Someone’s Going to Be Sacrificed

28 10 2014


And if it’s not Darren Wilson, well then Tom Jackson will have to do.

But it’s going to have to be some white cop.  The Gods of the black undertow demand it.

In related news, seven North County school districts have sent a letter to McCulloch asking him to time the news of the GJ’s decision on both day of the week and time of the day considerations, because the districts fear in-school riots.

Put these two news stories together, and it’s getting to be perfectly obvious even to dummies with shoe size IQs that the GJ will return no indictment.

2014 General Election Preview, National Edition

28 10 2014

Like I said, I don’t have the time for a really comprehensive preview like I would have done in the past.  This is mainly Senate and Governor focused.  If you have a more downballot race or a proposition, referendum or ballot question that you want to highlight, about politics that aren’t local or regional from my perspective, i.e. St. Louis, Missouri, Illinois, then be my guest in the comment section.

The overarching theme here is that a lot of Republicans that I want not to win or to lose are going to win anyway, even though they don’t deserve it.

I will do the Local and Regional preview later this week.



Note to the political world:  If you want to be able to take it easy during campaign and election season, study one Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, and find out how it came to be that he was totally unopposed this year, both in the primaries and in the general.

Robert Bentley will win re-election as Governor very easily.  Though from an office that has seen the likes of Big Jim Folsom, John M. Patterson, George Wallace, Lurleen Wallace and Fob James inhabit it since WWII, Bentley is practically Mr. Cellophane.


Dan Sullivan is open borders all the way.  This is why I’d vote for Mark Begich out of spite.  Unfortunately, this seems like one of many instances where the state’s voters aren’t interested in those sorts of tactics.


Doug Ducey for Governor, even though he’s not everything I want.

We are guaranteed that the state will have its first man Governor since 1997.  The three women since then have had the first names of Jane, Janet and Janice.  Ducey will be sworn in in the month of January, but that’s the only thing “Jan” about him.

It’s too bad that Arizona doesn’t have a Lieutenant Governor’s office, otherwise Ducey could have picked a running mate named Acey, so the ticket would be Ducey-Acey.


Tom Cotton is going to send Mark Pryor packing, and deservedly so for Cotton’s sake.  Cotton is one of the few using immigration in a positive way.  Now, the big question is whether he means it.  The cheap labor and ag lobby is powerful in Arkansas, so you have to be nervous about any politician that comes out of that state.  However, that was my fear about John Boozman four years ago, and so far his immigration voting record has been solid.

I don’t know much about Asa Hutchinson, currently in Congress, to make a recommendation on whether or not to vote for him for Governor.


To me, the scandal is NOT that Mystery Meat Neel Kashkari is (barely) leading among whites but losing badly overall because of non-whites.  The REAL scandal is that the Republican nomninee for Governor is said mystery meat to begin with.  A subplot is that mystery meat is the archetype of the beaux ideal of the Republican establishment candidate down to the last letter, and somehow he’s only getting 19% of Hispanics, which even by Republican candidate Hispanic vote standards is bad.

Jerry Brown can and will win another, second consecutive and fourth overall term as Governor.  But this time, since term limits are in effect, this is it, no more Jerry Brown possible.  Incidentally, if he serves out this next term as Governor, he’ll be 80 years old, a few months shy of 81, when he leaves Sacramento.  However, that would not be a record, as Walter Goodland, Wisconsin Governor, was 84 years old when he died in office in 1947.


Vote Mark Udall to keep open borders Cory Gardner out; unfortunately Gardner has a good chance to win.

I am okay with Bob Beauprez for Governor, though.  I would have much rather had Tom Tancredo, to be honest.


The race for Governor is a rematch of four years ago.  The polling is tight.  While I don’t trust Tom Foley, I so want Dan Malloy gone.


Rickroller Scott versus RINO-turned-Democrat Charlie Crist is going to be close…but I don’t have strong feelings either way.


Both Republicans, Governor Nathan Deal versus Jimmy Carter’s grandson, and David Perdue versus Sam Nunn’s daughter.  Vote for them.

Deal is a bit of a disappointment, and while the Peach State could have done a lot better than Perude as the Republican nominee for Senate, it actually narrowly avoided way worse, and by “way worse,” I mean Jack Kingston.

I think Perdue is somewhat more reliable on immigration than either of Georgia’s two incumbent Senate Republicans, but nowhere near Jeff Sessions’s league.


I couldn’t tell you how much I would have loved to have Steve King as the Republican nominee for Senate this year.

Instead, we got some woman whose claim to fame is castrating pigs, or something like that.

Joni Ernst is better on immigration than Bruce Braley, it’s just that she has some blind sides on the issue and is certainly no Steve King.  But she’s adequate enough for the vote recommendation.  It also looks like she has a pretty good chance to win.

