Travel Advisory

21 03 2006

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory.  The State Department is warning American citizens to take great care when traveling in the United States of America.

You read that right.  And it’s not a joke — Here’s the proof.

Granted, your planned vacation for this coming summer to the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota is safe.  The Advisory is referring to areas in the USA very close to the Mexican border.  The State Department has apparently caught on, way too late at that, that the “border region” is very violent.

Usually when State lets go of a travel advisory, it has to do with countries that have “Stan” in their names, and with cities and regions of countries whose English names have no vowels.  If State thinks American territory near Mexico is as risky for Americans as Iran is, then that tells you a lot.

Condi Rice should put aside her ambitions to become the next NFL Commissioner long enough to talk to her boss and have him rectify the situation.



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30 06 2010
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