Not That Divine, But

11 03 2006

From the UK Telegraph:

Zimbabwe is down to its last few days of wheat supplies and many bakeries have little or no bread…..”I can’t afford bread any longer,” said Rejoice Makore, 54, a self-employed handyman in central Harare. “Only Jesus can help us now. I am hungry all the time.”…..”Under (Ian) Smith, we had meat every day for just a few cents. I haven’t eaten meat for so long I can’t remember the last time,” he said…..”Yes, I supported Mugabe then. But not now as we are starving.”

Ian Smith is not Jesus Christ, and Satan still has a few scant advantages over Robert Mugabe, but I bet if Mugabe abdicated his throne and allowed white rule to reestablish itself, there would somehow and seemingly magically be more wheat and better agricultural harvests, and less starvation in the country.



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