Sovereign Immunity

1 01 2013

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett says he plans to sue the NCAA in federal court over sanctions imposed against Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sexual abuse scandal.

The Republican governor has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday on Penn State’s campus in State College to announce the filing in U.S. District Court in Harrisburg.

The sanctions were agreed to by the university in July. They included a $60 million fine that would be used nationally to finance child abuse prevention grants. State and federal lawmakers have raised objections to the money being spent outside Pennsylvania.

The NCAA has declined to comment.

Sandusky was a Penn State assistant football coach. He was convicted of abusing boys and was sentenced to decades in prison. He maintains his innocence.

The school is not part of this lawsuit, even though the presser announcing the suit will be at the school.

I think the state has a good chance to get the cash fine bonkered out because of sovereign immunity, (depends on Pennsylvania state law at the times that Pervy Jerry said “hit the showers,”) but no grounds to get the Federal courts to undo the postseason ban on Penn State’s football program.

Bologna Time

24 12 2012

Warrensburg, Pennsylvania

Read this, then this, then come back here.


Report: Convicted ex-PSU coach ‘trying to learn’

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. (AP) – Former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky maintains his innocence and tells a Pennsylvania newspaper he is “trying to learn from … the struggle and circumstances” as he focuses on an appeal of his conviction on child sex abuse charges.

The (Wilkes-Barre) Citizens’ Voice says Sandusky sent a note from his prison cell declining an interview, saying his attorneys have told him to stay quiet. The paper said Sandusky wrote that “there is much to learn” and that “nobody who covered the case and reported it has the time or took the time to study the allegations … Justice and fairness were not a focus.”

Sandusky is serving a sentence of 30 to 60 years in prison. He was convicted of abusing 10 boys.

Really, Jerry.  You’re STILL “trying to learn?”   I already learned all I needed to know, and I hope I’m at least seven degrees separated from you in a six degrees of separation world.  I learned (or more accurately, already knew before) that fucking prepubescent boys is wrong, if I do it, I’m going to prison for a very very long time, and will be lucky even to get out alive.  And if I do have prospects of getting out alive, I would familiarize myself with this short story, because I’ll be in Rainsford’s shoes for the rest of whatever life I have left.

Bologna sandwich time, Jerry.  And also…Merry Christmas.

Less Harsh

8 12 2012

Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Sandusky doesn’t want to be treated so badly.  He should have thought about that before he started banging nine-year old boys in the shower.


A lawyer for former Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky said Friday his client has gotten his fighting spirit back after his child abuse conviction and sentencing and hopes prison officials will find a way to house him under less restrictive conditions than he currently experiences.

Karl Rominger said after spending several hours with Sandusky at Greene State Prison in southwestern Pennsylvania on Friday that Sandusky’s outlook has improved since he was sentenced two months ago to decades behind bars. He said they discussed pending post-sentencing motions and plans for an appeal.

”I was meeting with a man who was again ready to press forward, who has regenerated his energies and has clearly devoted his time and energy to perfecting that appeal,” Rominger said. ”His fight is 100 percent back.”

I’m floored.  Not because any of this makes no sense, which it doesn’t.  But because there’s nothing here about helping the pervert realize his full potential.

If his “fight is 100 percent back,” then so too probably is his penchant for prepubescent male flesh.  I hope the authorities that have the final say take this in mind.

But look on the bright side — If he gets what he wants, and gets into the general population, that will only hasten the day that we get the gleeful news that some other inmate, one on death row who has nothing to lose, (this prison has Pennsylvania’s death house), has killed him from a shank in the back.  Unlike here in Missouri:  Michael Devlin is at a joint in northwest Missouri, whilst our death row is in Bonne Terre.

Cya in Thirty

10 10 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Sandusky gets 30.  Assume PA has something like an 80% truth-in-sentencing law, and 68+(0.8*30) = 92, so he wouldn’t be able to get out until he’s at least 92 years old, if he lives that long.  (And he won’t).

But even if Sandusky gets out, I think the ten-year old boys of the year 2036 won’t have much to worry about.  Sandusky didn’t snatch any given ten-year old boy off the streets, he had to gain their trust and confidence, and con them into thinking that the sexual intercourse was just harmless fun.  A 92-year old Jerry Sandusky roaming the streets of Happy Valley, Pennsylvania won’t be able to con anyone.

