Not Loud or Clear

11 08 2006

Title of a blog post on V-Dare today:

British Home Secretary: “We Have To Get Away From This Daft, So-Called Politically Correct Notion That Anybody Who Wants To Talk About Immigration Is Somehow A Racist.”

Really?  I can point the Home Secretary to people in New Orleans, and Ruidoso, N.M., and Montgomery, Ala., that disagree.


Only in California

11 08 2006

Does a legislature pass an anti-censorship law that permits censorship.  See the first paragraph, and the first sentence of the second-to-last paragraph, in this article, to see what this blogmeister means.

No Pumping Allowed

11 08 2006

KTVI News this morning:  Police authorities in the St. Louis Metro Area are striving to protest local mosques from retribution, in light of the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.  There was no mention of the Police doing the same for local synagogues.

I bet if some white extreme right-winger from St. Louis would arsonize a black church, killing all of its parishioners, leaving a burning cross and a swastika in the parking lot, the cops in this area would be making visits to whatever they think are “nazi compounds” in the area — NOT to protect them from retribution, but to pump the denizens for information.

‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Card

11 08 2006

It works in Monopoly The Game, and it also works for non-white sex offenders in England.  But woe unto the white right-winger in England who should publicly oppose racial equality; a letter of apology won’t do them much good, nor keep them out of the hoosegow.

Unionized Workers Be Damned

11 08 2006

New York Newsday:

In what organizers billed as a “watershed partnership,” the AFL-CIO and a network of immigrant day laborers announced yesterday the formation of an alliance to fight for workers’ rights and support day laborer hiring centers around the country, including on Long Island and in New York City.

That is in spite of the better interests of most of the AFL-CIO’s current membership.

However, I have said before in this blog, and I will say it again, that, for Machiavellian reasons, and in the absence of real enforcement of immigration law and American borders, I support the unionization of illegal alien workers.  That way, they will lose their “cheap docile labor” economic advantage to big business and other businesses, and therefore, big business will stop lobbying for open borders.

He’s Been Listening to Savage

11 08 2006

Headline in the Los Angeles Times:

Muslims Upset by Bush’s Remarks  —  They say his reference to ‘Islamic fascists’ intensifies U.S. hostility toward their religion.

I have noticed that Rush Limbaugh has also been making more and more frequent use of the Savage-invented term “Islamofacist.”

Apparently, Michael Savage’s show is good enough to lift cute terms and phrases from, but not good enough to be inspiration for political agendas.

One Thing Leads to Another

11 08 2006

Pondering American:

We are at War against Radical Islam not some secret one world order plot and not former President Fox of Mexico.

So, we should mind Radical Islam (and I agree), but that has to take precedence over Mexico.

Doesn’t he realize that the Southern Border is how some of these Islamogoobers sneak into the USA?  Doesn’t he realize that some of them are pretending to be Hispanic so as not to draw ire from authorities?  (As if their being illegal aliens to begin with doesn’t.)  Doesn’t he realize that many Islamogoobers have help from certain anti-American Mexicans and other Latinos?  (Common enemy, don’t you know).

The Radical Islamic terrorism issue and the immigration issue are related, and finding solutions for the latter, by definition, will help solve the former, not distract from it.