Terry Branstad is a cinch to win his second straight and sixth overall term as Governor, and if he serves that entire term out, he will have been the longest serving state Governor in American history.


I’ve come back around on Pat Roberts.  While he’s ancient, and clueless, and actually doesn’t live in Kansas, he has been a pretty reliable vote on immigration.

Sam Brownback for Governor is a take or leave proposition to me.

However, I think both Republicans will eke it out, in spite of what was for both of them a rocky campaign where both were behind for most of the late summer and fall.

Meanwhile, there is no more important politician in the country right now for the cause of immigration patriotism than Kris Kobach.  While the Roberts/Brownback mess did drag Kobach’s poll numbers down some, Kobach has been ahead of his Democrat opponent all summer and fall.


Here’s another example.  Vote for the Democrat to spite the RINO, who will win in spite of my spite.


I would vote for Rob Maness in the first round.  I only wish I knew more about Bill Cassidy to know whether I like him or not for a potential runoff.  Except the way the polling numbers are going, Cassidy may well top 50% in the opening round meaning he’s in with no runoff.

The Louisiana Senate race is mildly important in terms of immigration politics because it is said that Obama is going to hold off doing whatever he’s going to do with his pen and phone until after an early December runoff in the state, if there is one.  Of course, like I said, if you say you’re not going to do something until a later time, all that does is remind people that you’re still going to do whatever that something is.  Thus, Obama’s attempt to take immigration off the table during the election season has meant that it has stayed on the table.

One thing hurting Mary Landrieu among voters she desperately needs in order to have a prayer, those being New Orleans blacks, is that her brother, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, is not on the best of terms right now with his city’s black voters, and his political problems with them are spilling over onto his sister’s head.

BTW, I thought Louisiana ditched the opening-runoff system for Federal elections and went to straight primary-general.


With Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown being an Obama-type mulatto messiah hopeychanger, and Maryland being a deep blue state, you’d think he’d have no trouble winning Governor.  But apparently his lead is narrow enough such that the black race arsonists are pulling out all the stops.  The reason I recommend voting for the Republican, no matter how good or bad he is, is to knock Brown off the perch before he can be pushed up the next and presumably final step of the mulatto messiah hopeychanger ladder.


I’m high on Terri Lynn Land.

She’s using the immigration issue in what I think is a good and effective way.

Unfortunately, she’s getting blown out in the polls, to a man who has openly admitted that “immigration reform” is amnesty and open borders and he wants it that way.

I wonder what her problem is.  Is she in the middle of some underground scandal?  Is she just plain not a good candidate?  Or could it be that immigration patriotism just doesn’t work in Michigan simply because non-white immigrants are an improvement on domestic blacks in cities like Detroit and Flint?

In spite of that, I’ve been saying that this red wave election year will see at least one shocking surprise, something that nobody but nobody is expecting or sees coming, and I think this could be it.

Governor?  I don’t much care about or for Rickroller Snyder.  Don’t blame me, I was for Mike Cox four years ago, and time has only proven me right.


Businessman Mike McFadden is challenging Landslide Stuart Smalley’s right to a second term.  I also think that this could be the surprise red-toppling-blue result of the night.

Incumbent DFL Governor Mark Dayton will very likely win another term there.


Here I go again.  I want Thad Cochran to lose so badly as to vote for the Democrat, but he’s going to win.


This will very likely a D to R flip, the at-large Congressman of the state will replace the retiring Max Baucus.  The initial Democrat nominee had to quit because of a plagiarism scandal.

I don’t know enough to make a recommendation.


For both Governor and Senate, the Republican nominees are first time political candidates, the former coming from the business world and the latter from academia.  Both will win, because Nebraska.  I like Ben Sasse enough (Senate) to recommend to vote, I don’t know enough about Pete Ricketts (Governor).  However, where there is Nebraska business, there is Warren Buffett, and I fear that Ricketts is some sort of Buffett hand puppet.


Brian Sandoval looks good for re-election as Governor, however, from what I understand, his time as Governor has been less than stellar, so this probably knocks him out of national consideration.  As a Hispanic, the Stupid Party had been hyping him up as a future running mate on a national ticket.

The state’s newest Congressional district, NV-4, created when Nevada gained a House seat in 2011, includes some northern Vegas suburbs and good chunks of nearby rural Nevada.  The incumbent is a black Democrat, but since the district is only CPVI D+4, there’s a good chance that this district flips.  I think one of the quiet issues here is Cliven Bundy, whose ranch is in the district.


In terms of Senate politics this year relating to immigration, it doesn’t get more crucial than here.  Scott Brown, highly recommended.

Jeanne Shaheen and her backers have a lot of nerve picking on Scott Brown for carpetbagging to New Hampshire, when Shaheen herself voted for Gang Bangers of Eight.  Too, if New Hampshire still has same day registration, she could get some votes from fake New Hampshire voters that her campaign buses in from Massachusetts for the day.

