Clickbait, Formerly Known As Shock Value Nut Talk

21 07 2014

Washington, D.C.

A certain formerly semi-respectable left-of-center publication (I won’t mention The New Republic by name) has now joined the clickbait business, with an online screed blaming the NRA for the Border Surge/Camp of the Saints.  They forgot to find a way to throw race/racism into the title, otherwise it probably would have won the kook left clickbait article of the year.

Which publication, you ask?  Yes, The Atlantic is a very good guess, but wrong.

Sunday Wrap-Up

20 07 2014


“They just keep coming down here shooting at our kids.”

Who, the Klan?

Oh, God, no.  Can’t they just be happy with all the other districts that will continue to take them, what in God’s name for I don’t know?

Ronnie White.  He’s back….

*  What to do when you want to steal money and it’s all in an ATM?  Easy, steal the ATM.

This happened one block away from the birthplace of Knockout Martin Luther King.

This shows us a supposed picture of the victim.  Yet the victim is said to be an 18-year old man, even though the picture is of some black woman.


Nutroots/Kos split over the wisdom of holding its next year’s kookstock in Phoenix.  But don’t get too excited — Both sides of this debate are equally traitorous.

“Pusses?”  Really?  Is Glenn Beck joining Barack “Meanwich and Stinkburger” Obama back in the fifth grade?

*  Not only is he the best in the Senate, he’s starting to develop a sense of snark. (Full remarks)

*  On the one hand, gang-banging adolescents carrying highly infectious diseases.  On the other hand, $6,000.

“Our people.”  Says all you need to know.


It looks like gender isn’t just a social construct, either.  Slightly curious is that the M/F ratio slightly rises from the mid-300s down to the minimum score of 200.  I think that’s for one of two things:  One, the axiom that while men and women have the same median IQ, men have a higher standard deviation than women, which means that men have more geniuses and retards while women are more closely bunched around the median, which means the retard or near-retard component of men shows up in the very lowest score ratios, or two, race plays into it somehow, that there might be a glut of very low scoring black men who raise the M/F ratios in the lowest score possibilities.

Notice though that all groups were in the middle temperature range.

*  You might forgive me if I don’t think that there’s such a thing as “United Blood Nation,” beyond some half wit mulatto with a fax machine.

What.  A.  Nut.

The father of all time.  Though I wonder why that father and presumably his wife trusted this person to live in their house for so long.

*  So far, the Indiana Black Expo hasn’t had much trouble, and here’s one reason why.

*  The next generation of Republicans?  Or the first generation of connectivity-zombies?

Another good sign in all this is that, per this being in a pretty big lamer con blog, the lamer cons are more receptive to HBD than they used to be.

Austin’s really going to miss you.

“Where do you expect us to shit?”

I’ve heard stories of where they shit even when the water’s running.

Criminal charges?  Why?  It’s just Shari’ah Law.  Why would they be so bigoted and Islamophobic as to charge them?


This wasn’t really a protest, more like a jolly good time riot.


Oh, cum now.  This can’t be true.  Though this reminds me of the phallic nature of firearms.

Only the skankiest hoes will do.  If this movie does happen, I want to be nowhere near a theater where it’s showing.  That scene is ripe for a lot of Category Twos.

Another Car Wreck At Another Intersectionality

20 07 2014

Staten Island

Of course they’re out marching now.  None of this crowd is anywhere to be seen when black men end the lives of black men.  That’s just a truism of life:  Outgroup on ingroup violence causes more outrage within the ingroup than ingroup on ingroup violence.

One of the big unspoken factors in this case are cigarettes.  New York City has high as hell cigarette taxes, and this has directly caused a black market in cigs, (something that everyone with a brain was predicting when NYC jacked up their cig taxes), and of course the NYPD would care about trying to crack down on it.  The king’s soldiers work for the king, who orders taxes collected for himself and in order to pay the king’s soldiers.  And that was Mr. Garner’s profession, dealing in black market cigs.

I wonder what white liberals are going to do, because we have a car wreck at the intersectionality of loving blacks and hating tobacco.  Those are two of their favorite streets.

Also, one other thing to consider is that black people are particularly weak around their necks.  This is why it’s easier to kill them with chokeholds than it is to kill white people with the same kind of choke holding force.

“Who the Hell is Jay Nixon?”

