Looking Better With Each Article

14 11 2006

I tell you what — the more I read about Jim Webb, the better he looks.  He seems to be the consummate paradigm of what we need from our politicians.  About the only drawback to his mindset is that he opposes the segregationist system.  But for the same reasons he does, he also opposes affirmative action.  If not for that one critical step, then Webb would be our beaux ideal of a statesman.  If not for that, Webb would be a Wallace Democrat; absent racialism, he’s a Buchanan Democrat.

The article wonders why left-wingers aren’t complaining about Webb.  The reason is obvious, and Machiavellian — Webb’s victory, running on conservatism, empowers the liberal Senate Democrats and Harry Reid.



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16 11 2006
The Dobbs Manifesto « St. Louis CofCC Blog

[…] Three cheers for Lou Dobbs.  It looks like both he and Senator-Elect Jim Webb (D-vA) represent the new paradigm of consummate populism and nationalism (except on race, unfortunately) that we have been demanding for quite some time. […]

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