obama White House:  Arresting journalists is wrong, so wrong, a violation of the freedom of the press.

Obama White House:  Let’s cover up information we have about Michael Brown and his friend robbing a quickie mart, then complain when someone else releases it, because we have a narrative to push and elections to win.

Reload Reload Reload

7 08 2014


I bet Obama is waiting to see what happens tonight in Lamar Alexander vs Joe Carr to decide whether or not he’s going to some sweeping amnesty executive order.

Which means that he tonight, like a lot of people, will have his browser pointed at GoVoteTN.com and will be frequently hitting reload.

And I have been able to confirm that Tennessee does not have a runoff, which means it’s now or never.  Joe Carr needs to get more votes than Lamar Alexander today, but the good part is that it need not be an absolute majority.

Rule Twelve

5 08 2014



The NRA and NSSA were willing to meet Obama half way on “illegal guns” (whatever that means) last year.  I bet they would have probably accepted if not engineered a deal to exchange a non-intrusive universal background check for national CCW reciprocity.

So why didn’t Obama travel his half?


Former National Rifle Association President David Keene agreed: “The Obama administration is treating the gun issue like it’s a political race. They want to separate the NRA and treat the NRA like they do a political opponent during a campaign.

In other words, the 12th Rule, of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

What Obama forgot is that not everyone was scared to play the 12th rule against him.

Failing the Sound Test

4 08 2014


I tweeted this last week:

There’s another reason why this Democrat fund raising based meme about “Republicans want to impeach Obama” is dumb, in case they have any purpose beyond hustling money.  The more they keep using “Obama” and “impeach(ment)” in the same breath, the more the average unwashed person is going to start thinking that Obama has done something impeachable and deserves to be impeached.

Think about it:  Do you want to hear your name and “indictment/indicted” in the same sentence uttered by the same news media hood ornaments in the 24/7 news cycle, even if you know you didn’t do the crime?  No, it’s just bad PR.



Voulez-Vous Les Bon Temps Roulet

21 07 2014

Palm Springs, California

I believe it. Though they’ll probably have to add on an indoor basketball court before he moves in.

Of all the speculation about where he’s moving after January 20, 2017, I think this is the best fit.  The theory that he’s going to buy in Washington, D.C. and live there to “guard his legacy” against the next President isn’t a good fit, because Obama himself really doesn’t like the actual job of being President.  Besides, there will be plenty of Congressional Democrats and the permanent D.C. left- and Democrat-leaning bureaucracy to do that.  Why should he go back to Rezko Acres in Hyde Park Chicago when there’s nothing left there for him, no reason to be there, no political career to incubate?  Ever since he quit the Senate before he was inaugurated President, he has had no reason to have his main formal residence in Chicago, and in fact, he could have moved at that point to anywhere he wanted, except for Delaware because that’s where his Vice-Idiot lives.  And January in Chicago isn’t exactly good golfing weather.  I guess one can have a good time in Hawaii, but to me, Hawaii seems too isolated, too much in the middle of nowhere.

This Palm Springs theory is good because it’s the best fit, considering the kind of Jolly Good Times Barry we have as President.  You know, almost all of his time is spent either golfing, partying-fundraising, or vacationing.  A lot of his favorite kind of people are close by.  And it’s an easy plane ride to anywhere in the continental USA for paid speeches.

What really jumps out at me in this is how volatile this property’s value has been in the last ten years.


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