Me Against the World

22 04 2014



Of course, “racism.”

Take the hint, UKIP:  When all your enemies join together in an effort to throw you into the briar patch, you should beg them not to.

“Spell that out for me, blogmeister.”

Most of the British political establishment is fuming against this.  This gives UKIP an opportunity to position itself against the entire British political establishment, using an issue that digs deep into the electorate.

Me against the world political marketing often works, especially when the world is unpopular.

No MO Excuses

22 04 2014

Washington, D.C. and Michigan

SCOTUS:  MCRI is good to go.

Now, it’s time for the legislature I’m working around to pass the same kind of bill for my state, either as a matter of direct legislation or to put it on the ballot.  Quit dicking around with irrelevant and ineffective nonsense and do something that matters.

Remember the politics.  MCRI won in Michigan and won pretty easily during a blue wave election cycle.  The only Republican statewide candidate in Michigan to win that day was the AG running for re-election, not so coincidentally, he was the only Republican statewide candidate who openly supported MCRI, all the rest were vocal opponents.  Dismantling AA is one of the best ways for red army to poach blue army’s soldiers.

His Real Crime Was Procreating

21 04 2014

North County



Blogmeister Makes It Easy

21 04 2014


Jeff Jacoby, writing in the Boston Globe, mindful of the fact that this year is the 50th anniversary of the Barry Goldwater campaign for President, goes over some of the history.

To me, it’s not even that complicated.

But for Goldwater, who would have won the Republican nomination in 1964?  Answer:  Nelson Rockefeller.  Rockefeller versus Lyndon Johnson in November, who wins?  LBJ.  By how much?  An even bigger margin, both popularly and electorally, than LBJ beat Goldwater.

With the election not even being a full year after the assassination of JFK, nobody, not even Jesus Christ, would have beaten LBJ.

You’ll notice that two of Goldwater’s outspoken supporters in 1964, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, went on themselves to win four of the five next Presidential election.  Also note that Hillary Clinton cut her political teeth as a Goldwater girl.

Mulatto Caribbean Island to Legalize Marijuana and Prostitution

21 04 2014

Puerto Rico

What could possibly go wrong?

And also, by the time legalizing weed and whoring is suggested as a problem to solve economic and fiscal problems in a given place, the place is already past the point of no return.

Truth Be Damned. We Live in BRA.

21 04 2014


Of course it’s all bullshit.  But when you live in BRA, truth takes a back burner to black self-esteem and black power.  And until we dismantle BRA, combat the black undertow and cure the disease of pathological altruism that so many of us crackers have, the truth won’t matter.

Notice the part about “fake Jews.”  That’s a dog whistle for black Hebrew-Israelite socio-theological snake oil.

And also, I wonder what the 45% of CPS students who are Hispanic (compared to 39% black) are going to think about having to endure Afrocentric mumbo jumbo all day every day all year in school.  This is more proof that Hispanics punch way under their demographic weight in the sociopolitical ring.

It’s Like Onion Horton Said

21 04 2014


And some text to go with it.

In reaction to one of his callers trying to make the case that black music helped the cause of the civil rights movement, Onion Horton said, “nobody ever sang their way to freedom.”  Though to me, this “freedom” doesn’t seem so free.

I guess it could also be said in the same spirit that nobody ever danced their way to domestic tranquility.  Though to me, this “dancing” looks a lot like moving.

You would do well to read (or re-read) an article in Forbes from February 2013.  The main takeaway is that in contrast to every other issue, on 2A, the right acts like the left and the left acts like the right.  Dancing in pursuit of a social or political cause is the kind of stupid ineffective irrelevant shit that our side usually does.  I only wish the other side would do a lot more dancing and singing and a lot less check writing and a lot less Frankfurt/Fabian style institution infiltration and check writing on all its other causes.


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