18 07 2014


WaPo on HRC challengers in 2016.  It’s mainly about the Dime Store Indian, but someone we all know and love gets a very brief mention:

Itching to build a national network of his own, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon is heading to Aspen, Colo., next month with O’Malley for a retreat for major party donors. Nixon, who has said he would back Clinton, also recently said that the 2016 field could use a candidate from the heartland who, like himself, gives voice to blue-collar concerns but has red-state appeal.

The only comment so far to mention Nixon is “Curmudgeon2013,” who asks:

This is just such crap. Bernie Sanders contemplating a run? Puh-leeeeze. And who the hell is Jay Nixon? Oh, and Jerry Brown… really?

This is just such poor reporting. Half these alleged “candidates” aren’t running for president, they are either selling books or positioning themselves for the vice presidency.

The silly season seizes the media. Jeez.

“Who the hell is Jay Nixon?”

A lot of people in Missouri are asking the same question.

As far as I know, his only known purpose is to veto bills.  Other than that, Mr. Cellophane should’ve been his name.  He’ll go down as the most unremarkable multi-term Governor in Missouri history.

But he’s also right in that most of these “Presidential campaigns” are just resume enhancements or publicity stunts or running mate rehearsal.  In both parties.


The Dime Store Indian’s 11 Commandments For Kooktardism

18 07 2014


Fauxcahontas speaks:

1.  We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, so that’s why I’m going to have Goldman Sachs fund my Presidential campaign.

2.  We believe in science, which means we must believe that human evolution totally stopped in regards to brain development 200,000 years ago.

3.  We believe that the Internet shouldn’t be rigged to benefit big corporations, instead it should be rigged to benefit never-do-evil paragons of virtue like Google.

4.  We believe that no one should work full-time and still live in poverty, and that means opening the borders.

5.  We believe that fast-food workers deserve a livable wage, and that means that when they take to the picket line, we are proud to fight alongside them right up to the point when their work is replaced by robots.

6.  We believe that students are entitled to get an education without being crushed by debt, and that’s why I’ll always be committed to the set of Democrat Party policies that allow colleges and universities to raise college costs year in and year out.

7.  We believe that after a lifetime of work, people are entitled to retire with dignity, and that means letting all the world’s grifters in to collect SSI.

8.  We believe—I can’t believe I have to say this in 2014—we believe in equal pay for equal work, and it’s a good thing too, because we won that battle decades ago.

9.  We believe that equal means equal; everybody except for me will be equally impoverished and miserable, and as men and women of science, we have faith in equality.

10.  We believe that immigration has made this country strong and vibrant, and that means letting the whole world flood in, because slave wages and tuberculosis and Ebola outbreaks and the demographics of an international airport and bowling alone…and all that jazz.

11.  And we believe that corporations are not people, that women have a right to their bodies.  I will fight with every last drop of your blood to make Hobby Lobby pay for your abortifacient drugs!

And the main tenet of conservatives’ philosophy? “I got mine. The rest of you are on your own.”  Oops, my bad, that’s more like my philosophy, I got mine, the rest of you don’t have a way to pass yourselves off as part Indian.


A bonus 12th commandment:

“In my quest to end corporate welfare, I am proud to announce today that I support the Export-Import Bank.”

Today’s Immigration News

17 07 2014


Good polling news, but it begs the question:  How did we get in a situation where most voters want deportation (i.e. immigration law enforced) but where “deportation” is a political cuss word in Official America?

By “quandary for Democrats,” what they mean is that Democrats are trying to find away to avoid being blamed for the real world consequences of what they want while at the time time trying to pawn all the blame off on Republicans.

Come to think of it, the RINOs are trying to do the same thing in the polar opposite.

I would be just as worried as Mickey Kaus if these were any other times.  But I doubt they’re going to try to pull a scam like this, because it’s an election year and people are paying attention to the issue, the news and the actions of politicians more closely than ever.  If they do try a scam like this, it’s probably also good news for us, because people will then start to understand the severe disconnect between us and the system, how much the powers that be hate us.


Godwin’s Law Meets Camp of the Saints

17 07 2014

Boston; Vermont

He said it, and he said it.

Five, six, seven, eight…

There’s no business like Shoah business like no business I know…

I wonder if the ADL will complain about their appropriation of their holy sacrament.

Otherwise, that’s how we know we’ve won the argument or the politics.  “Nazi/Holocaust” means “we’ve got nothing left.”


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