Side note:  Jeanne Shaheen is a native of St. Charles, Missouri.


After about 60 seconds of initial enthusiasm, I looked up Jeff Bell and found out he’s open borders all the way.

No way Jose.

It’s a shame, too, because Cory Booker is another Obama type mulatto messiah hopeychanger I wanted knocked out ASAP.  Otherwise, they’re going to stick us with him pretty soon for a President.


While his first cousin one state to the north is on the ropes, Tom Udall’s re-election prospects in New Mexico are more secure.  However, the Republican nominee there, aviation executive Allan Weh, is making things interesting.  Weh has been bouncing around political races in New Mexico for awhile, and as late as four years ago was the second place finisher to Susana Martinez in NM-GOV-R.  A lot of red team talking heads think this will be the shock and awe of the night, but I think that MI and/or MN will happen before this.

Speaking of Susana Martinez, she’s a cinch to win re-election as Governor, which means that combined with her Hispanic status, she’ll have a lot of value for the Stupid Party’s national politics in the near future.  Personally, my estimation of her went way down because after she became Governor, a lot of scandals from the Dona Ana Count D.A.’s office (she was the Dona Ana County DA before becoming Governor) came pouring out.


The UnSAFE Act has hurt Andrew Cuomo.  Instead of winning by 30 points, like he did four years ago, he’ll only win re-election by 20 points.  Which is like instead of three wolves and a lamb voting on supper, it’s two wolves.

It’s a shame, because I think Rob Astorino is pretty good people.  He’s trying like hell to prevent his county (Westchester, where he is the county executive) from being turned into the dumping grounds for New York blacks so that New York white liberals, Jews and plutocrats can be safe from the diversity they want to inflict on the rest of us. In fact, that’s why Astorino, as a Republican, is able to win in deep blue Westchester County, because he is open about this.


Vote Kay Hagan, because Thom Tillis is open borders and a Karl Roverrated sock puppet.

While it seemed for most of the fall that Tillis would lose, unfortunately, the rising red tide is lifting even his unnecessarily weighty and leaky boat.

If you live in Renee Ellmers School Glue’s Congressional district (NC-2), vote for her Democrat opponent for the same reason:  To punish Ellmers for being open borders and hanging out with Mark Zuckerberg.  Her district has a lot of blacks, so even a marginal swing of the white vote away from her is very crucial.


John Kasich is creeping to the left.  If he wins re-election as Governor this year, he’ll be in a good spot to win the nomination for President in 2016.

The Democrat Nomination.

Can someone please do something (above board) about John Boehner?


Swapping out Tom Coburn for James Lankford I think is a step down.  Not enough to suggest a vote for the Democrat.


Monica Webhy is going to lose and lose big time.  Will this finally be what forces the liberal/RINO establishment to eat its own dog food?

There is a proposition on the ballot in Oregon which would give drivers licenses to illegal aliens. A no vote is an immigration patriot vote, and the polling shows that it’s going to lose handily. Yet, Monica Webhy is also going to get blown out. Why? She’s open borders. This happens fairly often, that there is some sort of immigration related measure on the ballot, the same ballot as political candidates, Republicans that are either open borders or MIA on the issue. And the immigration measure way over-performs the Republican. In 2012, an immigration enforcement measure got 80% the vote on the same day that Mitt Romney running for President only got 55% of the vote. You’d think that someone would see this 25% difference and then figure it out.


Lindsey Grah…do I have to keep saying it?

The race for Governor is a re-match of four years ago, but the results won’t be. Nimrata Randhawa will win re-election very easily this year, compared to her squeaker of four years ago.


Mike Rounds isn’t much, but he’ll be a lot better than who he’s replacing.

BTW, speaking of SD, I wonder what’s going on with its babe-a-licious at-large member of Congress, Kristi Noem.  She was a hot name and a hot head shot four years ago, but we haven’t heard much from or about her since.


Lamar Alex…this is getting old.

Gov. Bill Haslam will win re-election.  Watch for his name to start showing up in the national conversation in the near future.


Really now.  Greg Abbott became Governor-Elect the moment the Rickroller said he was through.


Unlike two years ago, Mia Love, a black woman Mormon married to a white man, the mayor of Saratoga Springs, a Salt Lake City distant suburb, is probably going to win her race for Congress.  Therefore, expect to see and hear a lot from and about her, for the obvious reason.


Brian Dubie isn’t running again for me to lampoon his name, especially now in our increasingly marijuana-friendly political climate?  NUTS!


Special Ed Gillespie is such a horrible candidate and such a RINO tool that Mark Warner could have scheduled a LiveStream broadcast wherein he molested a child and he’d still win re-election.