Maybe Proving the Freeh Report Accurate

3 10 2012

State College, Pennsylvania

McQueary files a lawsuit against Penn State, alleging that they did him dirt when he blew the whistle on the football team’s defensive coordinator emeritus and his shower buddies.

If he wins, this very likely proves the Freeh Report’s fundamental contention that Penn State covered up the affair when they knew far earlier because the football culture demanded it, even if it blames the wrong people.

Which is why I say:  All football from NFL down to Pee-Wee needs to take a year off as penance not only for this, but for all the other idiocy and criminality we tolerate in the name of football, the opiate of America.

Must Register

12 09 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Prosecutors want Sandusky to fall under Megan’s Law, which means that if he ever gets out of prison, which he won’t, he’ll have to register as a sex offender wherever he lives.

I would think the mailbox that reads “Sandusky” would be enough of a hint to keep the prepubescent boys far far away.

Egg On My Face

6 09 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania

Me, June 25:

I’m not buying the theory that the defense lawyers acted as stupidly as they did in order to set up the grounds of “incompetent defense attorneys” for an appeal.  One thing that lawyers need to do and do often is eat, and if they were play acting incompetence just to self-create grounds for appeal, they are seriously hurting their own future business prospects.


Hither Jerry

4 09 2012

Chicago New York

“The boys seduced Jerry.”

Yeah, I’m like totally buying that.  A nine-year old got naked, convinced Sandusky to get naked, lured him into the showers, then seduced him into a committing  a sexual act on him that he hasn’t heard of.

Yeah. Jerry. Really.

1 08 2012

State College, Pennsylvania


Jerry Sandusky upset over sanctions

Jerry Sandusky’s defense lawyer says his client is distraught over the NCAA penalties issued to Penn State’s football program and that he maintains his innocence as he awaits sentencing.

Defense attorney Joe Amendola made the comments in a phone interview Wednesday with The Associated Press. Earlier Wednesday, Amendola told a Centre Daily Times reporter that Sandusky was beside himself over the sanctions.

Amendola says Sandusky told him that even if people believe he’s guilty of the crimes for which he was convicted in June, it would be “ridiculous” to think Penn State administrators engaged in a cover-up.

Amendola says Sandusky wants county jail officials to remove him from what is effectively solitary confinement. The lawyer says he expects sentencing to be in September, but no date’s been set.

This would have been like Hermann Goring, while awaiting execution after his conviction in the Nuremberg Trials, being upset at literary criticisms of Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

When Is the Death Penalty Not the Death Penalty?

23 07 2012

State College, Pennsylvania

Multiple-year postseason bowl ban?  In this case, four years.  Check.

Loss of scholarships?  Again, for four years.  Check.

Current Penn State players can transfer without sitting out a year?  Check.

All that was to be expected.

I expected a television blackout, but that doesn’t seem to have happened.  Though as bad as Penn State football will be for the foreseeable future, hardly anyone will be watching anyway.

What was surprising was the $60 million fine, which is roughly the football program’s black ink for one season, and that the NCAA struck Paterno’s coaching wins from the record books from the moment the Freeh Report demonstrated that he knew, which is some time in 1998.  This means that Paterno will no longer technically be the winningest coach in college football history.

Combine the fine with what the school will eventually have to shell out in civil lawsuits, and the fact that the football program won’t be anywhere near competitive for far longer than the four-year length of the sanction, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the school shuts down football for awhile on its own volition.  This isn’t the death penalty, but I’m sure the footballtards in central Pennsylvania would have preferred it to this.

I don’t think this is enough.  Like I have said in this space, all football, from the NFL down to Pee-Wee League, needs to take a season off for not only Sandusky penance, and not only because I don’t think Sandusky is the only Sandusky, but also we need to do a collective catharsis of all the crimes, immorality, debauchery, idiocy and insanity our society tolerates in the name of football.  Why did everyone at Penn State (and by “everyone,” I mean a lot of other people not named in indictments or the Freeh Report) look the other way when they knew?  Because football is America’s opiate drug.  Why did Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton say that football players are akin to soldiers and not regular citizens when he was making excuses for his home state’s NFL team’s starting running back?  I just answered that question.  I’m personally holding our obsession for football collectively responsible for what Jerry Sandusky did and was allowed to get away with, therefore, it must be collectively punished.


Welcome to Stupidville

18 07 2012

Football-Obsessed America


Gary Pinkel defends Joe Paterno

HOOVER, Ala. (AP) – Missouri coach Gary Pinkel says he thinks it is “wrong” to place sole blame for the Penn State tragedy on former coach Joe Paterno.

