Why We Will Lose the War on Terror

20 09 2006

This is not the USA of 1943.  Perhaps in some ways that’s a very good thing, but it in other ways, it’s the worst of things.

Say, for the sake of discussion, that the United Nations existed in 1943 and was based in New York City.  Do you think that Adolph Hitler would have thought about making a speech there?  Any fool knows what would have happened if Adolph Hitler appeared in New York City in public in 1943.

Fast forwarding to today and today’s modern analogues, Iranian President Mahmoud “Kill All The World’s Jews” Ahmadinejad only came to New York and spoke at the UN because he knew nothing would happen to him.  In other words, if he had any inclination that America 2006 was like the America of 1943, he wouldn’t have even thought about coming.

And the fact that Ahmadinejad/Hitler have lost their fear of the United States of America means that we don’t have the gumption or guts to win a war.



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