However, some minor scandals relating to Mark Warner, while they won’t cost him here, probably mean that there’s no way he could be the Democrat nominee for President in 2016.  Remember, I was talking him up so highly as the one who would surprise everyone that I recommended finding the British book that laid 85-1 on Warner being the Democrat nominee and betting a 20 or 50 or 100 spot.

If you did that, sorry ’bout that.


It looks good for Shelley Moore Capito to be the state’s first Republican U.S. Senator in a very long time, and for all three of the state’s Congressional districts to be red.


I don’t want Scott Walker to run for President, he’s open borders.

I do want him to win re-election as Governor.

First off, he’s been a good Governor, signed CCW.

Second, his losing would validate the deep state goon tactics against him and his financial supporters.

The ideal scenario is that he wins but only barely, but his only eking it out takes him out of national contention for 2016 or beyond.

If he winds up losing, then it means that he probably should have done a better job at getting buy-in from the respective members and leaders of the public employee unions affected by the reforms.


Incumbent Republican Gov. Matt Mead is real big on refugee resettlement.  Therefore, I want him to lose, badly enough to recommend voting for the Democrat.  But again…you know how this song ends.

Mike Enzi, who once had to fear a primary challenge from Liz Cheney, will win Senate re-election easily.  Instead, Liz figured that the better way to make a living was to team up with her dad and sponge off Sheldon Adelson and the military-industrial complex start a foundation advocating for a stronger more robust national defense and a more forceful foreign policy.

It’s Magic Negro Season

28 10 2014



Links to this:

Of course, lamestream conservatives are the Charlie Browns that fall for this Lucy is going to hold the football scam every time.  I’m actually a bit disappointed in Matt Drudge that he even finds this newsworthy enough to be on the Drudge Report to begin with, much less the banner headline as I write this.

One of these four people is Paul McKinley, who was the Republican nominee in last year’s special election in IL-2 to replace Jesse Jackson Junior, and got a big whopping 22% of the vote in the process.  So it’s not like he’s someone who just came out of nowhere, and if that’s true for him, then that’s true for the other three.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, the few blacks that do turn out to vote will give almost 100% of their votes to Democrats.  It’s just that since there’s no HNIC at the top of the ballot, there’s no reason for a high black turnout.  And if black turnout is lower than it otherwise would be for a midterm cycle, it’s certainly not because they’re ever thinking about voting for Republicans with anything more than mere fringe percentages, it’s just that the Democrats aren’t doing enough for them, or they think that.

What, you actually thought I titled this “magic negro” in reference to Barack Obama?  Naw, man, those days are long gone.

Agitate and Reince

28 10 2014


What Priebus says.

One Old Vet takes the words right out of my mouth.

Separation Between Church and Can

27 10 2014

Rockford, Illinois


On Monday, disturbing audio of a conversation between staff at a district office of Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and a constituent was released to the press. The constituent was asking the House staffer about an issue in Rockford and Peoria, Illinois cities which are partly represented by Rep. Bustos. The staffer described Rockford as “very urban” and “very underprivileged.” She said constituents there spent their time “more in jail than church.”

Well, it’s the truth!

Also realize that the same people who spend more time in jail than in church also spend a lot of time in church, so they must not be the kind of churches that dwell on that whole personal morality thing.  They’re black churches, which means, well, we know what it means, but then I’d be delving into David Carroll territory.

The worst part about this story is that the Republican challenging Bustos in IL-17 thinks he can use this against her.  As if the kind of people who might vote for the Republican to oust the Democrat are interested in their politicians pander to blacks.

If At First You Learn Nothing from the Los Angeles Unified School District

27 10 2014

Moline Acres

But hey, if it failed in the big failing school district, it’ll succeed in the small failing school district.

“It,” of course, was one of the things that the John Deasy, the recently sacked LAUSD super-nintendo, staked his reputation upon.  And it was a flop, for one very crucial reason.

Well, two crucial reasons.  I am told that LAUSD WiFi is catch as catch can, and “can” means not often.

Yes, Moline Acres, as in the Moline Creek, the one that runs through the heart of the Fergaza Strip.

Twice a Senior

27 10 2014

Tallahassee, Florida


The Tallahassee Police Department is investigating an alleged domestic assault involving Florida State running back Karlos Williams, the agency said in a news release issued Monday.

Williams, a senior from Davenport, Florida, is being investigated for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, who lives with him and is pregnant with the couple’s second child, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Two kids before he even draws his first professional football paycheck.  Though I hear Florida State football pays pretty well, just not well enough for the star quarterback to afford supermarket crab legs.


Above is just a general head shot.  Below is his jersey from the back.

Tajh Boyd, , Karlos Williams

And that’s him, because Karlos Williams wears #9.

Notice anything weird about the second pic?


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