Talking with reporters at Southeastern Conference Media Days on Tuesday, Pinkel was quoted as saying “you can’t take away the greatness of this man. He was a great man, and you can’t, however you analyze this, all of a sudden erase all that this guy’s done. You can’t do that. Nobody can do that.”

“Greatness.”  Sure, because we can’t wreck the reputation of the man who cured cancer by grinding over a wee little matter like covering up the child molestation on the part of one of his direct employees, and his own apparent perjury in front of the Grand Jury.

Pinkel is already settling in as an SEC school head football coach.  He’ll fit right in.

Ironically, I’m writing these words from Columbia, Missouri.

Worse than a Corporation

14 07 2012

Happy Valley, Pennsylvania


JoePa was negotiating a golden parachute even while the Sandusky row was raging in the background.


Veteran Penn State football coach Joe Paterno began talks that resulted in a sweetened retirement contract in the same month that he testified before a grand jury in the Jerry Sandusky sex-abuse case, and all members of the board of trustees weren’t informed of the new package before the scandal engulfed the university, according to a published report.

Paterno and the university reached agreement on the amended contract that eventually totaled $5.5 million in August, months before charges were filed against Sandusky, but they began negotiating in January, The New York Times reported Saturday.

The amended contract, which was reported on by The Associated Press in April, included a $3 million career bonus if Paterno retired at the end of the 2011 season, as well as well as forgiveness of $250,000 in outstanding indebtedness and an additional $100,000 in loans.

The package also included access to a stadium box for his family for 25 years as well as parking privileges and access to on-campus hydrotherapy equipment for his wife.

Even as bad as some corporate parachutes are, I’ve never heard of stadium boxes and hydrotherapy for a bailing CEO.  I have heard, but not been able to corroborate, that Paterno family use of school private jets was part of this deal.

Needless to say, the school ripped up this deal and straight out fired him when the row broke the public event horizon.

Also, if the Freeh Report is right, then JoePa committed perjury in front of the Grand Jury.

Assistant Pimps

12 07 2012

State College, Pennsylvania

The Freeh Report (as in Louis Freeh, former FBI Director) is 267 pages long.  Just the executive summary is six pages long.

So I’m going to give you an executive summary of the executive summary:

Joe Paterno, PSU President Graham Spanier, AD Tim Curley and PSU Vice-President Gary Schultz, who supervised the campus police, were basically assistant pimps for Pervy Jerry.

Prior Knowledge

2 07 2012

State College, Pennsylvania

Jerry Sandusky was the heir apparent to Joe Paterno at Penn State for years.  If he wanted to leave Happy Valley, he could have had almost his pick of head coaching jobs.  Yet, he mysteriously retired in 1998, and not only did he not seek out any new jobs, even more mysteriously, nobody came knocking at his door to seek out the services of the architect of Linebacker U.  Of course, his Second Mile underage boy pimping service charity was still allowed to have access to Penn State facilities even after he retired — We just got through with a criminal trial about some of the things that happened then.

I take this to mean that Sandusky’s curious shower habits were well known both within Penn State and through the national college football community as early as 1998.

Sandusky Postmortem

25 06 2012


No, I don’t mean that.  They haven’t killed him yet.

*  I heard an interesting theory why Pervy Jerry didn’t want a plea deal.  Goes like this:  He wanted to sit through a trial so that he could get off on watching and listening to his victims tell the court what he did to them, because he knew he’d never love that way again.  If that theory is right, then I hope they don’t give him any more trials if new victims come forward.

*  I’m not buying the theory that the defense lawyers acted as stupidly as they did in order to set up the grounds of “incompetent defense attorneys” for an appeal.  One thing that lawyers need to do and do often is eat, and if they were play acting incompetence just to self-create grounds for appeal, they are seriously hurting their own future business prospects.

The Final Score: Victims 45, Sandusky 3

22 06 2012

Guilty on 45 of 48 charges.  We can now officially quit saying “alleged.”  I doubt the appeal will be successful, because the jurors only needed two days of deliberation.

All that’s left is the inevitable date in the near future when we find out that he’s been murdered in prison.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.  And the year hiatus that all football needs to take as penance, while we flush out other Sanduskys and near-Sanduskys.

On Appeal

22 06 2012

Need help with corroboration with this.

I heard that the judge in the Sandusky trial told the jurors, after he approved of their request to watch the video of the McQueary testimony during their deliberations this morning, that he’s not going to approve of any more such requests, and he wants them to hurry up with a verdict.

If that’s anything close to what he said, then this judge just essentially wrote the briefs for the defense appeal if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict on even one of the remaining 48 counts.

Going Public

22 06 2012

One of Sandusky’s alleged vics.

It’s just one, but so far, my theory is kaput.

The Metallica Doctrine

21 06 2012


Defense: Sandusky a victim of investigators


Amendola laid the blame for the allegations at the feet of state police investigators who he said coached the alleged victims into giving accusatory statements.

”They went after him, and I submit to you they were going to get him hell or high water, even if they had to coach witnesses,” Amendola said in an emotional, sometimes angry closing statement.

Yes, because people with power in America have insatiable vendettas against defensive coordinators of college football teams.

Which means that this guy better lawyer up, because they’re out to get him for no good reason.

Rick Reilly, WTF?

19 06 2012


Sandusky’s Continuing Cowardice

The horror movie playing right now in a small courtroom in Bellefonte, Pa., didn’t have to happen.

None of the eight alleged victims of 68-year-old former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky should’ve been made to squirm on the witness stand and tell how Sandusky reportedly molested them in campus showers, basement bedrooms, even the football team sauna.

Testifying under their own names, they wept. They whispered. They trembled. One left the courthouse with a black bag over his head. Justice shouldn’t cost this much.

But all eight of these young men, ages 18 to 28, had to testify because Jerry Sandusky didn’t have the guts or the courage or the decency to cop a plea and go to jail. He could’ve saved them the pain, the shame and the degradation.


His only chance is this jury trial, and hoping beyond hope that one of his stupid defenses cons the jury.  Because for him, one day in prison is just as bad as 100 years.  In fact, I think a shorter prison term would be worse, because if he gets a very long bid, they’ll hold him in protective custody for awhile, and at some indeterminate point in the future, after he’s all but forgotten, the guards will look the other way.  If he gets a short bid, the guards have an incentive to look the other way sooner.

That’s why we have not yet heard about the death of Michael Devlin.  That’s because he’s in for virtually the rest of his life; the guards can afford to be patient.

The Shower Has a Thousand Eyes

18 06 2012

Sandusky’s defense begins.  They would have been better off not starting.


Witness: Never saw shower abuse

BELLEFONTE, Pa. — A former Penn State assistant coach who worked with Jerry Sandusky testified Monday that he and other members of the football staff were present when Sandusky brought young boys into the team’s showers.

Dick Anderson, the first witness called by the defense after prosecutors rested their case Monday, said he never witnessed anything inappropriate.

Duh, Dick.  Do you think he would do anything inappropriate with them with other sets of eyeballs looking on?  That’s why he had to practically drag Second Mile kids into the shower when hardly anyone else was around in the evening, because that was his only opportunity to get some of that inappropriate (read: illegal) contact in without anyone else seeing.

Anderson also testified that it’s not unusual for him to be in the showers with younger boys at the YMCA.

Repeating for those needing:  Sandusky is not on trial for taking showers.

In this day and age, Dick, I would be hesitant to admit to that sort of thing.

During his testimony, Anderson said Sandusky had a “wonderful reputation” in the community.

That must be why there was that ice cream concoction in State College, Pennsylvania made to look like the male genitalia, called the “Sandusky.”

I’m surprised they haven’t hauled out the hygiene hypothesis yet.

In Jerry’s Day

12 06 2012

Yahoo Sports:

Penn State trial opens with graphic testimony


During his opening statement, Amendola said Sandusky’s showering with children was innocuous and part of his upbringing.

”In Jerry’s culture, growing up in his generation, where he grew up, he’s going to tell you it was routine for individuals to get showers together,” the lawyer said. ”I suspect for those of you who might have been in athletics, it’s routine.”

What culture is that, genius?  Did he just land here from Bangladesh?  I’m sure there are many 68-year old American men who dispute your assessment of their culture.

Besides, he’s not on trial for taking showers, genius.

The only reason why showering with children was ever innocuous was that there were a whole lot of eyeballs in the room.  It wasn’t just old man and young man alone.

Facing His Accusers

4 06 2012


Sandusky judge denies accusers’ bid for pseudonyms

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) Alleged victims of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will have to testify using their real names, and tweets or other electronic communications by reporters will not be permitted during the trial, the judge ruled Monday.

Judge [*****] also resolved a dispute over research into potential jurors, a day before jury selection is scheduled to start in Sandusky’s trial on charges he sexually abused 10 boys.

Lawyers for several of the accusers had asked that their clients be allowed to testify under pseudonyms. [*****] said they must use their real names, but that he and lawyers will ”cooperate when possible” to protect witness privacy and personal information.

”Arguably any victim of any crime would prefer not to appear in court, not to be subjected to cross-examination, not to have his or her credibility evaluated by a jury – not to put his name and reputation at stake,” the judge wrote. ”But we ask citizens to do that every day in courts across the nation.”

Media organizations, including The Associated Press, typically do not identify people who say they were sexually abused.

Mixed feelings here.

If rape shield exists for girls and women, then it should also exist for boys and men.

OTOH, we might eventually find out at least if my theory that most of Sandusky’s alleged victims are black is true or not.

Develop a Child — By Robbing Him of His Childhood

10 01 2012

Again, it’s Alex Jones, so take it for what it’s worth:

Media Ignores Santorum’s Support For Accused Child Molester Sandusky

While the establishment media has ceaselessly smeared Ron Paul for the controversial content of decades-old newsletters that were not even written by him, the comparatively shocking scandal of Rick Santorum having sponsored alleged child molester Jerry Sandusky has been almost universally ignored.

Santorum, who has cultivated an image as a clean-cut social conservative trumpeting family values, nominated Sandusky for a “Congressional Angels in Adoption Award,” after Sandusky had already been accused of at least five cases of child molestation.

“Its philosophy is simple,” said Santorum of Sandusky’s charity, “It is easier to develop a child than to rehabilitate an adult.”

Timing is everything here.  If it can be proven that San1 knew about San2′s curious shower habits at the same time he was trying to make him a Congressional Angel, then he plummets from 20% to .20% within a few hours.

Hygiene Hypothesis

15 12 2011

No, not that.

Get ready for your mouth to drop to the floor:

Attorney: Sandusky may have been teaching kids to shower


A Carlisle attorney who has joined Jerry Sandusky’s defense team says the former Penn State assistant football coach may have showered with young boys because the children lacked basic hygiene skills.

Sandusky is accused of molesting ten boys he met through The Second Mile charity he founded for troubled youth.

“Some of these kids don’t have basic hygiene skills,” attorney Karl Rominger said. “Teaching a person to shower at the age of 12 or 14 sounds strange to some people, but people who work with troubled youth will tell you there are a lot of juvenile delinquents and people who are dependent who have to be taught basic life skills like how to put soap on their body.”

Rominger, who spoke with abc27 News Tuesday, added that his college cross country coach often showered with the team.

First off, I don’t buy it.  Why didn’t Sandusky himself trot it out when this story first broke?  I think it’s all a matter of throwing something against a wall to see if it sticks.

However, I get the sneaking feeling in my bones that some people are going to buy it.  Here again, we have the phrases “troubled youth” and “juvenile delinquents” to go with other words and phrases from the GJ report, all of them are code words for black.  If the defense lawyers are going to ride this hygiene hypothesis hobby horse, what they’re really saying is that the young black men from the ghetto are so bereft of basic social and life skills that they don’t even know how to shower, and it was left to the Penn State football team defensive coordinator to show them how, personally and hands on.

I’m hardly an apologist for our African-American population, as you can tell.  But I think by that age, they have mastered the fine art of the shower.  Besides, Rominger is saying “age of 12 or 14,” when some of the alleged victims ages were in the single digits.  Still, even around eight or nine, they know.  Taking showers isn’t rocket science.

Although I will say, remember the “shower discipline” line from Derek Dooley?

One more thing, about Rominger’s college C/C coach showering with his team:  While it’s not the worst thing in the world, nor illegal, nor blatantly immoral, it’s considered bad form for adult coaches of adult athletes to use the same locker rooms and showers as the athletes at the same time.  Big time pro coaching staffs, and college coaching staffs in the more lucrative sports at the big schools, have separate locker rooms and showers from the players.  If we’re talking about a cross country team at a smaller college, or any high school level athletic discipline, neither a small college or any high school can’t be expected to have those kind of lavish facilities, the coaches will wait out the players then shower by themselves.  It’s the whole chain of command slash Weberian thing — Do military officers, non-coms and enlisted men share the same social space, barracks, locker rooms and showers?  No, they don’t, and for a good reason.


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